The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1554 BLTTHETTLLE. U&Z.) COURIER NEW9 \ "Walking Dynamite" PLOT m i in EOT •Nippon Seeks Peace, But Not at Price of Honor Says Matsuoka This Is the flfth and last of a t.eries of articles on Japar* first <if several series to 1* written by William Flillip Simnis, famed war torretpondent and foreign aJTairs expert, while on tour of (lie world for NKA Servile ard the Courier News. 1 • » - l[jY WH.UAM PHILIP SIMMS m'apyriglit, i934, NEA Service, Inr.J TTOKIO—Unc'.e Sara's proclivity to/ piny tlie "bully" in the Pacific aihd the tendency of the United SlUtes, Russia and China to inter- p'/ay. are imiitrllini;' peace of tlis Frur East. (such, in a paraiiraph. i.s tlie trieme o( one of the most out- Eriokeii utterances yet made by fieay Yosuke Matsuoka, who, by his\ frank speech as Japan's cliiel delegate to Geneva during the Maiochurian "war", earned for himiselt the picturesque sobriquet of 'walking dynamite". "^"1 Yahi^afraid," he told me in the cjourse of «n evening at his handsome foreign-style home herej "that there are misunder- Etar/aings on both tides of the R-' jfic. Let me speak frankly. 17X>n our side. .Japan is irritated GViL' America's insistence on play- in J] the big boy's part in the East. AtTleast, £0 it npfiears to us. \Ve to be bullied and resent ai>7' attempt at it. Witnts Respect in Turn "We have consistently respected your rights and interests in your splilere of influence and never oncle challenged the Monroe Uoc- trin;e. 1 want to ask you to respect Japan's Monroe Doctrine of ihe "Wjhen I say Monroe Doctrine, 1 to the doctrine as expounded by Mr. Hughes and Mr. Kellogg two '-of your former .secretaries oi EtnteA u'fio gave us to understand that 'the Monroe Doctrine, in the final Analysis, rests upon the right of self-defense. "Sh.ould America recognize and respp.rk Japan's Monroe Doctrine 01 ' the East, many misgivings on oui part \yW disappear. "I trust America's aim is peace on the'- Pacific. But your thesis o peace forbids Jflrxin even a. sport 1ne chance in fighting America. • "You, propose lo police the vas Pacific ' ocean fay yourselves. A least that is our impression. PAGE T5SE2 U,S. MAP PLANS 11 [0 REVOLUTION (Continued from Pago 11 el/o li'iitU'i.slilp ni us many strikes as possible, protest I'Oli- ually aeulnsl the pro\XTl of air. und educate ihi'iuwlvi-s ulut moiove their orginil/iilion for 111? metier exercise o! pouvr when it fulls tu llu'lii. The paid-up mein'wismp of I he prtily is now ^4,UWI. uurkeis estimate 1 , against some 19.000 six nonius ayo and 1.01X) in IUHO. Tli« -150 delegates lu-n> \viTv liusi'n nl district conventions recently held in each of the 20 districts into which the country is divided. This, in Inlet. Is the roil! sltmi- llon of the Communist party "I the United Stales tuilny. He'd Be Stalin of America Yosuke Matsuoka, who benrs the picturesque nickiinme of "Walking Dynamite." leads the fight against the present system of party rule n Japan. He is shown here in a picture which he autographed Villiam Philip Slmms, at the time lie granted the interview counted in the iiccompunyins; article. Baptist Ministers in All Day Meeting Here Tlie Mississippi County lluullsl n^ocialiun met at the SvcoiKl llap- list church yesterday Jur an all clay meeting, iiltemlcil by 13 Bup- tisl ininl.ster.s In this county. Tile Rev. 11. A. Klir.urougli, ol Utxorn. conducted the program. In tlie business session ihe Rev. W. M. ' Williams WAS i-lvel«l u member of 111? board of tlijeclon; filliny Ihe pltice of [lie llev. A. H Harwell, resigned. Lunch '.\fis .served on tlie lawn by the women of the hostess church. Tlie next meeting will be hold nt Clear Liikc on May 7. principle. It should not alarm •on at all. "Have we not the right to claim t? Reverse the case again, and what would you say?" "Do you foresee trovible with Russia?" "There are some questions to be settled between Japan and the Soviet, Union. I fttl sure, however, that they arc amenable to jjeace- ful solution. Danger in Soviet Schemes "On the issue, however, of the subversive activities o! the Soviet, government in organising a universal revolution ol the proletariat and sovieti/ing China, Japan j-oTiidcu hLs tnur amund the Courier News Die and world fur iitlur NKA Service newspapers. iaU-r announcements, (hi;: ni*rtS|:tirx r. Watcli for exclusively in Need Sleuth to Find Car Wrecked on Highway 61 School Census Figures for County Announced Results of school censuses In nil districts of Mississippi county ex- ce))t Kelsor, fov which no report lad been received, were iniicle public s'l'stfritiiy by Miss Winnie v. I'liiuer, Kcluml exiuulner. ; A majority ol Hie distiia* slu,«-- cd lo^s'-s. bin substimUal i:-.nn.s were made in a nuinln'r. Oscruln, l.ilxinii. Klnwah, M:inn'n mid U'lichvllle. The lUinual school censu vliii'S Hie basis lor np]»riloimiriu of suite fchool funds. The ri-nsiis llgUKS are subject lo levlsum by Ihe' state dep-.u'tllK-Hl tif l-.'iuillieliillon loluls foi 1 Ilil.-, mill last, by dl-'lllcf,, lollusv. Czars of Finance Mourn Kahn 1,1101 1,590 h'iiii Uion-der — would like to become the Rlalln o! Atiu'itca. Bede Manley, Lepanto War Veteran, Is Dead LEPANTO. Ark. — Funeral services for node Manley. 40. ex- Frrvice man oE Lep'.uilo. who suc- nnnbed at the Veteran's Hospital [ Saturday, were held here Sunday LJaptist past No. 20. of which Mr. Man- 1 . a chaiu-r im'inb.T. [ho services. afternoon at the church, with Rev. pastor, conducting First A. T. Willis. ley was sisted in Unities his ttlfp. Mis. liln Manley. hr is smvlvsd by live children, Wllrnn, Minnie. Mnxine. HUB" anil l.i-nnlt:; four brulhiTS. h - y niiLi Ernrst iti Kehi-r. Marshuil ol Sti-ile, Mo., and Hoy u! Washington. U. C. Caugstrr .Mnrlrs llauncil HHOCKTON. Mass. (UTt -As an aftermath of the recent 526.000 Oset'olii l.uxoni No. II Hofi\ No. II Our Ijifci 1 No. -1 liljlhi'Vlll.' No. 5 CiOShl'l] No. 13 Huffman No 7 Annort'l No. U Slmwn.'e No. 10 IVcnn Point No. Cnrsim No. 1:1 Mimlh Nu. IS Nodi'im Nu. l(j linynliin Nu. n Whltlon No. lit Vnrbni No. 2U llox KUler Nu. '_*•. IV11 No. 23 Hkidwuy No. 21 Wilson No. 25 .I.iine Onk No. 27 Tonutlo No. 30 Reiser No. :il I'roinl.sed Uuid Nu. 32 Ucece No. 33 Numlx'v Nine No. 31 40',! llurdelle No. :i5 l.lflfi Etowiih No. lit! l.lHd Kkruu No. M . '£15 Sliiidy Grovt! No. 3D 210 Ix'itilivlllc No. 40 UIOO Pnwlieen No. 45 2-15 Half Moon No. -17 lli:i lllckman Nu. -IB 'JUS rial l,uke No. 4!l 227 Drawn No. &u lioiind I.uke No. 5| IJrinkli-y No. ,W BUick Wulei' No. 5 'llocky No. S-l Slllliiuin No. M 40:1 10"i 411 W) 1.100 210 210 flll 2.1 7 1S5 :m\ IH7 ulliT Otto Knhn. intomatlunal bnnker and art patron, :lii:p|K-il dead of hunt utluck at his downtown New York olilce, Wo iii'lyhbors anil [i-llow tlhins uf llnnncc. J. I'. Morgan lied) and Thomas W. l.aiuont, ciiltctl to cxpuss Iheir syuipnthy. They ure shown ar- rlvlnc al Ihe Kiilm nillce. W. and J. Given Set Of McGuffey Readers 320 217 5KH WASHINGTON. I'a. (Ul'l—Hx- acl (lilpllfalrs ol Hie inii.M noted , wniks o[ nr.c ol the \Vnsh1iu;lon and Ji'ffeiMm's yieliti-.' 1 now the piopi-ity ot I through Henry Kurd'. 1 . i;lft nf copies i iluced the books as accurately as priKslble. and one st-t uf copies lias bien received by 'the college. In ul McCillffi-y's six vli'jurtltal y rcud- IWi 4 67 187 •121 I Dlninonil Shoe Company payroll Some African savages Cites P.rril to Peace "No ixiwprful and self-respecting nation, however, would ever consent to be bound hand and foot by others. Just reverse the case: Would America allow herself to be so bound by Japan? 1 know the answer would be a definite 'No.' "America tries to impose upon us an inferior naval ratio and Japan resists it. Herein lurks a danger to peace. "To avert this danger, America must revise her policy and mast more clearly show an attitude ol co-operation with Japan and Great Britain for maintenance of tranquility In the Pacific. "Why must you act in such way as lo impress upon others that you alone are to be trusted in the police duty of the Pacific?" 'I had asked Mr. Matsuokn for . his views on the 1935 naval conference. He did not hesitate to state them. There is nothing of the "inscrutable" .Oriental of fiction about this twentieth century Samurai. Educated In America, his mind works like an Occidental's. He Is accustomed to speaking his piece, whether to his own people to the staid dignitaries of the League of Nations, or U> foreigners Equivocations never settle anything, he says. They only pile up mischief. can permit of no compromise. ecenlly some of the Russians —taking advantage of American recognition—seem to be scheming to utilize America as a counterweight <o Japan. But I believe your people have too much ccjn- mon sense to be made n cai's paw. "Should America, however, allov,- erself by any chance to be so in- olvtd as to create an unfortunate ppearance ol aligning herself wilt) Russia against Japan, it will only ggravate the situation in the Far East and prejudice the peaceful *Hlement of questions between apan and lln? U. S. S. R. Here's a puzzle Uuil nn insurance company invites local amateur I detectives lo help solve. A IX;catur. III., salesman was en ruute from Memphis. Tenn.. to his home shout January 22 over Highway Vl. On the way his car \viih n truck and was services, 'lioldup. Mnyor Horace linker plans ;llevi! that while men ore ihe i;hast.s ' than a c< nliiry 11:111. MvOiillcy, [ Celebration of Hie BfiOlh annlver- Brincstcr moving pictures of blni-k men. Ihnl all dciilhs from 'who Is known us the "luther nl .Miry of Ihe futiitilln-j nf Jonkoplng, .dlbi'ase.-i lire cawed by evil .sphlt.s. jelemriHiu-y uliicatlun," (jrmlnaU-il Sweden, cenler of Ihai coonuy'.!, and lluit, a^es lire a race of human Irum W. <\; .1. In Iffiii. natch Industry. Is planned for tills Courier News Want Ads. bemiis. I Tliu motor mimiifaclurer repro- year. Parley Must Succeed "The 1935 conference." he || ^tinned earnestly. "must con- suc- We can not afford to let it Weed. 4 fall. Tt'the conference cuds in rup- \tnre, it will spell disaster'for Ihe world. "But If we wish to Insure its success, it is high time for us to set about Improving the feeling? and sentiments in both Japan and America toward each other. "This Is 3 most, urgent necessity. It Is the first and funda mental condlttou of success." Nor should this be dillicult, it .Mr. Matsuoka's opinion. There i no material cause of conflict be tween the two countries. But, he warned, "mere absence ot apparent cause for conflict doe not. In Itself, constitute a sufficlen guarantee for peace." America, he argued. Is vast); richer than Japan. So she cai afford to build many ships while Japan can ill afford to do so. Thus, lie reasoned, "If Americi truly looks for peace, she shoul stop building and Japan would d the same. Parity Is Principle "If, however, America continue to built) — thereby incMoulall betray-In? a suspicious mentalit toward us—we will also build t the last cent of our purse." "What about your contention to partly?" I asked. "The Japanese contention lo parity with America and Grea ' Britain," he replied, "Is a matte /' Mima's Chaos Is Menwc "What of Japan's China policy?" "Much us I'rcgret it. I am now 'Uiged to say that, if left alone. :hina will continue to sink deeper .nd deeper into the mire of chaos ,nd confusion. "This hopeless condition consti- utes a serious menace to Japan. "China is altogether too gigantic i country for Japan alone lo help eslore to peace and order. "Therefore, if America and other powers interested in China desir .0 extend co-operation there, we shall glndly respond lo it." But. he concluded, significantly. 'My advice is that America should nake it clear to the war lords and iwliticians of China the futility ol their game, to alienate and anug- jnize America and Japan." ] seriously damaged by n lire thai resulted. The salesman accepted the olfer of a "lifl" from another motorist and was taken lo liis home. He reporled Ihe accident and fire to his company. H'; had only been over Highway Cl twice and both limes in the daytime. He was not certain where the accident occurred, but b-lieved il wns between Blytheville and ihe Arkansas-Missouri state Hue. An insurance company, winch had issued a policy covering (lit car, suit an investigator here file a report. Neither the Invcsti- gaior or Hoy Nelson, local attorney, retained in ihe mailer, been able to find any irace ul tin; car. Read Courier NCWR Want Ads. \ THEOFORD'S \ BLACK- ; ' DRAUGHT; r FAMILY ; LAXATIVE y J, ^ "Otittfaa&e Or SyUtp\ EDITOR'S NOTE: This article roncluiles William Philip Slmriis' Aeries of articles on Japan. Other articles, on China, Manchukuo, and Soviet Russia, will apprar in ; paper .is Simms proceeds on GRADE Raw Milk Phnoc Craig's Dairy We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale-Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. ronl liiMltuted a nallimwldi? nrcli lo tiutl six of the irkhut) i li-xlliooks, uhiirh weie nubl^.hrd lie- |l>y WIIHiiiu Hiilmi-s Mi'Ouffcy mure Ihe privilege ol copying a Hebrew Clraininur, which 'the educator nlunuii are ( miu[e himself and was copied by a Ihe eiilk'iji'. s tn,| cn i | 1C1 - L ,. The old McGuffey homestead wus ii'.sLntcd and moved frum Washington County lo Ucarborn, Mich, recently when l-'ord bought, I 1 DRAW A CIRCLE AROUND THE CENTER OF THIS ; FINE TOBACCO PLANT These are the Center Leaves—the Mildest Leaves — the heart of Lucky Strike "It's toasted" V Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat As you can see from ttiis |uiTiirc— Luckies' filiL 1 , smooth quality Jwsn't just h.ippeii—for we use onh t/if ffKiff s! Not tlie lop Itavi's lii-i'intst: those are uiuler-iltvclopcd—not r:ne, Not the liottom leaves because those arc inferior iiu]u:tlity—they i;row close to llie yround and are dirt-coveted, coirse.s.uuly. \VesclectotilytheceiHer leaves —for whicti fanners are paid liiyher prices—for the center leaves are the mildest leaves—they taste better— then—"It'stoasted"—for throat protection. Amlci'cryL'.ickyisfullypacked with these choice tithaccos —nwde round and linn — five from Wseends — that's \vliy Luckies do nut dry our. i.uckiesarealUvavskiiuUoyuurtliroat. r Only the Center Leaves-these are the Mildest Leaves p^/^> They taste better L >J r^,^,^, ,c7i 1^.. i--i—T.x...^- r .- r ^^Il^_^_ NOTtlielopltives— Iln)'n*i — thtj are ftanft\ NOT ihehotlom leaves— tttj'n Imfiritrin matitj—nent a»J u*J)\

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