The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1951
Page 9
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINV If You Can't Afford Sirloin Then Try Swordfish Steak By CECILY BROWN'STONE Aatociaied tun Food Editor Want a delicious steak? Then try one of »wordfl5h. This hearty fish, caught In large numbers off the New England coast In August. Is gaining in popularity. It's on the economical side U you consider that there's no waste to swordftsh steaks. \nd don't worry about the color of a swordfish—it doesn't have to have a , pink tinge to be of best quality, ttiwordfish taken from waters south Tof the Equator- have deep pink to salmon-red flesh, while those from colder Northern waters have llglit pink to creamy-white flesh. Swordfish is delicious brushed with a savory fat mixture and broiled with tomatoes. What to serve with the fish? Our suggestion is mashed potatoes and cooked green peas heated with canned sliced broiled mushrooms. When I served this combination recently I added a crisp salad of water cress anc! cucumbers, and it was just right. Broiled SwordfUh Steak With Tomatoei . Ingredients: I 1 .:; pounds swordfish sleak (about »; inch thick). 2 tablespoons soft fat, 1 teaspoon kitchen bouquet. teaspoon salt, teaspoon lemon juice, 2 medium- sized tomatoes, salt and freshly- ground pepper, 1 teaspoon cracker meal, 1 teaspoon butter. Method: Place swordfish on broil- .ng rack. Blend together soft fat, ;itchen bouquet, and salt. Gradual y stir In lemon Juice. Brush half :his mixture over surface o( fish, uing a pastry brush, or spread lightly with a spatula or case knife. Cut away stem ends of tomatoes and cut thin slice off other end of tomatoes so they will stand straight; slice in half. Place tomatoes on rack with fish Sprinkle tomatoes with salt pepper, and cracker meal; dot with butter. Place in pre-heated broiling compartment and broil about Inches from moderate heat until fish is lighlly browned, about minutes. Turn fish with two pancake turners. Brush on second side with remaining fat mixture. Continue broiling until fish flakes easily and'(urns opaque white, about 5 minutes 'longer. Serve with pan liquid if desired. Makes 4 servings. Note: Soft fat (other than butter is suggested (or the fish because i absorbs the kitchen bouquet bette than butter. Ham, Good Summertime Value, Makes Delicious Meat Loaf By GAYNOR MADDOX NEA Staff Writer Ham is in top supply now—usually U a better value during the summer months. All the ordinary cuts of ham are good — picnics (from the shoulder),' sjiant and butt end hams, the boned.rolled ham, and center slices (or steaks Millhough these are a little high). ^n addition, the smoked' shoulder pork butt Is far less expensive, but with the smoked ham flavor. Maybe you'd like a recipe for baking and glaiing the pork butt —called by-some packers a daisy, a tenderloin, or a cottage roll. GUaed Smoked Shoulder Butt (Serve* f U S| One smoked shoulder pork butt (t to 3V, pounds). 2 peppercorns, 1 whole cloves, 1 onion, whole cloves for studding, 'A cup prepared mustard, % cup New Orleans molasses, 1 cup ginger ale. Place shoulder butt in water to oover. Add peppercorns. 3 whole ctovel, and onion. Bring to a boil reduce heat, and simmer about i5 minutes per pound (from LH to Bacon Is Best When Cooked Very Slowly - Bacon- Kia arT'established ~spo ,^n j the day's menus. But- arc yoi 'Kpetting the .moat tor 'your money' Are you cooking bacon correctly? Reba Stagga, meat expert, give thes« suggestions/ for serving baco *t its finest. The price rule to re member is mlway§ cook bacon slow ly. Never allow the !at to smoke Bacon may b« cooked by any one o tlire* method*—in your oven, you broiler and, of cours«. In • frying pan on top of the range. When iurfao« cooking, place th bacon in a cool Trying-pan and coo •lowly until the bacon ii golde brown. It U necessary to pour of the dripping* during cooking * thai th* bacon will not cook in i< own fat. Also, It Is necessary 1 turn th* illcc* frequently for ere •eoklnf. If you're serving a large group to convenient to use your oven sine Uttl* watching is required. Simp place thi bacon on a rack in yo 1 roasting pan and cook In a 300 de gre* F. oven until the meat is golc •n. When using your broiler, pla the bacon about 2 Inches from th »o that It will cook slowly. PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 190 On Yo«r Dial Friday, August 17, 1951 MORNING. 5:15—Sign On 5:15—Musical Round-up 8-.00—News 8:05—Farm Pair 6:15—Musical Roundup 6:30—Gospel Gems 7:00—Newt T:OS—Yawnln' tn Mawnln' S:00—News S:15—South American Waj 8:30--KOSE Kapers 8:00—Woman's viewpoint 9:30—Meet the Menjoui 9:45- -Deo rest : Mother 10:00—News 10:05—Concert Master 10:30—Meet the Band 11:00- -News 11:05—Farm Frolic* AFTERNOON 13:00—News 12:15--Noon Serenade 13:30—Cotton Area Forecast 1:00—Behind the 'world News 1:05—Matinee Melodies 1:30—Here's to Vets 1:45—Serenade in Blue J:00- -News 3:65—Hillbilly Round-up 3:00- -News 3:05—Heptime 4:00—News 4:05—Murray's Madhouse 4:30- Cisco Kid 5:00—News 5:00—Record Rack 8:00—KOSE Scoreboard 6:15—Hymns from Harding 6:30—News 6:35—Organ MelodlM »:45—Sign Off hours). Drain well. Serve ud with cloves. Combine mustar id molasses. Add enough ginger ale to mak read e2sily. Place on rack on bak g pan. Bake;.a'i 425 degrees F. 2a inutes or until well browned an aied. basting with remaining ale and pan drippings. Slic •Un to serve. Party Ham Loaf Mix 2 pounds ground smoked ham ith 1 pound ground veal, 2 cup. tft -enriched bread crumbs, 2 egg cup milk, 1 A cup minced onio teaspoon dry mustard and Vi tea won pepper. Shape into a loaf and place 1 reased pan or pack Irtto a wel reased mold. Bake in a slow ove: 00 degrees F., 2 hours. Pour o rippings and turn loaf or mold on i a platter. Garnish with sliced pineapple, rabapples and parsley. Serve either ot or cold with horseradish sauce nade by folding V t cup horse-rad- ih into 'A cup whipped cream. Overloading Home Freezers Cause of Many 'Breakdowns' "SKYUNER".FILI.ED ROLLS and flavored milk, lor children's summer vutr. treat Varied flavors Can Renew Child's Interest in Milk By NEA Service Just as much in summer as in winter all the dairy foods are essential for children's health. Milk is one of the most important, so if the young folks in your house begin to lose interest, try flavoring their milk a little. It will take only a minute to do. There are now packaged flavors for milk on sale. Or you can use many flavors from the pantry shelf. - Strawberry Flip (Serves 1) One cup milk, 3 tablespoons strawberry Jam, few drops red food coloring. Warm milk, add strawberry Jam .and coloring. Chill thoroughly and serve. Spiced Honey (Serves 1) One and one-half tablespoons honey, dash cinnamon, 1 cup milk. Pour honey and cinnamon in glass. Mix well. Add milk. ; Cheery-Cherry Danger of poor service from over- >adlng the home freezer during umroer heat was pointed out to- ay by Mrs, Gertrude B. Holiman, ome demonstration agent. Recent ot spells have brought on com- ainls of break downs, most of 'hich can be traced to human ather than mechanical failures. A safe rule during hot weather is to freeze only the amounts of ood the box will handle on the normal" setting, and take larger uantities to a freezer locker plant or freezing. In explaining the workings of the reezer, the home demonstration agent slated that It Is the Job of he freezer compressor to keep the iterior of the box at zero degrees The vast difference between 90 and 95 degrees summer temperature and zero causes most boxes to have all they can do to hold to zero de- irees. If boxes are loaded with farm 'oods and tlie control then turned :o "freeze," compressors may run continuously — yet not lower the temperature or freeze the (oods When this happeas too often in hot weather, compressor failures some- limes occur. It is important to keep check on the running time of your freezer With everything frozen it should run from 40 to 50 per cent of the time. In extra hot weather this would go up to 65 per cent. If the : lectrified Insecticide lew Protection Idea EAST LANSING, Mich. (API — Slectrified dust Is the newest idea or better protection against-lnsccts and plant diseases. Fine dust particles of Insecticide 1:2 cup diced American cheese, l[2 cup celery, diced, 1st cup mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon salt, Blend all ingredients together. Store in refrigerator until needed. Mad-Hatler Filling One and one-halt cups cubed cold meat, 1]2 cup diced Swiss cheese. 1|2 cup cubed green pepper, mayonnaise to moisten, salt to taste. Blend ingredients together; store in refrigerator until needed. teier runs more than this, one I are Mown out of the nozzle of • (two things 1* wrong. Either the dllsltn g machine. Plants develop th» opposite charge, and attract th* old control has been set on "freeze" nd not turned back to normal, or box la overloaded with warm ood. Taking these lew precautions will ie)p insure years of trouble free peration for a home freezer. given high electrical 12.000 to 20,000 volts, charged dust particles iirte a mag- Net, even on the underside of leaves. The charging gives five to ten times better coverage of plants, and the method will get field tests this summer, said A. W. Farrall, head of Michigan State College agricultural engineering department, The id«» originated with Henry D. Bow«n, young graduate research assistant, who developed the method working under Prof. Walter M. Carleton. A thin wire In the center of the dusting machine nozzle impart) th* charge, at low wattage, so the apparatus is safer than an approved electric fence. When it rams it poors PLAIN Oft IODIZED I Serves 1) One cup milk, 1 tablespoon ma: aschino cherry Juice, few drops re food coloring. Mix together serve. . For a party, serve "Skyliner" buns with the flavored milk. Skyliners (Serves 6) Six hamburger buns, 6 tablespoons butter, 1 cups Humpty- dumpty filling, 1 cups Mad-Hatter filling. Garnishes: pimiento, carrot strips, sliced stuffed olives, sliced tomato, celery slices, black olives, capers. Partially cut out center of hamburger rolls, leaving 1J2 inch layer at the bottom of the roll. Spread inside or each bun with butter. Toast buns in oven. Fill three of the buns with Humpty-dumpty filling and the other three with Mad-Hatter filling. Decorate each differently with your choice of garnishes. Humpty-dumpty Filling SV)ur hard-cooked eggs, chopped, BARGAIN IN BASKET! FRESH DRESSED FRYERS'b SPECIAL! STANDARD PACK Tomatoes! ci! 31 c IGA DELUXE—VACUUM PACKED COFFEE - - - ib. 79c Royal Guest CATSUP 72 O*. SWIFT'S BUTTER - - ib 69c TENDERIZED (Half or Whole) HAMS - - - ib 54c Any Flavor JELLO 3 " 23< For Dish Washing JOY • 31* FRESH MEATY Neck Bones-ib 14c COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE - ib 3k Curtiss (any flavor) Miracle Ade " Sunkist California ORANGES Doz. HEIL SLICED BACON - - - ib. 49c Calif. Large Head LETTUCE 2 For EDWARDS PURE Sf berrVPreservesoi 25C Sunkisf LEMONS Doz. 39* MAYS' IGA Super Market Plenty of Parking Space 421 S. 21if Remember, It Cays To Shop With May's WASTE BASKET with colorful floral design 1 DREFT 1 DUZ LAHet SIZI URQE S1ZK 3 IVORY HIDE PERSONAL tat *AT MOST STORES You never have enough beautiful waste baskets around the house You need them in kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms—and you know, beautiful baskets don't come cheap! Yet thi» one is yours in combination with your favorite Procter St Gamble products at a real saving! Your choice of two lovely colors! The stores below have these baskets on display now—in yellow or blue. Take your choice—but hurry! Get your* while the supply lasts! flow tf these sto&s! ftotry white supply fysts/ BLYTHEVII.LK, ARK. ALLEN PICKARD'S GROCERV 1011 W. Chlekasawba A. L. RICHARDSON GRO. 117 E. Cherry BF.TT'S OROCKRV 22M ChlckasMcba rORSYTH'S GROCERY 621 So. Lake GATEWAY GRO. (EBKRDTS) 2101 W. Rose HATS STORE, Inc. Main Si Franklin .?. F. F.M.IS GROCERY' 613 S. 1st JOHN IDKS ORO. 404 E. Main JOE FREEMAN'S ORO. 3016 W. Main "LIBERTY CASH GRO. !>01 West Main LUTTREI.T.'S MARKET 800 ChlckaUKba PRESTON RAMKY'S GRO. Highway 61 So. THE KROGKR CO. N. First St. TOMI.INSOX GRO. 161h & Vine W. M. IIAYNKS (iliO. 1533 IV. Ash KOSKI.AND ROSELAND MERC. CO. MANILA GREGORY BROS. G. ^V. FOX GRO. R. \V. JOI.l.IFF C.RO. OSCKOLA CITY MARKET EMMETT WILSON'S GRO. T.ANT.Y-W1I.SOX GRO. . L1BKRTY CASH GRO. ROBniN BROS. THE KROGER CO.

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