The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1936
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX BLVTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS That Hurt and Another One Coming Visitors Turned Back Decisively; Pollavcl, I'.rwm Turn In 72's Blytheville golfers turned back the challenge oi Jonesboro golfers lu decisive fashion here ycslerdaj and evened the 193(i series of matches between the i«'o clubs by winning a tournament played over Ihc Blytheville t-ounliy club course, -33 to 13. - Jonc-sboro had prc 1 . iuusly de- frated the lilytlieville aayrtyailon lu n tourney at Jonesboro. W. J. I Dill) Pollnui oi Hie Bly- thevllle club nnd Mutllnncl Erwin of the Jotifsboro club lied for Icnv medal score with t'l strokes, two under par for 18 holci. Each of them toured the nine holes In exactly 'M strokes on each round. A six, two over par, lobbed I'ol- l:U'd of his bhj chauc? to undisputed medalist honors oil the 18th hole. His c:iid was sensailoiml iucliulinu two eagles on ihc par 5 No. 0 hole, longest on Hie course, lie made three blrdic-s on'his second round in addition to his No. G ca^le. Krwiu'i goll was highly consistent. He jumped over par on but two holes, taking a live on his first attempt at the- lough par 4 No 7 hole, and a Jive on the- par 4 No. 9 hole on his second round. Ife bIrdled. Hie short No. 5 hole Uvlce. In a blind bogie event uinyril concurrently with Ihe inter-club tournament Uzell Branson won first place by finishing on top of Hie 75 strokes which proved to be the bogie pick. Five were lied tor iecond, coiiullng their handicaps iiV in Branson's case. They were J." W.'Buzlck, E. li. Gee. Hurt : BUzick, Andy Cusick, slate pro champ, and Hnrry Ilalnes. Next ill line were W. D. Turner, Jefl Roland' and lied for foiirlh pliice were Joe C. Barrett nnd L. N. Kinmnn. Results of the iiu.Uvu.Uinl tourney matches follow: Player Out In Tl. B. J. B. A. Lynch Shorty Turner Leo Lintzetiich Bud Buzlck Bill Pollard P. W. Luttcrloh John Lent! Harry Archer Byron Morse, jr. Dcrin Ellis xMnllland Erwin xxAndy Cnslck Harry Unities Ncal Puryear 51 •Jimmy Guard 43 Fia'nk Thorpe -15 James Terry -13 Gordon Matthews 43 Cecil Shane J. W. Buzlck Russell Furr Earl Jones G. M. Buck Joe- Barrett Bob' Ktrslmer • Buck Pryor E. B. Gee L. W. Murphy Jeff Roland L; N. KiiHiian Bill Alflick Homer Wall Uzell Branson .Nell Bunn Cecil Branson Hoy Peilix zC.A .Cunningham KzMrs. Puryear 44 41 Out 32 39 38 40 3(> 42 41 48 40 41 30 45 47 3G 3li 39 34 41 39 51 4t 43 41 •15 43 •13 39 44 44 42 40 30 41 40 82 •10 19 44 112 3(j 1(i 3G 72 88 82 80 0 1 With [tain clearly written m: his face—n new expression for the Drown Bomber who had staged a meteoric climb toward I lie world heavyweight title—Joe Lorls Is ulctured making n futile right up- ucicnt as ex-Champion Max Schmcllng cocked his rlglil for anolher smashing blow. Sixty thousand freiiiile dfims In Yankee Sladium watched In amazement, as Ihc 30-year-old. German cut down his 22- year-old opponent and gave pugilism one of the biggest upsets In Its history. IETMS Dames' Team Has Been Up and Coming; Laundry Opposes Applcbaum BY ,1. I', I'UIUN'D NuWii Cleaners, one of the reil smiJrlECS In the Girls' Softball IcriBiie, and In the midst O f one c.f the season's winning streaks Irict-s a rigid test tonljht when they collide \vllli the | CU?I1C lTOC '|, Int' Ccca Cola Bottlers In the (list isame of the .MONDAY, JUNK 22, 1D30 Opposes Jewish Grapplei 3 92 73 80 92 a-i U8 83 87 80 79 89 89 84 8G 40 81 49 101 38 81 40 90 43 87 44 85 47 06 44 81 87 93 78 52 51 103 48 49 97 55 5C 111 48 44 45 44 40 43 43 41 52 43 50 44 41 49 47 43 44 44 49 •10 38 2 0 1 0 Totals x—Not in lourney play, n—Not In lourney play. 32 13 By Harry Graysou (iiicl (UtlVlders p'.it, [UiiTse six runners en Ihe Iwses'J "Van erred when he quit the leani. and erred iignin when lie pepped oir In Brooklyn." * • * "Mlsrmnuigcd and Mishandled" "You bet I'm peeved," oarked Mmnjo, when he'lea the Dodgers lot In PIH.sti-rifli. "Why .shouldn't [ be peeved? I've been mistunn- iged .and mishandled. By who? Uy Casey Stengel, that's who. I've had my troubles with him jefcrc. I've nhvays given everything 1 had for the club. "Sure, I exploded. Why shouldn't 1? I'm in baseball to win gnmes and bcnclit myself. But the way I've been mishandled, the sort of semi-pros I've bad kicking me ill) and Inssing , uir bull jjaiues for me Is enough to hirrn .1 fellow up. "I nskcd Stengel lo 'trade me and lirnefll his club. He could get enough for me to really get himself some good players. "I hat support in back of me, pshaw! Thnt's a great double play combination Stengel collected, isn't, II? "I want lo l:c traded. Mnkc no mistake nbout that. I believe that I can benefit myself and also help the Brooklyn club If it would send me somewhere else. As it is. I'm net satisfied." Bunt. Mungo w.isn't traded, nnd, under Hie circumstances, things can't be too pleasant for him with the Dodgers. SlnvriTs .lob .iiMiinriliml There Is little question but that Stengel's future nu manager of the Brooklyn club was thrown Inlo jeopardy by the act of in- xubcrdin.ition on the part, of the pitching ace. Unpleasant comii- llcns was the motive for Mungo's Club officials may Maine LISTER LE1NG 1! PlftTE Nu Wn Shorlslo|> Has .775 Average; Laundry Has Besl Club Average One 1!V .1. 1'. FRIEND. of the reasons for the meteoric rise of the NttVVa Clean- ei-s, whose reversal of form—from the cellar place—has to a lie provided for second the latest NEW YORK—With tlie time limit on major league plaver exchanges expired and Van Linglc Mungo back with the Brooklyn Dodgers, the large rlghHiuniier , no doubt now agrees--with his icc-mmate, William Watson Clark, that he made a mistake in running away. A ball player has (o be able to take It, and there is no rea- sr.n why lie shouldn't when is as well paid as Mungn. Tile South made no hit other clubs or deserting the when it needed he Carolina planter with officials ol his teammates in Flatbiish iri»ate| him most. Stengel for the of the team. rjeneral collapse WhBt makes Stengel's fi'turc all the more uncertain Is Ihc fact, thai .Mun«o's desertion eamo williln a month after Outfielder Freddie Lindstrom quit the chib. Limlstrcm dill not leave In a huir. us did .MIIIUJO. who is the team's most valuable player, but. tlit fact remains that he refused to continue. log injury Lliuly gave a minor the excuse for his decision lo relire. For several be a he has been ambitious to major league irmnagcr, yet. sensation In the Girls' Softball langub, has been [he remarkable bulling of Helen' Ulster. Since Joining -l|lic tealn two games--after; the season opened, the shortstop^ has lieeh hitting like a horse, afire. In four' contests slje Iras smashed, out" nine hits in twelve limes at bat' for a remarkable .77ft average, and Is leading In hits and total, bases hi addition to' having' the best'aver- age among (hose who hnVc 'taken part in two-thirds of their team's Humes., . . • Included hi her :streak' were seven singles, a triple. • and home run. She has scored eljht rims too. Four others have better aver- I ages but have not participated In I enough games to be considered as the real lender. They are: Doris Fowler. Laundry, LOGO, In one game; Enilce Scott, Laundry, .833. two games; Sena Trmnblc, Coca Ccla, .8CO.- 'i games. nnd> Evelyn Clark. Laundry. .800. two games. 'Ihe remainder of (he list lilt- 1 I lini; .SCO and better: Dorothy Russell. Laundry, ,087; Adelaide Ccwscrl, Coca Cola,,- .GOO; Edna George. Laundry, .562; Tone Friend, Applcbaum, .545; Imogens Smith, NuWa, .500; Gussle Black- bi-rn, Applcbauin, .503. Saliba Scores Most ; Alice Saliba, wlio does the slioi (stopping and leads off foi' Jack Aiiplebaum's Store, Is first in runs scored, with 10. Ten have hit one double. They arc: E. George, Laundry; Lucille Oldliaiii, Ccca Cola; Bendonna Huey, Coca Ccla; Trumble. Coca Cola;'Moore, Applebaum; Blanche Morris, Ap- lilebjivm; Blackburn. Applebaum; Hazel Lutes. Applcbauin; Ruby Lules. NuWa. the dungeon, there Is some ccnsolAtlon over (he fact that their .333 club batting average is best. Jack Applebaum is second with .352, ten points better than NuWa Cleaners, tied with (hem ,1'or second place in the league standing, while Coca Cola Bottlers, the pace setters, arc last in hitlers with only .318. Lnun- dry has scored most lilts. 59. Applcbanm has crossed the plate 02 times nnd has sent most players to the plate, 1G5. NuWa has ' the home run hitters, ti, wliilc wearers of the Laundry spangles arc ahead in 'threc-basi lilts, with 5. Four members from Coca Cold and Jack Applebaum have hit doubles. NuWa have ain'assed the niost total bases, 77. . Thirty-four in .300 Group ..According .to the records of the league,, statistician, Ottis Roush, thirty-four are within . the select .300 group. Included ai'c: II, Lutes, Applcgaum -ASH; Orlmes, Applebaum AW; McDaniel, Laundry .4-t-l; Blythc, .Coca Cola .437; Saliba,_ Applcbauin .-121; Eula Whittle, Applebaum .417; Jf. Iglehart. NuWa .4CK>; Koehlcr, Coca Cola .400; Oldliam, Coca Cola .400; p. Russell, Laundry .400; Northern, Laundry .400; Ruby Lutes. Apple- bautn .3S.i; Willis. NuWa .385: Morris. Applebaum .352; L. Whit- tic, Applcbauin .333; Hcmphill, Applcbanm .333; Morre, Applc- banm .333; Hncy. Coca Cola .333: Fisher. Coca Cola .333; W. Iglc- .iiart,. NrWa .308; Erwin. Laundry ,308; Kinzey, Coca' Cola .300; Slnn- flclcl, Uiundry .300. Applebaum; M. Iglehart, Seven are tied in triples with one each: E. George, Lnun- dry; Kathryne Northern, Lauii- Branch Rickey, director of Ihr St. Louis Cardinals, who mad? many offers for Misngo. spoke for olher club heads when the fire-[make him a New York Giant, ball king jumped, "I don't -want Mimgo now." said Rickey. "I wouldn't claim him at the • waiver price." "Mungo Isn't as good a I'cllcnv ns I thought he was." nsserls one of the Dodgers. "Ho feels that he was let down on the field, eh? Well, when I saw him pitch against the Cubs I got the idea that he was letting up on the hitters. He threw what looked like a nothing ball to Billy Herman, who slammed It to left field for 1 a dpvble. "I . suppose ' we let Van down .when he was pitching ajalnst the Piralfes He was in In: game less than two im;in-s and talked a half dozen I wonder Jf he thinks errors by iiifieldcrs elected lo shift himself out. of the picture. Yon got the impression that he was fed up with Ihc Brooklyn slluntlon. Stengel's Hires-year contract Ims another camr.ntjn to run, but the Brooklyn C; they elevated Casey from coach ] Laslcr, Laundry nnd H. • Lutes. to pilol. Applebnum. Marie Iglehart nnd Mimeo's name has been hitched Co " a Whittle, both of NuWa. nnd Liclllc Oldlram. of Coca Coin, have two home runs nplece, Oussle Blackburn, Applcbaum's fast ball pitcher, who won her three starts, and Sadie SUiney, Irooklyn directors cave Max M 1 '*" P ' Hayncs, Laundry; P. RIIS- ; arcy a full season's salary when scl1 ' Laundry; Scott. Laundry; lo many trade nimors and break came after a deal through which he believed would [ Mungo's escapade only lowered his value as a performer In the I " UWn ' s slar hurler. arc the only eyes of National League owners. 3 same winners. Mary Lou Whlt- His case reminds you of Walter Jchuson's because it. is so different. The Big Train's great- tie. Coca Cola, has won two and lost cue. Dell George, Laundry and Mable Jo (Pete) Wilson. Coca ness wasn't limited lo the" box Coln ' nre crcdlled with B vlc- Hc never grumbled In nil those! tcr >' al>d no defeats. slim years wllh Washington dur- _ Laundry Has HiKcrs Ins which his brilliance was ac- ceim-ntcci by the mediocrity of his teammates. Despite the fact that Blythc ville steam Laundry is occupy Southern League W. A tin ill ii 41 20 Nasliville 41 30 Little Rock 33 34 Birmingham ........ 33 34 New Orleans . 32 34 Chattanooga 31 33 Memphis ;N 28 39 KnoxvilH- 24 45 National League W. I,. L. Pet St. LouU Chicago Pittsburgh .....' New York Cincinnati ...'. Boslon "... Philadelphia Brooklyn 21 American League 31 35 35 32 29 29 21 Pet .017 .(ill New York Boston ' " Cleveland ..'.'.'.'. Detroit Chicago Phlladelpii:,, « •St. Louis .„ W. I, 40 20 30 24 31 29 .Vli .46 .34l 3W Pot .600 bar- Jack Applebnimi's Slore nnd Ihe Hlylheville Slcmn Laundry luivc dlllciencos to sellle.ln the after- piece. 'Ihrcc weeks nso Bob names' NiiWa Cleaners were firmly en- lii iifheil in lite league cellar, with a record of Ihree -losses and no victories olfcrli!' no sclnce. Tlun suddenly us 11 boll from n clear sky, business begnn to pick up in camp. On June 1 they touted Ihe losing jinx with n fine vic- Uiy over Crra CoM Bottlers. Tint served as the necessary hypo- diiinlc, ns they went on to beat the Laundry and then complete the circuit with a .17-7' rout of I Hie favored Applebaumers. Today! Iliuls them knocking at first plac'j, uiiti have nn opportunity (o go iiiiii n tic with Coca Coh if they eau bowl them over. Hut, to make things more in- iciTstliig. the Coca (Joins 'too nrc In the middle of a winning chan- iid. Since their defem at Uic hands of Ihe Cleaners, Manager I.cti Beck's hit less wonders (Ihey arc at Ihe botlom In hiltlns), have taken a new lease on life witli the pitching Improvement of Mary Lou Whittle. This now star will oppose the NuWn No. 1 hurler, Sndie Stanley, in an expected old-time fliiijing duel. Since the loss of their speed I ball merchnnt, Gussic Blackburn,' ihc Applebnnmers have not looked like the formidable outfit that I threatened to make n runaway of Ihc league. However, there wns a,decided improvement Inst week, icy held n 0-2 lend until tlic fifth, then went into reverse, the Bottlers copping, 8-0. Eula Whittle looked good in defeat, but her line work was overshadowed by her own wildness, nnd critical errors by her mates. She gave up but, four hits. Despite plenty of dynnmile all up nnd down Ihe batting order. Ihe Laundry just can't seem to get going. Mhrvin "Soak" Sanderson, Li'xora high school montor. and first baseman of Ihc Famous Store in Ui2 boys' loop, has laken charge of the club nnd his experience is expected to show results. Four of Ills Luxorn Pnntherettes are members of the team. The Laundry out lilt NuWn, two to one last Monday, but were victims of n fourth frame rally that spelled defeat. "Tootsle" Slanfleld likely will take the mound foi Hex Mobley, the tall Texun, meets the Jewish wrestler. Bloom-field, .In the feature match on tonight's wrestling card at the American Legion outdoor arena. Mobley is pictured above. Lutes Winner of First Game; Jonesboro Defeats Caruthersville Club the Caruthersville Badgers, 9 to 5. Thad Campbell's home run In the fifth with Uvo on base a rnetl the tide In the Giants favor. Baseball Results The Osceola the Northeast Indians, Arkansas pacing league, won nnd lost in two gnmes i;t Osceola yesterday wilh the Batcs- ville *club. The Indians won Ihe first, game 17 lo 9, while Batesville took the second, 4 lo 2. Lutes wns the winning hurler in the first game and Cordell limited Osceola to three hits in winning the second. ' At Paragould the Rebels divided two with the Newport Cnr- dinals. The Cardinals took the Rebels to 3. first, 6 to 4, while the grabbed olf the second, 5 . The Jonesboro Giants won over the Laundry crew and ' will be matched by Whittle fcr the' Apple-' baumers. Unipire-in-chief Herbert Browning . will call lime promptly at S P. M. Southern League Little Rock 4-5. Atlanta 2-7. Knoxville 9-1, Memphis 2-2. New Orleans 3-0, Nashville 1-1. Chattanooga 5, Birmingham 4. National League New York 8. St. Louis 4. Boston 3. Cincinnati 2. Chicago 7-4, Brooklyn 2-C. Pittsburgh 7, Philadelphia C. American League Boston 3, St. Wnis 0. Cleveland 8, Washington 3. Philadelphia n, Chicago 5 Detroit 8, New York 7. .Northeast Arkansas I.eajue •Jonesboro 9. Caruthersville 5. Newport G-3, Paragould 4-5. Osceola 11-2, Batc.wille 9-4. Mcel in Fcalure Match Tom»hl; Kirpo Opponent Of Red Dugaa I1Y J. 1'. FKIKN'J) iiex '"I'i'X" Mobiey, illlfii, Amnr- illo, Texas, and Morris "ike Blocmllekl, (IDOi, Los Angeles, two of the most skillful wrestler* on this circuit, lop the weekly grappling card of Matchmakcr- j Promoter Mike Mcioney, tonight at Ihe open air arena adjoining ihc American Legion hut. Both are big, strong, ixnverful and .scientific wrestlers, p:).sse:^ln£ Ihe necessary iiualhie.s !ov upset- ling 'any kind of dope. Mobley has an advantage in . height, weight tid, Urn the nunianian. Jen 1 lit s veins oi experience over the tall Texan, nnd Is possibly the stronger. Tex Is 31 years old and has bun wrestling eleven years. "Ike", l< n years his senior, has been in the grappling game lor mure limn 20 years. Hex is a shade over :.ix 1U5 pounds, ns compared to \i feet, and tins the Fairbanks M feel 10 inches, and 190 pounds fur Bloomfield. l:c(h Have Oooil lleconls In three matches here Mobley lilts won one, lost one and broke even in the other. Morris easily trimmed Olcy Olson, the "Terrible" Swede, in Ills debut, and gave lha Nashville "Werewolf," Wild Bill Rush, a run for his money last week, though losing by a miscalculated leap after pulling Hush through 11 giant swing. Horn in Rumania of Jewish parents. Bloomfielu came lu tins country when a young man, Dur- iiiK the war he .served in the army, and was assistant to the lale Waller Camp at Camp Eus- lis. Va. He was not. beaten in Uncle Sam's land service. Following his discharge after the war he enlisted in the navy, and as a member oi the U.S.S. Idaho won (lie welterweight wrcstlim; titfe of the Pacific fleet. He is a professional weight lifter and holds several world titles. Emil Firpo, the antagonistic Argentine, disqualified last week, and lied Dugan, Cleveland sensation, will cpcn the card, .starling ui 8:30. Both matches will have a ninety minute time limit, on (he two l:est falls out of three basis. Promoter Mike Meronev will referee. 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