The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 2... 1031 BIATHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN MSIFIED ADS Two c-;nt$ a word for first InsMtion and one cent a word for c-ach subsequent, inserlion. No advertisement, t'iken tor less than 50c. Count the words and send ti:s cash. Phone 300 AUSTIN By Aliern ''.-' lnr ; QUCK PIGEON* IHG AVtNGlNQ MHJDT* * MURDER DACK&TWR? 1II-.UI.V IIKKiS TOn.iT nc FOit SALE . >>|1UKL>| tikur il-i:« latrr DlO. SI'ltKU'l-: I-. nliu nmrdprvd whrn In- i!l»:i|i|ir:>r» mjiiU' from II Iirl-JuV l'»nj "' >''* TIIAtUV vtl l'« liii'ur. SI'IX'IAI, l\Vi:s- TI<: \T(I» niiM)i:i:. brlirvioic i!i:n Mta iiinl SiimKUr, rnml&c lu lltinillliin nflrr .Vfla rrecnnli«i miiiiriiiir In n Krnuri ptclurr, were Used 7% Horse , Motor For Sale i V/il| make a good motor fov 2\<i to u horsepower i load. Needs one new ; ]je;u'ii>e- Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS I'Ort KLCNT IN DELL—FOR HUNT—3 room house, 58.00; 4 room house, $11.) L. fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. ? . 18C-TF POli' RENT—sleeping room in I steam healed home en Main tt.' Two'y'uung men p!'3U':'re:l. Address 11 Courier Mew.-,. lOo-ktf FOR RENT—Modern stucco residence, 6 rooms and bath, garage and out houses. $25.00 per month,; Also 5-rocm house, 510.00 per' month'. Dr. Saliba, Phone 410. ; 30C-K6 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room, dOEe in. 310 Walnut, St. Mrs. R. B. Nolen. 30C-K5 In Hlio funld hni* Lllk* .% LI > 11 urt, nml bidden It nflcr Mtn'H ,, .i-i-ri-l »hrlt In Ihe ftifl lh.-ii *Uf t'l'd Snrttirnc oun- lr;\.- n hrll ni-:ir li" »r>> '» »"'", l.\ IM V. In-' "' rllj »'"' '"•>'• *Vm\ *!ir trnrcii dvlilli. 'Ihv -nilli-i- tllllllt linlh »"«• UlllrJ liy II r\\-*y Yuri* ulinnlliu. Their Ikrrtrv l» lhat Mm nnil Siimum- iv»r«- fiirltur. In «nnn- rnckcl In \t-n- YnrU. Ihut Mil cmnc <Sotvn flrM, H'l.l^r lirr iiuirrlril mimr. nrtii Spr.-i|:iip tolliMiril. lirln^liii: .lu«n Sll>.<t:in"\!rV lin'nkrd. find <>ia( 'l'«-y •\ -re triii-lii-il by (l ennnmn. •lillnlrr lbtnk» Ihr MCoiii raur- ili-r v\:ix frnnii-J I" l»ok "» ttiuii|:h ., Vr.iv v.irk £1111111:111 tllil It. -. nnJ <;i.m: IIAM- fact lhat NIta and Sprasuo got ?10,000 for llnnlnB olf Savelll's s^nk lhat lie was double-crossing them, and lhat NIta willed tho money to I.ydia, the avenger's licit and last job would be to get I.ydia. since his UHturnl conclusion would be that I.ydia tad beep- In on the scliemo froai the. beginning," Dundee explained. "Clod, boy! You'ro right!" Strawn. exclaimed..nnd Ills lit-ovy old face wi.s very tmle as lie roscbcd for tho llclepl'.one, and called the number ?uf iht Miles residence. "I'm going jio put It up to ber tjint it will bo lirsi tor ber 'to bo locked up a» a i iniiiorlal iviinefi, (or hor own pro- :*oi,i.Y MIIMI. l>- ninrry *liv m.irntng r"* ilcmn, nn.J Dundee ]iry lire m:nf >Jni£ UL--|. * lH«erM'l« (•>. :'TAI\ S'I'llAWN irrnlly cimnriu*' kl» NOW (ill ON Wl'l'll T!IE,S'rOMV CHAPTER XXXIS rjiHE telegram which j'ilic Ir! I-: iiilnui09 .later Slrawn rc- oveil tbo rcielTer to the- hook v.-lili a bans. "Saya elio won' budge!" ho explained unnecessarily "Says she ain't afraid and th< Mllc-s kids need ber. . .-Well, It'i ber own funeral! But I gueas you are convinced at laEtl" Dundee slowly shoofc his Si "Almost—but uot Quito, chlotl' "Lord, but you're stubborn Here's a water-light caso—" "A very pretty and a very satli factory case, but not exactly watei Unlit." Dundee interrupted. "Tbera just one little thing—" Straw the city editor of Si'Cninr; I'ms: ' -,. -"-.. "WoitKixt! P;-: VOUR THEORY C 1 -' SEW YORK GUNMAN. 11!-;- SPONSini.F, MUKDEHS OK'Jl'jV NITA I.HK1I1 SK1.1M AND DUX- KOIl BENT—Six room bungalow. | yKK SI'rtACUK THIfi PAPER HAS pliant chief of the jfcomiclilo! "What .do you mil "passed to Dundee j)i'ad hem | cletiamled Irritably. . hour before and'jjrcs from I '"Have yyi forgot the secret nlic Via'-. 1'orV ...._.. lieliiud tlie guest closet in the Sell: Louse?" Dundee asked. "I cau afford to forget It. sine It hasn't got a thing to dn with th ccse!" Slrawn retorted angrll "There's uot-a gcrup of evldeuce— '"Of course It does nut fit In newly decorated, hot and cold j mscoVKKED THAT SELIMlywir theory," Dundee agreed, "fc water, garage. 105 Dougan. Apply I \vo.MAN WAS SEEN AT NI01IT Ike-Miller, Phone 30C-K5 . with i Kffl REN'T — Fi-ont room, meals. Mrs. R. M. Sanders, Phone 252W. : 2P-K7 \ WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent- 'vhite woman. Mrs. Drown. 104 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED— Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TP _____ _____ _____ . \ ___ i RELIABLE DEALER wanted to i handle Heberliny Products in j Mississippi County .Excellent op- 1 portunity lor the right man. Earn- > ingf of SCO weekly not unusual. | f Write for irce catalogue. G. C.| Heberjing Company. Dept. 27, | Eloi'mington, 111. 1C-K5J CM'IJS SEVERAI^ TIMES DUK- INf! JANUARY FEBRUARY WITH tJUOTB SWALLOW TAIL SAM^Y UXCJUOTE UN UK!'. WORLD NAME KOli SAM SAVELL1 STOP BA VEI.IJ ' fAKBS" v --KOIlj::..\' '1UDI-: TUESDAY Al ! RIL,-TW£f5TY SEC- 'Kwallow-tail Sammy's' brotbsr could uot have known of i existence, but tlicre Is ona till] abo';t that secret shell nnd Us plv door whk-h 1 don't believe you can [Ui'ord to forget. Captaiu!" "Yciib? 1 - 1 Strawn.-rciurlcd. I r,jrfer, of course "Drake says," Dnndf* ui>were<) ;ly, "that NIta told blto U wu nack alimony* which ihe had auc- eed«l In collecting from her iaer husband. UBfortiirmlely, sh« d not say who or where th« my*- rloui huiband U." pOOF!" fcored P«nny. "Don't •*• yon >eeT 8h« ]utt aald that to itlsfr Johnny's curiosity. After il. It was tha most plauslbl* «x< lanntlon of how a grasa-wldow tot old ol » lot ot nioney." "So plarulble (Ut Mr. Drake may ave thought of U Wrnself," Dun ee reflected Bllently. Atoo}, he con nued his-report to the gtrt who ad been of BO much help to h Among th« other minor tnlng* hat camo out thi» morning, and which, the papers did not reporl waa tlia fact that Jauet Raymond Hed to commit suicide- by drinking hoe polish. Fortunately her futhe discovered what eho had douo al most as soon sa sbo rind swallowei ho Bluff, and mado her tako Ipeca and then sent for the doctor." "Ob, poor Janet!" Penny groaned 'She taust have -been terribly 1 ova with Dexter Sprague, thoug wliat she saw In him—" Dundee made no comment, bu continued wllh bis Information Another minor deyclopment wa that Tracey Miles admitted bo an V'lora bad quarreled over Spragi after all of you left, and that Klor tool: two sleeping tablets lo mak suns ot a night's rest." Sbe'a' been awfully unstrun ever since Ntta's murder," l'«m defended her friend. "Slio told i nil Monday night at. Peter's tb tlie doctor bad prescribed slceptn medicine. ... Now. you looV tier Bonnie- Dundee!" - ohe cried sharply, answering an enlgmM smile on tbe detective's face, yon think Flora Miles killed Kl Sellm and Dexter Spraguf, liccau slio was In love wllh Dexter nr suspected he'wac N'ltn's lover b cause ot that silly nole—" OWN OANC AKTEB THEY WEKE TH'I'KI) 0!'F SAVEI.U reisou for carefully wiping off her DOURLK CliOSSlN'Cl THEM ST01' fingerprints aller she removed the IN EXCHANGE FOlt THIS TIP papers rfie burned on Friday night, CAN YOU GIVE US ANY SUP-! it's a dead sure fact that someone I'KKSSED INFORMATION IN j else who had no legitimate business YOU It POSSESSION STOP SA-1 lo dn b'j. tuudied tliat what's that. Mr. Smart Aleck?" Penny demanded furl«:sly. "Uofore 1 answer that question, will you let lie (in a little tlicoilr- ins!" Dundee sugseEte.fl KCi:tly. Nlln receive a loiter wimvii Usr Inub.iml'u bualiiCHi Blull.m- >', )umi)j tu the I'onchulO!! thill tm has carried out ber Ulrcul U Trwcy, or tint Nltu hns »l aat slvun Tracey a hint of utH auil ;!iut Traccy'i esseiigcr aolo l>. Id lib tn.v. u cnti rmnilon ot an (ip^Kiialmcni snn- •sted by NH;i. . . . Very wo!H lofa gt«s lo Niui'i bfth-i.k.:i: ul tin- rb'. otiFnrlunlty, kcovvlni; Hint Ita will ci'iuo (hero to or tbo men's ai rival. Lot's lora has brought ilia KIIII imo. lencer with her, hui'iidlni; lo rlglili'u Nttn. rutlicr than kill IKT. ut' having bud in-oof, ra clie eves, Hint nita \ffiim biiiiii'.-iv 'lora ;u,itb lii ibo clncel until Mis wmes In ai-j s ii s ilmvn -u boots ber. Then sbo nx'ol'.N i.irp y Btep. iniill her font enldu-s lu Uio el.ick cord of tbn bronzu lamp, B Hie very 'laiiK or liunin" vhlcli rlota lu-rselt ilefL'ilUci l.i;i-r, or fear I'omcono el.-io b:iil Lc.Tiil it. /'Her tlrst concern, o: iw.vsc. H :o hide ilio gun and sileue^r. S!ic remembers Jmlge MnMliiill':: ol the cccret fclielf In nu> 'i;i:i-.<t closet, ami wot only liWe-i t'ii> there but seekH In vain for il:e Incriminating evidence Niti against her. nut she Rlsn ruwi-in. bers tho note sbc believer Tv;:ceY has written to NHa. anil wiik-ii. If found-after KIta's rtcMb. iaay clv» her away. So she s«!5 to Ibo closet In's bedrcKin. tlv.cls tlie note, niid fainls with horror i't l:sr per- hips needless crln:a w!i,-:i i!ie Ize» that tliu noto bad been ivrillcn by Sprasue. nnil uol Tiaci-y. 0! course fho I.- t-.n III ami Mrlckea to leavn lha closet until tbe niurilcr Is discovered—" "But you think i-.bc T.-E;^ not too panic-stricken lo l:?.ve ilie prcuenc* ot mlml to retrieve tha RVLLI Qinl sllcr.cer nml walk nut v;1ih Il.tnv under Hie very eyt-.-i ot Ilia |,i)llte.' Pci.nv Kcofici'^ cs. 1 think elie \vas! airiareil her by -Eiu:iilltln^ "Ami ttia't Is wbcro my sudden ti^,r! nf something 1 biiil cousiilcrcd uiillnpoitaul comes iu! Lut pose that Klor.i, linlf-juapcctcd ny Tracey, confesses to him in car as they arc yotUK to Ilie Conn- OUR BOARDING HOUSE VEARS SI/JCE I ' -- A*T -1HA.Y TIME WORWMG OM SOME UU6rlED 50 A,LOLJD VOUR REMOWABLE POPPSP -rne AMD WAS \\M~ tiAW I MAPS SOU A 1-f WAS A I -~i. I REMEMBER Ml6rl-f VOU IT BLEW UP AM 1 •BURMED Olif QF COVER IAJG» OF A GouF BALL « "Let us that Flora Miles WAITED— Reliable man between ages of 25 and 50 to supply old established demand for Rawleigh .Good' Health Products. Surely] contract required. Company lur- 1 nishes everything but the car. Good j profits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Ravdeigh. Company. Memphis, Tcmu or sco me, Dave Edwards, Leachville, Ark. 1C-K7 Vlil.1.1 HAD Ui:0'i!l>:il WHO .S KNOW:: TO I;K TO NAVE I'IIO.M- 1SEU ilKVEMil-i SW.M.I.OW TAIL SA.MMYH MUliUEH STOP IIS A Ll'OItT tAI'TAIS'.' "Well. Ibat p:;15 till- Hi! on It. dm: t it?" S:rr\wn crowed. "I'll scud and shell, nnd carefully re- was nol in Icvn with Spniguo. but nwvcd all traces that ho had done so! . . . Aud"—he covilnuetl grimly—"imlil I fiml out svno tliai Eomer.r.e who vns. !, for one. won't conEidi-r tbc casu solved!" KiiTeei; minutes later Dundee Turner to New Yoik -un; was sitting at Penny ('rain's desk o'clock train..'.- ; '.' I'fettr j in lier : otlice of the district altor- dccent of ihr.t oity editor to «lre nes's suite, the receiver LOST AND FOUND WANTED -To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TP IN -THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT: CHICKA-J SAWBA DISTRICT. | American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Delony, as Trustee. Plaint-ills, tue this tin. i'lf say)" "Aud :lre you" Koin cate hy wirinu- him about tile 000 Nita UKiiked iiort?" Dundee asl::-'!. "Sure! , \Vt;y not? Theie's r.c use liiat L ca:i sop. Eo keep iL hack an/ longer, row that no oue can nave any excuse to think as you've I.een doing— that .it ivas blackmail paid by a flaniiltoninn." [upon the trlpphnne bMh, after bav- to rccipro-1 ing put'In a call for Sanderson, "Tiicn." Dundee very slowly, "ir you 'really tliinl: your ca^e is solved. Til make one snygesticu: lake cliargs-cf I.ydia Carr and 7-ut her in a very safe place." "Why?" Slrawn. looked puzzled. "Ilccauie, «u;i -in- (tliblisb the New Orleans Gotton tliat sl:e war> 'elns blnckninilod by NIta for ^Eo scandal Nlla hao ^ heard gossiped about at the Scl'ool. No. wall! i-u suppose furlhcr that Xlla rccog- nizeil Flora's plclnre In the grouo Lois Dnnlap siioweu lier, as a por trail ut ftlic girl whose story hnil beard: that she was able, some- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES : THE RETURN OF TIP By Martin how, to str.ire iiKTimimttlng evidence cf £omo sort—letters, let us was still In ChlcDHo keeping bay. NIta tells Sprnsue about it. vlyil at tho hcrlside of his mother. "Did you (ifii! out anything new wlKin you quwtioued the crowd this morning?" 1'euiiy asked. "liesldef the fnct' tint Polly and Cllve gol married thi-i ^lorninir. I mean." "No.'I diun't learn much new. Penny. You're a most excellent and accurate reporter... ... But there Were one or two things tbal came ouL. For iustance, I £Ct Drake to admit to .rue. In private, that Nitn did give him an explanation as to where she got the J10.0M." and Kpra^ue advises her mail Flora, who. I.ols has lold NIta. is very rich. So Niln conies lo Hamilton and bleeds Flora ot $10.000." * • • '.4fjILIA'!" I'enny scoffed furious*^ [y. "The. only'evidence you have against poor Flora is that she stole the noto Uexter had written lo NIta!" "That's the crni of the matter, Penny darling'" Dundee assured her in a rar.ddeningly soothing voice, at which Penny clenched her "Yea?" Penny pronju-cd easerly. hp.nds In Impotent rage. "Flora. L M. Rets, ct al., Defendants.! WARNING OUDEK. j NEW :\V ORLEANS. Jan. ; 2. (UP) — rho defendants. J. Tracer Smit'ij Cotton clcsecl steady. "'" " and R. S. Norman, Tmstcrj. n.-o Open High warned to appear in Ihis court! Jan 916 within thirty days from this date . Mar. rnd answer the complaint of trie i May plaintiffs. American Building and July Loan Association, and W. I.. De- Oct. 1G01 1C2-1 1021 1048 Low 973 388 1012 Clos; 994b l&ny, as trustee. In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto set my hand and the seal cf the above court this 26th day of Dec., 1D30. (Seal) W. \V. HOLLIPETER. Dec. . .. 1057 1084 105V .. 978. ..... .... steady 1A- 069.' lip'- 1017 10ii4 1079 Two : thousand years before ~~ ' ' * made i laws against rapacious money- Clerk of the above Court! lenders and .made the! projection Ey Harvey Morris, D. C. of widows and crphanr and of the weak against the strong the cardinal principles of law and morals. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 2. lUPl—Cot- lon closed steady. Open Higii Low- Jan. Jan." old Mar. .... May .... July Oct. . : ... Dec 076 MO 004 1020 10« 1061 1078 1003 1004 1025 1034 1074 1085 H02 970 950 OC9 1015 1039 1059 I07G CIos? 907 1003 1016 1044 1035 1079 1031 An English inventor has includ- Manufacturing industries. mcr^ ; and Is capable of holding five bushed both heating aiid lighting eh- l^an 6,000,000 pairs having been els of masticated food, ments in an electric fixture to b:lniade in that country last year. . - — installed on ceilings of'rooms. ' — j A high-speed motorboat built in ' A hippopotamus h.ts the buses'' Franco can be completely enclosed Shoe making has grown to be • stomach in the world. It ranges, and used as a submarine for short one of Mexico's most impartan:-from seven to nine feet in length J distances. try Club for Ihelr lons-dclnycd din ner, as \vere the rcsl of you. Tj-acey, toyal to her. decides to help her. lhat I.ydia rontu to them a he can go had: lo ihe and get the gun a.ul silencer fnm the uucit closcl hiding place, opportunity presents Itself— as did. since 1 left Tracey Miles alono in the hall while 1 went Into Nlta'K bedroom to tulk wilh.Lydia beforu "You're crazy!" Penny lold him fiercely, ^hcn lie bad Jlnlshr-d. "I re going lo nsh me to rVt f>. VACTORX OR 1WO 1WA enough fool lo leave Ihe isun anl silencer where Flora could net hold ot il and kill Sprague last u!i;lu." not let ua suppose- that Trncey himself killed Sprugue 10 . but from a clmrgc nf mur- Dundee countered. "Tell mo Miles loves Flora enough to do tint Suililenly. Inexplicably. Penny he- nol hysterically, but \vilh genuine mirth. Kidnap Victim Spots steady at 1015. up 15. HAY One tale or n train load. EAR CORN", shuck 0:1. 58c.. bu. Shuck off. 86c per bu.. 1 in - car lots. ;1 Cotton St-ites Sales Co., Inc. Blythcviile, A.;;. Phoiic 174 o;- LD ices. Local anil Ions disfaiirc h.iuliji;. Special rates on carlond lots. Team for local haulinj. V. U. WAS HAM THAXSKER 1100 Chickasawba Phone Sol Vi'c can Save von money on Anlo Glass .1ACKSON _AiJTO ..I^AIITS 202fl Slain 1 -- " Pr»fiF6r> with her "boy frictici" by tii;-ce j,i:l-brea : :crs At Wichita. ; liaii.. pretty Gr;,ildn^ Sparks had ,10 accoa-.pany her escort while lie j uas frrcod at ti:e iiuiut of a gun : tc drive Ihe Jail-breakers 200 miles 1 la Kansas Cily. At Kansas City • Mi<s Spnrks mid ter filend, W..T. . Harness, .were locked in 1 \jf hotil room and ordered not-i lot'lcavc. , They succeeded Is commlinicating : ivith polifo. however, the jail-break- and Miw Spark> — .., . retunied ttorrie''''*n- I harmed. OSCAIl IS DUBIOUS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS R1L6V DID. DID HG CLSAVJ ^P oss VW... Bcry! THAT OILEV CAN FIGHT; L6T N\6 TEl-U Mo,8oT cm.£y TIED AU. up AW, ' ME AM/ I suppose VOOPS To TELL OIO...SJO DID <3ST UIKA? B/; FCSCilLEG, DID E\J£R.CATCH DO NOO BUT VJWAT DID "mey TAtiS MUA HIW ASl VJHO Oo SUPPOSE GOT EMER GST GOT AGAItJ ?? WASH TUK15S OX THE SPOT - HE ^^•lEP-^c^HS FEEL SAFER NOW THAT Ntv H^ SWE.V-S PftSSED. VJ,\SH 15 LEFT PI oo nor k-orrice ^ CP.R !Q\vlM Trtt ?1?.£ET UNTIL IT ' UHLBLV <yJERTriECURB— R\QHT M TM6M 1 , ,>-TI '.'/ ^ \i'/ sf^ TO &UNRO-TKEHM^E.MT<QN UMU. £ft5V.AMP.Ti. THRO THE TiMto Cfv- I FooiA ^tclOE^^T, ME (JEAR: CAUSING TriAT WftS ON PUtlfX53(.. ,\ fMA.1-' ACCIDENT. / C-'flON! LET'S TOR THE rtOTF u o^ wa ROM, E TvV&f C.W CtiQSS THE „, .. FusiLL/voe OF PISTOL SHOTS BURSTS FRCty A vviiNOqii/ ABotfe JHEM.;- J

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