Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on November 24, 1922 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1922
Page 3
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W R MltchelLto R A RInaldl, da- Meredith, dated October 23 1922. ted November 10 1922. Property In Property In Sees 28, 17, 20 and 29 T ON RECORD :T 22 NR 16 W MDM. |66, 6 mOB. j8 per cent. CANCELLATION OF MORTOAOE: '16 NR horses, cent. Amy B Wagar et vir to Savings 10 W MDM. 200 sheep, 2 18,000, 4 years, 6V4 gaea at page 478. Xovember 14, 1928. November 18, 1022. DEEDS: United States to John Klndregan, <7ated July 18 1922. Lots 6 and 9 of Sec 2 in Tp 24 NR 15 WMDM. R V Boynton et ux to A V An- Campbell, dated October 23 1922. tlrews, dated November 9 1922. Property In Sees 28 and 29 T 16 NR Quitclaim to property In town of 10 W MDM. Caipella. E E Banks et vlr to Savings Bank Bank of Mendocino County, dated of Mendocino County. Cancels mort- November 14 1922. Property In gage recorded In book 79 of mort- Ukiah. $760, 1 year, 7 per cent. ) Joe R Silva et vlr to The Fort Bragg Commercial Bank, dated No- DEEDS: November 10, 1922. DEEDS: [ Shepard Meredith et ux to A E vember 13 1922. Property in City of Fort Bragg. $390, 1 year. CHATTEL MORTGAGE: Elmer Adams et al to C H Silberhorn, dated November 13 1922. 1 tractor, 1 plow. $300, I Georgena Kelly et ux to Joe Re- ^^^^ Shopard Meredith et ux to E H cardo Sllva, dated November 6 1922. HQMESTEAD- Hopkins, dated October 17 1922. Property In City of Fort Bragg. , j^^^j^^ ^1,;^^,^^ ^^j^^ November Property in T 16 NR 10 W MDM. j H B Hickey et ux to The Westport ^^^^ Property in Sec 18 T 18 N Squires to Ida Flah, dated Sep- Tie Company, dated October 14 '22. ^^^^ ^ MDM lember 28 1922. Property in Cov-:Pr^operty in Sec 24 T 21 NR 16 W ^^^^^^^^^^^ MORTGAGE: * Mrs Dora Manklns to C P Smith. ^ Zenobia M Waller et al to R S Ly-' Jennie C Turtle to Wm Ingram, dated November 6 1922. Property'dick, dated November 10 1922. ^^^ed July 14 1920. Assigns mor- Property in T 19 N R 17 W MDM. ^^K^ recorded in book 84 of mort- Abble L Hill et al to Charles Rus- ^t page 180. chetti, dated September 20 1922. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE: in Uklah. Mrs E E Banks et vir to Ernest M Banks et ux, dated November 3 '22.' Montezuma Improvement Co to perlHenry Blob et al, dated March 16 1922. Property In Sec 3 T 23 NR 15 W MDM. 20 acres, more or less. Florence M Longland to A M Sacry, dated November 14 1922. Property In WUlits. November 17, 1922. DEEDS: . Martin P Lauffer et ux to Thomas Klndregan, dated Juue 26 1922. Property In Sees 3 and 10 T 24 NR 15 W MDM. Amos Mahurln et ux to Frank 1 year, 8 per j Robinson, dated November 16 1922. Property in Ukiah valley. Grace Hudson et al to Mark A Carpenter, dated November 10 1922. Property in Yokayo Rancho. W J Thornton et ux to Mrs C C Perry et al, dated November 10 '22. Property in Yokayo Rancho. DECREE DECLARING JOINT TENANCY TERMINATED: Edson G Crowl and Fannie Crowl, dated November 17 1922. Property Property in T 16 NR 12 and 13 W MDM. John Klndregan to Mike Klndre- i;an, dated October 27 1922. Property In T 24 NR 15 W MDM. Mrs Laura B Lierly to W A Thorn- ion, dated November 3 1922. Property in Covelo. Mrs Ida Flah to Cornelius G Fish, •rlated September 28 1922. Property in Covelo. F D Patten et ux to Mary L Val- ]andigham, dated Sept. 14 1922. Property in City ot Point Arena. ORDER TO SELL COMMUNITY PROPERTY: Emll Bitner to Boyd Miller, dated T^ovember 10 1922. Property in Yo- 3iayo Rancho. ^MORTGAGE: Ernest M Banks et ux to J R Banks, dated November 3 1922. Property in T 16 NR 12 W MDM. 58,000, 5 years, 6 per cent. Property in City of Fort Bragg. Lot 6, SW ^ of SB %. SE % of SW % Chaii M Prince im C A MoFatit and of Sec 14 and NE% ot NW% of Sec C W McPaul, dated November 21 23 T 24 NR 17 W MDM. 1 1932. NW% of SWM, ot ^ee 6 ftBd Morton Hockey et ux to Theodora NW% of mfM ot Set S T 21 ItR 17 Huntley, dated October 26 1920. 10 W MDM. Attached to reoover $1122 acres, being a portion of 87 of .Yo- with Interest thereon from March 22 kayo Rancho. 1 1919 at 7 per cent per annum, com- Brl Huggins to Harriet R Hug-'pounded quarterly. I Union Lumber Co to G B Albright iiT^^Ji '^Ii S. S. Blankenshlp et ux to Earl L et ux, dated November 6 1922. Re-' Smith, dated November 4 1922. Property In Town of Ukiah City. Frank Brittan et ux to J R Hill, et al, dated June 15 1922. Property in Sec 2 T 22 NR 13 W MDM. Emma Stone to Ena Stone, dated November 8 1922. Property in Sec 34 T 23 NR 13 W MDM. leases mortgage recorded in book 91 of mortgages at page 108. COMMISSIONER'S CERTIFICATE OF SALE ON FORECLOSURE: The First Bank ot Savings ot Fort Bragg, plaintiff vs. D B Michael, et al, dated October 21 1922. r> o n u , . ^ ™ |The Coast National Bank. Lots 9, O^S Babcock to Mi -aE M Duff, d.a -jjo^ ^ 12 of Sec 11 T 22 NR $1,000. November 15, 1022. DECREE SETTLING FINAL ACCOUNT AND DISTRIBUTION: William H Cliessall est to Sarah J Chessall, dated November 17 1922. Property in Uklah City. MORTGAGE: Mrs C C Perry et al to W J Thornton ot al, dated November 10 1922. $3,- ted September 19 1922. Property ln'i7'.yy MDM BoonviUe. ' O S Babcock to Mrs EM Duff, dated September 19 1922. Property in Boonvllle. DEEDS: Emily S Meyer ct vlr to Geo W Frederick P Robert to Mrs Ora E Stout, dated November 10 1922. Osborn, dated November 11 1922. [Property in Town of Ukiah City. Property in village of Noyo. Florence M Longland to William George Whitehorn by executor to Dinwoodle, dated November 14 1922. F O Strong, dated November 14 '22. 'Property in Town of Willlts. Property in Ukiah. j clarence O Warner et al to Merrill MORTGAGES: B Warner, dated November 10 '22. A E Campbell et ux to Shepard Property in Town of Willlts. 1 I=COMING=I to the VICTORY THEiVTRE MR. AND MRS. GLENN WELLS. Twelve yeiirs of continuous platform work have made Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wells one of the leading two-person attractions on the Lyceum platform. In the art of musical and dramatic sketches they have perfected themselves under the best obtainable masters and. nre now launching Into a more pretentious field. They will present "Atonement," written especially for them by Herbert Thonms, the great playwright. Entertainment Is the keynote of the programs given by Mr. and Mrs. Wells. Sold to'iProperty In Yokayo Rancho. 218.18, 5 years, 6 per cent. Frank Robinson et ux to Amos Mahurln, dated November 16 1922. Property in Ukiah valley. $1,200, 3 years, 7 per cent. D C Swindler to Savings Bank of Mendocino County, dated November 7 1922. Property in Sec 28 T 14 NR 13 W MDM. $400, 1 year 7 per cent. LIS PENDENS: Charles E Brown et al vs Geo P Anderson, adm est of Nancy Brown. To quiet title to property In Sec 5 T 22 NR 12 W MDM, dated November 17 1922. NOTICE OF SALE: Rex Drug Co to G D Pratt, dated November 16 1922. Purchase price to be paid at Fort Bragg December 15 1922. Rex Drug store situated ac 358 Main St., in City of Ft Bragg. November 18, 1022. DEEDS: Luella Morrell et al to Chas Underhill, dated November 10 1922. Land in Sec 17 T 19 NR 14 W MDM. S B Jacobs et vir to John Proni- "berger, dated November 10 1922. Property in Sec 26 T 19 NR 12 W MDM. James H Dennis et «x to Geo C Codding, dated November 11 1922. Property in Sec 19 T 24 NR 12, Sec 24 T 24 NR 13, Sec 25 T 24 NR 13, and in Sec 30 T 24 NR 12 W MDM and Lots 1, 2 and 3 of Tract 23 R V Indian Reservation. JUDGMENT AND DECREE QUIET;ING TITLE: Lester Daly vs Rosalia Erdman, dated November 18 1922. Property in Caipella Fruit Land Tract. MORTGAGES: Geo C Codding et ux to Bank of Willits, dated November 8 1922. Property In Sees 19 and 30 T 24 NR 12 W. Sees 13 and 24 T 23 N R 13 W, Sec 25 T 24 N R 13 W, and in Round Valley Reservation. $4,000, 2 years, 6V4 per cent. Philo R Short et al to The Fort Bragg Commercial Bank, dated November 18 1922. Property In T 24 NR 15 W and T 24 NR 16 W MDM. $25,000, 1 year. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE: The Fort Bragg Commercial Bank to Erick D Dalen, dated November 16 1922. Releases mortgage recorded in book 76 at page 163. Henry Callleaud Jr. to L B Wagnon, dated October 4 1922. Releases MR. AND MRS. GLENN WEUL8. Both are splendid singers and pl^y^ra, capable ot presenting an exclusive musical program. In addition to mu* slcnl* talent, tliey possess real histrionic power and make their dramatic sketches real artistic gems. Their program embraces baritone and soprano solos, vocal duets, 8tory< telling, planologs, dramatic, humorous and musical sketches which are given with appropriate costumes. If a program Js to be given In a church or auditorium without suitable platform facilities for tlie plays, a thoroughly enjoyable evening of music, readings, etc., f^m be given. Mon.,De€.18tti mortgage recorded in book 91 of mortgages at page 405. CANCELLATION OF MORTGAGES. Albert Larsen et ux to Jane T Fox. Cancels mortgage recorded in book 82 at jtage 10. I W Pish-et ux to Savings Bank of Mendocino County. Cancels mortgage recorded in book 80 of mortgages: at page 272. Geo TogioB to Nick Hahlos. Cancels mortgage recorded in Book 17 of ciiaitel^ Mortgages) page 434. DECREE VESTING HOMESTEAD IN WIDOW: Henry TuUener Est to H J TuUen- er, dated November 17 1922. Property in Point Arena. November 20, 1023. PATENT: United States to George Peters, dated April 1 1921. S% of NBV4, NW% of NB% and NEU of NW^ of Sec 88 T 12 NR 10 W MDM. DEEDS,: M H Iversen et ux to J J McGimsey, dated November 7 1922. Lot 12 in Blk 8 of N Wagenseller's First Addn to Ukiah City. Jfl,oob E Daaska to Johanna' K Danska, daited November 16 1922. Lot in City of Fort Bragg. Thos La^wrenoe et ux to JLouls F ^tralt et ux, da^ed November ,20 '22. Lot 1 In Blk 6 of N WagenseUer'a Second Adda to Uklah City. • Cecil Ha,rtley Lynch to Oran C Lynch, dated November 18 18? 2. gins, dated February 12 1913. Lot 75x150 ft in City of Fort Bragg. Erl Huggins to Harriet R Huggins, dated February 12 1913. A portion of Lot 3 and all of Lot 4 In Blk 17, City of Fort Bragg. Fred Herman to J C Robinson, dated November 6 1922. Part of Lots 9 and 10 in Blk 1, Port Bragg Race Course Subd. Union Lumber Co to Otis R Johnson, dated May 29 1922. Property m SE% r»f NEVi of Sec 9 and the SW»4 of NW% of Sec 10 T 18 NR 16 W MDM. DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION: Estate of Francis M Nunenmacher to Otto Nunenmacher et al, dated April 11 1922. Lots 2, 3 and 4 of Sec 19 T 13 NR 14 W., and NW% ot SE% of Sec 24 T 13 NR 15 W MDM., being an undivided ^^ interest in said property and also such interest in property in county of Alameda and the whole of certain other property In Alameda county. tVGREEMENT: Calif. Western R R & Nav Co and Otis R Johnson, dated October 30 1922. Right to lay and 'maintain pipe lines over property in Sees 9 and 10 T 18 NR 16 W MDM. MORTGAGES: Louis F Strait et ux to Savings Bank of Mendocino County, dated November 20 1922. Lot 1 in Blk 6 of N Wagenseller's Second Addn to Uklah City. $500, one year, 7 per cent. Frank H Whitney et ux to Mrs E M Kneller, dated November 15 '22. E% of NW14 of Sec 10 T 18 NR 13 W MDM. $800. 3 years, 8 per cent. Frank E Lermond et ux to E W Diyingham, dated November 17 '22. N% of SEi^ of Sec 28 T IC NR 17 W MDM. $900, 5 years, 8 per cent. RELEASES OF MORTGAGES: The Fort Bragg Commercial Bank to Thomas Ellison et ux, dated November 16 1922. Releases mortgage recorded in book 88 of mortgages at page 124. E W Dillingham to Frank E Lermond et ux, dated November 17, '22. Releases mortgage recorded in book 84 ot mortgages at page 184. DECLARATIONS OF HOMES-TEADS: Declaration of Cecil Hartley Lynch dated November 18 1922. Land in Sec 28 T 21 NR 17 W MDM. Valued at $4000. Declaration of Jacob E Danska, dated November 16 1922. Lot 16 and a part of Lot 17 In Blk 1 "Kelly Tract" Fort Bragg. Estimated value $1600. Declaration ot Mary Specktenhaus- er, dated November 17 1922. Fr of Lot 15 and 10 ft off S end of Lot 10 in Sec 31 T 17 NR 12 W MDM. Estimated value $4000. Declaration of Beatrice E Kaplinger, dated November 20 1922. Property in village of Covelo. Estimated value $600. ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE: Fred Herman to J C Robinson, dated November 6 1922. Assigns mortgage dated September 14 1921, executed by Noyo Fishermens' Assn., Inc., to Fred Herman, and of record in book 89 of mortgages at page 457. CANCELLATION OF MORTGAGES: Tom Pappas to W D L Held. Cancels chattel mortgage in book 17 of chattel mortgages at page 312. T B Binkley et ux to E S Williams. Cancels mortgage recorded In book 78 of mortgages at page 328. Kovembor 21, 1922. DBBDS: Ed R Wright et ux to R E Donohoe, dated March 21 1922. Property In Town of Uklah City. Wm Doolan to R E Donoboe, dated October 18 1893. A part of Lot 29 of Yokayo Rancho. J V Ray et ux to Frank L Bechtol, et ux, dated November 20 1922. Deed of correction to correct error in description In deed between same parties and recorded In book 120 ot deeds page 98, said former deed Is of record in book 161 of deeds at page 379. Said property being In Uklah City and containing 1.55 acres of land. DECLARATION OF HOMESTEAD: Declaration of C L Foster, dated November 21 1922. Lot 6 in Blk 7 of Daugherty's Addn to Town ot WIllUS. Mi;:; : DISMISSAL OP ACTION: Oroenith A Vann vs J E Bell. The said action dismissed November 21 1922 by R L. Cleveland as administrator of the estate ot said Orcenith A Vann, deceased. WRITS OP ATTACHMENT: Chas M Prince vs C A MoPaul and 0 W McFaul, dated November 21 1922. S% ot SEU of See 86 T 21 NR 17 W MDM. Attached to recover from defendants $1123 with Interest thereon from March 22 1919 "at 7 per cent per annum, compounded quarterly. Chas M Prince vs C A McFaul and C W McFaul, dated November 21 1932. SE% of NEVi of Sec 24 T 22 NR 17 W MDM and Lots 2, 3 and. 4 ot Sec 25 T 14 NR 17 W MDM. Attached to recover $1122 with in' terest thereon from March 22 1919 at 7 per cent per annum, compound' ed quarterly. Chas M Prince vs C A McFaul and C W McFaul, dated November 21 1922.. 7 acres, being parts ot Lots 6 and 7 In Sec 6 T 21 NR 17 W MDM. Attached to recover $1122 with interest thereon from March 22 1919 at 7 per cent per annum, compounded quarterly. HIGH SCHOOL A6RIGULTURE OUSS WEIL UNDER WAY The study of agriculture in the Ukiah Union high school Is now an accomplished tact. There Is a class of fifteen good boys who are devoting their time to the study ot agricultural subjects. Mr.'Shultls the agricultural teacher, states he is well pleased with the progress the boys are making. The class has been somewhat handicapped thus far without suitable and permanent quarters, but a new building for the agriculture classes is being built by the boys themselves as part of their class work in farm mechanics. The new building Is situated just north of the manual training shop and It will contain an agricultural classroom and laboratory, and a farm mechanics shop. All fifteen of the boys have taken up projects, or small farming enterprises of their own. Louis Guidi, Malcolm Beck, and Teddy Ericksen have rented a section of bearing vineyard from their fathers. Hlllar Amsteln has rented a piece of ground from E. V. Pettis on which he Is growing vegetables. Pete Carmlch- ael and Sterling Montague are growing vegetables on their home lots in town. Darrel Rawles is going to plant a young orchard on his father's place out on the Boonvllle road. Elmer Ford has taken over about an acre ot orchard on his father's place. Joe Storer la renting some very good vegetable land from Mrs. Layton, Emll Del Pozzo is raising some oat hay on land belonging to E. L- Cunningham. George Lena has already put In several acres of hay at the Lierly summer resort on Bel river. Vllho Mattson has taken over a young orchard at the Finnish colony in Redwood valley, and In addition to caring for the orchard will raise on intercrop of potatoes. Clarence Woelley Is going to raise several acres of Bunip wheat on his father's place in Redwood valley. Nicholas Kleyn-Schoorel and Peter Van Hulzen are clearing land which they are going to put in corn nest this spring. The agriculture class has also organized a Junior Farm Bureau Center. This center will hold regular meetings at the high school about twice a month and It will be affiliated with the regular farm bureau much as the other farm bureau centers. By this means the boys will take part In the program of work for the county. CHRISTIAN SCIBNCB SOOIISTr Christian Science services are held at 110 S. School street every Sunday. Sunday school at 10 a. m., lesson sermon at 11 a. m. Wednesday evening, testimony meeting at 7:30 p. m. All are welcome. Reading room at same place open daily from 2 to 4 p. m., except en Sundays and holidays. The subject for next Sunday la "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, I>t'nounced." FRED P. PLAGBMAN, Prop, 200 ^ooma^—100 baths Modern In every detail.. l^en^oclnq Comity fleadauariers Cor, Powell sad JJlUa 8t». San Francises

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