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Belmont Chronicle from Saint Clairsville, Ohio • Page 3

Belmont Chroniclei
Saint Clairsville, Ohio
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cfmontttfjiwtcfc 8T. CLAiriSVILLE, OHIO: Thursday Morning, April 4, 1807. Town and County News. Notice. ALT.

Indebted to me will mil nt On. iMtrnc'sOmccry Store and settle with Oscar Wright, nil mv hooks are In his bond. I will expect nil concerned to phv up bv the 1st of May. Aflor thnt tlmn mv books will le in the hand of an ollh-cr fur oolli-''tlmi. npMw 1IUOH HARRIS.

about Town. Mr. Fred. Troll lias opened a new store In Patterson's block and lias a fine luwortment of goods and deserves the patronngo of our Tbe partnerrfilp heretofore ex- feting between C. A F.

Troll has been di solved. Conrad Troll continues at the old stand and Frederick has opened as above. Watson A Ctrcsslnger have removed to Collins' new building, and i have opened up with a large stock of new goods. There has been more moving I in St. Clalrsville this year than usual.

Oil Monday It really looked as If every-; body was moving, from the amount of bustle and confusion. There will be no service in the Presbyterian Church on next Sunday. The pastor, Rev. Mr, Alexander, will preach In the Presby- terlan Church of Morrlstown on that day. The Sabbath School Association of the Presbyterian Church will meet next i Monday.

The election on last Mon- day passed of very quietly. The Cop-; perhead Corporation ticket was elected by about 25 majority. Mr. Andrew Alexander was re-elected Mayor, James Darrah Recorder, and Samuel Stillwell, George Singer, John Dunham, R. M.

Clark, and James Osborne Council. Our town authorities, some weeks ago, notified our citizens that all defective pavements must be repaired. We hope the new Council will go ahead in the good work. Such pavements as those below our office, for instance, are a dis- grace and reproach to the town. Frint A Nagle moved into their new room, in Patterson's new building, on Monday.

The store rooms in the new block are all occupied now, except those of Messrs. Brown and Campbell and one of Collins. Mr. Samuel F. Booker, of Fairfield, Iowa, has been in town for several days, and was warmly greeted by his old friends.

Joe. King opened a public house in the Scovern property, below our offlce, on Monday. Mr. Martin Fink took charge of the house long known as the "Wm. Penn House," on the corner of Marietta Street, on Monday.

Mr. Fink bought the house some time ago. Mrs. Col. Miller is putting up a very handsome paling fence in front of her property.

The wind and the bright sun of the past week dried up the mud very rapidly. After such a long seige of mud and slush it is decidedly invigora- ting to be again able to on solid grourtd. Prof. Rockwell, of New. York, exhibited his skill in training horses on our streets on last Thursday.

He had with him three very fine and highly trained horses, which he made do all manner of tricks. A cluss was then made up among our horsemen, to learn the secrets of the art. Mr. John E. west, son or nr.

Henry west, nas recently graduated at the Cincinnati Medical College, and is now entitled to the Bv at the end of his name. We believe the Dr. has the elements of a successful physician about him, and hope he will conclude to stay among us. Workmen are engaged In putting a new fireproof roof on the Jail. The ''Horse Thief Detective Association" held an election on Monday, and chose the following officers: President, MaJ.

Thomas Thompson Secretary, D. Q. Nelswanger; Treasurer, Dr. J.M. Mitchell; Directors, Hiram Pennington) Isaac T.

Craft. The Election on Monday. The election in this (Richland) Township resulted in the choice of Copperhead officers, as usual, but by reduced majorities. We have not got the complete result before us, but give below such as we have. The majorities against our candidates were as follows Justice of the Peace, Israel Lewis, 110; Trustees, Jos.

Young, 93; David Harris, 102; Solomon Bently, 116; Clerk, James F. Tallman, 120; Treasurer, Cephas Carroll, 134 Assessor, George W. Barnes, 123 Constables, W. S. Colby, 123, Jehu Springer 107.

Warren Township gives about 100 Union majority, and elects the whole Union ticket The majority for the Union Corporation ticket in Barnesvllle was 125, notwithstanding three tickets were in the field. Glorious Barnesvllle 1 Goshen elects her Union ticket by majorities ranging from 34 fo 45. This we consider a decided and cheering victory. Well done, Goshen 1 Somerset which, of late years, has been wandering after strange idols this year clccvts Mr. James A.

Barnes, who his "good right arm" to his country in the battles of the Wilderness, a Justice ot the Peace. Prase Township electa the Union ticket, by majorities ranging from 00 to 05, on a small vote 612. Martin's Ferry, Union Corporation ticket elected. Ma jority about 160. Smith electa the Democratic ticket, as usual, Dy auout iiju majority.

--We regret that our news from the rownships is so for County Commissioners. The Cora missioners have been in extra session since Monday, and, among other things, passed the following order, relative to the BarneavillePike: Ordered, That, as soon as the parties through whose land tbe County Road runs leading from Barnesvllle to the Mon roe uouuty line, near Malaga, shall grant the right of way for said road, then the Engineer appointed by this Board Is in-atructed to place the improvement of said road under contract." for Troll's Njsw Frederick Troll, late of tho firnj of C. F. Troll, has opened up a new store in Patterson's Block, where he has a large stock of dry goods, boots, shoes, Ac, which he propo-aes to sell at reasonable Hi ad-wrtisement will appear In our nextlssue? the the to Sudden Dbatii or a Well Known Noah Scott, a well known cltUnnof reoseTownHhlp.dlod suddenly, at his residence, aljout four miles West of Bridgeport, on Sunday afternoon, of heart dlHcune. Mr.

Scott had been at the Sabbath School in the morning, an wn ins wont, and went homo from there feeling unwell. Dr. McConahey, of Bridgeport, was sent for, prescribed for him, and went home. In a very short time afterwards, Mr. Scott became worse and died before the Dr.

could get back. Mr. rJcott was an active man In all good works. He, was prominent in the church and Sabbath School, was a kind husband and father and a good neigh bor. He was one of the most active and untiring Union men In thecounty, and, next to his family and church, he will here be most sadly missed.

His funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon. His remains were interred by the Masonic fraternity, of which he was a member. We call attention to the advertisement of Wm. S. Alder and Sam'l H.

Wallace, who have opened a Classical School at Centreville, In this County. These gen-tlemeaare eminently qualified to teach such a school, and Centreville is a very healthy and convenient location for it. We wish the project abundant success. To our Town Subscribers. have a new carrier boy on the route this and If, from this cause, or from moving.

any of our eubscribers should not be sup-piled, we will take it as a favor if they win can at tbe omce and notify us, Teachers' Examination, in Clalrsville, on Saturday, April 18. St. Ib the Editor of the Belmont Sir That we are to have a new school 1 nouse seems a nxed fact. The next thing is to have it done right. The school directors seem to have charg of the matter.

A teacher says "They are a gooa board to have the charge of the schools." But they were not elected with any view to building a school house. It is suggested then that they resign and if re-elected well their chance will be as good as others. But, to be qualified for being a director now in our town district. a man must have experience in building, "i mason, oncK ana carpenter work, which is not the case with mi In ten. If the house is to be built on a big scale and be abig thing, tax-payers ought to call on the niost competent to Dlanund superintend its erection.

I then would nominate as a director Joseph Harris, at the nursery whoU a tax-payer voted for the house, and is a 1nnV nf th when doing and done, having built three L. D. L. D. Pittsburgh Cattle Market--March 28.

Cattle The market WJU Tint vnrv on. tive. The sales were verv lichfc. not. ceeding 200 head.

Prices have undergone no material changers. Several lots were offered at prices that did not meet me views ot purchases. The result was they were shipped East in search of a market. One fine lot that averaged 1.650 in wu uuereu at oa ewt. They were not dlsnosed of.

Tim mile, u.wi prices ior tne past two weeks were: March 21 197 $4 807 70 March 28 200 6 nor.7 so Hogs The market Wflfl Tint, vprv njtt va .1 1 1 i hid Buit-s biiuw a uu ire mil mo- nrr na prim. pared with the previous week, without mucu variation in prices. The supply was folly up. to the demand. The sales for the post two weeks were March 21 6,783 $7 008 30 March 28 4,833 6 70 Sheep The market was firm, wi th an increasing demand and a slight advance on the better descriptions.

The increase over last week was 2,258 head. The sales and prices for the pust two weeks were: March 21 3,153 $6 25(J 8 50 March 28 5,411 6 50 Pittsburgh Commercial. It It L. D. Pittsburgh Cattle Market--March 28.

Baltimore Cattle Market--March 28. There arrived on Friday last, after the sales. were over, 180 heud of beef cattle, from Ohio by the Baltimore Ohio Railroad, and during the prenent week 21(0 head, also from Ohio, arrived over the Baltimore Ohio; 180 head from Chica- fo over the same road; 140 head from ittsburgh and 45Jioad from York, over the Northern Central Railroad, and 50 from Western Pennsylvania and 25 from Marylund, on loot, making a total of 820 heud. Of this number 200 head were sent to Philadelphia and New York, 150 head to Washington, and 25 head remained over unsold. The balance were tnkon by Baltimore butchers.

On Tuesday and Wednesday there seemed tnlmt mnnrt of short supply, and the sales made on those days were, inconsequence, much nig iicr. We quote the range of prices as follows: Old cows and scalawags, $5 00r 6 25-common, $7 00; fair to good, $8 25 00. A few extra cattle brought $9 25 50. The market closed dull. SHEEP The KUDblv COIlt.lmipa aenrea and prices are firm at previous rates.

Hous Are coming in slowly, and prices are firm, with a slight advance rum last weeK. Bales at 10 50H 75, 1 I ion A and Hay L. D. Pittsburgh Cattle Market--March 28. Baltimore Cattle Market--March 28.

New York Wool Market--April 1. Wool We have no narticul note in the market for domestic fleeces since our last, tuo demand from manu tacturers nas been moderate. The closing quotations are as follows: Domestic tceoes at o4c. Ior Native and I Merinos, for one-half and three-quarters for full-blood Merinos, and for Saxony Fleeces; 80 ior fulled, 60o. for Buper-flne and 50(i)55o.

for Extra 22 27c. for Common Unwashed California, 3040c. for Fine 2334a for Texas, and American Combing at 65(n 65c. We quote foreign as follows: South American at 80f34o. for Common Washed, 32 8540a for Washed Entre Itios, 2528o.

Unwashed Creole, for Washed Cordova Chilian at 24fe31o. for Un- wasnea Mestlza and Merino; Cape of uooa nope, ror Unwashed; East India, 3a(W)55c. for Washed and African for Unwashed, and 80fe40c. Washed. new them A circular from a prominent wool house at Chicago states that at the present time there are In the Northwestern States, Including Illinois, Ohio; Michi gan.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, ant Indiana, about 175 woolen mills in operation, containing about 800 sets of machinery, and consuming annually upward of wool. Considering that our western manufacturing trade is but of yesterday, compared with Eastern State, these figures are encouraging. There will be many fresh mills started this var. therefore anticipate lurge increase In production of woolen goods during year 1807. There are In the iinita Btates about 1,000 woolen mills, estimated contain about 1.000 sets of nardimr of consuming annually Notes Banki Cash Due U.

a a U. Speole Legal Capital Surplus pl-w L. D. Pittsburgh Cattle Market--March 28. Baltimore Cattle Market--March 28.

New York Wool Market--April 1. Ohio Election. Columbus, April 2. liull, (Democrat) ioi nun flixwu uy (Xkl majority, a Union gain of WW. Cincinnati, April 2.

Full returns from all the wards give Charles V. Wil-stach, (Union) for Mayor, majority. Ilia majority for tho whole Lnlon ticket Is about showing a Union gain of about 1,500 over the Cist fall election. Dayton, April 2. The wholo Republican ticket Im elected, the average majority being 4(H), a Republican gain.

Ciucleville, April 1. Mr. Walkc, Union) wan cliTted Mayor by 07 majority; large Union gain. Connecticut Election. Hartford 2.

The returns of the elections In this Htoto are nearly in, with tho folIdwIngroMilt, within a fraction: Tho Democratic State ticket was elected by seven hundred majority; Democratic majority on Congressmen, eighteen hundred and the aveingc Democratic majority on tho whole ticket, twelve hundred. Hotchkiwi, Democratic, was elected to Congi-ens in the Second District by 2,500 majority; Hubbard, Democratic, elected to Congress in the First District by 6'm majority; W. H. Barnum, Democratic, elected toCongrcss in the Fourth District by 500 majority. The Republican elected Staikweuthcr in the Third District by The Legislature went ItcpublicHn by a small and reduced mujority in each llouse.

The American Farmer. The April number of this valuable agricultural monthly comes to hand filled with interesting articles especially adapted to spring work. Among them we notice Prize Essays on How to Improve 'Ex hausted Soil on Blackberry, Gooseberry, and Sweet Potato Culture also an ar-ticleon Pruning the Grape, together with special "Notes for the Month with many other practical communications from experienced farmers. Every farmer should subscribe for tills excellent agricultural paper, at $1 per year. John Turner, ltochester, N.

publisher. Wm. W. Alexander wishes to sell his farnl of 167 acres, at Glencoe, on the Central Ohio Railroad. Any one who wants a desirable farm and a house and barn Just new, would do well, we think, by calling on him soon in St.

Clalrsville, .4.4.1 VTa.S -r- at biiu vi tiuouai juotei. Mill fob Kent. A Grist and Saw Mill, three miles North of St. Clalrsville, on heeling Creek, will be rented either on the shares or for cash rent. En quire of Thomas S.

Evans on the prem- 3t lues. Connecticut Election. MARRIED. ALEXANDER ZIMMERMAN. On the 26th by Rev.

E. Ellison, Mr. Andrew Alexander mid Miss Lizzie M. Zimmerman, all of 8t. Clalrsville.

BLACK the 27th by the some. i neeiing, ana miss uz-le 8. Davis, of this County. Connecticut Election. MARRIED.

New Advertisements. Belmont Coal Mining Co. rpHE 8TOCKHOLDERS of the Belmont Coal find Mllllllir Ooim.t.nvM Ulll n. tha National Hotel, at Hellalre, on Wednftlay, Man Mh, lWT, nt2o'clock P. electing Directors for said Company, to serve until the next regular annual election.

W. P. HANCHETT, 1 THO AH WALLACE, I JOHN Kinn, fCorporatorfc i inr v. I apr4-6w RICHARD KIDD, Bellalre, April 2, 1807. 'PHOSE WISHING to use WHITE LEAD, Lln-I seed Oil, Paints, Varnish, will find It to their Interest to examine the stock at CARROLL'S Drug Htore, before purchasing.

BRUSHES I BRUSHES BRUSHES Whitewash, Blacking, Scrubbing, Dusting, Horse, Counter, Hair, Flesh, Nail, Tooth, and nil other kinds, can be found at CARROLL'. SOAP MADE EASILY With Bohhitt'a Concentrated Potash. Try a box. You can get at pHEVALIER'8 SEIFE FOR THE HAIR. i-revenis me nair rrom turning gray, restores the hnlr where it lias fallen out, and gray hair to its natural color, and is warranted to stop from fulling out In three days.

For sale at CARROLL'S. RING'R AMBROSIA nnd Hall's Hair Renewer can be found at CARROLL'S Drug Store. pERFUMERY, Pomades Hair Ol Is, Hair Dyes, a uiivtj TV las WJ (UUIIU HI CARROLL'! CLASSICAL SCHOOL. The Centreville Classical School 7ILL COMMENCE ITS RUMMER TERM of tive mouths on the tlrst Mon.inv in 18W. Tuition $14 and 16.

accord! it to tho Bunnell, Boarding can be had In private families for from $2 to per week. For further particulars, address cither of the rmuijJuiB. william s. alder, sam'l h. Wallace! P.

O. Demos, Belmont O. ap4-3w FBITIT TREES. HAVE A FEW THOUSAND GOOD FRUIT Trees, which I will sell cheap, In order to clear grouuu on wuicu tuey stamt. pl-aw JOSEPH HARRIS, Milk Cows for Sale.

8 I INTEND TO QUIT FARMING, I will sell my superior sUick of Milk Cows, some With youngealves and some springers. Also, Ufl head of Young Cattle, a good Work Horses, 1 Buggy and harness, 1 Spring Wagon Harness, 1 good Ox Cart. 1 Ox Wagon and Ladders. CALEB BRACKEN, ap4-3m Near J. Muulo's store, ou Plank Road.

KEMOVAL! Watson Gressinger TAKE PLEASURE In announcing that they have oHtned lu the East Room of Collins' building, a Large Stock of New NOTIONS, BOOTS, SHOES, Ac, which they offer ot the lowest prices. n- Plcate tive us a call and examine our tlock. nprl ldtninltrator8 JYotice. NOTICE Is hereb given that at the Probate riilirt Air Ki niiiril Ciiuiii, i signed was appointed ond uunlirieduii Administrator of the estate of Smliii All thime Inlli' bb'd to said estate are requested lomake linmodlate iHtvment. mm.i claims against said estate are notllled to present for settlement within one year from this April 4, rror.

J. Twelfth tluarterlT sauoual uaiik or t. Report of the First a. as lairsvllle, Ohio. Showing itt condition on Uie morning of the flrtt NI RKHOITHelCS.

and Bills discounted Indebtedness of Directors ng House Furniture and Fixlures Items (Including RuV. Current expenses from National Bonds deposited with U.S. Tree- a not ui nil vuiui-lllf a I IJ 1 1 uf aa Bonds and securities on hand. National Currency on IiudiI a Fractional Tender notes Compouud Interest notes on 6.ISJ0 1AM ftl 116 104,700 iis.luu l7 jo is Total no UA11IL1TIM. Ciruulatlimlbssaaju ton bund, Fund Individual deposits m.

Dlsouuut and. Total I21S.277 SO 11. C. WELCAY, Cusnler. fion.uns) 111, IN0 40 Hi inn a tlon, r.

nd GEO. Connecticut Election. MARRIED. New Advertisements. New Advertisements.

Jos. Gillott's Steel Pens, OR THE OLD HTANDARD QUALITY. TAM MaftEl JONKPIf MI.I.OTT, Warranted. Or IiovTlptlTfl Nnirifanl I Ths woll known omirAi. tn1 popolar Noh.

0 0 Having Wn anaiimHl ollwr Makcm, wo de-alri-lo mntlmi I lie public In ri'i-ct to twirl Iniltnlluim, Afflf KOH UU.Iri"M. AITinf-An Injunction wn grunted bv viau I i Court. (iw YorWi lit Ocnernl Term. n7 the uw otln-r of tlio NLilUMt 3oA. jos.

ii.t,oTT nnnn. No. MJuhn Hlrwt, New York. HKNHY OWKN, Hol Agent. CARPEHTER'S LINCOLN, IjV 80 Inehea, tll only by agent, nt K'v peni paid, for two ru mibeTlirI for one year.

or one for two veiirx. "HOt MM AT popular, and the butt Mmlhy In tbe I Ml HII1A 1 11 country. tlfil Ilrofi'lWHy, Xewr York. THE ARCTIC FREEZES New Improvements for 1807. Hizir.M i to as (juauth.

Bend for IlluKtrated circular. E. 8. Towcv, 5 Maiden Lane, New York'. EM.S PATENT nelf-fcenlng rln ulnr limn for sawing or ripping lunilier.

Willi the Rid of thin machine, one uuin ilnw Ine work of live with cone, jnait ueciirncy, xml much lesa lnr eiiclow Ktmnii tu T. J. VKLLH, HI Beekuian New Yo: li. Artificial Legs and Arms. SELPHO'S PATENT.

The Ijeat tha World affords. Established 2 yearn. Send for Circular. WM. SELPHO SON, No.

510 Broadway, New York, Opposite Ht. Nicholas Hotel. H. W. JOHNS' IMPROVED ROOFING Has been In nse 10 years, and has a larger sale than all other kinds of Corn ikx.II Ion Hoofing combined.

Klastle Mineral Cciurut, for Repairing Leaky Shingle and other Rmfs. Preservative Paints, Rooflng C'rment, Exclusive right to sell and apply these materials will be given to responsible and energetic parties. Bend for dcwrlptlveclrculnr. prices, li H. W.

JOHNS, 78 William N. Y. The Metropolitan Collar, HOLD BY A. T. ST WW ART f'O Broadway, Chambers A Reade Streets, N.

Y. NortliAmBricanSteamsliiD Go. OPPOSITION LINE TO California, via Nicaragua, EVERY QO CAYS, With J-maengert, Freiiht, and V. S. On the following flrt-ctau Stearruhins un Atlantic (iceim 8A NTIAGO DE CU UA, NICARAGUA, DAKOTA, Passage and Freight at Reduced Rates.

SAILING DAYS FROM NEW YORK. Jan'y Will and 30th, I April mth February aith May loth and March luth ox june2iltli And everv ilnv. tlieSatunlay previous when a Regulur Sailing Day comes oubunday. Forfurtherinrormation WM. II.

WEBB, President, Exchange Place, N. Y. D. N. CARRINGTON, Agent, 177 West 8L cor.

Warren, N. Y. Connecting on Pacific. AMERICA, MOSES TAVIR, NKBKASKA, NEVADA. f- it Ft Iff ri iriKBEJiillCKI," Rifles, Revolvers, and VJ other splendid gifts (not brassy fhkk to all.

No BlaiiKS, no humbug. A gift loKvknv-Bour. Send two stamps to ilins-dule, N. H. WANTED AGENTS 75 to JMO per month, everywhere, male and female, to Introduce throughout the United States, the UKNU1NE IMPROVED COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE.

This machine will rtileli, hem, fell, tuck, quilt, bind, bruidnnd embroider In a most suiierlur manner. Price only s-i. Fully warranted for tive years. We will pay 0J for any machine tlmt will sew a stronger, more beautiful, or more elastic seum than ours. It makes the "Elastic UiekStlteli." Every second stitch con be cut, and still the cloth cannot be pulled apart without tearing It.

We pay agents from J75 to Sato per month and expcnsi, or commission from which twice that amount ciin be mode. AddresH.SECOMBA Cleveland t). CAUTION. Do not lie imposed upou bv ot.ior parties palmingorl'wnrtbleHS cast-iron mtii hliuis under tne same name, nrotherwlse. Ours is the only geniilneaudreiillypiautieAl cheap i.iuchlne manufactured.

Q1 PROM ll.ORIHTo 930 PEn DAY, tyilJ eun easily be mude' the year round viih-out rik, In a new business, light, pleui-Miit mid honorable, and no competition. GoimI energetic agents tLoilles and Gentlemen) uro wanted to represent us In every City and County, a rare chance to make money and permanent emyV.y-mrnt Is offered to every person having a few hours daily to snare. For further please call or address, G. W. JACKSON 11 South SU Bultiniore infl'OR A BRICK MACHINE, simple.

OlViU lm with teinnerimr lui nml Warranted to muke 15.OU0 bricks per ilnv, of a snjierlor quality. Address FREY 4 SHEIKLER, Uuoyrus, Ohio. Sure Cure. Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument, Tor the radical cure of piles prolapsus, Ac, without an operation or medicine, relieves the worst ease in 5 minutes, and has never foiled to effect a permanent cure.

Send for circular. Sold by drugglstsgenernlly. Discount to dealers. Airents wanted where. Sent bv mail on rncdnt 4j B.

Romaine, Manager, Sib Broadway, N. Y. CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED. Th TRITK Reskdt at t.aat niHmveiim Ul'HAM'S FBESII MEAT Chubl Prennrcil the formula of Prof. Trousseau of Paris, cures Consumption, Lung Diseases, Bronchitis, Dvs- lunuiln I umilillll llUli Uil morbid ooudltlons of the ystem dependent on deficiency of vital force It is pleasant lo taste, and a alnKtn.bottlc will convince the most skep-tlcul of its virtue as the great healing remedy of sm.

91 a noiLie, ur uomes lor Belli ny Express. Sold by S. 0. UPHAM, No. 2j South Eighth Street, Philadelphia, slid principal Drug- ainta, circular bviil ireo.

H. 6 Impartial Sufferings. Neither Wealth, Refinement, Station or Condltlop are exempt. THE PHILOTOKEN, OT Females' Friend, ex-uressl for the lament of fe mules uufiiu-lnu from hysteria, nausea, nervous Irritability, dls-tressluir annrelieiisioiis. and all those trouble some complaints thut invite premature old age, and render life miserable.

Descriptive pain nlilet sent on receipt of postage stamp. HARRAL, iiiut it 11 r.i......l Li. uinuui viiniuuni. 11UW 1 OI K. RISLEY'B BUCHU Is THE CURE for Pain and Weakness In the Back and Loins: and all those complaints resulting from derangement of aioneys ana nnnary organs, hoiu in large ionics uy me arnggisis.

llAllilALi. ttirij.Kx A Wliolesalo Druggists, 141 Chambers Street, New York. WANTED SALESMEN, to sell an article desirables! every good house. Menorucleur-Ing from tliKitn Wmtper month. For further particulars address O.

T. MATTEHONT Grafton; O. rpo CONSUMPTIVm-You will get the reolne ior a sure cure ior uniiaiia. ixnus. and all lung eomiuaiiits.

nv "seiu ins to VI L' I .1 1. ni'nn, num. nvw a in a riv sends it free. Write fur It, It has cured tlHins-guds. WANTEDwAoeKts.

Sn.OBOsgenU, male and female: MOO a month made by active and energetlo agents, selling six new and useful in- Mnllnn. .11 hmiulmlil 1 1 1 I a. mv.w, wmmitj vinrA. Jsddrees Cngauir Eckmah, Cleveland, Ohio. Royal Ilavana Lottery of Cuba.

Drawn once in seventeen dava. Prlsaa nulmit Information given. Highest rates paid for Doubloons and all kinds or Gold and Silver. LTliAM, 63 N. Main Provldenco, R.

Tf It P. oi at BY the p. BY sale, P. lses, aire at J. New Advertisements.

AGENTS WANTED. VO stliPl NO WATF.Ill NO I.OIt- A ''leaning Polish, jtentd net. la, IHAi foreliiuiliiKnnd pillMhlng Windows, Mirrors, (iolil, Hllver-pliiU-d ware, Hiasi.l Tin An A m.u 1 tlen) worth, cmvenience. anrl pensaiini in all private hoiise-ki-epers, hotel- o7e, ixirge (lis Ilia trade, or full particulars aTdre. Inilia- dlscouni tu C.

W. I1IWN. It lllir, ktr N. I lin'Mlngs, ItHKAHT KI.KVAToll Iftrflt I a MA Tu A Nil fortll IjllVSlltH'iCAll V. Witi u.

fcf wanLIj" 'rr'tl' Age'nU What will It dot Is the ftrt Inoutrr the stck make concerning m-liclite. Kupnw TAKMAXTS8KI.T7KK Afr.lllt.Wt Is 1 1 IP of the luterriwiitory, what ibi Umply fi Is reply. It win n-lii'veand cure hetidnche, nncn. niilnl-nce, iktvoiikiii-hh, cwMvcimus, deliillty. bllloti'iics-, and

HOLD 15 DIllOU IS' KVEHYWn KftK. Notice lo TownsfiiD Assessors: 'II AKMKXsORS of he several Township of ''Ollllly lire hereby llotllle.oilieet ot the Audlif.fs nilirr. in St. I'inirsvllle on rt -I NI) A r. Till-.

DA Oh A ror tlM-purixwcof receiving I nc no ewary blanks. lw II. t. CLARK, Auditor. Belmont Common PleasT" Iaiiit 1 Inn-burn v-, Petition for IVirtition.

famine Tlnrhvrn, rt l. I'lIE furolln" Tliorburn, 1. Vlexanilir Tiiorburn, dcceiiKed ltolert lliorlmrn, Alexnud-r Tiiorburn. Ellen and John F. ij.lfrey, her, Rcthea.I( tIri.

suiidEhvinT. J. llrl.n bn bund, John Thorbiiui, Alexander T. Robert nir.ler, Ellen Riddlennd Junes W. Kiddle her iiiiHlmiid, Mary Fruxier, Jliiam Frazler and Jiuiies Frasler.

John A. Gray, James Gray, K.len M. Grny. and riiriih A. ben by thin, on the iMh d- of Mnrok) the ttliitin iir.

tlonaininxl lli. in In tbe or Hie Clerk I of the 1 1 "Mil 1 1.1 Com in. Picnt In mid for tin- of lfc-lioiit and stale or Ohio, wherein be.le-niniids partition of the following scribed r-jil estate, to wit: Relugimrlsof imetlomilsiH-tlons I4hii.I, Tuwushlp 4, or itinige -J. H-gimiliig for Ihesame nt Northeast corner of Imvid Patlon oriximil tract, In Iractionnl II. lit ho est bank of lie Ohio River, station thencpSoutuTJSMVci D.7 rols to station i-thenoe South W-? Went rods to thence South 1VA Wet I2.M rcWsto station 4 HSriJ'.

rodstostallon.ij ihen.fNortli Kcsl W.2K)leslotMtioni; th-ii. North Mest it rods toslntioii thence North fjUt I Klutlon thence South Kinl ZWrods to the pluce or Isrinniiii'. Cnii 1U1 aereji, 1 rood and i polen, be the same mora or less. Saving find exw pting thererroi.i a res, nod nnd 31 poli-s, ui.ire or less, heretofore sold and conveyid to Hope. Also, jUXo.

HiH and I'W in Wallace'a Addition to the town oT Martinsville. Asking tlmt dower be assiiciierl to the said riirolltie riiorbni'ii In the first above tract ol hind onlv.iind that said tmet of land with tho two town lot, be tllionei among the several heirs In Die following proportions I'etltloner, David Thoiburii, Holier! Tiiorburn. Alexander Tiiorburn fjojlney and John F. (iodirey her husband, Wethln fvlwln T. fliics her Iiu! rfuneiic uieiiantsonanil lioiHiisRicliai-d-son bur husband, nn.l John the one.

ninth iinrt each of wild ri al elate. To Alexander Fruitier. Robert Fruitier, Ellen Riddle nnd Jnm. W. Riddle her iinslmiid, Murv Ilimtn Friiiier, and James Fnuslertiie one lifty-rotirlh part en -h of sjiid premise.

To John A. Gray, binics ('. orav, Ellen Jl. Grav and Siitnh A. XJray cath theone thirty-sixth part of Kali I real estate.

And that said s'(itlon will be for hearing nt the next term or sal, I Court or Common Pleas in ond lor suld foamy, to be hi-gun and held on the Till day May. WIT, at which lime vou nrn leiulred loappioruud answer, or sold petition will be lak'-n as true mid conrL-sscd against you and decreed lui-ordiiiglr. MrTCHF.I.Ij, Clerk. T. Tai.i.mas A Sox Ally's fur lvir.

April 4, VST ALL SUFFERERS "EJ from 1'tihnnnitry nuraimt, JVerran Debility, H'eulineitare, or Chronie Mnordrra vf aujf tutturr, nnd alltrhoMO I'ltnt Parte "re drprveeed, rtudrrlny urerMMary a NERVOIS TONIC A.VD I-WIGOIl ATOR, ARB KARMUTLT I.LCU1.MVS I.I TO CKB THE SPEC II IV UKislCDT WO i NERVOUS DEBILITY. 8crorul. Aithms, Bronchitis, Dyipepsis, Prft, Lom of Appetite. Chlorosis, W.rtisn, Liver end Kidney Complaints, Rickets, Dobility of sni Pregnancy, and all Nervous suit llload feysleuis. FT" Tlili Itcmedr has lie tentnd tar JL-.

witU asst'LTs vsraaAi.Lsi.sD is tus a.ika'u or suicixs." In action Tiro-roLo and Sricmc: on the one hand, incrbabisu tiis rai.MciPLB that conalilutcs NERVOUS KNKROY and on the olhcr.aio the MOST OEXEll-ATIXO AGENTS KNOWS. in the ineipnt ttaijrt ot rei-e is the Kvlk, aud IHJlh the xccptius." TkY IT. ZW rniCE3 la 7 end BeUht, 1 Three large, cr six m.ill Uoitles, fur by i-iprM. Zy Circulars and Adrlee Free. Sold by nil resppctsb'e Dnnrsl'ta, and Whnleaale at the Sole licpot in thii I'niteit Sutca, lr the Al.mufao-turers, J.

WINCIIKSTKIt i. 36 Joan St to wliuiii ull orUvis isi aiiiinswcd. An Oil Flirt Tton Up. BnriKjEi'onr. Ohio, Mnn 7.

ls7. TAKEN' IP BY JOHN PATTERSON and Henr- Ilenekv, of Dridgeport, Belmont Ohio, nn OIL FLAT, 1JI ftet long, lf.U feet wide, bulk heads, 2 timber heads, 1 gunnel broke lu the middle. The gunnels nronhout three Inches thick at the top. The said boat Is decked over wn oin-iucn noormg Hoards, vulmsl nt twu 00. WM.

ROBINSON, mor28-3w THOMAS BROOKS, leH er- i i.i Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate. James E. lints I James sione nvlmont Common Pleas. Surah Rife, VIRTUE tu' A VKNDI. EX, In tills ease Issued and to lilt directed, I will otler for saie, ai uie ironi uoor ot tne Court House, In St.

Cluirsville, in suiil County, ou Saturday, April 13, 1867, between the hours of lOo'elock A. M. nnd 4 o'clock of said day, the following described premises, situated in Belmont Couulv. to wit: The undivided oni-half purt of the North half urn in iiiock which is erected three-story hrh building. 1.U611 on uay oi sale.

Anpruised eV.oi) nu, SAM'L B. P1PK11. KherllT lli.lmnnl Cr. Oho. W.

Hikik, PlirlH. All y. Hherllf's uuie, 14, iwi, 00 Sheriff's Sale. IT. T.

Hogiir) r. Mlarrlsoix Common I'leas. B. H. Bryan.

VIRTUE OF A FI. FA. In this case Issued nnd to me directed, I will otter for sole, at National Huuso, in the town of Barnesvllle Ohio, on Saturday, April 6th, 180T, between the hour nriOo'clocli A. w.nud 4 o'clock of unld day, the following gooiis uud cliut-tles, to wit: Oue Grey Horse. of Hide: Cash on day of sale.

SAM'L. B. PIPER, Sherlll Belmont O. 4 Shki'i-ahii, Atl'ys for Deft. SUuriU (Klii'ii.

St. lairsvillu, Ohio, March ii, ISiT. 00 Sherirs Sale of Ileal Estate. John Cory V'. VBelmoutCormnon Pleas.

Patrick Jolee. VIRTUE OK AN ORDER OF SALE hi this case Issued ond I witintr t.m at the front door of the Court llouse of said County, in St. Chdrsvllle, on Blouday, April 180T. between the hours of 10 o'clock A. at.

mid I o'clock of said day. the following (I i I I nmin. situate in Belmont Count to wit: The South half nf Lot No. Blouk bt In nail. City, Belmont County, Ohio.

lrrmt of aalt of can feet It of any Cash on day of sole. Appraised SAM'L B. PIPER, Sheriff Belmont O. B. Smith.

Att'v for Pl'fr. eiierliT a tXDoe. Belmont Connty.l Ht. aalrsTllle, ibtrcrt 21, 1NU7. MM Dyo Colors.

THK GENUINE HOM'E A STEVENS, kildst l'ATTEKSON'ai. A Do rls1 Miscellaneous. Dissolntiori. THK PARTNr.llMl Deretofof existing l. Adam Tanpel and rederlek Bran-llch, under the ilrm name of Tanpel Llrnnllch.

was dlscolred on the llth day of Mreh. Jm7. by liiiitual consent. Adam laipe aathortied to etll all se-oouuts of said linn. Thiwe knowlnit themselves Indebted1 to iSe Ul Arm will muke ImmeUlBl rstyineiit mit aava trouble and fx pnn: A HAM TA NPI'L.

KHKUEiucK unAxr.inr. hi llalre, March 21, Gunsl Guns! Guns! WISH TO INFORM THE PUBLIC that I fi nl LEWIS' MILIjs, C. County, Ohio, where Iain iire-pured to do all iiiibt of UN ORK, New Guru Mado to Order: OldQuna, PistoJa, and Revolvers Repaired with dispatch nnd In a nral and worktminllke l.7r7'-vlN.''' w-LilLE BARREL i made to order. I have had a number of years etrrxTlence In the will warrant my work to give Probate Court. VOTICE ISHEREHYOIVF.N that the follow- 1 lag niimed Executors, Admiuistretors and sf.

Psi tl. ni'cnt i h. vouchers for set- W.Gray Gnordlan of Amanda M.Clnrk. hIXZuZT'11'1- OUBrdlu" William i'i Alplion- dee of Mow Travis, Em- aud Al- Ph.eb J. M-rhern, Ounnlhin of Ann nmcs of Ma nnd Rorella Thomas Anil of Daniel Anlf.

Balaam N.ehols, Adm'r of Hatcher, iw'; dcAdJ rxn ol rtoy a mc- T'1! I've above named will lie for hearing six on the of A pril nt March ITitat. Judge. Ycry Sugar. I ii'n iJPT- nH-KIVED and haveon sale a small lot. eryutee.

AS. OhBollNK. I Drug Store for Sale. OFFER FOR SALE my entire stock of ltUGSj MEDICINES, with the good will of the Drugstore now kent by me lu the town of Martin Ferry 1 ot a bargo n. To anyone desiring to engage In the Drug business, tills is a chance lutxura g'KT remunerative situation.

secure a feU-lw e. M. WOOD, M. D. Financial Statement.

CHOWINO THE AMOUNT lielonglng to each County in I. Rail Rood Road Pixr Coriioralion Relief Sec. Id, prin state Township School Bounty Teachers' Total cosh In R. M. CLARK Si 1.770 tl IJ .1,.74 ii.4ii 117 IM 3 au 1,013 H7 074 70 40 mar21-3w tssil SI I.

Jiutiiti r. Persons Prematurely Gray Con hare tiieir hair rest or 1 to lu natural color by using HAjLL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR KENEWEB. It Is tho liest article known to preserve the in it AUTlir' 1FT- AND OliOSSY. ih lu awarding it the praise of Using tho best Hir DressinE ei-nn ond without a rival in reXri igri? lu? ft.ii.,iUn" B-ware of win nt.Sfeft sand irit MulltKiMK it. 1 JIALL A Nashua, N.

Proprietors. mar7-2m Trr FLfsnijcri Ohio, Ortubrr. lvw Buck Fleece for I. Haines, weighing ijjv li and cleaned Vfx -0'i f)N- J. "Heared tos jiie spring of 1W, equally as clean wool.

junrf-tw I. nAINES. FRANKLIN COLLEGE. SPRi vo TERM of this well known and i popular Institution will open on r-Tl'EKDAY, APRIL 111th, nnd continue twelve hi. iTSr11" Private faniillus ranges from Arniiit-em.

nts are nwle I1" students can board themselves at lea than half thcubovc rates. The various il-nni. tits are filled by "nwlt-TisTt-! teachers. In connect fun with the imitation are two well conducted Llt- la.r(-'e selivted libraries. Every facility is afforded forsocuring thorough education.

lhnr particulars, address Rev. Alex. S. i "ul Athens, JAMES DAY, Hrc'u nf Jiurtrd. Ohio.

mun2I Tobacco Manufactory! McEndree, Porterfleld Caldwell, NEW CASTLE, BELMONT OHIO, Are manufacturing all kinds of Chewinrj Tobacco. the very beet nuiMii, which they are selling a little lower than the same quality uf Tobacco lie purchased elsewhere. ti'k lhe trade, wuleh we Address, Pllcher, Belmont County. Ohio. Notice to Towisiij Trnstees.

XTOT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Com-1 mlKslouers of Belmont tunty, ot their March session, 1Ho7, levied a tax on the taxable property of He 111011I County of Two MilU un the dollar, for Road and Bridge purposes, and ordered that orie-lialf of said levy be retained tu the County Treasury for Bridge purposes. The 1ml. will Im ipold (as soon as collwftndi to the Townships from which it wascolieeu" for Riad purposes, to be expended by 0 Trustees as nro-vided by the Nuw Road Law. iuarI4-3w it. m.

CLARK. Auditor. Notice to Bridge Builders. Srr borreccived at the until the construction of an IRON BIcIIN at a point on Wheeling Creek, known as "Harris' I'unlliii. nn ii.tu.

111. nn 1I1BU1 r-1 mull 1 ii 11 rerry noun. Said bridge to be ooiistru.ted of Iron, to be 86 span, clear ot the abutment, with nautitm reel wide. Proposals will be neelved for doing the necessary mason work. Ki.u to l.A .1.., ,.,..1.

i cubic feet each. Tlie Onnmlssloiinrs reserve the right to reject oral! bids. Should the cnnlrout be award- iMiiiu ami sccuriiy ior tno rulthful performaiKv of said contract will be required. JAMES WM. CAmI'iIeLL, L)ramlMalOUe-marli-td New Boot, Shoe, Hat, and Leather Store.

Splendid Assortment, opposite, narris' Shop St. Clalrsville, Ohio. 11 y.VwB flTST RfTl'RED FROM THE East with 11 large and woU selected stock of BOOTS, SHOES, AND GAITERS, for dents'. Ladles', Misses, and Children. Also, HAT4 Ok VARIOUS KINDsi, JBOLB LEATHER, FRENCH A PHILADELPHIA CKLF SKINB, OIL REUSED MOROCCO, fclD SKINS.

TOPPlNOf. UNINQS. SHOE riNBINOS AND NOTIONS. trAII of which will be sold not foreet tha nine.

Bmim n-ii Tin Shop, and neat doo to Keil.vr'a Conieo- tlonery. apris-ty J. bK'Kll AM. 1 111 I Si. for his of to at an of to of said of 1 and said so 1111 J.

and by to from by as said saiiio tract reiiet ls7. ny Mr ly nu Ohio, Met from sioniii Miscellaneous. Legal Notices. Belmont Common Picas. Richard Moore) 'J'HK DEFENDANT, I'rls-, Moora, who rssldisi rrlsellla Moorn.

aoinewiieru In the Slats ot In-dlanatinknnwn lothepnilUoncr.nichard Misirn, Is hereby notirusl that, on the lAth day of March, 1HH7, the sold Richard Moore tlbsj his petition In the rk's ollleu of Kelinont County, Ohio, ak' ln for adlvoreo front auid defendanl, up tlin' ground of nlultery by said fierendant Willi mtm ChnrlonSHlIle; and said petitioner furihof oi'He fiif the custody and charge of the minor ttrtl-rerf, Lewis and IMr.nlmlh Moore. Maid esBc wl4J for hivrlng at the May Term, 1.7, of the Court of Common Picas lu and for the rvibney and state nforoaid. DANPOHU KK'NNON, Att'ya fr Pot r. March it', NotiooT" APPLICATION will lie made to th Oivernoc-of the state of Ohio, on or before the tUi Olilo, on or before the tUi any oi ninreii instant, fr the Pttrdon of Frederick A. Sliuru, now in the Ohio Penitentiary.

Khurtg was con vlcted of the CTIrrre of manslaughter, in the Court of Common Plmwof Belmmit County, at the Fall Term of said Coort, and November 23, was scntencJxl to ill Penitentiary for the period of ten year. The application will lie made on behalf of tt) prisoner ii mother. Mr. Hannah Lemor. Moron 7, Legal Notice.

Knrvey Denford, Adm'r of tinno.r uunrurd, doe'd, Probate Court, Belmont County, Ob lo. Petition to Ml Lauds. Don ford Thomas Lanford, etal. 'Pin i.MA.H DANFORD. who resides In LeavetK Worth, katisiui unit tl a twnl I r.t fc' Donford, di eit, Is heretiy notlflel that, on the Sth oar 'f March, ItiCT, the undersigned Admin-istrutor filed his petition In the Probate Court of lli lrrt mt County, Olrio, theobject and prayer of Which Is to obtain an order, on the 0th day of April, ln7, for tlie atwltrnment of the dower of f.l.n Danford, the widow of the said Eromer Ihvnford.

deceased, in and for ttie sain of Mia fal lowing rml estate, of which the said Emmer Donrord died seized, to pay thedehleof said decedent, to wit The farm on which said Ernnier Danloid resided at the time of his decease, bid ng tlmt the West half of the S. E. ouartcr of Sec. In Tp. 8, Range containing 7 acres and 73-UKJ of mi acre, acvordlug to an orlKlnnl patent granted.

Also, the East half of 8, W. quarter of Pec. Tp. fi, Rinse 3. AKo.

N. E.n,narterof thef). B. quarter i.f See. rp.

fl, R. Cjiitoiulng 3D ocrcil and W-lWl of an licre. Also, tht W. qnarter of the N. E.

quarter rf Si-e. .1. Ti. H. It.

5. Leziuulnff at station one. th centre of said section; thence N. fi" E. 19 t-19 eiiuins to station two; thence H.

MW E. ehaini'. tostotion three; thence.W W. l3.56clialne to station four: thence N. Wtf W.

X.U chain to the place of beginning; containing SB 4a. U0 acres, more or less. HARVEY DANFORD. AdmT of Ejunier Danford, detfd. March ltr.r "Probate Court.

HEREBY GIVEN that the IWhrar-ii Iiik named Executors, Admlnlslrators, and Guardians have llled in my olrlw, at St. Clalrsville, Ohio, their accounts and vouchers tor set Guardian of Lewis, BUM, Administrator of Mordeoki ot Susannah tlemeiit. to wit David E. Howell, and Amelia I.iston. Othosk iilowuy, VunuietMr.

de'd. Jonathan Wheeler, Guardian neeier. John s. ijor, Ex'r of Henry Olttlnger, dee d. 'l'homas tiriillth and David Steward, Eg'rs of William Hudson, decM.

Albert D. Rice, Adm'r of KoJiert Fatton, dee'd. Josrph Grun, Adm'r of Jostpu Mc.Murrav, dee' I. Ucujaui'n Lane, Adm'r of Richard PsvUt-" WikhI, ilee'd. The four above named will he for hearing and settlement on tile iNth, the remaining threo ou duynor Match, und the last one on Uie (iuy of April next.

C. W. Probate Judge. March 14, HOT. iGegal Notice.

Parmelia Austin and-) Lerr5usbond Court Oomn.00 Pleas, bir iiubuaua, rBml)nt County, OhJo! Randal Austin, et at. 'I 'HE defendants, Austin GUI, Henry Austin, J. Rundul Austin who reside somewhere in the Stale ot Illinois: Elvira Ferlow and Washington Ferlow her hesbund, John R. Austin and Lucy Austin, who reside In the State of New York; Mary Austin and Ricliard Dolby who reside in Uie Stale of Kentucky, tho nn' known lioirs of llalsteotl Austin, deceased, audi Martha Echols whose resident (ire unknown, nnd Solon Austin who resides In Missouri, are hereby notified tilotou day of January. 1KW, tun pljlntlll Austin andberhus-Uunl, tiled her petition In theCourtof Common Pleas within and for the County of Belinontand stale 01 Ohio, OKaiiiHt Raudsl Austin, David Harper and John J.

eotcr, and thot afterwards, on tne tu dny of September, she riled her uiiiendid iiclilion ngaint defundaiits. nnd ou the day ot the defendant, Randal Au itin, ilii.u te.l this life, and by leave of tlie Court his heir and lnl representatives were made isiriies di.f. inlant to sold action. That among other things it Is alleged lu said petltlou that on the Mist ly of August, 1133, the defen dam. David ilorper, sold and conveyed to sold Randal Auiittn fallowing ducrlbed Real Enlikte, b-iiiE part of the North East quarter of Section i-, Towiibhlp 2.

of Range 3, in said Cuuti-ly and aforesaid: Bivmning for the same nttiie loot corner of said Section, on th Imnk nf the Ohio River, thence South if East Ai poles, more or less, to Pal 10 men's tlience Wcet wiUi suid Patterson's line to the North East corner of said Patierson's land thence North toaSiake.cxirnertoapleceof land, sold by iid Harper to John J. Foster, which antd corner is un poles Nonhol tlie South line of sa'd quarter s.s-tlou thence Wt-ttW poles to a Rock wet itiie of iaid and eor- to Foster's laud, sold to him pa arum. kiiiu; tiience North on said quurter Section line nee North 11 Kast ul ih.u.. NorUi 4e West Ss to said quurter Section-line: thence North with said line 0 poles to the North Eut ciner oi'suld uarter Sect ion; theuuo I.11 poles to tho place of ginning, con- Si tnnr or limpMiu. w'lti ih- me 1 excepted and reservir! bv said Ilar-ptr under the pu ce or parcel of said quarter.

ci.ii!.-, i-ii uy nam ui on j. osier, containing acres and 8 poh-s, reserving, however, IheSt.ii'.e Coal uudcr thesarue, with right to mine mid take uway. And that 00 or about tho Isth of 1k3, the defendant. Ibindal Aifc.tin, enleie Into a verba! iigrcemeut with the pi'iintitt, l'armtlia Austin and her huslutiii, Kin rtey the said Raudui Apstln.Br., nnd in of eleven years work ond labor done and by the said Ly-curgas Austin for the said Hundul Austin, at rc.juust, and the fnuher considuratlon of malum! love aud utfuction agreed and bound himself to convey by good and sufficient deed of general wurruuty the following deocribod part the track of land conveyed by David Harper Randal Aust in, at aforesaid Commencing a point on the Ohio River at the South East corner of the lauds of said Randal Austin, Jr 1 the North Eustcuruer of the lands of Joseph Worley; thence West with the South boundary said Austin's land and on the line between blm and the said Woriey to the North East corner of suid orley's land, aud till It Intersects tlie East line of the laud owned by John Foster; thence North with the said Foster's line the Norih E'it corner of his land; thence East and ut right angles with the last line to th Ohio River; theuce down said river to tlie place beginning, containing Vi acres, more or less. Also till his 1 ight, title, ond interest in and to the mining privileges under the lands of John I.

Fostcr.lvs reserved and granted to him by the Diivld Harper. And that on the 15th day November, lsti.1, tlie defenilauts. Randal Austin nnd wife. In pursuance of said contract, ex-eeutisl uud delivered to the plaintlll', 1'armella Austin, a deed conveying to tier tho piece of laud ubovc described, together with the mining privileges under the lend of J. J.

Foster, as ra. served and granted to hi 111 lie Iiuvld Harper. That it wo tlie intention uf David Harper to ro-serve all the Stone Coal in and under the tract conveyed to J. J. PoMur, and that by mistake or nod vert ail ce the said reservation was omlttt-a not inserteil in said deed.

That it was the intcntiouof thesald David Harner to CiniI to kamlal Austin, iuithe right to. i wuw iiui win, mu aiuiit; W11S aiU. satlieleittly dcMUlbea and conveyed; that Randal Austin Intoieliid to canvov said stiui 1 rescrvisl 0.1 aforesaid to the plaintiff, Harms jeiMiu; luilbliie same was not, by a misLiiko or iiiiKr.ppreheiislon, and tlmt the said J. Foster now claims the sauie. The ob'ecl prayerof suid petillon Is that lUedeeil niada Harpt'r lo salil Foster be so reformed as to reserve the Stone Coal under sntdlrucr, with teste niiiio and take tliesnmeaway.

That the deed David Harper lo RAndul Austin, be so reformed as to convey said Stone Coal so reserved under the Foster tract to said Rundal Austin eoiiicl8iit and pertenent ilu.4crlp:lon, an Randal Austin nud wife Purmelia Austin be so retbruied and iorrectil to convey by proper and pertenent description Bione Coal, with the privilege of taking th awuy so reserved uinler the John .1. Fust? ot 'jtj acres as aforesaid. And that Ii.ia;.1 ParHiKlla AoittlnUie quieted In her title and eilioviuent at aiie aiiiii ui.1 for inhfr The obovc named defendant ore required ti oppeor t.nd buswur against tho l-t it.i of Hit, or JudgBient will Is) rendered inalnst rctt luun at the next urm 01 saidivtrt, nunolng ou' the 7th dov of Mav, 1-V. J. R.

Ml A btiiiu Feb. lSHTiiW LEGAL NOTICK nAXItt JfiAnTNEY, of the Stole of Wi w. iiuiidni, mi liic i.iiji of Keliruaiy, lsT, the un.lerdinst filed iietilion In a civil action, aji.inst him, hi ti of Coutnisin Pless oi. Itclaiobt Cotintv, whei ein he claims judgment iuaint mill 'art ney for the sum of 0-1, tin Intcreri Siptemlier, IsiW, upon claim for prolei scrvuwa reiiiionxa iiiesuiu ai niiini. la certain notion latelv ncmlin.

in uii 1 'nun mi.t I1UI.I.I Al The defendant Is renufrd to iinitwer these I petition on or before April fiv. JTcb. Js, 1o7.hJw H. ruiniitt.

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