The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 7
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APRILS, 1947 BI-YTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SETEM On City Property — For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements 4-1-% Interest ' 20 Years to Pay FULL Pre-payment privileges MONTHLY payments include taxes and insurance • Terry Abslrac! & Really Co. 213 W. Walnut Telephone 2381 .Abstracts of Title —Farm Loans Longer Life — More Beauty With Asphalt Tile! If you're economy-minded, yet want the best for your home, have, your floors covered with asphalt tile. This long life covcrnijj assures yon oi' year", and years ot^ycar, yet it costs no more than ordin;iry foYerings"n!iat IsfstTo'nly half as long! 'Call us about asphalt covering today! EAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPEk STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" in I S. !sl. Phono 4fi!» as low os IO C Wlialcvcr (jiinlily wallpaper you cliooso, 5^011 ran save «ip to 50% at Wards. Don 1 ! wail! Come in rind sec fhcsc allraclivc new patterns. Save now! BETTER WALLPAPER FOR ICSS AT WARDS! J&& Home Appliances in New Loan Plan Package Mortgage Idea Places All Liens Into One Basket Tlie tendency is Brewing in vaii- ous scnlon.i ol I lie country to include in the home mortgage such major appliances as .stoves, refrigerators and hum dry equipment. I! is part of on effort utnnu nuuli: by bunks, insurance firms and other »)urtgnf;o-]»i(I< i r.s to capture millions of dollars of financing tint 1 customarily KOIIS to installment fi-j natico organi/ations. Under the ''paeka'ded' mortgage", [ilan. payments for the major Hems! of home equipment would bo included as part of the long-term amorti/ed mortgage on the homo. The nrsujt, proponents of Die Idr.'i claim, is to provide a complete: home without cxcrlin? too heavy a financial burden on the buyer. Payments Extended 'Instead' of nnyinf; for a stove, refrigerator and laundry equipment •.vithin 18 months or two years with necessarily hifdi monthly payments as is required fcy ordinary installment buying, only four or five dol-j lavs ti month i s added to tho! monthly house mortgage pay men W in coutrar.t to the $15 or more necessary under the conventional installment plan, Public utility companies throughout the cot]nly have greeted the idea n.s sound."Long ago they discovered that home, owners delayed Die purchase of appliances simpl'-' because the normal installment payment was loo great when added to the payments on the home. ' ''The policy of including .standard quality home-operating equipment in the mortgage loan is sound tnortga&c lending," heads of several 'oanking associations have agreed, One Lender Only In this way the borrower is dealing with only one lender instead of three or four as is the case \vheii lie finance.;; 'home c q u i p m en I through separate installment con- tra^ts. The total rmnnriat load carried by the borrower is reduced in Ihe early years of tho loan and the rate of interest is the same ^ that paid for financing the rest of tlin cost of the home. Some mortgage-lenders are even examining the possibilities of including Jtirrnitnre in the home niorl£>a!?c, but most agree that this is something that requires considerably more study. THE HOME OF THE MONTH Luminous Paints Put To Practical Uses HOI.'SE ONLV 811 SO. FT 12,106 CU FT This ilclijrhifiil coU.ijrecrm bo built by the average home seeker without any scruples about its praciica'lily. Jl is coxy ;iiid enchanting 1 with colonial inllavs, shutters and wiiidov/ boxes. Interior is efficiently designed for maximum comfort. 2 bedrooms, Ijiitli, 5 closuU, kitchen with dinette in which you can h:ive over the contitcv service, Im'jvc living room and brcczewuv comic clinif s;arajjo, which can serve MS a porch or sum- inei- (liniiijr room, all make up (his compact plan. House is sturdily con- structcil of brick with conci'ott: foundation and full basement. Can easily bo expanded. This homo was one of the winners of the "Practical jMirndu Home Contest," sponsored by PRACTICAI", liUJUMSIl ilaiTimnc, Chicago 5, 111. Heating System Preference Depends cm Design of House Tf stenm, hoi-water or warm-air hefii- iny .system, there is no reason vrhy the preference- .should n«L i:v> I'ol- loworl if the system can bs tidaplcd to the div,i[;n wf the Iv.nsc. Om- Liiminous pninlK arc no longer [ siderntion should be given, howev the realm of novelty, but arc a s t°' how a particular house .should put info prnctical Iioni2 use. says Practical Bulkier, Chkia^o 5, 111. They are of real advantage In t t room whcrfi n)ovies arc shown. house rather than on, the basis or first cost,. i n f>i t:u,M,. irunddifi^uLion is more easily ac- i""Oiiri:!ishef| with warm-air Ry.slcins limn with sleinn or hot, water. In an ordinary j; learn ,s;,',';l.eni. (he mediator.; \vill bf: either hut or cold. Thcv heal fiLlK"klv nnrl rnnl nff bo heated for greatest comfort, and efficiency. The better a house is cotuitru-ted, insulated and winterized, the smaller ;\nd more simple the healing plane recjnircd, aciiord- When witching a film, th'j room I i"S to t"R Construction Rc-soavdlt must be, dark, but with luml'iDu* Burcnu of iNow York, clearing house paint, door knobs and lifcht switches can be painted so that they the dark. Kdges of lor building information. The W-T-] in-air system is more npplicublr to the srmiU, compact •Icps becoirc less haxnrdtms :il i house than to the rambling typ: 1 . when painted will) hmiinou.i (juiclc lines. Surfaces treated with this type if paint appear to b? one solid ,-olor in the dnyjight. The luminous part shows up only at night. On July 1, 194G, there were 1." 045.000 World War II veterans employed on farms in the United Stales. But for the average-si/e dwelling, steam, hoi, water and hoi ail' ure all competitive. Strain Transmissiim When is conveyed .^vrrru hundred feet the common praclitre i.s to install steam bpcaiise morn heat can Ije economically conveyed through a pipe, and -sleaiii pipes can be sinalk*r than those ff>r hot water. However, the hralim; sy,;- tem should be .sflreled to fit the fiu.urn. TIIO United st.alo Hure; i of Mines recently- stsili-d: "Then; i general n\-ni>nition that insulation is in: p.^rnttni eloinent of dwrllhiff instruction." '47 Brings Hike In Material /or Construct/on WASHINGTON. April 8. (UP) Tin- CimmtHTc IXpartim'Ml wild toilrty (Imt ilio MirWy of utujor liuildlni: niiiU'rlnls l : i "(,i>w fur moro' VllrOIU-lllllllI', IlKIll It WHS a J'lMir iu:o. The Index of production for sp- livli>d ranslriK'llon iimU'rliil.s lit t)]P Sllll't Of lil-17 WHS 40 pi'! 1 COIll lnllOV 11)1(1) K yi-lU- H((0. Nuils, tubs, sinks, warm niv fiir- MIICCS. mid cnncrc'li- velnfoi-cliu; bnvs mi' bolin; pioilui-cd ;it doublo or lrl])lo UK- volume of ( iarly ISH'j. lli-lck, iTinem. rnnrrp([> lilo'cl; anil nsphult roofini: arc :in>i'oiic-)iln» n mnrki-l teliiiior ibul lire sllll h:t<\\ l<> (U'l In simio miiumiitlliivs !»•CHUM- of low Imvnlorlrs, HIP ]5o- iirlnuMil rumi'lrd. The snpply-dV-innixi sUiinllnu ro- nliis poor (•<>,• mlllwork. Monrlmt. rvusum l)cmr<l, custlnin .sullplpo :iii.l pluiirliliiK llxlmrs. Oiitinil Is in, bnl not cnuiiiih to mri-l. cimi-ilt iv- i)ii)roiiii>nt.t .'Hid Inwnlorlrs | ho ivporl pointed out. Execution Date Set UTI-I.K HOOK. April n. tui«i_ iui'>--vi)llk- Dill Hatos, youilifiil convicted immliToi' from Po'k Coiiniy, l,)(l;i v lias loss than sis weeks lo live, followolun uctlon Inle yp.stcnluy by Cinv. lien Limey. After mi hour-long; cynlim rii-c with moitilnir.s. <>f Ihc- U-iles Viiin- ily iind attorneys for tlv lll.vciir- old nx-convlcl. l.nnoy K cl the'lud's rlo;!troi'»tloii itatu us Fililny. Mny. IB. bates was coDvlclPd lasl .Inly foi- tlii] {•niintry-liifiR slmntlii<>, oY » Mcna li)xl driyor, Thomas Lir UiiKiin. The Snpivinc .Court >i|)hflil Ihc dcnth scsitciiCT, mid Ihi? m an- iliUi- ntcordlng'ly wns si-nt lo DIP Elgjhty pnr rent of thp world's supply of cliillod ond licet Is imivhnnccl by CliTiil Britain. There are as many a& 1000 knots to the siiuai'e Inch In some Persia" nigs. n * BEAUTY * QUALITY * VALUE Buy Fixtures & Materials from "Pete" NoMiiiiK luit; the BEST. :jn!y NATIONALLY' hrn )n!y N A T I 0IN A L L Y K i\ 0 W N BRANDS .., Pom-bin (!ii:imel on heavy CAST IRON oi' FIRST CllAIHO vitreous CHINA. ' Heavy chrome BRASS Irimminjrs nuuto for service as well as to sell. Priced the same as in- lei'im liraiuln. PETE" THE PLUMBER 109 N. First Phone 2731 '£>*-'*>'-*'*»*'>W'*''J-'^^^^^^ '» ; .- . • '*• Too Lato to Classify For Sale Tln.nlr.. fin- M,|.. in 111 l.ili.i-.- ' ^"-.M.ll,. l.alfliir,. I,.,,„-. Vrarlv -,,^< Jill . I'li.. in. I.l.K. I..ill,III.r «,,'• N. (Ji.m.-r, (JIM KiiliNil^ .',(. .Vvvv Mi li'inv., t.n l-H-(,li. I I For Rent hrilrii.ifH in-iir l-m'ii. 'l'wi> K'll k l"'l f''•''' •il. I'll, 2<i«7, -(^•i.l.'-in Help Wanted i:\Mi.rl <•.! ninrlininTlll. Contn^r. T.nlll- .,r Cli,n,.ll..r. Itl. I. [I'lX OS«. Kn«4 1'riiirli. .Mil S-lik-H Money to Burn? S v >' /I" Of course mil! Y«L cvurylliin^ yon have is .worth moiury—iinrl should bu insured against loss through I'ii'e. Phone 2(H I now and nial<e an appointment will) ns id (lisnis.s your needs. '\VoYo I'irm believers in adei|iia(e, lull, not excejw, pnileclion. THE Insurance Agency Services ffotrsi! nuwiiiK. finnulation ri 1 pairs. I'",xperii'i)ced. Have nil t l <ini|>mcrtt. Call .|i)2 or .see Frank CrorUell. :!()() S Kith. <l-8-i»k-r,-S 1-K J>l, 11 Choire of fuel nn s no relation to the amount of heat n system pills out. This depends entirely on Ihe nnioimt of radiation provided, I Ilome-'buyors r.lioi>ld, make sure Ih^t sufficient nuViation exists. ^° /^ " ^f There's nothing like glcaniinj; n-csli ^^^ ]i;iint lo bi-ighlon and enliven ; homo. ,-• We also Ii.-tvo crmvas inul wall p;ipor. Just ni;tl 551 We Feature Vanc-Calverl'a De Luxe Paints! E. C. ROBiNSOM LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 FARMERS- E!ec!ricily Aids • INCREASE PRODUCTION » FURTHER SANITATION • ADD CONVENIENCE Have Your Farm Properly Wired by Our Workmen.... All Work Guaranteed! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phone 2993 F. \V. WIIITNKK Firsf Nat'l Bank B\dg. Phone 2641 :»: :«: ^>:>;;*»;»:>::»:»:>»;if s.._ GET "imND-RUBBED" BEAUTY FOP your Floors, Furniture, Woodwork SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MAR-NOT SATIN-FINISH VARNISH! • Brush on one cont of this lovely, long-lasting Satin Finish vntntsh... you'll get a finish with that handsome, costly, hand-rubbed lookl Tough, too! Mar-Not resists scratching, scuffing ... discoloration from alcohol, fruit juices. Won't turn white from cold, hot, or even boiling water! Also in Gloss— if you prefer n more brilliant SHCH WIH-WILLIUHS SEMI-LUSTRE Amazingly washable; "sntin- firnsli 1 ' Tor kitchen nntl bathroom wnlls and ceil- Qt. $1.35 SHEHWIH- WKXIAMS HOUSE PAINT Ceaseless research now gives this famous paint NEW coverage, dutnbilily, beauty, economy, SHiawtN -WILLIAMS ENAMELOID One coot ma)<cst\irmttiro,boo!c- shclvcs, woodwork, toys ^tcarn like ncwl Wjisli beautifully. Pt. t. <M - WILLIAMS rw ' PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL Kich luitroiis color* that dry harJ. Resists wear and weather. Prevents rotting and '" decay. $5.10 Gal. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PLANTERS HARDWARE

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