The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
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\ Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O!' NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—Xo. 15.1 PARNELL Jllytlicvillc Courier, lilylliovillo Daily News, Her(ild,__ Mississippi Valley IXMile IJI.YTIIKVIU.K, AHKANSAK. SATCUIUY. SKlTKMiiKIt III, I MO SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS Enterprise Leads Shamrock In First Cup Race Enterprise-America's Cup Defender I'ii'st of Scries for Amcri- . ca's Cup Is Called Anybody's Race. KUU.KTIN Tlic Enli.rprisir. American defender i>r (lie America's cup, defeated Sir Thomas 'Upton's Shamrock (Ills afternoon in Die first :iO-milo race of a series lo be run nff the /Jdinde Islainl ro:ixl. Kntcrinis.c finished 3 minutes am! 51 seconds ahead nf Shamrock, •&•£":' ' ABOARD THE S. S. KANE. In- '.ernational Cup Race Course, Sept 13. (UP)—reading her rival "by many lengths, Harold S. Vamh-r- bilt's Enterprise rounded tlic lurn at tlie halfway mark in today's Data on Yacht Races (By United Press) Defender— Enterprise, owned by Vandr-rbill-Alrtrich syndicate. Challenger — Shamrock " owned by Sir Thomas Liutor Place Off Newport, R. T. Time—Hegiixiing September 13. i930. and continuih'; dailv except for Sundays and postponements, until one boat wiir four races. Distance 30 nautical mile*. Courses—First race. 15 unuti eal tulles to windwon! and return; second race around ccunl ateral triangle ot 30 miles; then alternate courses on altering days. Trophy—America's cup wor by vacht America at Cowes. Isle of Wight. 1351. Roosevelt and Dennis in Prompt Denial ot Remarks Anenl Presidency. HOT SPR1NOS. Avk.. Sept. 13. iUl'i—Satisfied wilh ilu-lr work "I enclor.siiiti Semilor Joe T. Robinson as tlx'lr choices for Democratic presidential numhuuiun In 1932. eudors.!!!!! the r..dintntMnuion ot Clciv, Harvey l'arn.?ll, aiul outlining their fall i-ampiUBii, dclegalci were i r.'tiirnmt; home from* the Uenio- cri'.'.ic state 'convention loday. A kick back was rri'Mvcd frcm tlu> cndcrscmcnt ol riobhiton ns the re-Mill pf iui address by former governor Charles Hriuiyh. Kemarks of Hrouuh quoting Cl.iv. Fianklin Hoosjvelt of New York :uui Chtel Jus'.lce Samuel IK'nnis of the Maryland supreme court re- ;::irdinR Gov. Albert Rilchtir of Maryland, were described by Korsc- velt mid Dennis, ns badly hmccur- .] i r. "Very Si'riotis Inncruracy" ALBANY. N. Y., Suul. 13. <UI>> - General Pershiujy-al 70 n County Highway .Bond Pro. posal Fails to Meet Favor of Governor. '' " LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13 (UP) — I Gov. Harvey Pnrnell'1ms (Mflnilcly j decided not to call a. special session of the legislature to uid drouth 1 stricken sections of the state, the Unlhd Press lenrned on highly reliable authority todny. The state drouth relief committee »ml other organizations had re- riiicslcd a special session to formulate ivjlk't for the ureas hit hardest by the drouth. •;.._.. Several factors were said to have, entered Into the governor's decision which Iw has not ycl announced. AmonB them were that a speclnl session would probably- harddly get started before the, lime for the regular session,- and any legislation could not. become effective until too late to aid the sections hurl until spring, that authorizing counties lo Issue bonds for •oiul work would dltrnpt the slate highway program and prove harm- to the permanency of building the Llate road system. The years have dealt generously with Gen. John Joseph Pcrshlnrf. for as you soe him here-erect, alert, ami still busy at his desk In the War Department in Washington-he was silling for his published siiitc'ment 'by'Charles I r "" p|h l]lrlll<ln V Picture. The former Commander In Chief ot the A. Bi-nujjl'. former governor of Ar-1 K - R ln lllc World War. and Chief o[ Siaif of the U. B. Army from balsas, in which )•? is said to lu\vc|'S2l to lillM. was retired from active srrvlrc nl tile tif»e of Gl. But mio'.cd Governor Rnrsevcll as suv- now, with his seventieth birthday nn September 13 General Pi i;?at,SJtu™dcn^ __>^' <* '"<-• "»"'< «" -nts commission. race for the historic America'? aerial photo of ihe Enterprise in action gives a new idea of the trim grace and po\u-r j embodied in _ Ihe ehosi'ii defender of the America's Cup. The NEA Scrvice-Courie r Neu.s picture was (taken frcm the Goodyear blimp Mayflower as il floated above Ihe course of! Newport. R. I., during I the final trial of the cup candidates. Enterprise, shewing a clean pair of heels lo its rival. Yniikee. demonstrated her superiority in a light breeze. nomination in 19;« but was "having trouli!.; with T;uiimany," was | ;leulcd by Honsevell. 'He. alto denied he s.iid he would support Senator Joseph T. Robinton of Arkansas for the- presldcu- '(tlal nomination If he failed (o win 'I. The governor before he let! for Cup 2 minutes and 7 seconds ahead of Sir Thomas Lipton's Shamrock V. Captain Ted Heard, veteran professional skipper of the Shamrock gained considerably on the defender in rounding the turn. Euterpri*- lost several lengths of her advantage there n.s sbe overstock! llr mark and Vanderbilt. at HIP lichn \ appeared to be having difficult!- i /-. c . ni 1 r bringing the defender about. Heard jUlStoms System 15!a tiled tor on the other hand, ninde a beau- i tiful turn, -gaining as he hit tb mark right on the lurn air' ' whirling around the mark, turn ' ins wilh only a few feet to spare, i The Enterprise led from t.h '• I start, maintaining an advanta<r~ i during the 15-mile run to leeward Shamrock, after crowding on to lengths, was gradually gaining n r i } : ' Pm • llioy renched the turn and il was I '-ini-nt. anyone's race as they starled back loward Newport. Both ckipoers took in -ballooner-- and broke out jibs, baiiv jibs an' 1 Ion sails for the race home in " v:ind of approximately eight kno' = TIFF TRUCE Current F.conomic Depression Overseas. GENEVA, Sept. 13 CUP)—The league of nations assembly was urged today to study tiic economic '; I Condition of Euro]',?, especially in regard (o an improved customs Ernest Jones Is District Aiulitimi Conlesl Winner Foreign minister GuL-seppe matta r;f Switzerland Faid il was essential thr»t an iir.nrovcd custom*; -.••lime be organized in Europe with rarticnli' emphasis placed on mran> for ccmbatting the oresrn: agricultural crisis and rlcfend- ing European farm products. Brown, president of the British bofird of (rade, urged reneral sturlv of the causes of pc-nomic depression, recalling that the world conference of 1027 re-' commended free trade. He re- [ ' the nrrnngemeiUs last year j a Eurooean tariff truce and Cotton Consumption Off in August U. S. Reports WASHINGTON 1 . Sept. 13 lUP> — Thr U. S census bureau estimated eonsumpticn of collon in j the montii of August nl 352.3335 j rnnr.iiu biles against 318.385 in j p. „ i T I i July and 553.751 in August. 1020. j Dr. oaiTUiel Joekel To-nl ronsumt'.'.ion for the 12 j c L- T rrrnth;: ending July 31 amounted' '-'DCaK 1 OinOlTOW to G.113.M2 bales againtt 7.091,005 hales iu tile previous season. Will Oil Windstorm KiSlsMan at Searcy The three Blythevillp represen : for tatives wen honors in the distric' j suggested such a truce should orier- Alwator Kent audition contest a' j ntc until specific- international Paragould yesterrinv afternoon an* j -,o rccm have h^en marie even Ernest. Jones will represent north- Chough Ihe tariff truce fell -lion e.isl Arkansas al i'le Mn!« r.on:cs- i of exprrlali'iis. in Hot. Springs nest month for tlv j bovs' voice. i cently. He is a graduate ot invoice dcparrment of Henderson Brown college at Arkadelphla. Willie Tro:ter. popular Lion- ciuh protepe won srcnnd honors i" the same event. Throiuh nn or- Recovered {mm Wreck o( Texas Trains FORT WORTH. Te>r.. Sent. 13. :UP)--T!ie bodies cf two trainmen linrl been taken todav fr.-jm tiic . 101 It was announced over the ra- ' wreckage of a Reck Island freight '•'io that Trott-r won first tiniw ' !rnln anri n switch cneinr which He won first in the state contev collided In th1 yards at the out- when a student of the city hlql- i ' !tirls ff r>rt Worth b=t ni?ht. school and three times was n' nipui ' T!lc drac! werc Ernrsl Fdrke. en- h"r of the boys' ninrtet which 'v»-i ! "uicrr of (lie switch cn»inc. and first state honors in high sc.hoo' ; F - M - FT- fl'-'fman on the frenhl. conlpsts. ' • --Miss Carplvn Haley, the yonn™ est contestant, von STonrl in t 1 :" Girls' contests. She wns nccomnn- i"'l to Para?mild bv l'"r teach-r Mrs. Georee M. Ts.e. and soverv from tills city motored ove- 79-Yc ?< r War Veteran Divorces Girl of 15 LTTTLK ROCK. Sept. 13 (tfPi--- Ikavv *A-;iul> and rainstorms wliich swept through sccti'ns of Arkansas late yesterday and la^t night caused one death, several Injures and rr.midernble property damage, according to reports received here Elmer Powell, in. wa=, tilled at Seurcv when a arnnds'aud n* a high school alhlelic- park was blown c-.vr. ninir,; Frwll in the wreck- airc. Fewell and a companion had token refuse, under tho structure wben the storm approached. Fiv.^ iXTFOns were injured when imbtnin? struck a barn near Pnra- Tonld. Twe. of th<* persons. Berrv Risers nnd A. E. Reeves of Denver, Col., win had taken shelter in tiif- barn, w.^rc in a serious condition tcdav. :h winds nl JonCF-boro yester- dnv afterncou blew in twn show- windows, cr.rried boards for several bl-cks. fri7l-.ten?d p»:sr.ns nliond- court in the old Craighcad rcnnty cc.',irlhou.<Y> nnd aided a break from j?ll by three Xegro?.=. i" of whom later was rocr.ptured- The ncrro prisoners. Frank An- 'rs-n. .Jamis Hughes and a negro nnmod Smith, took advantage of the disturbance created bv the storm to crawl through a hole in the second flnnr wall of the Croieheid countv jnil nnd dr--p to Ihi ground. "The. Right of Choice" The Rev. Snmirel I,. Jockel. D. I)., of Austin. Texas, will conclude his series of evangelistic services at the First Presbyterian church Sunday. "The Rlsht of Choice" will be liis theme for the morning churcli service and for his closing messa'W he lias selected "What Then Shall I Da with Jesus Which Is Cctl'cd the Christ?" In coinu\?minr; upon the eil'- uing subject the Rev. Marsh M. C'llr.wav. host .(ns:or. says tin; this is the best sermon which Dr. Joekel preaches and a large crowd is expected to hear him. Special mu-;,- for these services includes an anthem by the choir a (lonnie Franklin Comes Home j'oj 1 Col Ion Picking his hinie at Ilvde Park directed the denial lie made. um-'X J. Mahnncy, assistant secretary. isHird the foilowlni; Miilcinenl: i "I \vis)i to .say tliat Governor RocseveH \i-ry deeply icgreis tlv? very serious inaccuracy lhat has very evidently crept into the remarks of f.-rmer 'governor Uraii'jh reiwrtecl in the press. The only pan of the press report ttmt Is nny way (rue is, Ihe lac-t that gov "ernor Roosevelt did expres; himself ns having a very warm regard ATKIHfi. Ark. Srpl. 13 ctJPI — t'DUlf 1 FiLinklin. jii'inritm in (he O/:ui::. nie!o:ji;uun :ind mystery lu-t sprint;, luis returned io Ihe scene of II 1 ? fiimniis irinl lo slart pukini; cotton. Fianklin, who xva r . believed to havn been murdered but arrived at the trial of his alleged murderers !m returned Iron) a hitch hiking nip into Mexico where he went aflc-r a vaudeville tour failed. Ills return has ngain llirown Ihr cc.m- i uumity into cc>ii5teiuati[)n n.s tnany for Senator Robinso'n. ° ' persons wlio kir^v i-'r:inklin iiefore P.rougii. according 13 press r,-- llls alle " t 'J murder continue lo porls, made Ihe fcintemenls dnrin" (1<1|iy llc ls llu ' '' cnl Conlli(1 " m tllc an address before the Arkansas I rps1 ' state Di'inocralic conveniion nt Hot Springs nt, which a presidential 1 ,.. . . „. . _ bocni for Senator Robinson was. Mississippi Will Cllt i Road Force, Reduce Pay lie inrt on Employment LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Sept. 13 (UP) —Curtailment of Inbor In many Industrial plants, and absorption of much unskilled labor in- highway and municipal construction and farming activity in Arkansas wer.? shown by the August labor o-i. nut re , wr t O f u, c o. S- Department of I'crshlng Labor for the district corhprliing Arkansas. Louisiana and Texas. The majority of coal mines were on part-time schedule, the report snld,' and n surplus ol miners existed. . .-' " . The surplus of labor among lum- D II bcr mill workers, was further in- li. creasy) by employment, reductions niy.f wiiic'ri' (jiiairrctl -hlW-Vi '..lirifnljeVVi'. '•I these mills reported part/ time op- New York state is roplncint; without charge, trees burned in forest fires on private property. the morning hour and a solo by the licv. C. Crier Davis, who has been pastor supply at Osceola this summer nnd who has concluded til" sinning in Ihe revival, accompanied by Mist I/cone Cnllicott. JACKSON. Mi-s.. Sepl. 13 (UP> —The stale hl'jhway dcpnrtnv;nt v;ill pay o'f ail employes not necessary for preseii: \vork October 1. Director Chalmers Williamson >nld lierc last night. Tl-.-; tlepamucni v,il! also cut nil ^alnries in b til office and field organizations !i) per cent. The max- Cotiiily Activities Restricted at Present Pending Receipt of Funds. fload u-nrk. lemporarily almost a! n standstill in Mississippi county due to Inch of funds, will be renewed In nn effort, to get county hlyhwnys inshape for Ihe winter as soon as fiuuls cxpoeted from I lie Mate are receivd, R N. Wilson, county highway engineer, told rnacl overseers who met at Manila last night for a gel-toother mccllim and watermelon supper. Boih Mr. Wilson and County Judge George W. Bnrhnm expressed appreciation of the work done by the overseers during the pasi year, nud n number of the road men (hanked the counly officers for the cooperation given them nnd e.X|m«scd satisfaction nt the nrcsress of Ihe county road pro- orations. Workers wero released .from the- hon and slc^l industry, food and kindred poducls plants, and ECV- eral other miscellaneous Industries. In some Icctilitles there was not' sufficient bulldlns under way to occupy (he resident building tradesmen, Ihe rci>6rt said. Highway construction, municipal Improvements, and farming .activities absorbed some of the unemployed laborers. .'.' Ill dl.'cr.sstng "Three Times in linitm day lalKir scnlc will be S1.50. i Every Man's Life r, . . - > ' "I* inn lllilk LiiU I.UIIJIl V IUUU Scant treasury funds and small j tcm mnj . bc 3teadll | mJpl . ov , d . revenue from the sisollne tax are causing the iioilcy of retrenchment, for the program. WHITEHALL. N. V. (UP^r.nlf- ^ rr in this s'-cHin \vhn wonri^r"^ wh"r» their Vails went to "'ere nitwd on riiirllnc soni" Sfl of th«n s' A red in an nM h'"p slum". R^u'~. rcls apparently h.-lirvinc (he ball- were inns, confiscated them. MENA. Ark.. Sept. 13 <UPI— The married llf" of .Tohn D.-Shazo. 79- i-rar-pld civil war veteran, 'and Alics Carter D? Slirvo, 15 years o!d, has ended- A divorce was granted DC Shevo frcm the 15-year-old cirl ninvvied in .Tii'ie. 102P. The iwo ^.'p-ivatort shortly after their mar- ringe. Smoke? While Batbtng In Benzine; Will Live CHICAGO. Sept. 13 i— Joseph Wcrsii'.'ki, 40. tried smn'siuj a ci<:- aret and batrtn? his feet in ben- 7.ln" a' tile !.nme time. His phyMi-lnM faid tod.iy his condition w;is not critical. . Joekel called these times. Opportunity. Blindness and Judgment in Pulaski Jury Scores Asylum Committments LTTTLF; ROCK. Ark., sept. 13, (UP)—An investigation of i»rsons f-rfiimitted lo Ihe state insane asylum appenred probable today as the result pf a report of the Pu- iaskl county grand jury which scored the prewnt methods of sanity tests. The body reported slate Ituvs were being violated In performing the sanity tests nnd that examine ers were able to send anyone whether sane or not to the asylum. Tlic jury reported only or,2 examiner instead of two Is rco,uired by law was used to make the tests, inly road sys-1 The stnlc rcedlcnl association I was believed to be planning to start Present for (he simper besl'l" | nn investigation. nrl(I I Because of the failure of gram. Jurlp/e narham said that II wir. the interest in road affairs taken bv the overseer.-, that made possi- '»'.•> the progress that has been made, and he spoke ffor Zal Harrison, who will succeed him ns r.Diin- judge, continued cooperation to wcre rev- of the Poverty and live—or riches an.- tinr.applnejs? Pretty Celia Rogers, daughter o' divorced parents, was faced wn' tht perplexing problem of choosin? a life of poveriv with her woikm- molhor nnd n life of luxury wit'. her wealthy fattier. Ce'.In's mother, es'.ranpecl from husband lor many years. h;i-' worked ns n Ftanr.'ross to pul he:- daushter (hro'ip.h school. Then her fathor. whom Celip had not seen since babyhood, returned to cl.iim ]:cr. Mrs. agreed it was brs: she slumld p- with him. But. Celia—well, read for yo self what happens to her in " Hungry." a st.irtliur^ly un:isu,i story of life nn<1 !ov?. l-.curt.icht nnd happiness. bei;inn.ut; today ir The Courier Ko>vs. lie iwnce, Charles Barker. Clear nt-.n con.'t:ilile. and C. R Bnhi-ocV I tri "" ons - r Larcenv Case Gives • Fire Boys Strong Array Chief Roy Head and members ot ! nn»,r.,. n J II i'I M J " 10 cily (irc department expect to *.on ri nit°d Until JVlonnav have one of the bofcequipped small Judge \v. D. Gravettc in police '' cil >' tirc departments in the conn- court wit held his decision in th? i lr >' In the near future. of Vf. J. Jiles. negro, charged i Chief Head successful!)- peiltion- nciii larcr-nv this marninf I ed the city council to purchase a v'i"ii the nocro asked to IH- nllo"' | new set of fire ladders and new e;l In srcm-p witncs=r=. He will nn ; fire coats at the recent councilses- in bis defense to a charge of steal- j sion. A new ladder nozzle will b-i -:,„ f 0vero ] article-; from M^ve- added t othe equipment of each •v.rtnlck. junk dealer, nnd selling |of the city's trucks soon which unit tn°m hack fo the funk dealer. i enable one fireman to conlrol a Hartmck Identified .Tiles as fh» ; line of hose from a fixed pivot at negro in court this morning but Jilc--- claims U was "some oilier nf- gro." A forfeit was ordelsd on tt^i bond of a man charged with public drunkenness. Sheriff sp-1 Deputy Back From Convention Sheriff W. W. Shaver nnd Clarence Wilson, chl.-'f dpctty, have re- turnrd from i,itl« RCK-k' and H^t Pnrlnos. Tl-e Mi?si«ipol. counlv 'hcrifr ^e'tied with th" su'le trris- nror for tax monov due f^m Mi«- Mssliinl eomitv while .it T.lfUo Rrw'< nnd later attended the Democratic sinlo convention at Hnt Springs. Ihe top 01 Ihe fire ladders. A heavy duty no?.?le with a portable base which will throw a stream of water forced into it from two separate hose lines will also' soon ha in use. WEATHER ARKANSAS.—Generally fair tonight and Sunday. K was 92 degrees temperature- here this afternoon for a maximum since yesterday and the minimum war. 69 .?arly this morning. It rained 32 Inches of mm In th& thunderstorm late yesterday after-

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