The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 18, 1949 BLYTHEVIT.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople voo rote&or TO PUT UP THIS FTZONT BOABO AMD HE'S BEEN IN THE 6REASE AfiAHsl.' WE HAVE TO BARRICADE EVEN TH SOFA AMC> ARSACHAIRS ATNU3HT/ CAN'T SOU TRAIN THATDOG? I AIN'T BE EM ABLE TO TRAJM MYSELF TO sorr VOU WIMMlM VET.' 3l>JCTi0t>J ORe PKOP- SSAt>.' TO VWlVT ESTATE WAM6 T SL»JK THAT I MOST PKET6MD TO HASJe SOOT 3UST TO GAllJ A. F6VJ CAYS to CCST AMD OOT MV PROBLEM/4|? MIKJD HIS PSOSRAM*. B, SCetJlC GRftfJOSUR" 0 > OP 8LOOD, SWEAT] T. SWOtJOER, ' - TSARS? A IF HB'l-l. r WOV^ 'tArt XW WkTZUHS WORD s oeRAiL^ PICTURE of MV MitJii „ MV 'FATHER'S ' sieM.\\$e ES SITTING , OOT A FEW HAMMER SWlflSS Read Courlei Ncwr W»* A* NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully rcfinished. or if you wish new hardwood, asphalt or rubber Ule, or inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wtxxl can do the work expertly and at reasonable cost. Call 2272. FREE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone ,2272 CLIPPED ANGEL 1949. NEA SERVICE. INC By Give Grierson Cornish TH K *'f UK V i Hlfc* t»lNC «<sijclH*er. fcM j *«••! if •! 4ick-«pi 'iiriirll i» Icark Mby iBvrl CM* ••!»• •*» «r# «f»*t Mlk* We spare DO etlort ID providing EXTRA everyday prescTiptioo :rvice. which meant eitra con- jenlence to you Feel free to call on us »t anj time Prompt delivery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE <••<»•• •rrr XIII DRETTY soon I'd worked my way back 10 the caved drifta ol the early days, within 300 feet the portal, f tit a cigaret and down to think. It looked as if that hidden exit I wa« looking tor had to be one of those old drifts. If that was then either the drift was In go« enough shape to use but wai cam ouflaged to look as tf it were caved in. or else It had been deliberately caved on Wednesday so I wouldn' notiM tt I went outside and brought back a mucking shoveL I didn't lik he bigness erf the job ahead of roe Jrdinarily I'd have requisitioned < crew of huskies, but the hings were I preferred lo do my WD digging, and it looked as u* he price of mistrust was going tc un high ID sore muscles. I must nave moved close to : couple of tons of rubble In th< drilt I'd selected, when I realize- it was 4:30 and Cory ought t have beard from the smelter. I ditched the shovel and started toward the main haulag tunnel. I hadnt gone more th; 30 feet when I tripped and went sprawling oa my face—and caved T life A stick of bombs, to the thapc of 100-Dound roclu. whistled down raise and smashed into the floor jrectty ahead ad me. «c»rteruic irt over my Dark I war oti my eet And out o< that drift before he echo stooped In the main haulage tunnel I ilted to g«t my breath and curse myself (or * tool I should* have been watching tor a thing like hat—taking on a gang single- landed 1 o rushed off the dirt as best 1 coil Id and started [or Lhe mam portal DUT before 1 reached tt • »ort of delayed reaction set ID and f had to stop from sheer weakness It WB t OT ei »oon «no\j gh out not before f'd nad time to wonder when the nert attempt would take place and whether it would be sueressfuL • • • >R somebody who had just ceived good new5 Cory looked pretty glum when I finally reached her office "Well," I said, "did you get the figures?" She pushed a cheet of paper across the desk at me. I picked it up and saw she had the details aL written out: ounces of gold, ounces of silver, per cent copper, ai! translated Into dollars and cents. I looked at it again. Thursday's car was worth 5964 I sat down with a thump. "That can't be right!" "Twenty tons at $48.20 pet too is J964. Check it yourself." "Bui—* She go* up and went over to th window "I've been thinking i over Mike. I'm going to lell Doug Weyman to accept thai otter fo the mine and gel oui while I can 1 was all wrong. Mike, letting you persuade me iDto thinking thei was something tunny going oo Everyone oo the towns] te is friend of onine, and 1 ought t have kjoown oettec than to doubt raj iriends It'i my rault Til paj our fee up to date and we'll call ofl." I wouldn't have worried It she'd en mad—1 could nave handled lat—but the way she spoke it wat nftmtely worse She sounded as I she were sorry Tor me Sorry— nd disappointed Belore I coulrJ say anything Un- le Jate had wandered in "*Hello here- Tounp fellow." oe Mid "1 lear you were all over the work- today Find anything we've missed?" I was in no condition (o answei him My mind waf numb He rambled on. oozing oenevolenre 'You know Mr McTajg. Cory'* dad useo to ?ay the only thmp he didnl Like about Dark AngeJ wa* .hat the ore always Jooked better than 1t uirned oui to be I son ot got en Idea, roung man, that's what's been worrying you." JUST then Archie Trask bustled ** In. full of energy and mauly goodwill He greeted everybody cheerfully, and then Cory's figures on the sheet of paper caught his eye "Forty-eight dollars and 20 cents a ton What's that. Cory? One of our cars?" She was embarrassed. "That't the car we shipped yesterday, Archie I phoned the smeller to see how it turned out" He looked ouzzled. "But, Cory, we got the figures oo that car from RigS5 This morning, lust Like we do on every car lhat goes out Forty- ei^ht-seventecn a ton. wasn't that it?" Cory passed the buck without a qualm. "Mr McTaig said It was going lo run around S150 a ton, so he got me to Dhone the smeller." Uncle Jake looked at me like a dog that's been whipped for reasons It doesn'l understand. "Mr. McTaig." he said sadly. "1 wish I knew why you didn't trust us." (T» B« I'ontinaed)' PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE Vrk-Mu Slal* Lil» A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 lo 3 • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner Tftc • We Never Close • THE GR.\US fOMPAYt Real L- OSCEi.L' Phone 521 PhoiM 30751 Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday N'ight n. c. St. Cialr Call till for Private Parties SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS "George it the smartest boy in our class, He can say, 'Go to GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for all types of loans', in Latin.' .STUDEBAKER. Phone 888 Phone 888 (B Ul a DID YOU KNOW THAT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. OFFERS YOU THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHOWROOM IN ALL OF ARKANSAS? Your Srudebaker Dealer Offers You More! )!)!!> Ford 2-Door Sedan 1!)1S Studebaker Land Cruiser 1!)I7 Kludebaker 5-Passenger Champion ]!).'!? Chevrolet 2-door, has new rings. 50 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone SSS •STUDEBAKER' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MEKIIILL BLOSSEH So SBJ- We All "l'v« cured my husband of snoring—I spend so much money that h« li»i &wak« itl night worrying!" »i« sinvitl. inc. r, M. nrc. u. 3 T.r. orr I'lUSCIM-A'S POI" Thill's Our (;iil BY AL VUKMKEK Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2B51 f ..THEM WE'LL FOLLOW HIGHWAY 5... AND OH, WE CAN'T GO THAT VOU WAMT TO BE- BACK (VI TMF TOR SCHOOL, DON'T YOU? VIC FLINT An Alibi I!Y M1C11AKL O'AIAI.LKY and RALPH LAJSE SO THIS llMf I'M WANTID toe found Alei<\ KK A MURDER AT ONE " rifht O'CLOCK THIS MORNINS/ , ;.- ..O ' \ (J^XV LI/111/ tiAUl/ V(JA-r'« at the address listed on his Bertilton picture . 6ROWL AND MR.FMNT DOWN TO EATERV TO PRODUCE ALIBI THESE COPPERS \ SLJRE.ALEy. AIL I WANT TO KNOW WHERE KNOW IS VOU WEKf I WAS AT LAST NI6HUHDR6 FROM ELEVEN MUSCLES. <N^ TO THCSE. WASH TUBBS Yes, He Kits! HY LKSLIE TUKNER WHOEVER TOOK 1MM BOX F ROW UN PER 1H6 COZHERSroWE PROB'LV LOM HO TIME OUT O' TOWWi AMO HWE'NF A CLUE AS TO WHO IT WAS '. F6EL ». LITTLE SICIt. eA*v...LosiMG ft FOftru BV BEIUG «. BIT LME' sw. WHAT'S THIS ? A PAIR. O'FAUTS. WITH t.K. OW THE BELT BIJCICLE...LEW KA5KVS IWHIAL5 '. »NP MR. WEtD SWP HE'S MISSlMe. . HWM...ME HAS .4CTEO R&THEK IKI5 WHOLE TKiDO '...BUI I CMTT Kl HOW HE FITS IMTO If i UGS BUNNY Now You've (!<>l H f! OINSWIDDIE. ) ( 2784... / VI.LEY OOP Kig-Hearled Oscar HY V. T. HAM1.IN S~ ^ J'M A-6OIM! POC...YEZZIR// WHAT \ I'M SO1M 1 TO TH' MOOW -OU SO ) WITH OSCA!?... PEPPED HE JUST SAID UP FOK /^ 1 COULD. X OH, HELLO, OSCAR.. I HEAR YOU /•-" Aw WELL ~s P|C'DE D TO / SHUCKS, I JOST LET OOP GO / DIDNT HAVE ., AFTER. / THE HEART TO ALL.' /-.^\ TURK) AW OLP > PALDOVVM' VEH, L)H-HLJH...BLrr VDU'D BETTER \ <X> PUT SO^AE | STEAK OW THAT EVB/ frx 'til'. s^J •frH-tf HOOTS AND HKR BIIDDIKS .S( range HY KDGAR MARTIN V VJVOW. V'vVl CM.t,VJtW'. \.^.r\vit. \v>s. I v'vv tVtyvJ'L OfVVCV \f\^?V^ I ^ ^jf^^^tT <KVJO VitXV H O^ to DO GO Oi (s J I R^FKW '. r-

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