The Ottawa Free Trader from Ottawa, Illinois on June 8, 1878 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Free Trader from Ottawa, Illinois · Page 2

Ottawa, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1878
Page 2
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OTTAWA FREE TRADER; SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1878. CREAM OF OUR EXCHANGES. One-half of tUe bee In San Monica, CuL, were lost last year, an exchange. Hope it was the tall hulf, remarks tlio Chicago Time. Are you working hard and earning t'J a day? Here divider' shouts the Communist touting on the corner. "The parting gives me pain," sighed the man who was combing his hair for the tirst time uftc-r a two weeks' spree. Cincinnati J'ott. These are the pathetic last words of Uie Wor-cester Daily Prtu: "We hope the fellow who sent us a postal card witli 'stop my paper' writ-ten upon it will be satisfied this morning. t e study to please." Swell: "I want you to make me a short coat, without tails or seams In the back. Do you know what I mean?" German tailor: "Ynus, yaas, I know vat you vant. You vant a straight jacket" Let our republican friends possess their souls in patience. If there was really no fraud in Florida and Louisiana, Mr. Potter's committee won't find any, and Hayes will be vindicated. Staff yi'l'-r. No fraud! Why, thunder, they've proved it! Patience indeed ! A Deadwood paper mentions the shooting of Chris. Hotl'iiian, a saloon keeper of that city, say-ing he "was shot twice in the abdomen, and once in the barber shop adjacent." They tell of an amateur sportsman in Dayton, Ohio, w ho, having heard that there was an unusual abundance of mushrooms in the woods, borrowed a dog and took his gun and started to kill some. A West Farms (X. H.) fisherman last week caught twenty-seven trout sumo of them, he says, weighing orer two pound apiece. Hi" would have caught more; but he is not a very good liar That's a pretty good story of the Morris ml" jvwltut about catching a woodchuek over on the Mazon, but what's the use of putting one's ere-dulity to such a strain by making a dog climb a tree? We are glnd to learn, even at this late day, that Thomas Jell'erson would turn aside rather than step on a bumblebee. He was barefooted when he felt that way, of course. Ih tiuit Jnt "What's honor?" asks Falstatl'. That's easy. Any woman who sits behind another woman in church can tell what's on her in two minutes. Edison lias perfected a fog-horn that can be heard ten miles, but when it comes to an invention for getting his hired girl up in the morning, he smiles sadly and falls to musing on the infinite. I' tint Oj.wmr. A boy In Ohio has three-eyes, one where the left car ought to be. This is mean. The boys of other state can't have but two eyes. Ohio rets evcrythinir under the present administration. ' 'hiril 'J'illKK. No, (ieorge; the article- now going the newspaper rounds entitled "Tweed as a Fireman," does licit refer to his present occupation; though his earlv knowledge of the duties of a fireman may prove of some advantage to him In his present home. Xniriituvn llrinlil. A minister over at (ialesburghad a son born to Mm, followed by u generous donation from his church, und in the next Sunday's prayer he alluded with gratitude to "the arrival of a little succor." After the service two students who at below solemnly asked him if he meant the money or tho baby. lue i,u f New York in in trouble because he signed a liill iiiiuii1iitltifc ", Catholic institution, in the face of the law which sav no public, money shall bo appropriated for secular purposes. Jnhit Jtn-onl. Xotfor itrnhir purposes! Then w ho pays for dog pelting or hanging people? That's 'Veen, lar" busmen. liy an error of the press, the London Kfh ! IWnfi was advertised the other day as the .'7.yi-,'V 11 1'ini', and on inuiry for It at a bookseller's shop, the bibliopole replied Unit he knew of no periodical called the Ej'Hiptic Ifirhii', though there might be such a publication coming out by tils and starts, A baby show was given in Waukegan, III., for the benelitof a Baptist church. The most fash-iouahle mothers entered their offspring, the charitable object overcoming their scruples, und over a hundred were put on exhibition, fine was Mack; and, when the ten-rent ballot boxes were opened, that one wm found to have been voted the prl.e for beauty. A Boston girl who had fallen In love with the opera of tho "Bohemian Girl" which she had heard for the lirtt fun , visited u music store and H-ked for "The heart boiled down with grease or care," and "When I swallowed home-made pies." The eb'rk at once recognized what she desired. sim: a !t n sox. "You're happy?" said the aged sire I'lito his married sou; "You're happy, ain't you, my dear boy?" "You bet I iiiii," said Won. Then on the vyteran stalenian's brow A shadow gathered slow; I'm almost sorrv, Don." he sighed, "I let the widow go." .V. '. '. John Koss of Cusiiovla, Mich., has an ailing wife. It was certain that she could never recover, and he thought that he might as well look around for her successor. He chose the daughter of a neighbor, and so Informed his wife, who juM hi. n that she would not stay long in the way. That night she drowned herself, a mob tarred and feathered Mr. Boss. The staid old bachelor of the .Juliet S;:iil oh. serves that "the gate stealing business seems to be laved out ; Iheyoiiug people all take an In-tere-t ill the gate, and stand and watch it for sev. end hours every evening. It generally takes two, one to hold the gate, and the other to see if unytiody is coming. They are especially afraid of the old folks." Speaker Corn i f the Arkansas legislature It q.litc deaf. I';io'k'x Aml'inrhr. Probably on ue. count of his ear being so husky. i!ryhv. But il won't interfere with Corn' talk. uarkmwk Unm'ilii.tH. We are amazed and shucked at these jokes. J J,, -1,111 TrmlUr. Do they call Mr. Corn kcrnei m-ur 1!aittr. If you've got your talk of puns ail shelled out, let s have the other coriieoliitants. lli.ttun It. Mush jou know about il! A New York S'oi ditty to the great unelectcd: Not a voice is heard, not a friendly word, For the limn winj was never elected; Y.'hoiii we all upbraid for a trust betrayed, And a land to shame subjected. Disgraced he sits, bereft of his w its, At the great resolutions of l'otter; And w lien in his bed he dreams he Is dead, He wakes to hud this world the hotter. His fol'v he mourns while sitting on thorns, Ever fearing to lose his position; Of Justice afraid, Hayes sadly dismayed. Be apt the' frul. of it wicked ambition. Often touching and generally edifying, the 'experience" in a Methodist love-feast have occasionally a comic ide. The follow ing occurred In a MethodUt Episcopal Church aouth: Mrs. Rogers, in "giving her experience," said: "1 told my husband, Mr. Kogen, that I felt I vu a great ainner. And tny husband, Mr. Itogcr, said be thought so, too. Then I told my Husband, Mr. Koger, that I thought 1 had better turn new leaf. And hit husband, Mr. Rogers, said ho thought I better." Dick Og'.ebr baa at last put forth Li powerful opinion, and It has been published. He gays: "Hayes ought to have a fair shake." The way tho Potter committeo is going for him about it now Indicates that the shake will be a good, hearty one, w hatever Dick may say of its fairness. I. IKK. Man's a vapor, Full of woes; Starts a paper, Lp lie goes. Cincinnati Ernj'iii'fr. Finds a pen He cannot wield; Enters then The lecture Held. A neurit A'cu's. nc or two seasons' Bant and spout; Prints a book, And peters out. liurliiujtiin Ifairhy. Writes a poem, Feels unwell; Gets it printed, (iocs to etc. State Ji'itxtri4. A Washington correspondent relates un inci dent: A Western member of Congress lounged into the barroom of u fashionable hotel one morning recently to get his matutinal invigorator. When the necessary utensils were placed before him, I lousier statesman deliberately tilled the glass to the brim with whisky. "Goodness gracious!" exclaimed the astonished barkeeper, "that isn't a drink; that's a temperance, lecture!" The member's face lights up with an expression of pride w henever he relates the incident. TIIK WIUIKIXO (ilKI.'.S WANT. I care not for splendor, not I ; For the style that a hotel assumes. For dishes French made, tropic fruits, marmalade, And porter-house steak with mushrooms. I sigli not for delicate fans Fishballs thrice a day would I take, If In- only were free to call upon me, And I "were as free for his sake. Give me a neat tliird-story buck, A candle, not gas, alter dark, A home without airs, and a parlor down stairs, Where Johnny could come in and spark. OX Till- OCEAN WAVE SteniinT ' Kih-vIh," of tlifl HrtiiiburK-AiiierlcHii Line. Iliu bur of t herbourjf, France. i I'r t.ii i. ill- Idualiir C(irresHimlfiit.) May imh, 1H7S. For un hour before the "Suevia" left the pier at New York her broad deck and splen did main saloon were filled with the hundreds that had come to see their friends and relatives off. There were congratulations and tender partings, laughter and tears. At 4 v. M. the whistle Mew the signal for departure, and those" who wished to remain in the western hemisphere went ashore. The immense steam- er began to move, almost imperceptibly at first, but with increasing speed at every turn of the screw, and wo left the w harf amid accla mations, waving handkerchiefs and a shower of bouquets and oranges. For two davs the weather was delightful. The ancient amateur mariners, of whom we hail many on board those who had crossed six or ten times said they had never seen anything like it. Rut the next evening we were in the gulf stream. While we were at dinner the whistle blew the signal for down brakes, and those who had traveled much on southern railroads thought for an instant that n cow was on tin- unvh ; out too hut 1, ,u.i ner said "fog." When we went on deck we saw the fog, and forrfwo days we saw nothing else. The fog whistle blew incessantly; the deck was wet and disagreeable; the sea of un oily, inky color, and only two degrees of the freezing point. We were oil' the banks of Newfoundland. On the second evening a breeze sprung up and lifted tho fog. The sea wa.s rolling, and the ancient mariner said we were passing through the vestiges of an old storm. Rcforc morning the old storm was reinforced by a young one. We had anticipated something of tho kind, for the sailors had been going about quietly lashing chair t i the deck and securing things generally; the steward bad also fixed a walnut frame to the table, which divided it into small fenced sections that afterwards proved a curb to the dishes in their eccentric antics, as the vessel was tossed like an eggshell by the waves. The fine weather of the first two days had spoiled the passengers of the "Suevia;" the fog put them out of humor; and the storm made them sick. Seasickness is a most mcl-aiicholy condition of the human Momach a visceral insurrection, fur which no allaying specific lias been found. lis premonitory synip. toins are disgust of food, yellow complexion, and a woebegone visage; and these are fol-lowed by vile and violent eructations, without respect to age, sex, condition cr refined society. Rut the recovery from seasickness, as the convalescent catches fjliuinscs of new hoi i- zons of health and physical validity, is delicious. Like Colonel Sellers, the Hamburg line never economizes on its nourishment, and fresh strawberries, asparagus, green peas cv. erytbing thut the market of New York or the vintages of F.uroc aH'ord, reeled on the restless table, or was sent to the cabin of every passenger that imagined himself indisposed. No dainty that the seasick soul conceived was tin- stew ard unable to furnish. Rusk in says that a ship should never be painted majestic and dellant, but only us warlike and enduring; and no one can have been at sea in a storm without realizing the truth ot his ih'rt'ii,, and feeling 1 ow entirely at the mer cy of the waves is even the U-st of ships. For sixty hours the "Suevia" struggled with the tremendous energy of flu! sea, ami when she came into jort the top of her smoke slack, twenty feet alsive her de k, was white front the salt with which the vaulting, snowy crest, cd waves had wreathed it. Imagine an iiu-uieiisc ship ascending cubic acres of cone-s1iii;msI, unstable wave; she reaches the apes, begins to descend, mid pilches stein foremost to the base, w ith terrific splash and splurge; a tremor like a shudder passes through her en-tire hulk, but she docs not creak as though she would so to pieces; there is too much endurance of iron, steel and oak in lier for complaint. She simply renews the engagement every mini te for three days, until the moid timid woman has faith that the ship is war like and enduring able to hold her own against Uie majestic and demoniacal ocean. C. A. S. In some jiortlonsoi wccaen there has been a powerful religious revival, which liegan in efforts to promote temperance. The ltaptist, Methodist and Lutheraa churches co-operate in the work ; the paatorh of ail working unitedly. SvuHtig Mugatiiu. WHEN I WOULD DIE. I would not die in spring time, And miss the turnip green, And the purty songs of the litUe frogs, And the robin's early scream. When birds begin u wooing And 'tatcrB gin to sprout, When turkeys go a gobbling, I would nut tlicu peg out. I would not die in summer, And leave the garden gass, The roasted lumb and buttermilk. Sweet clover and new grass. I would not die hi summer, When everything is hot, And leave the whisky juleps, O, no! I'd rather not. I would not die In autumn, With peaches fit for eating, When wavy corn is getting ripe, And candidates are treating. For these and other reasons I would not die in fall; And since I've thought it over, I would not die at all. A Iluily-Siintrliloir Horror. A week ngoC'inrlnnuti was intensely excited over h body. snatching horror, of which u dispatch of May UOtli gives the following account: John Scott Harrison, a son of ex-President Harrison, died suddenly some time Saturday night, his body being found Sunday morning, II :..u.. .1..,.. ,.l l,.i,l ll..,.,.l'..r 111! was millillljr uimuu, uini nm, died while preparing for bed, or had risen ear Iv und expired belotv lie tinislieu dressing the funeral took place in the Presbyterian Church utClevt-s yesterday, and the body was interred in Congress Green Cemetery, within few yards: of the tomb of President Harrison, j sixth We favor Hie equal recognition of When preparing the grave it was ascertained gold, silver, and I'nitcd Slates notes in thedis-that the body of Horace Dcvins, buried ten:c,.irg(. of public and private obligations, ex-days ago, had been stolen. He wa.s un inti-! ( (.,t w hen otherwise provided by ccntract; and mate friend of the Harrisons, and the discov-j t() t. t.tu ,.,t the same be secured, we favor cry caused great excitement, malting limn take extra precautions with the grave then be- ing prepared. It was accordingly walled ii heavily, the body placed in a metallic casket ami a sione wnicn required six men na ns handling placed over it. In addition a guard was employed to watch the grave for thirty days, l'he funeral over, Carter Harrison, son of the deceased, and Geo. Faton, a grandson, came to the city to search for the boily of their friend Dcvins. They were not prepared with the proper search warrants till this afternoon, when, in company with Kx-Chief of Police Snell Raker, they visited the medical college. In the dissecting room a rope leading to a chute seemed tight, and drawing it up it body with the face covered was found attached- After examining it a moment, Carter Harrison said, "That is not he; my friend was wasted with consumption, while this is a stout man." The body was entirely nude, save the covering of the face. Snell Raker suggested that Harrison should taken good look, am the cloth licing removed, he was seen to trein-' JiIj tinil turn iim1i nu lir t vrl:imw 1 "Afv CikI! its father!" The long, white, flowing beard! had been cut oil close to the chin, the jugular1 vcin had been cut and the blood let out. I he net oiiiccr assuming io pencil mm ucnomicc, body was otherwise in no way mutilated. The : a solemn resolution of one branch ot congress, doctors could make no explanation, in fact had; and it will be unfortunate it this letter of the nothing to say regarding the matter, und now, postmaster-general shall become such a precc-stotitly refuse to talk. The presumption is that dent. It is not the province of cabinet ollicers the suddenness of the death excited their in- to assail the action of congress, or the action tercst, and they determined to secure the body of either house; of congress. I here is gross lor post-mortem examination. While scarcii inipropueiy in n, oen mn mnu; wy i.-was being made for the body of Dcvins, friends tnable a man and official as Postinastcr-Gener-nt Cleves discovered that M'r. Harrison's pravej id Key - and we imagine he will himself recog-had also been despoiled, and two of them at nize the fact before the matter is ended. His once f-nmn in. and at the depot met th"'' wh in advance had made the discovery. 1 he stone on the grave had been pulled aside, the grave opened, the glass in the top ol the casket broken and the body pulled rudely out. The man employed to guard the grave has not I n seen since the discovery, although every effort has been made to ascertain his where abouts. Opinion is divided as to whi ther he was a party to the crime, or, after neglecting his duty and learning the result, lied from fear of being arrested for complicity in it. The body will at once be taken back and reinterred with precautions still greater than ever. Mr. Carter Harrison is almost prostrate from the nervous shock caused by a scries of severe or deals through which he has just passed. Hi ts n married man and has several children, all of whom reside in the Harrison Homestead a farm given the late John Scott Harrison by his father, President Harrison. It is located about live miles from the historical Harrison farm at North Rend, where the deceased members of the Harrison family are buried, and where the lsidy of the last survivor of the immediate family of William Henry Harrison was laid yesterday for so short a rest. John Scott Harrison was seventy-four years of age; he was twice married, and both his wives repose within a few feet of the place prepared fur him. General Ren Harrison, of liulian:i, who was hist year defeated for Governor of that State by Illuo Jeans Williams, was a son of John Scott Harrison by his first wife. I-li;li'. The mosquito makes bis home in the.-e wilds, writes a traveller in Rrazil. A tiny fly, called "polvora," from Is-ing small and multitudinous! as atoms of dust, passes through the meshes of the finest net, then penetrates hair and beard, and then sticks its venomous proboscis into the skin. The loathsome tick named "carapetfo,'' when disturbed on the cones and twigs by the foot of the passer by, swarms tip the trousers legs and fa-lens upon the lb-hh. It has so linn a bite that if it is plucked off its head is left buried deep in the flesh, dill'using a virulent poison (,' its own. The hairy caterpillar, by day or night equally beautiful, luminously phosphorescent in the dark, and with a covering of brilliant hues like delicately -formed moss, theendsof which branch into pointed antlers, inlhcts with every point of these a very painful sting. There is a lively red ant whose tormenting powers are not to Ik- despised. Hut one of the worst enemies of mankind as well as cattle and hogs, is a big spotted tlv.jat all, and closed his side of the debate with which conies along silently and pricks thei the common remark : "It's all money given Ixhlv of its victim. ' It sucks" no blood :md in. to the aid of the newspapers. Nobody reads st ils" no venom : its minute weapon instantly I my advertisement, or thinks of it. or looks af-w ithdraws, and leaves no soreness ,,r irritation' ter it, except vour foreman and collector." at the time. The man thus slightlviiunctured! docs not rub or scratch him-i-lf! He little your assertion. Sit down and write out an ad-knows be has received the deposit of an egg "veitisciiH lit such us I dictate, and we will put which w ill soon become a wriggling maggot, I it in the smallest type the cases contain, and half an inch long after one week's grow tli, but; insert it in the remotest corner of the U, ijiti r capable of grow ing to an inch and a quartt r tint you can select." in length and half an inch in thickness, with The next morning there appeared in agate. fine rings of black spikes or bristles around its body. It has a horrid trick of revolving on its own axis, tearing the flesh anew in its hourly evolutions. Mules, oxen and will deer sutler likewise from the hideous visitation. Wasp ami iiorncis icrc are, ot course. Then is a small, black, slingles-, Uv, which crowds so thickly upon cxjxiscd parts as to leave no room ir a mosquito to alight. As the lice only tickles, instead of biting, sting ing or laying an 'gg, it is welcome; but it is iniMssible to eat without devouring half a dozen or more. Nine ltoman Catholic chun-hes in Philadelphia have becu entered within it month by burglars, who carried oil silver altar ti-sscIs, the contents of lir boxes, and other Nrtablv things worth taking. In one instance they fired the edifice, but the tlaim- was quickly discovered and extinguished. They also wantonly destroyed vestments in such a manner as to Indicate that they weie actuated by fanati- cio. Iowa Democracy, The Democrats of Iowii held n state convention at Cedar rtip'uls last week and nominated following state ticket: For Secretary of Slate, T. 0. Walker; for Auditor tit State, Col. Kiboeck; For Treasurer, K. I). Fenii; for Register of State Land Ollico, T. S. Hartlwell; for Judge of Supreme Court, M. V. Gannon: for ltcporterot supreme i oun .1. 15. Klliott of Marion county; for Attorney- tieneral, tien. John Giblnns. l'he Committee on Resolutions reported the following platform, which was unanimously ,loptc(l: ! We. the Democracy ot Iowa, in convention assembled, congratulate the country on there-Itoratioit of home rule to the South and the era I id" peace, brought about in response- to the dc; I lnatnls of the national Democracy, and make 'this declaration ot principles: First TariH' lor revenue only; honest and ! economical home rule; supremacy of the civil over the military power; separation of Church land Stale: CGlia'litV of all citizens ln-fore the I law; oppwsition to the granting of subsidies to ativ corporation whatever. Second The tlnancial system of the Republican tiartv has been one o'f foster to moneyed monopolies, of unequal taxation, that lias destroyed every enterprise that gave employment to labor; therefore we denounce it, its measures, and its men, as responsible for the financial distress, misery, and want which now af- 1 tlict the nation Third Labor and capital have an equal demand unon the iirotcction of and aneoual re- Lj sibility before the law. Fourth Public ollicers should be held to .strict accountability, defaulters should be se- I i I ..." I ..- . i.i:...-i YCll'iy pilll ISIICU, illlll I nil illlll 11 i.-wn un uwiu'i- Iv suimressed Fifth W'e deprecate the funding of our non-intcrest bearing debt, and Insist that the bonded debt be refunded at a rate not exceeding 4 per a1,...,. ,w unconditional repeal ol the Kcsuinption act an,j t,t. coinage of silver on equal conditions with gold. We oppose any further retirement of United Stales notes now in circulation, and favor flic substitution of United States Treasury notes for national bank bills. Seventh It is the duty of the Government to take immediate steps to improve our great Western rivers, and the means provided should be commensurate with the importance and magnitude of the work. Eighth A thorough investigation into the election frauds should be made. Frauds should be exposed, truth vindicated, and criminals punished in accordance with the law whenever found. We accept, and reaffirm the doctrines of Mr. Tilden's letter upon war claims as a proper adjustment of national policy upon that Class oi claims upon i in: jhioiii; iieusiuj An lll-.ilvlsecl Letter, Postmaster-General Key's open letter to the Southern people on the subject of the electoral investigation is an extraordinary allair. It is, perhaps, utterly unjustifiable besides. -We do not recall a precedent lor the action of a cabi- letter asserts that " it both houses ol the forty sixth ooiitfi-ui aro I luuiocratic. the minority intend to oust President Hayes and inaugurate Mr. Tiklcn." If this startling assertion were true, we might pardon even a cabinet minister forgoing out of ins way to make it. If the Forty-sixth congress of tile United States is to enact a revolution by turningoutone president and putting in another, the fact ought to be made known to the people. Rut how does the postmaster-general know what the next congress will do? Whence does he derive the prescience that authorizes him to predict the acts of an unborn legislative body, and impute revolutionary designs to unelectcd senators and representatives? Probably it would be ui-cr not to have this electoral investigation. Wc are not hopeful that any good will come of it, and we fear that some harm may come of it. Rut the house of represcntatives has deliberately resolved on it, and it is not the business of any member of the cabinet to take exceptions to that action. We do not believe the house intends this investigation as the postmaster-general unwarrantably asserts. The house is a better interpreter of its designs than Judge Key, and there is nothing in its resolution that authorizes such an inference. Mr. Poller of New York, author of the resolution and chairman of the committee appointed under it. emphatically disavows the design of ousting Mr. 1 1 ayes, and it is very certain ihat the people would not countenance a violent and revolutionary annulment of Mr. Hayes' litle, even if it were worse than il is suspected to be. In short, Postmaster-General Key's letter is a most ill-advised and uncalled-for paper, which, like the house resolution, w ill do more harm than good. Then; is enough passion involved in this business already, w ithout the additional contribution which the er.if.ntous imputation in this letter brings. We fear the letter is the result of a grave uneasiness in tin- administration, rather than the voluntary and deliberate product ot Judge Key's good seuse. St. I.nni llniublictin Are Advertisements Keiicl ? Hon. John Forsyth, the veteran editor of the Mobile lii'ji'ti i; used to tell a good story to illustrate the value of newspaper advertising, as a means of getting More thy public whenever you wished them to know of your wants or w ares. Mr. Forsyth was accidentally drawn into a discussion ot this subject w ith a mercantile friend, who expressed emphatic doubts that an advertisement benclitted man s luisiuess FoisMli replied : "Let us test the truth of without a bit of display, and i:i the most out-of-the-way place in the pajier, the following: W'ANtli-Tiiliu) Jit:. Ai'i-lj l No. Street. The contract was that In case the "ad" was a "success" the merchant was to pay Forsyth j and Uvt to wine and oysters. If it failed io, met Uie eyes of pnrties"with men hantabli canines the editor wa.s to pay the merchant $) and set up a supper for the two. During the day of the first appearance of his experiment the merchant called at the H. 'jisti r ollico several times. He looked as though he was in trouble, appeared nervous, looked over his shoulder like one who is pursued by a terrible lsre or jtcrsistent dun. Finally, iate in the evening he met his editorial Iric'.'l, and UTore the latter had time to open Lis mouth, the merchant said, hurriedly and excitedly, For Heaven's sake leave that advertisement out of your evening edition. Tlnve's if " for it. and "5 more to pay you for nvi..g No. Blank has cot a dog. Let's go and get the oyU.-cs; I'm nearly worried to ueatu. VIBRATOR' v R,g.lUMU. THE ORIGINAL & ONLY GENUINE " Vibrator" Threshers, wrrn imtooved MOUNTED HORSE POWERS, And Steam Thresher" I'nglnea, Mado only by NICHOLS, SHEPARD & CO,, H.ITTI.E CHEEK, MICH. '.'IK frti,,M,f (iriiiiwMiviiufi Time j v j..-. . i . . - iii ; I iiit'Niit-i f u( it l tUv mnft h,. )..i.-(. vi. ml i it tv Airy h,r Kdil Vga, k'tr , t . ..i. : -, ..:.) Vivhitf liriiu front WiuUge. ftU W'l UfiirrivlM not Submit to tho i iii.ii telmi- cf I till & in- ln- nr-'iK !'). ty lite" :irtt . f, Wiieii tmrv itci uu tin: lUrterciicw. 7HK r.NTIKE Tlirrnhliitr Exprnsen t ' l tl 1 I IHM Unit ..IM'"litl fun - IHM.if .y ii. t. i.. .t.ii "vVVLO .j irtt lminiMl Matiiiiir. Si ( t'v'I viiitr Slinfta Tnttldc ilio Spn , ,IH - 11. - I I Hill itPfttl'IN. Hi'-.. I . I. XI ,11 . ,l ! i. 'i I ;i:i' - .iHim itinl t:i nit) tvtt'ir i hh-mI-1V-1- tl u . U'te KlinU lill.M'..ii.iiTiot:-4 ol 0, Wet u.' : .'. i t-T Muu t, lit .t.iol of UmiU I, NOT onlv Vnwtly Saprvinr for AVhrnr, ll.,U, IM. . Ii.. -. I 'i t Iik- ttiNllin. I .1 I n- oM.V M. -r.-aul ul I 'irvli.-r in l-'UX. J IhiM u . Millrl. I'lowr, ati. Ilk eii. It'-ipiin mi " ntifu-iitiiviu " tr " re Liu i Mill if ' la cUutifo Trttui U t nt l StfKti. HAKVEMH'ri for HliiipUrlrr of Pnrf. I -tl. i. tllitll OIK lift" I" lici.S Hil l tl4l, ,.i..v j LUti-riii ui- H.'n:i't ;n,isf. r tl F oril Kiy.e of So pit rotor ' 7! uric, runir- IIU IPMH M I" IW't'HC H l .MtiUUtuil Hiuftvr Tower 1.) fTEAM Power TlrvrrNlicm a Sprclnliy. i fi4.-t.'iat kuu at?itrnitor i imae i-xititnaly lor JMeiim t'oMi-i'. Of It Unrivaled Hfpnm Thrrnlnr En-i;iif, UU Vrtlutlilff Impmvrmciiis Mint U.ll)ilita Witt un;, fur U'jonJ ny utlivr tiiuku i Mini. K Thorough Workmnnnlilpt Elrirnnt b I'ttiLfUi, l't U'. i h(i of I'nrbi, 'itilri'iie of r.!Ui.uit-m, t ic, our "VibkatuH" ThrvBher Uutfitnaue Iw'uUifMtrtbJtf. rOir Particular, mil on our Denier i rl iu ii ui Jui i,lumtUUCiicuir, l.icli c mil ire. EMPEROR, Percheron Norman, Imported III 1TO, (I" known an the Follett s Mariiu liorw-. peer 1'ark, 111.,) will Ih- In I'tlea Monrtay, Tuemliiya tinil Weilnewlavn; ami at Momly a leen vard, (itiawa, 1 iiurwiayn. Krhhivii anil Salunlayn. KMI'dKI-'.lt I no well known he iieeilw'hiit little ilewriptlon : lie Is a Unlit (tray. 17 liiimls IiIkIi anil weitrlw J,iil His. Asa stia'k (jetier l.e laweniiil tonune; over ten thousanil ilollura' worlh of liin net havii.u tH'en sold 111 the last twelve months. TKKMS, S'i.'i TO INSl'KK. All eowmiuiilcutloiw liy mall promptly answered. Ad dr. -,.. P. Ii. MAIlTIN. April 0-:tnio ft lea. 111. Neely's Henry Clay. This horse will make the Season of lfiS, to duly 1st, at his owner s liarn, in C )ti:iv;i, Illinois, AT SltO ... Olt Sill... ....TO INSt ltK, .Til 10 SHAMIN. VKKI.Y'S II ION UV CI..W Is liav, 1SV hands hii;h, anil .....i.,i.u i ir ilia siiwii hv ( ' l. I'luV. lr.. i Striuier's i. Iit.iu Sue .etcher hv Alexander's Normaii. He took sweepstakes as liet KoaiSter Stallion at the Illinois stale t air in n.n, and his son, vVannner ( lay. lii sl premium in his class. ("liestnut Stallion. 1 while foot. Hi hands hlitli, ris'ord 'iiS'.;. very pure united, will make the season ut the same place. AT .-.( TO INSl'KK. OK TIIK SKASON. HYUOV l y Field's Ituval r;eorire, dam the O'Hrlen Mare. Pvron look sweepi-takes'at Illinois stale I'air in 1ST7, trot-IliiK a mile over huuvy track III lit'; W. .1. hhl.. April iWiii Ottawa. Ill. Madison Dispensary, SO t So. Clark St., Chicago, III. DR.O.BIGELOW, Treat all SKXl AL AMM HItdXIC D1SF.IHKS, nit ntercti ial aiti-ctiom of tbe thront, akm or .Ironed, with utifaruU'llod auccens. fa hnlf (he IlflP, ru" it I'riwnieij. hi run iitniiiiu.i 'SKVI'AI. IIKH1MTV nl IMt'OIKNO', iMltcre-jiultof rilt-liuie or kxukI excesne in nutHrr Tparti. or oi ot taintrii which produce tome ol I h fewti)K rfftct KUOl?i.fciS, nemiuni uniUniiQ,(iLuiiiu. aim-0("of ftlgbi. tWt'dive nn-morv, pituplva on the fnce. avert-toc o rlT. Iiwiof hKXI'AL POtVKN, wc.nwderlog SlAltHlAUK IJl-runl'KK, art permaoeDlIj cured. Faniih4ei (3i patresl relating to thr? above wnt in walwt mvetoie fr two-SccotMamiii. Conmilt -lion fret and rontldcntial. Rooms epnraMaiit'auilentimeD. MARRIAGE GUIDE, .K SIAI'lf. I'lTHOMII.V. work or eilll larite rtipil faun, crntalnlti? illtn'ortniltion forthoi who are 5I.4KKIKI) or COSTlMl l.lTIM.lAHKUOi: IIJ.I S1KATIMI everrflnDR oa thn tuli-ct of UlD (JKM-.KAI IVK HYSTkntnntls worta knowlne, ami nucb that Is not putili.liml Id uiit oilu-r uurk. I'ltH K HI TI If.SI, HKH K 111 Mlli. ailUHS-' til I SON IIISl'KASiKV, 201 bUbTU IL1KK SfllKKT. CHILAdU, ILL. MARRIAGE; A Book of nwly 3W pa in plain luNKuaei -nuineroutt'iiKravini; rove It ti'cri'ta which th SECRETS fcmarrii'd ami thote rontvm-tjplfttirjifniarriafthoulilknow r-ii ut Kft ipat i. nt securely ialM tir 50 ci-nt. AUdreia LfU-C. A. IkiUANAA.N.MyN.yUUiatrcvl. bt, iui., DYKES' BEARD ELIXIR did i. ami willd"itu iti- nn.'H.ilifni fnf. ... tl.m ;n is, "I.KI .UiV W t Ml II V. V KortsTAt'lIK -M IH" HU. hvmm ot f .t.. I K. il S" 'r. Kint .-l. ili'M i-.b-. l.,... - ,H .-t no. !...-.- 1 ".'-'. ' 11 M I M i. ran"", . 1IOOK AI .11)11 IMOTtMi (11 I every dei.crlplkn, done neatly, boriwtly, and at lie owat rii-t-a Live ut a call, and we tll t-i'deavor to K!e you entile aaUataclion. '.s.l.lA it ll.M't.MAS. .Wratof Court Hows COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. OFFICE IN OTTAWA, At tlx- Hiith School Huililiiiu-:; i wnnl. dlllee days. M and Itli Saturdays In each i.. until, (illawa, Keliruary irtli, lCT. Next ifiNir to nir crdn office. I Intend to keen on hfind lnra-tiM--. of Li-ht and Heavy Harness, iiiannfai'iunil of the i--t (.ak-laiiiicd Letitlier: also a eonip.cte nsiMirtmeni of l.-uliiv- .-. i . . (,, i,t- saddles. Whips. lJip Holas. Nets, llric-lics. Comix, saddlers' llanlware, Ac, e. Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done. Call and cai,iiuv ps-ds and prices before buyinp. .... i... IH..I..FW.I.I :. We will H. L. HOSSACK. THO. W.U.TKKS. Furmaii. mui:-l EFSETE3 Li WQGHENBLATT PU3LIHED KVEKY FKIDAT, AT POST OFFICE BLOCK. Is tho Onlj German Paper in La Salle County, Also between Chicapo and davenport, and therefore well adupted as aa ADVERTISING MEDIUM. HACK OA M M ON.'SSiSf 2.n Baa' . ( T Uw Cmrt Houm iKaar Thktti'aial i .unlaii- ZKh NEW i Harness Shop. Ilaviiij ou ned a Harness Shop ' OX MAIN STREET, CENTRAL IIWI8 Nea ibcrtlsfmcms. Gtlinal Advicp vsi: mi. sMumrs LIVER REGULATOR Or BLO9D RFMFWRR For nil (i;ew HtnfTHvntod or rHimcd liy ilerHUjn-mcnt of Uvcr ur lniiiirlllc of lilooil. USE Di. ssiuuirs TMP7?QVFn NONE - SUCH UTNG RELIEF. For ( of Throat or Limp It linn no eiiim!. 1)U. SMUltlt'S FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION t or lh- rdlcf and cure of Cliolle, cholera Morbus. iMiirrluiM, Hvsenlery mill t'hi.lrra Infiint-11111, nliuul.l brill every lioime. 1)K. SMIItK'S NONE-SUCH IM-MHROAT TABLETS Art cxci-IUil tij- none other In the market. 1 ry tlieiu. I se PKAPL-GT.nPS TOOTH-POWDER If yo-.i wonlil prewrve vour teeth am! keep your pimit healthy, n:iil your hreaih MVcct. 'Z' PKKADXOT. r$$H PTOfrT-PAISFP'S APr, A M-p. The aliove are mil own. ami are ituariintfeil to (rive (uitln-fai-tloll. 1 keen null line nl ilrilvrs. Mllulnei, nnliollM. fiilu-v anil toilet arllrlcs nil. palntn. wall paper. eheapius the t'lu.ii lu-ki ml tn rim lii..t J-..I...I .....1 ..... 1 IIOCTOK SMI It K. City Heiitc Kmre. nprl3 THE OLD RELIABLE CONTINUOUS ALL-RAIL ROUTE ! NO CHANGK OF CARS! ONE ROAD. ONE MANAGEMENT! I-'rom C'lIK'AOO to PittsMrEli, EarrisMrg, Baltimore, Washington, Philartclpliia i New York.. Great Short Line TO BOSTON! V in :Scv Vcii'lc t'lty. Readies all Points in Pennsylvania aiiii ew Jersey. Pullman Palace Cars ON ALL EXPRESS TRAINS! MAGNIFICENT CARS KUl lI'l-IUl V.ITH TUB l KI.KIll:.irKI WESTIXGHOrSE A 111 IJIIAKKS Janney's New Patent Safety Plat form and Connie r. Elegant Eating Houses, WITH A MIT.!'. TIMK I'm!'. MKAI.S. EXPRESS TRAINS I.i'HM- ChlriiKii iik follow: "With the Popular Vestibule Bleeping Car. Hi 1 1 1 l " 1 M. I p. 1 1 .."' . .1, lliinpi'iiia. i . . -T .. . mli'lphlM, 4.i.l !. M : Xrw York, ti. P.M.: luMn. !.15 a. m.; ltiiltimorc, i .U1, .m.; Wai'hhin't V m., in t tiuy. 5:15 T. 31. Atlantic Exp. iDaily.) ti. i Tt i. .i.-i-vi . i. . 1 1 r. i i t: i 1 With Drawing-Room end Hotel Car. 1... Dtii.l 1. M in i. , . II irri.liiii"' 111 V", 1. W l-hiliuli'lp'iiii. :;: a. V. : X- ' V..r . h. i". . M. : Siii-..,1 i. I.....I.... i .1.-. r.ii. i.l.-li t-.-iii i.ii. in t iiiimi' i 'in . ii, nii , .ii ! I'll- i ili piil uiilll . m . . Hltunlirirf I-hi'il. lpliiu l-.isi-riiitiTS u lull li Hilit V ri'l. 9:10 P. M. Niht K-vp.t-v. Saturday With Drawing-Room Sleeping Car. Kcnrli.n l-lttnlmr.-li. 7. ip. M . : IInrrMniiv. S.Sn i . M . : Hi", liimir.'. 1. 1.1 a. ..: V. ' i-lil'-inii. v.iC, a. i : l-liil-uirli'l.i .. hii a. M.i Ni-w York. . !.: P. iini. I-. :i. Tlinill-'ll l!:r.lllll'HT .11. .1 U-.i-!n::'t'Hl Mi-.':.iIU ' ur i'H V..t Train. Fare A 1'vays aa Low as Any Other Line. Tlir.i-i . .1 Tw' it. t ,r MiV at ull rrliii-ipal Tnln'-ln tli.- W.-'. ii-k f-r n.. :u i.i tin' Kni:r W. YNK A; l'KN'N-SYLVAXIA LINK. F. R. MYERS, f.-lf.' . n. V:u-. & Ticki t .Bt..riur.f;o. RUSSLL & SON, ftDERTAKERS. A full awortmriit ..f roiBi.a. Burial ( Ca krti Jid Miruwla alwa) ou hauil. Country Or1-r- 1'!"'?' A.-nled to. T'ii t aro '. Ap-nt. f-r a Xew aad Valnable lKM.nvi.-ry. Warranted to Preserve a Corpse .,, i-hii n- or rnnlmaai.t Wor Tor frim S to 5 F" T,Vv. or l.-V.o-r. it i..--"rT. aliiiout tte 1 ' us.- of Ice ..r otiur npi luim-a. tr !YMf nrr tlie tn-. X-. 3T La f.a'il Stnvt. tt- willlluou. ,aiw, SCHOOL BOOKS Of all kinds 18 La Salle St. AtOwHaw i hi !4

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