The Courier News from ,  on April 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from , · Page 5

Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 0, 1938 BLYT11EVH.LE (AfiK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE FiVi Salt mine ivorkm never suiter froin col*. Qr rheumatism. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Ono time per line IDc Two times per line ycr day .. .08c Vhrcc times nor lino per day . .osc , Six times per line pei; day ....(Be, PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn MoiiM i-ute per line HOC Hatchery. Blythevllle, Ark., Il.W Cards of Thanks 50c & 7Sc SI North, Phone 'H3. Mliilnumi charge 50c AJs ordered (or three or s i x limes and sloped before expiration will be charged for the num- For Sale .^l^r^i^lVB? 0 '"" 1 ''"" 11 ^^;^^^ r ^^~- i,lecl paiai;e. liox ->l\, On-rola. - df bill made. All Classified Advorlislng copy .Minmltted by j)crson.s rwldiin; outside of tli ccity must, be iiccoin- l> room \shilc jiliu'co lioi!;.r. S12 No. panlcd by cash. Hates may be ..-.. ^.> x,u,,,.> easily computed from above (able. II. li. Campbell. Advertising ordered for Irregulnr iii.scrllons takes Ihc one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of nny classified art. Business Directory Harry Uailey's CURVE JN CAFE (iuort Fond at Good JVk'fs FRESH KKKLl'OOT Crappie fiXl'EKT AUTO UEl'AIKS Ciaragc operated by Floyd ' Cigarettes. 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, i\lo. 1'iiones s-l-'-l & SJ8 House uptown, ti rooms ami balh. •1 room servants house on rear of lol. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. Ul-ck-'t-'.jl To Settle An Kslale Two nice houses, now renting for ' !.50 per month. 5500.00 down, balance like rent. H. C. Campbell, Administrator, UU So. l-'riiiikliii. lO-ck-'l-ll Tin Woj'k SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metnl Wort for 20 Years Valves, Blowpipes, Seed Bins ALL WORK GUARANTIED Money lluck Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK Hoof Coating Also Plastic Cement 322 No. 6th - Phone 4'JG-J Coal Mr Caul In Black But I Treat You White. LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blytbcyilte, Arfe. Thonc 107 Radio Service Expert Hadiu Service 1'ARTS. TUBES. BATTERIES Ifarrtaway Appliance Co. Henry Werner ilnin & 5th Phone 23: Batteries, BATTERS: SERVICE J. Ben Clune rhonc 8 st Tom Jackson's Sport ing Goods Complete Stock Goldsmith's Daseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSK-HENRY 1IAKDWAK1-: CO. Collon Scerl D. p. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED termination Test 88 IHT rent $60 I'cr Ton at I'ecan Poiul, Ark. JOHN E. U22EU. Piano Tiuung \ Notice P aX?£'S?S??—' Pi ^ 1 - KrMm ~™»^~™* lo. Phone 155. Hatchery I'npcilmnsers. Phone ;<21. JI-ck.-4-Sl Baby Chicks 'Hie Zcllncr Slipper ahop sells Paris Fashion Shoes, by Wuhl -(Shoe Co. . . Isl. Call Quality Shoe Shop, 120. EASY TKRMS on used I-'rigirt- ire.':. Maytag Washers. Oclco lifjhl plants &. radios. £.'. C. tic? SaJes Co. 40 or SO acres ol land. 0. K. Garner, AnnoreJ. 12-pk-l-lS MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southern Lotedo Soy- iK'ans. Threshed early. Kcclcancd S. 0. Dobbs Annorel, Ark. Box 4 ll-pk-'l-M Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Com—Milch Con's And Tractor Work. See \V. L. Tale, Armorel, Ark. Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loosi leaf Wndcr. Call 239 or 792. 15-fa-fa For Rent Lcvcly bcrdooni. Geullcnicn pre feireii. Adjoiniii); bath. U13 Wai iml. I'honc 859-W. 0-ck-H 2 tiiilurnijlied rooms. Adjoiuhi balh and outside Intraiiee.'siS S. Franklin, mid Kirilincr. S-ck-12 Beans . . . Sml WJI) biiiihcls nf Liirrilo lieiins |K-lt;i Iniplomenls, Inc. Cull ijO'i. Kooin and Board Steam heated room with board 803 W. Ash, photic 151. H!cbt-12 Nicely fiimisncu room. 1 ;. Board If desired. Phonn 602. 112 E. Cher- HS-tk-l-2 Personal Kirby's Active Liver PiUs Arouse Sluggish Livers elleic* bJUounnt.fB J copnti(i»iiun •ml .'ktlachai. Aellvo l.lvcr L'llls gut »t l&f real c>u<c ot >our iluffgiflhnt-Ba «no RIKQ you ?cel li*o A now pefAon. Itld our »>au-m of fttirplua iHjtBOai «v!th \c(iiP Liver CiliB. HAiu»tc»>, ueutli. 'old »i »ii K>/b y n {ai r giottt. Help Wanted WILL, I'AY h". would be wrved to liim nnd tho pike Jolted down lor Dr. Duvls lt> Vuy later. 'Hie do« \m-. ma »o tee- bio In lute years he wu s burviy nblc to get abutu. Jersey Sweet Potatoes Get Beauty Treatment . BWBDESOORO, N. J. \1J1') ~- Hwecl polalues grown Oils area iire tjclnt used in Mime of Hie iw- (lon's lartjer holets Uccuuw ol a "benttty lioaliin'iil" they urn hiib- jocled to Upfwc icKvlnil UH> local li.v iilnnc- over live township. Ihi'V complete lu a tew days the survey ivlilch formerly took M;V- crnl works wf.m they uiudc tlielr SICKHS Meld Kccils. All Varlollm. Oals, Soybeans. Lcspedezn, Alfalfa, Any Qunnttly. Wtiolesalo ft, nctall \V. 0. UKKVKS So. 1M(. BI,. uiyihevlllo. Ark. 1'lionc After each iwliilo K (viishrd and Iliuroiiehly ilrli-d, ;i Iwliwi Is no. pliwl lo Ihc t.liln u, jic,,) in,, ,, wccl aisnlnst niQl.siinv. -niu lollon ul- liilns » briuhl luster nftcr Us up- pllcnllon and cnluuicrs Ihc poln- lo's ullmctivene^s. Tree K|iu((«rs Use Hum's UROWNVILLE, Me. (OP)— Unn- bniiiicii arc iibiinrlonlnu :,nowshoes in favor of airplnnc.s In If Vuu Uun't j/iki' Iho r 1 A A f vo " ' Ui '-' / If /» EJ CSE'l'TIMJ \Vh.v Not Call I lie I'liono 700 fry HKXUtnK BRILLIANT Cities as Fur 115 2 Tnii' Chcaji Coal next winter's opc-iiillons. Cruls- YOUU I'KBSCKU'TION DRUGGIST Main & 1st Ml $35,01) per week, innn or woman with auto, sell Poultry Mixluvc lol Fanners. Knrcka Mfg. Co.. Kuall St. Louis, 111. , b-pk-11 Famous Dog Is Dead; Had Charge Account ICELSO, Wash. iUI>>—Jiggs. u brindled moiuM-el dog that uecame nationally known a few years aso jecitucc hi; liacl a cliaruq account it iilmosl cvcvy-lcc-crcam serving Tstablislimcnl in Kclso. is dead. Jiggs was owned by Dr. A. P. V. Davis for 15 years. The dou cn- '.ered cotifectionarids and reslaur- uil.s and barked for ice cream, u BLECTRIC A ACEl'VLKNh WELDING AT BES1' PUICES PROMPT BEltVICB Barksdale Mfg. Co, Comedo iAii ELECTRICAL WALPOLE'S "'Mio Camptclc ICltc(rIi p ;iI Store'' 111) • SEED We have on lunul lor tsnle or trade-, tor othor producls, Bouns -Liu-eilo, DC Is I a. Mammoth Brown, Wilson mid Virginia KIWI i. Pens- -Whips itnd New Ma., Lespcdcai-- Korean. Cot- dm Kcert—u. i'. u u.A ,, n d Stoiievllh- -I-A. mil sf.|| for cuBh or (rude ivilh you ( w - oilier kind:, of bams or cotton i,ccd. I. R. Matthews Gin Co. Ti'l. IM.'.a. Yurbru, ,\ikiiu.«i» Cultuii, t'ullun Sceil i C'ual .Russian Novelist HORIZONTAL 1,4 Russian writer, Count lOlnfunt. 12 Kins. 13 Unc. Atuwtr lo Prcvuu 31 Northeasl. U2 Brooch. ' 34 Poem. 25 Ills. 20 To p^i'foi'u). 27 Dower property. 26 Male. W Organ ol sight 30 Neither. 31 He turned Now located if 101 North Second ADDING .MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU PON EDWAKWS, Propriety Calcnlalors—Impairing—1'arts—lunboiu Ati makes ol Rebuilt Typewriters, AilOtae Machines tut Calculators—Kciralrins—l'art Crescent Cafe SK A; UVliUV llul Pit Bnrbcciic ,t Klei'lric Cooked stciiks All l,iiiidUiB Uiiinds of UIIIT, Whlske-yn, Wlncii ,t Gill ClijiireUcs, 'i 1'uck.iijeB i'Oc I'liillips Gas i: Oil :M HOUK SKKVICM Highway Ul Plione 17 Ilolhuid, Mo. Jcurned a —.'(Pi.). SaWralh.- m r- i i . . :l6 Occurrence. •19 Ctr;iiKl|);iroiil;il a To mcril. 3Y African. .I0t>|)llios. :i Imtrutnenl. IIOSmall '•• M Aaoiiu'liMiw. 5 KnglMi coin, memorial S'lthHohK-hi. SS™,,. ?$$?' %$3l$"«>.' BBNaiivc metnl. 8X. « Olive Mirub. >>7 Wcilgc-ahiipcd » Public speaker -B Fodder val piece ot wood.H Female sheep. -Hi He;ilhcii /'«!. 36 Ho was a 10 One ot his « Molding.' vy belief, famous novels 48 Di-ega. . ," m Rcomu. . o( a city. :ifp Neslllng :IY Classes. .1» Nl«ht b . KlKiiolty. l-l .Southvtisl. t found. monkey. t'~iiniislitd home. ICIeclrlc. vefrig- rrnlion. and oil heal. 5 rooms. K. L. \Vcbl», 130 E. Davis. T-ck-11 •I room Film. Apartment. Private bath. Call 1018-W. Mrs. Raymond Sclimuck. 7-ck-tf Two room unfurnished house. 8M So. Luke S-pk-ll Small house on liasl Cherry St. C. E. Parks, phone 283. G pk 11 i room furnished apardneiit-. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler, WJ Henri). 5pkl2 Apartment Ingram Building. Inquire Parkhurst, Co. '1-ck-tf - or '•> furnished rooms. -' imsl.iiii 316 Heain. -'-pk-S-'J Unfnrnislied apnrtiucnt. 5 rooiiis and bath. Possession April 15U). 223 E. Uavis. Coll 4U8-J. Jto. nintt Afoiiaghiiii. -l-ck-tl Modem :t room aparlnienl, Newlv decorated. Unhirnished. Corner Main & 2nd. l". Simon, phone 764. Slorr ;tnr] rrsidcitcc combined, rombinrrt. Modern coMvcnicnce.s. Near factory. L. Fon-lcr. Blyt.lic- villc Motor Co. Call 883. 30-ck-lf l-ck-1-21 Several Iliiiidici! Bushels LAREDO SOYBEANS 101) Uttshcls DELSTA BEANS also :i Int or D. P. L. NO. 11 COTTON SEED Tliisc cotton seed pcrc cimicd DI> our ot?ii private gin. Nut :v Imip "f an.v dilicr cotton ginned on this gin but this sue variety. C. K TUCKER For Rent: Main. Bedroom W. ^ room furnished jipartmonf, nciv- ly decorated. Phono 785-J alter G P.M. Mrs. Belle Wood. 28-ck-U 120 acres land, lour Houses and Ijani. in Half .^[oon community. II acre* of alfalfa. Sec Earl Magcrs, Del). Arkiinsa. 1 ;. 2'i-k-' Comfortable liedrootn. rhonc Til-). Call ill 025 W. Main. 17ck4-H Comfortable bedroom, mil. Call 102. 1017 Wal- iff-ck-lf I Poullr SEI.I, rurv t:.SKI) liL'Y NOW - - PAY NEXT KAL HUBBARD Slid Hand Furniture Xe.vl (o Can Hole! Tailors Lcl us niolh-pruul your clothes closets & living room :,uites. Guaranteed protection 1 year. Mo- nilc process. Band Box Cleiincrs. riio.'ie 171. M-cic-4-30 If you need a Tailor. KCO Ueorgc Muir, "Blylhcvillc's Only Tailor." Main i; a. it, ri. Shoe Kepairiug Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMI'U; SUOliS Everythiug For Your Shoe* I'hoiie 120 Uiwd lc;,lcd ftrds. Rorfo. | ce . licrnx. etc. lOO-OT.OO. Heavy "as- I'OTtrd 55.110. Prepaid live dcl'ivcry. Central Ifntchcry. Jctrcriou Cily, WanteS L'nliirnishPd :i rum iipardrifnt. Mii.'.l havr pov-e/Klon immediately. Call IK> any time toforc r,::to :> - M - O-pk-13 Salr.s |;crj.on. niau or v.oinan. age KS-50. Advanreinciil for hustler. Wrilc Wittonr Sales Agency, Joiiraboro. Ark., 115 Baker St. T-lik-13 Buy lit S^otiO Worth USKl) All Jlaki's Studies Repaired \VADl.; KUKNITURK CO. Hi \V. Main Phone 155 cash or for it. 7-pk-lt V:nl Dinette Suite. Pay ,- ,, .. «<c Breakfast iiiitc rrcc JJtlivery, phono 524. They itucktm Widuiut [''o»y,\ BY V. T. HAWLIN BO^'OBOV, LOOWT . EW RUM; BUT OUR /weve GOT TO WORK 15 OMLV [ M °V£ FAST TO e>E6UN!\ SET OUR STAGE FORTH'NEXT ACT/ OHMH.THIS 15 AWFUL; \vnew ' MOO ADC -rucvy A, i - I WA& A MAD HOUSE ARETHEVALLi HE WAS RIGHT. „ BEFORE YOU IF THERE'S AMY MOREOF THIS CKAZV RAT PVA SUPPOSE HE'S AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS? DOME US A FAVOR AIKJ'T THW SMART' '.*. SERVICE. INC. T. M. HCO, U.S. PAT, Ofi BOOTS AND HER BUDPIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN SO oo 5EN.T TVVt VSt OOt^. VOyt Mt'. I'M THKV V <btt I SORT OF i FOR. lv\t WASH TUBBS UY UOY CRANK WHY, THE PLUTOCRATIC > woKEi\WHOA, MAV8E LIKE FOR US EKCUSE ME, WSTA TUB85. VO' TOWW CAH WMTING I GOTTA GET OUTA HERE. DEAOBEATS COT A .__ _„..- • r '•• — •- • * !•«*•*•« r *-u^\at-j Mrxc: rufs. v*" W THIS AWTION./FOKK OVER THE/ FEUAS.I TH006HT) TO CALL A CAN'T! IM BROKE! ALL TH' MONEY I GOT IM TH' WORLD, FELLAS, IS $11.30 BY MERRILJ. AMD .1. BF.EM V/AIITMO A CHANCE LhT You \'TRY IF I if: KY 'ft ;u,(l : 'CC< , I'M vi IL witCM L YOU To ACf AS JUDOt L 3 OF OCBAlt.i DIDMT EXPECT THIS TO fW'f'CM < (.IMUPAILY, YOU WOMT JUCX3ES, AWARD UNANIMOUSLY 'l JPI-LY WAMOl.!; STARTED AK ^: "io DO THIS 7o '»> YOU ' TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT/ WHCM TRIUD TO LET A PHONO -

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