The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1934
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Served by tht United JPrcw TlIF DOMINANT N UXtrMIl A ilt D cn.i ,,, i,, ,.| 11_-.1 ., ^-^B- ^^ ^" •*" ' * ^ • • ^..-/ HOME EDITION THE IX3M1NANT NKWttl'A.'K.l W NO.U'HK AltKANUASl AND SOUTHEAST MlSSOUlil VOL. XXXI—NO. 14 Blythfvllle Daily News Blythevllle Crurler Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald AXSAS. TUKSDAY, APRIL 3. 193-1 to\\ Publicity Tax Returns| Party, /-> . • . Lonvention at Cleveland, Is Openly Committed to Marxian .SH1NGTON, April 3 1UP>- :^-" tflorl lo lhro» full publieity '.if all income tax returns, to reduce such large scale tax avoidance as »LLS revealed In the senal? -took markei investigation, was ilanned loday by Senator Rober. i M. LaPolletle inep., WIs.). t-ibolletle's father, the famous Fighting Bob.' waged a batlle lor iax publicliy for years. Now young n n'- is carr>lng on the family ira- dlilon. — ulletle will have ihe support of Senators Couzens (Hep., NncnJ and Norris (Rep., Neb.) in me .biji.tnson with ihe J330.000.000J .ax bill, now before the so.aic MS. IFOR BY WH.I.IS THOKNTON NKA Service Staff Correspondent CLEVELAND, O..— While Congress preparrs lo investigate Dr. Wirt's charges that .somebody hi Washington paid there was going lo be a revolution, some 450 met meeting in Cleveland's splendk. public audilorium are engaged in a fervent, discussion of means ol tpeeuing up thbi revolution, aim of thr- pro])er lechnique of conducting il. once stov.t£<i They are ihoffj^Jegates to ihe cigliih cfuyeiiU^/bf lhe Com- n]unisU|Bjrjfor: tfce. U, S. A. OVi. tSRtlqroi .is Earl browd- "• .^BfeWiwHSff i9t the party. lhe same lo it that in Soviet Rus- ,lf ,'tre^'alnis of this convention eouW'bc realiz:d, tlie Slalin of America would be Browder. and :.ot William Z. Footer, their can- didale for president at the lasi election. Faster might be Kalinin, president tut no great shakes. N'O RACt KOK NOMINATIONS This annual convention of the Communist party differs from Republican or Dpinocratlc conventions because it has nothing lo do with nominating candidates for public cilice. No presidential can- ,,„•-- didates will issue from these ses- hinrmiues of any kind were siors. • 'Properly a local responsibility and „ .... . v ,.., u C :utu The convention here is attend- i" 1Ust ** P™"'^ 'or by county JeCOIld Institution Will, vacation ministration classified '"•'unem°lo •a SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS- Grand Jury Names Two lor Aiding Dillinger CROWN POINT. Ind, April 3 lll'l-IV|,iUy Khuill Hi-iii-a Illunk Liul .Sum (.'ahoon, kike county til] trusty, wvi.- iiullcli-d twliiy lui lillni! ll:i- rji'iipe i>( Joim l,.i- .lin:c'i Hum (In- county jail. 'I In 1 indlctmi'iits wore rjtiirneil oy a -slurb] six mini gtiuul Jury lilch tw.s L en In ws'jlon llnee Ai'ekr. liive&tleiUhiij Ihe toy pls;o: si'tijie i,f IJilliii" t 'r, [lie nalloir:. iiimiKi unc public enemy. Uliiuk. ILH^I r pnni expetl ul tin 1 .ill, Vv:'.s i:lil..ii|x-d by lJJllill|;.i nil i-i.niMl r.L'i-0-;, the stale n,.i .in llbion. wi-. inn .cy under Shcnll l.llllan Holloy. mm cms County Faced With Responsibility for About . 700 Families Federal Emergency Relief Ad-1 , t - s tne famous Wamp.-is smile ihal these IS happy damsels lire Hi f ' cld of " Om!t1< ' ra filnl I.cfl lo Katherlne Williams, Scalt!i.>; Ji>:in CJale. San l-'r definitely at an end, Palmer Pal- i Sanla -Monica. Calif.; Ann llo;y. Ml. Vfinon. Ind.; Jf-:in Ciuin. lerson, relief supervisor for eastern New York City; Jaciim-llno Wells. Denver; Cilgl l-arrlsh, cambr Arkansas, told the executive board of the Chickasawba District Chapter, American Red Cross, yesterday afternoon. Mr. Patterson said that the federal program for the future contemplated assistance only to those tt'hose difficulties are attributable lo lhe depression, and thai persons unemployed because of age ^, us I hoy line up lo chow why tlie judges chow: HIL-III fium : st.l. ihe baby flurs aiv ])ctty liryson, Hollywood i IXirotliy l/rakr. i. rorllar.d. On-.; I.u Anne Merodllb. Dallas, Tex.; Helen Coluin. •J e. Maw.; Judith Arlen. Hollywood; Lucille I.uml, Hucklcy, Wr.nli.; ;ii-i-c:j; and Hazel Ha>es. L-.i Crosse. Kansas. ed by deletes representing all dues-paying members of the parly In the U. S. and such guests as they in»iie. H hears reporls from ihe general secretary on the of the worjd, the country, ttalc the parly, and Us work. It discusses them. or city governments or by private charities. Mrs. Harmon Seford, until yesterday social service supervisor lor this county, said that there are approximately 700 families in Mississippi county who fall in the "unemployable" classification Dc- Roosevelt Will Extend Vacation Aboard Yacht MIAMI, Ma., A| rll 3 CUP) -. l'itsid:-iil l:cu::cvcli. aboard tlii- yacJ-.t Mojumuljal, headed toward | lar ^omliern ^eiis Uday, having I c:dtd to extend Ills sea-going mill] neM \;i'i-k Open Before Long, Is' Announcement H discusses them. It passes ""<="'t"">au>t! classification, r* resolutions direcling Ihe lines of ues , tne a « ed 'here are numeral the parly's work during the com- iiiK year. Then It elects the members of a centra] committee, which wih direct absolutely and without ap- peai the affahs of the party until — -the next, .coavefltion.-—Its-decis-' ions, hoth as to thought and deed, tre law for every good Communist. It also chooses the U. S. dele- pale* to the nexi Communist In- Urnatlonal at Moscow. COMMITTEE'S WORD LAW Candidates for national political elections next fall and in 1S36 . are chosen by ihe central executive committee. The size of this committee. probably 30 or 40, is determined at the convention. As so large a committee cannot be assembled frequently, It names a sub-committee to govern the .party during Its Intermissions, called the Political Bureau. William Z. Foster. No. 1 U. S. Communist in (lie public eye, is sending a greeting only. Though he returned recently to this coun- iry from a long stay In Russia, his health is poor and dele- p,ates here say a heart condition prevents his taking active part in the convention or even attending it. RROWDEK AT THE HELM foster gained his prominence because he is the head of trade union work for Ihe Communists and has thus been In the public eye as a strike fomenter. as wet as official candidate for Ihe presidency. Bui Browser, a distinctly handsome man who once was a schoo teacher here In Cleveland, is in the driver's seat. Clarence Hathaway, a smiling, blue-eyed former machinest from Minnesota, is the odltor of the party's official paper, and director of propagand: for Ihe organization. Sessions, after a mass meeting the first day. are secret, and onl> party members may hear the ac lual discussions. But no secre is made of the fact that con venlion speeches will run aloni Ihis line: 1. Apparent improvement ii • business is a delusion, due only t< feverish capitalist war prepara lions, lavish federal expenditures and fear of Inflation. 2. When the inevitable reactio and deepened deprasslon come capitalism will fold up, whereupo the Communists will set up government for the "overwhelm Ing majority of the tollers," con flscallng banks, factories, ral roads, mines and farms, wipe ou debt, and In general establls the millennium MTST JOIN UNIONS There is a proposal that ever Communist mau join a trade un Ion within three montlis of h conversion, llms giving more lever age against the A. P. of L • th«r is another for establishing an In dependent Federation of Labor unite Independent and radlc trade unions. Communists must niter in even such organizations as th y. M. C. A., and football team and especially work i n the c C. and CWA. They must foment, support, an (Continued on Fate 3) CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., April 3.—Despite competition of politicians on election day, developments In banking circles held tlie ipples. tuberculars, victims of "itcresl of local citizens today. her chronic diseases, and widows i Tne irlrst stolc Ba »k. opened ! A vbil trom his Iwo eldest 'sail. • James aixl Kllioll, was on today's ! schedule. They are flying ftom here by naval plane and probably will return Utiiiglu. 'Sill ! i Manila Man Indicted for' Murder of Paul Coday; Jones Fine I th small children. The Red Cross board voted an definite leave of absence to Mrs ford, its executive secretary, to "njt .her accept - «n- assitn- ent by the state reHel organiza- on to work In Pulaski county ope was expressed that ultimate- the chapter would find itself le to employ a full time execu- •e secretary, and that she would '-n return to resume her work Blythevllle. Mrs. Virginia Stannard of Little ock. Mrs.. Seford's successor as x:ial servke worker for this unty, was present and assured ,„ , e Red Cross board of her de WarUi attorney, is president, M. in the old Citizens Trust company building. West Third and Ward Avenue, at 9 o'clock this morning. giving Carulhersvllle banking facilities Ipr the first.time since the Bank of Caruihe-'rs'vllle closed several weeks ago. , A notice was posted on the door of the old Bank of Caruthresville building stating thai another new ' bank, to be known as the National Bank of Canuhersville, will occupy the building within a short time. The new First Slate Bank opened with a capital slock of $50.- e to cooperate In an- ODD -iid uuu ,nm rt of ms ot R it. I,. R. Rowland, vice-president. J. W. 10 cooperate In any nrourani I no """ lu . vicc-presuic-m. ,j. w. make relief activities effective ! Li l> scornb . formerly of Wynne. Ark. S. T. Holing, indicted for second decree murder In lhe slaying ol Paul Coday on lhe streets of Manila In December, will go on (rial In the most Important case i on tile current criminal com I term ! dOL-ket here Monday, i liolln-j. at lib:-iiy under $10,000 . bond since Ills release at a habeas ! corpus hearing in January, was Rut Fvir'f' la ' r - en "no custody on a bench uill i..xcii_i . warranl y M ierday. He was're- 1 Location Has Not Been : : -" itd lal "J' °" $10 ' QOU *>°,u\. ~. signed by the original bondsmen DlVlllged .' I (or his apiX-nrance here Monday. | The Brand jury pushed Us way A Mississippi county site has steadily ahead >est^rday ii$ w. been favorably reported for one. Leon Smilh. depuly prorccutor, r,f the ten recreational areas which ! caltr-d wllne.'ses before the body. Ihe Arkansas Honorary Centennial ;Th:s morning 25 Indictments had Celebration Commission pro]>oscs been ic-tiirr.ed and It appeared lo in lhe state, accord- | thai (lie jury would conclude its iiMj to an announcement today hy ! session this afternoon, ihc Arkansas Centennial News Subpoenas were issued today for >ilv 340 Voies Cast at 3 OVock; Council ('nines Out Ayainsl Act City Vote To Go On Air Tonight Election relurns will be broadcast over station KLCN tonlghl. The election broadcast will OIXMI at six o'clock although relurns will not be available until later. H Is hoped to give Incomplete returns followed by \ final complete count. Announcement of the count of every 100 ballots Is anllclpaicd. The broadcast Is sponsored by KLCN and the Courier News. ResiiUs may also be obtained by calling the Courier News Ci- lice, phones 30G and 307. 10 this county. cashier, and Iverson Micliie. fonti- anticipated. He said he did ot expect that the emplovment -ogram m Blytehvllle would pro- de work for more than 300 or casliier. Mr. Patterson spoke brleflv ol • rl> of Ca|w (-''haideau, ie scope of the future relief "pro- ""'"" am. indicating that it will prob- bly be less extensive than had City Bureau. The anouncement does not say which of several suggested sites in this county has teen approved. H ' inerrlv stales lhat sites have been ' 1'ivorabiy reported in eight conn- in the Sam Thomas cast His Fight to Avert Extradition Vain, ;Says State Prosecutor ISTANBUL, Turkey. April S (U T>)-FiRhlln;! odds that sec-med to be in touri tomorrow, indicat- hopeless. Samuel Insull today aping ihal trial ol Ihe lormer secre- i pealed to a Turkish court of last r* i ••-ivjioui. m^jiitu 1.1 i I^UL ».wiiii- p Uarbage j tics. Logan. Crawford. Carroll. Mis- 1 ti ing lary-ireasurer of lhe defunct Uly- Ihevillt- A^iieuitural Finance corporation u;ay to reached al llial lie is accused of embczzlc- J T' r- r* II • 'i'^ipl'i, i\ev\iun. ^tiicm, uitxier and lin Lan Collection and Union counties, and Ihal there Newton. Chlcol. Baxter metil. However, pea icsort to save him from exlradl- tlon lo Ihe United Slates The 7-1-vear-old Chlca°o utilities man directed from Ihe prison otlur cases. Involving defendants Is controversy about tlie location in Jail, which usually have pre- Tho garbage and tin can patrol, of 'he remaining two sites. number ol | win? of the detention house the 40 Local Home Owners Receive HOLC Loans A total of «4.398.78 has been oaned to distressed home owners f the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county by the Home owners Loan corporation since its reatlon by the federal govern- nent. Additional applications for oans are being considered. The HOLC has advanced funds o « home owners of the district. all but a few living in Blyihe- •ille, by which they have averted possible loss of homes through oreclosure by private loan companies. C. J. Evrard Is appraiser for he government loan corporation iere and R. A. Nelson is attorney. Stocks developed strength and ac-1 May Jul Chicago Wheat open high low close 87 1-2 85 1-8 87 1-4 85 3-4 .85 85 1-2 8* 3-4 85 1-2 May Ju! Chicago Corn open high low close 48 48 1-8 47 1-2 47 7-8 60 1-8 50 3-8 49 5-8 50 1-E New Yorf^ Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 3 (UP)-Cot ton closed steady. open high low close winner al the alley line, ready Within the next two weeks re inoval by city Mr.'ct de- dplr-i'uiion of twelve ptoniinenl artmcnl forces. " ! Arknnsans will visit Washington For the prcsenl the tin can pa- lo consult Ihe Piiblir Works Ail- rol will be maintained by city ministration and President Hoo;c- mployes without rliarfe. Ewniu- y rlt fpncernir.g n S750.000 PWA it may be taken cnvi ral relief workers. by fed- Ioiin for 'he development of the i recreation areas. Closing Stock Prices] Seek "Pirates" for NEW (UP, - BKKMEHTON. Wash April 3 .11 (hat , 1!1VC ii.; . r , .-..•. ...I*.. , vyn. *va3iL.. MIJI Kity in lhe last few mlnules of P) _ T he fantastic theory radlng tcday after a session of p, 1? t go,,,,,) pirates ma , narrow and uninteresting price : vniocl six perrons, found In an novcments. Silver shares Jumped Rrlend Point cottage received of•iii. predictions of higher prices for ficinl altenlion loday. "' I Authorities smighl n rwnd cf 120 1-4 'thieves, known as the "motor konl IS 1-2 j piruUs", In their investigation ol • the wholesale killings in lhe tut- or silver. A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel « Chrysier 55 3-8 Cllies Service , 3 I Coca Cola ...'. 101 1-8 ; \JJ 11 y i General American Tank 393-4 "CII IVHOWn Insurance General Eleclrlc 223-8 General Molors 39 1-8 Inlcrnallonal Harvester. 41 7-8 'f liur.sday. Before actual trial is rcarhr-d several points of law arj lo be decided by the court. A jury yesterday plastered $90 mori.' on Jimmy Janes for illegal possi-.ssion of liiiuor than he was fined in municipal court for (lie ;ame Jones had been fined $100 and the Jury raised it lo $190. With conviction Jones' lupe for dismissal of a padlock irtier against his place went glim nering. Jones' counsel, Claude Cooper, aid he would probably ap[x?al o th? supreme court, declaring 'rosecutor Denver Dudley's labM- HK of Jones as "public enemy lumber oni 1 " In liis opening slate- nent lo have been "highly prejudicial". Bradford Chilwood, who was fined and his place padlocy.,1 Man Dies at Detroit Nflddlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds Standaro of N. J. 5-16 S. J. O'Leary, 70. represenla'.ive of Hie Cornwall-Stevens Insur.ince 363-8 | conl l>any, died at Detroit. Mich., 32 5 7 . 8 i Sunday nljhl. 19 1-2 i ' rc wils tt 'Wfl>* known In this 7 5-8 represenled 21 3-8 i col "iwny in this district for 15 453-8 |J' rars - nncl n! >s especially well Texas Co. ............ 271-4 ' k "'' in " among the ginncrs. U. S. Steo! ST. 3-4 Luxora House Robbed New Orleans Cotton. LUXORA. during absence of Dr one May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar 1190 1199 1190 1199 [cotton closed steady. NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 3 (UP)— : Mrs. R. A. Klmbrough fiom their 1202 1211 1201 1211 .1218 1227 1215 1226 1227 1235 1226 1235 1232 1243 1232 1243 1246 1252 1241 1252 Spots closed steady at 1220, up'Jan I 5 - • 'Mar some, the house was entered bj [May | Jul Oct (Dec open high low close ! burglars and ransacked Th ... 1187 1198 1187 1197 Ihleves took only valuable papers .„., from tlie ' ' fight for freedom, a fight which authorities said would fall and •nd In his return lo the United States to face Irial for fraud In Ihe management of his nlllltles companies. Chief State Prosecutor Kenan Bey expressed this official opinion: "There has Ix-cn no Judicial judgment from which to appeal The penal court gave merely an opinion formallv est.ihllshln? fad and no Judicial opinion was involved." The new Turkish-American ex- Irndillon treatv was ratified Itifi night by the leelslilure. Althousb officials emphasized they did no' act under Ihe treaty but under the penal code. It was revealed today thnt thev were ready to us r (lie treaty if necessary ro hold Insull. Ui'splle I'l-rfecl weallier Dlylhe- •Ille |i:iii shown little Inleresl li '.3 iminlclpal election up uml ilwul Ilirce o'clock this allernoon. I'lic bulk of the vole Is usually ^ liL-n 1 In the aUernoon hmv- i:\cr. At Uiree o'clock a tolal of only MO voie.s had been at Hie 1 :hrcc boxes. In (he clly. The Ilrst | .\ard box ul llie c;iy hall had i '"M'leil I2 r > Vott-s thr> S"'-n|ul -v.!,-! xjx at llie J. C. Applcby Motor •uiiipnny. Main and Pinh slrects, Til) \oles and the box ill the Ark- Mc Lumber company. 18(11 West Main. In lhe lliiul waul, ;i!i volrs With no contest pi'ovlded Lhlb ,'ear in the mayor's office, which will be al slake n year from now. 'illlc Interest was manifested in nc city wide contest and two ward contests one unofficial, underway. Tlin-e men. H. C. Craig, incumbent, Hoss Beavers and !{. I.. Mc- Knlghl weiu seeking lhe office of city clerk. Sam Manatt was unop- uosed (or city attorney. L. G. •Pete" Tliompson, running for re- lectlon, and Marlon Wliliams. were out for first ward .alderman. Harold Sternberg was the only candidate on the official ballot for second ward alderman .but Floyd White was running on *S~"'tfrlle- In" ticket. E. H. Jackson was unopposed for third ward alderman Probably the outstanding development In the last hours befo.-e '.he election wss the action of the city council, mayor and city attorney, In coming out wlih handbills announcing opposition to Act No. 28 bcinj voted on loday. 'Hie act would place control of lhe oohce and firemen under a self- perpetuating board with the purpose of removing ihe depari- menls from politics. The clly Is loo small for a civil service system and creation of the board will take away the riuht of tlie electorate lo change police and Ircineu at least every Iwo yea-s if Ihcy -desired, tlic clly officials charged. Wlih what lillle Interest there was In the bill being voiced igaliwt the proposal Its defeat was anticipated. i'c Needed to Enable Slat";to Borrow Money, for Hospital I.1TTI.H HOCK, April 3 IUP> — third fperial iesslon of ihe l-.r- uir"H!. I'lilalnturc will be conven- i I lu-re Monday, April 9, at no.Ti. fiovi'niur J. M. Futrell Issued Ms proclamation late yesterday: It v.-ame as a surprise. The ;v*slon was called prlmnr-' Iv lo onncl a law lo enable the late lo oblain a PWA loan and •ii-iuil U $1,709.000. which'will be iisi'ii lo I'oinplelc lhe new state hiisiilinl lor (lie Insiine and those. illlli-liMl with licrvous diseases at ll( l nton. Al lunbt one olher maltcr.may. be Includi-il In llie governor's call' -.-a bill which would pay warrants now held by newspaper publish-'. Want l{;ielng localized Wlullar or not a bill lo legal- •• i/c horse racing In lhe slato will It: Included In the governor's call •VH.S ])iob!ematlcal desplie lhe lacl ' Hi 1 .- Hot Springs Business Men's Racing assoclallon has all but an-- noi'iiccd Its fall race meel.• The utsoclallon successfully con- lucted a ad-day meet al Oaklawn rack in I!ol 8|irlngs, which ended Eiuurday, March 31. Bellini, illliouch Illegal In Arkansas, was ciuiled on withoul protest, pnd wlih unofficial sanction. It Is certain that some solons will attempt lo legalize racing as well as llie sale ol liquor In the tale. The Arkansas "bone dry" law, which prohibits lhe sale of llipior, lias never teen repealed, but In I!ot Springs and In Little : Heck no apparent attempt is mads lo slop llie sale ol liiiuur. llupi-s for Urlrf Session Al a meeting of lhe construe- • lion commission yesterday In th-5 governor's office contract forms submitted by PWA authorities at : Washington were studied and the 1 commission recommended , (hat ' Governor Fulrell call • a special ; session. Governor Fulrell delayed his s k mailing . .- .._^__ _:«l,telt.. ... it shortly before he left for Para-" gculd. The governor will not return lo Lltlle Hock until lh? latter' part ol this week. ; Governor Futrell hopes to have the legislature remain in ass- ' slon only three days. Although this hor.e has b;en expressed by many governors In recent years, r.o record has been found where colons remained only lhat len a ta of time. Shorter Hours Order Closes Illinois Mines at the same time Jones was mied ! n municipal court, was being tried en his appeal from a $100 flue this afternoon. The state was forced to nolle pros two cases yesl.rday aftcr- roon after trial had opened. A charge of violation of slate game laws against L. M. Vance was dropped afler trial started and 1 sume thing occurred In the (rial of John Bishop, accused ot petit larceny. Bolh defendants had appealed from municipal courl conviclions. Virgil Greene repre- wnled Vance and Nelll Heed was counsel for Bishop. Wreck Fatal to Three Senate Abandons Probe 1 of Airmail Stock Sales WASHINGTON. April 3 (UP>- Thc senate tanklne committee voted today to discontinue Its Investigation into airmail companv flock transactions Just prior tr rnncf-llallon of Ihe airmail con- (racts because of lhe heavy ex- nense InvNved In making a thor HUDSON, Wis., April 3 (UP)- |lnree pef'ons were killed In a Inquiry. Senator Hamilton Kean, whr ofl^rrd th<! origlnnl resoluttoi' withdrew It with the exnlanatior thai he understood a thorougl Investlgctlon Into the motives o those who sold their stock wouk co<t nboul $100.000. He (hat Committee Investigator Ferdinand Pecora report whatever tin Investigators have learned thu. far. VALPARISO. Ind. (OPi -Com munlty auctions have Income P weekly occasion here with a pro fesslonal auctioneer In charge am a turnout exceeding that of ai ordinary public sale. At one of the recent auctions th itms for sale Included 20 horses. 3 1200 1207 1198 1207 1215 1224 1213 1224 i Dr. Ktmhrougli Is at a loss 1225 1227 1223 1233 know why (hey (ook the papers 1232 1232 1232 1237b " " 1245 1245 1245 12W1) as they are valueless to anyone except hlmtelf. freight train derailment on the cattle. 40 hccs, 15 sheep. 40 chick Chicago and Northwestern rail road near here today. The victims were J. Utter, en- ens, 100 bushels of 03(5. 250 bushel or corn, farm tools, fence posts an canned fruit. Sales are on a cast glneer. C. W. Long, fireman, and | basis. The auctioneer charges Glen Parle, brakeman. (Small commission. Members of the Maple Grove emetcry association staged their initial tag drive on election day. -layton Fowler Victim of Automobile Accident Mrs. A. B. Powler. Mrs. M. G ioodwin, Clyde Fowler, Mr. and Irs. Fred Fowler and Mrs Ranolph Smith have returned from Jyersburp. Tcim.. where they al- ended the funeral of Clayton Power. 41. son of Mrs. A. H. Fowlrr ho was killed In an automoblli ccldcnt Saturday nMit. He was drowned when his car ilungcd off a 30 fool levee ern- lankmenl into the back waters f the Forked Deer river In Soul!' Oyersturg. His companion, R. H iaulln, was seriously injured. Th ulomoblie struck a hole In thr ravel and the car veered lute he water. The deceased lived here for a hcrt time and was well known n Blytheville where he had alSD •Islled as the guesl of his sister. Mrs. Goodwin, and his brothers :iyd?. Fred. Albert and Lifu: "owler. Other relatives who survive him re his wife and two small som ind two other brothers. Bruce •! Ncwtern. T;nn.. and Milton f Halls. Tenn. He tcrved wlih disllnclion In th vorld war and participated i. everal Important engagements. CHICAGO, April 3 lUP1—Three- . fcurtlis of all coal mines In II- Inols were clcscd today because' 3f confusirm among operators re- • garding the new 7-hour day for , mine workers. It was announced \>j \ W. S. Jenkins, pr:sldent of the Illinois Operators associa^ • lion. .; Jenkins' statement was made as : :he operators, representing between 18.000 and 50.000 employes, met In l hurriedly called conference here : o determine wliat action will be taken toward compliance with the J3-hour-week order of General lluvli S. Johnson, national recovery administrator. Mrs James Sneed, 89, Dies at Home in Illinois Mrs. James Sneed, 89, of Sparks Hill, III., died al her home Monday aflerroon following a brief illness. Th; deceased has a number of friends In this city as .he spent a portion of each year ,ere with her daughter. Mrs. E. H. DeaHte. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Deaelte and Mr. 'cck, who went up last Friday, -cturncd home Sunday night but .Irs. Peck, her grand daughter, remained with her. The deceased is survived ty sev- :n sons and daughters. Mrs. Iva Blankenship of .Monette Succumbs Funeral services were held al Jonestoru Monday afternoon for Mrs (va Blankenship. 50. molher o U. S. Blankenship of this city, whc Jied at- her home at Monstte yes .erday. Her husband passed awaj i month ago. The deceased, who formerly liv :d here, Is also survived by an other son, Elbert Blankenship, o Honolulu, and two daughters, Mrs Carl Bowman tind Miss - Belt} Monetle. Blankenshlp. botii Baby Born to Widow of Drowning VicKm BASSETT, Ark.—A daughter was 'm Saturday afternoon to the widow of Carl Golden, who was drowned Ihe night of January 12 near Black Cat landing. The baby weighed 5 1-2 pounds and has been named Mary Alice. There are two other children, Lorraine, 13. and Carlln?. II. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, showers, colder In west and central portions tcnight. Wednesday cloudy,, colder. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy, showers tonight and Wednesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 80, minimum 51, clear, according to Sauel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer,

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