The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1944
Page 3
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\UONDAY, NpVEA/RER' 27, J9'-M SeabeesNeed More Officers Skilled Construction Men Have Opportunity To Win Commissions NEW ORLEANS, Nov. .27,-Conof f icci s are •"•- uigcm-iy needed in (he famous Nr.vy Seabees, It wns nimqmieed this week USNR, Director of Na : val Officer DhM 1 '™ 6 " 1 f « lhe Eighth .Naval "Men with construction ' exper- lenee who nre not now engaged in essential wav work .should .get'in touch with the Office of Naval Officer Procurement in fJew Orleans or In Houston, Texas'- Commander Clarkton said. , It Is not essential -that applicants have a college 'education, although such training would be desirable, he said. " '••••. •Applicants for •. c'ohirnisXions as Navy .construcU.m officers; are be-' ing fought from - every, -'state .. in the Eighth Navar pislnct^Lou'lsi- .ona, Alabama, Texas, 'Mississippi. Oklahoma; ..Tennessee.'': .'Arkansas; nnd. Western Florida. -'-.:- , '': • "The- officers End. men. of"' (he .Navy ; Scabees (Construction -. Bat- inlions) -have doiic, .aiid are 'doing' outstanding- jobs all ,, oyer the world,".Commander 'darks'on'- said. . "However, as we expand.our operations: jve, have 'to ouild' more advance bases and • airfields and our- need for more'' construction officers constantly increases." : He said those Interested should call or write the Office < of Naval Officer Procurement; 611 . Gruvler Street, New Orleans, or the Office of Naval Procurement, Niels-Espersen Building, Houston, Texas. DM Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Lewis and her mother.. Mrs. .Bhughman, who soon will move from this community, were guests al a, dinner given Tuesday night al the Doll Club House when members of the Dell Baptist Church served,as liosls Red roses were arranged on the- long banquet tables where a turkey dinner was served the 125 'guests who attended the-affair.".'.' '. ' Tlie guests of'hohor were presented with an assortment of farewell Gunrfer Who Rode Wounded 17 Prepares To Return As Pilot BLYTlIBVlLtK COURIER.-NEWS T-Sgt. Cos.lnntlno Segnlla, ah crew trainee at the BAAP, played patty-cake with Death for over nionth and lived to tell (lie story. H.was on April llth, that he and his fellow airmen took oil from their B-1,7 base in England and embarked on (he longest bombing mission In the history of the Eighth Air.Force. And It : was Upon that ilate that Scgnlla'S' nerve-wracking flirtation with the "Grim Reaper" began. Poziiah, Poland, was the target. and to reach it, Che non-com and Ills buddies had to fly over honeycombs of 'anti-aircraft» batteries Just to make It tough, Axis Interceptors' were as numerous as GI gripes, and machine gun bullets and cannon' shells pocked the nlr about the'Portresses during most of the long ride. The pilots of the 17's accepted the unusually strong .opposition as a challenge, however, and proceeded to. give Coding's stooges a blush- proyoklng lesson in "the art of evasive action. Their crews had n biiin- |iy voyage, to put It mildly', |jul those Incredibly skillful -- American flier's got them to Uielr.Target:. .,-' • ; Tilings went. from','' tad to '. worse when, they got'/close 'jo^'ppziw'n, .hough, for jerry t)trcw''everythlng lie had in (he air. The'hnk''wns so thick you could have-walked, on it aiid over a hundred 'Germim planes swooped In on their own nek nek. iiellbent oh wiping out the invading formation.. : •-Tile'results probably sent Hitler off in,to anotlier rug-chewing spree, tor his •"birdmen took a whale, of a Icking. Outnumbered by .more '(ruin three to one, the boys : from 'the of On? clinics are fill shot up." "You can Imve ours,' snld Segnlla. "I'm (join' in with the boss." "The Hell with .you," chorused his pals. "We're solng loo." So Segalla crawled back (o the co-pilot's scut mid he nnd the pilot iimdc ready to lake the mortally wounded Fortress In lor u landing. At last, they left the sea behind them nml (he pilot shouted: "We're going down, i can't hold her up any longer. I'll Iry to hit (hat field over (here." It wasn't to bs an easy job, With (lie Fort almost totally out of control, (hey oyei'bhot Ihelr liuidlng, couldn't gnin nllituclp nnd look (he tops oIT several trees and two telegraph rioles. worse, they were headed straight for a small liuuso nnd cerium, dcntli.' Suddenly, the desperate pilot did thp Impossible nnd threw (ho ship Into a 130 degree bank and stalled out nnd away from (ho building with hls'oue good.cne'lnc. Then tlie big plane came to earth In a. Unch- lilf! slide and tree stumps tore out tlic ball turret, broke tlic tall, nnd snapped .-ofl' (ho wings. When the Fortress ..finally rnmo to n stop, there wasn't inuch left'of her; but lA'cry member of her crew crawled out safely. '•They were Immediately surrounded by a Email' group of peasants who looked them over curiously ami talked .lo'them In u language unfamiliar to them. "These people mon't Jerries." Segalla decided, "but.l can't tell from language what they nrc so Men In Service Uvin K. of I)).\'lbc- room of the City Hau in Ulylhovlllc, Arkansas, on Tuesday, November 2a I'M, at 7:30 P.M. for the purpose of nuiklng mi iinmiiil Two more students arc on tlit'Ir own now, (nullified ICj [ly airplanes for pleasure nnd' to . work toward their private license. Miss Mavy Frances Nunn, high school s,elilor and daughter of Mr. nntl Mrs. Mar- vtn Nunn. miule. her first solo fllelit in the little yeiiovv',Ciib trainer u lew days ngq,.w))llc Instructor Johnny Fields stoo"il ( on the ruuwiiy and watched approvingly'. ,Tho other Pitils, from where hi! sent it .. of French perfumes, poivdws, a IciUhev billfold, l-Yi'iich cohw nml •her souvenirs (o his wife, Mrs, larger nnd tMr .uv« sons "re milking (heir homes wltii his nnronts a( -101 North Second Sheet »'hllo ('rival- " "'clr ' I '" 1 to burn the ship." . A fcw moments later, tUc gallant ' , • , Stntes got their bombs away, then, i Fortl 'ess was in (lames anil none too while their own losses were heavy, I soon.' The navigator, who had » accounted for 'three-fourths' of 'thej wolnn B acquaintance will! Ocrninn, nemy 'aircraft attacking them.' ' had elicited the information that Segalla's Port alone.-gol five ships, the non-com personally taking care of one of them. Then disaster fell. The enemy's gunners got the range and It hailed bullets and shells. they had landed on an Island near Denmark. The Germans, he said, had seen the B-n coming In nnd were on their way (o the scene of the lauding. _That wns enough for Segalla and oods, out. "We didn't do so badly for ourselves, though," grins Segalfa. "The Underground made contact with us y, a German 20 mm. can-' """• wlls enougn lor Hegalla red four direct hits on the \ buddies. They took to the wi i's top turret. Fragments i ? mcd onl >' wllh ••' 5 ' s . «»<! "Id iir.+ i, f,e »>!„ ii_i._i_ i • . Iov !i innnlli me ncau, ripping Ills ,. — r,-"""" .".mi; »,umm;i v,nn us and laying open the, 24 llo »''s anil they kept us came'more shell frag- ° 011 lllltn tllc >' rolll<l »inke ar- the co-pilot collapsed """"Amenta for our escape. Several Dangers of Rectaljroubles FREE BOOK"—plains Many Associated Conditions Backache, headache, constipation dizziness, nausea,. abdominal soreness, stomach and' intestinal condi- tions'are often caused by Piles, Flst.nlii or colon Troubles. .40-page FREE BOOK explains the nature uf these ailment!,. Write''today—a postcard will do. Thornton &Minor I limes German patrols ran into us, but our .45's turned out to he. p good guns und we stayed alive the Underground was a hie to get us back to England. We were the first full crew to escape from occupied Europe." Suddenly, a German 20 mm. can- ion scored four direct hits on the non-com's top turret. Fragments . , )ierced-both of his thighs nnd his lar n mo "' l! guns were knocked out. Ereiith- seconds later, a bit of flak caught he pilot on'the head, rluping his i el met oft ' ' " icalp. Tlien ... ^ the co-pilot collapsed, iu» lu^e mi unrecognizable mess of gpfc where the sharp pieces of met- nl had torn through'the'cheek bone, knocked out two teeth, and came out the. other side. That wasn't enough and. another of; the Dinners went down next, leaving only four men to man the ship. Segalla dragged- himself to 'the cb-^llot's seat mid helped the pilot trim the one good engine left to the:mortally wounded Fortress and the other members of the crew crawled to the radio room and pre-pared for death or a crash landing. Jerry, convinced the Fortress wns mortally .wounded, turned his attention to the more lively ships, and Segalla aiid Ills buddies took'their plane into a cloud. When they emerged, no. enemy aircraft were In sight,, but tlie Baltic Sea wns. They were only 500 feet above it and were losing altitude rapidly. : j D j '"Tell the crew to bail out "'the! pilot ordered Segalla. "I'm going to \A/._.: I r^'TI ~ ride, her down. I can see land mi VYCIII hOT I 116 the horizon." . , Is Corp; llrti-old Joslf who soloed Friday. Both; students stnrl- ed lessons In the early "full, ! *' * * . - . H was the first lime. Jn, the air for Miss Virginia. Jiickson of Joncs- toro Saturday nftcrnoan when she went up wl(h Lieut. Harold Smith oi Port Smith nt"the"cpntrolB.' She "liked It fine" Miss Jackson said after landing. The Jonesboro girl was (he Kiiest of Miss Doris Ami Smith of Osccola. ' ' « • »' . • Ann and Llewellyn While 'nrc air enthusiasts, too. .They beiused • their ' ilad, Godfrey While of Osceola, for a ride yesterday in his anil he obliged. * * * . Ernest Halscll was 'disappointed when he landed at thu'Cape Olrar- dcau alrpurt yesterday nftei-noon lo lenni that the. widely advertised nlr show had been called off .because of unfavorable wealhor. The maneuvers were to have featured il slai- ulatcd airborne Invasion by ti [|luht of C-47S (owing gliders. The show was to have been singed by lhe' Maiden Army Air Field. * •••'• : Using a pole nnd line Is loo slow ivlien you want to hiiyc a big fish dinner, so Clalr Miller and ' Lloyd Kolwyck went after their Ilsh lhe quick, easy way. They, fleiv. to Reolfoot Lake, procured 30 'pounds of fish and were back home In less time almost than It would tnkc you to crank some outboard motors. . * • • Miss Mnrjoi'ie 1'erry Is working hard to master the technique of (akeoffs and landings. She 'llcw y to Memphis ilmc tor; Fields I'vt, J. W. (Hilly) noswcll, son of Mrs. Kudo Itowell of Illylhc- ville, now slalloned In (he Mnrlimii isUinds wliHii he Is with Die MII- 11 nc Corps, ' Prlvntc no.swell, whose svlfe and jniighlers, Donna and Mnrtn are llvlrcj In lllyllievlllc while hi' Is oversells, look; Ms boot, lr«lnliif[ nt San nicgo,'.0«llf. He was clnploy- « ,.. (Ice,, Stlx Factory prior "is cnlfstmi'ia in (he Mnilncs, His family recenlly received a = 'Dply of Japanese cl^nrels nnrt oihPr souvenirs, irclty her first cross-country until lnsl - Monday with Insl Two Coon Hounds, Caught In Drain, Finally Rescued' LANSING. Mich., Nov. 27. (UP) — A llve-dny search by :IOOO IIIK- ham County sporlsmcn lt«s ended with the recovery of Cnrlo nnd Uipper, two prlM coon hounds, tlu-y were found in a drain pipe a mile and a quai'lcr long. 'Mic hounds, owned by Earl Mny- nnrd of Lansing, cliasi : ,| a rncobn into the 2'1-lncli drain leading from a highway. Maynard and two farmers who were hunting with him. of • - - ..... **o * mid to elect cfllccrs and members lo direct (he operation of the chapter durhm the year |o conic '' m; m tll<! Chlekasnwbfi District of Mississippi County who has conlrlbuled ono dollnr or more in the past twelve month* Is a member of this chapter and eiich nne | s urged to dttend. Jllliu Umblrd. Executive Secretory. Tears Stall Gunmen CI,KVKI,AN1). (UP) -. 'ivars sllll pay dividends. Jacob Slelnljcrit n M-yeur-oliI Cleveland grocer wns "so surprised" whim three armed men held up his grocery store that lie besmi lo cry.. The itunmcn. up. parcntly, moved by the ninn's (ears walked out, Icni'lnti $75 In die cash resistor, Illld n«l >pi,l yotr Day—Oil tlltr II KDW pon't put off RotUng C-2223 (o ro- lluvo inilii of musciilur rhouniullmn ntul oilier rhcunialluiiiihiH.Cautloir Use only na dlrecleil. Klrst Imltlo r'lirclnijro prlco tack If not satisfied UOc and $1.00. Today,, buy Thcio K more than one-half mllo 1*AGE -THREE of Mlk in a PolyphemVis moth. cocoon of the Csciir Cornell called—but the cut. . Segalla and his buddies got back vcr which he i .to England In Mny nnd, after a Do «* ei 'y, man; short rest, were transferred back to vnri "'''P 0 ' 1 - ' the States. Furloughs followed, then nill> n """" '"" reasslRnments, and the non-com qualilied as a trainee. Now, he is at BAAP .sweating out the beginning 'of his (lying training, hclplng out at the controls. * • • C. V. Sebaugh : is busy getting lic- nuaintcd wllh his speedy. new Cul- "Sitting in the co-pilot's scat on that last mission dill something to me," he grins. "I want to get me some 'wiiip, ;.(hen visit- Poziian I ae l whs ™ 1)l ' s !' tllc last,time 1 ')™ 5 ovei ' the l )1;lco th!1 l I didn't B<H much of a look ' n t ''•" Tlie non-com made his painful , way to the radio room. < to hit Farm Loans — Long Terms, Low Interest Rates, Quick Action. Caleb Smith & C. E Gbllgday ^17 E. Mahnp' Avenue • * . ver which he obtained from^J. ; inger, of the , fsltilt- ..... .......... Sebaugh traded hL 1 ! Cub Coupe for the Culver. which is (he fourth of Us kind to jolii lhe licet of local pleasure planes. Cecil .Wrote)), Dr. L.,L. Hiibeiier' 'find i.'. O. MUchelr all ' 'fly the! idw- wluged ships. • • : • A. E, Clark has' sold" his A'CIOII- ica to a Pailiic;jh, Ky,,- ^cntJVujjjul. Weather in recent' daysihns not been too bad for cross-country fly\a°.. Harol:! SiidbuVy made .a business trip last Thijrsdayjlnlo Southern Illinois, returning' 'by 'way 'of Jonesboro. (No, he j-wnsn't' off his course. He meant 'to go there.) Charles Rose rolled ;out his Liis- combe' yeslcrday "afternoon for .a trip to West Memphis and with dm v.-ent Sonny psiorne. and Anisic Lewis, dons didn't come All night, they worried nuonl the f-ogs. The iiexl day (hoy obtained lie calmly romi commissioner's tlucprlnts of the drain and nlotted Us course. Nenr lhe Inrgest end of the Inpcrlng drain, they dug a new entrance nnd called vainly for Curio and Clipper. Moving ever to- wnrd the narrow end of' the pipe I hey dug 11 more imlcs Into the drain, calling lhe: dogs each time Tlie 13lh hole was dug nl the i»r end of the pipe. Maynard was owercd head first Into the entrance. The dogs, rhmlly hciirlns Maynnrd's voice yapped Joyfully and made Ihclr way lo (lie outlel ami were lifted from captivity. Weak without fond or water, the two hounds nevertliolcss Jumped with Joy nml burked with ijlee nl .the large gathering who witnessed nnd'nsslsterl In the.rescue. Hut. the racoon hud escaped through the narrow'end of lhe pipe. NOTlCi; OK KEI) OKOSS ANNUAl, i\IECTIN« Notice Is hereby clvcn Hint (he finminl meeting O f (lie Chlcknsawbii District Clmptcr of the American fled Cross will be held hi the Comi- K'b n«j to lie iirlxMi—lot*— Ji'sffy "ad Irci liceaiiBc CONSI I ATION or GAS I>1U!S. sllKh wuii't ) ut you olccp, »e M!isiWo- ( rt ii|i-ial.e a dash of , ADLER-I-KA !o iflicu Ih'o presstirc of hrct inlc^linc4 011 ncnrj ,iml orgniu of UiBiJi^inc tract. AOIcrika assist, old ((Hut \\uicj oiul gaa llirouah n comfortil>((.. IIOIH! movement to thai IwttiN roliirn to normal sli« ami the distonitoru of uicttiirt ilop llcforc you knh(s' it, you are nslrcu. MoniniK finds you feeling clean — ri'fnvlicd im<l ready for a Rood d.iy'B \\oik or fun. Cnuiioii, use only nt'directed. i LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative M<S I.ynoh nil!?, , ' ' SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS -'^"U FLOWER SHOP DRS. NIES & NIES OSTf OPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectol Diseases a Specialty ' EXCEPT CAHCER) \ OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12;00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Mnin niythcvlUe, A,h. i»|, one 2 i>2! Your telephone book and Information's directory are ,a)ota!ikei Cut their jobs are •different. ' Yours has mo« of the numbers you'll ever. need. Information's is for finding new and changed numbers. you use jour directory, Information it able to find the new numbers more quickly Jn these busy, wartimes. ALL NATURE PREPARE? .^WINTER - HOW ABOUT YOU ? "-1 EiiRland hi 1024 .was lhe first country to organize' a society for lhe prevention .of cruelly to unl- mals. 'Good Old Days' LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (UP)-Tlie pictpocket, racket, which was almost ' as common us bootle"gin" during the prohibiiioii era. is a rnn- •,idly. dknppsnrlng art. That statement comes straight frpm n couple of veterans of the I ; Gbrdon""fd r lo, l i E p llrnV -'n M ° rr ' 3 "'"I'" 5 ' rclllrns lo ll whc " th<: "P' t.S'Sr. r '!f • wer - * prescnls it5Clf '" Be " rc " jyilh Little Rocfc'r. chief of Detec- (H'es j. o. -Martin recently after they had been arrested for al- te"S.. to ."' l '" ^ llct fr <»» me here* Gt ° f a railrond employee Bell told Martin he began picking pockets at lhe ape of ' MCH SPARK PtoG 2)NE FOW.EO Pttlfi CAN WASTE AS~MUCH"ASON6 " GAUON IN EVERY TANKFUL QFGAS.YET IT COSTS ONLY" A FEW PENNIES TO HAVE IT CLEANED. ARE YOU SAVING NICKELS AND THROWING AWAY DOLLARS ? REMEMBER, HEtPS SHORT AN DTK IS IS OOR RU6« SEASON. FHOSE BEFORE TOCJ CW£ sp WE CAN SCHECXtLE VOUR WORK WHEN ITS MOSr CONVENIENT ALL ftROUNG P£ft MINUTE SHOULD FLOW THROUGH YOUR ENGINE FOR PROPER LUBRICATION. DIRTY, CANT 00 THE JOB. PUT IN FRESH WINTER-GRADE ESSOWOTOft OIL TODAY! ftSOLlHE POWERS THE MTVX-OON'T WASTE A DROP! FOR LATEST NEWS- TUNE IN TOW* ESSp REPORTER EVERY OAY t£r vow t>o rr! STANOARO.~OlC.CQMf>AHY OF. LOUISIANA tnarkcd. Bell said his .eyesight failed and an operntion became neccssnfy recently. He convalesced In Hot Springs. •Be told Martin he and Gordon 1 «lci not get (lie railroad worker's pocketbnok, but dtd'iiot deny mitk- I'J an effort. He .merely said he wns "growing loo old nntl clumsy" for (he profession. ; ; • "Why, 20 ycnrs ago thai fellov; never would have known anydiln'g about il until inter, and nnotlier thing," Bell coiitlmicd, "Uinl policeman never would have caught me." Bell snid he was too old to work i gambling houses. He said the younger generation seemed more aggressive nnd less gullible than trie ".suckers' of days gone by. He Mid that to "deal from ihc'mld- «Ie would be; inviting n sound bent- ing. "Yes, my profession Is fast fad- nig, he said. "When a few ol tlie remaining old-timers pass on, a I Ickpockct will be as difficult to find as tlic Dodo bird " For winter. ir.inS|iori!uion, ihe SNQWSHOI! «ABHI [ nclunlly groivs. his own snowslioes in the form of long, stlfl hairs on hi) feet that improve his "irnnion." And nature's Ciimou- llagc nlso mrns his cxl r B warm w i ntcr COiU white for proccction, THE SNOWSHOE RABBIT IS ALL SET WINTER TRANSPORTATION FOR Home Remedy For Relieving Miseries of CHILD'S COLDS The modern external treatment nrnl joung mothers use t6>lieve discom- •^^ forts 'of children's colds • • • muscular soreness or tightness, coughing, irritation in upper bronchial tubes . . . is Vicks Vapo• , -?^J Kub. So cosy to use. You list rub it on-and right away blessed relief starts to come as VapoRub . . . (o upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors chest and back surfaces like a warming pouHicc _ ...... Often by morning most of the misery ol the cold is gone. Remember this ... OHLY VAPORUB Gives You ti,is pecial penetrating-stimulating action. t s time-tested, home-proved tliebest Lucky rabbit!. He, never has to worry about "stalling" in deep drifts . . . nor aboitt freezing cold. F It's diflcient witli cnrs. Nature doesn't help them. In fact, time and bard UK and thc qlemems „„ W0rk „. harm ^^ ^.^ ^ > <• parts. Ihese ihmgs should be watched . . . checked regularly by so;nrane who really knows. «-fa"'ariy Dy Your Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler dealer hns a vary real . 'a 1 1st ST! y ° UI '" T" ing " '"" l)CSt - Ha has lo ° ls «« «« H cSrn has 8™"'"' factory.engmcered nnd inspected parii. HB exerienced mechanics know every detail of the car's opcraiion. " B ° VCr n ° W may SaVC ^ Ou a lot 1 ' eci your CHRYSLER CORPORATION Po rf$ Division --...j miseries of colds, O\TT<W Cofporrfw, — Ntti OM•>••• ,v \> r ., . ;: PIVMOUTH'OOOOC . M, twi, BQND1

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