The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1939 BLTi'HEVILUC, fAIlk.) COIWIEJJ NEWS PAGE F1V» CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consccu- llvc insertions: One ttinc per line .'..10c Two times per line per diiy....08c Vlircc times per line per rtay...fl(jc MX li'iiesper line per day—05a Monti: rale per line GOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge SOc Ads ordered for three or six (iiries iuici stopped heforc cxpira- tiou will be charged for the hum- lier of ({flics (lie add appeared And adjustment of ,1)111 made. A|l Classified Advertising copy lubmlltcd by persons resitting oul- ilde of Uic city imisl be accompanied by cash, natos may lie easily computed from above Itible. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes I lie one time rate. No resi'onsibll: ty will be taken lor more (liaii one incoifcct inscr lion of any classified ad, Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE cou> WATERMELONS Welding KXl'KKT ICLKCTUIC AND ACKTYM5M? WELDING lie and hP.ivy wi sprclaHj', , Barksdale Mfg. Co. ID or Ii Dairy Drag lliic and heavy wrldtiif specialty., i'liouc 10 or lies. 1019 Foinid ; (onned that the snuko Is so well .^ . > Kenned .that there Is not the sllshl- Oh? black liorse mule, about. 1100 cst rtan,;<T, and (hut he may be In- pounds and one bay niui'ij undo specled wlili (he srealesl. pleasure," aboiil 1100 pounds. Both arc the ad said, smooth mouth. About 16 hands • . lilfh. Nod of Sleelc, McOniilol, |. \v. 61. 5 miles No. Washing, Ironing Excited Father Gets Legal Tip On Baby's made to ik'tuln them (ell the h:s- I'tlal aulliorllle.s you will hold them sti-lfily al'comrluulc. Who Is lids lalkhH;?' Kxdted bye. Mart hi (rum Hip Hint lit, uut." lalher—Tluinks, Ciocd- licurd nothing ' mrie man, so L( \vi\s iisjjiuiied wife iind vliild "walked Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Hough dry and finish. S quills! borr $1.00. one day service. Willlo Hell lii-ecu, bi'lilhd Clly Ice plant. CAMtllimnK, Muss, UJl'l —Cotn-> For Rent 3 or •! nicely furnished large rooms. Private bath, Downstairs. 1129 W. Ash. l-ck-4 4 room furnished house. Reasonable. 1413 W. Main SI. l-ck-5 3 room furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, private bath. Garage. Phone 294. 1117 W. Asii. 27-ck-tf Dairy ory ijunllty mid service Iri pioducts. Cattle fren ol nang's Disease, In best of jihyslcal condition. Call Ivirs. Cjrace I^bwerv. 902-J, (or Halsell's Grade A Haw Milk, Cream, Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection cncaufagcd. n'uytime. Iliiscli's Dairy Promised Land, noute 2 For Sale Oflice roQfiis for rent. In First. Na- ^ioiial Bank bulkiiii!;. Call Mrs. Miller n( CO. 3 room furnished apartment, ilearn. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. afl-ck-5 309 29-ck-5 Four, -l-robm apartmeiits. each with Cobble and. Vci livored $7.50 per stone, Dc- lon. vy. Glenn Sr., Black Rock, lit. 1. Bos 7. 20-pk-5 Milk fed fryers. Battery raised. Mrs. niisscll. N. W. Corner Holly mid Division. ai-pk-8-21 For Sale or Rent. i.A N IMN ~CI'-A v COUNT Y, ARKANSAS Kami No. I 320 acres. 180 acres In enlllvallon ion of which Is black sandv land. MO acres pasture land. Foiir good Houses, aiid two Barns. Fenced and cross-fenced. Close to school iind church, on mall route, and lined rnllcs from Town. I-ai-m No. 'i 2-10 "acres. i:ii) acres In culllva- lion. filack sandy land. Two sirm'.l houses, good barn, One mile from Corning. Ark., and 1/4 mile from Stale rtoad. \ Will rent, or sell on easy terms. Govt. renl will pay 60 per" cent ol deferred payments. Both farms excellent for tractor farming. For information write owner. .1. I,. T.'iylm- Coniinj;, Arkansas until tlieir bill wus paid in lull, an excited IniiilMiid-lullier called llio | Middlesex district, iiltorne.v's tlllce 1 lor aid. lie luni'i up, however, U'loio Assistant district Attorney Ejilirluiri Mnrtin could learn his identity or. whcreabails--bul not be I ere rccclv^. ins ndvlee. The couversiillim wus as .follows: Kxcitcd father—I want to Know my rights. My wile and baby are in the hospital and the superintendent we n't liil 'cm leave until the whole Ml) is paid. The p.ibj- was b:rn a few days irjo. 1 can pay hiiif ihc bill now 'and the resl lit so much ji week, bill (lie superln- ieiKlenl says 1 must pay mm, Muilin—Hold on a minute, am your wife walkV •Ixcitrxl futlicr — Bine, :;he can vnlk. Mnrtlu—Clcl ycur wife and hnl>y .nd walk out. If any alU'inpt Is Lost Mr. Abraham nl Blti. bath. Garage. New building. Call:Extra good established business. Best season starting. Large profits. No competition. Liuly or nuui can Operate. S350 Walk out. Write Courier News. 28-pk-l •i or :i room apt. 005 Cliicknsawba. t , 1M u|Jt I'honc 176 during day. 24-pk-l BOX 1C, 3 room furnished apartment. 710 Cln'ckasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Dim- can. 2S-ck-'2 I am the representative, in (his i comity, for (lie. Stark Brothers Utilities furnished. 120 Dugan. Nursery. Phone 74G-J for service. 3 room furnished house. Close lii. Du 22-ck-U Notice St., Mrs. Belle Wood. Nice furnished Main. Nice large bedroom opening oil sleeping porch. Airs. Emma Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf apartment. 703 W. 22-ck-tf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment, Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-tl Comfortable bedrconii 1017 WaInut. L Phone 102. 15-ck-tt 2 or 3 room furnished apartment,. Newly decorated. 914 Hearn. • Modern 3 roc::: unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phono 764. 3-ck-tf Office rooms, sudbury Building. See Graham Su(,6ury. S7tf 31-pk-3 W. S. Langdon. Fishing License FOR VOIJR CONVENIENCE, \VE A R E I'ltEPAUKl) TO ISSUE YOUIl FISHING LICENSE AT Olilt STORE SHOUSE-HENRY CO. "riiohe 35 Personal Arouse Sluggish t.lvnr, work off She bile; Id rid yourself b( constipation, gns pains and that sour, uunk feeling. Take one box . KIKBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILI.S ibc Hi all Kirby Stores, LIBERAL KEWAHO offered for Information lending lo Ihc ni- 'wery of u-hite and lemon male loiulcr pup, -I months-nld, lost, between llaylt, Missouri, and C'tiidcr. Arkansas. 11. L. Jones, New IViad rid, Mo. l-ck-2 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest .Stock Guaranteed Rent .Trice* Kirby Drug Stores J. I, GUARD Optometrisl Oniy (Uadualr (>iil<iina- Irist in Iil.vilir.flhi>, Glasses 1' Correctly Cliieg ei'S I'bc . Imnl. iUP) -- Jlg- I'nnliie Unlvcrsiiy 'Uloiniilo^l.-il, (fiiiclios tltc |i:sl- »mi with (irmvlii! conreru as •lilsWT-litlten IliMisln-s mid cns- oiliaiis tf cinn|) sites began a na'ss appeal to. the experts for rl>- Ili'f. Thi're are itiiiny ways lei dbhin '•••lief hum chlicicvd, liavls ixiiided cul. Init the I rouble is there are s:i Wert Optometrist "ItlC iil/VKKS 'KM SKK" OUT Jnr Isaacs' Sliire I'lltUlK 540 imuiy chlasers, too. Sulphur In Ilic .sex mid nmler llie iwlt Is (in old standby, and In the fac-h of I ho giwl'nj luimber of c:inpliiitil.-i, lie has decided lo cling to |t., A lillle sulphur duslcd a'l stnile- ylc points (anyone who lias been en a summer picnic knows where (hey arul Is a g.-od preventive. A belter one Is lo Ktav In l|io hohsr. . U you have jnsl returned from — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Acctiriilc Your Crescrliillon Unigglst Fowler Drug Co. riionc Khst 111 nn outliit! Iry u little ammonia svalcr ci- soda water, Davln liiisiiesls. Kspcditlcns Into the w'oo-is hud lull urasws, or (tint iiflernoon nil the front lawn nre mlftlily (liie. Davis admit.-;, nut he iilsj thinks that where fhUfiri' '.rouble Is concerned, there Ls a lot t-o l;» siild for llie KOIKI old front porch, RECtAl, DISORDERS Ollnli'iil nlurri'iilldiis tlls- (•Hwe Hint reel nl disorder are responsible f«f niorsi wrecked nervous s.v.slcins thaii Oily otlu'r piiiliojnjlciil condition. Many rases oj u.en- rral liervousnef.s, heailaciu-s.' Ibw-bnek lirlies. le^-achc.s, ccnsll||iilloii and Insoniiiln iiro t\ub to rectal (inthoJoBy. Our modern olllce iiifthnils have i.iiniiy advantiines antl liplillrnlili! In ahmil il5':t (if nil raw's. The exceptions 'ge- I»S nincor and tubercular ILsluln. Very Hide dlKoni- lort and kucciiivenlcnce Is experienced while bdiiK Imii- i'd. Kriiulnr work mny lie I'onlhiiHil Nn lin->]ilta1l/.:Uloli. no HCHCVH! anrslhoUc., A very safe iuul sure trcatmunl. Drs. Nies & Nies illjllirvliir, Ark. tcl. ttK All tMaln SI. Mnlrl Sim Mci't Oct. !l MONTKHAl. lUI') — "llcli'ls—mi assd lo Ihc. conimuillly-va service lo (he nallon' *lli be Ihc kcyirle of the seven-day contention of tbo Anierlcaii Hole!'AsSctiallon of llie United Slates and Canada Oinven- (loji which will'be held In Rfoiitreal from. Oct. 0-H. Burly lioiiians used painting lit jiwco, mosaic p.iltitlng, and marble Incrustallmis for executing mural decorations. HOLD KVtiKYTIHNG - By Clyde Lewis N'oir l,(K';t(c<! ADDING MACHINE & TVPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON lil Ail Miilu's nf Uclinilt 'I'yjiovHti'rs, Aildluj; Riaelihics ind ('alcidalurs — lU'pniriiig — rart.s — Ultidoiiji "Centura inly fever hits sliir'led iigalii)" Salesmen Wanted MAN WANTED for rtawleigh Route of 800 families. Sales way lip this year. Write (cilay. Hawleigh's, bept. AKII-27-SA, Memphis, Tennessee. Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH Damon Dv,r. MINNOWS, Railroad & Notice Upholstering and M. Tbrnlih, 2U Rcfinishiiii. S. First G-ck-8-8 Family Keeps Historic News Of Washingloi; WiNNlPECi, Mail. (UP) — Hov, slowly ness traveled In the Illtl century is, revealed by a e,:py ol the Lcndon Times, dated Nov. 0, IVOij in tlie possession of Ucorgc Nunnery of Winnipeg. The ncv/spaiie recently was received from England where it had been in p:s6ession of his mcthcr's family Leader for (lie day ivas a stoi'j about ihe now famous announcement cf George Washington that lib irculd .not run for n Third term 01 president. "We are sorry to announce the resignation of George Washington, Esq.. of his situali'ii ot President of the United states of America," reads (he story. "This event, *:is made known yesterday with the arrival cf (he Belvidcre.from NCIV York with letters thence of the 21th if September." Advertisements on Ihc front page were of interest. Under the heading "Extraordinary Large Reptile," attention is drawn to the fact that a rattlesnake 0 feel kng and a fool in diameter was being shewn. "The nobility and gentry are in- UAUMAN HUGE FOREST BEAST CAN YOU STOP? You would nol start, an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes are your "life preservers' when you drive. Safely Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW Ihc Iruc condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safely Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, including adjustment of Brake Uods $1 35 or. Cables & Hand Brake 1 (Replacement parls not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and REUNING JOB FORD t'ASSKNGEK CARS Disassemble entire brake system— Kree up all brake cams— INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE SHOKS-AdJdst clearance— Adjust hand brake— Ad- Just brake, rods— Lubricate cross shall — Adjust pedal clearance — Road tesU-One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND S n 05 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES.. 3 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured inarhhial. 8 It has a prolonged snout , or — (pi.). 13 Default. :•! To. rent. 16 \Veii liicrcpck. 17 To befriend. 18 Chocolate ncvev.ige. 19 Wine cup. 20 Wayside hotel 21 It sometimes lives more . llian a . 23 Silk sac. 25 Public auto". 25 To bark. 28 Less young. 31 High. . mountain. . . 33 Made dejected 36 Back. Answer to Previous Puzzle 45Part of a step. 2To.lend. •58 Crafty. 3 Ireland. 50 Measure of 4 Tablet, area. 51 Ocean. 53 The soul. 54 Flightless bird 56 Perlaining lo a crystalline acid. 37 To supplicate. 59 It is consid- 21 Mongrel. 22 Sweet .polald. 2<1 H is found in Ceylon ,i)id 25 Scolds. 27 Pontiff. 20 Uiiplowed. 30 Women. 31 Assumed name. 32 Paralysis, 34 Chum. 35 Measure ol length. 37 Knave of. clubs. 38 Twcnly-four hours. 41 To hurl. 45 Branches Sth & Walnut IMione 810 39 Sanskrit dialect. *IO Japanese silkworm. 41 Thin leaf. '4i And. 43 Weighty. cred an or knowing beast. VERTICAL 1 Printer's' measure. SGcriiis of . moose. G Gaseous element. ^ Capable of being touched. 46 Metal. STcnrful. 47 Authentic. 9 Pulpy fruit. 49 Actual 10 Cognomen. happening, 11 Burr in wood. 52 Entirely 12 Corntiass point 53 Floiir box. 15 Halfpenny. 55 Preposition. 20 Us tusks sup- 57 Sloth. ply commer- 58 Tellurium cial . (aubr.). IF PET>«O KiJcv YAQUl JOE, THE',] I RECKON HI'S A0AMOIT 6PY / ft\)RD S-OODLD KtEl ME IF HEK(OEVJI10LD -DOHT WOfW/\6OiJT PEWlo / R^QUEL, OR [ I'D LIKE to MEET UP \-JiiU--- -ll-H U5TE.I-1.' TortBflR<x>J LA BOCA 61ASE CMtm FEtflT 1 &IJ5/SND IN 60V.T5--- OVER, VAO BUT i like You / V. T. HAMLUN ALL RI6HT, DOCTOP.,,. :\JUST FNEjiAONMUG-- " IVti MEVER FELT BETT--- 0Kb \ Do K10T U6H! S1UES WDUTHE CPEEPS ELKRL 1 /GEMTI.EMV1 WQUffiEo / 'S WPPA-HUiA OULVI i 8EUEME DID VOU SAV f i—-UK! X -sw../ RUBY FEAUC1S RUBV. B HI6HT AVE WlAE.BUT I'D 'ATE TOWEH 'IW OU A DARK WIGHT. CROSSROADS CF THE HEBE ACRWHS ASW WITH TH= FEL1ME IPEAO Or A PANT1\=R. HIS J.'.OUTH IS UKS A TRAP AUO HIS EVES HAVE THE PALE tBEEUlSH 6UTTER Qf^ THATS A S'AART IDEA GEITI/JS ACQUAIMTEO / I'D DAMC6 WITH RUTH SHE'S THR ctrresr GIRL MERE ' THATS Tut? BULLS- GIRL WHO EYE I I SWU8SEO ME ON THE TkAtLL FIX. HER DANCC- WITH ME NO\V/ A <SOC» ARCHER — pur AM ARROW HER N&ME I

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