The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 5
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jnjESDAY. APRIL 8, 19.17 Gromyko Places U.S. on'Hot Spot' Russian Delegate Suggests UN Control Over Aiding Greeks BV ntlHiau MANXING (lNiil,.,i j> r ,.ss Staff t'lii-Frs-pmiilrilt) <£ jty<K KUUUFS3, N. Y,. April 8. <UP) A Russian demand fur United Nations supervision of any aid 1 lo GrciXT jml tin- United Stulei on a ivann ajul cmtaiTRSshig spot today. Even dolt-pates sympathetic to J'residi-iii Tnini:n]' s slrp--ominun- ism program felt Russia had maneuvered the United States oino dehralo ground with its attack nn the Greek-Tin kisli :iid iprouram iiiul iis proposal to lake the |>ro- cr.un. in pi ;rl !U ;,,.,,,( 0(U of American hands, 'I'" fipht it. UN observers believed, tlic United Stales may have to: ' 1. Hun the risk of uiiciolni; miic-h ot the «oml done ]> v tli<> tainpai;'", to slimv thai U, P - united States has fiiilh in ii,<. United Nations. 2. Co lunlKjr i!i;ii) it has yet riKseii t..> do iii idnitirying soviet Russia, !t warl in, a ally, as the "totalitarian" state whose alleacd threat to Greek and Tiukisli in- tliT-ciulencc has provoked Mr Trti- H (AUK.) COUK1KR NKWS mans program. I Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei' Gromyko of Russia accepted the' United States' challenge to a de- hate of the Truman doctrine witli two stinging attacks on the S1CO 000.000 Greek-Turkish aid program yesterday. , U: said, the plan would weaken and undermine the authority ol the UN. Then, in a second unheralded speech, he proposed that t.ic courx-il set up a commission to •'insure that the help supplied vo Greece be ;iKcd exclusively for the benefit of the Gri/ck people." There was no question that t:ie proposed commission would, in the Russian view, supervise the distribution and use of the $.'50.COO.OOO •Mr. Tni:min wants to send into Greece as a 'bulwark against Corn-, iminist expansion. I American Delegate W.\r;-en Mis- 1 tin probably will give his answer 1 Thursday morning, when top-level American authorities in W:idhing-| ton will have hart nine to hammer out a retort to the- Sovicl maneuver. Gromyko lambasto.t Turk»y as a war profiteer who "was not "m the I camp of the democracies" in Worid War II. 'I'lie Turks, he said, should ' get no lie:,) irom aiiytxicly. [ He agreed that the Greeks, de-' vaslatcrt by their part in lac war' and Nazi occupation, no,, only. needed help but were thotouehly entitled to it, ' Navy Brings Mobile War Exhibit Here CONSTiPATED MAN FINDS REAL KELP! Says Famous Cereal Makes Him Fed Us Uetter "iVant relief from harsh laxatives? Then read this sincere, unsolicited letter: "Up tlinmKh moat nf my lilc, it was nrce»- Rrr' I m " '" t! * !t ° la * !ltivc -°-/ Nothine M sivc it a try.']' had tV« most a'atMac'lory rrjiilu. I led so much Letter llial I am momnioruhiii: AU^IIHAN lo uvuryonc I know." Mr. \iiic*nL-|l. 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Court Orders Sale of Lots to r- , • ( • i ! aiiiiriUy nftei 1 YO or (JO OQtlSty Judgment j "" eminent processor. , Learning Ability | I Ahlllty [o Icam Increases up to l In- iij-o oi «, remains cnnslant until 35, Is still lilgli at DO, but drops I sliuriilv nftei 1 YO or (JO, Hccordlnu to Shown here is brought to Bly a , n to 5-00 ' a view thcvilte of the bv the moljlli t Mnli U S Naril ,ne,- n'r ^ MTI'I K liOOK. Ark.. April I), (UPi.-'i'in- Aikniisiis SupremeCoiil't Chancery CMuit. Clilrknsiwlin District ,aiul ordered tile .sale of II (eel o! i\vo |ot;[ In the Uavls :trl Addition to Hie city o[ : lilyliiuv!lle to |)'y n jinlBiiKuit of $232 due O. W. Kuli'ht Mini-lit (hi- salt- after cetthiR ]iiiU-.iueiit anainsl Halite Fisher male;,. Mrs. Uliilns attemjil- ed (o pvevcnl (lie sale on the tuduiuls tlnil sin- had ronvevt'd title of I he land (on her sou. T'lu- court In-hi tiiat in,, deed to her son w:is valid, hut that she hud reserved :i life eslati- in (he prc]^ily and thc-u-fon- ii W:K suoJf.H In sate. In other action, (lie court affirmed a Crawford clrr.nit Court cli'rision awarding Mrs. IJiiijy Kccves of Mn'ljcrry, Ark.. $.100 fdr injuries against UK- Coca C.iln liottllni; Company a \ p-,,|.( Smltli, 'Mrs. Hcevis ehaiued that she wus Injiin-d niter <lrinkliii: Jjev- cuiue Iroiii n bottle) eontiilnlni; i The cvu.V'ilre .slutweil that Mrs. Kecvts lioui'ht the drink ill it ston- oi'.'iicd hy Jui't .tonlan and drunk most of (he contents, IHTII rp-i'inniovc^ us n delinciuoiii sales lux (Ollector. J»llvy resli-iii-il Ills former p,).s(- t ion alh'r (he division was crili- Read Courier Kews Want Ads, of t\ \\ t ,,„! m. nl nsul dimm. ih, « „ ,.],„,, „,, ,, „ 1 ' lM><l b >' ll "' l'»'-l«'wlsliitlvr biidnel R-CIA,. 'i i k ,.n»,, i,, n, . , n ,.. n.inniltliT. Later tin- f.llth Cii>n>!n<l K ^' UL - '- '•" "^" l " "'^ I'l'W'c without cha, K e Irom H:Utl As ..... n.ty abolished Ihe llnnor m- •""' ^"^ ^'^ '"" ™ >>Mi "* * M * """ w '» ^ »»^- FARM LOANS / Prompt BOTDU* RAY WORTHINGTON A^,-**l >».».. r, Tone In Prudential Prorram Sandajr at * p.m. over WREC Serrtnj This Section for 21 K»n 115 So. 3rd Bljrthcville, Ark. ATTENTION FARMERS!! We have received our sriipment of Hoosier-Crost and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. 1 Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as tha supply is limited. - | SEE U5 AT ONCE. ' i ' eville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 City Officers Are Inducted Over Arkansas (By United Press) The principal cities of Arkansas had new mayors today followlui; Inauguration ceremonies last night. At least two of the towns are looking at new faces in the chief executive's chair for the first tlmj in 20 years. In Blytheville tonight Mayor E. R Jackson. Treasurer Samuel p. K'or- ris and two aldermen will oeijiii new terms. They are: Raleigh Sfyvester, First Ward, and Jno. C. MeHiincy, Second Ward. In the Third v/ard Farmer England will begin lib fust !enn. At Hot Springs. Earl Hicks sworn in to succeed Leo McLnii!?h- lin. At Jonesboro, Roy P.,-iii < succeeded Herbert J. Hosier. Friends of Ricks gave him an ovation ns he took the oath of office simultaneously with seven new aldermen, completing the war-vcienin march on Garland County ,'inrl Hot Springs political offices. The oath was-administered by Circuit Judge Clyde H. Drown, himself a successful OI candidate in the gcnernl election last November. Meanwhile in Little Rock, Sam M Wassell. n former aldcnmn. took over tiie chair vacated by Dnn Sprlck. Wassell was sworn in l;v Associate Supreme Court Justice E. L. McHancy and immediately ulccli;- cct economy and improved scrvlr- throiiEh a new financial system In North.Little Rock, Eldor Johnson was sworn in by Municipal Judge Milton McLces. He pl'-dced his eftorts to make Nortn LUll- Rock the industrial city of Arkansas. Paragould's new mayor is j Har'-v McPherson, a farm operator -.vho held the same office for one lr>rm alrant 25 years ago. In Helena James P. Horncr will head the cily TOV- crnmcnt for the next two yea IT,. Teachers Get Bonus DYERSBURG. Tenn.. April « lUPi— Dyer County Court today had approved a bonus of snji) i ( , r eacli tcacl/ar in the county for (lie current school year. Tlie court also approved a bonus of $50 for each bus driver in tlie county. Read Courier News Want Ads. HETTI SUPPE at the LEGION HUT Wednesday, April 9 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. SPONSORED BY WOMAN'S AIJXILIARY ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Adm. 75c Social Workers Of State Meet in Little Rock l.-ITTLTi: «CCK, Ark.. .April il. lUPI — So.-iul :iiut welfare woikors of .Ailuinsas aliened llio KI-COIV! (lay o! tlu'ir 3Gtii aiuiiiul ronfor- CMCC here to.-iay :Ut«r liourinc tho luture ot tho Sciulli priiLscd in their first session last, niaht. Dr. Rr.:;crt 11. Viinj-i-. professor of socioloRj- at tin- University of North Carolina, said the Simih is on tlic IhvcsIioUl of an (-00)1011110 mtl cullnr:! 1 . rt'naissjuu'e. He al- :rjbnfed (Jit- ((cvolopnicnJ. to edti^a- ion in which tho Southern states linve /realized the nerd for slntly- ins anri lir.iiroviiiR ilioir ITEOUI-CCS. I)r. Van-e said that the sonlh has great resources In loader.shi]) •still potential and undeveloped. "It is rloiir that Umre is abundant opporit;nitv for tlie oeoiinmic statcsinansiiip of the South to set •>n ex'"]!")!! 1 for tlic remainder of :he iintion,"liR declared. Any coniiminitv thai failr, lo conserve and (lovelri;! il.= Innnan rc- =oin';es win. comleimi itself lo pov- crtv and ijjnnrnnrc. he adcicd.' The A-kanw; Assrvialion of Ro- ninl Work lield a Ir.isiness sessinn tliis moriiiii,.. i)r. Ruth S!ei>h"ns. •issistnnt prjlillrnl srlpixr .tnd !TIS- "ry orofessni- nl I lie Universitv of IVnnessee. u sdiedule'l as ' Mid ifipal speaker at il dinner to- CisiiiTt Cigars Mainifiictuicrs introduced cleiirs aboiil the si^' of a clj;nrel ; and made of the finest Havana tolxic- co leaf, in the hope, of .vonu-n to smoke them. Takes New Revenue Job i.rrn.H IJOCK. AIHII n. <ui')_ E. M. .Icdk-y. former chief Invu.sUisn- lor in the lieveiriKe division ol Hie State Ucveimc IJcpurtinvnt, ir.\:; I.oc»l <t l.uiif DMtuiio, IHovtni Ci>mp«tnat I[p]p «nd •^nlpneal. AC*' ::'inrrrt ContrBcl HftQllDt Ht<ir>|« «a. d Ulic. Horn* Eervlca K>:>;>;>;>;>;>;>:>..».>;>;>; >^ >•>; >;.».>;»,;#;»; >:>:>;>;>;>;>; >;>;>;>; >« FOR SALE D P & L 14, Del in reel and Treated f High Germination Only a Few Tons on Hand Blytheville DeSinting Corp. So. 2nd St. Across from Armory i'.s 23GO— H(i() 'Vt&l Mn official yield tests in four great corn states, Keystone Hybrids have out-yielded the average of all other hybrids by 3.4 bushels per acre. Get your "Bonus bushels" of sound, high quality corn-plant Keystone proven hybrids, Plant Keystone 38 — the oil-purposD hybrid recommended for upfand, first boitam and second boltom soils. Blytheville Soybean Corp. IS 00 \V. FELIX A. CARNEY 9 • Dominion Automatic KltTtric Irons 1 Yr. Guiimiiicu • Complclu I/inu of lOU'clrifiil anil ll.'HIcrv Kadius • Wo Tick Up iinti Deliver 324 K. Mntri 3518 I'linne 'i\m RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Todar I IKE UHT EEClllrUt tiS « MOUJiH Uf^lOtlO] »:ifi riiiLi? Mfpr.'m. TJIDOKD ioja rtuv itoust AH iMmAUmu t:cn:r.c rVtU^HD tll'QLJCII r*J *JOn liCIUHl •«™» ORSON WELLES raoruon BV S. P. [Afiu.^anTCT s-nci invn and Kbiirl "Make Mine Mirsic" nisill'y iMiisical l-Vature I'arjiniolliil News and Cnnirdy Olieii KM p.m.; .Starts 7:15 p.m TllCSllilv PAL NITE Freddie Steps Out" Freddie Hliiurl, .Tutu: Trcisscr Serinl: "j;irk ArinsLruug" h | Also Shin is PAGE FIVX \Vftlnesday anrl Tluir.sthiy. 'Diary of a Cfiambemiaid' I'o\ ^T Also Shorts New Th« Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Madncc Saturday &• Sunday Box Opens Wcfk Days 7:00 p.m. BaL-Son. 1 p.m. ConU Ehowlnt Tues(!;iy 'The Affairs of GcrulJino' with Jane Uillicrs Also Shorts Wednesday & Tluirsdiiy "IT'S A JOKE, SON" \\illi K.ulid's Senator Cla™lioni Kenny 1>elm;vr Also Sliort.s . They're New, Beautiful, Inexpensive TRIMZ Prc-tailorcd Curtains Imagine Inlying a complete. set of curtains In brighten your home, for lo.:; than lltt- cost of laundering lieu ones you now have at ytnir windows! 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