The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1938
Page 4
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PAGfc POtJK OoUKittit THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. , «. W. HAIriES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL V. MORRIS, 'Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Neiv York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallns, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class nisller at tlie past oSIJce at Blyllicville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 3, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in llio City of Blylhevlllc, ISc per Keck, or C5c por month. Dy mail, within a radius of 50 miles. $3.01) per year, $1-50 for six months, 75c for three mouths; by mull in postal zones two lo six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven mid eight, $10,00 IICT year, payable In advance. Racketeers liat-v Good Citizens A Kpuniil grand jury dischai'gal in New Yoi'k City rcccnlly wns bdicved to have c.slublisliutl sonic kind of cn- ilurancc record. It had been at work for nearly a ywii'. Us pm'iiosc was ;in iiivc.sliealiun of I'ackctcci'ing ant) its ))t>!ilk'a) runiilica- (ion.s. AMIO-MK the indictments it rc- lurncd wore those against ,1. (Dixie) Davis ami 1) of liis a.sKociiitc.s in tliu policy racket. In UK; process of doing this and similar work the -members of the jury had held CO meetings and questioned approximately 180 witnesses. Governor hehiiian, Supreme Court Justice Philip J. McGook, and District Attorney Thomas K. Uewcy exprc.s.sed Mieir deep jrrnliliidc to the jurors Cor Ih.eiv service, at Hie lime of Hie jury's discharge. Very likely there were scores o[ Nu\v York business men, racket .victims, and -assorted mcn-in-thc-slreet who would have liked to thank the jurors themselves. Without wishing lo detract from the deservedly bright reputation of such prosecutors as Dewey in any way, it should be pointed out tluit Hie • business of lit'liting crime is not conducted alone by a district attorney. The major share, sometimes the whole measure of the glory 11101$ often than not' goes to that official! ''imfrthc success his efforts enjoy isMlyppyiduiil mi the co-openiiion, llic .conscientious de- volion to ilslask, and Ute' fearlessness of a body of capable citizens beliind liim; Service on a grand jury, or a petit jury for thai matter, needs to lie given the public attention and encouragement •it -deserves. A certain (lattery attaches to being chosen as a juror, but too often the responsibilities' that ensue are regarded more as [he incidental burdens of citizenship, to be borne with a minimum of complaint, limn as 'the kjiul of opportunities Hiat conic only rarely in one man's lifetime. The privilege ;of serving as a grand juror needs to IK: as a gift of a special power for improving tin: community life. The opportunities are extraordinary, and UK- more John (). Cilixen .is made aware of this, the tougher time nickels are K »m K ID have in our cities. SATURDAY,. APRIL 9, ifl38 OUT OTJB WAY All Is Transfusion Not a great (foul aC doubt scums to I'cmain at this slagc that when the %hling in Spain is done Die country will be Franco's. Just what kind of politicii! .structure will emerge then as Ihe naliwial government is a matter of some dispute, but that it will be some form of Fascism all the best cry. v tid-ga/.ei'.s seem to be sure. How many of the cryslal-gaw:rs have heard aljonl the Count de Cova- donpa's blood transfusions? The count has had so many transfusions during his slay in Uu: IJtiiled Stale*, he say;;, thiil his blood is wjiv complolcly denui- cralic. And if "his people" want him hack as king (Franco's inlenljon might bo to have a kind of "throne ijchiiul the power," like Viclpr lOmmanuel) thai will be ok with Ihu Cotml do Covadoiitfa. he says. If (ho great transfusion news dot's-n I reach Franco there ought to bi; a I<>! of fun when, and if, (| 1( .. count gelt- 1 installed. Now coursing through Ihe fount's veins is (he i,!,»<i<l of a rtui'lxiy, an opera singer, a ta\i driver, a newspaperman, and ;i doctor. It. KW.S wihout saying tliat with a newspaperman on the throne a free press would he ensued. I !avr yuii heard the saying: A free pr«i,; means a IV«: cotmfry? And who coiiki hanille I In- common herd bi-tler than « cowboy? The cab driver certainly ought to be able to get his people through thu worst jams that might ariso. Any lime Ihe Frmico-phil^ K ,,t .suspicious about UK: democratic t;.-iuloii- cies, the count, could just let that opera . singer's blood boil a little and tlu: doubling Thomases would iusUmlly rec- dirni/.c the Inic Bourbon they had. And no •matter what kind of fate the country sulfered, you've got to admit Unit it would be just what tlie doctor ordered. NVt-cr again «-lll 1 doiiljt, the incredibly.—Nicholas . Bnucr. New Orleans suiierintoiulcnf ul schools, ul j-cciiiR e-hiiulrcu's palulluus. The title has definitely turned mniy fr<nn the New Ueal.—John ilnmlltun, G. 0. I', national clmlnnan. > * * » It llu- CiirburcUH- works. 1 won't buvc l» la- be)r. If If explodes. I won't be on rai-lh lo work.—Wylie Piigc, Ncuro inventor of n dust e.-[U"b(irclor. * » » I otishl to fix Unit hole.—Billy Hill. Oakland. Cnllf., who hns broken his leg fire Ihnc.s in the same, bonrdlvulk hole'. * * * Heroine, nothing! Anyone would do it..—U\u- rclla Wilson, is. of New York, who saved a child frcm drowning. * * » Tin willln<; for winter when it will be cooler to burn it.—Dulic ISumell. Chicago, pviny reason why he is savinis his ijarl>a t :e and keeping 11 In the bawmciil. * * « II yon i;« steady, I lieu you're llrted.-JoM-ph .Sweeney, founder e! u "lum-slcruly union" at. 'l\!fts College. By Williams SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "lluvv .sliould we be \villi fhese new peoitlc this evening- i|«i«t anH dignified, or the giddy typuif" THIS L CURIOUS WORLD %™ IF THERE. WERE INHABITANTS ON THE MOON, THEY WOULD HAVE TO UOOK TO SEE: THE VET WE HAVE TO 1_OO'.<, UPWARD TO SEE THE AAOONJ. Ti-ie SQUID ARE CAUUED "SEA.-/HOPS" BECAUSE-OP THEIR (MOP-LIKE -APPEARANCE. COrn. IJJ5 Rf MA 5tr>VICE. ISC. CULTT, Vi/liOSE INDIAN FOLLOWERS NUMBER IN THE THOUSANDS WORSHIP THE PEvCfTE G4CTL&, A rvARccn-ic: PLANT OF--THE RJO CiRArxJOE VAULfSv-. ••UPWARD" is away from the center of gravity, and out in space Ihcrc is no absolute "above" or "below." inhabitants of the earth and Ihe moon could be looking directly at each oilier, and each be •ring .straight up, aivny from the gravity center of his own planet, >N'K.\T: .Salt sliawcrs made from sail. The Family Doctor t M. m»t• v. a. p.t o*. Fool s y\inoim O iVIosI Common I'VE JUST RECEIVED A IETIEE. A&OLTT OUR, >M COME "TAX BEIMG WROM&MOW SHE WALKS BOLDLY 1M WITH A TICKET, AS THOUGH IT WER£ NOTHIMG SHE'S (3ETTIM 1 TO BE A HACDEMED CRIMIMAU — &OTH OF VOU WILL BE WELL KWOWM POLICE CHARACTERS IN A SHORT TIME-- YOU FOOL1W' WITH I TH' GOVEEMMEMT AM 1 \ HER WITH TH' LOCAL POLICE. | YOU'LL BE MUGGED AX)' / AS / HABITUALS IMTIMG- _/ I'M OLAD I'M VOUMO AW PURE YET/ |S() . 'W 1 ) lly t>H. MOHlilS llililnr. .leiiniul ot Mir Anirrican ii-:il AsMirintinn. anil <if ii'f the foot lisiK urokcii down. : There nrn atj;uiiit?iils as I" j raiise-s o[ nnl-fccl. Ono observer that. It ::; in l-he nature of J CAST 01' CnAII.VCTJ-.IIS .iov( i: )iij,xnn. i. look mi rnnli-r Truism. JHCIV IMJIII.TO.V, ln-rui I Illinium Into Mir iK-rohii. i.xorna, i'oim;n, tr HUUKiil II Mild'. Vr i ( | r il » Dr. jii.-k iiinkr iiiuend*' 1 In .Jtiy.-i- lu- r |I» nd Jj, liitllliiK Ju-j. (,) lit* •IIPII >t r ». Vurlvr, rrulur lio»lc\», *KH fijiu [y Julji rir. CrajV luljlo. oyce Ifrli nhv «IJJ nut lit loo CIIAPTEU III IKHIi were six of Ilicjii at luncheon, ;ind Joyce recognized Gray as the pleasant ofli she had mot on deck just as the Empress sailed. He welcomed her heartily. "I'm very glad you could join us, Miss Hilner," he said. "I looked about for you this morning." His cordial manner put her at ease immediately. Mrs. Porter greeted her charmingly, and presented her daughter Is'obel, but she eneteavorcd, laclfully, to feat Joyce next lo the doctor, with Dick directly eippositc, between Isobel and her mother. The; chair on Joyce's lefl was vacant. "Mr. Gregory will sit licre," Ihe hostess explained. "He's a lilllc laic for luncheon, I see." Presently he appeared, and the introductions were complctcel. Mr. Gregory was an impressive, standoffish sort of man, somewhere in liis middle TOs, Joyce dccieled, lie acknowledged flic iiih-otluclioiis formally, but there was no expression in bis face cither ul pleasure or distaste. His eyes, hidden behind thick tortoise-shell glasses, wore cold and fishy. Bui lib manner was cordial and lie smiled easily. They were having dessert when Dick mentioned last night's episode, for some reason Jovec wished that he hadn't; she 'resented the Porters' commiseration. "How perfectly terrible!" Mrs. Porter gasped. "To lose your pockolbook, with everything in il!" She leaned in front of Mr. Gregory, laid a motherly htmtl on Joyce's arm. "You musl come to me. my clear, if you arc in any diflicully. I'll sec what I can do—" "Oh, no yon won't!" Dick contradicted merrily. "That's Koiiiff to be my job. Yon know, Prince Charming ITSCIICS the Maiden in Distress, after the Wicked Uncle spoils everything, Kxuept that ! have to work elonlxly htird In kill Ihe impression 1 built un in my first ve>lc as Wicked Uuelc. . . ." ' llliislrdlioii l;y Virginia Kraasmjn [ 'solVI eirxl 7Jii7( .ili-oflcif into llic lounge shortly after five o'c/o'rjr'. i c.i'cs hghltj n'litvi fie «ini Joyce. "So l/n's is lieim you're DCCI Melirii; I/JL u/lcifioon/ ' tic rc/Jifir/ t -ci/ ifi surprise. and so on. ha\ p e such a nice personality, my dear." ".Surely. U'hcn is il?" "Riljht now, In llic niiiin Ko she went olT with Mrs. Por- Ijiealliing a solemn vow never ' j pick up a deck of cai-ds'again.... , : s » *. ( CI1K slaiicd down 'to her cabin : lo pick uj> her cowl. She. would have lime [or a few.'turns.- :n-onnd the e|eck before tircssjni; ter, glad of the opportunity to tor dinner. Bui on the stqirs'shc mect more of her fellow passengers. But out of ai)l'). only M pi-e- ;-'e»lcd themselves for tin afternoon of i-ards, and because ot the odd hesitated, bewildered. Her eyes' were wide, and she stood " there,! afraid lo take another step. She pulled herself together with: tremendous effort, .flew down number, Joyce found herself im- " I0se s ' lc '" s as if a demon pursued pressed into a bridge panic lo ' """ ''"" ; ' lo " s " lc corridor I make mi even four tabled l ", hc1 ' room ' I jw^=.t»K ££* »• "'~" sf \ '"iSM'^' 'ovc-e'" "" dCrly - M ^ S M 8 ' "M"*'* 11 «\>™«blc?"-hc asked,.! - ,,v I , Y ,.„., ' •;, cul ° in '- cc:1 . .Mrs. looking in thi'ouKh her open door.'•;• l.vhiK Ihe smile on her lips. And I , ' J ...!;" ""y"'f >'«™ian m tlw ••]--! don't know," she. said : i when Mr. Gregory sugiUctl .-, """,': ' ' ' "' w '""' foll '»vc-dhcr Iwcakly. j deck same after hmcheou, she re- "{±'" L h J±"< , "!> ""> .S" 6 ! . He grinned. -. lllsl u little..^-, ? •IMtBY all laughed, bill label' ' e-yrs were suddenly h;ml, be- fns-cet him shortly. Mrs-! Porter led the way from Ihe table. ".Suppose we all go up and have our deck chairs put (o- golhrr." she .suggested brightly. '"rheii we'll be coinforlabjc if llio sea docs get chop]>y." Oii-1; as.senled icadily. but Mi-. Gregory excused himself, pleading a dislike: fov loo much fresh air. .loyce excused herself too. neck chairs, she realiy.ed, cost money. "I haven't unpacked yet," she explained. "We'll sec yeju on deck later, " then," Dick -called after her. Half an hour lalcr ihe> ship was- OIKT euore railing in earnest, and Joyce found il difficult to -sliviight™ out her things with any degree uf orderliness. ,Slio jjave up llic attempt and slarlpd up ml deck. Mrs. Porter met her in the corridor outside, her room. "Oh, Miss Mihier! 1 was just comitii; lo sec you. Arc you fccl- inS all right?" "r'inc!'' .loyer assured her. "Then I wonder if you'd hrlp mi- out. Isohel is .such a iiow Kiilcii- . . . she's feeling lenibly." "I'd Ire Kl;i<l in help, Mrs-. Por- tcr. What is it?" "i waul to Marl, a |i||i,. | >r id|,'n game aimiiiK tbc laehi's. I Ihonphl plank Ihe. moment befor nighl. Over Ihe cards, she , watched Joyce slyly through llic siclc," he (olei her. She look a long, deep brekfj? hoping it might lead • -••••-she had ever consciilcd lo play. i »j, Js t'] in (!own alld | ;)kc ,j( casy y I Isobei and Dick strolled into the Ihe. doctor advised. "Don't Iry'lo I Call the slew- I lounge shortly nflcr live o'clork. His eyes lighted when he saw Joycc. "K<J this is how you've been spending thu afternoon!" he re- markcei in surprise. "We looked for you on deck." Joyce wondered absently why Mrs. Porter had not mentioned that she had asked her to ofli- ciate ;il the -hvidgc parly in Iso- hcl's place. Dut before she- could speak, Isobel di'imialicjiUv: Mother! feclini; Dick—" was complaining so tcr-r-ribly, •Ko sire's gotlcn tn Hie friendship slii'gc, too, Joyce thought will) jin unrcii.sonyble resentment. ."Dick and I ;irc goiiu,' into Ihe smoking room for a bolllc "f ehampagnc. I told him it's Ihe unly lliinc lo keep me mi niv feel. ..." "Won'l yon join us?" he'asked .leiye-c. Mrs. O'llara answered for her, •mno.vrd al the interruption. "We have to finish Ihis rubber first." 11 was alnioi'1 ait Jionr lalcr you nuglil help with inlroLlutliuiis when she left Ihr bridge (able. come lo dinner. ardcss if yon want a cup of tea or something. . . .". Ko through (lie whole long eve- I ninff she lay in her berth and : | listened to the wild Atlanlic lash } about in fury. Over she would jl roll, lo the other side .of tiic lic.d, |P to stop, trembling against the wait j and wailing for Ihe .ship -to capsize eoinplclcly. A terrible mo- j ment she would wail, then back! she would-roll, lo-cling,'in dps-'I peralion Ihis lime,-lo the built-iip fj oulcr edge of the .bed. From 1 tar'J o(V there came terrifying .sounds ;| lo her cars—sounds ot (he crashing or crockery, the breaking of a door ' ' " 01 Ihe waves Ihrealcncd .to it in Iwo. lioon she .se.lllcc! inlo a apathy, loci miserable; In care even whether llic boat turned over or nol, loo niie:er,il)le even lo rc- incmber that at Ihis niomciit Dick . i door or window, (he slow, ag- nizing creaking of (he ship ilself, ; ' and tsobcl were upstairs drinking champagne lo keep up their spirits. (To Br, t'ulituiuciO Hyccia. Ihr lle.illli ,MaRa/.inc [evolution for the toil to net. llat- iMming tin- srent rst. aiuioynnccoj trr and nailer; olliers Inslsl. I hut I'M- most, human brings are siit-h i Ihe growth of tlie arqh of the fool : ' i-oiKlillons as painful; due •„, downward and bue:l:- '!(,' feel, and llrhln;; feel.'| Hard growth of (he huinwn hrel, xtcnl of Ihe anno.iMiico is (which is iiccessiny if we arc !;«- nallv an iildiralioii as to howiliij lo walk on tivo feel. we dcpcntl uixm our fe.el •' • ' • the carryinss on of enir dallvj i. II must be reniemterctl thai i Tl "' n ' me many dilfcrcul. way:i elid nol always Mawl on IWD : " f treating llat-fccl. 'Ihe treat-I and lhat the .isMimpiUm of|' wnts Include ex'erci:-,e. nui.s«,agc, i erect ixjslurc is one ot tlici electrical stimulation and mantpu-i •s of much dcprmlctKv on tbet 'ation. ns-wrtl ,is nK-chanical .sup-j ;,-.-; tcduv. porj.v. for improvim; llat-j ffi alxiut V) pf.r cent of fccl.' lrcl ii"oh - c» rollin'; on Ihn outer i ':." bli? loo is the; lon^r.t. Tlicic: 1l "" ! '' r ' s nf t)ic frrl and ou the in-1 : n. limvrvpr. wide van.itio:is In' 1 "' 1 " ''orders, rising on the toes.j ii-ei as lo tht iwsilioii of the illui llif ' Mlthig of pencils or oilier j .'!iinis cf Ihe various Uii>, These! objects with Ihe loes. • M-\K are concerned with the wny: °'-° "'server coneiemus the use •.u- walk. Callouses devr|..i;i nn llic| nf '""•hsiiilcnl supporls, cUiimini; iui.niincncc of the: Ixjncs nn'd of! tll; "- """•' ' ( '"< 1 lo turlhrr weiik- , nesses of Ihe muscles otid to nu- ; (kslrnljir rlgtril'y. Others favor , (i r . '. Ihr.'-'; supports, claiming thai they extra'' 1 "'" '" ""* "'tiiiT of help Luxora Society — Personal 1 j was hoMfw; lo sixlci-n giie;,!.-, |i..r' M, X ijrown's sister Mr; , Ian cvrninK ,,t bvitlco l-ranklin. of Moscow. TniiL Wh« Jiaskfl.s ,,f )u ,nile iris, spiiea. was visiting in the home 0 | Mr' .•me! for.sylhi.-i .were the flmm-s Fft.ys Goran, dauchle „ ^ used IliioiJt.hout HIP lower floor| Brown iwilh the dhiini:. table rarrying a| Mr. 'imd Mr.'.. E It I renlernirei' nf n;i?,lrl ..i,., r i^.i >.. t.t_.., • ..... .. " j centerpiece of pastel shaded In- 1 lip;; with Ihe !,amc. shades rcnrat- cel in tin- pcicral large anei > h'tcphens. Vines, nf linens, of ' Ark.. Mrs. Dorado. Te poiuls. • • • Many pc';p!t; HIT horn fnrmcci feet. Some h;up ines. Such Ihlngs lend tn run-tn j wr:ll;r " r(l tissues. The Jnas.sagc families, Most of the deiunnttiesj •'""' »'n»ii>iilalloii of the fret hel|). elo not i-cqiilre any Irenlmeiil since, of course, to .strengthen llic nms- thi-y air DPI. easily visible. Jn| clc;i exactly ns massage is use- some instances, however, stirai- i lnl '" u(h( ' r 1>!lrUi ° r ll>1 ' 1)ot1v ' ciil or.enilion relieves un abnorniuli '""' '"'lUmenl of flnt-tcet. how- or condition UMI. imiy bring siboul didicully in wtilk- ni\!. 'the nio-sl common di.^turUnicc cf the Icct is (lul-fecl, Kverybody knowc what flnl-fccl arc mui \vlmt they look like, but scicnUficnlly llic dhignosi:< depends on ;i study of JV-I-RJ- pictures ultli u view lo determining just where Die arcli one, mid it, is doubtful that, tniy one could .sticccsifully treat himself for this condition, when there is an hereditary tendency lo weakness of the muscles involved. There is less tliun « iwund ol radium In the world today. Mr:. WilHiini o Iwo uroiipo of Wednesday. Varied colored sprin;: placed in til'; livine; mid <linin« >M \ rooms iiwdr an aUMMi-.e.- .•.ctlmi; " , for the parties. ^ vl ,l'.', Numbered UIHOIIK the live; la-'. ,". blrs el nilCi-noon Ri;rsl.s were Mi>:. „. ' M. C. Cookc jr., Mrs. E. S. Crich-1 ^'.... lield. Mrs. H. U. Davidson and placed u round tin:'itini; (heir parent's, Mr ii'nd I lie smile color rcheme. was .William Lucas. E|i 7 «betl I iid Scot .ire.' vls:| flott-eri' f "' ITp ' 1 >v " f ™ ] ""' ''° FaimwicUes. indivirtual bread I ra ke. 1 ;. i least -II times as much dl1t:kcn ' I liws - Twenty-six tho.^nd Mrs. Kiiymnnd Cotter, of Oscecjla,, and Mrs. Charlie Driver, ol Little!,,., Ate. s. J. «,„((, for h.Kb^or hose to MI.S.S ' lya Crobtrrc for .se-c n M 0.tous. s n M , cx : neck. i low. . . liish. u brrakfa--!, pilclir.r ui ! u, M !S . c. n. W[1W i. to, third. ; „. . . , linen rjii-st, towels. In Mrv r'n« a-iniifr.s In Ihe afternoon ! Charlie.-. Biillicsley. !>mi ,,„ „• wej-r Mrs. Or.rrfr: Craddoek. high pole-clam {lower Hiritihlrr' -oini: ID score, a coflre niuhcr. second high, i ,\iif. Hjre.v ' " nn eleclrie: kitchen clock, wenl.'loi ,, . „*•,„,..„ , Mrs. Cotter. *iul cut. prl/o. Mcxi- , - °"- 1 "' tonl1 «' can hand painlcd sail and [K-ppci \ set. Mrs. Joe Hires. j Oul of (own guests for the night j parly wriv Mrs. C. B. Wo«l jr., j of lllythevlllr. anrl Mrs Louis i Gioiye of Os-i-colii. mill Ihr high I ["« <»< ll C ' "" l : '' "' • liarif.sloii. Mo., '" ° f Uly " ; N»tionul ^'«ilh lell. Tn.-ytay morn-' 'Julias.. To;;.. 10 Hllenel Ihe' .. cnnwntion. Os- u-ore winners were Mrs. Lillian, Frew. Mins ivo Crabtirc, and! Mi^ Kutton accompanied him. Mi_ss Mui-Ravcl MolTill. i\ salad' " plate carrying mil, an EiisU-r inotit was served. Mr:. Suni Klla\ of Cslro. o- es Emcline intel Louitc Jexirph. of liidiiiiwpoli!,. IIKI.. were week-end gucsls of Mr. nncl Mr*, ouiuuni Elias. I Mrs. Charlie Driver, ot Lfllle - „ , Hock. was. visiting Mrs, Sue Brown htnie of Mrs. Joe Hires Friday j dnriny: the M'cck. They were In nlglit wiiCH Mi-s. John Tlvwcatt 1 Atcmphis Thursday where Ihcy met,] Cue eif Hie most altraclivc prc Uiif.lci parlies «us Riven In tin Announcements The Cfturler Wws'iias'be'cn au . Ihorlzed lo make formal nnrioiliicc ment of the following candidate! for public bJTieM, subject .to: th'l Democratic primary August 0. For Cotmty Treasurer R. K (BILLY) OAINES' Kor Sheriff and Collector . HALE JACKSON County Court Clerk T. W. P'OTTER t'or County Tax Assessor W. W. eBUDDY) WATSOM BRYANT STEWART l-'or (.'0111115: anil Probilc Juel DOYLE HE^^DERi!O^f ' VOr Circuit Court Clerk ' ' HARVEY MORRIS . l-'oi (family Ucprcscnlallvca W. W. BOWLER

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