The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTHMBEK 12, 1930 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cents a word lor first lu- Mrtlon eud one cent a word lor eacli mb*«iutnt Insertion. No »dvertlzement taken lor less than 60c. count the word! and tend the tstfti, Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Practically new Sing or sewing machine, cheap for cash. 215 West Davis Aye. xx LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 102D LATE'PONTIAC COAC1I A-l condilion, lou;s ami runs fine. This is an excellent bargain. Only $335 1828 MODEL AA l-'OUl) TUUCK. Has 4 new Tiros, closed t-ab and platform body. Just the truck for your heavy hauling §205 30 FORD FOKDOIl S1C- DAX. Driven m>ly 9,600 milts. Fully Guaranteed. Only 515 Used Car Dept. I'UU.Lll'S MOI'OK CO. AulLccUcd l-'urd Dealer, 1'llONE Sll FOR SALE—Hotel about thlrt; miles from Blythevitle 20 ted rcoms, kitchen, dining and wait ing rcioms, completely furnished Good location. $li5QO. $1000 cas! balance 5100 monthly, P. Stein 1157 Auburt, Ave., St. Louis, Mo llpkl SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. Mlwood, Storu ;OPYRK3HT 1930 jby NEASERVICE Inc.} by ERNEST LYNN / HKGi.v in-:in-; • HcKlnnliiK ns nn cxlru, XVI.STKIl lin» l>roKri-«ki-il rill'ldly nnil I* mnv unjcr rimlrncl nf Crniid L'tiUi-il, one of the lilrgi-M of tlir llnllvuunil itudlio. ' 1JA.V ll(lltl>li:U. lurnu'r New Vurk neM'st'yinT mriii, now n scc- niiflo writer, In hi love with Ainu', 1-nt In- Is not miri-tiiii; ulll n-h huci'i-kH nuj he rcKurili lil» fi-vl- I'AIH, COl.URIt, nhd "rtlcn n d.-Llly movie voliiinii (or n Ktrlnn ol iLi>i\Kirn|irr*,« l):iu'» UL<:irl- iiiriir. IK- [IK* lire-lit ftitlh In Hurl- liter'* nl>IUl>, Ui-kiilli- Ilie Infu-r'* illM'iKirflKt-iiiL-nl, A litny tlmi he liriil urlllrii fur till- binge lUille In .\Ytv Yurie 1* relumed tn linn, uutK'i'ciitcd, titiu A mil.- unil Collier iv:i.| It mill lire rnlliUslrtHlIo. They uriti' hltu to rcvUc (1 rur (lie Thfe'liF <lm-H. F.icnliirilly 11 1> iu-.-i-|ilril I.) >:r:iuil. fiillrd. Uniiw- Ins Hint Amu- u..uld like «> l>ln>r n rlrnnmllc rulr, llurtmrr sUKCi-nt* l<i uttnliii i>.vri-ult\i-» lh:it iilie lie Klii-u :i u-st fur llu- lr:iJlni; fcml- iilnf |i!irl. .CAHUV SI.DAN I* to illn-ct llii- ttii-lnif. He filvi-K her u trnt anil K.CC ulrii tin- ri>Tc. sluan It (In- lilKK«<l dlrcvcor 111 Hull)- uiuij nnil ,\TIIIC la cltllri] uvt-r ber ulilmrtmilly. Hut tlicro were times that he found It lUllIcult to keep from becoming a Illtlc Lrrllahlo hi the face of tome of the director's dcirnmd^. A fcelins tomewlml akin to lintnll- ily .saved him fiWi It— a rccoaul- ttoii of llio othcf's sniierlor knowledge and of unquestioned nn- Iborlty. llo often sat In ilie projcc- lion room and watched tbo famous director, and ao one viewed the rushes with as Jealous or critical an oye as Sloan, us tho result of which he was ruthless In ordering retakes. And frequently these necessitated a chungo hero and llieio In an nclor'a Hues—a won! or two to caich a laugh, or the mlhlin;; u[i of a situation ;cein«l to him nut ijuHe sal ory. B UT llo rlurl 1,. furi'ril In In I lhn( liul 1 It mil Have two ten acr- tracts on highway 61 for- quick Kale al reduced prices. Good soil and \vell drained. Ideol for truck, dairy, chicken ranch or country home, G. G. Cauuill, Phcne 197. flcklo I HAVE an eciuity of S850 ir. 40 acre farm near Manila will trade fo Blytheville city property clear of incuinbrance One hone and barn on it. About 355 acres in crop this year. A!o have 20 acres all in cultivation on concrete highway for sale at $75 per acre, S3CO cash and balance terms to suit.-i'his is your o~p- portunit yto get a place right. J. W. Bader, Blylheville, Ark. FOR RENT FOR KENT—Two nicely furnished rooms. 315 N. 5lh St. H. S. Prevoit- llpklS Furnished aparmenl for rent. See Jimmie I/idbetter a: Blunder's Store. 29c-tf FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 511. 3ckl5 FOR RENT—Room with board 115 West Ash St., Mrs. George Worsley 8pkl3 l-'o]lunltrK Iht-f. <inrry Sliinn shims koinu Inli-rrMl In liur nnil IjrKltu In tn.'ir lii-r uul. [lurlnii'r l,t-;;In-» tu lr:ivi-l \vlth n IICIT rrmvil, nncl tin llrlriMi unim-il .HAItlS |.'A[ULi:i,l, iih.mM Kin:,e hue-real In him. She nnil DJIIL.F:" driving urn* rvi-nin^ •indi-r tin- xtK-ll uf n in-rfi-iM Ill^ht ihi-> tiulii <;i-t roiimiillu mill >l:irls ti-i-lti'H [,oetry Jo htm. NOW t:o OX VilTII TUB ST011V CHAPTEIl XL i4J I.IKB thnt." said Dan. "And there's a companion one." Marls said. "Safe tf/iOH the solid reck the Conic anil sec my SninEnp t built n^on tfte sand!' 1 "I like liolh of them." Dan said with a smile. "They're comforting philosophy for the morning after." Marls laughed. "I didn't know yon look them with aspirin." "Aspirin doesn't always work." that rimer ^ave III in Ills best. "And Sloan cast him In another, ilcluro with her; and then one light Harry suw him making love to Lola—and everylbiny was off right away, lloellt was making a thousand dollars n week at the lino, nnd clnco llien 1 don't bo- levo he's worked In a pkluie." rvNM dldn'l lake stories like this ^ too seriously, Dan thought: nevertheless, there might be wisdom In being careful not to yivc the man caubo for offense, ei[)eclnlly during proiluction of n picture that might mean everything to Anuo Winter and n great deal lo lilmsclt. lint It was not on Ills own account lhat ho felt any concern: ho owed nothing to Sloau's good will, lie lignred. and ho felt there was little that a nmn'a \vlilm could do A NNE had agreed with him (lint '*• tho rceno would he a "blfgcr" ono Unit way, lint silio wan n Illtlo afraid of li. Shu told Muntt: never |ilc:i¥o him— never." Sloan «;IH dlsoiittlng It with her now, explaining just what pected lur 10 do. And ho xnld liu had rlinngrd hla mind almiit lug lier lain ami Inivlnij her gu throueli It. "You liuui Yon c;in i.iv Jan'l wu have illiiucr Bomewliero to him to cause to lose any :nitl he mana^td to bo clicerful sleep. Anne, tlioni;!), was different. Lonl It. |Anno Winter inlnht BOIUO day bo n When she was not In front of the siar If Iho falcs were Ulnd enou;;h, camera herself, Anuo Wlnlor ofien and no one could do'more- fur her inhered un Hie stage lo watch tbo than (Jarry Sloan, others, and she soir.olimcs sat be- sldo Han llorlmcr and tallied with Inm in a low voice as Sloan re- Mo wonilcrcd then if tho director really had become "interested" In wlmt 1 waul. Anno. H all fur luimirtuiv. hearsed n scene. Hho ale lunch ttith him frequently, loo, allliough usually tlicro were others n-llli Anne scemeil osjiccially unx- ious to bo friendly to him. Once as they sac together watching the taking of "stills." Dan saw Clarry Sloan look ihclr way and frown and turn away, auO Horliner sensed that thero might bo some- thins here that Iho director did not altogether approve. And he wondered what it might be. His first thought was that the sound of their voices mlglil have disturbed the man, but bo remarked then that others about them were talking and laughing— F.omo of Uicm rather loudly—nnd ho concluded that bo was fpiick to Imagine things. Those who worked with Sloan were at high tension; it : Winter, us gossip had hinted. And he wondered, with a touch of ijealousy and resentment <if Sloan'a. jower, what Anno might think of It. llo walchcd Sloan now as he liuiichcd forward in Ms chnlr. j'ownlnfily Intent on Anne and I.eslcr Moore In a scene. Tho two were sillins at n restaurant table- mil Moore, as Michael, Ilie dapper, handsomo gangster, \vas brazenly holding her liand. contemptuously unmindful ol tho other diners about them. Dan smiled. Moore was Eood— very good. He was boastful, swag- serins and lough. Michael was back from the war, unrcformcil, con- sciencelcss and ECi'.eming as over; ml his "girl" was a little fearful "And docs philosophy?" Marls [was easy for them to bo "jumpy." But later an unwelcome recollec- ion came lo mind—tho bit of gossip be had overheard at tbo tea vith Maris ITarrel], linking Sloan's lame with Antic's. And still later lie recalled a story 1'aul Collier mil told him; and once recalled, It was hard to put from him. turned smiling eyes to him, ami Dnn smiled into them with his own anil then bent his head and kissed her. She did not try to avoid It, but she said after a silent moment, "I didn't cxiicct that." And 3)au tightened ills arm around her. "Are yon sure?" he asked. "1 don't sre how 1 could help it." Marls v:as silent. They lingered there for some minutes longer, but she presently reminded him of tho time and he drove her home. There he would have kissed her good night bnt she protested. : No; pan. 1 So he 'shook bands with her instead, although lio did feel that her objection might not have been n serious one. They parted wltii the understanding that they would go horseback riding the. following Sunday morning. Auother week passed, and part of anolher. Dan was keeping vary busy, and, as Collier had predicted, hn continued to learn things fi'om working with Carry Sloan. Collier had told about Sioan and him a slory L certain Blar whoso name and his bad been con- pled a great deal in tho days before he bad made Slyvia 1'atlersou famous. And It concerned a young actor from New York, a handsome youth with no stage or screen experience whalever. who had beer •'discovered' 1 by someone froni or him and afraid of him. insleiul? Wo can to t" some nlco cool place and lalk tliliiKa over." And Anno uiiddeil. That would be much km r. sV s::lil. -I'm .. you're isut coins lo make me wurk Hits ovenlns. I've n licudaclie; I'm afraid I'd ba° terrible." Sloan laughed. "I'm not'ivorrlc:! about you, Anue. I'm SUITS' yuur headache. Jlaylm u lltile and illnin-r. will cbacc It nway. 1 lie let her (;u then and turnrd Ills iillciiiion in H: L ' si-oiio thai awaiting Hla di:<';-t!oii. anil Aunu moved ofi' tovvaid IILT room. liurlnuT, silling "ff to oim side, paw lu>r coming toward him, and he tinilcd and isskctl liow s!m was feelln;;. "Itwdy to knee!; 'cm tlcail?" "I fei-i," Ainu- replied, "as If wailing fur ihu e-cecutluni'i- to como aiut lake me away. Do you know bow that feels?" Uan ncddcd. "I've never hcen there, hut I've i;ot nn Imagination, llchraijiig lonifilil?" "No. 1'vo been Rlvrn Iho customary privilege of selc.ullng wiiat 1 waul for my last meal." Sbo IniiEheil. '"1'hal'a kind. Isn't U?" "Very." raid, and A:uio waved lo him and v«.it her way. Kloaa ready by the time sho lad removed her makeup and changed lier costume. She found OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru Voa w AFRICA IS A PUFF TRQM OLD VlCltlRE. PIPE.'~ EVER HEAR OF-Trie "CAMMIBAL £<3AI> —THIS' (5 r TC, oe-r A feMPCRAJl -TOMORROW " 2 -* -fd£ -ToP oF ' HAS A SORT OF i\ TOR -TKAT CROP OF A BIRP oT? LIZARP Ge-Ts.y-TREe / ikS \~T, THe BRAiOcKes' j we (^AP"THis CulP-U IMUARP "TRAPPlMrS & VIC-TIM, wriicK -Trie GRAPUAU-V ABSORBS- ^s^V. ^ so I ABLE to -T^LK TO -THAI" BRA<3GilMe» -Ten- HIM SOME OF MY EXPERIENCES. ' Hollywood who was struck with his its original version. When Mlcliac facial beauly. was shot, Ilorlmor had represent!;' The scene cudcd. Sloan nodded ind t-at luck In bij lie called Anno over to him and she Eat beside him and listened while ie talked In a low voice, and Dan ;ot np ami strolled outside. At the iioor ho ran Inlo Phillips, bound lor one of tho other stages. I'lilllips stopped for a moment to ask a question. "Sloan shooting lonighl?" !)au shook his head. "Not unless ho changes bis uiiud. Anne YYinler said ho wanted to rehearse her a litllc bit, though. She's got a tough scene tomorrow." Dan wandered buck to the eel. The thing that Anue was to do on the morrow was something that the manuscript had not called for In lUcl ilm waiting oiilsHlc. "Tlicre you arc," he snld, lit? eyes showing npprovnl of her dresn. 'Ilow'a the hcailaclic?" "nellcr. 1 think Ilia Ihougbl ol Iho reprieve cured it." "I dg have my humane momenta. Wlicie .siiall we cat 1 ; Feel hungry BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin "It was just, one of those things," Collier related. "They gave him a screen test—this was before Hie days of sound—and then they shipped hi in out to Hollywood and gave him one of those great lover parts opposite- Lola. And young Iloelit made a go of it loo; he wasn't bail; everybody said that tbo kid was bound for a biL' BUS- eprts Iho grief of Jenny, his "fiirl," as dry-eyed and Etunned and luai (leu- late. Sloan had changed that. It was not emotional enough to suit him. As it was now written, Anne was called niton to sol) and shed tears over the loss of her sweetheart. "Wo want to crcalc more plly for her," Sloan had said. "1 want you '!o turn It on, Anue—all llio way." FOR RENT—Furnished 2 room apartment, steam heated. 201 So. Late . Call 443. 12jklG FOU RENT—Bedroom convenient lo balh. Phone 552-J. Mrs. U. W. Mullins, 120G Chickasawba. lOpklo FOR RENT—Two story house, nine rooms, two baths. Main st. Phone 650 and 968. L. L. Ward. New York Cotton FOP. RENT—5 room hotl-'c 512 N. 10th SI., within tlirce blocks of Central Ward school. Phone 290 or call at 016 Holly St. 10ckl5 On RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 478-W. 10ckl5. FOR RENT—Front bedroom in private home, adjoining bath, 208 W. Kentucky Ave. Apply af- tei' 5 p. m. llpklS WANTED — Housekeeper, apply Frisco Rooms, opposite Frisco station. llpSUV —Auto Parts— We sell used parts at one-half price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21sl Call GO Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Fhonc 52 tngrani BIdg. Blytheville, Ark V. R. WASn.-VM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special tales on carload lote. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone :i-X We offer the best =n!o rr-aii service in town A. H. JENKINS Phone 279-818 In Vickwtck Bus Huilding WERT i He Makes 'Em See WANTED NEW YORK, Sept. 12. (UP)— Cotton clo.=«l barely steady. Open High Low Gloss Ocn 112! 1121 1037 HM7 Oct. new 1103 I1CS 1083 1039 Dec. old 11-13 1143 1113 1113 Dec. new 1124 1120 IIM HOC Jan. old 1143 1149 1118 1118 Jan. new 1133 1133 1114 1115 Mar 1146 1149 1118 1131 Cotton pickers wanted. Can furnish houses. Cotton above average. Will furnish teams to muvo a reasmnble distance. Lee Wilson Company, Annorei. 10ckl7 WANTED BOARDERS-Owing to an oveisupply of milk and butter, fryers, veal and pork frcm the farm can give special rates to couples. 112 East Cherry street, Phone C02. Opkn May .... 1167 1168 1150 1150 July .:.. 1183 1184 1186 1166 Spots closed quiet at 1150, off 25. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Pox 215 53-8 28V^ 28 7-8 185'/i 49 5-8 "Xot very." "Well, we'll see if a liltle diivo won't wurk up an appetite." bellied her Into bin car, climbed in beside, her nnd lohl ber to rest. Anne was llred. and lo lie back with tlie wind fanning her checks was rcflful. lie took her, after a. long iSrive, to a quiet little where their waller bowed deeply and called him by name. Throughout the dinner he chatted agiceably about UUUKS lhal Anno was Interested in. Hut afterward, while he lingered over his coffco and cigar, l.o became silent 'thoughtful. !Io said presently, "I uss wondering about yon, Anne." "Von were?" 116. .nodded slowly and knocke Ills' ash from his cigar. "I was wondering if you've ever been in love." (To lio Continued) General Elcclric 72V1 General Molors 44 3-4 Clrigsby Gnmoiv 123-1 I. T. and T 43 1-8 Montgomery Ward 37 3-_ Packard I3!i' Ha'dlo 41 Simmons 27 5-8 Stewart Warner 27 United Gas 37 U. S. Steel nO'.-j Head courier News want Ada — \M oora OWM SOW -fiw' OT 6ROtt —AM' OPW. TO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS iAVOMM AJIII1 0(1 51'M.Lri a By Blossec WANTED — Family Washings, Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S Lake St. 17ck-lf WANTED IMMEDIATELY—Energetic, reliable young man or woman. $3 per day guaranteed for 1'JO days. Address "AB" Courier Newt oflice. 12pkl5 WANTED--Second hand \vardrobe or chlfforobc. Phone 550. I2ckta. TAKEN UP TAKEN" UP—Blue mare mule owner call at Ezra Hampton's on Route 2. ilpklS PERSONAL Mrs. L. M. Burncttcr announces t!n< cpcning of her classes in Gregg's 824-W. lOck-tf shorlhaiid. bookkeeping and lypa- writing. Reasonable rates. Call .New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept, 12. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Lmv Close Oct. ,... 1105 1100 1038 1088 Dec 1125 1127 1105 1100 Jan 1135 -113:-) .... Ill4b Mnr 1151 1151 1120 1120 May .... 1161 lim 1147 1147 July .... 1134 1184 1164 1164 Spots clcbed steady at 10S3, oil 20. I HATE TO S6E AUYTHIVKS . T. VJMOW VJEXU HEM LIKE THAT HAPPEN To A A FtLLfr LIKE TOBAR... STILL, HE DIDMT FeEU FOR OSCAR A!-!' we wen us THAT PAYR.OU. US..., Of 6P.U3 TWEM BEAT RISHT IVJ W-V HANDS DID FARBAR SET SANOWCHES < ?| ' £»j| FWD OUT •*&;< MOM'N POP A 1'EAT FOR THE TKKTH By CowM

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