The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1934
Page 6
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BLmEVILLE, (ARK.) COUfUEU NEWS Clffi ti HELP KLEIN Chicago Looks To Newcomers and Former Philly's Punch for Help| EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is another of the ftrtts of stories from baseball's sprint training camp*, analyzlni the rhanres of virtous teams, to »ln the big league pen- BY F.KSKIXK JOHNSON NBA Senire Writer AVALON, Catnllna Island— Three new pHcliers with flashy records, the expectation Dial Babe Herman again will become the dangerous elouter he was not hsl sea- ton, and Chuck Klein's hard hit- ling of Hie lively ball ore the main 'points upon which Manager Charley-Grimm pins pennant-whining hopes for his Chicago Cubs. • Coming to the uid of veterans Bush. Malone, Hoot. Tinning and Warneke nre three youngsters, hardly dry behind the cars, bin with plenty on the ball. Two of these, Dick Ward and Roy Joiner, were standout liurlers In the Pacific Coast League. The third, ,BI!1 Lee, 105-pounder standing 6 feet 3, won 21 and lost but nine with Columbus tot sea- ton. • • • Ward, In ills first full season with the Los Anycles Angels, pitched 285 innings last year, took part in <3 games, won 25 and lost nine. Joiner, at 25. was the best southpaw in the Pacific Coasl League last year. With Oakland, n filth place club, he won 22 and lo^t 14. Lee, 23-year-old native of r-lp.quemtne, La., has an equally impressive record. With Columbus lust M.'ason he won 21 gnmes and lost nine. This trio should :,;'e n M of action during the summer because of their records and as Grimm says: "P. K. Wrlgley 'wants new faces and younger men on his ball club." • • • Other minor league players who have been added to the Chicago roster during the winter Includ: "three catchers, Waller Goebel, Bui Seebold- and Henry Tale; an up and coming Inflelder, Auglc Galan and George "Tuck" Stalnback, n hard-hitting outfieider obtained last year from Los Angele.s for 175,000. Seebold, best looking ol the catchers," Is !3| Galen and Slulnback have yet to celebrate their 22nd birthdays. Galan, a "turn." hitter, played second for San -Francisco Ittst sea- run. He lilt .356, and ran fit ill almost anywhere In the infield being equally at home at third or short. Stalnrjack. the platinum blond Pacific Coast favorite, played right field last year. In 187 games he hit .335, batted ill 148 runs, stole 19 bases, fielded .950 and .inaggec 264 base hits, including 41 doubles, seven triples and 19 home runs. Just where "Tuck" will fit h in the Bruin outfield remains U be seen. Klki Cuylcr, Rlggs Stcph enson and Babe Herman are back in addition to Chuck Klein, Na tional League batting king, whose purchase is expected to add th punch thai will spell the differ ence between contenders an champions for the Cubs. Hcrniii hit less than .300 for the fits time In hts major league carce lost season and he's rarin' to go. The infield stacks up Just th same as last season, with th addition of Galan. Skipper Grimii devoid of the lumbago that him down last year, and Dolp Camtlli, purchased from Sacra memo last season, will tjike car of first base. Billy Herman wi be at second, Bill Jurges at sho and Woody English and Stnnli Hack at third. Gabby Hartnett will do most the catching, aided by hoMove Gordon Phelps and either of th newcomers, Tate or Seebold. Ta is a likely looking prospect wh played with Montreal last year, where he hit .335 and fielded .919. Despite rumors to the contrary. Charley Grimm still Is "Der Kaptlnk" to the rest ol the squad. Says he: "A lot of baseball people think a big league manager ought to be a master mind with the best results from his club. and I've read In the papers that I'm going to change my tactics and become hard-boiled Charley. But that's out. If the boys gel out of condition, why they just fine themselves by shortening their baseball careers, that's all. "I'm confident thit the Cubs wlU irin the pennant. I look for most of the opposition from New York, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Boston. The Cubs arc stronger by far than last year, and everyone on the team Is In a swell frame of mind to win ball gamps.' Three Rooks the Cubs Count on Heavily Hooks .and Slides Braucher fVuil l-'i rue Ions Vim v'on'l know whether this li :t ^:<J" (Ji a baseball .season ll -lie tt-ml.s and Illinois of I'uiuih ::ickl:n/ Hun the uaininy camp, in til.- tollth niiiti-riali/e. Most <i! Ihe atVih'le.-: yet in ttj le IJI-.-VKL the '.mills or deeils of (lie • ivn i.l til.' Cili-nl. ThiXMls till in: '••::: Ancient i'n-d'es are bi:n-'|. It's :i'.iflll. " ; Tin- Babe liulli-.l:«> McCailhy : M-tiil WHS e>p!.K]r<l by enter^ • Tcml M any ul UK- WoiUI-Tuii-isiaill •'Aim ::.'keil Until ubnisl his lend ;-.>ilh Miirsp J M . and nol the ie|)ly, !"\Vliai il!) I Muni with a feud \vi:en 1 aluady have a I'liL'kard.'' THfi MISSING I'lKCES MONDAY, APRIL 2, 1934 - - IU Snirh rookie pitcher. Infielder and oiitlicUler may have a lot. to do will ,Is year. Tliey ure. Hill Lcc, left, nashy Columbus, o., piicher lust y btnlned from San Francisco, and George T. Siuuiuuck. nisei, oiullelili for SV5.MIO. lln> Miccfss n[ e-ir- AHI-I. r-^i * Ihe 'acific Coast Stars Back After Major League 'IVyouts PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)— At least *vcn former' Pacific Coast League ars will be back In the circuit lis year, after sojourns In the g leagues. Big Smeud Jolley. thuui|X>r of luch note when he left tlie const couple of years ago for the big me, will be with the Hollywood Inb. Jolley tailed to hit us well s expected In the big show. Howard Craghcad, right handed Ucher, will play with Seattle, Hal Ilald. pitcher, will bo back with Oakland. He wns taken on tnst yenr by ill Sox. his second show. - Friink trip to o White the big IJemaicc, outfielder pin-by the. Chicago Cubs from lo tin Sacramento. Los Angeles club. Hnl Hhyne. shortstop, is expected to bolster the San Franciscn He, sjiciil n inmibci ; majors. Some years Ls early Coast League days with akland. Clyde Beck, Inflelder. jumped rom the Los Angeles Club to tlie several years ago, only to be *nt back to the const circuit till. ear. He 'will play with th: Mis- Ions. Beck spent a couple of years n the American Association since <avlng the coasl. Seals Infield, of years In pinjcr, will wear a uniform Porllnnd Denvers (Ills year Nearly every club in 'the circuit s looking to the majors f ur ,1,1,1, tional strength. Among players expected back on ll,e raiM are FU Colemini, sent to the I'ortlnnrt In 1931, ami BROTHER ACT Most beginners grasp the club with the knuckles of boll rands looking skywards. How they expect to hit n golf ball thn 1 way Is more than 1 can understand. .One hand or- the othe: must be . blocking the swing. The left hand must have a cor RbOKlES REVIEW Hi at I'rlsc I i lli.t Jimmy Wilson, former! jiali-hfi- oi Hi 1 .' Carillniils, makes mi ^iciel ul ttie fact llial. his I'h.h, ! v. lil !:•.• tryliii; nbuvi- all el* t:i jt.iai lilt- CaiiK Ihls .smniiler be• (ai:-e l-ialiH''h is manager. I j.Jirl hu-.v III!:; enmity s.tail.:d is| | i i.l dclinllcly km.'.Mi. | i l-mch and \Vii:.un used to room'. • '"'.;'• tlur as Cauls, but alif-r I-'rist'li | | l.i.came nianiiyer la'i Auyu.-t, j b nulling Wilson ol his I lailiirc at tut, .•.bull-mini; came bei iM.en the lu-o toys. Tracing these [ ti-L-ils lo ths-ir lairs is usually clif- ' litnii. MuyLe Wilson threw low 10 .M.COIK! and the ball lilt Frankfe on , ih'.' chin —I woukln'i know, j liucky Harris .seems to have worked up a respectable sorl ol '•pkcfcsl with Mickey Coc-hrane. | When this fcuil-oij-scrvcr was In Siirnrotii und started talking about tbi! Timers to liucky. 1 was advised. "Con't eel sold on the I'iger.s." | I Harris has not, n very high opinion nf tlie team he managed for evenil years. Cochrar.c raised a belligerent •ycbrou' when lie read in ihe news- wiiat Bulky was saying lly NEA Service a was just another c.i--- leniric southpaw when he reported to the Do(t|;ers tins .spring. JJiiV .0011 pioved to Manager Casey Stengel that he was yood aliuiy with his ecicn- triclly. J'a>!e is a big yontmslcr brou^ lip from Seal this yenr. nltliel ie c n r e e r slarK-d at -Spring - licld, Mass., where he was a thlee-.s]Hjrt. sUir in hlfh school. From Spriiii^tielcl he went lu I'enii S t ill e College. I'iiur ami wits a leain- maic uf Hiiffiell Van . Alta. Yankee southpaw. From Penn Slate he went In Spi-instii'ld in tlie Ivislern League, then Ciiiuiht on wilh .(lie Timers, lie didn't make Ihf giailu willi (reoriie Mrniarl.y or Ilileky Harrl.s, and lie finally wound nji with Bi'attle. The l)ii[!i:ers not I'.ige from George lluin.s. .Seattle niLiiiaiM 1 :. fur Pitcher Howard Cra'^hvaii iliui cash, lie wili probably .slay un with I lie Dodders. about his Men|!:i!s. Mnytc a benu- tiful feiKl.ship win come of Let's lui]K' so, anyway. The monk-snood newer crows j and a Ikn will be retained only where there arc linmblebces; .said piu]ii-rty as addiiiuiiftl .security fin- the payment of such pur-! t- money. ' ' WITNESS rny hand mill the a-al I nf slid Com i, nn Uii:i, tlie 2i;tn' day o:' March, lua^. K. L. CIAINKS. CoininlFsloner in Chanc.'ry. 2C-2 to carry its pollen. <:OM.MlSSlONi:K'S SALE NOTIC1-: is hereby yiven that tlie multi-signed cominiraioner, In com- lilianco with the terms of a decree rendered hv Ihe Chancery Court rcct position on the club but U will be found among good players that the position of this hand varies more than that of the right. Design the grip so that both hands work In unbon. Place the ;?ht hand so that If the fingers •ere straightened the palm ot the irrd would be squarely presented o the cup or the Intended line ol night. You hear a lot about that, brother act of tlm .St. I.ouis Cardinals—the Dean 1'alr, "I>lz/y" ami Paul, tint there's a similar tierruriLimioe being staged In Hie. YaJikeo eainii — nlllinnsli lint so Until. It's computed i>( Kill :itul Skeets Dickey. Tlifr fnrmer, shnwil nlu>ve In n-ar, is tin; regular Yank rei-eiver, aiul the latter i.-i Just breaking IB. l Welch Appears Tonight In O|)cnim> Mulch 1 i - . iioy Welch, the biy;. bad wolf of llic wa'sllim; shows riiincs buck as a preliminary pcrwrmer UiiKKhl after his (iiscinaliiu.ition in the fe.iluie match last week for "uniKhliu: Hie referee." Weleli ha.s p:-iimiM'd to be t:oo,l l<»in>;li; CuiniinxsKiia-:- ,Ti-Cf Hulalul .^aiii. A :iO-i!ay sii>]H-nsion was lii.-l plaK'.ered oti \\Vlrh after last wi-ek's sluiw but late;- (lie coin mixsioner iHentrd when Welch prnmisiil to IxMiave himself. The Canadian tX'Caii-e ol his | so-called i-uu^hini; <it the referci •lost, via the foul route u> D.ivid |L>miley. Ihe sl-.nrii Hiv.ise ol IJ.iviil ' outeaM. Hooley also rctum.s tonight to UK-el I'anl l!a;:eile in the :ii.iu> s o Weleh will Like on Si'iia-ant Nix- I on in the ii|h-ner. liuth ii.i?,-|] | Nixon will Le makir.i: their ioca I (!ebin. I ' _.^ .. j !(eri<; I'niiru-i N'eut. w.inl Ads. I "hnstei" l-!ariishaw r CUori;e Earnsliaw. who used lo pitch to Catcher Cochranc, now .seems to have, soured on the Mick and threatens to "dust him oil" wlicnever he gels Ihe chance. Not only "dust liini ofl" but let him have Ihe flrsi one rialit at the c!d tjean. in plain language. This should brint; an interesting result. Coclirane is nut Ihe mini to lake. a fasl ball on the chin. know batters sometimes slip out, of their hands wh;n tak- :n-' a inrticnlarly hard swing. One of the fends i n lighter vein that between Hill Terry, boss of e Gianl.s, and Ciifcy Stengel of 11- Brooklyn Hoys. Ter- staileil it by asking ncwspapcr- f.n If llraoklyn was still in the. ulionul Lciisuc. Casey has been font ill 1 .; verbal lava ever since— id lirooklyn always would rather ul the (Hants tlnn any oilier am. The really dangerous dil!cie-iicc.s re belween pitchcr.s and men have lo bat. Two years ago unity arose Letween Al Simmons, len n Mackman. and Kirpo Mar- •rry. then (if the Senators. Mar- •rry used to love to send fasl les whistling about Al's ears. Il Hied in a battle royal one day Uer Simmons hud been forced to for the Chicka.sawba District of Mississippi Couiily, Arkansas, on the 21st day of November. 1933. wherein W. A. Orimmelt. was I'binllfr. and Ceo. AI. Lee and Feten I^p. Ills wife: John Shaw nntl Shaw, bis wife. . Tom Cilnss. were Defendants, will sell al public anclioti lo the high- esc and besl bidder. lor cash, on a credit of lhra> months, at (lie fouih door of Hie between the hours Court Home. nrcscribctl by Weed Ei»orts Up STOCKHOLM, (UP) — The export of wood pulp from Sweden set * record In 1833. Thus 1,600,000 Ions of chemical cellulose wtire shipped abrotd, which Is sever* thousand tons more than thi previous record export of 1929. Ufce B*ik*l. In southern Slberi* Is the l»rte*t fresh water lake In Asl» ind the deepest fresh w«te; l*kc In the FOrtd, Del Pratt Plans Special Training for Rookies FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)—A 10-day training camp purely for rookies .is the Innovation In organized baseball started here this spring by Del Pratt, manager of the Port Worth Texas Lcn°m. baseball club. The training school will be ab solutely for rooklte, and no regulars will be permitted to train with them. After looking over the rookies Pratt will Uke the. mos promising with him to Lak Charles, La., for theresular spring training season. The Only requirements Pratt naklns of the rookie aspirants isi hat they have real baseball atil- ty. pay their own ex|>eiise.s while attending the school and. brlnv: s their own uniforms. The camp, he said, was arranged after flood of applications for tryoiiLs sfliidlottcrs wlio feel they o;in make the grade. Don't For<)i>l Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone Turkish Woman Named 'Headman" of Village ISTANBUL (VJPI- been elected -A woman has "headman" of the Turkish village ot Enilrli. She Is the third of her sex to achieve 511 ch n position. Urntr.n Hanum. thr- new \voiiuin chief, fought under Mnstnpha Kemal in the war of independence end distinguished herself for hero- Ism In the fighting close to her own village. She Is 50, strong and vigorous, nnd a good speaker. WRESTLING DAVID 1)001. KY vs. 110 Y WKl.Ul SKIMJKANT XIXON ARMORY MONDAY MTK II flat to miss lcliv pill. And youl'™'- ' m Ihe. City of Ulytheville. Ar-, let a bat knnsas. on Ihe 10th day of April, 1M4. the following real estate to- ft il: Lot 12 of the U-e Addition to Dlythi'Ville. Arkansas, same being carved out of tlie Two nnd Three-fourths 12"; I Acres lying noitli and enst, o f Ihe P. S. & E. Railroad ivcsl of South Ifilh Street nnd South of Chcrrv Street, and bein<! part of Ihe Southeast Quarter (SKIS I of Southeast Quarter (BE'.li of the Northwest Quarter (HW'.l) of Section sixteen UC>. Townshln Fifteen nsi Norlh. Rnnge Eleven ill) East. Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. RAH) sale will Ije nan n> satisfy said decree in Ihe sum of $t:Vl DO. with 10 )«r cent interest from November 21. 1933. THE purchase.!- el sain sale will be required to execute bond with pinged by approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase muiiey. ROXY LAST TIME TODAY Nile fi:1"> 10-2SC Mat. 2:30, 10-25C Last Time Today Nile CMS. 10-H5c Mat. 2:30 10-2ac GUARANTEED New and Complete Line of House Paints. New and Complete Line of Fishing Tackle. Genuine Aladxlen Lamp Parts . :ilw BUKKE HARDWARE CO. SALE Goodyear Tires x 4.10 x 21 S2.98 4.50 x 21 S3.75 $4.15 4.75 x 19 THEiiCKOiBY r-J CASE with ONSLOW STEVENS WYNNE GIBSON SkeeU Ga!l,igtar, Alan DineHart, Willian Colli.r, Sr., i. F<m«ll MacDonald, Warren Hymcr, John Wny. Produced by Carl Ljtmmlc, Jf. Directed by Edwin L. Mann. Presented by Carl Laemin'.e. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Nnveity Uecl "Isle of 10;ist India" Comwiy—"Rniii) and Fish" With Tncld and Kollv A lifetime of stirring events crowded into the hearts of a man and a woman who loved each other '"till death do us parti" Glorious musicl John Boles singsl Paramount News Comedy—"Cirl Trouble" With Jimmy Dtiranto Tucs.-Wcd.-Thurs. Tuesday - Weds. MAT. ami Nile—10c - 25c MAT.—in-25c NITK—10-35C Guaranteed — Mounted Free All Hzrs (ires IS',' discount aff lisl priros. purls 1"> to 25'I <ifT lisl price. All Jnsl Hcceivi'd .Modern Klcctrit- Uivelinu; Marhine In Kivol Drake I.ininjjs at If I'er kivot. WOLF ARIAN HELEN miVETR£Ei He could dish It out— and he could take it!. . . He laughed at Life-arid Life tcowled back with a charge of murderl IV RIVER i ^.!L&tiiiir3i8Ml' G«rg«E.Stonc,Gr«tMitchjll Gcorgt Meeker, Wdrrtn Hymer! L>ir«cled by Kurt Neumann. Pro. duccd by Cirl, ll. Story by William AnlfionyMcGuirc Presented by Carl Latmmlc. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. 128 E. Main Phone 176 Fox News Hitrry L.-in^dnn Comedy BisS I'ammount News "Mad House", A Terry Too'n'.j "Marlier Shop nines" With Chudc Hopkins ani| Hand.

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