The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 4
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FOUR (ARE.) COURIBB NEWS Two Arkansans Fear Communisms I Fuibrighf Opposes I Further Aid to 'Red' : ' Dominated Countries V WASHINGTON, Aprils. (UP)— / Sen. <J. w. Pjlbright, D.. Ath.. slid ; today tljat Has ia treats s tj dJin- i ina^e the world by c^riimunltt i«I filtration. 1 He' told- the S-nat3 tint fie , & Coirijnunist te.'h'-iqie ot ' infi tr*- |j tloii . and corruption from within' Si raised; ilie possibility that Russia 9 Wight achieve world domination •Xj vi'hbut resort to military action. ^ Fuloright said, Frosic'ont rn ~it;| "-nn^s proposed program for airting ?i; Greece and Turkey would be a pas•; itivD! step "to counteract the ap- :" parently unlimited expansion ol ••'. Communism." ' •i: Sen. John I, M^Clellan. D., Ark.. ' :f fc.idsrd.' pi . Fu'fcrisM. ™n<l *<• (", Triyess to vefuse further "relief" I'] funds In r.ussla aiu: -icveii sau>ii- r] ite nations. »i •M''.S t e!''n nrcp^spfl a inn on MU S. *wistancc to Sovicl-dominai-- :| ed jiations on ground suc-h aid '•': is "Inconsistent, wil.'i our natioml ii interest and security." :• iM^Clellan offered «n ainentl 1 ] '; \vhicli \vonlrt forbid that n.^siril: }} from - SS50.0CO.CCO in prrpised ro- -\ lief to \var-rtevastatccl countries to given lo Russia. A!'~nnln. rz>c)i- oslovjiki". Himcary. Prlanil. YIIJO- ^^ia, Rnuiania or Bulparia. j An administration source (Us-! 'closed,- mearwhilp, that Die enl, fnii contemplates sendim: U.' aiiks and artillery as \veli .ia Kr"~ u --"r'rs j o Turkey. Fulbright sakt Communism is -'a real'danacr." Tile Nsrls, he BitUetl, v;ero novices compared to the Communists in using the infiltration ;ec v hiiiqne. • • He said'Cbmhumisni had "con- 'tised and divided the Democratic copies of tlio world and thereby 'e?keied their power of rosis- tancjp." [ll^rlrb 1 " disputed the argument tJiat- ihn United Stales is b>'i:a.ssi. r ig ff the United Nations. Citing Russia's : veto] pQ\ver. he added. •v' "Until the big powers trust one ij EnoHier more than they cVo now, > the United Nations cannot preserve j'i the integrity of Orccoe or Turkey '£ of any other country," A 'FuEJrlght sala the Eritssh in };, puilfns out of Orec.-c a:ted "most ? inconsiderately in giving us only o a few weeks to consider and cle- ',i cide- upon our policy in Hie Near ij East'" >1 ConcerniiiB the plan to send (i tank6 au< 1 artillery to Turkey, the M EtJ.Tiinistration source sr,iti they •,' .rtvef^ needed as replacements for •i .-'c f ^sole?eent material purclmsecl : }.- from Germany toDlore the war. Sur•>' plus'American stores in Italy anS Gerijiany , reportedly will comprise a. major portion ' of the $1CO,OCO,- CCO of aid lir Turkey. DuriiiB Hie IDth century, a pe- ' culiar-shaped glass ball, known as H "witchbail." ^-ns placed, in window^ of homes to ward o:i disease; ed ActivitieVSoutfrof 25,000 mom's; top lobor leader, though not in parly, hows to Moscow line. __ 152,000 mcmbcisj president needs them for his Congress majority; R«fs M cont/ol lobor movement. qmcmbcri, Iwo deputies. Communist tie-up with ercrf governments crackdown last spring; estimated strength now 35.000 member- slifp, four deputies. No Carnmuimr 'arty us such; forty of the though Marxist, disclaims commurmm. 8000 mcmbe no dcpurief, poily l ast June, con It ok Counc of Paraguayan Workcis. deputes, three cabinet poll party conrro!& powcrlul eo About 30,000 o deputies. per and nitrate unions on Federation ot Lobor. cession of crimes -which goes unpunished and whPch, to many prove that crime docs pay." ' "Until objectionable programs are eliminated," he added, "those lu authority over youth must be' held responsible if they permit their charges to see motion .pictures and listen to radio pro- Brains which emphasize crime as a tiling of Klory. "We do not condemn the FJiblc because Us pages contain incidents of finger, lust, murder, envy, greed <ind sloth," he said. "On ih« contrary, we are quick to analjze the lessons so apparent from (hi fa'cts that we UuiUt in our inlinis and hearts and those of our children a strong moral fiber as the result of this knowledge." Hoover said that win:) SO.COO.ITO people attend motion rplcturcs each week and millions listen to the radio dally "we must admit (.hat these two means of visual and' auditory education have widespread" influence in shaping the thoughts and conduct of a majority of our citizens." But he questioned whether all TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 19-17 Building Work Finished On Two Osccola Homes OSCI-:OLA, Ark.. April 'J.—Construction and repair of two l;om< ;j Imvc been completed IKTC ;md llw' house occupied tills week Ijy the ownt'i's. \ Mr. and Mrs. Bruce ivy have completed r.eiu'rnl repairs ami adcJi- tion.s to their home on tjommes Ave. A recreation room, two bccl- looms, a bathroom and. a large back porch were nddctl nl a cost of ap- pi jvimately $li,000. Mr. and Mrs. Jlmmlc Gwaltney have moved into their new home on Highway Gl South gf the My. It l> of concrete brick construction and has live bedrooms, three bathrooms and a hot air healing system. programs deafini; with the seamy side of life .should be barred "because some of them may lead the less resolute astray." ATHLETES FOOT ITCH NOT HARD TO KILL. IN ONt HOUR, It not pleased, your 3~s !>:;ck nt any clruff store. TE-OIj, a STRONG funtiiiiidc, contains tO',';, alcohol. IT PKOC'ETRiATES. Heaches MOKE germs to KILL tlie it=h. Today at kirby Bros. Drnx Co. CALL''*]/)" fOR everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY • O»«r Guard Jvwtlry S|o<« A, f, DIETRICH, Mgr. WASHING MACHINES we have them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phone 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE , , Your G.E. Store in Blythcyillc In lie rcccnl report to Congress, the House Un-American Activities Committee declared that the American Communist Party is only one of 67 similar groups throughout the world which carry out orders of the Communist Executive Committee in Moscow. Mop above shows estimated Communist strength in Latin America and, , Reds' infiltration in national governments. ;. j FBI Chief Opposes Glorifying Criminals for Entertainment BV FRED MULLEN (United Press Staff G'orresfiorirteut) WASHINGTON. April 8 (UP) — PHI Director J. Ecigar Hoover Tiss entered the controversy over crlnu- movies and radio programs with stern rebukes both for those who would ban sush productions, And for those who glorify crime. | <He told the United .press in an interview that cirmc programs and pictures make n (worthwhile contribution to society -provided they do not glorify the criminal, but instead portray the futility of rrime ami awaken in the public a desire for greater corrective measures. "This situation," he said, "parallels the need for public enlighl- cntnent on the abuses of panic nad probation which send sex pervert, 1 ; and hardened criminals out to rane and rob again. Hiding maladministration of law enforcement. Is Just as much aid '.o the potential mmurderer and rnpist ai fnilure. to show the honest citizen how he c'in cooperate with the enforcement of law. i He was referring to tl-.J conten- tion of some students of sociology that failures of the parole ami probation system should not be spoken of publicly because such publicity harms the whole system. Hoover H aid that in bringing about a correction in the styling of programs bft.seo on cnne. Uie place to begin is in the script rooms of the networks ancf movie studios. Hoover was particularly critical of the "too mnny crime pictures anil radio programs that have a =u:- IS YOUR CAR SLUGGISH? Let Us Give it a Motor Tune Up! We'll Check: • HTARTKH e GKWCHATOR • FUKL PUM!> • IHSTKIIiUTOR • CAIIBURKTOU O TIMING • HATTKKY CAMLE Relmilt Oldsmobilc or (IMC Motors on GM^C Time Paymoitl I'lan Olvc your car a complete eohur over this sprin;; . . . uncl hrcezc right into summer without constant repair and adjustments. LATEST PRECISION EQUIPMENT! 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