The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1930
Page 6
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i % .tf SIX UT.YTtTMVIl.U-:. (AUK » rni!i?iRP FRinAY. ii>. Four-and-a-Half n:i<l Fore D.ray Vance Beats Cubs 2 lo 1 in Great Game and National Race Is Hcrcc. NEW YORK — TiK' Ilrojfcly:: ?cbi!is, with D.^zy Vance siiowiiv iic way, .smashed throut; i l!:e lir- eiues of tho. Chic.-'.t'o Ciilh fo- :.eir third straight victory yc>:.->r- •. ay ;incl as a result an- campr;: 0:1- 1 p. hall eitine behind the liruui- 1 ihe torrid National JI.--L::.JI:I :rr.mb:e. Tr.e St. Louis Carcis. In •.Ming the Giants, also kept <icp -. itli the Hnliliis find were alsj <m- n half uame out of the lsa;l. The veteran last bail h'.ulor ;incc, pitched n brillanl njmeyL-i- . :day and established a MMSCKI' cord icr strikeouts with the !nr;i itting Cubs going out nl Ihe plau :) slrikes 13 times. The scoi? i ic game \vas2 lo.l with Hack \Vil . .n's homer representing ihc 0:1! • ul) score'and Wright's liomt-r a! . r Herman had v.-alked g;v!n-: ill: .oiiins (heir tallies, Bush hiwkt. :> in a pitching duel with Vane :t his work was oversh&dmvni. The Olonts were again slcnpir.; ones lor the C.irdimls who ;ke: it a 5 to 4 win over the McCVvav . -ew at New York. HalMnn iin: .'alker, two soiuhpaws, started th itiic/- but. both \\cro relieved I:?. .ro the- end. ) Senators Uealen The'Pittsburgh I'iralcs turned o 1 IE Boston Braves mid £ent a ft '.< tlefeai ski(!dii>E under the Crave •. Boston. Drame hurled steady tai ir PitL'-ljiir.'jh wl:l!c his males hi -ofton's olferings timely. The Cincinnati Hcds were on tho sing end of a game with the Phil- .pp. 15 to 7. The Phils cot 18 h'l; Inle Bengc went the route fo:' thi •Jills despite the Re:ls' 14 hits. The St. Laiils Browns beul thi Yashlncton Senators ns the Pli 1 .: dclphia Maeks tilled in ilie Am.'i .•^i circuit. The Browns won 7 I will) Sieivait pitching flu? bui nd chslkiiic up his ISth victory u .i-.e season. The Chicago White Sax rc<lc ictory on Tctl Lyons' i'.sl siLCve ill ellorc of tlic season and cnp; i close *l to 3 decision from til soslon Rod Sox. Red Barnes ai1e.: ^ycns hy driving homo the whi:iln: • the Chicks wllli Sam Vich s lowlin itlio'wny got 11 olf 1'^igrass of the ; U"ni:.. A iiiii in ihc eolith provlil ' «1 ihc Clilcks with the wiimln > Allnnia's Criickcrs l;e;it Nnsh- vllli-'s Vols. 9 lo t, ycslvrday W u|. (lie Vi.h uil liming the- Crax 11 t': c'inlu. bii'. imulile (i) cenccmrait I llii'ir bluwk. Tin- J):iron<i niul Lookouts hrok" even In a iKilr at Ulnnliiuliain win . I hi. 1 !,ookoiil r , scooping ihc 1'irai ", i-i 2 and llK' Diirijns tho second •' lo I. V/rigiit was the winning; pitch- of ill:! fii-ii (jump and Andrew.-. thr? second .IV _ '• A/NO •10 no 1 American Hcslon W. 94 . 80 . 79 70 . Ii7 SO . 55 . -1C PC'.. .06- .lil'J .5C8 .Sill .48^ .400 .385 In law we iiuy rend of tin- liolfiiiK cxplolls (I Ciiy S'.ililvan in the i ,i:iinr louriinmi-nts. Ciiy is the I'i-yu'ar-o'.il MHI of Chy .Sullivan. , acteon. Mi-s.. |>n>, and recency receiu'il » H'j-.-ou itivn johnny Far- e'l. us pictured Libovc. The youngster Is consiilried our of the ln'.st f Hi? chili! (jollris in the United States. Nalinmil Chicago inn. Appliim. shortstop from At laula. played in the While S3- lincu|> ami BO! n silicic. The Cleveland Indians beat lii New York Yaiikn-s. B lo 5 aft;: losing Uvci slralg:i: lo Ihe Yank; Clint Bnwn workul slca:iily i ho!<! the Yanks ihwn while hi- n,ales hit tile New York pilrliv.v hard, • K'ew, York . Pittsburgh .eaguc W. ... lit) ... 79 ...80 ...77 ... 72 ...05 ... 55 .. . . 47 ! Cincinnati . I I'hllaclclphto , I ' COLORADO SPRINGS. !jj!lie:i :i<!(i])lril four kittens .554 .522 .461 ••"M .3UB Two Hume Kim <iuys Hack W.ll.son vlolenily ihvratc-ns :o t<i'.i:il ur surpass the maik of CU hoiiif: inns ;.el by Bate Ruth. The httle (niil-iu'tkcd bombc-r frcm Mar•(; is giving to the Naliunal the- ihrlll thai the younger1 tircull hsd all lo Itself for several [ • i-asons. All through ihe lensue the fans art re.spomliiig to the liiuina ui Hiii-X jusl as they greeted liabe Uuth, with admiration and the .aiie.mij'ravi:. The basel)itlt fan seems tc lie it :liffurem surt uf perfon from the lullou'cr of iihnost liny other sport. In Hulh's most heroic years, he was ncc::rdcd the Bronx cheer and the i iiUull whenever he whiffed. Hack Wihi;n is getting ii nou 1 . H:uk's Color Tlie two men differ i;i many u'iiys. Rush has something in na- i.ivt color that Ilnck dees not po:,- •(.-ss. There is a certain boyish ir- r:-il)i,nsiV)illty about lhe Babe, while Il;uk !-; a very serious person nlnnt his work. Ualic can be seriou.-;, :oo, deadly .srrious, but he doesn't lakj things to ticart. the way Ilaek doi-s. Kadi's color Is a different sort.! ['. li hard to understand !iov; they :':m ra/z the little fellow when he vhifls. lie Is 10 (joshdarned sorry a!:yul it, s-: crestfallen, pcrlmbed. [le takes on lhe air of a man whi) lui; Just li"d his last ehance mid ccuirtirt come through. And the jeers bite deep. Ruth luis learned lo let crkiciMii go into one car nnd cut the other, f-'cr a Ions while he was razzed every time the Tans had a chance about Ills crrort mere than you t!o nboiil Ruth's. In the days v.'hin Hnck was in Ihe Glaives' outfield, ihc only tiling that kept him with the club was his ability us a fielder, as he wasn't hitting in those days. R-M Yning, who played next to him in the McGraw ontricld, said Hack was th£ best ninn -,\lio ever liad phiyed beside him. He can run :MK! hi.s industry Is prodiyious. U was because Ha.k failed cr.ibly at Ihe |)ia',r :hal McOrj'.v 3nt him lo Toledo flvo years ago., to the average span of lite in the At that tl-ne Hack was hauling un-lMg leagues, Hack has Kcveral sea- der an Intense nervous ..-.train and . sick from wrrry. From day to ! '.sons In which lu bang iiway al th? , Babe's record. If he dc't *< day he was expi-ciing lo receive! jncw maik this year, he m word from home come a father. that he had be- in 1931. -'•in l set a |ll "y do it i Singing Is u most valuable excr- Hack is a liltle |iasl 30 and Ruth clse (or lhe Illnos , p iil be ;« in February. According 1 For getving the moil <iuickly over uud the hens bacic at work laying biggcrand better eggs, and more of them, nothing vail compare with u combined poultry feed consisting of i:<|tial purls of .TWO IRONTON. Wis. iLil'i—Mr. and Mrs Thanas F. Lawrojice. who will oUsrrve tlie GT.h anniversary of their nuiiriane here in Ihc fall, rinlmed ar.ii'.he[- distinction when I hoy coui|ilc:eil their 4l)lh year of living in Ihe same liu'.ise recently. Winning; Crux Hole! Foui'lh Place Over Pcos. ATr,,\NTA. nn—The Mcir.p'M Chicks, (hi- p?nn.iiH nlriMily their" wnn from tin- M»b:li- l>.r-:us VL'-- Icrday ii :•) -i. He:l: h-.i-kcl. :ill:>'.v- in-. 1 , the HL-;U-> bui sc\i:!] hiu -.vliil.^ tUP)—A the I hane of F. D. RlchardKon and took llhem into her coup, where she cle-'. hi; ilk'd the effwt.s ol lhe mother cut j . » « !io recover them. When ihc kiltens 1 1 Wilson Conil Firlder eyes opi-nid, Ihey ahandoncd lhe! ]i a be is n gcod outfielder. ll in food nature. Hack never could he that Ic-nienl with himself. But 1 am not trying to express the idea thai Bubo is' not serious. He Is very determined and intent when he gens to that plate, and proud of «'ork. SILENT O Protects Food Flavors • Provides Clear fable Ice COSTS LESS c Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Yo\ir Service" hen in mother. favrr of their nalimil I think Hack Is just as goo<l an i uiulelder, even if you do read Qudker and FUL-O-PEP GROWING MASH Quaker FUL-O-PEP EGG MASH Thcso snieiilific foods arc cxnclly wlint your hens need to Ixiilil new feathers, new blood, and tone up their systems so tli«y are eager to lay. Each designed lo do n s|)eriul jolt, they are unexcelled in bringing your bens through lhe nonproductive period iii tb<: shortest [xmililc time. Let us tell you more ubunt this "fifty-iil'ty" i'ceding plan. Yea—we 'have these feeda A'OJH Browne & Billings Co., Inc. Blylhcville, Ark. <&&& J REASONS WHY I TEXACO ETHYL. .THE DRY ETHYL! IIHKR sonrws of «>xtra power! That's wliul power and speed of u high-test fuel. More ihuii rf. distinguishes Ti'.vaeo-Kllijl as outstanding in just a quiet, smoother-running engine! It gives you . '^! lhe preiniiini gasoline fiehl. That's what is making all of these qualities—p/us the amazing starting / millions of motorists give up their pet "one-feature" and pick-tip that made the neu> and bettor Texaco ^^T^fe, motor fuels aud flock to the Gasoline, the original "dry" gas, famous. Try •^%|^r%s i •% JHfc Tcxaeo-Ethyl pump. It gives Tcxaco-EthvI today. It's belter because it's "dry". ^.r..->j^» ; ' f more thuil JUSI the extra inn IEXAS COMPANY . Tcxnco J'ctrolcum I'rotlucta tlic original 'DRY" GAS + ETHYL S nationally famous ^^ ANTI-KNOCK COMPOUND TEXACO-ETHYL THE "DRY"ANTJ-KNOCK GASOLINE 1 f; '^r MAIN SERVICE STATION « Main and Fifth — Phone 235 Car Washing and Greasing Road Service

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