The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1946
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 194(5 VLTTHEVILLB (ARK.)'. COURIER PAGE EUSVSH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I FOR SALE Wood, S65. X. )0tk. lor cmtif» Minimum Ck»tt« _ ______________ 6CX tlm» ft, 1! U ------------- it, UmM J«r lln. pu d»j ------ 111 I UmM p*r U>< pw fejr --- . ---- », p*r iia* p«r day _- ------ 7« II tlaw p» lin. jur d«T _____ __ it J-' MMU Mr lln. ---- 1 ...... --- 90s F Ooont fin »T«r»*« word. U tk« Hn». Adj ordered for ttir*« or >U lim«« tad • Uppxl before eiplrMion will li« tk»rgfd fw th« BlunlMr of HUM tb» »d tpp«*r«<l d tdjuitueiit of bill u:tit. All Claaslfied Advertising «>py iub- Ditt«<l by persoui refiitiiug outiida of tt« city uuit b« «ccuiupanldil by cub. R*tft4 may b« tasilj computed from lliti tbov« Usn 1942 '/• Ion \tai\tf truck, iiill.'no 7,0110. K S WliMlp. Mini Crov.' lliwfonl Farm. Plione C64. S-pk-0 2 nice 40 M»« f*n*», wall UAprovuil, l.i(lil., running witer, ti»tb. One. IK uil. toutb of Blythevill* ou gravel. Uu«, cm concrete hlytitAjr, 3 Jill, from H]>-lhPTill«. Trn >cr«i 214 ml. M«lk of BlytberilH ou Highway 61. Nice 1>I*C» to Lmllil, 6 acrei of «lfalf4, all fenced. l.ulLer Gray. Real EctaU UroV«r, Pbyo* 61S. ai-uk-31 ay b tile. f order for ln«cul>r IDMF- tlout takei ibo one time rftto. No r«»oocfclbility will be taken former* h«D one incorrect taserLloa of injr cU»- •ItlcJ ad. rot Salt For Root Mrnrip. Plum'- .'tH— Xl<v imlroflin uilli o olifn |.rivjl.'t;rs. K[fii-iflic iit. ^ta K. itnvis Dti-'r o. lintf room. J'hoi.o 2020. ' rirdroom. 914 N. ilroom, 814 X. Nlnlli. I'hon LAREDO H1CANS Cleaned' and wicked al S3.75 per >••«• *•.?<< r ° 0 .'!'.'-. bushel. H. GATHINOS, '18, Luxnra, Ark. , ' 5-l-pk-5-Si S«rrlc«t D.rl. o:ik 9 !0il . 30-|ik-r Office furniture, household goods, including lieds, rugs, etc. Mrs. James U. Clark, phone 2798. S-l-pk-B Din^tlfl -, liiioli-ii > Holly, lta\.y Hug^y, dill :|IPJ2. 30-pk-: I or L'asllrkiii Chiim. lit'' I"'"'. Coil jirii'O 110 sali's tux. Also \rliilo jior- .•••l.-iin luiliy liallimli. 1'liinie 2'lli.l of- l,.r I |,.lil. BO-lik-r.-I! Max Logan, Realtor. Office Lynch KMg. Phone ,.20:!4. Residence 1134 W. Ash, 1'hone 502. Licensed broker, Arkansas & Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. List your property for quick cash sale. 4-27-ck-5-ll lr npw fii nl ;M>o ii Call ^171 A|,t. .'.. ls nGO Acres, 3'/> mi. from BIy- theville. Fair improvements with extra good land. Located '/j mi. from gravel road. Could handle some BIytheville city property in exchange. Priced well below other farm lands in the community. C. L. Earis. Noble Gill Agency. 4-30-ck-5-7 Ladies—Have your rugs and upholstery cleaned, sterilized and made beautiful in your own home. For ap pointnient call 2028. 4-24-pk-51 WE BUY... E B U Y Fords Buicks ' Chevrolets Dodges DeSotos Mercurys Oldsmobiles Plymouths ' Pontiacs Chryslers Studebakers Pick-Up Trucks Political Announcements Th« Courier K«wi bM MitboriMd to *nnouno« UM loUov- ln« etntUdttw. Nblwt to UM Oemocratlo printfury: 8BEKIIT AND COLLtOTOM JACK FIN1XT RCKBimON V/ILLIAM BEHRYMAN CODNTT JllDQC OKNB E. BRADLTT ROLAND ORXXN rOK TAX A88E»8OB DOYI.K HENDEFUJOW W. W. "\V1NK" WATSON CIECUTT CI.EEK HARVEY MOKRW COUNTY COURT CLEKK ELIZAHETH liliY'lHK COUNTY TKKASURU DELI-A PURTr* Ktl'KrSKNTATIV« ALENE WORD E. O. FLEKMAN DUKIE" SBBCK L. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDKHIiICII (Tor ir-tflt-cllim) STATE SENATOE J. liEE BEARDEN JEKPEHSON W. SI'ECK PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. Tel. 453—154 Okltl.—Now Ihll his i-olleno biuskt'tbun dnys »fc nvet Foutlillls Kiirlnntl Is likely lo Ix- conif 11 loHKiulnry lli)kiiv fur nil tltn In Okltiliuiiui A. .V M. Imkeltu BABY CHICKS Fines! qunrUy .nl all times, Complete line of poultry ood. The handiest i>luce in 1IWI1. "We Buy Poultry * All types au.l kinds. We iKelnUia power mower nlmrj>eimin Mint mot uvortinniiiig. Ye», we " pick u[i in dtillvtir. UlytlitiviUa ilucljiiio HI,. Now is the time to store that stove. Home Service & Storage Co., phone 2801. 4-4-pk-5-4 mowed. Call Balei Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Mai» Phone 3616 Phillips B*Mn«m Bcnte* - Fcttz Uwri ('all 977. . £0*1'20. tSuoil . .121) Kiisl Vim-. Caiutibell. well established grocery store in vicinity ot" BIytheville. Averaging approximately §250,000 gross sales per yr. Owners health reason for sal. BEST BARGAIN OK Noble Gill coe Hotel. .THE YEAR. Agency. Glen" 4-30-ck-5-7 Picture frames made to order O'Steen Sfudio. 4-24-ek-ti Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. v _™Jhi5: ck - tf Wonted To Buy tionil sized house. I'llone 2'J:tD. Ctinierag anil kodaka HteL'i;'^ Studio. y rash or jl h usi-d furiiiture, 0111 full. Call 2:102, Al lire Co. -l|IOck 1C Wanted fo Trade Rtuuilt Evinrude 9.2 nl': 5 IIP John- Bi>n and lloat. Pru Kd Uliodps at hoy Eich Chevrolet Caraiia. U.|,k-r>10 Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed 30 days. Perry's Radio Service & Appliance Co., phone 34 !<!. 4-19-ck-U CONCHETK HUH.DING BLOCKS, any size or any sljnpc. John T. Xen-in 700 South Lilly. 3-pk- Ororory slor« KKther >v*ith Imati'ly 1 n Hwy. 61. with livtnE 4 rontu! lio rrrR c»( Inni . K.U,, idocvl location Uiiclianan's (iorccr . Fr Cnttu tor indnitry. N. Ilivy. 01. 4.1>k-5|4 Hnso. rol.l 11> i r, lot lornlr.l 101 us and hath, hot vopk old luiliy rliirks..'Coiii|>!flp liiif n! pniillry f^rds I.eivis' I'ouhrv. li:t K i M.lin. 2!>-|.V-:.,! : D & IM,, flnlc cr- inK rnlton s^.'il. ?7 J.nliL- F:irni. rhnn,' Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Gooc deals. Phillips Motor Co. !)tri and^ Walnut. 3-27-ck-tf Help Wanted FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwy. 61 at State Line Phone: BIytheville 714 MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS {MOS) JOB "MOS QrirtB* Radio Operator, In termer! late Speed 710 G, 4 Radio Meclianlc. AAF 7S4 5. 1. :i Hadio Operator, AAF 75C fi, I. :i Riulio Opcrstor, CNS 750 f>, 4. :i Radio Operator, AACS 700 0, 4, 'J Radio Opeiator, Higli Sliced, Manual 76G C, 4, \i Radio Operator, Low Speed 77Q fi, -I Radio O per* I or. High Speed. Automatic 777 5. 4, =J Rartio Mechanic. AACS 778 fi, J, ^ Radio Rep airman. Single Cfianne] Teletype 79'^ n, 4, a (in it m uny olher sVills. ITprp'g rv ni-w jrnnil pny, 3 f you ware hnnnnibly rlis- rlmrtp'il from tlio Army on or nftcr M:iy 12. 1P45, nnd held n ^tnilp tn one of Hit- inilil.irj iirc'i|m(ir>ni\l t]ierialuc-s (M(>K). you nny now enlist in th* K.-p- (Jnr Army in your i[un]ificd s{i£i:iiil(y nf your pr^viniis MOS srrvipc, proviil.-.l you -TC! In? fore July 1, 19-16. Klop in r.Tclv.- under U"^ new \Vnr Dcimrt- t f>nler. A]i].ly «l tTie U. R, Army t»-f.r ni tine Slut ion, 305 Federal :sbor». Ark Radio Service Refrigerator S«rvic« Fred Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frei Vncuiim Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired, ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Dionr 2071 206-08 W. Main We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail BIytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planlers Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of BIytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. I?al(cry and Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone 344: Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Chester Lewis Poultry •11 ,'! Must Main St. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT!TOUR SERVICE" Phon. 2241 Farmers Furniture Store Now Located nl 405 East Main St. New and Usert Vurnlhirr Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Ui and DeHvet Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR J24 Kast Main Phone 2407 I.ocal & LADJC Distance Moving Coranetok Help *ud eri'ilpmfrnt. Adequately Tainted. Conxtict Hauling and Misc. Service*. Ifftme Service Jtc Storage Co. Phone 2 Perfect r«p:ilrh!K for today's e»- qulsilr footwear nssurcd when rebuilt hi nur inu4lern nhopu H-fl UTC JUflLITY SHOC SWOP I Zl W. MAIN ST. DO YOU KNOW In operating a six cylinder motor cor ten thousand miles the distributor points open and close ninety million times? Each spark plug fires fifteen million times?. ", Ignition coils deliver ninety million charges of approximately fifteen thousand volts? / The carburetor mixes two million eight hundred and ten thousand cubic feet of air with six hundred and twenty-five gallons of gas? , The distributor shaft and rotor revolve fifteen million times? / YOUR CAR SHOULD HAVE A COMPLETE >*.» SCIENTIFIC MOTOR TIM-DP " J EVERY TEN THOUSAND MILES? - ^ Drive In For Free Check-up Today " Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Texaco Gas and Oil- ,'i ] •'.I Phone 571 Ainonsf SOUK! pi'lmlllvn li'lbcs u ,IMKOM wlio dlrs of nuliifftl oniist's .vlUiotil l»l»i! wolintlt'll Is coiisUI- civtl lo IK! a victim of sorci'rurs iinil evil K|ilrll*. PRESCRIPTIONS Frcnhnt Stock Gnarmnteed Best PtieM Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Torrwiloes, Jc ench— Flul Patch Culibacr — C'crCiflnl Pohitn Plunts. ELEVATOR KKKI) STORK nrnuilwHy at II- K. Track* Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Pc«l Control Aj^n. 115 8. Third 8t Phone Z751 FOR BALE CONCRKTE STOFIM SKWER »1X BIZEB Cb»v«r Thin Bridie I.anker OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 681 OwcaU, Ark. Dr. J. L j Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main SERVICE Sec us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanic u working with modem tools and equipment can pot your car in top conditloii. \Vc clso have a paint liocly shop repair service. W« will fix your car or buy you? car FOK CASH. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Type* Except Cuecr DRS. NIES&NIES ith Innrh $00. :i illi hntcii. $75. So>illi Kills IliMjitrj-. S ]nil.-» So. Cl. IMj-lhevilU-, ArV., I'lionp 3390. Photostats — Let O'Stccn make a photostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important ]>ap«rs. Quick service. ^ O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 320S. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf Lost irli Mark t|.nu. At>- f Frill)-. J'all ^IS'J. i;:w ilii ir l'i«no. r'TOl-lon .Srto I),' *cfn M H09 Cf 20)?1. P 3ft Tinclnr on Tion |io riiMiF lifl n il . dnut)ln nf.- nHfy, G"rt.-l witli rift ri-B'lor. N'o. l.uMcrs for rlialmrrs Coin>>iTi« rtrariorir* nrnl plrdw F F-30 lirnkinc plow. 2 ro\ K-20 or K-30. now No. KO so iniver- IzfT 1I1C, inrnnlplclc 4 row F-5G plnnler ,'itji K ^0 or K.30. Aliftvp inny he n-fn Rt H*-n P Bullfr t'o. Trice Hutttc. Osccoln, Ark,, Phone SO. (Ine Alton Motor Tune tip rrncliiii lory r«c<\»nli\i.mcr. \.vf- Motor KssI Mlin, 1'liono SOU. 4[2 Wanted to Rent Smnll Five or 3G08. ix-rrtiun lionse with >»mli. se. Cull 2o'»0. Prnnanenl. l.T-ck If PORTLAND, Me. (UP) — Mrs. Lvicy Sprngne of Boston was granl- cd a divorce In superior court recently. She charged that her luis- band Phincas ducked her in the bathtub fully clothed, gave her a beating, pulled out her hair by the roots at a dance, kicked her pet cocker spaniel, and smashed 14 bottles of milk on the sidewalk while she slept. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2349 Residence 2309 DON EDWARDS T. i. SEAY MOTOR CO. ROYAL. S1UTH. OOHOHA, AMP z r c w Ri'i mffM lit If. fed •TROT Slocki of Parts For Chrr.iler Product* BY RDGAR MARTi|l:i BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AM VJO\\\VTOO l ... .. ... _._ v UNO v.o"\ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL 'BLOSSEH Man the I!o;ifs! ITS OBVIOUS "THAT VOUR VERY UTiT-E DIPLOMACY/ AW. SUGAR, LEf ME COME IM—PLEASE! YOU JUST CANT L OlON'f START THAT —•SWIFT CURRENT.' BY V. T. HAMII.TpN. He'll Fight Tlack '*= B.^T fSCU HEY IVlPED L? C-T...CXLV/ATLANTIS CAVOT~NQ.\; AW'BACLE SAVcD,'?! V LONG D=LAS'£ AYE, I PEAK IT WILL.BUT THOUGH OUR FAIR IStE P£RlSH,7HDS£ WHO BRCU&4T THIS EWL ASOUT SHALL BB DeSTROVED FIRST. WILL 8 -IE P«CPH FORETOLD. LANTIS IN 7

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