The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) .COURIER NE\yg Where Democrats Will Hold National Convention PAGE THREE Trial of Six, Arrested in Rccenl Raid, Scheduled for Tuesday A group of negro hotel bell boys will probably be the first of fie dozen persons arrested in the recent liquor raid by state revenue "gents to go on trial In municipal eourt here. They will be tried to- j morrow. Tlie bell toys, six of them, will lace liln] on charges cif -s^lllnij liquor without a and ^?!l- hiff linror on StiiKtav. W. E. Hesslc, licensed dealer, and Mrs. Nora Renncrt actinlcsced in v.'iiat could probablj' be considered 'technical trials this morning. Tiint Is they agreed lo the assessment of minimum lines and promptly made bond for appeals to circuit court, where the cases may nctiml- ly be tried next fall or Inter. Mrs. Wiley Eskridge and Elizabeth Cap- pies did the same tills afternoon Hcssle was assessed file minimum fine of $100 for- selling Honor on Sunday, something even Je^al •'•.ilcrs lire not supposed to <lo. id Mrs. Reiinert was fined jion r selling on Sunday and $750 for ™l!li>j; without a license. Tlessie's bond was fixed at S250 and Mrs ncnnort's at $050. llcssie oncrntml a ilquor shop on south Division street while Mrs. Rcnnert lives in the pride addition. Mrs. Eskrl'.lge, Sixt'n .street liquor dealer, was fined S100 on a charge of selling liquor on Sunday and Mrs. Capoles was fined $250 on n charge cf ;t?l>.ing liquor without, a license. Both mnde bond. Absence of their attorncvs from the city prevented trial of the bell boys this morning. Mrs. Buster Sweat", south Franklin. It developed today, 'nas never been served with a warrant chars- Ing her witli selling "liquor without a license and selling liquor on Sunday. Police said they had been I unable to find her nt home since Ian early trip to her house when I her arrest wiis postponed because | of her Illness. Sam Barnes, blind man, U chars- led with possession of unstamped I liquor. Georire Smiley, whose plea for his • "family's sakc"..he!ried him when I lie appeared In municipal court )<jst I Monday on a charge of public larunkenness. didn't have the'same |:»ck today when he reappeared on II similar charge. Observing that lie didn't seem to be doing his family much good, the court.Viiied him |510. A. G. By rum waived examination oil a charge of disposing of mort- ?a;ed property and made bond af- li'r being bourd'over to. awntt ac- 1 ion of thn Brand jury Herbert Majors was cleared of n |-har?e of forgery. Karley Holt was fined $10 on n lihnrge of public drunkenness |U. S. Trail WillTink Canada and M'exico I] SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Plans i;'or a horseback Pacific Const I Trail, extending from Canada to l(»rexico, have been announced by I lie National Park Service. j It will be 2,300 miles in length | .ntl will be continuous on all of I he higher mountain trails on the I oast. It also will connect all in- I ervciilng national parks. I Nearly all of the work Is to be I lone by the CCC and the trail is I xpectccl lo be completed this • ear. I. Metal signs will mark the entire Joule for the benefit of liorcebuck I iders or hikers. Toledo Drafts Rules For Bicycle Traffic TOUiDO (Ul'J — Police Hay Allen lins begun a cwnpiilgn to brhti: blcyolu rldera vvllliin iraf- flc regulations. He (lo.sip.ncil « ixMlod which lie called "edilctilloiml week," during which cyclists would be warned for offenses. Thereafler, ofleiulers were lo be bronglil to Juvenile court. Some of the rrgutiilkms cyclists lo observe traffic limits, keep to the cxU'eme ilgln of lh« slrccl. currying llijhts nt nlflu, and ride ilouble when two are loscthfr Tandems were exccpled from Inttt'r mle. ! "" n ' C """ 1 "' Ct " ml ta """ S ra »" lc »"•"'*•• »' c ala •. outstanding Democrats will gather tomorrow to r,no p , , , row o r,nom- nala P,e de» Roosevelt. Center of activity will be. the convention hall .shown at lower right. Bulldl,,,* In ,he foreground at e . are the Un.versity of Ponnsylvan.h group. Kestiln; In ,ne cluster of sKyscrapc.s shown in the distance, b y ml th S L" tw^pV'fw If 1 """< ° S "'«><* Hall, "the birthpiace of American • liberty"; .00-year-o, d Ch 1st C , in winch resident Washington worshiped; Ross' house, wh ere the first Continental' Congress met in 1774. Other point, of Shortage of Workmen Of Skill Predicted MINNEAPOLIS (UI')-Tlic Unll- c<l Struts Is fnchijj 1111 iilarmlng shortage- o[ skilled workmen In virtually every trade, according (o Dr. C. A. I'rosser, director of Biimvoody Institute. Dr. grosser based his belief on demands for trained apprentices from the IJunwoody Institute which, he said,, hud Increased It die point where all urailnnles have received Jobs. Hr. Prosser declared [hf <|C)U'('.s- .sioii largely Is rcsixmslble for the unusiml condition. ATTKNTION CANDIDATES! I can furnish you correct lists of botm fide .voters, ,nnanjcd nl- liluihettcnlly, by schuol districts CHEAP. C. J, LITTLE, Hale litilrj. ISlylhevllle Rfes suffrt from fleas of n spe interest nrc In (Heated abo Better Homes Seen Through Bonus Money CHICAGO (UP)—With a recent survey showing more than 34 per cent of the soldiers' bonus car-, marked for home building andj home furnishings, business lead- 1 crs here predict tliat the midsummer wholesale markets to he held July C-18 will set new records for commitments since 1929. Concentrating "displays of home equipment, the value of which will run into $500,000.000, the 'markets represent nn ambitions effort of 000 leading American manufacturers in this country's challenge to the European trade fairs, covering more than 1,300,000 square feet of floor space in Hie Mcr-' chandise Mart, largest building In the world, the displays will include . furniture, glassware, china, rugs, draperies'.-electrical and general household equipment. Timed for u period when steadily increasing home building, and lniyu;u_js expected/ to reach Its summer peak, .the exposition will present many .new and revolutionary devices for the model home of 1936. Among these will be air- conditioning units designed for the budget of the average American home owner, furniture employing a new principle of wood-on-steel construction, blonde woods, and electrical devices designed to' bring housekeeping to the' level of an automatic science. Other novelties reflecting the ingenuity of American industry to be featured during tlic exposition include sewing machines convertible into cocktail liars, beds with, built-in telephones, fireproof rugs of linen, and fabrics woven of a spun glass yarn. <"•„„,.,.,,,,_,,> u i O' "OVemorS Mat iMZCS Rano-p llnwarrl Adn S e Upward Missourian, 97, Finds Politics Too Boresome IBERIA,'Mo. (UP)—Running' for cffice has. become, tiresome to John' Ferguson. 97. When his term as justice of the peace expires in 1038, Ferguson will be within a few months of 100 years old, and will retire from politics, he says. '• '" DALLAS. (UP) — Governors tire i big men—at least they wear big hats. W. A. Webb, general malinger of the" Texas Centennial telegraphed chief • executives of a number of states, asking • t'nelr hend sizes. This Is necessary .since Gov. Jnmes V. Allred Is sending special envoys lo invite governors to attend tlic Dallas world's fnir. The envoy will give each Governor a 10-gallo'n Gov. Leslie A. MTllcr of : Wyom- lice Commissioner Hchirlch 1'lck- ert to stamp" out the practice of slow-moving vehicles holding their own in the center of busy streets, blockading several lanes of tranic. "These slow movers are causing ot'ncr motorists to dodge In and out of trulllc, thus Increasing the hazard." Judge George T. Murphy said. "They arc as much a menace as the speeder." Deacon Shcn Drowne of lloslon was the first professional artist In America of whom there is record. ORDERS TAKEN FOll "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley 1109 Chlckasuwbii Phono 702 thc way Ferguson advises those who want to live long. i Following tbe dcalh of her husband, the Papuan widow, covered with a cloth, crawls to his griive each morning for a week, following tile trail of a stick drawn by a woman friend. Bach evening, she crawls back to n spncs beneath her house, which she is forbidden to enter until the week is ehtled Detroit Judge Warns Slow Motor Drivers DETROIT (UP)—Detroit, one of the tinhealthiest cities-.In the nation for automobile speeders, 1ms turner! thumbs down on the slow road hog. ' . . i Iratnc judges hue asked Po SHARPEN Kl) On tliu Ideal Sharpener This machine automatically grinds the blades of your mower to just the proper bevel, assuring a iwrfcet culling job. . Your'mower will run like new and slay sharp longer than when sharpened by any other method. Give us a trial. Price $1.0(> Hl.vlhevillt! Machine Shop I'lioue 80S ur 848 PEOPLE MAKE THE TELEPHONE SYSTEM . Poles and wir>3 nntl switchboards nlone don't make a telephone system. You've got to hnve people. .•'•;You've got to have men and women and children that want to talk with each other. You've got to have operators sitting night and day before the switchboards, You need to have linemen willing to go out when the lines are down, • and work with a 40-mile gale lashing sleet mid snow into their faces. It's folks that make a telephone system. When you figure out why service is better than it used to be, you find it's just people at work—men working prob- . leins out on American Telephone & Telegraph Company's staff, and inventors in Bell Laboratories, and the like. The goal of the people who work for the Bell System is to furnish the people who use telephones with n service that is fast, and clear, and moderate in its cost to the user. SOUIHWESTIRN B!U TELEPHONE COMPANY IflOtli Anniversary ol Allan».«." I he Worn!IT Slnle" [i « HrslTde- Synlhclic Volcano I'hunied CALISTOGA, Cal. (UP)-Cali- roriiin is tired of waiting for I (fount Lissen and other local and 1 iresumabjy extinct volcanoes to I spout. Contracts have bsen let I vith a large fireworks company to I ;tage the best imitation iwssible Vrom the crater of Mount Sainl I "leleim on fne Fourth of July. Itead Courier News classified Ads Send $1 for the next 5 months ot The Atlantic Monthly "STAKE (lie. most of your read- •Mnsr hours. Enjoy the wit, the wisdom, the companionship, the charm that have made the Atlantic, for seventy-lire years, America's most quoted and most chcriihcil mn«azme. Send $1. (mentioning (his adl lo The Atlantic .Monthly. 8 Arlin.;- lon SI., Boston GASOLIflE MIM.fl>*' MOTOR ON THE RYDER CUP TEAM. Henry Picaril(r;j;/j/) is rated thchcstgolfcr at fu iron shots. "1 know that 'Camels set you right!"' he says. 'Smoking Camels aids my digestion And Camels ncvct Ket on niy ucrvcs." During and after meals, Camels bring a sense of well-being and good feeling. That's why people say: specially for washrr power, anil for a woman (o operate, (he Mayug Gasoline Multi-Motor h« only four working parts ... smooth.running, powerful and dependable. It is one of the reasons why the Maytag washer Ins definite leadership on the farms of America, 1 he roomy, one-piece, cast-aluminum tub of the Maytag washer is another advantage cn- joyctl by the million farm homes which have :hoscn the Maytag. N-IO-I&-JS K. K. GEK SALES CO., INC. Slli .ind Slain niylhcvillf, Ark. ,t*JJ*.? COMPAKI IUWTOX. iow> OOLD-CUP WINNER! George Rcis won the trophy lli rti limcil" I'm * Camel smoker," says this outsiamling spccd-hcm driver. "I cat heartily, smoke Camels, and enjoy that feeling of well-being (hitgocswiihgoodJigcstion.Cimclssetmctightl" MRS. WM. I. HOLUNGSWORTH, JR., popular Califoroian, wcU-knowo in New York anj london socicrj', says: "Camels arc so mild. They please my taste anj aid digestion." Camels stimulate digestion in a pleasant, natural way . . . increase alkalinity The human, digestion responds unfavorably to nervousness and strain. It is ilcliniicly encouraged Iiy smoking Camels. Scientific studies sliow clcnrly the manner in which Camels aiil digestion. Using sensitive apparatus, it is possible to measure accurately the increase in digestive fluids —alkaline digestive follows the enjoyment of Camel's costlier tobaccos. For a cliccry "lift" and for digestion's sake, enjoy Camels. Tliey never get on your nerves. They are gentle on your tliroat. You'll like die firmness of Camels too —no loose slircds annoy you. , ( £*»' •'•:••»

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