The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1938 JIGHI FDR IS IN FEW Roosevelt and Opponents Battling Feverishly Over Reorganization Bill BY KODNKY WJTCHKIl Courier'\>.ws (ARK.) COURIER NEWS :Weekly Snmlnv Sclinn) Finding Ourselves in Service BY' ivM. K. (JILKOy, I). I). . For .some reason, Jesus lolcl them Kdilor of Advance Ihnl they should not (ell nthi'rs of Our lesson gives ns an inUmuie: this, perhaps He felt, Ihnl ilic ilim- picture of Jesus In contact wilh Ills' had noi yet come lor such a plain disciples, but already it Is a picture: message concerning Himself, per- In which the dark shadow of Ihe: Imp* He fell Dial Ihe people could Impending tragedy of the cross Is ' only misunderstand und be dls- sho'.vn, which, as yet. Ihe disciples ' appointed, because lie were unprepared to understand. | time the Mi'.sslah's role might not Jesus had sent His disciples forlh j be- tlml of fume and preaching In Hie villages, (ind now as He was journeying with ihcm. He asked them what the people .. .. but lallier Ihul ol service llirouali snf- 'Iliis would seem were saying about Him. We may record, for ivc are lo!<l tliat JRKUS be sure that Jesus did nol iisk Hie began lo leach them that He tliicsllon simply He wanted sulfer many things, be rejected by WASHINGTON, April 8. — prcsent depi slon. But there L? no certainly about that. And meanwhile the manifold uncertainties arising from general „, l Kh1 M . t lle - . contusion In Washington concern- , K , u ll <L ,,.MM, K.,7.,11:" g !„.:,„„,„" I Prophet returned ; leaching would IK> received by tin; " i l"'"l'le. for J'eter Iminedlutely lw- ted tluu som<! *aj| w rebuke JP.SUS, nssurlii" Him outward way Ihe very (liln&s within His own soul that Jrsus was sttivlnsr agnl/isL? '"Iliou mlndsl not Iho Ililnus of God, but the- Ihlnus of men." I In suld to IVlnr. • • • Vcl tills .silence lhat Jesus en- Joined on the part of Ihe disciples concerning acknowledging Him as (he Christ seemed somnvlml outof hurmoiiy with His own nclliin. as lie. called thn multitude to Him ills disciples and K«VI> them lo Ihe receiuiy-miirljired John the Baptist or the great prophet* Eiijiih. Jesus challenged the disciples very '• j strongly. He said. "Who say ye Ihnl always very rmdy, Ihe 'dinsi." T SEE BOB HIT ffiCMDIDKTE Some Observers Say Carl Will Seek Senate Seat Or Retire Ing which business leaders have complained long and angrily, have not been diminished by the bitterness of the "struggle over (lie reorganisation bill. i , .,„,,,„ Inasmuch as there's general do-1 ;i llswerc( j .. Tl ; nl . ..... nvind for presidential leadership;.'.. "°" _ to take the country out of depression, it's important lo ask whether the revolt on the reorganization. teue Is going to leave Mr. Uoose-. velt i;i a more belligerent or a! more conciliatory frame of mind as he deals with business and Us problems. Heady to Fifht? As always, the President Is beset by two groups of advisers. One asks him to reassure business, to refrain from oratorj- of the tyjie which disturbs business and to lay otf reforms, at least until business can get on Us feet again. The olher /group urges him to "go out ami I Tight," to insist on mastery and a program of reform which lie is told will rouse "the people" lo his .support. Roosevelt always has accepted advice from Iwlh sides, somelimes more from one. somelimes more from the olher. Lately he has shown much willingness to compromise and has listened attentively (p conservative advisers. Dili) whereas a few weeks ago lie was telling left-wlngish visitors lenlly that he didn't want to say or do anything that would disurb business, his recent determination has been to fijht, to get as much as possible of his reform program through Congress and lo take the rest of the program to (lie country as a campaign Issue. South Retaliates His Gainesville "feudalist" spcch may have helped him politically with voters in the mass, as It was meant to do. But it certainly had a bad rebpiind in the House, southern congressmen felt they had received a swift kick when they lenst ( expected it and the trouble which i-^his feeling made for nooscvelt in ^., HIE reorganization fracas illustrated " A Hie old Iruisni that you shouldn't kick anyone unless you're sure you can beat him when lie turns around to fight. One result of the reorfianizalioii revolt is to dim still further the chances of wage-hour legislation, for. \yhich the- Presidenl recenlly promised lo , make a knock<tov,ii effort nt this session. Another result is postponement of the White House recommendations for antimonopoly legislation, now planned eurlh. cilhcrj W:is ii Ihn intensity of the conflict and temptation that H'ilhln Jesus Himself to lum from this grenl .sui.Tlf!da| mission, Unit l«i Him to rebuke Peter In Ihe luirsh words, ''Get thcc behind me .Satan"? Had peter cxuiessc-d in «n : Czechs Prepare ! for 'the UY BltlCE WOHTIIINCTON, Jit. United 1'ress Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 9 IUl'1 —Developments along the political front this week almost ns- surcd observers that Lieutenant Governor Bob Bailey will run for governor. 'Jills move also indicated that Oov. carl E. Bailey will seek senatorial nomination or he will not, enyage in any campaign. Speculators doubt if the chief executive would oppose the president of the si'iiiite in the race for governor, and however the race is run, they believe (lie two Baileys would join forces in efforts to get. more strength. Several conferences, culminating in apparent "trades" gave lead to the 'belief that the Russeliville lawyer filll run against, former Piilaski county Judge R. A. (Bob) Cook ' for • governor. Cook generally is considered as Ihe most formidable of the prospective gubernatorial candidates, reports indicate. Announcement by Sen. Hnl Smith of Clarendon for re-election ns slate senator bore more significance than some observers believe, the United Press has been informed. The source said that Smith's activities during the coming summer depended entirely on what Bob Bailey would do. It was said that the senator representing Monroe and Arkansas -counties would not for late in A~pril instead' of"during s ? ek r «- electl '°" and would be ac- the first week after R D E's re- e ln Cook ' s campaign for gov- tiirn from Georgia. The admlnls- i Cl " or ' P rovictci1 the lieutenant gov- tralipn no longer hopes for any ernor tlld n ° l seek the P° 5t such legislation at this session ' I According to the informant. Hls-lory-Maker j Smith hnd planned to adopt a n«volt and ndministrntton defeats on Capitol Hill, however, do not mean quiescence on Roosevelt's pnrt. The President has left little doubt that he considers him,, self one of the great figures of « liistory. To such a man It obvi- ".ously seems n prime duty to van- fjulsh the foes who obstruct him. Each day brings new reports of effqrts to nominate and elect pro- Roosevelt men. while defeating anti-Roosevelt jrien, for Congress. Increasing fire and furor is certain if the President insists on playing a leading role in the 1938 campaigns by stressing- the issues on met congressional which he has opposition. Another Uncertainty At the moment there Is much hope and prayer that the new tax act. especially its drastic changes in undistributed surplus and capi- tpl .gains provisions, will bring- a business upturn. If it doesn't, Roosevelt Is fairly certain to try to administer some kind of n "shot in the arm" to business. But the extent to which success of recovery forces and remedies will be [ aided or impeded by mounting po- "klttlcal turmoil is just another of Die current uncertainties. The sale of drinks seldom Increases during a barroom Shooting fray. Barber Retires at 80; Shaved Many "Greats" ANGOLA, Ind. (UP)—Despite his 89 yearns, Joel Latson, who has shaved many "greats," still wields a steady razor, but has joined the retired ranks. Included among i barber Latson's patrons were: Thomas A. Hcn- dricks, vice president under Grover Cleveland; Thomas A. Marshall, vice president under Woodrow Wilson; James Whltcomb Rlley, Hoosler pott; J. Frank Hanley, former governor, and Alba Haywood, humorist. \ Hectitc eels have to keep their batteries charged. Their power to shock is exhausted easily and must b* built up by rest and food, "l:ands off" policy in the chief executive's contest if Bailey decided lo run. His announcement for the senate is" regarded as an Indirect assertion that he does not inlend to have tmylliiiig to do wilh the governor's race. Private conference between the lieutenant governor and Speaker of (he House John Bransford this mid-week further strengthened the tumors that the former will not ask for re-election. Speculators expressed belief that a "trade" would be effected by the pair, and that if Bailey seeks the governorship, leaving the lieutenant governor's race open to Brtins- ford, the latter will support Bailey lor governor. Meanwhile, congressional tickets in the various districts were shaping up throughout the state. Tlie mast recent development occurred in the Sixth Congressional district, where Joe Morrison, a Sltittgart attorney, withdrew his announcement for a county post to seek Democratic nomination as Congressman, state Senator W. R. Norrell of Monliccllo also has announced for the post which will be vacated this summer by Cong John L. McClellan of Malvcrn. Rumors were current this week that Dave Partain of Port Smith would run for U. S. Senate. Already in lhat race are Mrs. Hatlie Caraway, incumbent, McClellan and Ross Venable. Utility Employs Plane For "Trouble Shooting" REOINA, Sask. (UP)—Canadian Utilities, Ltd., now handles "trouble-shooting" on power lines by airplane. When a break occurred recently on one of the lines out of Yorkton, Dan Smokuvicji, the company's ace "trouble-shooter," jumped liito a plane and quickly spotted the trouble. Smokuvjch completed the Job In an hour. Ordinarily, It would have been an all-day Job locating the break In the wire, words concerning Ihe ITO.VS, How well could Ihe disciples or the multitude linvi' understood Ihcsf! words— Iho dcimmd Hint If liny moil would coins nftor Iflin. tie should lake up his cross und follow Jesus; the .sUiU'inrnt Una "\Vlio- noever would suve lils life would It, am! whowcvcr would lofifl his life- f&r the sake of Jesus und Ihe Gospel's would snvc it." We could understand more definitely, as who llstrned might, the question as to what It would profit n man if ho wcie toxahl the whole world and lose his life. But it l.s not ,so cusy for us to iindersliitid, as It was not with Uin disciples, this doclilne of gain ' j through loss; and yet. It Is the very j heurl »f Hie NI>«' Toslnmcnt message. enforced for us not, only by the teaching but also by Ihe example of Jesus Himself. If we do nol uwier.shind a lesson like this, It Is evident thai we have need of prayer nnrL meditation and of much more communion with Jesus unit ills disciples until we understand. * IN III)'. C1MMOBKY COURT F'OH 'HiB CMtCKASAWlU OP M1SSISS1PI OUN'l-Y, ADKANSA3 lllylhevllli> lioud Improvement Dtslrlct No. 6, Mississippi county, Arkansas, t'talnlllT v-' No. <JiI<8 W, II. & Wnit Amlri-Mii 11 ml (li'lijKiiienl lands, d nl. IWeiidnnts WAKNINO OHIIKH All persuns huvlng or clnlmln» an Inloresi In uny of the followlnu descrllwl hinds are hereby nnlllted that sull Is ix-ndhiK In the Ohan- cery Conn of MKsKslppi Coimly, Arkansas. Im- the Chlckasnwba IMi- trlct ilierfof, lo piifon-M Iho .•olloeilon of ceilaln delliniuont tuxes oil the lollowlnii i LSI of land, i>nch Mipimspd owner's IIMHR hixvlng bfii'n set oppiullr lils, her or rts lund, Innethcr with Ihe ivmomilA scvprnlly due Ironi i^nrh, lo-wll: . PAGE THREE l!l)thc\'lllr I In W. It. & Walter Description Anderson,.HH NK d liu lilovciilriil DKl. Nn. S Vfar IS35 , Henry 1'cixtew, 2a, In SW cor K 1 . K UOA NK 1-4 John n. Walker, lx)l 1 NE'-i Jolm H. Wnlkcr. I/>ss 100 x 3fXl l/il l/it 8 Sfc. Twp. < U 12 John i). ,\rrt.'i r>.r>5 Slrange looking 'traffic cop, this policeman in Prague, Czecliostii- \alaa But lii> has a very definite purpose in donning that gas mask, for the hatiph never knows may be forced to defend Itself against Nazi'i.nva- Eioh.' This picture was tiikeh ^s Prague, its nerves on edge since lliller's['Austrian coup, sla'ged the greatest antt-air rnid' exercises in the history of-Hie beleaguered democracy. COMMISSIONER'S SAt.K Nollcc is hereby given Ihnl the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with Ihe lerms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Blythevllle, Chicka- sawbu District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 4lh day of December, 1037. wherein Evelyn B. Wood T, : n.s Plnlntlll, nml C. S. Corey and Melkia Corey were Defendants, will sell at public auction lo the highest and best bidder. for cash, on a credit of jlliree months (3 montlis), ut the from. door of the Court House, between (he hours prescribed by law, in the City of BlyUiei'lllc, Arkftnsis, on the 10th day of April, 193B. the following real estate, to-wit: Lot- thirteen (13) in Block five (5) of Davl.s Addition to Blythevllle, Arkansas. Lots one (U nml two (2) of Block nine (9) of Highland Place, Second Addition to Blythcville. Snid sale will be had to satisfy sold decree in the sum of $435,60, wilh G% interest, from April 23, 1837. Less the credit of $75.00 paid ",idgmetit January' 24. 1038. le purchaser at said sale will 'be required to exccule bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, nnd a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for (lie payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of snict Court, on this, the 16th dny of Marcli, 1938. (Sea!) . . HAHVEY MOIIRIS Commissioner In Chancery Nelll Reed, Ally, for Pllf. S. E, Morris Wiillt-i- Websler B. Morris J. D. Wlllfonl T. H. Kellli T. H. Kellli on In Tile Oregon Attracts Dust Bowl CORVALUS, Ore. <UP)—A. S. Burrier of Oregon Stale College receives an average of 10 letters a week from residents of the Midwest "dust bowl" who plan to migrate lo Oregon. He said the most common question nsked is: "How much rainfall do yon have?" An ounce of uranium disinte- :rates into .865 ounce of lead, which is a metal, and .135 ounce of helium, which is a gas. By using this method of measuring time, (he earth shows an age of more than 1400 million years. WASH & GREASE §1.00 Wash, Grease, Polish and waxed 55.00 H. R. SCHMUCK "Ksso" Station Main and Division 24 HOUR FRIG I DAI RE SERVICE Only Authorized Service In Mississippi County Commercial or Btsldenc* Jrtis Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. K. R Gtt, Mjr. 109 S. Second St. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest Prices on Poultry at all Times. GAMES MKT. St. Pkonc »J . g_iG OAK LUMBER For Sale— lOO.WHI ft. of good hill oak lumber delivered at very low prices. See J. W. Barron Blyiherllte, Ark. Phone 3S8 FARM LOANS WH UK O» Arimnw mud Mbwal Ltwftt rates—lowest expcnM Also cltj i>ropcrtln DON H. KASSERMAN Thbmaa Land Co. Oll!c« P. O. Boi 470, Phone S21. All Work GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * WUBIt PhMM 81« John li. Walker, Ut !l Nf. John 11. Walker, IM 10 NT: Jolm U. Walker, lot II NK Joe- I-'ojsylho. 1/>1 13 NK', It. A. Hniilh. IM 111 NK H. A. Kmlth, I/)t U NK M. C. Ontry, tut- |« NK Henry Nipper, W'.i NH NB Edith Hale Ifowerlon, NK NK Edith Kali; Howerlon, K 35A NW NK Edith Itnlv Ifowerlon. UK NK KdllhlJali-Jioiwrloii, K ,'tSA.SW Nl'.' Kdllh llnlp Howi'iton, NK ,Sf.' Edllh link- llowciton, NW KK Orlcim Hires. SK SH Orlcnn Hires, B\\' SK Orlena lllrcs, NK SW Orltnu Ihics, NW .SW Orlcnci lllrcs. .SB .SW Oi'lcnn Hirivi, SW SW CITV OP K.iinm A |.||ly Adilltlatl iMt lllk. Mrs, F. c',, Secnmii W. T. Ingrain .19 .32 11,31 ,f)0 K.12 .83 15 IS 12 12 ft 1/U 1 ,00 IM 20 40 S. A. ft. LtoJc Williams 3 II. T. Patterson J. O. Scott J. N. Shcnnywoilh J. s. Burton W, C. Vanbibbei' W. G. Maxwell M. M. Goodwin BUI tfinwlnkle A. !3, I'Vlrlleld A. B, Palrncld A. B. Puirtleld A. li. i-'alrlicld A. 13 Kilrllpltl Mrs M. J. Jennings N M' Mrs. M. J. Jennings S 1-3 Kssie ivooncc N 1-; Louise Sanlord IxiuLsc Kanford L, M. Crawford Arthur Butler 13 G 7 8 12 1 11 14 n 18 a 4 t; A A H 1! 1) li C C C C C D I) 1) O 13 K E .04 04 .04 .04 .04 ,04 .04 .04 .04 .04 V M Ltale Bunch 8 Lizzie Bunch S',-: 3 Joe Taylor 12 W. A. A; Maggie Cole 13 O W. A. & Maggie Cole 14 G C. J. Evrard A. J. Bukw Maggie Musters Maggie Masters Aliig^te Masters Mnggie Masters MiijjBic Moslers Maggie Musters Jewell R.'Binith lllniiche , M. ll:ilo .04 .04 .04 M .04 .04 .04 .02 .04 .04 .04 .04 ,04 .04 ,04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 d K 8 K 1 L J. J. Juhn.soi T. II. Lee Moille WrliiM It. J. Dawson C. T. Shamlln 2 L C. T. Shamliii 2 L I-'rank McGregor S'i 7 L Frank McGregor N 20' 8 1. Edna Conners 2 M Barrnn & Lilly Subdivision C. I*. Howard 16 JlolUndjU- Audition J. B. Walker 1 A J. B. Walker 2 A J. B. Walker 3 A Mrs. Hilda Beard 1 A Mrs. Hilda Beard 8 A J. B. Walker 10 A J. B. Walker 11 A J. B. Walker 12 A J. B. Walker 13 A Mrs. Mart Williams 3 B Mrs. Mart Williams 4 B Mrs. Mart Williams 5 B G. F. Sweat 13 B J. B, Walker 14 13 J. P. Sweat i c J. P. Sweat 2 C H. M. Curtner 11 C Blythevllle Lumber Co. 12 C G. F. Sweat 20 C G. P. sweal 21 C Betty Sweat 5 B J. E. Vickers 5 y J. B. Walker 7 P Hollipettr-Shonyo Addition O. Shonyo 1 Dan Davis 3 O. Shonyo 4 Ulythevillft Lumber Co. 5 .IB .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 O. Shonyo 11 K. D. Ferguson It Will Sklnink 2 O. Shonyo 3 O. Shonyo 4 O. Shonyo 12 Robert Mallory 2 May Pearson 1 Esther Curtis Johnson 3 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 1C Johnnie Soward Mlllard Soward I Mlllard soward Will Dowell O. Shonyo Ella Jackson Walter Davis W. H. Young Cicero Ogle Est,. I Cicero Ogle E-it. Oscar Johnson t O. Shonyo ' Jim Lowe William Jones William Jones Liza. Warren .Mary Brlnkley O. Shonyo b. Bell J. M. Ferguson Uda Moran J. W. Floj-d O«o. T»ylor Geo. Tiylor 3 5 7 10 3 4 7 U 15 16 1 3 5 e 6 G 7 S .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04. .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 ,04 .04 .04 .04 M .04 .04 .0* .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 M 40 40 40 .4U 411 40 40 40 Mose Wells tj Kale Jont'.s ll Oscar Anderson 14 Joe finds 15 Original Surrey If. Harris a C. H. Harris 4 Cl. K Cross 20 Henrietta Goad 21 Henrietta Ooad 22 A. 11. >t Clyde Fowler 49 Equitable Bldg. & Umn Assn. 50 Oillc li, frcemnn 51 C. II. Harris Dl Hurry llallcy 00 T. Cinlnes til Mrs. Win. Phillips 02 S. C. Crulu 04 3. C. Crnlg 05 O. K. Stewart (if Allen posey 81 Sum Grimes 85 J. T. Allord tn J. T. Alford 88 J. T. Allonl 89 Krberca Patterson Hebccca Patterson 1 1 IJebccca Patterson 2 '1 Rebecca Patterson a Rebeccn Patterson * tttbccca Patterson 5 Rebecca Patterson o Rebecca Patterson V Rebecca Patterson a Rebecca Patterson 9 Rebecca Patterson 10> Rebecca. Pallerson 11 Rebecca Patterson 12 Rebecca Patterson 13. Kebecca 1'atler.wu M Rebecca Pallerson 15 Itcbccca Patterson E 1-3 2-3-fl 2 Clyde di 'Eva Soward ; , C 1-3 2-3-(l 2 Hebccca Pallerson ,11) .10 .OS ,'J.tlO 1.S5 1.97 •J.J5 2,(]1 2,70 •J.OO •J.70 a, oo 4,60 5.40 i.ftO S.-IU Ij ,04 W.I-'J 2-3-U 4 a 9 AddlUon Wish blrcrifi Kebecca Patterson ' Retx-cca. .Patterson Af re A. G. Byrum Kuddlr Unknown Unknown " • ' Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown R. NT. Hill Dan G. Stout . Ji E. Bradsher ' Ltale P. Crigger Mrs. C. W. Gosnell J. W. Moore American Bldg. & Loan Assn Ll».1e P. Crigger A. o. Wheat Tom W. Jackson Daisy R. Hill Daisy R, Hill Daisy R. Hill Dalsv R. Hill I. D. Church J. E. Wilson A. O. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. O, Wheat A. G. Wlicat A. G. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. O. Wheat A. G. Wheat E. P. Wilson E. F. Wilson E. P. WHson 4 5 C 7 9 10 7 8 3 2 9 10 11 12 I 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 H. Lelghloti Snnrise Addition .04 .04 .04 .04 M ,04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 M .04 .04 .04 .04 .(* .04 .04 ,04 .04 .04 .04 ,04 .04 .04 •W .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 .V .0* .04 .04 .04 .04 .04 •M •04 .04 .M •.04 .04 .04 M .04 .04 W 5' 3 1 All persons and corporations Interested In said lands ar« hereby notified that they arc required by law lo appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit or the same shall be taken for confessed, and final judgment will be enlered. directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, together wilh til* piy- ment of interest, penalty and costs as allowed by law. Given under my hand and seal this 8 day of April, 1938. HARVEY MORRIS, Cleric. Blyllievllle Roud Maintenance District ^fo 6 Mississippi County, Arkansas ' ' p)n(nll[r VS. No. 6047 . W. U, & Wnll Anderson and delinquent lands, ct a) Defendants WAKMNii OHIIKR All persons having or flnlmlng im Interest in <my of the followlnp r,;^ L. ""; \r, h , fr '! iy , nolineci uint * M LS "««»»*"><»* ™™. rerj Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, for Ihe Chlckusawba District thereof, lo enforce the collection of certain delinquent taxes Ihe following ILH of land, each .supposed owner's name havlne set opposite his, her or Us Inml, loijether with Ihe due from each to I severally Rlylh*vll!r Hoad Malniriianr* Dhlrlri No. for the year 1935 UNicripUun W. 11. & Wall Anderson, flE NE Ifenry Perdue, •> ac. SW cor K'i K 00 A NR John H. Walker, lot l NK John M. Walker, less 100 x '.100 I/>t 2 NK O. II, Ifi\rrls. 1/jt a NE ' Uine. l/)l 0 NW f. A. ftolilnson. l/ol 7 MM. John 11. Wulker, lal » NK John B. Walker, Lot 9 NK John U. walker, I/>t 10 NK John H. Walker, lot 11 Nl: Joe ivirsylhc, \n\, 12 NK 11, A. Smith, Jot u NK II. A. .Smith. 1*1 14 NK M. C. Gentry, lot 18 NU Henry Nlpiwr, W'-j MM w. ttllth I rale (lawlon, NK NK Mllli IlalK Ilowlon, K 115 acNW NK hklllli Hale Howton, SK MR 1'Xlllh Ilillo Howton, K35nc.<iWNB Mate Ilowlon, NK SK Etllth Hale Howlon, NW Kfl Orlcna Hires, SK BE Orlenu Hires, HW SR lilrei;, NK SW Orlenu tilres, NW.SW Orlena Hires. SB SW Orlcna Hires, SW SW CITY OP bl.YTHUVll.LE * Barron 1 Lilly Adalllou l/ut Blk SM. Twp, 4 14 llge. 12 r> If, H 10 39 X) 15 15 12 12 Mrs. F. a. seamon W. T. Ingram ti. K. Morris ' Walter Webster H. K, Morris J. D. Wllllford '!'. If. Keith T, ir. Kellh S. A. tc ItoJe H. '!'. Puttcraon J. O. Scott Clarence Morgan J. N. Chennyworth J. S. Burton W. O. Vnnblbbcr W. G. Maxwell M. M. Goodwin Bill Vanwlnkle A. B. {•'airfield A, B. Pah-field A.'B. A. B. Fnlrfleld A. B. fAirfield Mrs. M, j. Jennings, N 30' Mrii. M, S 1-3 Ussle Koonce, N 1-3 Louise Hartford Louise Sauford L. M. Crwford Arthur Butler LlMlc Bunch j. Jennings, 9 A 12 A 10 n 11 H 12 1) 17 H 1 C 2 C is 3 C 12 C 13 C 0 1) 1 D 8 I> 12 D 7 V, 11 K 14 i<; IT K 18 K 3 !•' 4 I-' (I I' 1 n p .11 .11; .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .M 5 O B G 0 a 12 a W.-A.'i 1 Millie Cole 13 O " Uzile Bunrli, S'i Jou Taylor .W. A. A'. ?. BHWr i Nlaggle Maggie .H .11 .1 .1 .1 .1 .1 .00 .11 .11 Cole 14 6 .11 ' Master's Jewell a;?sfixHh BJa.iidie M. JIale J; -J. jblmsoh •IV H. Le> i.'.- ••'•• Moille Wflghi jt. J. Diw.^bii i 1 C. ;'T.' Sh anil 1)\ - 4 U 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 3 U 8 L 2 3 7 Pranlc^McGregor. i... Wank McGregor, N SO' 8 L Kdna confers 2 M .11 . Barron * Lilly Subdivision G. L. Howard J. B. Walker J. B. Walker J. B. Walker Mrs. Hilda Beard Mrs. Hilda Beard J. B. Walker J. B. Walker J. B. Walker J. B. Walker , Mrs. Mart Williams Mrs. Mart Williams Mrs: Mart WHUam.v O. F. Sweal J. B. Walker O. .F. Sweat G. F. Sweat II. ^1. Curlner Blythevllle Lumber Co. 12 G. F. sweat G. p sweat B«tty Sweat J. E. Vickers J. -B. Walker . Holllpeter-Shonj-o Addition Doctor Put* Wine Kftit Milk CAPETOWN (UP)-Dr. H. lit- By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C. Mlllard Will Dowell O. Shonyo Ella Jackson O. Shonyo' 1 Dan Davis 3 O., Shonyo 4 Blythevllle Lbr. Co. 5 O. Shonyo E. D. Ferguson Will Slstrunk. O. Shonyo O. Shonyo O. Shonyo May Pearson Robert Mullory Ester Curl Is Johnson John Soward Mlllard Sward .7, — — " —'' I!ula JaciiMjii poldt, well-known Capetown phjs» waller Davis 'clan, poet and epicure, has Incur- ' \y H Young red the displeasure of all teniper- I cicero O«le Est >nce and dlellc enthusiasts here'cicero Oele Bst by announcing that It Is better to Oscar Johnson orink & glass of wine than & glass of milk. A hydraulic sUrter hw retwtly «n perttcttd (Ml will dl oo O. Shonyo Jim Lowe W. n. Jones W, U. Jones BUz* of or more nukM of sfi^ M»ry Brtntley The Initial expeiu^ la O,- ^hohyo dowh by the Kt4nd»T<i!s»tl<nj' J.' M. • Ferguson P*rU, Udln M«r»n n 14 2 3 I 12 J 2 3 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 1C 2 3 5 7 10 3 4 7 8 11 15 1C I .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .H .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .U ,11 .» .11 .11 « ,11 W. Floyd George Tnylor Ti\ylor Lulu White Mose Wells Kails Jones O.'iciir Anderson Joe Pinra Arres •10 2 20 6..W (Ifi 1 IM 19.17 6 29 r, 1 .51 I/)l 40 .15 40 35 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 3 r> u i Tax .65 .92 S.M 2.12 .34 1.58 .63 .1) 9.44 2.40 .11 .55 ,27 ,11 10.50 11,94 5.75 0.6D S.M 7.88 10.50 7.K8 10.50 13.12 IS.75 13.12 15.75 Original Survey C. H. Harris 3 C. If, Harris 4 0. K Cross 20 Hcnlrettu Ooad 21 Heitlretla Goad 22 A. B. & Clyde Fowler 40 Kqiillnble Bidj; &Lo,iil50 Oillo u. Freeman 51 O. II. Harris 52 Harry tialley liO 7,. T. Gulnes . 61 Mrs. W. M. Phlllll>r, «2 |U (15 07 81 B5 67-88-89 S. C, Cnili; .S. C. C'ralc O. E. Steward Allen Poscy Sum Grimes J. T. Alford ,1 .11 .11 .11 ,11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 .11' .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 ,33 ritltfr.son Sub-Division Rebecca Palleison llelxjccn Patterson Hebccca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Kebcccu Patterson Rebecca Patterson Kcbcccft Patterson Kebeccu paUorson Rebecca Pntterson Rebecca Pntterson Rebecca piiltcraon Hebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson Rebecca Patterson iWbeccn Patterson Rebecca Patterson 9 10 11 J2 13 14 15 E 1-3 2-3-11 2 Clyde A Eva Sownrd .11 .11 ,11 vM .It .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 Relieccn Patlcrson O 1-3 3-3-fi 2 .11 W 1-3 2-3-G 4 5 Wash Givens Rebecca Patterson . Rebecea Patterson "Acre" Lois If. 6. Byrum 9 Kuddlp IfeliMi Addition 42 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown K. N. Hill Dan G. stout 0. E. Brntcher Lizzie p. crlgger Mrs. C. W. Gosnell J, W. Moore American Bldg & Lizzie P. Crlgger A. o. Wheat Tom W. Jackson Daisy R. Hill Daisy R. Hill Daisy B. Hill Dnlsy R. Hill 1. D. Church J. E. Wilson A. G. Wheat A. G. Wlicat A, O. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. O. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. G. Wheat A. G. Wheat B. P. Wilson E, P. Wilson E. P. Wilson Lonn Sunrise Addition .53 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .U .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 31. Lelghton W 5 Ft. 3 1 .03 All persons and corporations - ln- leresled in said lands are hereby notified that they ore required by law to appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit or Hie same shall be taken for confessed, and final judgment will be entered directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, logether with the payment of Interest, penalty and costs as allowed by law. Given under my hand and seal Hits Ihe 8 day of April, 1938. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. College Gels Rare Object NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (UP) — Smith College lias received from Dr. Trevor Bowen, controller of he Pelplng Union Medical Col- ege, a cast.of a skull of an eduit nule of the "homo slnanthropu.s kies*"—or Pekta* man. It U believed the only such cast In this Mimtry. Extreme cold Is capable of cnns- In* tin to crumble to dust.

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