The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1949
Page 13
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FRIDAY, APRIL 15? BLTTHTTILLE (ARK.) COURTKR NEWS PACT THIll' OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople THAWKS, BURL, FOR HELPING US OOT--IVE PUT TWO HELPERS OM AND ALL YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IS err HERE AM' RUM TH'WORKS--UH- IT MU&T GET 70 BE SECOMD NATURE.' NOTICE THAT HE CHANGED IT FROM WORKS TO PLAMERJ WHEW A GUY GETS GOOD ENOUGH TO HELP *iOU OUT YOU'VE (SOT TO BE CAREFUL HG PONT HELP VOU OUT COMPLETE LV/ THE SLiaHT SUP , Elizabeth R. Roberts REH'T VOO Trie T VCOOM NAMO !AS SCOOPlKjG NAILUOMS OUT ORE MIME LAW \ME6K -—AND s!OW A TOOTHPASTE COSiTES,T~. TELLING OLKft HOVJ TO "K&6P THAT YOUR MAP'/AY, I'D BETTER H<VJE VOUR 7, ; 7ii E6AO, MftRIMA.' ->OU6NEER AT AW EFFORT AS IF IT Wt(?E A CHILD'S GAWt OF JACK'S/—. IF YOG REALIZED How MUCH 6CieN'Ce, PSYCHOLOGY' MUSIC, LOGIC, PHILO5OP1AY, LITERAU- SK11-L AMD SAVES ART! I'M WTO THI& LABOR, \, '1,0 YOU'D GASP' /i is forgiven. Return home at once- You will ncvci again be late for an appointment and lose your job. We promise lo buy an accurate new Bulova ot DREIFUS Jewelers ;il<; West Mitin St. Hlytheville "•Meet Dveifus—Wear Diamonds" . known » r •riiirhfd to t Fall*, Hunt (he i»(rh»«* mr-n , whrrr ihe Kuli . Skr din odj^rr* »r Help Wanted, Male barber wiintcd for Sense or cominis* a Ion in modern equipped shop House is available for living quarters Apply COOPER A: LKSTER'S STORE. Comer Mo. i ] h. lli-'J. 4]12-pk-19 Boy to work in shop and drive truck Apply THE FLOWED SHOP, Gleiu-w Hoiol Ulds. 4 13-ck-lB Wanted to Rent Unfurnished or scinUxirnlshed 3-room npartmciu \vtinted by working couple • Occupancy not. needed til June 1. Call A A Krcdrlckson at 4461 from 8 to 5 p.m.: 575 after h p.m. 4|12-dh-tl Vlckt- t I lie K . ry cull* n»d w* XII 5 or K room unfurnished house In Hl)?h Srhnnl vicinity. Mrs Agnes Skelton i'h 2227. 4J13-pk-2n Unfurnished 1-room apartment in ii'* 1 location Young cuupln with baby '-rrreucp.s will be supplied 1( desired 'lf-asc phone 2413 4 13-ck-I6 Wonted to Buv nil or IGO acres cotton land. Must be all in cultivation, on' nlj weather road uvrms cash. P. O. Box 28. Belleville. Illinois. 414-pk-16 I'or ni:;best prices tiring your chickens in Purcekls Grocery 125 • Lilly Street 4;6-pk-20 Noffce We repair \va t eh«s T r y 115 for f HP! sprvires Mnnre'" 31I6-30P East Main Hticet 3'l2-pX-4|12 Personal I'ntrty ml mile ptirunMmtr 'tiTKEN b STMUtO Read courier News Want Ads. A S 1 opened the door lo him, he Uirned on both his dimples lo their maximum candle power "Won't you come in." 1 said, indicating the living room. He was nlrcady halfway up the stairs "U'hich way is yore Kuesl room?" lie asked, flashing those dimples again. lie was young—not more thai: 22. I guessed—exuberant, broad- shouldered, handsome, and, wors of all. winsome. Protesting, I fol- lowerl him up the stairs. "This is a lovely home you go here. Mi/ Roberts," he said. Like a bloodhound, he followed his nose to the guest room. "Now this I something like!" he exclaimed, a he entered the room. I was sur prised he thought so, for our gucs room is Early Girlie Dinsmor with chintz, ruffles, and bows o lamp shades. "Sally FlufFll lov this!" "Sully Fluff.'" "Mah bride, ma'am," he sai Droudly. "Where are you living now?" isked. "At the Green Hotel." "^\h, then you have a place t take Sally." "Miz Roberls," he said earnestl "have you ever lived at the Gree Hotel?" "No." "Well, mo'ani, it's all right it a pile of fellows, Ah guess, bi you doan know what yore sayin it you say it'd b« all right fc Sally Fluff She's pretty and she LODGER COFYtrGHT IT GntNIERG: WUJHU ling and she hasn't ever lived i*ay from home befo'. She oukln't know how to haixUe lier- If amongst all those moo. They're olvcs, tbnt's what Ihcy are. Ah in'i stand lo think of (hem oRling er every time she KOC.S oul or unes in the doah. Ah cnin't b* omc all the time. 1 ' "I know how you feel," I said, and it reflects the greatest credit n you, but this room has only a ngle bed." "Anil move in an army cot for e—" "Not on your life! 'We tried that nee. Even a vat can leiiru," ickery looked sUirlled by Ibis ott- idc rcrmirk. as though he (hought bad taken leave ol my senses. Vbalevcr doubts he cnlcrlained of iy sanity, he didn't til low them (o land in his way. "iXttn Ah'll just laturnUy sleep on ihc iloah." He napped on his dimples again. 'Ah've gol lo have Ibis room." * * * [ WAS beaten, 1 knew Ibal, but I at Icasl wanted to help write he Peace, "I've never had another woman living in the house, 1 ! began. "I don't know how it'll work out. One thing I do know: I can't have her in my kitchen, or n the laundry. We have four men living in our basement," What I meant was I didn't want "things" eternally hung up lo dry. "And I'll be very poor company. It'll against the grain with me not lo object if Sally Fluff rinsed out • few things in our bathroom, would you?" * I tried lo regard him roltlly. Me flashed the dimples. Thai night 1 located t)jc toy ironing board, travolcr'v iron, elolliop. line, and xvashboaui 1 look with me on (rips. I fix e tl u p a tray with Honor's silex, cups and dishes, ndde<t a can opeuer and tea towels and a small electric grill which '^oulcl boil, fry, broil, toast, and pone, i, md set lite whole business up in Vickery's room. I marie the supreme sacrifice by trading my beloved double bed for the guest room single. hnd be more hospitable. And afraid it will hurt Sally." I'm "No, it won't," he interrupted eagerly. "Ah've got it figgercd oul Sally likes to lie in bed mawnin's Ah'll get me a vacuum bottle ant have it filled with coffee every night last thing before we come home, and we'll keep fruil and doughnuts and cinnamon rolls an<" stuff like that in our room an she'll make her breakfast off that Ah get home round 4 o'clock Then Ah'll lake tier ovab tow and buy her a good lunch. We'l have our dinner late at the Oul cers 1 Club." He tilted his head t a beguiling angle. "You wouldn TN spite of all Sonny Boy said about Sally sleeping in the lorninfis. when I developed a cold nsislcd upon preparing irays or me. Only one who has e.iten rapefruils from the half shell cut ie wrong way can appreciate the xpeiience, Juice ran down my rms and dripped off my elbows s, propped up in bed, I attempted D remove the wiong-wny-Corri- ,an fruit from its lengthwise sec- ions. I asked Sally to bring a grapefruit to my room and I ho wed her how to evil it, not from jole to pole, but around the' cqua- or. "Oh, that way!" Ncxl day il wns :ul end to end again, "Sally—" I began reprovingly. She laughed gaily. "1 never wns iny good at arithmetic," She thought some gelatin would * just right for my dinner. I didn't get the dessert that night for supper, and I didn't have it the next day. The third day I able to go downstairs. "Oh, it isn't set yel," Sally said. "Did you bring the water to a boil?" "High I to here," Sally pointing to the level on the cup, and paying no attention question. I yielded lo her superior charm. While I had the dessert on the stove coming to a boil. I walked to the window to look out. On the sill in the full sunlight was a bowl of sliced greens. "What's this?" I asked. "A surprise for your dinner. I love wilted lettuce, don't you?" (To B* Continued) KRKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOMEft it* Man Now "Whenever your father and I quarreled, I'd rush downtown and start buying expensive furniture—of course wo mad* up quickly because he always admitted he was -. t CALtCD ME" LO^G P'STAWCG ^ROM TME CITY/ Jusr one OF 'THc Top PIL01S IKJ THE JUST to SfN6lM6 ON H* PROGRAM OVER •*« Unpromising I'rospi'cls Ky AL VERMEER Mexico Was First The first North American wheat crop was harvested in Mexico in 1530, from grain planted by a servant of Cortex, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Constant (jrowlh of our business has made it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple EFFKCTIVK APRIL 12, 19-19 UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingram Building / ate one too/ We Insure Everything Moke All Type RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY +LOANS+ COTTON FARMER ' Chemically delinted cotton seed germinate [{Uicker, plant and plow thr same week. Reduce chunplnc expense and produce more cotton p«r acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE l>. i P. L. No. 11, per 50 Lb. Ha* JlO.Ofl U. & P. 1* No. 15, I'er SO Lb. Baj 10.00 SlonevilJe 2 B, Per SO Lb. Bag 10.00 Slonevllle 't C, I'tr &0 Lb. Baf 10.00 Rovdcn 41-B, Per 5« Lb. Bag 10.00 Half &. Hall (Hibred). Per 50 Lb. Bac 10.00 Cokcr's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 50 Lb. Da; 10.00 I'auln, I'er 50 Lb. Ha* lO.Ofl Empire, Per SO Lb. Has 10.00 Come in ami place your ordrr or get,Tour supply today. BLYTHEViLLE SOYBEAN Phone 856 Blytlicvillc. Ark. Phone 137 Branrhea: Leaclmlle, Ark., llorncrsvillr, Mo. and Senath, Mo. Our New Telephone Number GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 106 South Fifth Street .STUDEBAKER Our New Telephone Number 888 Call for prompt i«rvice Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 •STUDEBAKER' WHEN 1 WA":> VII5 AGE 1 PROMIStD MV A BIG RED CAR; CARLYLE. WAS CU'Vt VODAV. IE SAID WHEN HE GROWS UP HE'S GO1NC5 TO BUY US A BIS. BLUE AIRPLANE. THAT WAS 3ENGROUS OF YOU, DEAR! I THINK CARLYLF. IS GOING TO BE JUST LIKE YOU' I HOPE NOT/ MY FOLKS NEVER GOT THE CAR' By MICHAKL O'MAI.USY and RALPH LANE a«anwhi[e, at the Pond residence WAIT JUST A rrVOMENT. JEAN... HOTHIN' IN THMW ^S •UT WSURANCf PCtlOf *. BUGS. JHUT FT UP. NOW OPEN THE DRAWI THI* DISK SIT DOWH «ND RELAX, BIG BOY. THIS WtU ifT. EWCRTAIN MI55 FOUY. VVHA13 THE STOBY ON CHANNEL? WHY ISN'T ME HERl? HI SAID HE D BE LATE. ME ASKED ME TO ENTERTAIN YOU UNTIL ME CAME. WASH TUBUS By LESLIE TURNER HE9 UPSIMES.BEU...IOOKIMC \BBTTCR NOT MORE LIKE His 01P SELF ACAIU'. JlEI VOUC SIGH I SUKEW HE WOULDN'T Stae.T ME&APT TO LOSE X HOWS Y «TILt A MT All COUtCOL B6fORE\THB BOY, / JITTCBVt **»Y, M6 C6A.LI7ES WHftt'e ^ GIG? J BUT I'M OOHKr us VER.V IMPORTANT M : TER WHM JUST GOMF THRU 10 GEE CMUV! TO 16 (V p TIME FOB. MCOHOLIC, PM. BUGS BUNNY You've (!ot 11, Anyway By FRED BARMAN .' IF OVNAMITE WASN'T \ 1 INVENTED, I'D R" ) Rn*UPTUlM' / I VJHOOSH ALREADY HAVE VYHA.TCHA. \~ OOIN*, I S I'M BUSS ? //!( 1NVENTIN 1 .' B-BUT WHA.T ^RE VOU INVENTING?, HOW DO/ I KNOW? LOTSA. STUFF WAS INVENTED BY ACCIDENT.' By V. T. HAMLIN By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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