The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
Page 4
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>'-'>AGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUIUKK FRIDAY, JANUARY 2,-1031 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISBEIIS C. B. BABCOCK, Editor II. W. HAJNES, Advertising Manager So:c National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clarlt Cu. Inc., New Yoik. Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Kan Francisco. Chicago, SI. Louu. Published Every A^ernoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post •otlloe at nlythevllle. Arkaiiiss, under act o! October 9, 1917. Served by the Dnlled Press SUHKC111PTIOX BATES By corner In the city o! Blylhovlllo, lie per «eck or J6.50 per year In advance, fly niBll within a radius o! 50 miles, 13.00 per yeai, $1.50 for six months GSc (or three months; oy mail In postal zones tvro to six, Inclusive, SS.M)' per year. In zones seven j'.i elghi, 110.00 per year, payable In trfvinc*. Ba n/f Legislation The agitation that there has always heen for tilvoiiKcr legislation to protect hank depositors is certain to gain new support in Arkansas n.-i the result of events of the past few months, and it will he surprising indeed if the general assembly is not flooded with bills of ail kinds, many of them bailed with more possibilities of evil than of good- It ir obvious, however, that \ve have had a situation lhal should not have been permitted to exist, and it is up to the bankers of the state, if they wish to avoid dangerous or burdensome legal restrictions, to help pnl their own house in order- Bank guaranty laws do not work- Not only do they fail to provide the intended protection for depositors, as has been proved in a number of states where they have been tried, but they compel careful and conservative bankers to help pay for the mistakes of careless and incompetent bankers- The remedy for admitted evils is not to bo found in any plan of prelecting bank patrons against the results of faulty banking methods, but in the elimination of those methods- And bankers, with their familiarity with the shortcomings of their own business, are in the best position to devise whatever legislative measures may bo necessary. • Their own interests, as well as . their concern for the public welfare, should impel them to such action, because bankers are heaviest sufferers ''fi'ffnt'ltelfWfflrU'fa'l catasf roj'lKcrs 1 as'tha"t' which Arkansas has just gone through. Ont abuse'which has figured to spine ; degree in a large proportion of bank failures is laxity by banks in making loans to their own officers and directors. The Peoples Bank of Blyllicville was wrecked by just such a practice, and it has become evident that it had a good deal to do with the collapse nf the A. B. Banks chain last November. Jt has probably contributed to tlie difficulties of more banks than any other single practice- There is no law thnt can prevent dishonesty or incompcteney from reaping their natural results in the banking or any other business, but a law to forbid active officers of any bank from borrowing money from the institution thty servo would provide a desirable E OUT OUR WAY check on tlie jmtcticil referred to nbove. II would keep out of llic banking business men who nvo more interested in their other business ufl'airs than in the welfare of the hank with which they are connected, and would (jive Lmiik executive.-; a .slvont'cr fooling in answering the demands of directors and stockholders seeking unwarranted favors. We Imvi it from Mr. I! A Lynch tl:at a part nl least of the bankers of Arkansas are ready to give their support to such a men.surc, and we wish them success- | SIDE GLANCES By George Clark No Lynclrines in Arkansas While the lynching record for 10150, as compiled by the Ttiskegce Institute, docs not provide much in the way of :i testimonial to the progress of our civilization, resklcnls of Arkansas at least may derive pride and satisfaction from the fact that this state, for another year, .has_kept its escutcheon clean. Furthermore, while the 19UO record of 21 lynching* was eleven higher than tile low mark of ten reached in 1029, there is evidence thai officers of the law ni'c taking a more serious view of their duty in such nfYair.i than was general some years ago. Fourteen of the victims were taken from the hands of tho law, which is disgraceful, Inil in forty other instances attempted lync-li- ings were prevented by officers, in some cases not without risk to themselves. Judging from the cut of some of the evening 'gowns seen Intcly, fashion designers nlso stuml to benefit by the bare market. An 80-year-old Iowa fnnncr is reported to be cutting a tooth. "Well, by gum!" as he must, have exclaimed. Book production is reported Increasing in England and. Dorothy wants to know if Lord Reading has had anything to do with it. Now Hint go'f balls rire liclng made lighter, docs it follow tlmt "fovc" will be supplanted by "three" on tt;c links, too? i relieve tlie tticss oa the kidney by the use of sweat baths which aid ; excretion through the skin- I i Tha person who 16 sick with an' I Infectious disease Is, of course, at' I rest In bed. However, seme pa- ; tlcnti fet up much too socn after' an Infection. In such cases the first j appearance of an Involvement of i the kidney chould cause an Imme- I dlate return ol the patient to bed. i I In moat instances wlun acute' { Inflammations t( the kidney arc •• | handled in this manner, (lie pa- j I tlent undergo;s a prompt rccov-' cry. In sonic Instances, however, | tlie condition proceeds to what is! called a subaculc form and finally i tc the chr'.nie form known as Drlthl's dlreast. | There are ouvr Instances In j which Brlght's disease begins in- suliovsly wltlioiil the person having undergone any acute inlcctl- I ail', disease. Of thii> type, partlcu- ! larly, arc the cases comlnij on after middle, life, representing the bezln- nlnj of the breakdown of the tis- I cues rf the body. Per this reason, physicians and Insurance companies sugt^'t reg- "!nr physical examinations, including examination of tlie urine in crder to ascertain the state of the kidney. Tlie only way to' control Hie insidious on<et of chronic nr:- phritis k by making such periodic examinations- Ouch chronic forms of Inflammation of the kidney arc usually associated with Involvement of. blood vessels, including harden- J infc .of the artev:o.s and comatlmes | I Wjli bloca pressure. "' It has been sjiczcd lhat the feed• in» cf excessive amounts r.f protein! inaj 1 re responsible for the begin-' nlng of chronic ncphrllis when It is | not 'associated with nn in'fcction. j The proof bi this ia not establish- ii, ... , - ,, , . .... od, but inert, a plentv of evidence 1 just learn enough of the words so; my face will look that a. weii-baiahced di3t with the MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP. «D OF THE SIM .ween is NoT«T£o •-' S'UMSET. IS OSU.?fO BY WE FACT "HAT V We /iRfi SeE.^fo ir WROOSH A THXKER. THE AIHIG p;6Ty, ME SDH WiLL APPe^R ^£U> &KAUSB LIGHT, ' SrIININS TH/WC'SH 1 T0<5EOF-r«4r< rijfht svhen the rest of you sing-" JL WASHINGTON 11 AM - __ LETTER President Ifnnvcr Appears In Haw (ioiTal committee headquarters. at Last Drolrtcd to Strike Dacli lllat |, eiu iquarlers Is directly. re- Iloldly at His Kncmics in .in l-.f- spons n,ic to the president and the fort In Hold Support of Ci. O. P. |)l!m to nt t rac t conservative sup: Conservatives ami Business In- j ,, ort by tnc at [ ac ts on Norris must lcrcsls ' i be cither Mr. Hoover's own idea or I BV KODNEY DtTCIIER ; 0!ie , vhlc ;, h(ls ^on sold to him. XliA Service Writer I That i. olvcr Row ... proper proportion* of protein, c«r- frcedon from k'dr^v tlnn onr> lhat Is evccislve in ».' It !^is ! g e enera,,y »fnted om that the present high speed of llv- EO TO ITS MOTHHR'i." BACK SOOM BlRTti - AMD iSCARRIED ! a '.major general, elDce io Ieninhc tng as his men earned vlctorv Montcalm, dying too. slid, "I h a : Wbl ^' lai!tei ^..t" four miles .great consolation io have been van. « uetci! '«'« 1r «** *' 'or« oJ jqubhri by so brave an enemy." OW "i">- proceeded at one; ID at- -*<"* '"« stronghold. The .firs: at- j I'M SHEEP FURNISH VESTS fallal, Wolfe retrealmg wlthj JOL1ET. III. (UPl-Prisouers at cmnloycd out . a e presen g spee o v- , . . ing throwc CKCM effort on all of n la "' ot m mp »- «c 'hen decided , Jollet state Prisoni {£L£^« Sia,^ SS; Ji l " e d hS S a^e d ^^|:: ^' ^^ eliminalion. ___ __ S^^^™^ - i ^."SS&. WASHINGTON--!! begins to »P- pear as if .Pi-es.denl Hoovir | At IjOs Angeles firctncn who were defeated by North Dakota University, 14 to 0, In a postseason football sanie. recently have probably Ijoen licked worse by flames, Sclioolbtiys In a Missouri town were found playing marbles with gold nuggets, says a news Item. There's n wealth of enjoyment in a yamo lite that. Jack Dempscy is reported to get 52500 for every bout lie referees. lie probably finds It, easier to make hny this way than swing luiy- makci's. ^rayor Walker has cautioned producers to clean up the singe or have a censor do it. It now behooves them not to be "caugjt In the act." Jim Lucey, cobbler friend of Cal Coolldgc, received from him a box of gold pieces for Christmas. Probably in recognition of tho :ul- vlce lit gave (he former president as to what silence was. By Williami role ™ has I French commander, opened fire. The inexperienced ftench lines : hls wlntor - Tne V «U are made by . i a "nvict who is skilled as a tanned" . were shattersn. Wolfe, as he led HIE | ] charge, was mortally wounded, dy- • " Australia is more than 25 times as large as Great Britain. he Hcpiiblicnn parly lined up b*. itnd him. If one agrees that it is supreme-. Common belief in 'Washington that responsibility for the discharge of Solicitor Russell and WOLFE'S BIRTH- Accountant King of the Fed- On Jan. 2. 1127, James Wolfe. Power Commission—a direct i British general. 1 famed for his alto the progressives bound to : tack- on .Quebec, was born in Ke: James entered the- army at an early age and in recognition of hi! gMlaiitry In campaigns in Fland?n and In Scotland, lie was stsailly promoted, lii 1759, when Pit', V.TI-, Thc discharge of Rusjell and King, so cerlaln to produce loud repercussions, was such a major step In' policy that it was inconceivable y iiiipor jut or a president w o , , ( ^ lm . & bcen done> .| tll iorganizing sc'ccme to -x- i candidate for reiionilnntlan Mid . t canfMMimi wltu tlle pres den i: pel the Frsiich from Canada Willc e-elecllon o retain the support qf n |s I!m( . ,,,, !n . stnort ^ ellc nd _ he country s business interesis lUe min i s(v!1 t, on sot word ot u , desl n, poliiic.,1 strategy of this l>ol'">^ to G eorge Otis Smith, the. commls- mmeuialcly becomes clear. • •'• sim ' S llcw chairman. Ihrough Scc- In the past year Mr. Hoover aiid rc[ of lh Intcrior w ,, b for . ils party have lost their old abiliw mcrl cllailmlul ot thc C0mmis5 ion o premise prosjicrlty and goqfl,....., f n ,, ncr i,. smith'-; boss i imrs to the business num. Mean,. 4 "" rmlncrl > Smiths boss. while. C.ic Democratic party has I:Q-'; » ow ! w P" lilr Hoovers mcreas-! ;iin a very obvious attempt to cap- '"B'y csinccd attitude toward the Hire Hie sympathy and siip|»rt of P° ;vcr lfslle '•= wlth business men those wealthy, powerful interests ' was ""i'catcd in the quite recent, which have always been such a Re-. referendum taken by the UmUd I public.™ bulwark. And it is nat- stal « Clumber ot Commerce. The. lira! euuush that tlie Bdmlnlslfn; votc °» ^ proposition that the| lien sboiiid seek lo emphasize on • frterBl government should always; HiMuess Hint the mnn In the White '"«vc the transmission and distri- j House is just as valuable lo it as bllli O'> ° : P°* er to otllcr agencies! nnothcr would bs-such as Sena- «' as ^IT f° r "'»' 214 against. In !or Dwight Morrow or Owen D. " lis ;11!( l other votes, members of. Y 0 . m g , the chamber voted overwhelmingly I Hocvcr Isn't l.osiiif; ' against power theories of the pro-' On thc other hand. Hoover is not' Rressive faction. Progressive Ircil ^fr. Hoover's vigorous attack on the proposal In Congress to appropriate federal money to buy food for drought-stricken farmers also carried its strong apj>eal to con- hc"iiiijht"('lo'ilimself'iii'ti;at'respect scrvativc groups and attracted rtrc would be unlmiiorlaiH ns compared from l!lc Progressives, who general- wit h fie importance of raliyinff thc '>' favra ' humanitarian legislation. cunscrvatlves. in politics and in in- And the president finally has rtuslry anil finance, to his side. ' : thrown aside considerations which TlniF. one begins to find Hoover previously deterred him and let it cuuriliij! thc Dr.PaulF.iyicCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 losing anything by accentuating his conservatism as nga'nsl the pro- gresslvism of his bitterest political foes. He could hardly alienate Ihc Independents and piogressivcs more than he already had. Any damage "S A AV — -i SET. -A couPi.E o 1 L/OU BIROS VAMQ AQG -THRO , cos/.t \-\ E ivralh ol thc "radicals" (rein various angles and lin- ,111 up more definitely than ever ivllh those who mcst fear and detest them. Tr.c theory is that Mr. Hoover cip- piovni of th; original plot of Executive Director Lucas of the Rcpub- lica;i National Committee lo fight the election of Senator Noras, s'e- cielly. But. that required no especial bravery. W.iat docs indicate that Hit president is willing to have arealcleav- nr/! between Republican ccnserva- livcs a:!d Morris and his -followers is his acquiescence in ,'n'e series of bto-ils a-.ainst Norr.V which have continued to pour-oul of thc na- bc known that he would be glad to accept an invitation to dedicate the Harding Memorial at Marion, O. One explanation is that Mr. Hoover has taken nu opportunity to accentuate his Republicanism and especially to placate the Republicans of] Ohio, sonic of whom have been sore. Anyway, (he promise to go to Morion lends further to identify Hoover with the conservative elements In the party which have never been willing to admit that] Harding f \vns someone of whom I they ought to be not, quite proud, j Thc progressive Republicans have! often denounced Harding; now • Hoover will eulogize him. Ships from the upper bays You could go down to thc unloading of ships as they come whitesailing in ... and find nothing- to compare with the variety of merchandise unloaded for you at the port of the advertising page. You could lift this article and that . . . but not even such close scrutiny could tell you so much about a product as is told you through the advertisements you read. Respiratory Infections Often 1 t~ •' 1 Cause Diseases of Kidneys «V UK. MOKKIS \v.a:-ulinii, .ind rf .(!•<• Hrillli lla tl:«t ot l (iu- kidneys :iie inn,:;-^; ,:ortii:ns Cl ;;.Kt. ir.cluding the n,-i i:-,f brot-jCliial -.r;::j:iy U.c common li r.^i-.o"... o r iln- linxs infci(:oiis ielli :ry cf Ihc child arc follo-.vedl by tnn.-immall'-ns of (he organs. I Obviously, the prevention of al-l tick? ot inflammation of tlie kidneys involves the attack On the' diseases lhat have been n-.nuion- • >d. Since it is exceedingly import-; int to determine Itic prcrMice of in-1 tccli-n at the rarllr.u iK)S=lble' stage, i! is quite common in hos-l pitais fur infoctioi:!; dLie.iFcs to ?x- , amlr.e the urine of thc patient ?scii! cay in order tc dclci mine whetlKf i or not tin organs r.f excretion ate, functioning satisfactorily. S'.i0;ilri albumin b'( found, or cxcc^iivc' amounts cf cists. Indicating de- -ci:-; th.i; dc- fttt'.ctlihi of the kidney tissue, the diirmj pvfc:i.iiicy , patient is put at ciicc on » ricid ;-, am:- i:;:. r.r.- dist or perhaps caused to go wllli- iin-v; nr.ti ., -ac- cut food for .1 coiiMdcrab'? usrl.'d. sociatcd \v;ii: tlie Thf attempt may also be made to You coula take the fine merchandise home, distribute it and use it in its proper places— in your pantry, draped at your windows, laid down on your floors and trampled on lor years . . . but your tests would not be half so rigid as the teats already made for you of the wares that are advertised. World variety— world scrutiny of merits inside and out— vyorld tests that take the wares and determine them in the form you j-oe them today . . . these make advertised products the best you can buy. The most economical— because dependable in service. The lowest priced for quality — because distributed to the world! The white-sailed schooners, the sloops, tho lighters —these from the upper bays of quality and perfection —have all unloaded here. Turn thc pages for their offerings. > Read the advertisements . .. then ieU you of the best that comes i?t; with cargoes for even/ use

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