The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AFRJ.T< 8, 1017. Youth Confesses Slaying Sexton Minister's Adopted Son Turns from Music To Commit Murder BI.YTHKVHXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 3T, JOSK1>;;. Mo.. April :•). iUPi —A bushy-broweil, full-liujwd ;:>hi- isfer'.s boy sal calmly in his jn!l I,T!| - fc iay, awaiting arraignment for •tawed liaiiuner-aiKl-drill murder of a cliut'Ch sexton. Stuart Buckiicr Allen. Iff, -KR-, ocl- miUecUy inoi-c perturbed by t!i» disclosure th:it he was an ud.inteti son than In- was bv the form*.! char- p.cs filed last, ni s m, accusing; him of the victims first degree murder of 58-year-old John Frank, the handyman of his foster lather's fashionable Christ Church. Frank \v:\s murdered April 1 in (lip basement, workshop oi Iho church, lie \v;is {omul with hi:s skull ; crtislii'tl and his liody performed in- three places by the tail of an c!( trie hand drill. Young Allen, tm honor student in hi.s sophomore high school class and a student of classical in'.'MC. said he yielded (o an "uncontrollable urfje io kill- after siiemiiug; tx half hour or morn playing Bach Hrahmr, and Beethoven on the church organ. Stunned by the tele-phono call which advised him of his strjij-rm':; confession, the Rev. Jamr>.- 3. Alien rushed from an Episcopal riirs..>vnl service he was conducting t:> ilie city Jail. C!!vcn to Fnnliislic Tale? There he confronted youn;; Stuart with the question. "Is this another of your fantastic tales?" the bay said it wasn't. Shaken and bricked the elder Allen asked to be left alone with the boy, "Io te!l Mm something he'll ica'rn anyway". ,' y, Oifi(>r,s y.-itiuirey and j-jiu-nccl fcjicr that the clergyman hnd told S-Tuart for the first time thet he w;is an adopted «on. taken hy the Aliens when he was three months old. The meeting between the minister ana hia foster son lasted oulv ten minutes. The senior Allen, ii recognized civic leader who iieuds the large "downtown" pan?!i, left the police offices after prcmiisliuj In Arkansas Increasing LITTLE ROCK, . (UP)-JArXansas Ark., Aoril Blythevilie Youth Receives Navy's' Silver Star Award Elmer Stone, 20. of Ulythnvlllv. former motor machinist's uiuie first | class. USNU. has been awarded the 8 -! Silver Slur medal, it wns ann'.iimccd 'Common Man' Wallace to Speak Abroad der today us the result of an ar- liumpnt ovor n property line. Moorq \yns shut with .1 plsiol three (lines, lie dli'd In n lib.spitut aliortly utter Ilio affray cnvly last . -. - -..., .- ...... r —. . LONDON, Ajii'll y tUI*)^-llourv ... , officers are pon- (utl ay from Eighth Naval UisUict A. Wiill,u-e aiTlvnl luday for a tcur I (terniB the cvci-Bl'owinB auto theft Heiidquurlors In New Oi'Iemi.i. of W«*tmi Europe during wluch ho i, ie |hP mldnn i Ac « u «"»K "> U.c citation accoui- said lie w,,ul.l «'ek an Intonmlloual m the nutlon. | panylng the medal, Slow received coulltii \ Homer Edgeworlh of Atlanta, (lie uward for "conspicuous gallun- ||0a., a representative of the Auto- tl . y IlluI iummldlt-v:" while a -n-w- ; mobile Underwriters Detective Bu- ,„.„, O n „ PT-boathi action -n-atnEt reau, said hero that the llicfls Bm ,, ny -U" boats' olf I,e Havre are increasing In Arkansas. | p mni . c ; \ >IK 3 jg., .He attributed MIC high rate to Tll( . ' cU . lllol> ' cl . V(l ' lts st , vU!l ~ lack ol luws governing.transfer. teMm shnvpnel and smnll arms title on cars sold in flic slate. /[..„ t(1 „..',,,,., nly a bill of sale is required, "Jom tl'c ew e explained, and It may be wril on any scrap of paper. COAL TO ANYTHiMG THAT TICKS! DRESFOS Corinnc Calvet, 20. French film star, arrives in Hollywood. Stuart he would "stand by " him do whatever he could. Young Allen told officers Ue let the main' floor of the church wliei the desire to kill overcame the do sire to play, and that he woun< his way through the labyrinth o basement corridors to Frank's work shop. Asks Victim for Hammer "I asked him for n hammer," Al leir said, "and he handed me a littl one. I asked him for something big ger. He gave me the big ball-pac hammer. "I'd dropped some coin^ on th floor, and I said. 'John, I thin there's a half-dollar under Ilia table.' "He bent over and ... I gner that's it happened." . .Frank's, skull was crushed by IV blows,., one : of which wns siron enough to snap the thin ti;'c.K «f the hammer handle. To make certain Frank Vviis drarl he picked up an electric hand drill, switched on the power, and then diovc the whirling bit into his vic- wou , Kloll s ,,|, n , llltc fof>m flf n; .' , xl;il C'oulinued from Vutfe 1. i ,'if |>]'(i|jre.sslve forces Hint believe most heartily in Hie unity of the world un behalf of i>pnrc." \Vallua!, former vice president and now editor of tin,' New Republic, carried n setting of eKgs for n Hilt, ish poultry experiment, station aa he stepped Irojn a i>mi American Some IM importers anc1*photoj!in- phers were on hand for the ai rival tif Wallace, who planned to project Ills "common man" philosophy in lie strike would be substantially renter than the 30 per cent pro- uction ol yesterday. In West Virginia, nearly a third serve f the stale's 100,000 soft coal mini's were back Io work. Production vas reported 75 per cent of normal uolh Southern and Northern ields. In lhi> Morihern iuen, the min- danwged by enemy lire 1 . Ordered from the engine room when fire broke out In the port on- ., .. Bine, Stone votunwrt to ««ist in ' « series i>S speeches In iiritaln, Paris brlnulni! tlie lire under «ntrol. I Copenbaijeii, Oslo mid Stockholm He is u iiriulnntc «f IHvthe\Ulel Higli School and enlisted In Uie (c , . Navy Jim. 18. 19«. .Serving iver- JCftooi Board Blamed ^'"prance'" I ^ Of Tempting feen-Age - - •—- : ' \Pupils to Get Married ure a "setlleinent Ihcrc could i . ns n imKcrn for oonLrnuls __ PAGE THI&S; JllBl !l; , .. I Tho Egyptian gooce, sometimes • Officers wild the shooting was (.he observed at an altitude outgrowth -of n feud of aovcrul .rtel, is said to be the Idliuv • • J 9f thor' " ' ^ If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here's Ho\v You Mny Etctji, Whether You tat 500 Pounds or 2000 Pounds of Food In a mouths T. mid Its Dell other 38 NPl'W. ach the Southern not, watt, for; mine, .mil in thousands did cderal inspecition. In Central Pennsylvania, the Sold Fuels Administration snid to- production might reach ICO,- jOO tons. That would be 50 per cent of normal and an 1 of 14,000 tons over yeaterd'ay. between A. T. system and tin affiliates. Tlio strike appeared to be ([en- 1 crnlly effective, although service were not .striking-. Figure l>Isj! tried J Company officials in Now York said 20 per cent of UK- daily total of 5,301,000 lonrj distance calls were going through. Moran disputed this, however. "What they moan," lie .said. "Is they are handling mayljs 20 per NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 1). <UI-1 —A Nashville city Hoard of Kduca- tlon member thinks Hie new pulley of allowing married U'en-uucrs to attend public schools Is "croiitlna a serious social problem." n:m Mnv last nl;;hl slmi'iiiy ni|>- lied aeiloii of the bunrd In lowering its bars (o the. inarrled students M the March niccflni-. Tlie move warf made in May's absence. Ur. riviitlcc I'UBh, clergyman, .supported May's view. He sa!d the new ruli' is n "Icmplatton t» children to not mniTlwl." Yo\l can't feel cheerful, bo happy nml alu?l> U'dl], If vunr sloiuach U nlwuys ui>- sot. A« (IRC nuvnacra lln> "old fftOJllflcil" »lt!!Ml» more hulp. Tiip rijnBou Is this: Kvcjyllmo rood cut^rti tin,' atouiucli a yilni Kustrlc julco in\iEt (low nonnnllv to bronk-up certain food put tides: clso Dm fooit may foniinnl, Sour looil, aclti iudl- l!Ct'.tLQii nuil t^nn fro[|i)ently cause a tuur- bui, louciiy, froifut. iii^vtHti. norvyiiij cotullllQu. loss ot ftjHiotUu, \uitlorvvoliiUt, iij.ttt'M3 slccji, \vrukucBa, To cet J-fnJ relict you itni^fc Incnmao Ibt- l\o\v of \\\\* vlliil Kiislrlu Juico, Mi-ili- "• nutlicrllti's, In Im1«|u>iul<<lit lillmrn- v Iwts on JiKntnu gtumuc'is, hi\vv tiy lllvu ill-dot tOiown tlint SSB Tijnlo la n/^iiKly cirrellvo 111 liu:vciisilnv[ U>]!i How when it la tou JlUlo or noniit/ iltlii In ti uun*ori!niilu slouinch illulurbuticu This Is iluc to llio BS3 Tonlo fiirnmln vlilt'li t-diitiilnn vory ^ueclnl untl iiuU'tu nci]vntii]f: Inuredk'iiUj, Also. SHS •I'OHlo lldllB bUll(l-Vl|> noll- , uunlc, wcnic. Wttt^vy l>!oad In Hutrl- tlutml inl^liilii—ao wllli n itooit llu\v uf this wistrlc dlucfitlvo hilco. iilim rlchrcrl- ((tirl iH-ttur, work iH-tler, pltty l)fillor. Avoid puni.ihlni: youraoU \viiii ovcr- doson of so<ln nml other AlknU/crd to you Hfj dearly nlictl la 45HS Tonic lu help you Ulgcnt fooil for body tilrtMiKlli nncl roj)»Jr. JJoji't vviijtl Join tho liMl of luiin>y v«°iilo RS3 Tonlo liaa tigltml. Millions of buttled floltl. Uot n bottln ol BSH Tonto from your tlntK «loro (<Klny f.Sil Toi\!o ivuljw iiMim atutOy Hcnltli. strike." The "n long lie-solicitors In Alabama, coal operations were cent of the emergency calls." 35 per cent of normal today, inij Despite Die expressed optimism of 10- per cent over yes-, of government officials, strike terday. | leaders insisted they won: pro- In Indiana, one large shaft was p!U ed for what NFl'W President working loday and others were Joseph A. Beirne eallc'l being prepared to resume opera,ions in a few days. said in 'his telegram Io UMW districts that he hoped the current uproar over mine safety would lead to jiertiiancnf federal legislation. With coal production barely 30 rojighly, more than 50 of per cent of normal yesterday, the fringe demands Involving Justice Department was said to be things as increased pay for studying fi move to have the courts bosses, restore the full amount of the The major issues across Boundary Line Dispute Leads to Murder Charge OLD HICKORY, Tenn., April II. (UP)—James H. Moore, 40, was dead anil His nexl-doov neighbor, Jr.lni K Uffll. UO, was clinrnc-d with inur- long distance here, it was learned, wcr; trying to clean up so-called fringe demands before getting ftoivi Io Mio could i major issues at stake. Tlure ale, issues t)i.\«c such straw nrc sittiiis; hi on the tiU'tutlnl]oi-<j '"'I'" 1 »>'"• ""^ "ie War.'-' Issuw were out of the wny, n sotl'.emen ho rendial 0.1 the ini.Joi which woiiltl provldu The Clinic of Dr. Thomas F. Hudson wil) lie open daily, for n limited time, prompt scttlcmt'tit of outstanding ac- connlH will be apprediitiMl. Dr. F. B. Elliott 209 West Ash St. Announces a New PHONE NUMBER 3655 the old number —556, has been discontinued forinuln for ending Uic strike. slmllur settlement last yeiu- nvert- cd n scheduled coiinlrywldc »-:ill;out a few minutes ucfjre (lie ihc deadline. United Mine Workers' $3,5CO.OCO country nre NFT\V demands foi- n The disruption of ImiR dlslnnre cnatcinpl of Bourt fine. Its contcn- $12 general weekly pay Incro'isc. service hit paillcidiirly at huslrc:i.s tior. was that the safety walkout union shop and dues clieckolt. ity long established priv.-luic tnnnv violated the Supreme Court man- shorter autoiualie promotion pc-tlmyers order via tonjf dlsinneo rtale which reduced the flue to^ i-jods, and rcclas.sificalion or cilirs Business calls pretlomlimto diirlnij 'to bring n»oul, more iinif(.rnV L daylli5lvl hours, Personal calls FOR SALE Concrete Culvert- Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 a l Stale Line Phone BIytheville 714 $11)3.010. Officials Decline to Comment Justice Department officials declined comment. But sncli a move' appeared the only course the go v eminent had to ibreak the strike' avlnch already was cutting intOj steel production and trcatening to disrupt the entire economy. In Congress, Rep. Richard M.' Nixon, R., Gal., said it was tile government's "clear responsibility", to charge Ixnvis with violation of| ib Supreme Court mandate in' iow of the safety walkout. | The S3,5CO,CQO fin,, was imposed | n the UMW lor stiikint; last Noon: her in violation of a Federal istrict Court injunction. The Sll- rcme Court ordered the fine re- uced by S2.800.COO if Uic union 'ould withdraw a strike notice cheduied for April i. The union .id so. District Judge T. Alnn Goldstmr- •ugh is scheduled to rule ThufS- tvy on the union's formal petition or reduction of Hie fine. Reports ".'ere that Attorney General Tom Clark would ask Golds"borout,'h hen to deny the union request he- ause of the neu r walkout. wage rates. Government conciliators, who -night. Western Union wvj buslnes;. atj Let's Think About MOTHER'S DAY NOW! A SMALL DEPOSIT RESERVES at DREIFUS Luxurious pieces that show your thoughtfulness. Each item is liouuttfulty des.tgued and executed. PicUiiTd here are but n few from an clccant collection. PAYMENTS TIMED TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE DHEIFUS Across fhe Street from Graber's TELEPHONES s the chief sufferer now, if the trike continues several days loner automatic equipment may be- in to break down. In most communities, it was aid, dial telephone systems arn geared to operate up to tiiree days vithout maintenance, although in \ pinch they might last longer. In some exchanges, improved equipment is designed to operate as ng as three years without ri'pa.'r. Schwellenbach and others wcte particularly eager to solve the Jong Uslance dispute because they tiy- im's throat and upper and lower djdomcn. Questioned after being called from . high school class, young AlWn eadily admitted the slaying to the officers' first question, "Did you hill John Frank?" He snid lie was "glad you boys nave arrested me." and relate:] how ID had been able to control the ong felt "urge" for some time, but knew that eventually it would overcome him. 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