The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1952
Page 13
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FRIDAY, DEC. It, 1W» OUR WARDING HOUSE — w»tfc M»J«r H**»>« BLYTHTYTLH f AMt.J" THIIllEEll NOW, ALFUrt, IKS DER ME* MOOFMENT. BLUCK DER STRI^KS LIGHT 15«D JOYOUS TO IMIDAT6 ELUUFS CLINKlrJG TOOLS IM -SANTA ,,.. CLAU6' YORK-SHOP/ •Z%y~-<^ RAO6 MIT TX3T OF 6LAYIMS DER. LlKe PKOF.KLOTZ.DO RBIMDE6RC MOO ? I CAM Mftl<6 THS FIDDLE S0UWD COW6, MORSES, PISS AMD , CHICK6MS.' fATH-OFA VIRTUOSO IS ItoT <STREVJf V^lTi-t ROSES = FEDERAL LAND BANK FARM LOANS NO EXPENSE— Pay part or all at any time National Farm Loan Association Jo< .Martin, Secy-Treas. th. 3352 Mon & Thursday Osceola, Mi. 388, Any Day Home Grown Hi-Bred Half and Half Cotton Seed $10 Per Hundred Clyde Williams Route 3 Lexington, Tenn. Fine Foods at PICKARDS Grocery & Market Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Christmas Beautiful Spruce Christmas •jTrees. "*Country Ribs and Backbones Good Tennessee Sorghum. Fresh Oysters A LARGE VARIETY OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK. 2043* Wfi UBIIVGr Chickasawba Trees Candies Nuts Fruits Fancy Fruit Cakes Fruit Cake Mixes Glazed Fruits OUT OUR WAY FRICKLIS AND HIS FR1INDS "Don't catch cold, dear! Remember th» air force dance tomorrow night, and the marines Tuesday!" STUDEBAKER Attention Farmers A. A. Hardy has been appointed to handle CROOKS QUALITY COTTON SEED in this'territory. For the earliest ami best staple and turnout you can't beat Crooks Hi-brcd Cotton Seed. However, we do have many other varieties such as I)F A- L 15. All seed is stale certified, delintcd and treated. V/c also have breeders certified In some seed. We also have a nice stock of seed now In our warehouse. Any order, large or small, will be given prompt attention. Book your cotton seed 'now and have It delivered when you nee'i It. Whatever your seed needs are, contact me and let me help you to get the very best seed at the lowest pos- ( slble price. A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lak« Blytheville Of Ul 0 3 I- S-A-Y-E , ON THESE SPECIALS!* CLEANEST CARS IN TOWN! 1952 CHEVROLET Deluxe Power Glide with Radio and Heater. A nice car, like new 1950 STUDEBAKER Champion Regal Deluxe, 5- Piissenger, Automatic Transmission, Radio, Heater, Sun Shade and Seat Covers. Triced Right! 1948 FJORD V-8, a 2-I)<wr that's a r,eal SPECIM,! 1918 PLYMOUTH Special Deluxe 4-Door. A good buy! 1947 FORD 2-Door equipped with Healer and .has Seat Covers. * A one owner car and a dandy buv! CO Ul Q 1946 FORD 2-Door ... we have two for you to choose from. They're worth much more than we're asking. 1948 STUDEBAKER 4-Door Champion with Overdrive, Radio n Heater and Seat Covers. Real cleanl Many good used trucks to select from. CHAMBLIN SALES Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Phone 6888 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nile 'Til 9 STUDEBAKER Future power for the world will come from the use of solar energy. .The energy that reaches earth from the sun is more thnn 30,000. times that of nil the fuel and water ^owcr now used. XXXI .TVTIDGE was struggling with the schedules when we hit the 'village. I made a quick circuit of [the trnin stop and the drugstore -that served as the bus stop. We 'found no sign of Dave. I parked, grabbed the timetables and ran ?5irough them. The next thing ['scheduled was a bus du« into rStroudsburg at 2:50, continuing on for New York at 3:05. r I wiggled the car through the 'criss-crossing swarms of souvenir- shoppers, got clear, and streaked Into the broad concrete highway that unrolled down the mountainsides to Stroudsburg. , "I wish I had a gun," I said. j Midge gave a slight snifl. "Why '<lo you need a gun, with all jour rmiscles?" "I want lo give the other guy a gun to make things a little more even." ^ I hoped Healey was hot on my trail. I wanted some law around, some armament. I jammed the accelerator down to its roots and put my elbow on the horn and kept it there. If I'd done that at any other time, a police car would have been on my tail in 20 seconds. This lime, nobody heard me. "I can't figure you ouL I go chasing desperate characters just to indulge you, and you give me a hard time." She didn't answer. I was loo busy shaving the paint off other cars lo look at her. "Maybe there still hasn't been enough excitement for you—maybe you're still bored," I said. "Tell it lo Ihe other girls, wil ^•ou?" she flashed at me. "Your "voice thrills them." ' "Man, they're used lo 11—i doesn't give them a quiver any more." i "Blow the horn again, will you please? I'm much rather hca 'thaL" • * • 1 TV7E were Ihcre In a moment— *• Ihe curbside bus slatton. Tw. buses were waiting there. U was Py JpMph ^hoffit :02, three minutes before depar- ur« time. I parked behind the 1st bus and hopped out, • The pas- cngcrs were scaltered along .the idewalk, smoking or chewing the ast of a quick lunch. Dave wasn'l mong them. I stepped up into tiie second ius. Only three passengers were n there. The scat second from tie last contained m newspaper, tretched wide In the air. The only hing visible behind it was a hat. A man's lell hat, psrfec'.ly hori- onlaL I walked quietly up the aisle, ust past the seal, and slapped he shoulder behind the paper. "Got you!" I said. Dave's shoulder lurned to butter under my hand. The paper rustled wistfully down around his feet I 'elt along his pockets, found no gun. "Get your luggage and let's ;o," I «aid. He reached up on the rack and pulled the square suitcase down and faced me for the first time. If he was surprised to see me instead of a cop, he didn't show it His eyes looked as If they were coated with shellac. I piloted him to the door and out 'past the goggling bystanders VTidge ran ahead of me and openec the door of the station wagon. ] pushed Dave into the fronl sea' and lold Midge lo get behind him I gave her a jack handle. "Crown him if he moves a whisker," T said "I don't need a diagram," she :aid. I pulled away from the curb and headed into Main Street " confess everylhing," Dave munv bled. The Slale Police sub-Elation wa close by. Inside, nt the complain desk, a trooper was typing. Dav seemed to wilt completely at Ih sight of the uniform. "This is the man Scrgean Healey is looking for," I lold th trooper. "His name is Dav Fields." "I confess everything," Dav said to the floor. The trooper hurried several 'hite sheets and carbons into the •pewriter roller. "I wanted to do something for iy brother—to put him on hi* eet so he could help out the fam- y. It's my mother—she's always •orrying about him. 1 did it •noslly for her. ..." "Tell us how you did it," J rompted. , ,\ M I wetil In Kemmer's place to nd something with his name ot\ - I broke the lock on his trunk nd got out some old checks so could copy his signature. Then went lo that room upstairs from rie dance floor and typed out • vill." "When did all this happen?" I aid. • • • '"OETWEEN 3 and 4 a. m. While all those people were around he office." His ga/e still stayed m the floor. "I ftrst found out aboul il when I was woken up by people talking in the hall about •hat happened over in the office. They said Kemmer looked as it he was gone and Eddie was hurt— hey didn't know how serious— and I got the idea all of a sudden :hat If Kemmer didn't leave a will, t would be a nice thing for Eddie ,o get the money. I knew there might be a real will, but there vas no harm in trying, as long as nobody knew I did it But while ! was coming out of Kemmcr's ilace, some man was walking icross the field and I was afraid ie saw me. I kept thinking later ;hal if the police ever found out s was a manufactured will and [hey started looking for who did it, the man would say he saw me Coming out of Kemmer's place. So got thai girl Sally Ann lo say I was with her till 4 o'clock, in case anybody said they thought they saw me, we could say they must have made a mistake in the dark." "Okay, Dave. Now Jet's go back lo the very beginning, so the mar can lake It all down in order Slarl wilh the murder." Dave looked at me with deej surprise. "I didn't do THAT! 1 that what you wanted me to con fcss?" <T« Be ContlniKxi) THAT ft WHAT MAKES REBEL* I EON'T TBIM< \ H«'S UPS6T, ) HE'S MERELY \ SETTLIM'POWN TO U&T6N/ THERE'S ALWAY* STORIES AMP JOKES GO WITH SUCH TH1KJ6&/ LIKE THAT YEAESAGO CALLEP TH' •OLD AAA.N; FOR DRILUf-J' By HAND.' YES,YES,.. >iOLJ THINK "OLfLU (SETA fW OW T)-C BACK R3RVOUR CLEVERNESS, ANJ' SOME OLP BOV COMES 60TTA BE ONE SEASOM — POESNT KMOW EXACTLY WHAT HE'S WHEN YOU CAVTT GET AWAY Benefit by Reading and Uiing Courier News Classified Ads IT S A CODE NAME STANDIN6 ROR/VTOW POWEP. RESEARCH INSTITUTE LA BORATOKV. OOOH.YOUAWST BE MR. WELKIN:,. I'/H THE NEW SKKETARV TO you. /HISS DONlvETTEK. BUT EVERYONE CALL9A1E BY My FIRST NAVE . IS...IS SCHIETIf/M? THE MATTEK.SIR? ID \ TELL ME WHAT 'STAMPS FOR.. AMD YOU'D LIKE To DO SOMETHING ABOUT S-* WELL, I HEARD (HIM SAY HE CAN'T PRISCILLA, HAVE YOU DECIDED WHAT TO GIVE CARLYLE FOR CHRISTMAS -HOW. MUCH DOES A FILE COST, ANYHOW > GO ICE SKATING f 'CAUSE HIS OLD VBEAT-UP -SKATES ^TV ARE AWFUL DULL! M wtsMNeroM FOR. TW& tMDUk ARTS MOD TRADED SXfU. AMP THE COHAIAJe PK&&6 1MOWT BE MIE W STIR UP AMY TROUBLE, TWJJK* TO VOU THE HOTBt \OOSHil GUESS nf STATE MMJ^GER. WHO'S \ PEPMZTMENT. I DID IT TPYIW TO PRESERVE f 5TW66M U0IA WO' TH' O.S.A.! MM..AFKWP HERE'S W FUW '0 MEET SUCH ;*PEW5E5. PERHAPS. AFTER SOWS THRU PROPER CUANNRS... i. CMXT war THW LONG. IT HOST BE PWO BEFORE W CHECK CUTl 86TT6R PHONE AH IKUKEE, •51SM 0*1 TH& ROOF? Htft'KE KEW TO CHECK OUT OUKSELWES. , GREAT/NO , NO CLUES, WO NOTHING.' JU5T THOSE .DFMK.FLINT y ALEX?/ A.WTHEJ7EAI 'MAM, INSPECTOR. ALL THERE WAS i LEFT VVAS W KVK5O5 RAGS HANG WHAT VOO \l DOtrt KHOW SHE JUST (ERE?? /VAHISHED-- WHERE'S 1 PCXIFf LIKE DESGA.? L. THAJJ EITHER HE AN 1 OOOLA SHUCKS TO 1 WASN'T VVATCHIN' TH 1 VIEW SCREEN OR PEGGA REALLY CHO GUM UP W TIME MACHINE LIKE 6HE SMO! HOPED POC VMCXJIDA HAD KJE EACK IN TH'LABBr" NCW. MAWSE THESE BOOKS WILL HELP . OF LOOKING AT YOUR ABLE Television- Fonite, Tomorrow VMCT. Memphis, Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 1:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Playhouse 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Aldrlch Family 9:00 Cnvalcade of Sports 9:45 Greatest Fiehts 0:00 Washington Spotlight 0:15 Film Featurette 0:30 News 0:40 March of Time 1:10 Weather .1:15 Names the Same .1:45 News 2:00 Sign Oft SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2* 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Mr. Wizard 9:30 World's Greatest Stories 10:00 Pride of the South 10:30 Smilln: Ed 11:00 Big Top 12:00 News 12:15 Nivture of Things 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Poliiscltla Bowl Game 4:30 Kukla, Fran <*t OHIe 5:00 Big Picture 5:30 Strike It Rich 6:00 Juniper Junction 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 All Star Revue 8:00 Show of shows 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Jackie Gleason 11:45 Balance Your Brdget 12:15 News 12:20 sign Oft BUILDERS SUPPLY Price WALLPAPER SALE NOW ON South Highway 61 -MAO WAO'S WM>V AW CANS YWO««V MV3S CftftW ! Kf>V> KMM ON WWtt DORV U? "VO - • \0

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