The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE, "(ARK.y COURIER W3W3 PAGE THKE1 TljRTiTepid Tub Bath For Chanticleer Illlll tf , <*•, VM«VMMMIHU>ILVI\I\SP V "" ••-'• •'-''""" " n ' —•—™-~—> — —• •-—— — —. (Continued from Pace One* Belgrade, hut u, n t hiul the, Balkan asjxx't of unreality. Russia \viis already mobilized! (he British fleet had already left Portland under sealed orders. At 3:45 in die afternoon of Aug. 1 French mobilization Is orileicd \\U. at 4 )),ui. ihe German, Thonsamls l\\v • of American tourists, stranded In v Paris, look on as crowds stream down the boulevards, singing the "Marseillaise" ami tlic "Inter- nationale." They shout, "On to Devlin I" They wave flags in Pi'ancc, Germany, the bright niobil- \ Izatlon notices blossom on fences and walls. Gesticulating crowds gather around them and vent). STOCK EXCHANGES ARK. CLOSED In the United States, sleeks have fallen from 10 to 25 points, wheat has jumped 10 cents a bushel, the country is nervous and excited. Stock exchanges throughout the world are closed on that Aug. 1, and with, the German declaration oi war on Russia comes r«nll/att n that this is no Balkan war. A German patrol near Prcslken is fired on by a Russian patrol; the first shots of the war have been fired. Prophetic wards are uttered by the New York Times the following day—"the bloodiest war ever fought on earth and the least justified of all wars since man emerged from barbarism" is beginning. German trcops are reported penetrating into Luxemburg, imd tiie French order holding her troops 10 kilometers from the frontier is rescinded. Germany demands of Belgium free passage fcr her troops to attack France; Belgium refuses. The Germans enter Belgium at Verviers. AT FULL GALLOI' On Aug. 3, the tense situation gallops to a crisis; Germany declares war on Prance, who declare.', war on Germany. The frantic flag-waving of Berlin and Park is reflected in New York as reservists march through the streets and assemble at their consulates, German reservists march Up the Bowery from Bowling Green at 7 in the evening, while crowds press around newspaper bulletin hoards, many in tears. The German liner Krcnprim Wilhelm steal." quietly to sea from her Hoboken REPAIR AND CEMCDtL HERE flTTUT II Your Home KjfcCONSTRUCTION-'KQDlPMENT RCMOUl'LING " II11L IN SUCCESSFUL i,. ,-, ., ,, .. \ i Nursery l-'hiov Average ramily Modeli one problem thai D 'I 1' I i I n I many hnine owners Is whnl di'slr- blllklingS Inspected tiy nble nmt serviceable floor covering Several Hundred ave available for the nursery. One solution Is white linoleum, which (lifers (nilclness. cleanllnrss. and a noiisllppcry surface lor the youngster. Installation of nmliT Hit; Mod- Hlylhevlllc people, bolh men and women, were "house conscious 1 ' Sunday afternoon. Several hundred .iinoioim'i visited Ihe two exhibit houses op-! e ralMllou' n J r «iir Plun'oi'liic'm!- f"" 1 ^!.™?... P:,." 0 ^! 1 " 0 "^"!!!; «'"! |1011S1 ''K Administration. " """ ~ """" The resiliency nnd sound-absorbent (|iialltles miike llnnleuni readily adaptable to nursery use. ber Company and the "Avklno Lumber Company on that afternoon and more me going each day. So eager were they to KCC the residences designed for "the average family." that some visited the houses before the designated hour for the formal opening. At the E. C. Robinson Lumber Company house, 1015 Ilcani Street, visitors were pointed out both the (,'i>niT;ileil Dnor Checks TlH'VC line cabinet- wood vowH'is 1)11 Hie mnrkii now, and they may be lustnlled with funds obtainable from qunlllleil lending Institutions under the Mod- ernl Housing Administration. For home OWIHTS doslrlni; imntlsonir (Sratnnl veneers, there is an nbun- ilnnt supply, while Ilio owner of a modern homo wll llnd wood veneering of horlMjiilal and verllctil .strip* 1 . 1 ; ('iihlly oMitluiiblc. Kimnclutlon Vi'iillhlurs The four conditions necessary for germlnatlim and development <il iiliininalion Of False Fca- Uires Aids Beauly And Economy disturbing factor in masonry work, especially when used W icliihlcn the clfect of entrances or windows, in many cases It breaks Ihc harmony of. Ihc surface arid fives the house a restless appearance, tills being especially true when thi> mortar joint has been raised. Color Improves Awkward and unsightly overhead the Infectious fnnuold musing dry- Mr checks need no longer be uc- rot me dampness, stagnant air, dooi ccpled us a necessary evil. Door checks, which close doors gently aim quietly, are now available and can be Installed In the lloor, prac- features of the Early American, u ci)1 | v OTlt of s)s , llt cottage and location of the pro- Suitable, for any single-swing In- perty. On a street In a block of t er i or ,| 00 ,. r c i tl , cl . woo ,| or jneln), Invading the "bawth" of Sir William Don Alda, 7U-pound leghorn new ' niodern residences, the house (hc ,ioor checks may be installed member of poultry royalty, who's beginning: eight-hour preltylng-np process given dally to thousands of birds on display at seventh World Poultry Congress in Cleveland, O. This Is first dip: in water hciitcci to 80 degrees. Next: a dunking in lemo rinse, then one in bluing to whiten his feathers. Sir William Is owned by Oscar Gles oi Howell, Michigan. against Ihc violation of Belgium. Crowds stream up and clown Whitehall, and continuous cheering is punctuated by the singing of "God Save the King" and "Rule, BriUanin." Big Ben tolls midnight. The answer has not come. In that midnight hour, Britain declares war. en Germany under date of Aug. 4. As that fateful day dawns, all Europe is at war. Congress appropriates $250,000 to stranded Americans, bring who home watch in Paris the wrecking of German shops by the infuriated mob. There are cheers in Times Square as the red-lettered bulletins arc pier, lights darkened, believed car-1 pcstcd, telling that "Britain is in." rylng supplies to German cruisers off the West Indies, President Woodrow Wilson, Glenn Curtiss' project to fly thfc Atlantic with the "America" 'is abandoned because his pilot, John doubly perturbed by the situation j C. Porte, is called home as a Brit- and t>y the grave illness of Mrs. j ish reservist . . . President Wilson Wilson, assembles newspapermen issues his neutrality proclamation, and urges Ihem . to keep their laying down rules by which Amer- heads, avoid, false rumors. leans are 16 govern themselves and "In sb-faT: a'5 we'art'concemed,•- their" trade abroad .'.'. the Senate there is no cause for excitement," passes a futile resolution deprecat- Funeral Rites Held ... For Robert Lafferty Robert Lnllerfy. 22, son of Mr., and Mrs. 3rcvcr Lafferty of this city, were held here Sunday afternoon nt Is nlso located nenr the Central j wKIl f lmds obtainable from "qiinll- Wnrd elementary and City Klgli ned lending Institutions under the schools and on n strecl-whlcli has been the scene of much recent building activity lo vouch tor Its popularity In locution. It Is a paved street. The house has a 12 by 18 loot three-thirty the Methodist living room, adjoining dinette which has a- southern exposure as docs the kitchen and one of the two bedrooms. The living room, bedrooms and balh are connected by a central hall where a dlsap- CARUTHERSVILLE, Mb., July 31 1 Bearing stairway leads to the slor- — Funeral services for Robert L. I nge spncc ' ln thc nlt | c wmcll C n U so be converted Into another Mill. The semi-colonial style house •eclcd at 1500 Clilckasawba avc- ue by thc Arkmo Lumber coin- any is slightly larger than the thcr exhibit house and so will be old for n slightly higher figure al- iiough both are said to be within :ic range of the "average family" .ml have thc same number of coins. This house has been furnished ij' local firms during tlie show- ng, which has been the cause of nucli comment because of the type 'urniture Imrmonizins with thc church, the services being conducted by thc Hev. W. L. Meyer, pastor of the church, and interment was made In Maple cemetery. Young Laifcrly was 'electrocuted last Friday morning In Illinois where he was employed on an RF.A project with a surveying gang, when he tossed a metal reinforced tape measure across a high line. He was bom in this county July n, 1911, There Is a rush foi- American citi- (hat the Carranzislas are hammer-1 al ' • h j zenship, while plans are hurried '"J flt tlle sate of Mexico City in for the relief of 20,000 Americans revolution ... or that the nesolutc caught abroad and unable to get llas "eaten thc Vanitie in a yacht funds or accommcdntlons to return race ... a New York stare adver- homc. Some sell their watches tiscs "Wnr—War—War in. Europe— and rings on the Paris boulevards B II( - not here . . . we' are keeping- to get passage money. ccol and pursuing thc even tenor Day drags into night, and in of our business . and attended the iccal schools, being a member of the fo:tball sciuad and also taking part in amateur boxing in this vicinity. Surviving are five brothers, William of Oklahoma,- Jcc Lcuis Braggadocio, and Henry, Grover'C Jr., and John of this city, and two sisters, Catherine and Mary Alice city. London lights glow in the Foreign Before Leige, the men arc he- Office as the cabinet siis In an ginning to die. . . all-night session waiting fcr a ' " "~ reply from Germany to its protest' I COURTS EACH WEEK BUYS NEEDED CAR ' REQUIREMENTS Tires, battcrlej, radios, beaten tnd other products for your car can be bought on tbc Firestone Budget Plan for surnrisingly little cash outlay and terms so imall you'll hardly notice them. Charges ranging from public drunkenness, to a serious statutory I charge were included in the docket ' of yesterday's municipal court sessions Louis Newcomb, charged with n statutory offense in which a married woman of the Big Lake section is involved, is to be given a hearing Saturday, the case having been continued. Thc cose of Marcella Hill, charged with embezzlement, '\vns continued until Saturday. Rass Butler, one of the negrces connected with Ihe alleged recently burglarizing of Hays' store, was leld to circuit court on a charge of grand larceny. Ray Pale, charged with driving while under the influence of liaucr, was slated for trial but the case was continued. Fred Duprce, charged with dis- :nrbing the peace, was fined five dollars after entering a plea of .uilty. Seven men were fined on charges of public drunkenness. Carufhersville Masons Acquire Temple Site CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Aug. 1 —The Carulhersvillc Masonic Lodgi has acquired a site for its fulun Masonic Temple, at the comer o 'entli and Ward, according to a tatcment yesterday by Judgi Sterling If. Mccarty, member o he lodge. A deed to thc lot ha: icen made to Dr. G. C. Bishop James 17. Mccre and Eli N. Sham ki, all of this city, as trustee or the ledge. Judge McCarty exercised an op ion he had taken on the lot ii lis cwn name, which is 84 feet b, 50 feet, on the corner of the inter ection. Tentative plans for tlv emple call for a reading room ecreaticn room, and kitchen and lining room on the ground floor vith the lodge hall, for the use o Masonic orders and the Easter: Star chapter, above. Lmttn tt tht Vctei of Pirtnont. fitontt n*wi*V em Neb'mirUt N. B, C RtJ Kilav, Tim«(n th« Ficeilooa Wee of (lie F«nn Ridio Pcogcam mice each week dutiox DOOQ hou PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th A WalnnI Each child born in Hungary receives an cfficia! number, 'Which Is entered on all official documents referring to him, from birth certificate onward. Phono 810 TAKE FOR MALARIA Get Relief From Chills ant Fever! Don't put up wilh terrible Malaria. Don't endure the wracking chills and fever. At first sign ot the dread disease, lake Grove's Tasleless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless quinidine and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats Malaria infection in the blood. Relieves the awful chills and fever. Helps you feel better last. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, loo. Even children take it without a whimper, Don't suffer and suffer. At Ma Inria's first sign, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At nil drug stores. Buy Iho large size as U give* you much mora for your money. Funeral Rites Are Held For Cook Infan The infant son of Mr. and Mrs 3. L. Cook died yesterday at Ui 31ythcvil!e hospital a short tlm following his birth. • Funeral rites were conducts this afternoon, and burial made at Maple Grove cemetery Dobb Funeral Home was In chargi Tlie condition of Mrs. Cook very good today. Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Honshu; Administration. I'linr'lril Walls Ufgiiffiril Wood-Ilnlshcd Interiors ndd dignity and richness (o libraries and iiiK rooms. In modernizing homes. Ihc paneling of \vnlls is tin often-overlooked mcitns of creat- Iny a new atmosphere. pu warmth, and darkness, nccordlnu lo nn inithnilly on IhtitH'r, Foundaiton ventilation of base- spaces will ellmlnalc the conoitUins suitable for fmi(jold_ yrowlh, and this can easily be achieved by instiilllni; nlr vcnls In thc foundation wnlls. A number of diiierenl types of ventilators arc available., and practically »11 may In; Installed under Ihc Modernisa- tion Credit Plnn of Ihe Federal Housing Administration. One type commonly used Is n ciisl-lron 'tirlllwork vent, with n gnlviinlzi'd wire screen scoured lo the buck as protection against, rcp- Illcs. rodents, mid Insecl.s. A shutter, operated by » push rod, closes the veia when desired. hiu Installed. A cooler Is 'now. n recosnl/.ed p'nrl cf desert life." Cosl From $10 lo $100 The coolers, costing from $10 to $100, also are In general use in leslgn of the house. Located on a corner, \V. L. Hor- ipr anil the Arkmo Lumber Company' pi all to" build at' least five other residences of the same price range on thc property they recently purchased. When completed, this section Is expected lo be bodcrn suburb which, while only few blocks from the heart of (he city, will have the comforts of sub- irbnn living. It is also located on i paved street. Both houses may be viewed .lirough Thusday by calling for appointments. Both lumber compan- es will also discuss details of purchasing through FHA procedure as both houses are lo be sold. purls of Texas, New Mexico, Nevada nnd California, according lo (lie university. • \ Origin of direct evaporation C Fail A p p a r a I US n ° u ^< exemplified by Uf Arlxonn 1 ' window box type of cooler, Is not III definitely known, Imt apparently bus developed Independently In many count rlcs mid In iinclenl limes, most direct way tn attain archllccliiml licimty nnd economy In n home is throuidi "honesty"— tlio elimination of false and purposeless features—nnd simplicity of di'slK", home builders are advised by Federal llnuslng Administration iirchheels. Fnlsii fronts, walls, nnd window:', the most common arch!abuse, declare FIIA olll- cliils, 'nils fuult Is manifest, In windows in Karimi' doors lo disguise the Identity u[ the. tjril'nfic, false porU!-cocheres, fnlfic service doors covered by sweeping roof line. 1 ;, mid • ccmdniuillon of wall* when they serve no iicluul purpose, such'us concenlliiu drylnx yards or service entrances, AnnlhiT C'mnmmi 1'uiill Another common [null. Is found In Ehulters which do not IH tlm window openings, while In many discs shutters arc found applied to Iho outside of the window frame, thus Incrrnslng thc false character of the structure.- A "restlessness" In masonry wall.s Is freriucntly creiited by Introducing materials other tlmn Ihe one which forms Hie main body of Ih wall. This Is seen mosl, often h lhu form of pieces of stone or rook Inserted hilo brick wnlls, with n condition aptly described as "rock rash" resulting. Slonu used promiscuously on brick houses for the purpose of accentuating entrances, Home's Interior Modern convenience and comfort can be brought into every room of thc old house of yesterday, Federal Housing Administration officials say. Interior decorators encourage the- liberal use of color in modern dcco- nillng. The soft colors of certain Interior-finish wnllbonribf furnish a neiUnil lone which forms a good ackgroimd for brighter colors lioscn for drapes and furnishings. Simpl • J „, keeps lcm|)Crallll"CS Upper 70's Locations Important In Home Lending The locution of a property Is be- nii given considerably more atten- lon today In .mortgage-lending jracllec, according to Federal lousing Administration officials. Mnny mortgage lenders used to eel Unit there would be less, dlf- flcully and fewer unsotind loans If nortya^e money \vtis advanced on' well-constructed buildings and with little consideration for location. Today, however, locallon Is being emphasized more and more. Finished Attic Adds Another Room UV WII.UAM TVHHU Hulled 1'rt-ss SUIT Correspondent PHOENIX, Ariz., Aug. I, tUP) — Fifteen thousand Arizona families cooling. Wet, sheets or blankets have discovered how la live com-. wclc extensively used by early sct- Imltaiis of the west used the I pilnclplc In their water ollas and ] wet blankets weio used for Innnnn window openings, or fnlse bullrcss- cs (end to destroy (he desirable simplicity of masonry construction. A more Instlnu beauty Is created when thc exterior llnlsh of a home 'Hie fay-Elghted home ' builder, • building for the future, converts vnste space In his nttlc Into n sl room, servant's room, niirs- ?iy, plityroom, or sewing' room be-, fore his architect completes the ulnns. Federal Housing Administration officials say. A finished, Insulated tittle makes ; the whole house more comforlablo In summer and winter. Watertight Roof Joints A Necessity There are many places In roofs and walls of a home where Johns must be watertight. Joints where one roof surface .ntersects another lo form a val- ,ey, at gutters, and where parts of the building project above or through the roof—chimneys, dormers, vents, etc.—arc sources of possible trouble from leaks. Valleys and gut':2rs are not lo be catch-basins or reservoirs but channels to lead water away. Wall flashings should be designed and placed to turn all water and moisture lo the outside face, when additional means of drainage should be supplied. Through FHA's Modernization Credit. Plan funds ;irc obtainable from qualified locul lending Institutions to finance sue!repairs. Celibate Cult In India Held To Be Illega KARACHI, India- (OP)—The Oi Mandli, or society of celibate wo men In Bind, has been banned as an illegal organization under the Indian criminal law amendment act after widespread agitation against it. Thc ban is- the sequel to the findings of a judicial tribunal appointed after angry Hindus staged a civil disobedience movement In | protest against Om Mandli, which i| Induced women to leave their 1ms-1 bands and girls to refuse to be' married. Om Mandli was founded by Bhal Lckhraj, a jeweler who was charged with kidnaping girls and with offences against women. Lekhraj was alleged to have practiced hypnotism, and the tribunal found that the practice of hypnotism was rampant and tended to weaken the willpower of women of the Mandli —colony where followers of Lckhraj took tip their abode. In Hyderabad courts, girls rescued from the headquarters of Om Mandli accused Lekhraj of orgies of "kisses and embraces" with wo-j men disciples. QUALITY SANDand GRAVEL AT THE RIGHT PRICK ALSO ALL GRADES COAL Phone 700 or 372 SUPERIOR COAL CO. Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second Phone. 311 forlably in the summer when tcm- pNalurcs pass 115 degrees day after, day. . The way is a hcmc whitlow box cooler, operated on (he t'vnpornllon principle. Tnlrodiiced fur the flrsl time on ic desert three years ago. the Indow cooler is growing yearly In Mpiilurity. Hundreds of families 'ho'once moved to tlie mountains r ,to thc Pacific Const in summer ow slay at hcmc In relative- com- ort. . ' •! Fan Stirs Moist Air Coders are buill of wood or licet metal, with the outside part 'red with a pad of excelsior lirongh ivhlcli water drl|>s frcm n opper tubing nt the top. As the vnlcr breaks up and evaporates in he heal, a fan Inside throws cool, nolst air Into the house. A varifititn of the Inn type cooler s a blower housed In the window box. When temperatures range above 00 outside, studies have shown a box cooling system will maintain ab:nt 78 degrees Inslilc. "Tlie mode of life on the desert las changed abruptly to comfortable living In the summer," u University of Arizona research clrcu- ar said, "because homemade and imnufnclurcd box coolers nre be- tlci's In arid rcglcns when they desired lo sleep In the hot summer ilnylliuc. Wcl fnbrlo drupes were also hung In open do:rs and windows on the windward side of the house. Thc principle cf evaporation Is not new, but Us adoption with a mnloi'lzod f«n or blower hns ndtlfil to Its control nnd use. Is not disturbed by Ion variety hi finishing malcrliils. Windows, (o piny their purl In the architectural design of thc home, should he kept simple nnd should not vaiy In design, A common fault Is found in the use of Damage From Termites Is Serious Matter Tei-mlles destroy some $60,000.000 worth of properly, annually In the United States, according lo several dHfcrenl kinds ot windows c estimates. In Ihc same house. Diamond- Although there are almost 2.000 shaped yluss panes may be cltcc- different species of these Insects, lively used In homes of English I approximately .05 per cent of this' style, but lo use them In eonjnnc- ilau'irtRC is caused by one typecallod tlon wilh scimire panes In the Kame ' "subterranean termites," Federal structure would not be good urelil-.Housing Admlnlslrntloir officials lural design. I say. Their hablls arc well known, Attics, Basement Waste Much Space Almost one-third of the usable space In Iho nverngc home lodny IK wasted In unllnlshed uttlcs and bnscmcnls. which could be converted Into livable rooms, adding comfort and pleasure lo the home, with funds obtainable from qualified lending Institutions under thc FHA Modernization Credit I'lan. 'mid It has been established that ' they need moisture lo live; ' Another, common fault Is thc location of thu chimney In Ihe valley of Hit- rent. 'I'lils, FHA olllclnl point J ~ ,-. mil, creates a pocket for water and SUMMUII COMFORT usually develops Into n source of Slimmer comfort In-tJid Homo Is continual annoyance lo Ihe home clfcctcd largely• by the. construction of a top-floor celling and roof,' some authorities any. In summer the greatest percentage of heat Beauty And Charm Needed In Homes A home today must have beauty nnd charm, be easy to heat In winter, he cooler In Summer, nnd 'subdue outside noises. Recording to Federal Housing Administration officials. Opening Ihe garage to (he rear, unless .served by an alley, often has fiir-reaclihiij elTccts In Hint IhlS' demands much yard space for nn- ncccssury driveways, sets np maln- lenance costs otherwise, not nec- cssnry. and causes n snow-removal problem In sections where this Ir; consideration. Many home owners nre deprived of utlriiclire renr- ynrd development because drlvc- ivnys coiisiinw much of Ihe yard area. The coloring of mortar may be penetration is usually through the roof. In winter thc greatest percentage of heat IOSK Is usually through the celllni; of the lop.floor. TERM I NIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS FOR TOmORROUI'S SECURITY The money you arc paying e;ich month for rent can just as easily hcrome nil investment in future security if you will use it for building your own home. I.el us explain In you how simple and easy home ownership is today under the FHA insured mortgage plan. SKK OUR NKW iWWKL 150(1 Cliickasawlia l!y Open I 'or Inspection Appointment itat Any 'rime by Calling -10 or :V>2 ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 10 Your LAST Move Make your last move u move from a rented house (n a home of your own. Don't envy (lie home owner the happiness lie enjoys. Huild a Home of your own. Today, wilh rent-type FIIA loans available al very low interest rales it's possible lo own your own home with small monllily paymenls Hint include laxes and insurance. Just one payment per month and it may (>e less than the rent you now pay. We have (wo wcl! located lots within :i short distance of I he Hijjh School for sale to prospective home owners. We have a completed home at 11115 Hcavn now on sale. Phone 100 E.C, ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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