The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY,-APRIL-2,-1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.); COURIER NEWS C14Si PAGE FIVE Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor consecutive insertions: (Five average words to * line) One time per ILnu .......... }'ie Two UmeA per line [>cr day .. 08c Three times per Un i per d»y . . OSc Elx times per line per day .. osc Itento raU per lint .......... We Minimum chirge SOc Ads ordered TOT tnrce or times and stopped before explra- t'on will be chargoo tor the number of times the ad appeared mo ot bill made. An CUxined Advertising coys (Ubmitted by persons residing out- tde ol • the city n usl • be accompanied by cash. Rates may be euUy compute!} from above table NO responsibility will be taucr tot more than one incorrect in- Krtlon of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicd for trretju i»r insertions lake the one tlnu rate. BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. a. MO3S, undertaker Ambulance Service Phone 3D WEAR-EVER aluminum is belle and costs no more. Bold e.xciu sively at Hubbard, Hardware Co. 8-ck-J-. We specialiie in Floor Sweep Special kinds for special floors Habbard Hardware Co. 12c M-l Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phone Spencer CorseUere 121 KXFEKT Typewriter and Adding Rtaehir* Ktj»lrlD S . V. S. Blin enibip, 116 E. Rose. Call 165-J. ROOM & BOARD $37 Special Used Car Sale Prices Never Lower. JUiy Now! 033 DODGE •fi 1 COl'l'K .. ? 93J FORD V-8 TUDOIt ..... S 93'J CIIKVROLK'I 1 COITK .. ? S32 AUBURN COUI'K ...... $ 933 R 0 C K N E Sl'OKT SEDAN. fi Wire Wheels 931 FOHU TCUOK ......... S'i'U 930 FORD TUDOR ......... S193 938 CHKVSLFR '70' SKDAN $O 938 CHEVROLET COACH .. $l!ir .931 CIIKiKOLKT SKDAN .. SJllS 1929 BU1CK SEDAN ........ S185 1929 BU1CK COUPE 29 PLYMOUTH SEDAN' 1929 OAKLAND SEDAN .... S13 Ii>2» FOKD ROAUSTEK .... $ All Used Cars Havi; Keen Service is Our Shop and Are Keady To do You Must See These Cars lo Ay predate These Values. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. UATTEitlES California banners Flgllt 'row. master ol the state grange-. RcSlmeyei snld, particularly the U P , , i. T i Cu'.ion UJBS aiv not suitable {(Oiisiriictlon of elevators «l' slilp- . i>, JUte Dag JilXifiir liiimllliig grain, potato, onion, [pirn; points. He estimated tlie coil (nc: or IJMII crops, the i;ro-.mtjlo funnels, shimM llicy tiefide lo KACKAMKNTO. C.i!. an>) Iin-: doi'hivrt ill prulcnts sun u Src-1 uljunilnn use of bags, and build election by liu- federal KOVCIII- livlary »l AsrlriiHinv \fnibci-. T!u>y \.ilo:- lacilltli-s for bulk cisi of n lax on jniL-Iwj.-i lo |:lii!-i-' llls " hKlicaliMl innvaivd co^t may ••via (in a pay \v:ili SIIL-I-.S maim- ; »'- N ''ilt In diseoiitiiiiiini Iho usi- of ac'.mrd Innn I-OIIDII is a inatli-r' J' 1U ' 1>il - s ( ;;r.UL> loiicviu to C.ilifurul.i . OUHT m;-tli.xl.s n| liaiullinr tifiiin jwiun by auiui.s. iiccoitlini; tn Cii'0ii:r Ki-lil- ; crops were hems Invwilaati-:!. aliitiuk's. i Eye Expert Urfes Eight As Proper School Afe HOS'TON. lUP)»ChlMi-cil would be lie says, "do not reach Uic stulo o( maturlly until tlw child \s eight of auc, mid much of llio an»« sub- the Fnuts AM Air Force ISTANBUL (UP)—The Turkish ulr force benefits from the sacrifices of devout Moslems' at tlio Iciist of .Gin-tan IJalrmun which lakes plncc cvcrj- March. Tlie skins iif nil sheep slauglilcred during Hie religious ccreniOMlr.s Incidental to Die fenst, are BOW for the benefit of the air force OUKBOAKDIING HOUSE By HunUa , rv, . —- A TUCUS/XND U.PV-M - .\l "BY YOUR THREW TO W/NRK BOOTHBY '- 1 ASAIKJ3T IMVtSTlNKS KNY MONEY IN M\ <iOLD NAIN&, "YOU 'FOUCED ME TO TELL HIM THW I WOULW'T ANYBODY IN WtTIA N-\E —ANTb THEN BY NOAlfo BEM^D—HE TELLS ME HE WAS WIC-V-tlNcb HE COULD INVEST '( IN IT—-THEN YOU ^l^> IN ANt TJlSCO'JRAGt H\rA I— A-AA-FP SOIN.G AWAY AND "BECOME HEPM1T , New Ford Batteries Kcntal - Kccharfinr - Hcp:ilrliii; "1 TIRE & BA'ITERY STATION 2Gc KKKDS We Rpectalire in seed corn. Farmt-rs Cash Feed and Seed Co. I'lionc 121. JSp k4-l!J f'or Sale: . CORN delivered to you. W. T. Riley, New Madrid. Mo. 21-pk-S-lD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rates tow. Close In. tirs. Second. Mrs. Loflin I-ck-i-8 FOR SALE BUN RCX)M, portable frame, canvas covered. J .£ price. Mrs. McCall 959 J. 30-pk-G One second hand Burroughs ADDING MACHINE in good condition. CHEAP. J. H. Elkins. 2Sp-k5 FOB SALE—At Bargain. Good upright piajro, also the only ice cream wagon in town. E. H. Deatte, 29p 707 Chickasawba. JNE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. W. Lee, Joiner, Ark. Up k4-l'i LIVE STOCK For Saic: 1 Jersey HEIFER \villi calf 8 days old. Apply Hayncs' Men's Shop, 206 W. .Main. Call '1 FOR KENT 4 room HOUSE, bath, nicely decorated. 301 N. Broadway. J. E. Hardin, route 2. Box 273. 30-p!:-:i Rooms with or without board, steam heat, hot water, reasonable rates, Phone 234, Rite Price Gro. 2Dck4-'JS Five [loom Furnished MENT, bath, downstairs 7CO W. Walnut. 23c ktf 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 row planter, one 4 row cultivator one 18 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 row buster with marker. All In first cliss condition. Gay and Billings, Inc. 6c fcl-6 •TWO good mules, priced reason able. H. A SmiUi. 510 W. Main. 2o ktl VATERS HOTEL builciinp,. rooms, 'i bath rooms. B. Centrally located. J. M. Anderson, I City Drug Store. 28p k2' JNFURNISHED 4 room apartment, bath. Phone 327; night 55. story modern house on Division, just north of Catholic church. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, phone B82. '- " POULTRY & EGGS Frtsh t«s daily. R. I. Red settlne , Fickard Store. IMt Chicka- 8j> M-Itl THREE room furnished apartment with bath. Mrs. Do™ Mick. 110 V. Ash. n-ck-tt BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 8fl BEDROOM lor 1 or 2 Ecnllcnicn. 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. G-ck-lf AUTOMOTIVE Tires & Tubes, KeplJce- itMnt parts and accessories of •11 kiafe fo- any make of cir. Dcpt., Hubbard Hdi lc U-l Auto Glass All Krn4i Itstallcd Ttw Ark-Mo LBrabcr Co. IOc M-10 Used Truck Sale LOAD ED ON TRUCKS MUST CLOSE OUT AT ONCE. 1S3J CHEVROLET MS TON . 1»32 CHEVROLET 1JJ TON Ixmj U3Z DODGE IJ4 TON .... ISJ! €HEVKO..-T \V< TON . INI tllKVROLET 111 TON . !5J! CHEVROLET t',; TON IVilh Body IKS FORD I'/! TON. With SIZ, S3WJ 5231 Ml 1JZ3 CHEVROLET PANEL BODY M Ton Delivery . , $ 3 193S DODGE PANEL BOtIV 54 Ton Delivery- ........ fll Several Cheap Trucks at (Jive Awiy Prices. See These V.ilues. Chevrolet Co. Shouse-Little FURNISHED bed'oom, 1017 W. Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardin alter 6 . M. lc ktl WANTKI) WANTED—Clean Hags, free of buttons. No pants or hr.ivy undcr- ear accepted. Courier News. 'd h li WANTEU TO BUY We Pay $2 tier ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hides, brass, copier, lead, etc. Wolf Arian, Phonn 176. 123 E. Main. Ii5cl:4-2f Want lo buy all kintli Itad liold Good;. Sfovr.s. Cash price;. Lclghton 1 .". Second Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 10pk4-10 REAL ESTATE for Trade: City ptoperly lor larni Mrs. Ed Hardin. IScktf MALK HELr WANTKI) Man wanted to supply with lauions Watkuis I'rodticUs In lilythcvillc. Hmincss established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay start, 1 ; immediately. Write ,1. R. Watkins Co.. 10-81 Avc.. Memphis. Tcnn. NO UNK>;I'LOYMF;NT. -.v.icr l.iy nit or haul linir;, for eigh Mrn. Itawlri^li City I>ralrr.. snlrt more Product.'; durinn: 1933 than ever before. The H^\v! Indnstrifs Rave Iliousanrls ivork at Rood profits. A frw more industrious men \vanterl lo rlnct Ucwlrlgh Home Service Rout".-. In the city of Blylhcvillc and other available Districts nearby. A cotnpair> - Repre.^nlaUve will be in ni} p llievillc next Ttiesrtay. April 10th. If intcreilert, write the W. T. Raleigh Co., Memphis. Tcnn , Dcpt, B-V-A, for ApiJOiiituicnl and interview. 2-ck-l Nearly 35.000.000 gallons ol bloud are pumped by tlxe human ,hearl in the aperage lifetime. Jt'ct tlie eyes ni children I not lx> |M>rmlll«l to go lo school elassrnoiii should be avoided lo Insure tiPBlthy c^X'.s nmong Ihc fu- In the op'.nloii uf Dr. lAiuvurc P. ture gtnciallon.v" :-"ol.ioni, prrslrtrnl (H Hi Council of Optometrists. • 1P 11ic cyrs ui tlio human IX-IIIB." lleail Courier NOWB Want Ads. NOW ITS (HJ/7,l,g',S TURN! HEV, YER Ji)Sl AS VIE 5TMUEO RUNNING, AFTER WE WEftRO ROAR, \ LOOKED BACK AN' •ftLLtV OOP W ) VJAI J FOOZV JUMP ( J.rr/r DOWN OUT Of , WHV ft TREE,AN' / SftV SO,BEFORE? 60 TEftUIN 1 |( W51 VWW 1 Off THROUGH )) 1IW3E TVX) ARE frt TH' JONGLE f /^. BOTTOM OF AU. \ J S—,THI3. I BET. ~ ,.S^ Y ES, AND NtXJ LA_ YOUR IF YOU DON"^ HAUL, YOUR PRE\feWT OUT THAT T5ED./-ALWAYS HOW YOU CAN GET THE: HONEY OUT OF THE H\VE AVIWGHt MEN, FORM SK\RfA»SH GROUPS.' VOE'RE GONNA COMB TH\S JUNGLE INSIDE OUTJ OOR SEARCH FOR ALLEV OOP AN 1 FOOZV »5 ABOUT OVER' NQVJ THAT YOOVE SCARED 11V DAVUGttTS <XTO\ PANlCl'TJTll'ftRKV, 100, nniN',< WE'D , BEHER GtT YOUR \ FRIENDS AN' LOOK / BOOTS JVND HER BUDDIES -OVK IS LIKK THAT! T. 1HOUSHT TUERt Wf*>b LQOt vuv\ TRY "too ME OOWU,\.\WE ^ WASH_TUKHS "^W! vou THK I'KAJIK-UP! (1 AH",'BUT HOI A REALQVlff. inr onv5 JUST N'Oll'RE IT'S ONLV IU FUM, SN/W? HOLD UP GUESTS. 6WE 'EM t\ ^CARE. ^CT 1UEH-THE CfWBOVS ARRWE — LOT5 OF SHOCT1MQ-AMD VOLl RUM. TUT TUT! tite ou\M IN 1 OMDERSTAW. fiEEVj \ THAT'S THS IDEA\ TUB GUESTS TOE BEEQ SfAKE. if fEDRO.AKD HEKE ! S MAKE THE BEEG NOISE. ME TlJRH BAWDlT, PLANH. CARTRIDGES. (fSE 'EH. ABOVE AH., USE MOTH1NQ BUT BLAMkS. HA' EG? A QOOD JOKE, NO? J ~ SAI,V;S,MAN SAM 1)1 'A'/, HAS KKASON TO UK TICKLED! &E.E1, TH' BOSS lift SlOELL Tu' titci- STftMO-lM? OH, t o)(\sTei-LIU TH' pesT"! He's s FKECKJ.ES AND IMS I'RIKiX'DS MAKING IT CLEAR! | GOIWC r>OW)4 INTO THE VEAII A come OF Prt.iOv/5 >JTO r,v;mi A GOSH! WHY Dour YOU LET T)-XM CO DOWM . IMTO IT WELL, DAO IS FIGURiNO MAVfcTE I:E'LL HAVE TO LEAVE MIS J99 BECAUSE OF A DIFPEREMCE /BOUT SALARY.,.. HE WAHTS THE COMPANY To KEEP OM PAYING HIM OKIE,AMO TWEY . . _ . DONT JVT DCTiMG THIS F0« MY "V , t V/AS MY AHO TM GOU.'IA CARRY tT OUT ! BESIDES. THE OPEWIHG I5WT BK GKIOUGII FOR A GROV/H MAM .' DAD! I HAVE A HUMCH... AHD IF IT WORkS OUT, HELL BE ABLE To IRON OJT M'S SAUCY DIFFERENCES WITH THE COMPAMY .' VVIIAT DO YA MEAM, FRECkLGS •2

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