The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, ni.YTJIRVIU.I 1 :. (ARK.) COUHIF.K NIWS i! IFiUSLIlt City Clerk Refuses to Issue &25 License; Arrests May Follow. * i\> icvins lhe validity of the crrtxiru.? placing a S250 tax 0:1 fin'Tr,'- sf]w ip l-rcTi muniifaeuir ' cd outside of HlyllicYiilc, within tile' city limits, is In prrspeet licic. City' <"°rk Sidney Craig tuday instruct-: cd po!!ce to arrest salesmen of out of lown bakery firms when they at- to sell their i-rcducf hrrc. ! The ordinance with which Mr.! Craia lias request compliance v;as: pasud uy the city council s»vi:ulj i:riith£ ago and passed tlic second I time 2" cr h -'»S vetoed liy Mayor Npif] Rsed. •JH,. ordinance was sponsored by local bakeries which under '.he ordinance will continue? to my a i vesi'.y privilege lax of $25 while the! 'rate against the foreitjn bakeries' Is nuvanccd lo $250 slur ling with the iww year. A salesman frr the Winkleinin Mk«y of Memphis offered the $25 iirlvIlere lax to Mr. Craig yrstouUiy iHit Ihe city clerk r?fnred to accept the money and issue a !ir?v rcci-ipl. Tt fs understood that the ordinance will he attacked In a suit Joi*'2sboro merchants, who secured (heir bread fr"m foreign bakeries, have indicated that they will make a le«al fieht against a somewhat similar ordinance in that city. Guatemala's Third Government- Significant figures and scenes in the bloody course or Guatemala's government aro shoivn In these first pictures to reach tlie United States. The present chi'jf executive. General Manual Orellano, is seen In the upper picture, riijht center, with his staff. -Migjel T. Alv.irado, lower left, new Minister of Government and Justice, and Ur. Carlos Padilla y PadLlla. lower right, were leaders In the movement whicli resulted tn a bloody coup d'etat and the esta ilishmcnt of Orellnno as (lie third president fo tlie Central American republic within one week. When P.v.diicn'. J.nznro Chacon resigned because of 111- js, he was succeftlcd by Baudilio Palma, who wa; recognized by the U. S. Four days later, however, General Orellano. supported by troops, ousted Palma during fighting in which 57 persons were killed wounded. One of those slain was General Mamo de Leon, Minister of War, and the center picture shows the crowd that attended his fun?ra! nt Guatemala City. Largest Number of Fpclcvnl Returns Filed In Blylhf- ville and Osccohi. WASHINGTON, Jan. V - - Muir- ll'iin 403 inccme tux i HuV!K Iroiu •si)>i:l County were mod in 19'.!H. iirrurdlni* 1-] n report submit-' led today to Conine's by tlie com' (HIT of internal IMTUUC. Uy cillre tl>? county r<'iuii><s were as follows: Ulylhcvllli'. :>•!?; Luxora, '28; Oiceola,' 105: Wilsni. and miscellaneous tfroni MU:I>- er communities). 90; tolal 'SOB. rvoin all Arkansas there wm'i 10,600 returns showliiK a nt-t in-il come ol S71.689.W2 and an nvcinsc" Income ol 54,3(13.10. The tr-lal lux collected Ironi Arkansas rcsUU : nU-| was 877 .HI or an average of SM.GUJ from ravh of the 1G.MO iclmnr. ihowing a net Income of $71.0fJ9.792i| mil nn ovr-rugc income of $t,M.10. :j rhr- total lax collected from Ark-11 an'ftis levltlenls was SB77.7-11 or an- 1 iveragc of }52G!l from each «( the 1G.&JO return-makers. ThoF,; in Arkansas Illlnc. Incomes in 192B were'below the umnb?r 111-if Ins the previous yeai. In 1027 ';| 'here were 11.331 returns from Arkansas showing a net Income of 575.553,8%. Tlie average tax collected In 1921 was $77.22. Throughout the United States In 1928 4,070.851 Individuals filed returns, of which almost one-third were non taxable. The lax liability of all totaled $l,IG4.254.0:il. Most of the returns nifido were joint returns by husband wife. GO percent ol the total being accounted for in that fashion. Two percent were filed by "single women. h?tuis of families." and 8 percent by fin-, ale women, net heads of tnmllles j Hold Majority of County Officers for First Time in Ten Years. CAKUTHERSV1LT.,E, Mo.. Jan. 2.—For the first time since the He- publican. national landslide in 11-T the Democrats yesterday assumed control of the county affairs of Pemiscot as seven Democrats and four;Republicans were ushered into office in the local courthouse. Previous to the recent election there were_ only fonr Democrats holding office-in this county. For- the firs', time in niii? years the county court will be Democratic. Harvey McFarland of. Urn city and -S. li-' Robinson of Steele being tlv Democratic members wh'.!. 1 O?cs-. : Wilkerson of Hayti is Die Kcpub » Hran' member. McFarland was elected as presiding judge. H. T SiragsDn took the oath of offlc; a^ slato'^Veiireierirativc for the second termr Sheriff W. P. Robertson a:n Courjty Assessor Charles Jenkins were; given the oath' of omce. al! having been re-elected for arrjihc term,' Harold S. Jones bejon th: second term as superintendent oi county schools. Ernest Long started his thirteenth year as circuit ci?rk witi four^inore years to ;rc. and John W Gree'h has a similar term of consecutive year; service to his credit and. is starting another four year term. E. S. Huffman started hi: second term as county clerk whilt Robert W. Hawkins took oath the new prosecuting attorney. Other county officers sworn into offlc< here Thursday included Robert V. : Mullmicks as cctinty treasr.rer Charles G. Ross, county collector and fi. D. Travis, protate judgs, tn latter'defeating R. B. Sanders, wr;. had served two terms, in th^ November election. Famed Author in ; Desert Garflei 'M, f> •^ I BOOK SURVEY A Itiver Goes With Heaven" Is a follow- the general makeup of th; Pcctic and Jlovinj Account of a entire universe, from the tiniest Yuuiif Mill's Summer On an Al- particle of matter, tK> .corpuscle, nbama River — "Flights From to the very largest syslems of o;it- Chncs" Is a Valuable Scientific cr space—all. to bo sure, in only a Summary. superfiicial manner, due to the • • • compression which tlie book's brcv- By BRUCE CATTON ! ity makes necessary. XEA Servifc Writer i So f.iperficial must his exp-ssi- j lion of this arrangement be tliat he cnn devote only a passing phrase to man and merely a s:n- n litlle too mu:h territory, cm- i bracing as it docs the whole of a i rather lengthy life; and occo: sionaliy 1 think Miss Whitman fall lo mnkc McDonogh, quite compre- , licnslble. The book has geinilni merits enough, however, to out ' weigh a few faults. The Dobbs Merrill Co. is offering It at $2. Old Quarry Worker Kills 495 Foxes in 28 Years QU1NCY. Mass. (UPI—When George P. Elcock. 77. whose hobby is hunting, retired as n i;ranl(: quarry worker In 1008, he volunteered to rid the Blue- Hills rescr- viition of undesirable wild HI:. — ' ':Slnce that time he has killed -195 ..COI.MNdlAM. Yorkshire, En*.,'ioxes on the reservation'as well m 'UP>—The only pack of rat hounds numerous snakes, weasels. imvk>. including fox terriers, Irish terrors mink, owls, and wildcats. and Boeder terriers in the country, Elcock receives no bounty for h!r i:. owned uy a local man. work. Modern life, as everybody kno'.vs. I ravels at a hign speed; but th:r. re times when it seems to. 13 tak- ng as away from the things we alue the most, instead of towaids hem. And so it is that there is a ort .of homesickness in the hearts fa' great ninny people; a home- ickness for that closeness to the •aith. that simplicity, that daily icmact with original life, which iscd to be our heritage but which ve are so rapidly losing in th? whir if O'jr inventions. That homesickness—I don't know list what other word to use—lias moved a talented young writ-i named Howell Vines to write. "l- liver Goes With Heaven," and Ui: esult is a book that is a kec-n I?- ight. .This book tells, very simply, her .he author built and occupied a li!-le cabin on' the banks of the Warier River in Alabama; how •« communed with the living countryside, how lie talked with h's ol;' ;randfath'er and drew from' hint tlie lore of the rivers, ho\v he midi friends with the people who «•:: rooted -to tiie soil (here, and how ic loved a girl whom he visited on tropic summer nights, when t- wliole world was in tune. It is a rambling EOit nf idyll, in: book; but it has been put together with a feeling ar.d a skill at the handling of words that make it memorable. Like most really good books, it is notable not onlv what the author has to say. but also for the way in which he says it "A River Goes With Heaven" i<; in rather .sharp contrast with t'-c average bcok of the day. H ysu • in a big way for smart problem novels or for "gripping" books absu' this and that, you may not c?rc [; it; but. if you have n to;;ch of tlr homesickness I mentioned. yo:Vl enjoy it immensely. It is published by Little, • and Co.. and sells for $2. '. A STUDY OF THE UNIVERSE CONDENSED TO 166 PACTS j The following reviev.- of Pr?I. Hirlow Ehapley's "Flij :ts F:on Chaos" has been written for tiih , column by Israel Klein. s?l»n:? editor of NBA Service, Inc. ; Of all that has been writtc-i • about Ihis world and what is in it , and nround it. r\o single volume h.i> t yet tren issued through which t'i.- lay reader could get an idsa of th» : order in which the univr-rs? :xis!t.. ' The great marvels of nature have • "uecn considered singly for the moU | part, and as a result c.-.nt-is'o-i 'na i resulted when it came to iutemnl: .an understanding of the univors 1 ' |as a whole. ' ! An effort to bring order out o; j this confusion, to rysteniiiiz; -\,i ; ' classify cur knowlcrlgc of lh; tin;. ! . verse, is made llnnlly by Prolix .Ifarlow Shapley. Payne Professc.' *f , Astronomy at Harvard and direc- . tor of the Harvard Observatory, in _ his latest book. "Flights Knrni Here is a new and hitherto un- Cliaos" (McGraw-Hiil. S2.SOI. In a p:in;nhed piiotograp h of Harold short, clearly printed volunw of 1GO • Ml Wrighl. tntnous novclis:. It pages. Dr. Shapley organizes all aas taken, in the writer's ranch- that is kno'.vn and, in fact. Is yet! hcmc .near Tuscon, Ariz,, a gor- to be known, the univen;.' den £p - t in the toart of the desert, and arranges this knowledge, topic and 'shews him standin; bes;de for topic, in systematic form, several plants of the tree cactus Now, for the first time, we can I tence to ths entire cla!S in man finds himself, that of "ars'in- ic colloidal aggregates." "Flights From Ciiacs" ous'.it t.> make a good reference b:)jk t: keep at one's -iile while reading any other se'eutiflc treatise and occasionally to help put tli; particular I subject in iis prop:r pbc:. OLD NEW ORLEANS SHINES IN A CHARMING NOVEL "Contradance." by Wiilson Whitman, is a romantic'novel of old New Orleans, very well wort:: a few 'lours of your time on these lon^ v.'inter evenings. The book tells trow John McDonogh came to New Orleans as young trailer when it was still a French city. -He established his business there, saw the city pas. to the hands of the United States became very wealthy, wan accepted into the city's social life—and then, just at the height of his popularity, became a miserly recluse living alone in a mnnsion on thr edge of the Mississippi anci leaving his vast fortune, on his death, tc found a chain of free schools. Tin chief interest of the novel 1::3 in the author's explanation of th* —•son for this sudden change in his life; and Mi!-= Whitman lir, a died it very ably. It may be i.u'. the bsr.:: ::.:v ;>i "Smile at the Ache" Ordinary pains— headache and neuralgia, muscular pains, functional pains, the headache and congested feeling of a cold in (he head—how quickly they disappear when you take a tablet or two of DR.MILES' Cbbir-IJUnt Dr. Miles' Aspir-Mint is the new, stable, mint-flavored tablet that is making people al) over the country "Smile at tlie Aclie" 15c and 25c at your drug store MULLIN'S ASH GROCERY Specifafs Saturday Only Dozen 30c GRAPEFRUIT Large Size 80- Each Sc PURE LARD 8-Pound Pail $1.05 FLOUR OLEO Self Rising Old Style- Guaranteed. 48-Lb- Sack Gold Dot Pound $1.25 15c MILK Evaporated. 6 Small or 3 Tall for 25c COFFE Canova 2'/ 2 Pound Can 95c MATCHES 6 IJoxcs for 18c SPINACH Fresh Pound 5c BUTTER Pure Creamery. All Brands Pound 32c PORK SHOULDERS Fresh 13ic HAMS Ever-Good, Sup;ar Cured Pound 22c ROAST K. C. I5ecf Chuck Pound 12Jc ROLLED ROAST Rib Pound 20 c STEAKS T-Bone or Sirloin Pound 17ic STEAKS Chuck Pound 15c FRANKS or Weinm Pound 15c FRESH RIBS Pound lOc CHEESE Philadelphia Cream Each lOc "Yon Won'I fiat Kit" Phone 159 KVK1IY DAY IN TIMC "//' J'OM Rnil of Mr. Rowers" ANYWHERE IN TOWN Lake Trout Small Cat Spanish Mac'u rei LAMI!, l!iml(|Uiirler Q Llj. 12'/jc, Fort'quurlcr I'ull Croiim. LAMB CHOPS ,,,23 FRANKS' Nkt ',il6 c | Lb. 19c I'KJKLEl) PIG FEET 1AC They're Nice. ;( for 1U LAUD, Compound, 1 AC Lb- 12'/.c: I'UKB, LI). MACKEREL, Fat ]f)lC Shore Cuught. Each Large Select SI>AUK SS,12^B « NECK HONKS. Fresh fC mil! Fine. L!>- 0 pint 35c SALT MEAT, Fine for D1C Boiling. Pound 02 Armours-Slur Fixed Flavor BOX BACON, ,.J5 ( Lb. 29c i BACON ,,15' KIDNEY BEANS 10 C PINEAPPLE IJbhys , No. 2'/, Can Ea. 25c SOAP MUSTARD Fine Red Triunph v 10 Pounds For PEARS Fre \h.lf Guni-antecd Fresh Doz. 23c SEARCH-LIGHT ,' OA( . MATCHES. 6 • Boxes (M ORANGES "S LARD ,.£:7.,i Size 50'$ 3For MILK OSni f™, 23 C SALMON c MACARONI „, 5 C PRUNES New Crop 4Lbs.25c BEANS PINTO BEANSLb.5 ( PANCAKE FI.OUK PEPi'EU OfTC '/2 I.I). I' £J . RAISINS M 1'R. 10 CORN Pride of Illinois No. 2 Can Ea, I2c CRACKERS - BERKELEY BLEND COFFEE LI LARD 5 o.r bur c a n $6,10

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