The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1966
Page 5
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Blyth«vlU« (Ark.) Courier N«w§ - Frldiy, May 20, »W- P«|t Ftytv From Bags to Boots -Flatter your Figure By Patsy J. Cole Home Demonstration Agent North Mississippi County Accessories can be "succes- tories" when correctly chosen for a costume. They include — shoes, bags, scarves, gloves, flats should not becomingly carry a bag the size of her 5-foot-8 sister. If you are top-to-toe heavy, bear in mind that all accessories should be scaled to the size of your figure. This flatly means to avoid dainty, doll-like bags of all kinds. Round purses are ' . , mi I Ul <•"' nJJIUO, IbUUUU J*"i u*.& u» -w jewelry and hats. Today, we are| too sug g estive ot the roundness going to talk about the first two j of youi , figure and must be by- bags and shoes. !passed. You know, a handbag is more; than an accessory. It is allj things to a woman. It's a port-1 able dressing table, a Sum it up this way: medium chest, a personal vault, a library, a desk and a 'varH -obe. if you are small. There are three occasions for They'can be as large as a sad- bag changes - Morning use die-bag to stuff with your extra I deader for shopping); Lunch- _. t-i _ ... • __ i 11 —i- i_ nnni; fofl 1 ! f 1 h II T (1 n. ftlC. • sable or just small enough to allow for a bikini. To choose your bag, consider your figure type. If you are tall and slender your bag should compliment your size and measure at least 12 inches or more in length and depth. For travel, super - marketing, downtown shopping, day wear, a queen - size tote bag is wonderful; For .a luncheon, bridge, matinee or tea, a smaller, more conservative s' e is in v ~.tter taste; For after dark, a full- sized envelope or clutch is' in keeping with most women's proportions. ?Avoid "precious • 1 nking" lit- eons, teas, church, etc. (Suedes, broadcloth, fur, synthetic or plastic); Formal or evening bag - to fit your festive occasions - (brocade, satin or trimmed in vivid or pastels). Color selections of your bags must be made after capital investments in your basic clothing have been made. Off-bat colors which are essentially fads such as shocking pink, char-i feet example of this Is found in istructures, high, slender heels the classic opera pump. j and moderately rounded toes. When having a fitting, always have with you the shoes you intend to wear with that particular costume. Never have a skirt "hung" in flats unless you plan to wear them all the time with it. Otherwise, when you wear the skirt with heels, it may be too short. * * * Full ankles and stocky calves must avoid ankle strap shoes, high vamps, ice-pick-thin heels, sensible oxford and, except for active sportwear, fiat shoes. Bird-thin legs lacking in calf and ankle contour will look more attractive in delicate shoe Shoe grooming is as important as snow-white gloves. Run-down heels, scuffed leather, streaked suede, are some common shoe flaws that detract from the finished look. The well - balanced shoe ward robes need evening pumps • satin, moire, faille, metallic in closed to enad heels with color optional; opera pumps - closed toes and heel, in black suede;' walking shoes - in leather or suede, medium heel, brown; classic pumps -closed toe and heel, in leather, one brown and one black pair; slipper -for house wear; and flats. Pemiscot News Herbicide Records Called Vital By W. F. James treuse and teal blue or bold Now while it is fresh on your prints or novely styles, should receive the least of your bag budget. As for shoes,' they may make a costume more effective or ruin tle purses at all tim»s. If you "'y are topheavy, carrying your fe ' t e *cess weigh* from "thf waist the appearance of the whole ef- Although mind make a record of t h e amount of herbicide used on each field along with the acreage treated. The effectiveness of the herbicides used, will soon be in evidence. If you did not get good up, whether short or tall, you must scout around for'an interesting looking b-; that promises to carry the line of focus •way from the waistline. Choose an angular - shaped bag in keeping with your overall height. You will want to expressly avoid carrying a bag clutched under the upper arm and shoulder strap bags that dangle at the waist or above it. If you are hip-heavy, you will look better carrying <\ bag that is matched in color to you. costume. However, not a pastel or white as it calls attention to ybur hips. The bag should be medium to large in size regardless of your height. be taken that they do not attract too much attention to the feet. They should harmonize in color, material and style with the costume worn; be suited to the occasion; be simple in design to be in good taste; fit well, so posture, walk and facial expression are free from strain. To optically shorten the length of your foot, consider open-toe shoes, wide and low d'Orsay- cut vamps, contrasting color combinations and sling-or open- '- weed control or if you got excellent weed control your recrds will be needed to answar the question - Why? In some eases failure to get good weed control in the past with herbicides has been found to be due to errors in calibrating equipment. This week a farmer told me he was worried about the amount of Treflon he was applying in cotton. He wanted to apply 1-1-2 pints (3-4 pound) per acre: His sprayer was putting out 10 gallons per acre. When back heels. At the same time, (we added up the amount of realize that your foot wii! appear broader. chemical he had used he should have covered 133 acres. After To optically slim down a broad | we added the total acres ac- foot and There is more reason to keep in accurate record of chemi cals applied — date — amount — acreage. If you use arseni- cals such as D. S. M. A. post- emergence, these are not to be used more than twice and not after cotton blooms. If you treat your crops with insecticides there is a certain waiting period before grazing or harvesting to be observed. A new Missiouri University Guide Sheet on Control of Johnson grass on roadsides and similar acreas has just come off the press. New and more econo ical control programs have been discovered through research. It is important to decide which Johnson grass infestec areas will be attacked first then use a control program which can be fully carried out on the funds available for that purpose. Mowing may be the most practical control program in cases where a dense stand of Economy May Be Answer In Cotton Production Development of better techniques through research represents only half the job in cutting cotton production costs, the director of the National Cotton Council's production and marketing division emphasizes. "Implicit in a stepped-up research effort is the idea that the useful results will be carried over to the development of better and cheaper production and handling practice — and that these new practices will adopted in situations where they fit," says Claude L. Welch, Memphis. He cites progress in a coordinated effort to cut field losses in mechanical harvesting of cotton as an example of how says, demands more personnel, growers are led to identify the cause of a problem and then do something about it. Harvesting, he says, is only one of 12 areas of technology where worthwhile cost reduction can be realized ' extension programs can be made more effective. To accomplish thr. educational job involved in getting costs down aa quickly as possible, he says, demands more personnel, better ti .ined specialists, and considerably greater local orientation of programs. Such a program would require about 52.5 million in additional federal funds, Mr. Welch notes, but none have been appropriat- ed for the current fiscal year. The Council has been active, he says, in an all-out drive for a special cost - cutting research program, over and above the regular research program directed toward cotton's problems "Over-all," he reports, "we are past the half-way mark in getting this special cost-cutting research program funded." This crash effort is in addition to work financed by routine appropriations to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, to that carried out with state and federal funds a state experiment stations, and to that financed by the cotto- industry through the Council and Cotton Producers Institute. "What we are striving toward," Mr. Welch explains, "is actually - two-layered attack in research. It will take all we now have working for us plus the crash program to get the job done. 'If we fail to recognize this, the drive to cut costs can fall into a booby trap and it's this: "The SlO-million program, while it is certainly not large in relation to our industry's urgent needs, seems quite la;ge in the minds of some folks in relation to the level of resarch effort we have known '• past years. "There inevitably arises the temptation to let this crash program supplant the support our regular programs have been receiving — to withdraw support now received from regular ap propriations am', from the cotton industry itself, and let the crash progrrm take over. This is a trap we simply must avoid." He stresses that industry-financed research not only in- Economy May be answer Farm creases the total effort but p»yi . For services of 'scientists and buys use of facilities that other- • wise would not be a part of that | effort. Each dollar thus far in- • vested'in research on cost re- • erated an additional $1.12, High-Analysis Mixed Fertilizer Gulf Oil Corporation, Chemical* Department, . A«*(cu!!u»l Ch«mie»l» OivMM , ^ 1102 Henderson Strut Phone FO 3-4471 H BlythevUle, Arkintu appear I tually covred we got 130.4. for I you do that well 'right,' 'I told him trolled. Mowing will not eradi cate the grass but it will weaken it and prevent additional infestation from seed. In some cases mowing and spraying may be combined to get control. Where it is desirable to have other grasses than Johnson grass to grow, a selective chemical such as D. S. M. A. or M. S. M. A. may be used. These chemicals are highly responsive to temperatures Those who wish to bring non- crop Johnson grass under control at the lowest cost will need to get a copy o fthe M. U. Guide Sheet, '166 Johnson Gr a s s Controland Eradication Recommendations for Roadsides and Similiar Areas." These guide sheets are available at the University of Missouri Extension Center in Caruthersville, or any other Extension Center in Missouri. •Iradematk ol Amerion Cyvomid Comftnf the only insecticide f registered for low-volume control of •thrips •leafhoppers •fleahoppers Arrange for applications with your dealer and applicator today! BEFORE USING ANY PESTICIDE, STOP AND READ THE LABEL, ,*MtP.ICAN CYANAMID COMPANY 'N_, JMNUWitwwiWiW. . iMi-n -~i SKKVSS Tit* MMW WHO »MKS* A *l John Deere hitch-mounted cultivators trail straight, do thorough work For straight trailing and thorough work, choose a. John-Deere 2-, 4->, or 6-row Hitch-Mounted Cultivator. Each size mounts close to the rear of the tractor for easy handling. Large stabilizing coulters control drift on slopes. There's a full range of adjustments so you can position the tools for accurate, thorough coverage. KB and RG Series have square-tube frames; RR Series has double-bar angle-steel frame. Visit our store soon! We have a practical, confidential credit plan. MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. ,, Highway 61 South POplar 3-4434' LAWN MOWER SPECIALS 18" Rotary Power Mower $29*8 Easy Terms! 22" Highwheel Rotary Mower $12450 $7.00 Month Riding ROTARY MOWERS AS LOW AS $ 108 00 „—,_ FOR YOUR OLD BATTERY ON TRADE-IN now. Walnut Sale Expires June 15 PhoM PO 3-9111

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