The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, TOLY 18, 1943 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SEVEW Balanced Farming Dividends Help to Remodel Residence World's Most Stupendous Waterfall : ound at Bottom of Atlantic Ocean Bv Harry A. mines | Courier News SlafT Writer Progrcssivcncss keynotes his farming and quid good taste is in evidence in Ihc home of Earl Wildy ol LeacVwiHc. Rt. 1. Mr. Wlldy and his wife, botli graduates of "the University of Arkansas In 1942, moved to western Mississippi County where he now owns 440 acres and farms 870. Originally from Etowah, Mr. Wildy found stumps aplenty when he began farming near Leaclivilte seven years ago. Now his land is in cotton, corn, soybeans and lima beans. He also keeps a few hogs and in the summer buys beef feeders for Inter sale. ' "'V; - <»Si •;v> •«*>$'ift ^, metal otl a wood frame and about half of its interior is floored with concrete. An interesting feature is a section of the concrete marked by lines, which represent the width ot rows in the fields where the implements are used. This enables him to set, plows on tractors before tnking them to the fields and also aids in getting all plows set at approximately the snme angle. Mrs. Wildy says her kitchen draws more favorable comment than any other part of her home, which recently was remodeled. The kitchen, like most farm kit- in addition to his attractive home, j chens, is large, but so arranged that Mr. Wildy also is proud of a com- she will not have to walk any extra paratively new implement shed. The shed is constructed of sheet miles in completing her rounds of domestic duties. Modern conveniences Include automatic; dish washer, cloth waslier and large deep freeze. The latter two items arc kept in a ul ity room, just oil the kitchen The Ulniue room contains an a tique table, a family possession of Mrs. Wildy's parents. Three bedrooms are distinguished by large closets witli sliding doors to make them more accessible. The master bedroom is exceptionally roomy and is lined with windows at one end. In remodelling the house. Mr Wildy set aside one room for an ollice. The oil ice may be entered from the outside without going through oilier rooms in the home. A screened ureev,e\vay, provided with comfortable |>orch furniture, I connects the house with the enrage. PLYMOUTH. Eng.. July 18. </Pi—* he world's most stupendous wal- la II has just been discovered by group of British scientists—at it bottom ot the ocean. Scientists of the marine blol.igl- al laboratory have been studying ample: of ocean water all around ritain's once rich (tailing grounds, •hey have been trying to find oul r hy they aren't rich any more, ncl haven't been since 19'iO. Then they discovered the water- all, so tremendous that it stumps he imagination, it drops off of the ontinental shelf just west of Drl- ain in the Atlantic Ocean. And t gives the scientists a clue as. o why there arcn'i any lisli around hose pirts any more. The water '•> continually drop- nng off the shelf. But some years .lie movement is more than other.'. In an extremely cold winter, such as the ''lie most of Europe had In 1930. the shallow coastal waters became thoroughly chilled and therefore increased In weight. The deeper waters farther out stay about Hi same the year around. The heavier cold waler, naturally plunges to the bottom in "stupen-I dovis nunnUllcs." according to Or Leslie O iprr. the man who discovered the waterfall. And In th^ i-ush. all the rich [ 00 d the worms and minute w- itanlsms on which fish feed—Is washed out to great depths beyond the hundred fathom mark, "We believe the fisherman's tragedy of 1030 may have been due to some cmossal increase in (.he water- trill." Dr. Cooper said. The water that '•amc into the rich fishing grounds was found to be barren of sny of "-c necessary food for fish ]l has none of the niilrltinns salts that make lh worms srow. Sn the fish starved to death—or wcnl somewhere else. Mae West's fall in Hotel Results in $250,000 Suit Midsummer Behaving Setter: Coo/ Weather Arrives and May Stay CHICAGO, July 18-OVI—Mld- suintner is behaving R IHlte better lliau average over most, of the nation today. TcniiK'ralures continued high In NEW YOKK, July 18. MV'Mac; H'o Soutlion) slates but elsewhere West wants Hie management of her: Uify were aroinul normal and pro- hotel iCImllMim* to come mi mid-, mlsiiiB. In some sections, to become see her sometime—and bring along \ cooler. . $250,000. | A broad cool front had come In a suit filed in state supreme : <l ow " "'°'« Canada Into Montana court Friday, Miss West charged] al >» North DnkoU today with cn- tliat a defective floor mat In l!ic I ouitli inoincntnm to carry us fur bathroom at the hotel caused her' south as IOIVLI and Nebraska and to Uimle, breaking her ankle, lasti eastward across Minnesota and NOTICE OK ADMINISTRATION On June 18, 1949, letters ol administration uix>n the estate ot William Raymond Phillips, Jr., deceased, were granted to the imdcr- ^lunecl. whose addrc.s-s LS l>cachvllle, Arxansas, instead ol Manila, Arkansas, which was inadvertently fh'tn as the nrtilress of the admin- istratrix, under dale o! July 13, 10-13. All persons having claims against the said estate are required to ex hibit the same to the administra- properly authenticated, within six months from the dat« of the first publication of thU notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in such estate. Dated this the Iblh day of July, 1949. Wanda L. Phillips, Administratrix Claude P. Cooper, attorney for administratrix, 7-18, 1-25, 8-1 Feb. 26. Slv; claimed she also .suffered other lacerations and bruises which made her: ".sick. sore, lame and disabled" and kept \\f-i frum earning $3.000 a week as star of ihc stage revival ol "Diamond Ltl." The show has l>ren Miss West's accident. closLd since ; Wisconsin to Ilic Great Lakes return. The mercury had climbed into the 90s over most of Hie Midwest over the weekend but'the arrival >1 the cooler air over the northern plains slates was expected to hold li within the TO-MI degree ranges there late today and tomorrow. Newspapers Use More Print; Have Good Supply NEW YORK. July 18. lil'i— AllH'r- can Daily I\'ews|Ki]>ers are using i nore newspi ini than a year at;o uid have a better supply on iiand. American Newspaper Publishers: Association said ihat daily newspapers trojn \vlnili it receives reports consumed M'J.D-H tons of newsprint in June, compared with 1 327.000 a year apo i Stocks of newsprint on hand and • in transit at the end of June, tin: association said, was 39 days .supply for the uvrr.iuf of all dailies reporting. This [s nn increase of foil]' day.s over the end of May and an increase of five days supply over n year Traveling Salesman Faces Charges of Fordycc Girl HAMPTON, Ark.. July 18. iAP> — A 26-yrar-olcl traveling magazine salesman will no on trial here July '.'.'! on I'liurnoi that he raped a ,-(»U]H: v::iitre.s.s. Ollie R:iy D.:sllier of Tc.v.irkuna nn j-etKlei'ed to officer.'; last week alter he had hid hi south Arkansas wootl.s for 'lx day.s. lie came out of the brush after a snake bit him. ' A IG-vear-olri Hh'l told officers \ that Doihiei picked her up in F.>r- j (iyce. Ark., the night of July 5. I She ^aiil lie drove her into Cal- \ ho-m County about llncc mills j ot Pordyce and raped her. FARMERS YOU ARE INVITED TO A Ferguson Tractor Demonstration A TIIK .1. A. <;01)\YIN WHEAT FARM i/2-Mll.lO SOUTH OF KEISKK, ARK. Wed,Thurs. July 20-21 • Weather Permitting This Demonstration Sponsored by Jack Robinson Implement Co. Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer Blytheville ^Hague Protests Publication of His Life Story NEWARK. N. J., July 18—<.4>j— The Newark Evening News said Saturday it had received a 4G1- word telegram from Prank Hague asking that it abandon its scheduled series of stories on his life. "This is to advise you that. I strenuously object to your contemplated action, and I demand that Russians How Claim First Balloon Ascent MOSCOW 18. t/i'i The So- ! Try for Escape Averted \But Polly Has Last Laugh i ALBUQUERQUE. N. M.. July 18. Check on a News Story Leads Legislator to Altar BOISE, Idaho, July 18. (fl'l—A red-haired Idaho Stale repicsen- ,,., ...... tative went into a news office last viet Union churned Saturday tlnil | tfl'i— Polly, the parrot who thought j Pcl | mlnl . y 10 check a story wrliicn a Russian invented and put in I a bird in the bush was worth two aboul h ' cr engagement, to a fellow flight the world's first balloon in ! i" a cage .has come home. j lilwmilkcr . 1131. It was full of smoke. i And he doesn't seem tact sad J N OVV she's (Historicians generally credit the i ">»t , his tl>ree ^ escape into the first balloon ascent to the two j «'<*Ul at mrse is over. French brothers. Joseph and Jacques Sa^,at ri^e S Sj« ~ «£ -- £ his freedom. He was a weary bird when his mistros.s, Mrs. Virginia ; I A bow! of sunflower seeds proved Polly's downfall. A fellow f;ets married o the newspaperman. Rep. Edith Miller and Sandor S. Klein. Boise Newspaperman, were married Thursday. ; with many scientific inventions gcn- 1 eraUy attributed to western pio- [ neers.) you abandon it," The News quoted > .~ „ - . the Jersey City political leader as \ The newspaper Iv.vestia, organ ol p ] lIC k P d him from a low brunch. He saying In his telegram, 1 the Soviet government, said records ;v ,, stcd no t i, llc in rcsreus. 1 First he The new series on the life of [have been uncovered revealing thut ] ,. , - ,. , lll . e .'" la scribe of the ancient Russian citv ] or thp dnv the Democi-alic nationM vice chsiir- I f Ncrckhta |n Ryn , itl PrO vmce, ! ° f d ^ Then he slept. He slept most man will -start in tomorrow's editions, the Newark News tinmionced. It will be entitled "Frank Hague. last of the Bosses." Hague's telegram, HE published on page one of today's News, assailed j ' aloft before tbe i i one Kryakutnyi, went trial balloon 52 years MoiUgolfier brothers, (The Russians claim the first air- itane Hight was made by A, p. Ma- thc series of stories as "an attempt 1 zhaishy who Ls said to have flown to discredit me, thus hoping that >« * steam-powered craft several you may influence the gubcrnation- al election." 5 yours Marion Hutton establish , "A newspaper such a; which is endeavoring to itself as a leading newspaper in the state, should never undertake to publish the story of my life without my express consent, and I hereby you that your paper will j Crickard of Nort]iridgc . Ca | if ., he held strictly accountable for ° libel. "I have no confidence, because of the manner in which your paper has vilified me in the past, that your newspaper would publish the true facts of the story of my life, particularly in R year such as this when the governor of this state is Polly wen' say much about his adventure. He'd rather say "hello" and let it go at that. That's all. Just hollo. A body doesn't, just shoot off his beak about the sparrow bullies a filth his siv-R who treated him mean. Nor about the lire hose that dartip- ' cued his nrdor. \ Polly didn't have A chance. Every! body panged up against him. Ad- j vice camp from as far away as C1U- ! cago on now to defeat his bid for EL PASO, Tex,, July 18. j.<T>— j liberty. Blonde Actress Marion Hutton, 30, [ But he has the last laugh. They and Douglas Lmley Crickard were think he's thinner, so tbey'ie trying married here Saturday. i lo fatten him up. Klpln was reporting the Idaho legislative session but missed the day Miss Miller's engagement to Rep. Edwin Snow, was announced Morris. f, om the house floor. Snow had proposed from the floor earlier. Klein met Miss Miller for the firsl time when she checked the engage mei it story. Her engagement to Snow was broken a few weeks ago without explanation. decades before the Wright brothers.) i writes movie and radio scripts un- ! cJer the name of Jaci: Douglas. . head of the Jersey City government i and I dare your newspaper to | publish one dishonest act of mine Fie gets all he wants to eat, Deadline Set •to be elected." "I have served 34 years as the ministration." WASHINGTON, July 18, </T J >—The Civil Service Commission announced Saturday Aug. 9 will be the dead„. ___ j. j. applications fui : nostmas- as the mayor of Jersey City during , crshitl( , lt nau^itp Aik that time, or point to one breath of j LcrsUl ' ls at UMiMle, AiW. .scandal or ciishonesty I n the old Summertime Best thing about a hot day is that it makes cold drinks taste so good ...particularly when they're made with 7 Crown — Seagram's finest American whiskey. NEW LOW $23366 •ST llenl a Camera tor Color Pictures i rtu- iili-uj v*nj in rcmenmei spr cusiiitis Also uttici typcii ol ca BARNEY'S DRUG STORE HWHi \V Main ['hone RENT A CAR You Picas* Simpson Oil Co Phone 937 I'KKSCRll'TION SKKVICE Phone tliUI Nichols Drug EXPERT Prescriuliun Service 4% HOME LOANS ROTHRQCKDRUGCO I'/MitTl ri. Johnson I'he l^quitable Life Assurance Society I'tiunr H'i'iK Ki SOFT WATER BUT SHOK REPAIR COSTS LESS! 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