The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BJ/CTHEVIUJ3;- (ARK.) COURIER '--NEWS' MONDAY,- JUNK 22, 1936 Lett] Social Calendai TUESDAY'S EVENTS Miss Peggy McKeel having Ycuuaer Set Bridge club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS W. M. C.. Lake Street Methodist chvrch, having ice cream supper at church. Daughter Horn A daughter was born yesterday to Mr. and'Mrs. Jiles Rambg Jr, at their home on South Division St. The bnby has been jiafncjl DorU June. Miss Sue J3ull <yi^ioun«s ( , Plans for Her WedOluR ', • . Miss Suo Butt, whoso liinrrlnse tc William Morrison Robinson, of Cape Glrardcau, Mo., will ,l)e one of; the most interesting events Of the summer season, has announced' plans for her wedding, It will take place Friday, July 1.7, at Uic First Baptist church nt -1.30 o'clock in the afternoon. 'Hie brUteTelecl's sister. Miss Ruth Butt,'will be her maid of honor and Miss Margaret Keck is to'- be bridesmaid. Frtd M. Robinson, of St. Louis, .will', be his bra- ( ther's best roan and another brother, John"!?..- Robinson, of Bt. Louis, is to; be the groomsman. Betty Black' niece 'of Miss Butt, will be the-flower girl. The br.ide's mother, Mrs. .Arthur Murray Butt, will give her In' marriage. " t The ceremony Ls to be ncrfonn- cd by the Rev. George W. Pyles, pastor of the First Methodist church of Pnragould, who is a I American movie fans sooiTmav inornti/i»- f\f (hrv m 1 fin *s fnimlV _" r i \ • ', •'.,. . v Sweden Backs New 'Garbo' member of the bride's family. Mrs, Murray Smart will be organist and Mrs, Paul'L. Tiplon, soloist. A number of 'affairs' 'arp being planned for Miss Butt. , * * 4 Stale rrciiilent Honored ••'•• liy lilyllicvillu .Chapter Mrs. Mary Tinner of Parrtgould, president of the state organization of the Business and Professional Women's club, was guest of the Blythcville club Saturday night and Sunday. Sharing honors with Mrs. Turner was Mrs. Nona. Dixon, also of Parsgould; who is chairman of this -district. > Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, Miss Corn Lee. Coleman and Miss'Eiila Epperson were hostesses for an Informal reception Saturday night, at the Epucison home. Lovely garden lUwcis ' decorated '; 'the house. There was music and refreshments .were served.. The breakfast Sunday morning was at the. Gpff hotel when 24 members, Mrs. Floyd White, formerly pf P.iiagould, ( MLss Margaret Shaver ahd Miss Adah H. Dohoho. attended'the'affair. The club colors of gicen andljcllovr Yicre c^ 1 lied out m the decoctions a,ml menu ' t » ' Mrs Girland Morgan picslncnl of the local club presided at tht breakfast Ihe program Included the reading ot the club collect the presentatiqn of tlfts to the hcnoied guests and a talk by I T 'i iTurnc In llei address she >- _^« t ! a "state ind national i- t'Sj'u (or th» new ^eal in urg ing [he \\omeii to coiitmuc their siudy courecs 'she' asked them to include in tins jear's program the study of ' Yduth' nnd the Crime Movement" She said she felt the:clubs'of, Arkansas would best carry out the national slo- Ban 1 The Business Woman "As A Cituen" with a slate slogan "Wise Intclligeril arid "Concerted Action.' After reviewing the accomplishments of,, the past five - years she asked the women to'becomc 'more active, 'more efficient and nior Interested''in completing the re niaining five years of the "Ten Years Objective." Mrs. Dixon, in a brief talk, coiur mended-the local club for their conued interest 'in the organization work since they became federated in 1925. After breakfast Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Dixon' wiire driven through the new park and shown the site of the Girl Scout hut which this club : is sponsorbig. , • i • - - • V Have Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. \V. Owen Blue had a dinner party last night for n number of their friends, when mil of town guests were:.Mr. and Mrs. Howard Perry of t Jonesboro, the Rev. : and Mrs. • D. B. ' Cook '. of Lcachville, Mrs. Lee. AVarrington jr., of Memphis, Mrs. Aline Brower , and J. W. Cothran of Mount Ver- r.on, III. , .- ,-• , Gladioli and sweetpeas were wed ; to decorate the Itvuig • and dining rooms .•_ where . dinner served. * t * Fish .Fiy Given. Mr and Mrs J c Ellu". o EaifieM,,-entertained with a fisl fry Thursday night compllmi-nt ing Mr. and Mis W H Holurnl gnd their.housegucsts. Mrs Geor ge Frajser and grand daughtei Annle^; Jean Williams, of Wats Valley, MKs, and J.trs Fran Thcmpson. stnd daughter. Frances cf Covinston, lenn, Mrs Thonip ten Is : a : ;- sister of • Mrs. Holcom and Mrs. Frayser is their mo tner. •" " - 1 _* ' » Ccimlry Club Ficnlc;,Cancelled. Th6,(pi(iniC..supper, planned b the cociaj'committee ct the r pur try clib for Thursday, has bee cancelled come face to back with ;> hew "Garbo" from .Sweden—th^ lovely IngrUl Hcrftman. who, ai 18, IIUE capered Ihe hearts ot Kuropc-nn filmuocrs. She hasn't .vet reached the•. Amcricur, scene, lint ngtice that she sccmi to cast an allu'rms skli glancs Ihis Ava.v, even Ilioiigh she hni turned n chnrmin^ lownrd lis: •' ,v back Bits ol' News Moslly Personal Mr.' and Mrs. William LnFonl of "New Miidrid, Mo., arc gucst-s of Mr. and Mrs. .Adolph Mcyc-ra oday. Mrs. Meyers is a sister ol yir. LaFonl, who formerly lived icrc. Mrs. U. N. Waro and son and daughter have returned to thcli home In Tallulah, Ln., ailcr n visit with;Dr.'and Mrs. HU))tcr C. Sinis and other friends. Dr. «i|d- Sirs. Hlinter, C. -Sims trip tlircugh the west, included in their flops were, vnr- lor* cities in California and Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Sum plcnnnn hove as Iliclr t'Ucst. Mr. Hor- mnn's uncle, Jo; Allimui, of Holly- weed, Calif., whu will lie here several days l>ef<irr returning home. Mr. and Mrs. Flonuan and children motored to 1'aducah, Ky., for him ycslt-rdiiy, J. 8. Ho^an left Siinclny for Lew Aivjelcs, Calif., where he will spend soiiio time with his daiigh- Icr, Miii. Stcllii Ki'llcy. gummy Pcndeivsrust, of Osccola, Is a patient at the SI. Joseph's hcspital, Memphis. Miss Janlc Mrjvlu was taken lo tho Moniphls Bar (1st . lios-' pilal yesterday. A. 13, ralrfleld, who has born 111 for some llnif, is now 'Mila lie up. Mr. mid , Mrs. Ralph Nichols and daughter, Martha, spent the week-end with .rclalivcs at Junet;Loro. Marcus r.vrard Is In clmncury court, at Forrest City today. Mr. .and Mrs. Jack ApplelKumi und son, Jack, are Kjiendlny this week In Ya/.oo City, Miss., wilh Mr. Applelmuni'ii p-areiils. Miss Martha Chambers, who Is employed In Memphis, will come home Saturday . to spend .u two weeks vacation with her parents. Mr. ahd''Mrti; H. L-. Chambers. Cloyd Returns From • Christian Conference The Kev. Carroll 1). Cloyd, uas- lor of Ihe First-Christian church, returned lost night (rom Petit Jean Monnlaln, near Morrllltort, Ark., where he was dean of men at the annual yoctiB propb's conference of Ihe Christian churches cf Arkansas. llulh Krwln and Harry Cloyd also ulleiided the conference. . ; -This 14th session hud CO students from all parts of the slate who heard national .and state leaders .for. a .\\cck of Intensive study and trainincr, The Rev. Mr. Cloyd also taught twn courses and was vesper' speaker at Ihc Saturday" evening ficMTlc? niul condrctcd the communion service Sunday' morninr;. .Thesci programs am helii^ held so n.n to provide a I mined leadership for the future church, the Rev. Mr.' Cloyd said In comment- Romance Again Fails Heiress motoicd to ncai W>nnc \cs ing upon the 'conference. Hornei'svilio Society — Personal', lerdaj foi Hunter Sims Dick While and Russell ran who ic , Hccce '1-H Club. Y iurncd home Tflci « week at the! The, 4-H Cii!b.?at-Iiccce met lu Boy Scout camp Uhe'community'kilcjien with Mrs. J W Shouse ji Bill pliainblln Hntllc Recce ;and Mrs. John Cni;l- ul iicu EMlhcrfoid ictiuiied well Uic sponsors. The meeting Suntlc-3 fioin the Hoy Scout camp wis presided over: by Bob McNelll ncni Wjnnc whcie lliey spent u «'«' Jake Dau'gherty. After the Aeek Mi and Mi-s Shouse drove 'cgular routine- of business the ovei for them I members song Cliib songs. Frances Mr and Mis Adolph MCJLII A ":' ie ' 1 & avc » special solo selec- had as,.'.their .guests ^Saturday" Ubh.- Lbrctta Eiibanks gnve a dem- Klis'Ma'ry' Lealli, prinmfy':'super-' onstrallon ;ln "Setting the Table." visor of Memphis ' schools ' Miss'" Durlnu the social hour cakes nntl Salllc Wnlrtron. principal"of llic lemonade were served. The next (.ions' Open Air school : nt'AIcm- [>hls, and Miss Virginia'fiLcath, Icachcr In the , Ucllevne .cJuiilor High school there. Bcfo're' her marriage Mrs. Meyers wns-n.mcm- ;er of a Memphis 'school- faculty. Barbara and 'Rosemary. Child, daughters .of, Mr.' aild Mrs. Fred Child!... spent':..; the: weekend tu Memphis as'giiests of tliclr-uncle, ichard Mason, and Mrs> Mason, 'hlle there Barbara cut her knee > severely thai she was taken lo hospital where eight stitches ere , taken and a Ujtanus Khol iven. She is doing very nicely toy. , The Rev. J. j. Thompson is in onesboro for a short time. Mrs. A. J. Baker, who broke her Jimes Whltcornb UHey at on time used'the'pseudonym 61 Beh : r. Johreon.. 1 regular meeting will 02 held July 1. tills being the dale of the Fiirm und Forum Driver Grove News A week's revival mcelins. conducted by the Rev. Rcece Dillon closed here Sunday niglil. lluford Maxwell is very ill wltl' tuberculosis. Donald Hlllhousc, of Deerhig Mo., visited friends and relative: here and at Pecan Grove last wesl end. Miss O^raldinc pruelt visited relativei in Missouri last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. L Crump, of Po can Orove. spent last week her rm Saturday ni E hl when" she £f hp |}|? talter ' B mol " er ' Mrs ' " ftt "IS" waif in frCT ff?"* r,u" iloterl ' Cros »° "^ » Ws «»« £.tor V ?»•• llle ,, Rltz .bst week 'his mother, Mrs. Join • eater, Is rcstmg . vc.vy, well to-1 Po)k of Blv ( hevmc . ill's. Cecil Lee. of Dyersburg, nd Miss Jennie Wren Dlllnhunly. ho is visiting in Dyersburg, and 7ipley. spenL the weekend with Irs. O. W. Dillahunty. Susie Tayor .accompanied them; home for n ml.'' Crs. Corl and 'Edna Nics returned Saturday .from-a- six ueck.i rui.i. I>:;LICATI:SSEN LINE Cheeses for all tastes Cold Meats of any kind Fruit Juice & Ginger Ale FRESH YARD FX3GS DAILY I'lCKARD'S GHO. & . MEAT MARKET ' Phone 673 —We Deliver; '• lOU Chickasawba , ! t MDBt/Sf, FifAS amt.-efarCKMtUN6 insect* Bc^.Hrand insect Powder is lincr-nroun'd ..^-into many more killing particles per •-ounce. That's why it kills crawling insects 32% cillickcr. Bee Brand Insect T'bwder is harmless to children and pels "^ ' —will not contaminnte iacds. Art for it by name. Kill Flics, Mosquitoes with Bee Brand Insect ' Spray'. Contains 47% extra killing power ('W/c 1 inoro pyrathnns). McCormick & Co., Inc., liallimorc, Md. Luxora Society — Personal On Devil's Trail in Tulsa Mopup I'cttel Broach, of Adkins, Ark., Is spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. Thomas n. Wilkins. Mrs. James T. nandcll and son, James T. Jr., are visiting Mrs. Handell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blljb, of Booncvlllc, Ark. Mrs. W. W. Cowan hits as her guests Mrs. Aria Butler, of Osceola, and Wiley Bragg, of Detroit, Mich. Mrs. William Thwcatt is visiting l:er daughter, Bessie Eleanor, of Chattanooga, Term. Mrs. Louise Mellonry and rlaugh- tor, WncJc, have returned from a visit of one week In Clarksdale, Miss. Pr. and Mrs. Bogan went to Hot Springs last Monday to attend a banquet In 'honor of Mrs. Edith McLaln. Grand Worthy Matron of Arkansas. Thomas p :! .wi!kiiis has boon in Little Hock';allc'n<tti)g to business. Mrs. Edith McLalri, Grand Worthy Matron of Arkansas, will start making her olllclal visits in this district, today, starting with Blytlie- villc, Tuesday Joncsboro, Wednesday Trumann, Thursday MonCHc ind Friday Wynne. -.Mr's., ! E, R. Hogan will accompany her on these visits. . •••••• Little Ann ,Claire . wilkins re- lurn«l to Joiiesborp with'Miss'Lola Hill Sunday to spend a week with lor grandmother, Mrs. H. U. Wil- kius. Her second marital venture j Little Richard • Perry, of Evan- proving'a failure, one of Amcr- . Islon,. III., ts visiting Mr ; and Mrs. CHURCH EXCUSES :lly O. W. Barliani- Dear Aunt: Yes, H was like I wrote you aucut the first of the year Hut we' fully Intended to slart In going to church and it, was our aim to go every Sunday : for If there Is one tiling Archibald Insists on 11 is that '. things ' be done regular. I'hat is why we arc such good church workers, If we pretend .lo do a .-Ihlnsr we give our all 'to it. Hint Is the reason Junior is the H.-L ,\ Hue specimen that he Is. since lie to l>c riuht up in front in every- como we had lo give up every-1 thins 1« does. I suppose that is I'.inp;, even the church. Of course natural as he Is Junior's father. ieu'a richest heiresses, Mrs. Muriel Vjmtlerbilt Phcjps, above, was granted a divorce in Reno. She was given the decree on (he ground of menial cruelty liom Henry Delalicld Plielps, Newport social .notable, whom ii'.l? married in 191!. The Vau- ilcrbilt heiress divorced Frederic Church, Jr., tamer Harvard football star, in iSZS. "You can't fight the devil wilh kid gloves," is the motto of tho Hcv. Mary Hubbcrt Ellis, above, Philadelphia Primitive Methodist, shown with, obscene literature she says she obtained from a Tulsa, Okla., bookseller by posing as a "inadame" of ill-fame. She already has caused.severar arrests In ' her campaign to "clean up Tulsa and then America." J. I. Mifflin. B. o. wilkins and Marvin Spann left Sunday to attend a BoBy Scout Mrnp al Wynne, They will bcgona a week. Mrs. Charlie- Thomas, who was formerly M| ss Wllma Tennyson, was guest of honor at a party giv- icn by Mrs. R. W. Nichols Tuesday ial the Scout Hut. ! Garden (lowers decorated- the room where the seven tables were arranged for llio bridge-.gamcs. i Mrs. W, L. Wallers won a crystal jsniKlwit'n tray for high score, Mrs ! Bob Oillisplc sr., a luncheon set I lor second high, and Mrs.- Thomas ]D. Wilkins ; R crystal bowl for low. Mrs. Thomas was presented a hos- Dr. and Mrs. U E. Cooper and | tcss tray. A salad course was serv- n Lawrence have rctiirncd from i ed wilh fudge cake, and iced tea week's vacation at their cabin to (he 28 guesls. Eleven Point. • The out of town guesls were Mrs. Jo= Travis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Segraves, E. H. Cri'hlicld A.. Travis, has accepted a post- j Donald Wcrtu, Ted prison of Osce- n In llic People's Drug Store at' oltl , and Mrs. Charles Bcall, of r ashington, p." C. He is the son Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. .Travis.-j. Miss Corilln Kearney ; has rc- irncd home after atteridiiig col- Huffman Baby Dies Of Colitis Early Today | it's hardly fair to say Junior Is Ihe cause of our giving up llic church for we have not been to church since we moved here, und that was quile some time before Junior came, but we really arc good workers if wo could get Etarted In but there are so many things to keep us . away from church. Archibald is a much bot- than I am for he likes Midway Notes Mrs. E. M. McDonald. relumed i week ago Sunday ' from Hicknan, Ky., where she'was the guest of relatives. She,'was'.accompanied j homeless children jn llic Soviet Dome by her liiece, .Miss Clarice Union will be taken from asylums Darnell, who will 'be her house and placed under the guardian- Private Homes to Take Move Soviet Orphans MOSCOW (UP)— Thousands of ship of Individual fomllit"> under a law adopted by presidium of the . Central Executive Committee. Guardianship of children will be iiiest for two or three weeks. E. M. McDonald was.a visitor In Memphis Friday. W. M. Burns and Harvey Morris of BlylhcviHc were business visit- undertaken voluntarily, the footer ors here Friday. . • ! parents being given monthly pay- Hy Hoover had his hand cut j nicnts for .support of their wards i:i 11 saw Friday. ' ' . ' and collective farm families beins Luther Chambers anil A. J.[given additional aid in purchasing; Hill were visitors in Blythcviilc j livestock and building houses. ( Saturday. i The children for adoption range Leonard'Hill left here for Law-I in aee between 5 months and M ton, Okla.. Wednesday. He visited ; years. Guardionship will end when parents for a week. Mr. and Mrs. C. X. Fold were visitors in Blytheville Saturday. MusquJlo War in Films ALAMEDA. Cal. (UP)—Motion Kenneth Vickcrs. 20 months old I pictures have now been made of the child reaches 1C. Penalties are provided against person's undertaking the guard- i ianship of a child for mercenary [aims and against IhMe who nce- .ect adopted children. Sleelc-Cooler Society — Personal son of Mr. and Mrs. John Vlck- crs of Ihe Huffman community,' died at 5:45 o'clock this morning of colitis. Funeral services will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning at the family home and interment will he made nt Number Nine! cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Home I TOO LATE TO CLASSIFV c Martin, the Miss Virginia Fleiiiminj was guest of honor at a shower parly given by Mrs. Thomas !•'. Hudson 111, have returned from Shreve- orl, Lu., where they attended the cnfcdcratc reunion. - 1 • • Ralph (Pill) B arbor, who. spent ic past sis: months' -at 'TrciitoVl, enn.,. where he was employed, as returned lo Cooler for an ex- •nded visit wilh his .father. Phillip Koury and. Miss Olga :oury .were visitors in Uerriti, m.' ic latter nart of llic week: ' •' Frank,; small son of Mi. and i Irs. Gordon Southern, is iiuprov- ig after having hod symptoms of | lood poisoning in nn infcctccl ool. .Doulhit Wliiirield s visiting: his' .s'tcr, Mrs.- Emmelt Yatcs, and Ir. Yales at Memphis. , ' |V: Mrs. William Sliilham ' and sqiv illlc arc visiting the former's aicnts. Mr. and JUrs. C. M. Sel'f,' '„ Weir, Miss., for two weeks. ; Miss Blizabclh Huey, assistant, ostmlstrcss at Cooler, Is spending 'Cr vacation with relatives in 'cnnessce. Miss Ovelia Young Is ,-orking diirinc her absence. '. ' Jhmme Lumpkius has returned o his home in Lawrcnceburg. 'cnn., after a visit here with his .mil. ranged to play bingo. .- . ' .' During (he game iced grape jnict \ras served. Mrs. B. O. Wilkins and Mrs. W. Clark received llic prizes, 'Which they gave to'the hndo-sl"ct with .;all;the.oilier gifts Cake and ice cream was served to llic 40 guests. The crtim was In t'ne,shape of a weddinsr bell. Realty Transfers . ' Vurranly Ilccds J. Goldsriith and Sons Co tn Hazel Miller, one-fourth iiitercsl in west lot 2 and nil of -3;::b!ocji'. r - 37 of Blythes fust lot addition .to, Dlythevilic U. S. Bianson lo W D ML Clurkin Lois •' Powell McClurkin, lol . 4, block i Chicki sawbn ' Ganlen . addition td' Bly- thcviilc.- i : • • - Alumcda county's military operations against the mosquito. Best shots include .that of the motorcycle oiling equipment, squad, speeding to deal destruction to millions of mosquitoes by spraying oil on breeding pools. h in charge ,of funeral arrant'e- meiils. " He is his parents and one cisler. As much power goes over iNiag- 5 a _ dC ' 8 " ) c " ick "sawba. My home fcr sale Cheap — 1118 Chlckasawba, 'I rooms and bath, gargjc, servant house, garden. 1 Week frcm school house. W. B. 22p Courier News Classified Ads Pay. -; BLACK- ; J DRAUGHT r FAMILY W< J LAXATIVE V ara .Falls daily as is contained in n day's mining of coal all over the world. ' . " CITZ COOLKST Sl'OT.IN TOWN! Time Today Number' With Robeit la\lot antl Lniotta doling llso mill I'atsj Rcllj Bisll Rath bone and iVLirjonp Gatcson llic JLJIS l.iirinlii- thrill She Md hei rcosoi<s fnr n-ilking out en the millionaire man she loved T-l imeuiil I»cns iiirl OLr Gin>- Con eilj — AdiwiisioK — Malincc— 10 * 23c— Willi Ic T;^ Niglll— 10 ft 35c— Will Ic Tax TUESDAY 550 BANK HOT COFFEE SEnVEt) WtliiRE IT'S COOL Havejyonr mid-morning cup In Ihf AIR CONDITIONED 'Coffee kjUOp at HOTEL NOBLE Your Vacation Trip Calls for Glean Clothes The satisfaction of. ,a perfcdly cleaned wardrnbo will ,add to thp pleasure of yoiir' trip •'. . • .let us t:ot yoiir .clothes-vcady for pitching. • . j: BARNES' NU-WA Phone ISO ; MENACE TERRORIZES NATION! BRIAN DONLEVY AUflN DINEHrtRT RALPH MORGAN HELEN TROY HITA CANSWO •.HaiFiejKilSolH,tt'iul;:l b»Allio D-ia -Novclly and "Danserous Jol-s' 1 —Admission— M?!ince—10 i Z5c—Wilh Ir Ta\ Night—10 * 33c—With Ic Tax Vou on allcml the Itlalincc Tuc5rl.iv. rrgiskv and have ,\ cli.T.rc (o win Hunk Depcsil uill:- cut bciiip present Tuesday iii.qlil. ! as! week Sirs. Carol Blakcmnr: \vr.n (he S175.0J hy attending Hi M.ilincc. ONE WEEK ONLY JUNE 22 to 27th IF STYLE 250—2-Threarl. SI-Gangs. Goiuiiiic Crepe Twist. Regular §1.25 Grade 3 Pair S2.85 STYLE 535— 2-Tlirentl CliifTon. Genuine '/OC Fr. Grenadine Tvvisl. Ki'p. 51 Grade 3 I'air 'S2.25 STYLE 30-i— 3/riireacl CliifTon. Special Ba.l anccel Twist.. Regular $1.00- Oracle 3 I'air S2.25 ' STYLE 103— 4-Tliread. Special High Twist. £ Regular 70c Grade u 3 I'air Si- 75 Pr. Tlie Stockings AVoinen Adore Claussner "NOT HYS" . Knee Length STYLE G63—2-Thrcad Chiffnn Genuine Grenadine Twist. 7Q' J Fl Regular 51 Grade ' ' 3 rnirs SZ.25 STYLE 315—3-Thread Special Bal- fi()C Pr. aiiccd Twist. Reg. &4r. Ornde 1 '- 7 3 1'airs S2.00 STYLE 101—1-Thrend Special CO ( ' ''' liieh Twist. Hcj.Wr.Gnn2>''' CCI.OHR: COHI'EH SKIN, CAI11>Y, I'AGO, BUKJIA, .MISTY.

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