The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 2
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I ' BLYTUEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIT, 8, 19-17 Church Group Has Annual Tea And Guest Day ^ GenQva;Hagan Becomes Bride ',0f Benjamin Worthington White | Mrs. Wrotcn Hostess i With Rehearsal Supper S J One 'of / Spring , weddings >vas '^xest^rtlay morning whci ^ Tlie final atfair lionoi-liia Mr. tintl o( Mrs. Benjamin WoiUiitigtou White Silythevhle's prettiest 1'prinal-. ofl-the-shoulder dress solemnized-Iflut' with a ruffle ftround hen Miss Ot- j-Jcclcllne mid a bouffant skirt. fneva ^'u»a Hagaji, d'uug&er of e.lioa'-'tength'mitts were it malch- JJff. dud Mrs.- W. E Hftg*». bscaine irfe blue shade Mid she carried C( , c .|, Wrotf . n ]tl)e,;bride of Benjamin Worthing-; a \Colonlal bouquet of mixed fiow- nceoratliiB'the table were mlnln I line figures uf a bride niul bride-' ,'j lc before I lie a marriage yesterday wits n rehearsal siippw Suiulny night at Ilulel Noble given by Mrs. jtontWlVHc. Eon of Mr. and Mrs. cis. SB. B^Winte. i» a -eerf-mo-.iy at 9:30,. .„_.„, I o'clock at lho Church of the Im- kaiiims stuic Collide. Jonesnovo, n 0 wc'i-« linacnlttle. Conception, The Rev. _B, aiull Miss Anl] no^clt of Monn>!)i), c( i j,, ', The MtDevltt. pastor, oificmiecl cousin of the bride, va-ve Iwliles- Jat the double ring ntes. He was mil jd.s. Their dresses were fashlon- '•Visisted by the Rev. Paul Bujarski, ed ,-jj ;e t!snl nt Ulo irftid of hom)! .. assistant pastor, and the Rev: II. H. MiSs , p errj ,, s dreSs w!ls pink , mii rndeilm of Pocahontss. Miss,I HasloU's, vcllow. They also Easter flowers decorafed the C arri?a Colonial' church with Easier lilies and InlL . • , Mute plowing tapers In "™"^«< alone Uhe sa r cinctla'ora providing a background. tVwoi- v,ere. fci tlie wedding party. ' s A program of rive-nuptial «nrt muptial music was presented by I'Sisrrr M. DeJores. organist, Miss jHplma Jolmsen, vocalist, and the ' C'lui li of the. Immaculate Concep- bouqucts frocks fntihinncil lines n.s the muid the flower Kirls. Anita I Wioten ivoi'c- a i;ink <livs::. Ann W'UUe. hhie. -.HH\ Muiy tuu Thro, iyeljnw. They rsirnud miniature Cblouial bouquets. Mr. White was his son's b»st lion Choir. MisV.-.'Johnson-- EMi S ,"a'i a:wl ushers were •loiiiinle Hiw- Bich Gounod's "Ave Maria" and 'f- of \ Memphis, Gerald Cassuly.' Mother, At. vmir T< Kwe',-! student \: me bv wlille tapers burn- ill holders. juests Included members parly, relatives nnd Inllmu'e friends ol Mr. and Mrs. While. Prom out of town were Mi-,i. Anna Ila.siutt and children, Mi!iic, Ann mid Jiick. of Memphis C!ernl<| Cnssldy, .student at University or Arkansas. Clarence Johnson, student, nt Bowllnjs Orecu Business College, Bowllnij Green, Ky., Joe Sulverl "i St, Elmo, III., \Ioiin O'Neal jr., nf I lose li ton, On., unu. Clmrles luuxles ol KlVinj-lui 111. v'Rosowi:k.'The el.oir sang PaycltjviMc. and Bin stemac ""-'i MMI-U •milieus" by Cesar l-'ianek, Felix Ciirncy. Fred While niul SMi"" 11 } 1 fart° Green us soloist. Tlicy Stemac were altar hoys. university or Arkansas!; Birthday Party Honors y Ann Fisher, 10 Ca' „ iccompanied by Sister oelor who played traditional wedciin'J ,c and Lohengrin's wedding :ii by Wsgner us tlie nroces- lOial «nd wedding march from "A s ansummer . .ivjight's Dream" W Immediately following ihc ceremony, u| «eddinu hreakfiiKt and receptioni were, held nl the home of tile bride's parents at Armorel. Lxively ffcrrangeincnts of flower.'* decorated) the home. Mrs. sterling y Ann Fisher, danahtei- of Mr mid Mrs. Homer Fisher, ucicfcrnl" licr loth birthday yesterday with parly ut lhi> liume of her yaroti The 111 tueals were sewed re- (rcslnnciils ol Ice cvcivm «ml cake and presented favors of basket: filled with dimly. Mrs. Fisher, assisted by Mrs. Wil lie Hod^c, entertained the Kimip ^VDMicelssohn as "the recessional. Price Mftitin Jr.. and Mrs. Cecil rue bride wore a wedding lirecs Wrotcn presided nt thu refieslnneiu i-of white - slipper satin fashioned table.' "which was centered'.h iivath' a sweetheart neckline and'irises and') tulips. The three-tiered I'long" Jeg-of-inulton .sleevos which wedding: .ytkc. which was served |._..._ .. „ . ,, Icame to a point'over her' wrists.! with a bnveracc at Ihc icceptlon WlVlb Has business lYlC'Cl lit was titled" at the waistline with was toppsd with miniature fig- bridal couple, A l!'Ci:i The Woman's Missionary Society Bits of News Mo-lUy Easter Egg Hunt Given The Blasler Bunny came to Johnny McDowell The home or his grandmoihi'r. Sirs. J. D. McDowell, on Highway C! .Souili The Missionary Study Group ol when she and Johnny's moth--i'. The first Clirivtian Chin-ell held Mrs. John D. McDowell, ciilertanin- its nniuml tea and guest clay meet- ed with an Easier esit hum. ycuUirday at the home of Mr.>. Gatlieflng at the iiomo were!" E. }il. Terry, when Mrs. J. C. Me- of Johnny's fnt-nds. and Mrs. Freeman Robin-, They were served Ice cream in an sou were co-hostesses. Ten mem- Easter rabbit design, of the Missionaiy Society ol Myron . Christian T. Nailing Church, Mrs. Mrs. Welby j { - SoW/er Promrfcrf pa bouffant skirt-and a long, train. :Ter 'fingertip veil wag fastened at 'tlie -jcrown xvith a'.lace'halo arid -hie carried a white Prayer Book /lopped with .1 white ructild, from whir-h satin streamers fell. Miss Graicvievo-. Hngan wiis her sister's maid of honor, she wore a nres of cloth covered the luble. Later, tSiey left, for trip. The irlctc wore for A I of First Baptist Cliurcli Jiati n rsg- Nveddinj; J \ilar business meeting yesterday nf- trm'e.lini;. ternoon at (In? Unircli. . Blomi-yer ltd l)«s op-.n- nud Mrs. Lloyd Stick- tho devotional. "Violin a blue wool-crepe dres.^ with :ist.vli:;(i Mrs. K. F pcplum- anid full sleeves. She wore] ing prayer a pale pink blouse with a hut in )»t>n gnvc malchini; 'shade and 1 tilnck ficccs-| Sermon." Mi's. C. M. Smart led In sories. Piciicd at her shouUVei' wivs. rUi.sln: n wliltc orchid corsage. Guests from out of town included Charles '.Rhodes of ElTiufjbain,! M..,, Plplflc Hnqjoqc; III., J. W. O'Neal Jr., of Ilosshton. Ivll!> - ' lt - 1Ut> llo!) "- t ' ;j oa., Joe sciver of si Elmo, in.. J o GEO Club Members Mrs. Grant J^rnkes. Alis:; Marie Jatibje and Mr. and Mrs. Bla'ck M rs . j u i m P . -pici-js wn s hostess Pawklcs,' nil of Carulhcrsvillc. Mo.: lust ul( . llt k> mem bers of the C.1BO Mr. and Mrs. L-i'Mastcs of. conchas c , , , a u , 10]ne ol - RfrSi j c Dam, N. M.. Clarence Johnson. pm _ ... „. T ,,. r ni,t r i .. i . -^ TV.. f. _ „>.._:.__„ tilll^ ij L ,, ill 15111 1JLIU, " i Ai-ranecincnts of Jnponlcn ilpc- . _ ,. •«•*-> , ^ » oratftJ ciUcrtdhilcii' rooms. A'dt^ntSf rlfvM ™* Vcm. GooVh won ,,, B 1, *r k o^ S . ^.etievnio, Jim Ay ^ ^^ •» c^^m^ and Mr. mid Mv». Jack Chnmblln nml -hlldien, Jaek antl JelT, jtceoin- !>nincd Ijy Don Clianibliu, have re- lumed to Fayctlcvlllc. where- Mr. ChumljlSn und Don are student.-! nt University of Ai'kans'i.-. They •lieul the Kaslcr holidays with Mi 1 . Chninblln's and Uoii-s parents, Mr. nml Mrs- L. ». Clwmbltii. Miss Mary Kathcrine Ileesf: of Joncsboro will lie Ihc guest u few days ol Mrs. II- E. SinUn and l-.imily. A i!i-oii|> of University of Arkansas udcms retui-mny -to T'ayettevlllt yesterday aiier spendini; the tiii- lioliduyti here wcrt Bill Cross Evcre.ll Crosloe, Bryce IJiy«>n niul Bill b'Vovall, uccoinpulncil by Meriell Osbornn uf MinUla. 'Hiey were innlorcd by Bill Slovall. Mrs. W. L Robertson, of Atlanta, Texas, the former Miss Ueb;i Jackson. Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jack GztneiU. mill family here. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Campbell, their daughter Jeanne, Miss Mary Outlaw and Miss Gage Clark s|)™t Sunday In Little Rock. Condition of J. C. Droke •''-.. who underwent an apendectomy yesterday at nlychcvllle Hospital is satisfactory. Mr. and Mr.s. J. C. EUK and Mr. and Mrs. W. 51. Hilroinb will return tonight, from Jacksonville, Fla.. where they liuv.j been the past week. Mrs. B. B: Wilson had ns her weekend guesln her tlanijIUei-, Miss Mary Emily Wilson, ton. Oick Wilson, and Sidney Rei;ei', nil ot Memphis nnd another SOD, Joh:i Bruce Wilson, student r.t, Arkiinsu-i State CollcBC, Jonesb'ira. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn NIcl'Us and (laughter. Sandra, of Kalinniixo'), Mich., lire visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stiles, of Yavbro. E. Johnson, Mrs. M. E. Pope, Mrs. ll. L. Still, Mrs. T. I,. Klchards and Mrs. Anderson Miller were Itucttx. Mrs. Russell Barham iireslde-l ovtr the business meeting and Mrs. Cliat'lii' lidojjddn hull charge of the program, which was a continuation of the study of fndia. "Two Traveler's Conversation' \ volume-ill Service SubolTico at Fort was jjre.-it riled by Mrs, J. P. G.i"- iillss, Texas. i-Dli, "anil Mrs. Sam Hanlt-y. be-J lore thu story of Jennie V. Plem- j HISS w:v; tuHi by Mrs. Brogdon. GMirr stories lold were "Mnry, An Indian Girl" by Mrs. Ufl«o Criif- I James T. Cagcl. son of AS:-, and Mrs. Cloud Casjlc of Luxor.i. I been promoted to the uraeie of stair sergeant in the llcgulur Army, Die Army announced I •SUilf Scrijcant Cagle served '23 months overseas and is at prosesil assigned to thf! Research and Uo- Coming Events India' ton and "llira Lil" by Mrs. James Terry. Hell <•»!! of .Missions in was elvcn by Mis. W. 1). 'Mrs. Hen Ifarpolo, Mrs. Uarham, 'Mrs. 'Mi;Hauc-y, Mrs. Ben llender- soiv Mr.s. 'Brla Whilli.'y niul Mrs. •Rc'jjnixjn. Tlie iievolional "A Hit'h- way Shall He There and A Way" was {;iven bv Mrs. Haijiole. Mrs. A. II." Wetenkiimp presented the .sc-riplm-e an<t toltl the story nl ' Missionary Traders in India." A jiiclin-e show entitled' TUESDAY High- School Parent-Teacher .solution mecling at t!ie Oipnne Quintuplets, Now 1, Serve as Bridesmaids \ At Wedding oi Brother, 20 CALL/VNDER. Ont., April 8 lUPH —The Dionne quintuplets, no\y noai-' ly 13 years old, were bridesmaids yesterday when their eldest brother. Ernest Dionne. 20, was married to Jcaiuiclle Guindoii, a school teacher from nearby Corbel!. The couple will make thei-.- home in a building formerly used i>* the quints' nursery. The quint 1 ; now live with their parents and other brolheis and sisters In a honu; adjacent to the nursery. The fjnijifs WOK; fwicks sly.'cd with black velvet bodices with I'uil pastel shaded skirts. Their headdresses were of Mlkncl and corsages matched their gowns. will continue to help his falher operale tile Dionne fi'irnv Osceo/o News PIN WO GO! NsiV Treatment Gets Real Results Don't let your child suffer the lormrnt of I'fR'Wornist Toil»y. thanks to n BJICCI medically recognized drop, a Mswy elite- live treatment hofl been made iiodsiblL-. So watch for the warMixu sifina, cape- cSolly Hie omhnrrnsstnK rt-cliil itch. ti<?t JAYNE'S P-W riebt away anil follow tnu directions. These small, c&ay-tu.1.uhu UUeU were developed afttr yearn ot uatfetit ro- cvarcb in the labomloriw of Dr. D. Jayne & Son to act in a special way to ttmwve Pi it-Worms, It's easy to remember: P-W (or Pin-Worcia I Cobh. E <-hool, a o'clock, prereeiled by executive board .-._..-- ,. Cluirl v-'x Chrptor of D:ui«h- te;-s ff !'ie Aineiu-an Itevtilu'Lion meeUiiK in mivato' tlining room of Delta Calls 1 p.m., wit.'i Mr.s. Oi'uri-'C U. Pollock and' Mrs. James HiU J"., :vs hostesses. Mrs. \Vorth Holder hostess to Trl-Town Club. Cltb EH:lit meeting with Mr= Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinders spent Ihi! weekend in Cornitli, Miss., with relatives. Mr. and Mis. Bruce Ivy, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shippen arc on a business trip in BDoxl, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. J, u-m William.? H and baby have 'returned to their home in Jonesbovo after days visit with relatives In Osceu- la. «r. ami Mrs. E. J. Kj'l<* of Ben- Ion ariivcd yeslrrday to attend luneral services for D. Fred Taylor Sr. Mr. and Mis. Emmll 1 . Hunt spent Sunday with Mr: Hunt's relatives in llnimng, Tenn. Forlli" was shown by the Rev. Tit. Graham Sudbury. S. Btiird after he had led the Mrs. L. E. Old hostess to TIIOS- Blidue Club. Paul Mnhon Bunco Club. j;ronj> in prayer. I-'ollowini; the program, which WHS dosed by the Missionary Ueii- cdicliori, tea was servetl from the] dining table, which was decorated | in :i yellc-iv .-.iiti while coltir schemr; used throughout the home. Tulips and other Spring Iliwers coin[;letett i;ic sealing. iMrs. Preemaii nobinson presided at Hie lea btblc. hostess to ton. Refreshments we-c served. WSCS Meeting Held At Methodist Crurcli Mrs. Hugh WhHsitl presided at the business tiiecliutc of Wotuti Sonltfly of Ghvistlun Service First McthodLst Ciunx-h ye.stcrduy at the clun^ch. Mrs.- L. E, Baker gava the clc- vollnn'il nm\ dLscusscu' "I'lje I Apnvt." Jlosinjr prisycr was given by IV Jnmc.s TliH jr. Five WMS DcJegates To Attend State Meet OSCEOLA, Ark.. Apr" 8.-—Plans lor live dvlccntui from OsewViA V^' jnan's Misslonnry Society of First Itoptist Church lo sillcud the Stale WMU incctini! next week in Jonesboro were mndo ut lho monthly bu.^i- -icss session t>l" the organi/ation j't 1 ;;- .erday afternoon at the church. The meeting will be held Tuesday through Thursday at the First llnptlst Church in Joui'sboro. Mrs. A.. P. GUujcoe coaductod the business session. L. H. Aulry Will Speak For PTA "Fathers" Niht GUARD'S •Representative Ij. II- AuLry will !]n\-k toinonow night when tliu Sucibui'y Pni'L'nt-Tciu'hcrs ASaOciu- liou holds Us annual ''Fiithor's Nig)it" program, 7:3i) o'clock, lho school. Mr. AuUy \viH read Ihc Federal AUI Bili as il \vi\l be prcsculccl to Congress !\nd discuss Its meaning to schools, A sorkit hour will fo53o\v ihe program, • • • Eastc? Egg Hunts Still Hold Much Interest for Veteran Church Worker Mrs. Monte Ashcr. "Qi-nmlr.uilhnr" Ashcr to those who know her. iliilnt hunt E;ister eBgs with the primary (lcp:utiiiciit of Calvary tiiipiist Cluireh this yi-nr us has been t!ie i-nstoni in yoar.s i>nst. At 83 bhe set I thv IV.ICP fuv the youngsters \\lien | lho 'all's ready' sigiml \v;t,s sounded. | 'Ml this ye-.xv. at M, she ntteiuloil the piniy us .spcciiil siiesl ,\ivl siicc- liilor. 'I'hevc were 20 ineinuers of tlie cleiiintuieiit ut the luu\t, whic'.i vas "IJonsovotl by Mrs. Lelmul Hn;lno, Mr.s. Carrie Pruitt aiul Mrs. (ohiniy Hocott. all teachers In the church, of Evansvillr. Ind.. Mrs. Anna Has- Ictt and children, Ann. Marie anct Jncl\. of Menvohis. Vwo Parties Compliment Mrs. Marshal/ K. Kline OSCEOLA, Ark., April 8.—Mrs. Marshall K. Kline, who war. Miss Flavin Driver before her recent marriage, was honored last wt-ck wilh two parties. Mrs. John Allen and her mother, Mrs. John W. Edringlon, were ho:;- •s^es with a bridyc shower win-n :-vir ir.oles or snesis were rnt?r- tnlncd at the hom^ uf Mrs. Kdiiny- ton on Broadway. Miss Emily M.'ison won fir.u prizi and Mrs. Dane Feigns secon;!. Miss Elb.iibelh Ballon received low. Mrs.'J. Lan Williams II of Juncs- At The Hospital* ISI.VTHeVIMJE-"IIOSPITAI. Robert Lee Travier, Holland. Mo. .Jainc.s Kobinson, O.s'ceola. Irix IviiKont: Riley. city. Mrs. Jack Thro, city. Putty toil stillwell. city. Born to Mr. '.uici Mr.s. J. C. Clr:>- '•inin, city, a druiyhter. Dismissed: Lulu Mllcltrll. city. Mrs. Wade Owen, Manila. Mrs. Ben Lamb. Muniln. iVIn;. Harry Harris. Manil.i. Mrs. J. M Harding, city. M'ALF.S HOSPITAL Disniissed: Carl Clifton. Steel;;. Mo. Mrs. .1. A. Oakley. Decriiig. Mn. BAPTIST HOSPITAL, MEMPHIS Dismissed: Esther Carringson, Manila. METilOWST. HOSPITAL, '.'.' , IMKMPHIS Dismissed:.'!' ' II. K. IJamon, Blythevillc. TFiiyc Rnilcy,'B\i'thevil\c. . ilr.y 'Mrs. Avnloii WEDNESDAY Father's Night at Sudimrj-Sjhool tTA inectiiiR, 't.?o o':lo'2l:. Chapter D. I'. E. O. Sisterhood, meeting at the home of Mr.s. Her- mou Carlton. 1 p.m. •niURSDAY— rt 'Mrs. RicharU Prichard hostess to Jolly Kiffht Club. Mrs. O. Cr. Caiutill lio:ites K to TrAvn and Country Bridge Club. • TItunSDAY O-MB Club meeting with Mrs. Bvrou Nill. Mrs. CJ. E. Keck entertaining Thiirsrl-y Contract Club. •Mid-Work' Chib meeting wi'.V Mrs. W. L Homer. L:n;ie.s B'b'.e Cluss of First Methodist Church meeting at home o! Mi-r,. W..A. Elieknion, T.30 o'clock. pRinAV -Mcs. L'JOU Schcver hostess to CBC Club. Ai-pha Delta Chapter of Bet.i Sisjina Phi meeting at the eliib- rooiii. 2:30 o'clock. Tn the year 1881, UOO tons of ocust ei!gs were destroyed in Cyp- once- wns the homo o[ a rncii of super-bision, \\-ith horns more than SS inches in width. baro, visilins relatives in Osceolai, W;is hostess nt (he home of her Sraiiclrnather, Mrs. J.. H. Lovewell on Hale Ave., Saturday afternoon with o bridge p:u-ty. Four tables oJ quests were entertained. Mrs. Frank Williams received higl score prize, Miss Mason, second, ant Mrs. Allen cut consolation pri/.i The Burst of honor was prcsentcri a corsage and a gift. Mixed Spring flowers (Kvoratol cjllei-tainunj rooms at both nlfairs. On 'CERTAIK DAYS' of month! tf functional monthly dIsturbuncos Cfttisc you to BUifrr nervous tension at sucli time& : -thi.i 'great nieulclue !i famous to relievo such symptoms lAotlier's Friend niassagmg prepz* ration helps bring case and com/ori to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S PnlOTD. P.n cxqukltcl: prci^ircd piMOllIc-nt. Is ireful In al conditions whrre n blnntl, iniltl nTiodyjK l]i:»;;s:iiio inciihsni In sl:i:i lubrlcfltlon I; tlcslrt-cl. One condition In v.'hicrh \voniei t fur inort 1 tlicti 70 yonrs ha'.-e ti::efi It Is iuv ni)i!llt!atUm for j»us3it[;liiK tr.e body during pregnancy ... Lt helps V.*^ll ' ckln soft nnd pll.VnJe tlltls avol; inniccc.^nry tihcotr.rcrt c!i:c to dryncss tliul tl£Utucss. It TCircshcs ;vttci tonc& till skin. An itlp^l mas-j.-it;c:ni>p!lcal[cnfortlv iniml>. tjiisiin^ or lixiri^lny son.satlons o lho stii\ .. . lor the Hretf back muscle or cramp-llks |3?.lns in the !CE:S. QnlcKJ ubsorbcf'. JJoliyhtful to'Use. Illyhl: liralsedO iy iisers, many doctors am nurses. Millions of botllts solil. Just as! niiy clrugelit for Alothrr's- 3>lciHl~-th Ekm emollient IHK\ lubrlcnnl. no try it FAiTH /S THE ANSWSR! REVIVAL APRIL 6-13 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 8th ami Walnut' — Blythcvillr, Ai-k. EVANGELIST S/NGfR REV. J. T. BROWN " MR. RALPH CHURCHILL F.stil, S. C. Fort Worth. Texas TIME OF SERVICES: 7 p.m. You Are Cordially Invited to Attend All of These Services Scripture: . "For God so lovud the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not . perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16. YOUR ENTIREiFAMILY NEEDS ~ SHOE FITTING! Shipment of Bassinettes Just in $5.95 THE TOT SHOP 105 S. 2nd. Mionc 230* Bros. Nuvspvy of Moiiipln's, Tennessee, now have these Hose 1 lushes on Trailer Truck parked on corner of M;un ;\ml Division, Ul.vthcville, Ai'knnsas. These Koso Pushes arc liuniy field grown pl:inta, • fresh from the field and will produce vigorously. Buy Direct From Tniiler Truck. W1I.I. HK HKHK 2 DAYS ON1-Y!!! Stringer Brothers Nursery SHOE FITTING frX-Roy Skoc"Fitting, 1 o prictkii icrvlce, at ro'^ttiiir.T.-.-^atiurci t»cfy membcr^of fa «tti«3.j \Trie msgic'cye'of our X-Ray ma- ctiine foils you if your slices fit you. Perhaps^you have'no'trouble in! .fitting your.feet/.^T but do youj know if your shoes fit? or do you, orderf by| rumberjfancl ^ake a 1 cfianceT^Af ihis store'you set?,t beforefyou\buy.^howfsKoes fit] That's tho modern way fo fit shoes.'i It tatces but one misfit 7".*. lo sfart foot troubles '."^tSvith our X-Rayi equipment TTV'at'no extrt cost— you and I can see Ihe exact s'uaj and shape YOUR foot needs/ Come in at your earliest conveni- ortce^Mske advantage of the onlyj correct t way to .buyl,shoes.^Your, [feet may need^corroction.i Brin^ a chanca ordering [shoes by^number or da-), (pending jjn^the.imeasurmg jtticK, * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. M:iin f Vhoile 21! llARD^TO-GET ITEMS' Steel Scissors Postal Sciilcs—Lock BIIXPS Small Filing C'uliiueU Specil OTrint Duplicators Stationery N'orcross Greeting: Cards SAMUEL F, NORRIS Printing— Office SuBl>ll5s 122 Norlli Secotui Opens Sunday . Continuous Si , -T; Starts 1:15 Sil -ml Sun. Bargain Night i «••'- N'sht Kxti-pl SK'/.rJ^; .% x . -c* lloncircd fin .jund.'iy. al thr Kow. Tuesday antl Wedncs-.Uiy i Piny lho! Smtsed I A UNlVERSftt PICTURE Selectncl tihn^t Subject ROXY TI-'t-.A- IMad'ncc and Xi. April t-l-.">-lfi Morn and Dad Aitmissinii 50c lo Evervonc Continuous Sho'.vs Kvcry Day Itox Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 • LISTEN TO KI.CN 8:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.n.. Tuesday A Scanda! In Paris with George Samlets Ihisso Wednesday, Thursday, Vvitl.xy Selected Slinrt Suli|,Tts Continunus Shan-iini; r:\-crydiiy }u*(tf.qf X-Ray Fitting for toot Health' FAMILY SHOE STORE Wednesday Thursday and Friday DANNY KAYf. * m KID Selec(«l Short Subjects Continuous Showing Everyday

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