The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY-AUGUST 1, 1980 COUIUEK NEWS COSlPUMfeNTAtti" TICKET This Ticket Will Admit Chas. 1'cnii & ..companion RIvfiicviHc —to Hie— KITZ THEATER • —to see— '•••-,_ "Daughters Social Lalenclaf WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Ilnsli llarbert entertaining Town and Country club. • ADC Bridge'club meeting with Mrs. Tom Phillips. . THURSDAY'S.EVENTS Miss Martha Ann Lynch entertaining her bridge club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. J. P. Holland cntcjttiinliiB her bridge club. Has Siviimmii£ Tarty • Mrs. J. C. Ellis eiUciiaincd six guests -*ith a swimming party nt the Walker Park po:l yesterday afternoon. Trie alTair war, given for Jamie McGrow of Helenn, honscjuesl of Mr. ami Mrs. Nor\vo:rt Keclgc, Thclma Bryant <cf Sedalla. Mo., tiousesuest of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. J. Brynnt and Shirley B:\rlinm. After. the swimming, refreshments were served at the Rustic Inn. OrfaniiC Club Misi' Eunice Biogdon was hostess to the first mctting >:f Hie bridge club, recently organised, at her home last night when Mrs. JaeV: Alexander of West Memphis. h:use- guesl of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Evans, .•was the only guest. Members of (ho group are Mrs. H. B. Richardson, Mrs. 13. P. Br:(J- doa Mrs. Geralcline Greene, Miss Elizabeth Bl-ythe, Mra. A. If. Wallace, Airs. Clyde Bishop Nieliolscii, MIES Brogdon. In the bridge games last night, Miss Blythe was high scorer and Mrs. Greene, second high. The hostess served a sandwich plate with nn iced drink at tlie conclusion of the gsines, Playstiit With Sliorts *f _. . •* '•'. >nv X i. E, < ' Memphis Jill) M^ Hughs' rrjolh- went to .Sphngfiild, Mo., Sunday' or. Mrs. r. J,. Mahan, who. Is In to spend a week with Mr* m rating ' Campteirs. clinic. Mrs. Mbhan> father and, oufer K s there" condition Is very good. • < Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Hall left Mr. and Mrs, Gas Eberdt, and today for Estos pl"k Cob where daughten > Mtaw Ethel. Mae, Betty feey' W m , gend a feV weeks and Jiranila, left Sunday morning, Dr. Shcl Mrs. Maja L SKaHer lor a weeks vacation in Lake City spent Thursday in Ufammolli wlth u Clings to Past Tarty r.e Dancing Until Fall. Tiie dancing party of Club 2S which was to be given Thursday mgiii at the Woman's clii!) his bctn postponed until September, It -nas announced lorisy. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Samlefur, Mr ana Mrs, Doyle . Henderson ant Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Jeffries v;il, K.t. itislri. the group at 'the Sep temt;r party. , Ddmtiiistration Club News Notes Llndi prctK motio picluri actress chose for her personal ward robe (his three piece suit of colloji !ii beige with id-it add white stripes. Chevron pockets are placed high,, and (he pleafs of .{he shorts and . around skirl I are repealed • in (he sleeves Bits of Newt Mostly ferionaU Mr. and Mrs. ParnswoVtli BJuck nnd daughter, Bptty, will return this afternoon from Hardy where they have been vacationing for six weeks. They Kill be uccoirij>Hiilc<l homo by Virginia Williams, who Ims been altemlliip Uie Girl Scout camp liicre. After camp, she spent a few days frith (he Blacks. Mrs. Fleelwccd iiathbrj) jr., bt lMr?.J,P.Nc.l)hut. i MI S swmieNcb.i 'fJliss .Oorothy Tankefsley, «ho hul nnd Miss Mary Rovcllc went has, spent three weeks here »Jth to Memphis Sunday to be with : M ^ Prances tfcHaBcjr; returned to Mrs. Baton Bond and Infant son, her home iri Mempliis Sunday She Samuel Nebhut Bond, of ArKng- wa's moLored home, by Ivifss Melon, Tenn.. who are In the Metho- Ha'riey, Miss Jane MeAdarhs Miss dh-t hospital (here. , . , | VlfRlnia LStllo' and Joe Billy Memo Rev. and Mrs. W. P. Cobley Han'cy.. . v and son, David, of Joiner, spent Mrs. A. E. cliarfm'an, of S( Louis, Sunday here with Mis, .Coolcy's refill-net! home Suriday after hav- IMrcnts, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. M;on, ' jiij, snc-nt a -week with her daugh- er, Mrs. Matt Mhnaghan a.rid fam- ly, She. was acc'ompaiiied h'oiiie by icr granddaughter, Barbara, wlio other relatives. Miss Maiirine Branson 1 and James Wllccxiu spent Sunday In Gihriore as the ( of Mr. and Mrs. Carter Short. Miss Branson and Mrs. Hliort were roommates at Galbway in Searcy. Byron. Rhodes Morse, of Fort \wo i.i. , i .• !-. s* , ,• , • • liyroil itiiuui;^ ivrji^u, ui ruii* Wad, ngton, b. C, Is. vfallln s her S|h -, h jjrrivcd tbflfty t3 Spend his piirrnls, fAf,. and Mrs v C. P, Tucker -••-•- ••--- i.iA ••....'_i:....._and lainlly litre _fo'r two weclcs. Slic . ...- ..'celts. She llcw to Memphis last .iilght where " she was ilict hy Mi', "ami Mrs. Tucker, and daughter.^. Miss Lyn- MM ,, fli , cttc Tucker nnd Mrs. W. A. Afflicfc.l' ./„ , Mr, and Mrs. Jcssec Slitt will leave tomorrow for a two weeks' vac.-itlri), Thcv will vacation , here with hls^ Mr. arid. Mrs., Byron Mprse. lie will he accompanied by Miss Jo Tucker, of Lit lie Reck, vh'o will visit the illy here fcr a few days. E. Fox is expected to rc- . uinl lo hcr homc today after hav- spent yesterday here with Mr. and .Mrs. Lillian Bailey , of Marston, World's .Francos, Anri Pyland arrived Moiida'y from New Orleans where she iiad spent the .•iiiihnjbf with 1\V rs - Mo,, has retiirned to her hcmc after haviiig spent tlic weekend^here ^iary PliiHiixs Robinsoti *.,' " . t SIie and family. Mrs. Hattie Conrad of I,,)., .;, A vf T ,n h r MU l-raikrylam! ,,..... ' remained to spend several more Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crawford, of .,.,,, Ml , •nolorcd to Memphis : .Sm,da.v , ^ of rj 1UniVlm i y ' " Crftlcn at lh ° Howard Moore spent, the weekend in Hardy. Mrs.. £ C. Potts of Lawrence, - nn,.l!r.l Itrti- It I II • I ' , ' 1,110.. *J, ^/. I Vl\.> \Jl A*,l >, 1 \.J »v.v Dai, isl hospi al there ten days ago. |n , Tcn camc hcrc Fr | ( j ayfrom lie Is much '"Proved 1 Col f' H , hero sl , e visj(ert „£ son . Mr. and Mrs A. Wemberg nnd L:uls pats and family. Her grand' in II I'm tin r*r r\cftnn\r, „„.-.., i i "•-> . . j ., ° son, llyniaii, of Osccola, spent Sunday, here with Mr. niuj. Mrs. L;nis Applebaum nnd family. , Virgil Brfttniii. snd.ststcrs.'lilsses Krncstine, Maxlne. and Alma. Brit...„..,««. Miss ,Phe Marie Ko.nce, are spending ten days In the west- et „, on, part of the Mate. They left Mr a|u , f1mjlv ' !vllss son, Bobby Potts of Cotter, caiiic here with her for a brief visit with her daughter, Mrs. L, M. Bumettc, nnd taihily. Tliey were to leave today for Mrs. S. P. Lee Sr., aiid Miss Jewel Lee returned Sunday iilght , of Carulh- 5und ' nerc with . j. hri ^ f •, ., <? ox . of Memphis, Vibcrt \Valthers received the pri^o ,11 the name played. The hostesses :erved ice cream and cake. Kodnk- ng was the diversion which fol- .ffwod. Tlie next meeting will be August Attend Hotel Greeiers Session At Jonesbbro uwnKt 4-jvt. ik,bMAiivtL laiuiuuy uixiiv . r*--l -^ -i - i'. i • -• • -••< J -from Greenwood, Miss where they came Silturda y ^Shi to spend scv- spent a week -with Mrs. Lee's son ""' " eeks nere with Miss Mar J'orle S. P., Jr., ahtl .family. Ma 5' s - , ., , ... , . • j-r'lss Jessie Srite, Miss Era Wriclil Mr - ai .'i Mrs ' J ' °: Cowan, Miss and Mrs. Eunice Young returned ""™>,Jeff"es, Rolamr Jeffries and Siiriday night from a two weeks' A . ul ? rE y Jcfrries ' of Memphis, spent .. . _ .-"..« ,-r, c tr,rr\m, VIAVA *,,{4K *K/*!» pl^lci- JK».iipsoti with Mrs. Zou Tomp;on as co-hostess. A grab liox will :e the principal event of Ihial 1 .',' 5 y lmvlcr ; . . I Orecters of America for Crawford Noble was host. Oiiesls included hotel malingers neeting. Mr. add Mrs, Jcbsce Stilt, Miss vestcrday here with their sister, Cluh Has New Mcmlicr from Memphis Jinrl Nnfilivllle, Tenn. the Mrs. iverson Mo,;ris became ai an( j' jacksmC "M|S S .'.'""besides neinber of the Dogwood Home Arkansas group . Jemonstratton club at 11 mec-tlng The new educational picture 17 members at he home of ln . 0(lllce( , nl Ulc Wnl(loi . ( AslQria Mrs. r. S. Parks Wednesday after- ln New Yoi , k wns sl f ( , Koll call was answered with 'How .1 Like to Speild My Leis- lirst time at the meeting. a few days here. with her Ban. who went to Colorado Spring sJiendlnfe a few days here. wit vs-ltli the party, stopped off in* E ! sl f' . Mr5 ' L ' M - Bllr »<% fiprlngncld, Mo., en route hdhie fcr ' lamll y,- . . , , . a visit with relatives there. Wheii , P" le . Bl ! r ,H s ,. of Hipley, Teiui, she rettirns Wednesday, she will sp'eiit, the weekend with j. W. Burks bring as her guest her sister, Mrs. antl family. Estelle Keily, of Los Angeles, who I c - Jr - Wheeler left Sunday for had been vi'siting In Springfield. I Vincehncs, iiid., lo spend t«o weeks Mr. and Mrs. Jamo-s Nebhut went ' w'f h llis daughter, Mrs. Ruby Hatto Hot Springs Monday morning vill visit her (iiere for a week B. G. West went to. Little nock lotiay for a mecling of the Arkansas, division' of the National Cot- Ion Council. ,Mr. and Mrs, Jumes V Rogeis of .Kmycll,.Tex,, spent, jesterrtay and last, night here as (quests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl , Buckley and family. They were en i'pute c hoiiic after having visited relatives In Jackson, and Nashyile, Tenn, Mrs. Rogers Is tiie former M'iss .Mildred Anderson, who laugh! in (lie city schools. Mr. -and Mrs..Sam J. Matthews, of St., i.onis, returned .home Sunday after liavinj spent two weeks with Mrs. Matthews' .parents, Dr. find Mrs. H, A. Taylor. . Mr. and Mrs. Heni-.v ftylee ,and jimmy Hunter spent thp weekend at Camj) itio Vista at Ilardj''. Mrs. A. C. .Becker a'nd son's, jbhiiny and Jlmmle, of Little Rock, spent the .weekend iiere with another of Mrs. Becker's soil's, Richard'. They stopped here as (hev were en i'oute frorn^ Canada wiiere they had been vacationing.., Mr., and Mrs, A. G., Lifiie rc- turhcci Saturday night from, a month's tour •in the West. They sfpfVped ai the Gratid Canyon, attended '..(lie Fair, at San Francisco and .visited other interesting .points in that. secfion. v They joined Mr. and, Mrs. J. A. Leech, niso on a ivestern tour, in CHeyeniie for the rodeo. John. T. Boyd Jr., and .a party of friends from Cairo, .1)., .spent Sunday here with Mr. Bpyd's sis- cr, Mrs. A, Benjamiri Hall, and W. Hail, recently of Memphts, who are making .thcir_horne, here ''or a short ,time. Mrs. Hall return-; eel home .with.them to spend the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. . J. T. Boyd. Mr. Hall is attending to business In Memphis tiiis week. Thelma Bryant of. Sedalla, Mo., spending the week here with her uncle, J. J. Bryant, and Mrs. Bryant. :: Mrs. Jack Alexander of Wes|Memphis,, ,1s .spending ,, the, week \yith .her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Evans. Virgil .Greene attended to business yesterday in Ha'rrisbiirg. "Fearless Democrats" farmed NEW ORLEANS (UP) _ A new wing of the Democratic Party, the "Fearless Democrats," has b2«n formed In New Orleans by a group of young business men "with no pluvious political connections." During the gay nineties, "soap grease wagons" were a common sight in ClXcago. They collected grease, bones, and fats from houses and exchanged bars of laundry soap for them. Yarbro Club Meets Mrs. Spencer Bunch . receive first place in three divisions of the contests held at the meeting of the Yorbro Home Demonstration club Tuesday afternoon at her home. Mrs. B. A. Bugg was co- hostess. First places in the Iloral contest, the yellow c.ike contest Pr.iycr. .lilr.s. 13, A. Bugg arid sirs. G. P. Scrape led in Kinging several songs. Reports of the rest camp were school was dedicated made by those who attended, after urnoon \shcn three cm chett. ' Miss Marilyn Brewer, of Mcna, ( who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. ... accompanied as far as Searcy hy j W. Owen Blue, will make hcr home PlaVCrOlirid Detlicalcd 1 Mr ' Ncblult ' s mother, Mrs. J. r. | with them, having accepted a po- * O •»•****« Mplilint ii')i*-i it'll! irit-:* Vim- ,i«.,r.t. 1 ^IH -,, j., iv,« _rn_- .*• ^« i Milligan Scliool>s where they -will vacation at Lake I Catherine for a week. They were Vowing ^"they will have to carry me out," once weillhy \\idov-ed Mrs. Mary E. Scott, pictured above, prepared to continue resisting ft- forts' to evict her, her 83-year-old invalid mbtliei- and hcr 28-year-old paralyzed son from tlie 16-room liousc she formerly owned in Mantua,' N. J. Deputies removed all fui'riifu're except three beets and the ciiair bri which Mrs. Scott sits. The old time calomel was tho doctor's favorite remedy for biliousness or so-called "Torpid Liver," so prevalent In hot weather, but it had some serious drawbacks from the standpoint of the .patient. The nauseating, n'ud sickening aftereffects and th'e. necessity to follow It with a. dose of, Epsom salts made ihany of us' hale to take it. Now you can really enjoy your calomel, for Cnlotabs make calomel-taking a pleasure. They give, you tho combined, effects.of calomel and salts, lielplfig Nature to expel the sour, stagnant bile and washing it out of the system. j One or two Calolabs at bedtime with a glass of water or sweet milk, —that's all. Next morning your [ system, feels clean and refreshed, your head Is clear, your spirit bi-lphi, I and you arc feeling fine .with a hearty appetite for breakfast. Eat what you wish and go about your I work or pleasure. , Genuine.. Calotabs hrc sold only In checker-board-(blnck and white) psclt- »B"cS bcarlhe the trade mark "CalolntM." Rchisc ImUnuons. Family package only twenty-five cents: trial < package ten cents, at your dealer's, (Adv.) The (ilaygrouml of (lie Mllllgiin Friday nf- of soft which Mrs. M. A. Buyg demon- hall were played between I he M!l- slratert cuttine flowers for Ijoii- ligan and Drown schools qacls and rtistniddlhB daliliris. Mrs. lhc n | nj .j, r ci,, ul hns hccn levelled Moi'ns, Mrs. Bill Cable and Mrs. „,„, clcamd am , <nll | ))lnonl in . . . . , Nebiuit, who will visit her daugli- 1 s)ti:n in the office of Montgomery ler, Mrs. W. K. re-ague, and family j Ward and Company. llicr e. [ Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. skaller, of Mrs. M. M. Jones and Jack Memphis, sptnt Sunday here as First Radio' Mast Disrnantleci CHELMSFORb, Essex, Eng. (UP) —The first steel radio mast ever built in the history cf radio is being dismantled here. Tlie.mast, 187 feel high, was biillt for Marconi's first experimental station here. At The Hospitals BIyiKeville IJospilal Miss Evelyn Tridrnpsrn, city, ad- mittwi. . . Lori Watibri, Dell, dismissed. Walls Hospital J. C. Hayes, city,, admitted. Sn'elby Gene Mariih, city, dismissed. ,'.;,. T. L. R.iggs, liianila, dismissed.. Memphis' St. Jo'seph's Hospital Born to Mr.,and Mrs. V. Spencer, of Osceola; a son. Memphis Baptist Hospital deorge C. Stahdfcrd .Jr., L-uxcra, admitted. . Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Lemon, Braggadocio, a daughter. Read Courier Mews want acls. the W. Bar-ham "judged the Iloral con- lUity' WhtaU°s'c™Hl"hUhc'co.Vlc«t .core 'wns't'ed Tfn B Tmi M,-<: Pr^i-v, n 'H H > ii - '°'' hcsl alltl l " 6sl ntlrart l™ t'' !1 5' larger boys' giiuic the nrowii grotiu , Mrs. French presided mer the of vcactablcs. WOI1 0 ,,j v by lwo , )oh , ls ^"M^ meeting which was a tended by 18 The hostess, assisted by co-host- pirls defeated the Brown girls by mcmuErs and two visitors. Koll call lss M ,- s . Rulll UoviSi st , rvc( , ;1 ||,ree points. • Stevens:ii, of Memphis, spent Sunday hero wllh Mrs. Jones' daughter, Mrs. G. W. IZOKC, and Mr. Hose. Miss Ruth R.CEC, also of Memphts, who lias been visiting them here for n week, remained to spend several more days. Mr. and Mrs. J:hn Uy.ncll of Pecan I'tiiiH spent Sunday Iiere with Mr. Uracll's sister. Mrs. A. M. n. , Branson, and family. . Mr - =»'" "«• Albert K. Tavlor s^" 1 Sunday in Memphis with . i . • Mrs. Taylor's aunt, Mrs. l>3u Eckels, was ans,\e,cd with "What I En- sandwich plate with iced tea. Play at the Millioan school wllB is "I »> the Baptist hospital. at the Resl Camp. After; M ()l e next meeting. August 0 which opened July ntii with lire »er sister, Mrs. H. R. Brandon Is '" ' - -- - - - ' !'er. Mrs. Eckels. is improving. . Ross D. Hughes and spout Sunday in guests of Dr. and Mrs. Maja L: Skalicr. .Mr., and Mrs. H. S. Prevost, Mr. and Mrs. 11. E. Tinker and Miss Maryl,u Blackwcli Were the guests .. . , cf .Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wallace 61 V.-," DSD, Sunday. . ) ;__ Mrs. Louise Strackc and daugh-' Eiir:pfj reveled in American to : baccb more than 125 years befcre It recognized the value of American potatoes. TOO LATK TO CLASSIFY FOR RENT six room house. Phone i-ck-5 doing to the Slavics on a FREE TICKET! Trade here and get free tickets to either' Riti or Roxy Theatres at our expense. Sid in Trade ,Adnl't Ticket $5 iri Trade — .iiinibr TicUcl Rlf E PRICE STORES lit E. Staiii 320 W. litiin tcr. Miss Anita Strackc, and Claude Ecoggin, Miss Slrackc's fiance. Dr. M. L Skallfer ANNOUNCES THE OE'ENING OP 1115 NEW CLINIC ON TI1B 2ild Floor of The isl. Natl. Hank Bldg. which j nctfilibors to this "mcctiriB "aaA ako Joncsljoro I by u social hour. Mrs. > to trim; Ilowcre, " " FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia with Iho "cxccpiion of i Miss Willie Lewis who \vn.s trained | »t State Teachers college Con- j \vuy. Besides the iihygroilml e(iuip- nu-iil recently siippllwl by the board of directors, the school li;is ru;;*/ icecived a sdtincl projector vising a lii M. M. lilm. The projector i.-j u.'-rd not only for olo-w \voik but olfii for neighborhood entertainment, Harltclcr. K(i, Never 'l.onety BHOOKS. Mp. i UP) -John Le:n- nrd. S3. last imvu-or or nine clill- j ilreii. never niMrii^l. Hilt, he says I he iMi't loiiclv liet'iiuse hia 11 cats I "pinch -.bit. for granrtchiWrcii 1 haven't sot." MALARIA m 7 driysi anil relieve COLDS cyiii|<totn> fits! Ja .^They're engaged? She told limv'rib' n couple of times" (.IIP.SS two negatives made her positive." NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 130 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service WATER AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS Uriforiiiiiatcly, ii is riot jriisslijle lo tietermine liic ptiriiy of wrilcr ijy Us appearance. Crysliii : Hcar water triay cwitaiii niillinhs of disease scrfii.s ;iri(i this faet ransos riiariy persons in various sections I b H r i rt k daiiticrblis ivnlcr. Those stiliscrihing lo our service, however, arc more fbrhmato. Regular lalioralory le.sis tell iis (he exact con-- ditioh of the wKl'cf supplying our customers, ami inmlcrii.scientific methods keep it ptitc. Our water is as good as i! looks. BLYTHEUILLE WATER CO, Kem.iril Allen, ^lsr. "Water Is Your cheapest Commodity Still LOWER Prices On WHITE SLIPPERS I'ARADISE NOW IQ95, Formerly Sfi-00 Si/bs -I lo .0, Widths, .AAAA fo R. SLIPPERS Now Piiiitps, Striins aiiti Ties, Sizes ?! to 9, Widilis AAAA io I). Vaiiics lo $S.OO ........ . .............. <. \A\Ms wllitE si.iPFMs , . '..'..•• Now Ptirrips; Straps an'rl Ti&. tliijh, A^I/IK fvicdiiim & Low Heels:. Sizes 3. «? '•Wo (o 9, WitliKs AAA (o C. Values , £J (o S3.9S. Entire Stock Of Ladies' 1729 L A.ii Sizes, il&iiy Cbtor ComrjinaHdns. to Fall Siippcrs Arriving Daily tWatcii Our SVIridowi) THE FAMILY SHOE Sf ORE W. Main Phone '" Coolest Spot in Town Society Fife CH Courier New* F«r Free Show Gue»t> TUESDAY PAL MATINEE & NIGHT Two Admitted lor the Price of 1 FOUR MEN AND A GIRL! •IOMNMI BERNARD HEDEIL tDWARO C»RC»H JOHN GAUAUDET & Novelty "Republic of rananu" Weds, - Thurs. M/H^ii • [>.! rrf ii *-i -nitron* tiAi'cnTf.?<r , PR1SC1LU UNK* KOSIi.MAKV 'LINE LOU I.ANli-UM.Ti PAGE I'icirnlHki 5VAKNER BROS. ' Also rarahicitinl NTAVS l& C-^nv? :.;- Night IGt: ROXY Admission alwayj lOo d- 26« : Matinees Frl.-SKt.-Sun. Tue. - Wed, - Thur. PAL NIGHTS Z ddgilltcrl for the price of 1 DraWa Thrills! A!so seleclea shorts

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