The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1946 BI/YTIIKV1LLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAOXKIXB Smaller Firms Face Difficulty Attorney General Warns On Danger in Trend Toward Monopolies. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. May 2. (UP)—U. S. Attorney General Tom C. Clark warned today that small businesses gradually are being eliminated In the wake of a "dangerous anrt unfortunate .trend, toward monopoly." "Bis; business has become bigger and smaller lnde|>ondeiH enlerpri- .ses have shrunk in sl/e or have disappeared altogether," Clark lotd ' Ihc general session or the 34tli annual meeting of Ihc National Chnmbcr of Commerce. "Essential war-time controls, lo- CCthcr with other phases of the war, played a part in accelerating the dangerous and unfortunate trend toward monopoly and the disappearance of independent enterprise," lie said. Clark added, however, that this does not mean that the lime litis arrived to completely abandon war- lioie conlrots, "Business has a Ire- mendous slake in the continuation of OPA for another year." he said, warning that "us we do abandon war time governmental controls over industry, we must, be very certain that we arc not surrendering control to private monopolists." Britain Has Egyptian Headaches ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN BRITISH 8OMALILAND Egypt 15 o sovereign stale, but Britain has special privileges, including, right to maintain military forces, for defense of Suez Canal, and join! administration of the Ang To-Egyptian Sudan Egyptians claim troops arc unnecessary in peacetime In Hollywood BY EKSKINE JOHNSON NFA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, May 2. (NEA1- Robert Mitchum. a tall, not-too- atlrnctive genlleman, was "In." as they say in Hollywood, when the Ernie Pylc movie, "The Story of Ol joe," reached the screen last year. The critics raved, the public raved. Hollywood subsequently ravcrl and nominated him for an Academy award. He was a sensation as Ihc bearded captain Walker. But Mitchum was also in the Army at the line, and neither he m>r Hollywood could do much about it. nut now he's out. and you'll be seeinE him in a flock or pictures —as Katharine Hepburn's lover In "Undercurrent." opposite Laraine Day in HKO's "What Nancy Wanted,"" and in another RKO film, •"rill the End ol Time." W c caught up with Mitchum over a salad at Lncey's. UK TELLS THE TRUTH His press agents and his studio Ret apoplexy every time Mitchum has an interview, because he doesn't give the "right" answers. In other words, he tells the truth. For example: he said he luid eouc-. to school in about 14 different Ariglo-Egyptian treaty negotiations In Cairo may produce o UN test case of Britain's ability to hold her own ;]g;nnst Russian und Arabian pressure Egyptians demand withdrawal of British (roops. present under previous treaty Concessions British in.ny make could be sei'^ed upon by Russia and the Arab League as basis for further inroads on England's Middle East position II British put heavy forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan. Russians ;md Arabs may arfiuc foreign troops arf as objectionable there a& in Egypt, Cotton Buyers Plan Convention In New Orleans Hlylhcdllc win be i'i'i>resenlcd "l llip Aminicim Collon Shlpjws Convention ill New Orleans Ihls »•«*en<l by H eiouii of cotlon uuycrs. They me: W. 1. Osboine. Poy Ktclilesoii. 'l\>iri R Miirtlii, t-0" 13 Applrtaum, K. c I'nllon. John ¥• Lentl mwl ». C!. West, wlio will nccoiiipiuileil by Henl Mivsscy "f ornliig. who spt'iuls some Uinc ere. Also lo be In New Orlenns will e Mis. E. C. PiUlim. Troy f- Parker Funeral Conducted at Wilson Services lor Troy l-Minonrt Pui'ker, who died Moiulny night, m Ills Home leur Driver, were h«lil from Fli's' )np(isl Church »l Wilson ill 3 !'•»>. iTstcrilixy. the licv. A. P. Muncy :>fiieliiliiiK. Burlm wns In Hnsscll Cemetery. Mr. Pinker, who wns 47, hud bcru In the employ of Hie Lee Wllsnu Co. nl Wilson lor u number of j-eiirs. He lenvcs Ills wife, Mrs. Pmuccs Piirker; a son, ITc. Hlclnircl Purker, in I he Army; Ihree brothers. Cur), I'lirker and lioy Parker or Memphis, iiml CHnide I'mkcr, f>t PascHgoiiln, Miss.: mid IhiTC sisters. Mrs. II. Molts, or Vcionii, Miss.. Mrs. Tlinrinnn Gillnin. of Weotin. Miss., niul Mrs. Hernia' Hill, of Memphis. Brown Spur Farmer Dies In Jonesboro Hospital Chnrlos Orvll Walker, resident of Drown Spur Community nmr Miinlln. dlod Tiie.sduy nlKhl Hi St. lieihiird llo,spltHl In Joneslxjio. He wiis ti9. The fnriner, long n mlitenl of Western Mississippi C'ounly, <tU>d al 6:10 o'clock. l ;t iinernl servlee.s were conducted Ihls HldTiioon lit Drown ChniH'l. by (In 1 Rev. T. J. Htcliiudsou ol [lulf Moon. llnrtHl WHS In Mnnlln Comelory with Cobb Piinernl Home n clmiKe. He Is survived by Ills wire, Mr». Ovule MM W*lker; live torn, I. T, Walker of H«U Moon, H»ley Wnlker ol M«mphl», Idu» and Billy Walker of Manila, and Aubrey Walker of CMceola; lour daughlen, Mrs. Klon Miller of Memphis, MM. Mne JOIIPN ol Half Moon, Mrs. TheliiiK Fowler and M!M Jiumtt* WHlker of Manila, und two brother.-,. Office Walker of Blrmlimh Ala., anil Elijah Walkor of Tula Miss. when a wulhbound UUnok cm-! rector, Identified the deed m Tom ml freight train collided head-Selljr. *». Jadoon, Tenn, I. c. on with » northbound Ohio MobiW engineer,atd Henry WWkW, 'Her»l«ht at Win ford, one mile south. gro, abtwt W, tlao ol of Kere, Ballard County aulhorlllei fireman. reported. L*»Ur Ryan, local fuiyer&l dt- Two Trainmen Lose Lives In Wreck in Kentucky WICKOLIPKE, Ky., Hay a. HI!' —Two men w«r« killed and if»sl one man wM Injured ycultrilay ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Let us figure your total contract including labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories. Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. S«c. I'hoac 3371 Army long enough lo gel any clothes. In fact. I didn't have any clothes before I went Into the Army." ONCE A I.YKIO-VVRITKR Mitcluim. u Canidcn, Del., boy. crashed the movies four years nco after a non-spectacular career as lyric-writer for night club entertainers, as a little-theater actor, •uicl ns an airplane assembly-line worker. Before doing "'Hie Story or Ol Joe." he played a couple of villains in Ihc Hopalong Cassicly pic- lures, almost got the title role in "Dillinger," and played a cowboy lero for RKO. "For a while," he said, "it looked like I was going to be stuck in westerns. I figured out I could make six a year for GO years und then retire. I decided I didn't want it. So I started blinking my eyes every tiirx a a»n went off in the iccnCK. That got me out of westerns." Mitchum is married and has two children, two and five. He's slill trying io get his brealh .from all the attention he has been receiving lately, aiki hopes hell This May Quickly Lead To a Smelly Situation MEMPHIS. TCiin.. TlJny 2. (UI J )~ More lhan 200 non-union garbage collectors refused to work yesterday when City Commissioner O. P. Williams rejected Ihclr demand for n 25-ccnt hourly wage increase Spokesmen for Hie workers said drivers received a flat S4.50 per day and helpers received $4 per day. with pay flt'iired on a basis of SO cuts per hour and no pay for ovcr- imc. The workers indicate! (tiny von Id setllc for n 15-ccnl-pcr-hour iav boost. $25.00 Reward f»r the body of Hill Vnugh, ajjcd '10, height 5 ft. 1 in. dark brown hnir. Was wearing khaki punts and shirt olify Sheriff's Office lilythcville or Phone 3823 moving, because we couldn't pr.y the rent." Sucli lalk is practically heresy in Hollywood, where everybody, press agents insist, went lo a fashionable school or had a private tutor. W c could almost hear RKO executives dropping; to'the.-floor with towns. -When we asked nim v)hy, get n raise or a bonus when hii he salfl,- ."The fiVii«iVv"~^rt's always optio'ri" conies up ""next October "But if they paid mo what I'm worth." he whispered, "I'd starve to death." A very refreshing character. riasly jthiids . as .M.itchum. contin- jmal times, lied; "My; first job was ; i\s a bus' ' toy at the Hot,el. :Astor in New, iork. One Christinias Eve I smug-; i home Christmas dinner fort family—six frankfurlers and a; ignart jar or walnut meat." ' ', When Mitchum was loaned by riKO to M-G-M, Director . Vincent Minnclli' looked' him over nnd suggested a wardrobe of about six suits. R couple of overcoats, two hats, and a dozen shirts. "Look," said Mttch- um. "I haven't been out of the It is estimated that 500.000,000 pounds of explosives are used ii the United states annually in nor- Approved DDT Residue:! Spraying Blytheville Insecticide Co. HaroM Wrijjht, MRP. Phone 558 !)07 E. Chcrrj My Regular Deliveries Have Been Completed I Still Have : Available ', J"» few bu»heU of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid SEED CORN in Popular Varietiw ^ CALL OR Sft Mrs. Howard Bowen Luxoro, Ark. Phone 1-F-U These varieties on sale at the following stores: Cahiwell-Mahan Store Hwy. 61 South Preston Ramey Store Sandy Ridge W. M. Taylor Store Keiser \Vallare MiHti'o Store Joiner Canada is the -.second larges old-producing- • country in th odd.... '• . '• Rend Courier News Wnnt Ads. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If bacVuche and lev pains «T* m«V.n(TTc« Tnisenihle^irvn't just complain Bnrt'linnthir.s »hout them. Nature may be wamincromlifc! your kMneyB neC'l.»Henlioil., c^ceJH »cids iincl poisrnious waste out r>f tin blowl. They h*-lp mo«t people puss about 3 P 'lf J 'lhc IS^lk-a of ki-lnt-j- tuUs n^Wt n>thchlooil,TheseiipleoH.'«TnayM£irlriiiKK bncknches, rhcnnuitic pain^.lcf; iminsjo': I>cp nnil energy, cctttnK up ulgms, swcm puffinessunrlcrthccyes, licndnclicsRTia*li; ness. Frequent or senntypasRnjrcswilli/nu thinK wronff with your kidneys or blmlititr Don't wait! Ask your tlnicplstfor DOB Tills, a stimulant diuretic, used siicce'.sfii by millions for over 40 yean. i>min'» K happy relief nnd will help trie 16 miles o kidney lube* flush out i>oi*onou3 waste from »h« blood. Get DoiiTn Pills. , NOTICE Moy Effective Wednesday, prices will be in force: the following Haircut 60c Shave 40c 8AFF.TY K1HHT 8ARBKK SHOP BKI1 BALL BARBP.R H1IOP O. H. BARBER BHOP JMl'KRIAI, BAKBKR H1IOF SPKCK S BAHBra HHOP , N1CIIOI.H BARBKR SHOP SI,1M IIAKHKR'S BARBER HHOP WUHSTKR'S BARBKR HIIOV IQO% When yinir Iraclor wni ntw, It h»d 100% gtnulnc 1H f.artl ihrouuhiiin. And lhai'» • mighty good w»y lo V«p It. Don't replice your 1H mifntto ju»t bcouic (I n««dt • little work done on it. Bring It In tnd let Ul •dju* U for you. ( - Anil \i>t gtnulnt IH tm' 0 '""™ '" k «P. V"«' tr»ctor oil clean. You know, we can tunply you with »ny IH p»rt« for your tractor and Implement^ If V«<* JW »' vt •*• • ""'• •dvanct notk». Moil ptrti, we k«p right hew In Modi. McCORMICK-BEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BlythevilU, Ark. IM McCORMfCK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE YESTERDAY! . . . TODAY! ... TOMORROW! . . . HUDSON has, is TODAY, and will try TOMORROW to meet this community's needs in the Field of • Scientific Cleaning • Alterations Remember - Better Cleaning Costs No More! Quicker Service Is Our Aim Try Our 8-Hour Cleaning Service It Is Geared to Meet Your Emergencies HUDSON CLEANER 320 West Main St. CLOTHIER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR Phone 2612 k*W^ tt/ V'^i»* > ^ COTTON COVERED COMFORTERS FOR ONLY cocr, '•<; ojfnrs 4.98 Prfflly pnliley print on on£ llda. v>lirf cotor on r«vor*«. Fillod xith warm 5% wool and fluffy 95% India co I Ion. Cut &«, 72x64. "Weigh! 4/1 bw Hftro'iWord W*«knews—Q work outfit Qi flood looking as a sporl Mt) Sanfor/jt*d col ton poplin Is KflM, rggccd] SJiIrt hoi Wards tamout J-\vay collar^ MEUOW MAPLE 3-PC. BEDROOM 139.95 Treat your home to the friendly warmtH of Colonial styling in this Bed, Chest and Dreiser.. Expertly constructed of sturdy hardwood with that melbw Maple flnivh. Plate Glass Mirror! REDUCED! 9-OZ. GLASS TUMBLERS Heavy Du'y Farm Pa«k. Sol* Priced! A39 1 far ISf 1 Durable tumblers, with gleaming gold band trim on crystnl-cteor glassl Attractively dosignsd, with fluted sides and square bottom. Convenient 9-oz. size. Hurry lo stock up at this special priccl Wards New Vitalized Motor Oil t 16$ ord, famous "1000 hour 1 J V-c* priced d-nln,, Week. VAV. "A". '° V ' Value Buy In Magazine B«»k«t Wordi NEW premium motor <A CUANSCS <» H lubricated Br«g your containenl 5.69 2.96 Just «•« IWnfl (o put besit-'s your fo«>rit« choir. J pocket mojo- iin« baik«T of plywoodl Top-qtioSry pomt . ; : go*t fur- • ••;--• 3.03 .Ctirom*-plated caie i i; proof torn. SMver-platod tori pr*foon*d. Wr* 2 wfa. llnndi lio« loro^d from oM pi«« of >»«^- *••*<* b«* hinils of a high-grod* o JVj.ontgomery Ward i( {Jtt our nwrtlNy poynwot pton t» buy o«y ««f from our itor• stock* or Itirowok ovr cAMoa d*f

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