The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1934
Page 4
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FAQS FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARE.)! COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 2, 1934 THB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBM COURIER HKWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. It BAJKOCK, Editor •. w. HAiMta, AdmUiiBc M»n««r Me Natloul Adrtrtwn* Representatives: Arfcmts D»lll«s, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detrvlt, St. Louis, DtUts, Kaveu City, Memphis. PuhBshed Fvery Afternoon Exctpt Sunday. Entered as s«ond class mutter at the post olticc at, B:ythcvllle, Arkansas, under act a[ Congress, October 9, 1917. Served oy tile Unilcil Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By can-ler In tl» City 01 iflyiucvllte, 15c per week or |6.50 per year In advance. By Mil within, a radius or W mites, |3.00 per w*r I1.5U lor lix months, 85c Jor lljrec mouths; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, |t£0 per year, In zones seven am 1 eight, 110.00 per year, payable in advance. Labor, to Progress Musi Clean House Some sor( of showdown in Hie !iolil of labor relations seems just ahead. The National Recovery Administration prepares to tackle the company union issue, Conuro*s debates the Wagner labor bowi'd bill, mid iiulustrialisls flock to Washintrton to protest both measures. And the whole business inits upon organized labor the heaviest rc.s[xjnsi- bility it lias had in years. Organized labor, unless all signs fail, is about to be given more power than it ever has had before. Us Jlagna Chart n is in the making these days. What is it going to do with it? » * •» it is not exactly a secret that there are labor organizations whose officials are more interested in lining I heir own pockets than in advancing the cimsu of the men they are supposed lo represent; that there are' eases in which labor unions have been turned into unscrupulous nickels by designing men; that selfishness, gieeil, and stupidity have in some instances given both employers and employees i'c;i- son to distrust tho labor organizer. Such things do more to retard the cause of labor than all the hard-boiled employers in the country. Unless they can be^eluninated, the current drive to give "tabor "a"new freedom cannot, in the long run, do labor any good. They are evils ,lhat can be corrected by nobody but the leaders and the rank and tile of organized labor. * » > It often is said that public office is a public trust. The same tiling 1 applies to the job of representing organ. ized workingmen. The man who has such a jiosition not only speak,} for the legitimate aspirations of his fellow workers; lie also occupies an exceedingly imporl-- iint position in the industrial setup of the country as a whole, and this position evidently is going to be more important in the future than in the past. The intelligent and honorable labor leader—and there are many such— can do a great work in the years just ahead of us. But the labor movement no longer can afford to carry the racketeer, the self-seeker, the chiseler. the man who OUT OUR WAY plays both cntlx aumnsi, I In.- miildlu for llii! sake of Ills own hanli iia'uunl. It's up to labor to clciin housi;. If the unions arc to net new ritflils, they must recognize tlie rus|)onsil;i]ilie.s that go with them, f'ultiiii. I In 1 Passing oj Old Ideals in An interesting landmark [•volution of social ideals in Aincric:! is furnished by llio recent action of Inwtce.s of Miiskinxuiii (lolk-se, in Ohio, as a result of which Miiskinjtnin studenls arc tfoinn to lie allowed In dance ami to play cards. .MuskiiiKiim i.s a United Presbyterian college, founded 117 years ago. Until just nmv, it has always lianncd Ihnse two iliveriiions, in defuix'iire lo the opinions of the people from whom il has drawn students and linandal support. Now it has polled the parents of its students, anil has learned that 7-1 pel- cent of (belli do not oppose danciiiK and I hat (18 por cent do not oppose card playiiiK. Ikhiiu! I lie Landslide IHilnd (lie veterans' veto landslide which engulfed (in: adminlslration last wrck was a thick-set, heavy-jawed Individual!, ulio chews Ihe end ol a ciuar, talks, in a loud, raspini; voice, anil would buttonhole Quern M;iry if lie met IHT In a Senate, corridor. lie is John Thnmii:; Tayior of Hie American I.c^ion U'si.slative Council, and tin j.;t rf- feclive lobbyist on Capitol Hill sluuc tile (lays of Wayne Ii. Wlu-rlrr anil his nrohlhilion Taylor's niolto I:;: ' are wroni;. Kiiihl. that." 'I'aylor lias been inslnimenla! In sllpplm; into the pockel.s of veteran.-; $1 oui of every four spent hy UiK-l'! Sum. His sulaiy is SG.OOO plus "Iravrlln- cxpciisos." Taylur learned the legislative racket as under- cuveiman for Holes Pcinosc. lainous boss o! Pennsylvania. nurlnt; I hi: war he won lit (Iriornllons. came back In help found the American Legion, was law partner of 'I'lmiiiiis Miller. HnrdlniVs ah:n pioperly custodian, «'lio later wont to federal ix/nilontLuy. Tnylur's weapon Is "direct, aclion." He has behind him an army of l.esinnnalivs w hich can ring doorbells. Many :m ex-member ol Coiweis knows how eltecfively Ihey can lin;;. Taylor liar, hut lo threaten "to RC'." a ic- caleilranl coiiyressman, and congressman knows Unit, he faces one of tha election bailies of his life. Tins, primarily, was what ovemule Koosc- vcll's veto. —Washington Mcrry-au-Iiouncl. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Head the sports pages; learn something about stock market—that's what men like." th Stethoscope Modern Symbol of the Medical Profession BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from (he flies Jf the D»lly Tuc«l:iy, April 1, 1914 Woi'd comes fi'uni liig Lake that i jiiHilion containing some i!00 \um-s ii Iji-lni; circulated in llwl ;c'Cllon asking Gooi-yc W. liarhtim 0 allow hi.s name Lo be uwd sus 1 I'iimlklatc lor counly incite. The ciiKiL Cieoit^c anticipates making ils announcement, within a lew {rt;:>, lie said. Wrdnrsilay, A|>rll 2, 1U21 Jplni G. lloui'laiul was elected city cli'rk over Sidney Crais, James G. Cuiton was elected city allor- icy o«:i- Mnx B. Reid, and Sam rimes, Herman Grass mid Unman McLood were elected aldermen ill BMtievillo's city election Tuesday. Scvci'al ilunisanil |>er:.un.s yalii- eied at Manila today lo celcljrale Hie oiKinni; ot the lilytlmille, Manila and Lcacluille liarrt road wliicli is to lie known as ilic llcr- inan Diivis Memorial Inaliway. THIS CURIOUS WORLD CiirrTipton was cliTlnl mayor ut Manila in a spirited clcctimi. defi-atnii; K. !•'. Alston, (il in 5(1. Kllsh MeWhirtcr was elected rec- ouler and Charles McWliirtcr, afliilre jN'wdlinin, Harry Cowan, Jim Crane inul Floyd Clilines weic named alclernien. C'r. E. 'I'iioinpson was elecled mayor of Luxora yeslertlay. Other office-is chosen were E. R. Hn^an. rcco:c!er, W. T. Tlnvealt. I-'iank Vollmer. Alvln Wundcrllcli, C, I 1 . Powell, and J. W. Lynch, aldcr- incn. All \vcre. elected without opposition. WHEN A CAMEL. GETS A STONE HOLE IN HIS FOOT, HIS DRIVER, PUTS ON A LEATHER. PATCH, SEWING IT FIRMLY TO THE TOUGH SOLE. IS THE MOST EFFICIENT O* Al THE WORLD'S IISHT /MAKERS/ ONLY ABOUT IO PERCENT OF THE RtfVS FROM AN ELECTRIC LAMB CAN 6E SEEN. 6UT THE GLOW OF THE FIREFLY IS ALMOST ISV 1)1!. IMOItms rlSHIU'lN A new discovery is the npplica Kililiir, Jiiunial of the American, lion of radio amplification to til Medical AvHU'Mliun, and ot Hy- j sli'lhuscope idea. Now it Ls postern, Ihe Jliallh Magazine s.ole to slep up tile .sound that Tlic real si|;n of tlic doctor of [comes IhrouKh the slelhohcopc. J. L, Itosc wa.s elected mayor ol U'achville, defeating J. N. Rouerl- snn liy two voles. Hi Harytove was ducted recorder without opposition, and Ihe following aldenr.en were chosen: E. E. liyrd, J. K. David,!, L. H. Hull, Floyd Goiorlh. J. I-'. | order. Roderick. In early timoo, scalping was pJiicLkTd im!y union}; n few tribes ol (.'astern utui .sonthbrr; Iixlltins. liut, [lie custom spread to the pin Ins j Indians when a IxMiiiLy \vtis oltcrrd for sralps, during the French and liulicm War. The.- skull ot" an Indian, recently dug up in the Mississippi v.ilk'y, sliov.'s unmistakable sijow of having iwen scalped. Can snakes dineil bonus and teeth Unlay,'instead of the rod and serpent of liu: previous period, is ttic This little machine was brought Into medical practice around 1800. The story of its development is .HIU of tliii romanee.s of medical miclice. A French physician named Heue lenncc wa.s treating a young uristiKiatic woman. Doctors used to listen lo Ihe. licnrl bent and to | Ileail murmur.-- in disease of ihc hearl vulves and changes in the annuls of Ihe nir in Ihe lungs, as occur In bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis, can be made audible even lo whole auditoriums of physicians al one lime. Arran^emeiils can be made to .send these amplified pounds, over telegraph wires and then lo le- amplily them in auditoriums linn- of tnilus away. VY AV. Prewitl wa:; elected- may• of Osce/iia Tuesday over S. C. Kdriuyton. lortncr mayor, 217 to n. Waller Cox was elected ice- However. In the charily hospitals many ol the pattonls were infested with insccls, mid il was not very pleasant for the dncinr lo curry on investigations. Furthermore, the' modesty of on earlier ^ueralion and the relationships of the avcrayu iwrwn 10 (lie aiislocracy made (his much t(x> intimate a performance tor UK; pliysician to perform on a person of sniHTio'.- class. Inlrrinilldiuil relations arc dillicult. They dc- ]x.'ud unfortunately, to some, extent, mi smell. —Katliaiine l-'ulleilou Gcrould. ¥ T * Insull us afraid he may he niado a lool ol. or even lynehcd by ciowds. I bi-licve laicr ItiRiill will be rcueivctl in the Unilvd Stales. —M. Xeios, Circek atlorn-.-y lor .Samuel Insull. + * * 1 give all honor to the Soviet j:civeriunei:l for what it h;^i dune us a f:overniuen[. Hut today everything it touches turns to niavninex. Yon can't eat tnacliities. — ooiciman, lamotLT anarchist. in Bruce Ivy was named attorney, and J. E. Montague was chosen treasurer, all without opposition. CJ. L. Moore jr., W. E. Hunt. Lctni Bullivan, A. a. Kofjcrs, J. H. Hook and F. Mounts wen elected aldermen. Phones I'ruijicr in Sweden STOCKHOLM lUPl— Tile SwccU ish royal Ixiard of telephone, llce- eraph and radio showed a net, surplus in 1D33 of 30,018,000 kroner, jor some 3.000.0M) kroner more, than |L-.l 1932. lli:';r\ ivviii.rro. ir,:iu: TO DA* .tlrh UKAi; and I.OTTIli. .1.,1,heart disease, and the changes the .sounds of the lungs, as they occur in tiivwi-culo'sis. pneumonia, abscess of Hie Inns, and other conditions, have Lven recorded on wax records. Then these records arc used in medical schools to icacli .'•indents the .significance of these sounds in relationship ot disease. Ibr I:, I, klllrd rlrtrr Dirctor Laenneo was anxious to listen to the heart Iwnl-s ot tin: youni; woman and found himselt in a dilem He went out. (o walk in the ^nrdens of Ihc Lonvre. There he saw two hoys playing I with a loa. One boy listened at j one end and Ihe olhrr boy | scratched or iap]h.-d at the end. Laennec said. "What are you do- liiB?" 'J'he buys explained thai the ound passed down the log. Luennec went back to his room ...... .. n the rolled ii]i a sheet | la ' r yo ',' CHURCH EXCUSES Br Gco. W. Barham .Dear Autil: other j [ccj B Williams POOM.POOH 1 . HOW COULD I BE PULLED IN THERE ? WHV, A j FELLER COULON' KEEP \ GRINDIKI'.IF HE WAS g\ EVEM HALF PULLED ~ IM THERE. I WOULDN'T TRUST A GUV WHO'S AS DUMB AS VOU ARE CAN DO ANVTH1NG. like I just want to write and write until I tell you everything, but as I know how busy you must be geltinn cvrrylliiiij ready for tlic meeting for 1 fee that as usual everything is left. ii to do even lo the puinnin;: Archibald says that while they .lave lhat hiuhpouetcd singer >( caidboard, and walked into the •audit's room. He put one end of navc WM miill(m( . tr(l slnwr .,.. c lube on his pa icnis chest, ami ll( , „„., |limscl , ' shoi| , ( , )K , „, is ear at tlic other end of thc| (o n , lim ln -„„,,„„ , , ,„„ b' N IWiict'," 1 " C " thC llra 'V"™- «"« '"e rrclor that your ' la •' 'solo is all richl and could be pro[>crly i;scd for any occasion tha Of course we do nn Gran'uiUly developments were made """'" U iUlviKlblc f ° r "" ytllinr ~ " in this device so Ihal today the familiar stethoscope has a bell for collcctir.ii the sound and two rubber tubes th;it pass to ear pieces wh:ch lit into tne cars of tile physician. The lirst stctlm.->co|>c was called, ... XTali'^ n f "^ >--l|.|T\r» n t..,,.... "IK) aii.-c of us shapi\ baton.. JMI rir.i.u. rnijiiio fcnon ihl< or Ihnl hr him nt-rrnpd rtl The prime 1 Init-. PI rid . naiiclnri ll.l.l.r. nnrt <hr Invr. n.\ll|-|A TlinADXVAY k I'alillt* )• Innnrrni Ijnf •r^nitnl (I «hr irllM rhl«. In llnx-sinn IMIillin (rlr. lo' Hni Mill HIS \nvKS nhn lirfrlrnilrd l^tlri b«i hi* e(Tc>rl» U'rrs^oil hy I'nlillln'* trn r a 1 1. trt . Slil A lunn nnrl n tpnrrM (TMltlro*. Thrrr nlillEly rv.-r:il iir - uMll,, r hU . nntnTtlr matrbi-B o oi'cn a cym- ,Klr,l R n -|t,h- tnthrr. lircln^ «<tn ihnr prnrca ttou 1 <:o o.\ WITH nir. STOKI CHAPTER XXVtii p.\ni,ITO fald suddenly. "You would never believe how often I've thonghi aliom our talking lo SCtlier that nislit. I've never for- tnltcn about It. 1 never Hill!" "Oh—" Rstcllo murmured softly. you running tlie bost and wish I' could know you better. 1 was sure, we could tic friends." i He wanted to drop to bis kucea before tier. Ho said, with an eagerness tliat made llio words come fast and left ulm lireathltsss. "^Vlieu can I sec you again? Wlirrc—?" A Ie.iv drop; of r.iln nail fallen amt sl:e aro^e, drawins tier wrap around her. "I hope you liavea't talien cold?" i'ablito asked anxiously. "Oil. ao!" She laughed at the ihoit?:liL Then siie ncld out one hand and oe look tr_ "Shall we meet here Thursday—at two?" aho questioned. "It you will!" "You mustn't go to the car with me," elie warned. "It wouldn't be safe. Qoodliyc. Paljliio. Thursday at two!" He watched her disappear, then sat dowu a^alu on tlic bcnclL He I saw tiiat she had dropped ner handkerchief and picked II up reverently. With the utmost ten rierness he held it between his palms, then suddeulv pressed It tlsbt. Palilito thouslit. "What can rannly. It was odd. she tlioughl. ' conic of lliis cxcetit laoie misery/" that he seemed to ha»e ao idea hnw much she really liked him. . She tiatl dreamed nt meeting him Nevertheless seeing her was Jicaven and Thursday — iwo days asaln some day. Thera hnil never occn anyone elso whom she liked so much. ahead—he was lo see her again. coolly vltk a smile after > frank, slowly tektn lurvcy. 1'ni not," tstella answered with contlcllon. rbnt It's loyelj ol you to say so, Marcla." "We're going to have some good times together, child." ' \ "1 know I shall!" "Tuafs the spirit- Run along \ now, darlins. aud send nie that cocktail—or two of them. I Have a perfectly hellish head. The train was stuffy and the boat worse. The most ghastly people do come lo Cuba! Tours, tours! And tnora were Cubans who would Iri to flirt while using a toothpick. One can't always keep one's eyes shut and I haie eating all tus whifs by myself, ao there 1 wasl" Moving toward tbe door. 1 Estells laughed. "Sometimes It's a horrid trip." she agreed, "it was iweet ot you to come!" Waiting for the cocktail Harris stepped oul on the narrow balcony! where rlnw clung loosely. fluuerJ ing In the warm Breeze. She couta look down on a patio tbat was. In turn, daz^lingly bright and deopli shadowed. .It was filled with erery sort ot bloom and foliage «nd smacked a bit or what Marcia called "Early Hollywood." Never- tholesa It iras effectlTe. Her eyes Rrow lansufirously narrow as> she looked down. ARCIA T H E A n W A Y found ...,,, , . EstellQ to bo "an odd lllllt you think shn.ild K o back I pic( . 0 .. 1Tl[h an M ^ ln ^ nash ol ANNOUNCEMENTS 7 IIP Courier NCAS has b'Tn au- lliori/cd (o annoimc-L the following a.t candidates for p:.hlir. officr. subject lo the Dei.-.ocratic primary iitxl August: Tor Mrmhcr n* Congrc.^ CLINTON L CALDWELL Tor Slinriff and Collrrlor ci.,\UKNCK it. WII.SOM' For He-clcction (or Second Term Tor County Treasurer JOE S. UILLAHUNTY ItOLAND GREEN I'or Cirrtdt Cnurl Clttk HUGH CRA10 ADDIPOri SMITH For Cnunly cnurl Cl^tk I-TIRI) Ft,EKMAN I'or Itc-Elcclion for 2nd Term Tor Afv-*i«.snr R. I,. (HIt.fA', fiAINT-i U. C. (IKE) HUDSON 1'nr foiiAlihlr nf {'liirkastnb.-v To«n!.lii[, JACK UODEUT5ON be said until after Ihe Evangclis has worked among liie member, for a week or so. We sncees Ihal you make the singer and the EvangetiM understand Ihal you practically run everything and tha', if you sVrould ever make np your iniiitl to wal kout thai il would be surh a blow to the church and it would l>e iiio«s and blow. 1 ; before they could find .'omcntic lo fill your place. Archibald says a lot of churches have liren almost forrrd to clo.-c just because the eadcr sot his or her feelings hurl lid quit. He says a lo'. of folks seem to join the church .^n that hey can hurt someonrs (celinjs. rim ctrv omrrs Election Tiirtday, April 3- Fnr City aerit S. G. CRAIG n. L. MCKNIGHT KOS.'l UKAVtlHS Kot t'liy >Ul"rnrj HAM ^rA^"ATT' Reid Courier News Want Ads. "N'o!" she said. Instantly agliajt "Oh. no!" "I'd lh' willing to do It It you ! said to" I "Nr>:" she rcpr-.iteil Sho added. ; "I'm afr.iiii yn-i wn;il ( liri even j liavc a chnnrc —" I "I'erlnps int." he atrccil licnvlly. ] Ke na-i Unati woro smiahle com- i rail's, lie.iii who tind luomlscd lo ! "priiiert" him! . "My life Is In ynur'l~." he | said, looking down al iliose un- Slovfd. slender while hands. He . meant tlinl in- wonirl do nnythlng siie wanted mm lo hut Ksiclte rats- We".! r ltl;u! .. Marcla saw, unplerL?anily with youth. ami added slio'll have lo cei ov llor own inissica clearly. "Well, flows cvcrythins?" she ijuestlonrd hM.ikly after Rsteile had taken her to her ronms. .Marcia iKirchr.i] on the edse ol n chaise longuo hcsi'lo an or-en t'rcncii window frf>m wiiicti one conld slep to a narrow iialcony, ;u.ivi!ed hy a twisted, wroiisht Iron Brill. "Oh, eery well. .Niiss Ticadway," A "You are perfectly safe." she assured 1111:1 r.-.j-j-v. "I'll r.e7cr teh anyone of having mot you. ancient. When anyone can? mo E'aMilo. Never!" i 'Misa Marcii' 1 simply want to Slie clanccrt up al him then and : kill them!" tor a long monieni they looked '• K.stelle !au;!ic'l. Miss Trcadway into one anolhe.'s c;-;r, l talked os she always hart — so "I'd die !oi j-nu nr live for you." ! quickly live listener had a tic said ahrnpMy. "You ran remember IhrH — nnl. I piippn^c. th.ll il will mean i:iach. llui I would do cither." I.TE still cared, she rc-illzed. her "-' hcari qinckenlni:. "If t could only see yo'i once In a wt-.ile." he sild next. "It would mean ereryiMtig to me!" "t don't see why not—" she faltered, again looking up nt him. "I'm lonely." she added, "for the sort of people 1 can't—seem to tin*!. My mother |3 gone now." "I'm sorry," tie murmured. She made no answer, but quickly weot oa. "Tbat night of the piny 1 did FEW days wilb .Marcia were enoosli to convince Estelle lint the visit was no answer lo her ionelluess. M.ircla wns hrulally her obvious I tr:lnk , n h(ir Conrcr5 , lt |n n and ner •'Stjlt soft." Marcla tfco«Kti_t j sossip Wn3 a snn rir rrom ., Brcfr e to the girl. My dear." she would say. "He lived wlih her for yeirfi rlglit under hi? wife's nose! Of com knowing his wife, you can't tr but rather KynipHhizo with h' P>esl<icp. 'live and let live' 1= i motio.'s a Bweot dress y have on. child!" Krequently Marcia would wat Kslclle narrowly as she talked thus bitterly or frankly. The child:" would have no peace, Marcla thought Impatiently, until she hart "\V!iy don't you call rue Marcla. ' ceased dreaming antf come to » !amt>? I'd rather you did. Other- | hlunt understandlu? of the world wise you'll ::i^ke me leel terribly ahout her. Estelle seemed some times to be an Incorrigible '• dreamer. "Don't relieve In anything Icirn tn t.ike everyltiing you cao^ 1 set." Mnrcla said sharply o n< f noon. "Tlio sooner you do. the 6et-£ dcrmiie Imprr.jsmn ot Fclntlllailns | ler for you! The only people wll ^g hrlghiness. If the wr-.rds had hcen , know anyililns like Happiness ar«3 annlyxr.d litrle ortclitne.s? ; iliosc wlio nro alisolulcly hoirt-/ would linve been found, nai ihoo ! Irss." "^ few ol Mnrcla's wnrld in<l time tor ', "fi-il I dnn't to bclleritj nnalyzlnr, anything or tlie hahtt of thai!" Kjtclie protested, doln: It. I "You'll hare to. sooner or late: "\Voi:M yn-i lil;« te.i. M.ifcii?" ! I know! I was liko jo-J once Ou' Eslelle asked, liciitaiins tiio frac- I sot over ;t_ The only thine do Is tn Uu^ii at everything and e nne of those i cheat nhen you can pet i -.<MCI elements j with it. That's as close as ftnyons <-° .. Kstella started to go downstairs; A? Eho threaded toe narrow bait :ony looking down on the freM living room sbe saw her father low. He was qot atone. Suddenly the flrl turned ter roctu. to sticd there * Do you ktiow ^e lion of a ?C':oa-l. "No. awePL I'd ' cockl.iib with <7 in them, thouqli. \ n:ean?" "I don't but Kerry will. He's a rather 'mportaut person wlio does all sons of things for f.nhfr. I'll nsk tilm to have It seni no" I<V '.alkla; in yon. 1 thought '. Estelle rn.=e. ppe-iklnz, and Marcla bjd i grsai deal IB commou—" | n:orpi1 to lay ttt tundt oa tbe 'I'll cei-cr forget lilt nlgtL* : ji.-! 5 Mtciijr sto'iWpri "Vc-u L5t?.llf weal 03. "1 nscd to wstci i rs-a!:j ire s-Ac-et." =i: tlnwifd i!; ijal-st ber act cfleefcs. (to Ue ConttDued)

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