The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
Page 2
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TWO BIA'TUBVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NK\VS A Song For The New .Year Belles of** Beaux The New Year-bclis rang cut last :' night In melody; Their'message sweet .is cv.-; of Hop: For you and me! The eld year hart its failures End— Its dreary days; .. .••. -: T|-.; -New Year beckchs us albnK ! . Inviting }vays. : What'if »; iailcd iii-tainenycarsJt We yet will win; . ! Now'it it-anpther year— . -. $; !e*s-begin!-'•'";•:• '-'.' '\.' We shall~fiot grieve, b-jfloolc'iU?yonj thej'ji'uis'of 7iine:',<^ '..;'•, - i ! The''New Yoar holds Jfr yoiKand, i.- nje -, : ' ' '. • .''.;[•' ( A hope siibliine. To Have >Story Hour .: Tiiete will be a fro; stcry hour at, the f- Blytncvil!.? library Saturday j morning, beginning at 10:30 o'clock! for jchildren between the ages ol ilx and 'ten years. Hcniris Henderson Students Returii Ciiolar News Note.K i j Rtv. and Mr=. Karl Hlgly of Kan- i - ; sas City. Mo., spent the Christmas j -* j holidays, here the guests of Rev. ci'.id ' !Mrs. P. I.. Prltchnrd. Tito visitors! | are widely known as cvnngelhti: I singers. Dr. Hl«ly delivered nn n-1 i tcrcsllny discourse at the Method- ' 11st church Sunday morning. j | Clint liccers and Colean Sc!-!i . i of Tcnnecf-co. spent Monday and- Monday night here among friends. | Alvln Rny, formerly of Cooler ton. j now of Cottonwool Point, spent the | week-end hoc 'wltfi friends Will Hodge left Tuesday for Memphis where he will spend several days with his brother. GcorgD Hodge. Both the Baptist and MGlhodht Sunday schools are progressing splendidly with gratifying attend- j ancc and much interest being s'lown ' by the various classes. Tom Halford. formerly of Cooler but now ol Cottonv.'ood Point, fijier.l Wednesday here. We are in receipt o! the news that Evelyn Bowling, ten - year - ol:l daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WilHr.m I N. Bowling, formerly of Cooter but they are students at Hendrlx- ri,i cnt «hristhe nhwof ls - wsc , alter spending a ! ' „," Klrbv That mHn m? > 8rape vlne '° r llCr " J b '™ a '' two feeafcs vacktini with relatives. *. v -. »• Guejts at•'•• '. : Clui: Partjj.' , MJs. iVA 1 :- Leech entertained j mcnjbers of the Thursday Lunch-" ecnjclub and. Mosdames Martin, J. W, ilorss',' Elton W- Klrby nnd Miss Mary Satterflald. of Memphis, for the usual weekly luncheon and con- iraet bridge game. Aa appetizing two course lunch- Kirby. trays his sunny Disposition daddy says. " FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1931 •: • 8".'Of FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY 11' ^'^TgggiTFTTJnsmaaagnrt^ggi'gas -Miss Rosemary Johnson, former u '"™«'ty °f ««™ls eo-ed, wants S25.0CO as "teart balm" from Will- . ' Russe11 ' agc C ' ght ' IOCUt hC " '"* iam F ' Ud *° in - who wfls Bits of News Mostly Persona! | ax slipped, cutting her finger ofl and badly lacerating the thumb. The little Girl spent some minutes in looking for her finger but failed lo nnd It, Up until last year Evelyn and Fred Russell were regular attendants nt Cooler grade school. R. O. White, who Is employed by . the government fleet at Frenchman's Baycu, spent the holidays here with his family. ™: Otis Ho:ige, who hfis been suftcr- aied trcm the university last spring, and lias filed a breach of promise suit In an effort, to get it. She says they were to have been married last June but that Lodigc changed his mind. Mrs T. H. Plemmons has returned to !ier home in Vnirmont, N. weed ccllego aftti 1 visiting l:or par:*s. Matt Mqnaghan jr., won the priz|, hosiery." •: : ,-;- The hoskss . served n ileiicic... y.'.atb lunch':of cheese saW, hct rolls,' pickles, cake and coffee \vhleli shewed the.same colors seen In the imi4i';2 tails' -eafds emblematio o*. ihe'Neu- Year. Mrs Party -Wt'rti party Thuisday wer Kits, Judce and Mrs. G. E. Keck, a while here Wcdsesday inorn- for .two weeks.. lug. •„, „ _ . , .. , ,,. Schools of Cooler consolldrUed T,51,5 Mcry 63-terfield relumed to ; dls , rlct numb[n . 5 resumed work her home lu-Memphis today alOr Id mornlllg w | th all classes ^ Ki-n rtft V( clot' M'f rU X^v mill Mi-C ' * I *« 1 "*"J ° C, W Rnymoncl Cooper ' Miifni? E. Haincs o( Hnstings. Neb:, •.v!iq>is the guest of SV.'r. and Mrs. Harry W. Ha-,i:.:s; Mrs. Dixie Craw- Icr4, and Mrs. Jack Homer when Mra. B. A. Lynch was hcstess to the affair. - - ' A 1 delicious luncheon menu was tervjgd at one o'clock. Mrs. Harry \V. paincs won. the club award and honors anicng 1 the:guesU'«'i' 1 rit to Mrs. Jack Hpm?r. Both received j ln ** guests for several days Mrs. litiea guest towels. - J - r -° v J' n "d Mrs. J. McBridc, of J. .. ; '- : ,. .- -.. Memphis.- EiitiriaiuS'Bridge : ' Htrsrhcll Caldu-cll, freshman ' " ' football conch al Diikc University, Durham, N. C.. tele yesterday alter spending tl-.e holidays wilti relatives. E. O. Spinks, of Memphis, is a business visitor in the city. I Ssvoral b.iskelbill fans of this emphi's; crmmunity attended the gam? formerly coui^y Iriasnvcr, ic .1 vis- ''pi-yerl by the Hlcele UidcpeiKient: Vor*in[;fhijclyy .toiiy. = . ' „,.„ n tettin,o( Memphis, at Sle;:e Mrs.(jlcSiij..H. Lon».sp:»l Tues- j Tuesday evening. day iirv.Littlc HCX-'K where she ac- , " —— compahlcil a V.-LIII!I!I patient, to ili,> : hospital for ncivous diseases. 1 H'dV^blC "PfiC-Wce" Mr. nnd Mis. Jolm B. Lane will , , i j i iclurn Saturdny from Pine niult Develops into IHullSuy Where they attended the state B. Y. P. U. convention of Baptist j S ,\ N FRANCISCO. (UP)-Ed- chuvches. ' I w[ir(1 LjmghHn grew weary ol heir- M1.5S Florence Alley has gone to Trenton. Tenn., lor days visit. •Mr. and Mrs. J .J. Daly have as H.V F,nW,\RI> C. WOLFE Member of .the National Championship Aucliorl Team NORTH— DEM.ER DUV.MV. S-8-7-C-5 H-8-2 D-9-7 iVEST S—fl-K-94-3-2 H—1.10-7 D—K-G t-9-5 somH— DECLARER S—MO H—A-K-0 n-A-Q-l-3 EAST S-Q H-9-65-4-3 o--io-e- 54-2 C--G-3'. - The auction bidding of the above lir.nd rio".'; not involve- any situations worthy of serious: considera-' Hon. ' ' ''• •'• ' • Alter n pass by North and East. .1 one no trump by South should close the bidding. The only bid' apt' to be questioned is ttie P3SS by West. Entei Cluf Club for I2ouse Guest. Mrs. J: C.-Kellcy jr., ot Dotroit,- Mich., was tlie guest of honor al the^ Thursday Bridge club parly yesterday when her hostess, Mr=. R. 'N. Ware 'jr., also entertain:;! Mi4 Inez Rich of Memphis. Mrs. Walker H. Baker, Mrs. C. R. B.\b- cocfi : .and Mrs. Floyd \Viiit=. M^s. O. \V. McCutchcn won ths cIurTprize, hosiery; ho;ic-i\ went to Mra Walker, H." Baktr for high gueSt and the guest- of honor- ra- ceirad handkerchiefs. A^. delicious plate lunch wai served.' . ' ••••••• Miifionarj- Society jfcjfs. • . how . evc| ._ scllt(;d to the left of a no. ins Juanita Scott. Ins 8-year-old lrump dcc1areri vcr j,' fv cn ucntly ! niece, ask him to lake her to tne, drlvcs lllc O p pos | t i mi outr of n, c "Pee Wee" golf links M_hc con- I 0 (rum|) UUo a sull tUiWlll(:h is strnctcrt a movable Indoor course. l, np , c pro,;,.,,)!,, thnn.the no trump. Junnltn liked the plaything n"d i west's opening- lea'd of the four j called in her friends. Soon -there | 0 j spades prevents South from iMk- a general demand for the new i ing m0 re than three CKld against toy. Result: T!:e fonnotinn of n 575,0 OCO company with a local factory and orders coming in so fast tint tlie factory c^n'l supply tlie demand. Jany kind of thoughtful, defense. II Sontli Is foolish enough at any time" of tin- phy to take the diamond linesse he cannot plss'.uly make game. • WUh the oiXMiing load of the king of spades (indefensible from L. 13. Uidley, of Jonesboro. i- , spending today In Blythcvill; on j by Or. Tipton's aunt. Mrs. Horn {West's holding)_ South_woiil-J doubt- buslncss. Mrs. w. S. McCall and dun tcrs. Misses Virginia nnd Mnvgp- rct, and Mrs. McCall's mother, Mrs. J. E. Noel .returned to f.hcir lio:nn in St. I.ouis todhY after a week's visit.v\iili friends. ( , v •Mrs. J. C. Kelicy Jr.,"is' leavint; Sunday for her ihome .in.Detroit. Mich., after spending n week with ) Tipton. of that cily. who is now:less appraise the Joint trick possi- •>'i- their guest. ^ bilities as four odd—one spads, one ] T}ic .vrbman-s'niis;!=n.Vry 6o:!::\ h « fistcr. Mrs,.R. N. Ware jr.. of the Yarbro -Methodist c'nurc. j a »d family. ineif yesterday ,alteinoon , al t hi cliufclTwUh nine members »iii attendance. The 46th Psalm wai r:a'tl'-' r. n i. ccmfticnted upon, by Mrs. J.- H. Mcffe lor .the devotional and'Mrs. U. ft. Hood conducted the in;s;ton study from. t!ic tMk "The Traiiiiig of Ihc Conquestadors." Prayers by MrsVA. B. Wheeler and Mrs. J. \V: Etchison concluded the., program. Hcwcll-MuUipj. - • • - Jtfes Vqtma Mullins. 'of Dyors- bur^, Tenni, and Mr. Luther Hoi-ell of Bteele, Mo., were married hi totice Eu-.Walkcr. Having I'arly. .- ', -\frs. ilunter C. Sims is cntett'ain- i._».-i.i. --,.- .-- -jvithiVlbrldEc party espacially.complin'tntmg. her Eister, Miss Inez Rlch^.of " Mrs. C. A. llovty is spending 13- day in Osccola. Mrs. Eci^ar Hcrrick and son, Robert, have returned from Jouesboro where they spent, a week with relatives. \ Mrs. Frank C. Douglas and children were, visitors in Memphis i Thursday. i 4 ;Mi£$.ClaiT. Simon, of Memphis. i5 the'guest of Mrs. Joe Meyers. 'Miss Pauline Lang has returned Jrom Memphis where she sp'.'nt " Misses Elizabeth .Haley, Martha ChRrtibirs and Wcrrenc Brownl^e left loday,!or pluc MoitiUain. Miss., where they arc students' at Blue MoLntaln • college, after spending U"e holida'ys at home. .^Mr.'.a'iKl Mrs. Lewis Phillips had Ss thqir' guests last night Mr. anci Miss Ruby Wilder returned to I diamond, flvc clubs and .three heart St. Louis toilay after spending the 'ricks, holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilder. Mrs. Katherlnc Vaughn and (laughter, Ann Carolyn of Ptivn- gould. hnvc come here to make their home. Mrs. Howell Hicc. ot Memphis, is spending several days here. C. B. Crnig. of Jonesboro, is a business visitor in the city. A Visitor al King \Vest's low spade lead, howovcr. is wen by East wilh the queen. ! is now compelled to chcosf be-1 twecn hearts nnd diamonds for hisi return lead. The diamond suit slightiy stronger, but. botli are certainly worthless against a no trump declrtrn'.ion. There is always small margin ol probability that a j no trump declarer is stronger in al minor tlian in a major suit. With 1 dummy showing practically t h ;' same strength In the two suits J I most experienced players wouU! ic- ' Mrs Bandit Needed Money • |Jor "His Wife and Kids'?- NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. <UP>— EDmething ; new in the holdup rark- ct was experienced by Jehu Som- criille. traveling salesman, recently. Stopping \i> fix a puncture en a country road, Somervilic was lic'.S liij ty an elderly man who. alte: extracting his wallet, counted 'out 512.53 Lnd returnca the fcil-jpr;. amounting to''$50. . • . . "I'm not a regular rcaa UsOnt,' the elderly gehtlemsn rxplainad. -My r.ife and th; kids' and myself :-te on our -way-to Kansas. We ran Ciil c'f funds.. .We nsure i' will UJ:; jii'l S12.50 to^ct''i;s home. I'll- 4:ha : .i'.e iticn-iy to yiti litrr." ScmcrviUo did net report ,t'.:e i.r^dup to -police". • • • ' j of Flint.; \iich.T-ft-l*.o were c-nrouie lo Walnut Ridge for a visit with Mr. Gold- tth's'.Tni:;rr. Miss Leone Callicott Ins returned from Trenton. Tenn.. where sh-. 1 sptnt t!-.c holidays. Mrs. Bartee D. Bonds ul Uix-1 era, is a visitor In the city today. J. • E.' Cillz. county r!grlci!l!ura! agent, is in Uurdettc today vacei- llating hojs. • J. E. McKcll of Litllc Rock, district agricultural r;ger.t. was l;crc yesterday for a conle:-ence with J. i E. Critz, county agent. Miss Cora Leo Coleman. Mrj. E. Carol's Palace; um " a : If West would have false led with ; I the rtcucc instead of the fo;:r of ' s'lMrtes 'his fourth best», nnd then i later discards a small spade whi'u ! I South is playing the ciub : ; i;it.j South's fear of a game-killing spade i suit may be allowed. ; In that event. East would hav: i i held the queen and the lm> mi's| ing small spades: ncvrithclcM hi< • | return of another suit up to wo.\k-' j r.ess In the dummy would still b: j . t>:ouglilfui plavins. Even though , I West's i-oin.iir.lng three spadc.- would b:" 1 good, ^not'ner trio 1 ,: v.-r;;i!:i . be needed to 5.ue game, and i: ..; ' i very certain tut East will'. 1 ag.iin find hii-.-.joif in the le.ij ; iscnd any sui: through ti-.e (icciiu- , j cr'i strcugtli up to the weakness c: : I the dummy. I If t v e is led .it trick | two. S:utli must cliunbsr i;,i \viii: • i his ace in order to make s-;rc c: j game. I \Vl-.cthor the tmthful four sp;. ! or the untnitbdil deuce thould t: ; I led i> a iv.^'.tc:' fm- p.icli ii::i:\^d:iu . j to (ieciuc lo;' himwlf. My cxprr-.- 1 eiicf In !'.:::, ivgArd has shsv.:-. ,t.rcnter la^rs than in lioo,-;!- : live leading. V. Treadway, Mr.=. Si:- n. M.v-.n Rumors thai Mine. Uiix-scu. litimi- s ' and Mrs. R..N. Favrar wo;c vis'.-. haired of Ki;ig Carol of r/ ..",~ tors in Caruthsr.iville yesterday. i Rotimanta. is a visitor at the royal t'OSftltttl i\otCfi Miss Mary Frances Stacy return- palace in Bucharest have been dc-.;from St. Louts v.lirro ?-? n; od - by Roumanian government P,\iirr.ts di5mis.=,\-i Ircni Tie B'v- vlstted for. ten days. r.iTicials. This Is ,1 recent portrait thcville hospital \\-i\- T;-^l-Dr. r.nd'Mrs. Pai.l L. Tint,-:-. !:?.-.• n! Mine. Lnpef-cii. with whom ](:,l f e!y. Toan.. Jim' Ph'we- !!•- rciurnsd from a visit m £:iu;l:. .Cirol was living in exile in Paris ;ar.d. MO., Mrs. L. M Jones 'f•- Mo. They were accORipanl:j ho:ii • i prior to-his return to the throne.' niih, Mo. ;^^ CRANBERRIES LETTUCE APPLES ' Ked Ripe <f "f _ Pound li i C ORANGES CABBAGE •?^'re.?T^^:CT:3z^g%iq7y5..-,y;a3ra;f^Tg;;rasg»ra^^ Guaranteed.' O^*» mimmriri P>rookficld Down ~mm<&\f BUTTER MATCHES PEACHES Pure 8 Pound Cuckst Compouiid 8 Pound Bucket WHITE FIGS fa Cloth Bags, Limit SYRUP m MEAL J/.l..],!,. CanFrecwith L\,. 3 dins fc4C "23i'c SALT..MEAT HAMS Kver - Gfl011 ' H SAUSAGE T&ick Rib, Ib. Sliouidar Ib. 18c

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