The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SKPTOIKEn 12, liWO (ARK.) COimiRR NEWS StEMCtlD DEfESI HEFLIN! Alabama Survey Reveals Strenuous Opposition to lom's Re-Election. Bits of News Moslly (Vrsoiml M1-:\V YORK, (UP) — Indications Urn United Stales Senator Thomas. Heflin may shortly retire to private hir jre found in a survey of Aln- !iu:i!o politics published today by C liier's. .stressing the nailon-wiile iii:|i.rlanc: of the revolt against ihc crusading senator. The survey shows, inat Heflin's Mr. and Mrs. Farnswoilh H|-.u-!: imd daugiiler. Betty, are arriving; this afternoon from Oklahoma City where Ihey spenl Hie ummer with Mr. lilnck's patents. They will be accompanied by Im lather, wlic will be here for Ihe cotton season. C. 'O. Hires and W. II. ..uvall have returned frcm Daylon, C)li!o. they attended to business /oi several days. Misses Ethel Trimble, linden;' Walker anj Hcba Netly, of Pnra- gonld. were guests of Miss Ke'.urah Ncely lasl eveniin;. Mrs. Lucile Thomas retuined Refusal to Refund Five OtjfiU for No Good Melon Re.ulls in $5 Fine. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN con Mmlwk'h Is an appetizing in novinliMi In Ihe breakfast menu. A PAGE THF.E1-. snjipllM cno\ieh liquid; no other Is] needed. I'lcnly of coarse biiltcrcd \ i item Invrsllgnllon renai'dini; I crumbs nim.l be HfiHl lo make thej HIL' linn rimu-iit ol .mull) fuills dish ma-active lor servlm:. Chop-! nnd i-r^i'inblcx reveals Hint umiiKi.' |x-d mil meats ami celery ore r.-wd , in some lorni throughout Ihe year, A live cent watermelon that prov- (hey :nu al their best when they Juice ar.:l ic mato juice contain only ii sin..!: pun oi (|[i> ii-oii in iho ( ;r- aiii'r or tomalo. This Is worth keeping m mind when planiili: 1 . 1 . me.iN The way yic MTVC our food .. , may :-i:b it «f mncli of its value. -_ _______ Sliced u:n:ului'K ur whole tonmlocs str\i.I raw in nnj- fashion give lln-lr lomalucs uro available [ fu n ;;: , ;i .,, u . „( ruw] v .,,, iL , ed to- be decidedly i.tlen l-_n<ted Wolfe Aaron. Main .street fruit siaisd merchant, in pnlieo ooun this mo; mi:i> and cost him u five dulbr line, unless lie innkis an appeal bond, which lie intlmauci lie would do. It all happened when Aaron':; daughter sold a iiccro one of his "cheap" melnns for (he cents. Soon after the purchase Hie nesrn | bles, meals, fish and pniillry com- discuvered the melon was hi any- i bine appcll/ingly with tomatoes l>;mt; Inn edible condition and re- A tomato juice cocktail Ls a sliinn- tandidacy for reelection is meeting ; yeicrday from Little Hock where sircnuous opposition on industrial . she was the guest of Mrs. liernicc and cd'.icali'.nal grounds. "For I Wlnn lo: U'o weeks. Mrs. Winu nnd ccmmcrolul reasons," it says, "Ala- j her brother, Utullc/y Johnson, ac- tama is a trifle tired of Tom. He | companicd her home but returned i:; regarded by the promoters ot! last nigh:. Alabama—tJe Chaml>ers of Coin merce, Ihe manufacturers, the ad- , ness in Pnragould vertlsers who 'arc :>|jeiidiiiB money i tliis week. I- indue., northern capital to make' cl ,- rl - s ,,.„,„„. js n , p.,,. a ., oll ,., !llc " lc °" ^ 80<xl and Unit the! the stnto Ms home, and that grou-! having "been c -n ccl ' , nen ," b y th:!' 1 ,^! 0 '- bCC ." ™ lci1 a "- nv;ly ing clement which has thrice. nincss of his lather, H, K. >arl- Ihwarled efforts lo saddle thej jc : i,- •-•eho-ls with anti-evolution laws-I' M,- S . p. N. Lutlrell and two sons, ;> a-^L.".d Kdverlischuiit fa- hU | Erman am! liuhbie. returned Inst • , night from Covlngiou. Tenn..' The negro returned in a few mo- are "home i;rown" and sun ripened. Fully iiintured. nainrally ripened tunatcvs are rich srmrcei of utamtn.s A, it am! C nnd should appear 'daily at lonii as they are obtainable. The ways 11 scvvint! fresh to- iv.atoes are Iniuonernbl.. From this friiK-veg- Fruils. vegela- creiikfust lo dinner ciable is welcome. n-^i slierd t miuttti'.s are ncod in wlien combined will) lomtiloes in wltli the .ynsimlinss to fiolld) tile this (h>hlc:n. 'Alw:iys add su^ur larincs;. (jf the tomatoes. Fnini i no-hull lo une taliltsiKJOii suyar is enouiih for sis tomntues. Aboul l»u cups ol bii-jul crumbs will lx- need nl will] tins amount of 10111:11:1 S'A'ci'l, i-;,rn, yreen pep]:ci'i) nnd un- iiie favorite veKdnblra l:i Tile lomato juic/ sealUiji wlili loinatoes, Llovd V. Wise attend..,! to tiisi ! '"'" wl l ° Aaro ," . for llis mo ' le - v - (lav ' Ani ' on admitted ln co'.ni that IK '-' £:ive the negro no assurance t'na' Intlnt; lir.-t course for a luncheon or dinner. A toasted tomato nnd bc- the melon was Whereupon he mid Ihe negro he: did not hnve nny money cominj | :'iid ordered him cut ol his H is jraid by Ifcflin's oppcnenls where they visited relatives several' mcnts with an officer of Ihe las' that three important industries re- days to be with Mrs. A. H. lion- , and Aaron after considerable cinilj. '. cently have rejected Alabama as a ••••- -• "•---•---• -"-•- --•-- - • -- 'site for expansion because they con- dra, of Cleveland. Ohio, who Is al- ; Winy finally yave Hie nrgro so in l!ial cily. i nickel, "you know I don't care any- tidercd it iinpossible to develop in j Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Joyce. Mr?. I thing for a nickel. Judge." and pro their own way under the racial and j L. A. Bieib.inm, Mrs. Clyde John- i deeded to upbraid the officer for, lellgiou-- (IcinaB-Suery of the Kn son nnd Mrs. J. C. flcncy. of Par- j interfering with his business. He j Klux Klan and senator Heflin. The i agonld, were visitors litre yestcr- mcdern industrialist, it is explained, [day. demands more than transportation,' Elkert HufTman. son of ^^r. air.i power and raw lalwr, because he Mrs. E. L. Huffman, went toMcin- also the psychological and - inl.lle.lual quality of the people hs must v.'- rk willi and among, and he mahuains that cheap, illiterate labor, which is one-tenth energy nnd nine-tenths prejudice, is a heavy liability. "Tho3e whose business it is lo increase Ihe state's in- ccme and tire citizenry's opportunity nrc highly desirous of gelling lid of Heflin." the survey concludes. "'iluir i.sties are clear, to develop Alabama's water power, to realign lax schedules, lo build more xchcols, and to revise the primary Hcctlcn laws." There is m liquor issue in Alabama, the survey states, because! iiiere it plenty of liquor, in spile i cf the state's withering drv law. i phis today where lie will b" a junior at Southwestern University. Mr. nnd Mrs. Horace T. Gulp have as their quests for two days their cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller, who are enroule to thei' home in St. Louis after a visit in Pine Blufl. They are leaving liiis afternoon. ni:r<lcn Bragg and J. A..Piss, of Ojc?ola. were vnilors In the oily today. iUrs. O. M. Morgan spent yesterday in Memphis. The Rev. E. K. Lalimer attended to business in Memphis Thursday. Mi 1 :;. E. W.- Simmons is a patient t the Memphis n:ip!i«l hrv;pi'.il. Mr. cud'Mrs. C. G. Redman ha:l . _ "Alabama." it explains, "is one of ! ?; s tneir (tucsts thi. week, Mr. and ; ganiralic.i ceremonies these states where large bodies '"' *'"' C £c ° Ul l! '° o|) which ha told the story to Judge Oravettc i this morning and the fine for sell- injj lotten produce was liie result Aaron now declares he only wants lo deal with hljrh class customers. A negro porter at the Hotel No- L'le, nt. least he was until last night, wns fined $15 on a charge of public drunkenness. Complaint \va:; made by E. B. Noble. Drum and Bugle Corps Goes to Lepanto Tonight Twenty members of Ihe local American Legion post's Boy Scent drum and bugle corps, accompanTed by P. A. White, manager of the organization, and olher members- of the post, will drive to U'piinn tonight to participate In tlie'or.- of a llQj ip which has been form- citi_6ii5 stagger lo Ihe polls and ;;. vie dry. Tf you can drink corn | Ll whisky you have no cause to com- i plain of prohibition in Alabama. I You can get it in hotels, cigar I stores;, drug stores, general stnr-^ haberdasheries. laundries, pool rooms, and on street corners. Scotch whisky comes in cans, four b Itles lo a., can, and would be more popular if it did not necessitate' ownership of a can opener as woll as a corkscrew'." . Mvs - n « lm ™ 5 brelllpr - ,,,,, Walker ed there under the sponsorship cl ""5 LeiKint- post. Keep Them Sturdy Keep your children healthy !ind sturdy by Riving (hem plenty (if pine, wholesome pasteurized milk. P Bennett's J asteurizeu MILK Is Saff, Whiilv.snme Kond Km- Children Phone 74 Morning or ..veiling Deliveries — I ONE Mississippi Swimmer Visits Luxora, Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 12 — Fred Nc\vion, marathon swimmer who Is attempting an endurance, swim cf the Mksissipiii River, came ashore at Luxora about B r.'tlock hst night and drove down to Oscccla where he spent the night, returning this morning to the point at which he left She river last night in re-enter the stream fcr f:dtty's swim. He left Bni-neld landing al 8:23 o'clock yeslerday morning and es- peclcd to make it to Osceob last nisht, but the rain late yesterday afternoon impeded hk progress nnd he was forced to land near I.tixrra, walking the distance- of somethin-; like a mile that recession ol the river from the i.uxora bank during the drouth has placed the channel away from the town. He expects to reach Memphis s'metinie Sunday. stancl PI.ENTV OF FAITH HARTFORD. Ind. (UP)-Mrs Albert Boston. Jr.. htul faith in her husband's abi'ity. so she redoubled his bid of five clubs in a bridge game. She did not have a single trump in her hand and her opponents. Marie Knciht and George Ravaux. had doubled the bid. Her faith was repaid, however, when Boston laid down I3 clubs, the perfect hand, en the table. MM OAV \Hi 3»* TMfc" THE rROinitlTION- PARTY On September 12, 1869. the Na- ticnal Prohibition Party was organized at a convention iti Chicago. The new parly was the result of the failure of advocates of temperance lo force n prohibilion plank upon cither of Ihe major national parties. In the state elections of the next three years .candidates were nominated by the party, bin received relatively few vftlcs. The national convention met in Columbus. O.. February 22. 1872. and nominated James Black of Pennsylvania and John Russell of Michigan as the prohibition candidates for president and vice-president respectively. The convention adopted a platform which, besides advocating prohibition, declared for woman siiilragej a direct popular vnlc for president and vice president, a sound currency and encour- ngement of immigration. In the ensuing election, the party's candidates received bu^ \ SCO? votes. The or?an of the Pro- ; hibltlon parly. The Voice, wa- j established September 25. 1884, and | published in Chicago. | cMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY A Home Institution DELI VERY SERVICE Nn need ciirryinjr hitfk-lirt'iikintf bundles wlu'ii you fan buy ytiiir ftiod supplies at valtio-nivinfi prices. Deliveries lire miide (l:\ily, iissiirini;' lite itrrivnl of futitlstufTs in lime for meals. 6ELOTE Grocery and Meat Market PhoneJ 77 2-1 pound Capco I'or Khck SUGAR With Olher Crocevies H) Pound 47c Fresh Country Dozen 30c LEMONS Dozen 25cl TOMATOES Home (irown " Pound 5c CELERY Extr111 ^ '"'"iin lOc PEAS Fresh (irccn Crowdors 3 I'dunils Fr,r POTATOES Fancv lied Peck 40c Butter Beans ' I5c P. & H. or Crystal While ](| liars For FLOUR While Wafer 2-1 Pounds 85 c BUTTER Golden Rod Pound 45c SPRING LAMB CHOPS IH,™, 25c VEAL CHOPS Pound 17ic DELCO NUT BUTTER ,> 'ound 15c FUI1 DRESSED FRYERS AND HENS Tomatoes Nn. 2 ca 3 for FLOUR Optima, Plain 21 Pounds FLOUR * * "* |lhl hl " 90 c - e ' sli "" L HAMS Sugar Cured, Skinned Half or Whole, 1'otimt CHEESE Wis., Full Cream Pound K. C. I'onnd VEAL CHOPS 1'otind 15c FRYERS I-'ull Dressed Pound 35c HOME BARED HAM ,.„_„ 65c Lamb Spring, Fore Qtinrter, Lb Nice ___________ Y »» n R Hintl-Quarter Pnund lilythevillc Brand, Cut No 2 Can lOc MACARONI <)r 25 c SOAP fi For 20c PEANUT BUTTER 16 ^S V T 27c fifALT SYRUP E " 55 Q GRAPES APPLES Fancy Jonathan Pound 9c LETTUCE Kxtra Large Head BANANAS Nice - Ripe> Y 2Sc TARRAri? Nire Gre011 Hori!l s LADDAllL )>ound *2 ONIONS Spanish, Nice Large Pound CAULIFLOWER N N1 " 19c TOMATOES Home Grown Pound 5c HONEY Full Qls. Strained Each 55c McMllllilU3 1{cst J > «' r i SWEET POTATOES N S,S 0 " 5c

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