The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOI.L'MK XXXV—NO. in. DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEABT AUKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI l( , ... Blythevllle Courier Mississippi vScy Leader ' " " ~ ~L--- ?. ythev !'!..! !erQW __ Blythevliio Myjiews BLATHIMLLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 0, 1!),'!8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TAKE HEAVY TOLL ^^^^^^m ^H ~ * "" ~ ""* " ' ~" -— • *-• — — -.-.-. i Chinese Threaten Japanese^ Main Base Recaoture Strategic. City Of Taierhchwang, Move On Tslnan Phipps Is Ousted By State Board LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Apr 0. - Viie sime board or education today removed \V. E. Phipps as comnils- 81 REPUBLIC SIKL sioncr mid named" T. jr. Aliordjv ( - 111 D 1 ,' superintendent or scii™^ in Konr. «'>a.iional Labor Kelalions Board Renders Decision; l.lttie Rock, to Hie post. Hy United Press Chinese armies struck a devastating blow at the Japanese in Shantung threatened „_ oh the central China front. /.Seeking lo make their offensive the turning point In the long conflict .Chinese recaptured tlie strategic] city of Taierhchwang and stormed the Japanese base at Tsl- T k nan, , j Casualties were heavy. Thousands of prisoners were taken. Japanese were reported In hurried retreat. In general the action was along HIP Yellow river front in north central China. The Japanese had sought to advance southward from the conquered Pelplng-Tienlsin region. Their route was designed lo cut railroads leading to the Chinese provisional capital at Han- kow and lo connect with Hie Japanese line.s in the Shanghai-Nan- king area. Thai drive was broken by the aided by Russian materials, at Taleihchwang and anolher victory at Tsinan might result in tremendous changes in the war picture. While tlie far eastern partner in • the world bloc of dictatorial- nations was meeting -reverses the ! Nail Fascist -supported Spanish Phipps. who hiul been eojimils- sloncv for tlie lust six years. Issued j a statement denouncing ciov, carl B. Bailey and hfcj administration | of state govcnimelu' allnirs nnd in- that he might become a Browning's Plans Are Cancelled When Threats Reported Made MEMPHIS, April 9. (UP)—The Rev. J. B. Jordan, St. Paul Methodist High Court Test Certain WASHINGTON, Apr. 9. (UP) — Tliu National Labor Keln I ion aboard loday held Republic Steel corpora- lion in vlohillon of tho -Wagner labor act on charges growing out of John L. Lewis' bitter "Little Steel" strike last- spring. 'Hie board order, second In n series of cases arising from the haul fought steel clash, was directed iigniiist the concern headed by Tom M. Glrdlcv, Republic Steel chairman and vigorous opponent o( Lewis and his Committee for rn- tlusti'lnl Organization, The board, ordering a series of reinstatements for employes and cessation of alleged anil-union ac- tlvllies, cited Ciiidler himself for his lijht against the C. I. O.'s Steel Workers Organization committee. "Tom M. Qirdler," the board charged, "publicly vilified the spoke at the banquet scheduled for . April 21. ' took on some aspects of a personal •"L have no comment on the re-| fell(1 ports but the- -.banquet and the 1 During the "Little Steel" '-strike 1 ' governors.. appearance have teen inJvrhtch Lewis' c. I. " _- rr ----- _,._„„.. .. ws . . i squeezed the pinchers on .MelUiltely postponed," Rev. Jar- 1 Republic Steel, Inland ,.. •„«,„,.„ ---- » Ihe loyalist government. Squeeze I'lnchers On Loyalists »\ Three nationalist thrusts appear- \f\ cd to be progressing slowly but - I Heartily. One was to the nortii In Ri.'efl'ort lo cut off loyalist refugees from Hlght tlirough the Pyrenees lo France. A second was through the Lerlda-Tremp area toward Barcelona and tlie third was on the southern front toward tlie Mediterranean at Tortosa and Vlnaroz. Elsewhere: Paris—Strikes spread, paralyzing the airplane-motor Industry as workers protested the fall of the cabinet of Premier Leon Blum. Premier-Designate Edouanl Daladler, seeking to set up a new regime before the April 10 Nazi poll on unification of Austria with Germany, announced he would present a cabinet list tomorrow. London—Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, reiterating Britain's policy of keeping the .peace by friendly negotiations, and by arm- .nments, hinted that an effort might made for return of resigned ireigu Secretary Anthony Eden lo the cabinet. Washington—President Roosevelt railed a White House conference April 13 of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish leaders to confer on methods for aiding political refugees from Austria and Germany. . -.""' f fbe ".' FO! church, said today Governor Gordon Browning; would not speak at the church banquet as scheduled. Postponement of Die governor's appearance here followed a telephone call to a newspaper stating that threats had been tomb the church if --- , purposes — ,„„is lender circumstances intended throw the weight of his Influence against his employes' efforts at self organization." • Tlie board's decision—regarded ^ ,,„,.,„.. Hs certain to be tested In court that threats had bcpn l '"iifldc" I to I actions leadln » to a n " nl supreme Browning court rulln -S—climaxed a warfare 'duled for [between Lewis and Glrdler. which . Thflmnvn, „, >, I Iehenl Steel The anonymous call to the news- ' steel last vear beeu " Lewis " members" if Browning California Will Export Bumper Prune Crop . S AN" PEANC ISC O (UP) —With e crop from the past year of between «.oo» and so.oor " California enjoys the i nil opposing him and that effort was being made lo destroy the whole C. I. O. Glrdler replied, charging the C. I. O. was Irresponsible and could not be trusted to live up to Its contracts. Prune Credit Corporation here Movie Cowboy Credited HOLLYWOOD ™ year for export while the 1937 French crop will penult only 1,000 tons far export. B (OP) — ._j rescue of lady, Eleanor Hansen. . film star, former all-Atnert- football player, and Miss s ar expor , The nearest 'competitor to Call- Uansen wcre rldl "8 horses through fornin is the Pacific Northwest a crowci °? movle Indlan s on nn where 7,200 tons are available outdoor sot of the picture, "Flam- Raindrop.'; vary In size ling Frontiers." from An Indian chief's war bonnet about l-20th of an Inch in dlam- frightened the actress' horse nnd etcr to 3-10ths of nn inch. Big Lake Is Reported Falling At Noon Today Big Lake, which has started falling after reaching a crest of 245.1, fell .2. during the past 24 houi-s. The gauge at noon today read 2-I5.S. i I'LL T€LI BY - BOP — BURNS __ it bolted for a rocky ravine. Brown galloped hts horse after her and pulled Miss Hansen from the saddle before her mount into "the ravine. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Apr. 9. (UP)—The unexpected death of the reorganization bill brought heavy buyin 'It's a darned poor politician that can't please somebody. I've noticed that when they're runiilir for a second lerni or for another office Ihey point with pride to some of Ihe wonderful things they've accomplished during their last term. H reminds mo of Aunt Boo brag- gin' about Uncle Unie. She said "He's the handiest man around the house I ever knew. He took a top oil a table, sawed the legs off the washstand and took a panel out of the radio, and made the nurtiest footstool i ever saw." 22. A. T. & T Associated D. 0 ......... 6 BeUi. Steel .............. 49 Boeing Air ............... 283 Chrysler 46 3-4 Cities Gen. ............ Gen. Motors ............. 335 Int. Harvester ........... 62 ................ Service ............ j 1 Electric ............ 353 After four and a half years of experimentation, Dr. Alma J, Neill, above, head of the department of physiology at the University of Oklahoma, believes she has-discovered the •cause of the epidemic of sleeping sickness which caused 60 deaths in St. Louis in 1933. Dr. Neill announced she had found the encephalitis virus in corn grown in the St. Louis area at the time ot the epidemic. Extracts from the abnormal corn, she said, cauiea sleeping sick- n«s when injected Into animals. i 1-2 13 1-4 — — 4 1-R Phillips Pelroi '.'. 35 1-2 Radfo g j_4 Schcnley 193.3 Flmmons 17 Socony Vacuum '.. 14 ftandard of N. J 43 Texas Corp 401-2 U. 3. Smelt ; 55 1.4 IT. S. Steel 46 I. B Kansas Dust Storm House's Action Killing Reorganization Bill To Bring No Retaliation WASHINGTON, Apr. 0. (UP) — PrcsMt'lU Roosevelt, In a letter to House- Majority Lender amn nay- burn, said today there should be no personal recrimination (is a result of defi'tu of the government rcorgunluvUon bill. The president's brief letter on detent of the reorganization bill by a conlltloii of Republicans mid dissident Democrats was nmdc public by Kaybiirn. . It came after friends of tho i>ren- ' Idem bud charged Hint dofent of the measure was n victory for lobbyists nnd propagandists. The president wrote Rnyburn thnt: "The legislative developments of yesterday offer uo occasion for pursonnl recrlinlnntlon ami there should be none. "The question presented Is solely ono of policy." The pi-esldent'B letter appeared ; lo be ilesigned to head off any of- j forts by ndmlnlstrntion supporters I to launch n campaign of rotalla- 1 lion against tho foes of tho government reorganization measure. The president's letter was In contrast lo tho statement by his friends I concerning lobbyists nml propa- 1 gniidlsts, They claimed It was lobbyists and propagandists who tied tho term dictatorship" to tha bill and thereby helped to kill' It .despite tho president's personal disavowal of dictatorship ambitions. ] rho ndmlntslrallon took a sud- ! den and decisive bnatwg wiiah' ,.^™^ » . > i don and decisive boating whan tho Swirling black across the Kansas prairies 48 hours after Uio heaviest /houso 1 ' osc "P against, the robr- llke, as shown above In tlio striking picture taken at Wichita. Descending while twisters ripped through other ports of Kansas, niid four other slates, the dust, clouds were mistaken for tornado formations and some residents ran to shelter In nearest cellars. Teachers Elected For School District No. 40 LEACHVttLE. Ark.—At the regular meeting or school directors of District No, 40 of Leaohvll|e lest, night the following faculty wan elected: S. H. Kosser, superintendent' W. W. Cox, principal; Mrs. L B Hubbard, English; Glenn Fowler, -clence; SuHi Lee, 4th ?rade- Mrs Mooting, 3rd grade; Lavc-rn John•;on, 2nd grade; Catherine Miller 1st grade; Vera Ward, Carml school; Mr. Miller, Cannl school. There are four more vacancies lo nil which will be niled at some later date. Farmer Fractures Hip In Fall From Hay Loft Waller Nfoi-gan, 49-year-old Hay- 'I. Mo., farmer, was brought Is the Blylhcvllle liospltnl late zouon Din wougnt heavy buying "l,° hl ', w " h a fractl "' w l hip rccclv- inlo the stock market today, caus- cd when he accidentally fell from ing tickers to la? four or five mtn- lln y |oft '» his barn. • • ' Morsan said IS STILL FU1ILE Typewriter Found In Dump Not Machine Used Says Official NEW ROCHELLE. M. Y., Apr. 9. (UP)—Boy Scouts plodding tlirough tho rain In search of some Irnce of kidnaped Peter Levinc. 12, found ft typewriter In u municipal dump today but their discovery apparently threw no light on the boy's disappearance, At first It was believed the typewriter might have been one used to write a ransom note to Murray Lcvlne. father of the missing boy. "It Is not tho typewriter we are looking for," said Detective Lieutenant Qcorge Relfonberger, who examined the machine. tlon committee. Democratic loaders had admitted before tho voto "ml such notion would kill tlio It was tho third major setback tha administration had been handed by tho homo slnco December. Tlio senate had previously passed tho reorganization measure. npw ,„.„. __„„, Tho Arkansas houso delegation "d by chairman was evenly divided on the Issue.' y cllalnlmn Representatives Cravens, Driver nnd McClcJIuri voted to sidetrack the measure. Representatives Fuller, Kllchens nnd Terry opposed such action. utcs behind nnd sending the aver- , Mo «?an said he was pitching n •, , r ,.. a<?e to the best level since March ! ay from tlle lott ^'hen one ofiKailroad Expenditures 22. tle Planks he was standlna on t » i n was standing on dJ.pned out of place. Re fell ap- A. T. & T 131 Ni.pneo out of place. Re fell ap- Anaconda Copper 277-8 "JJ^'matEly 15 foot to the ground. Associated D. O B T . hc acci dent happened lost night .... i . i . 1 _m.u last night at ittorpan's place on the Earl Cop- "Cdffe farm three miles southwest of Haytl. NEW Stay Jul. open 851-4 high 851-2 low 84 1-2 close 647-8 nin — V* i-e. tyii-o «13-4 823-8 813-8 811-2 May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. J'nrk Cotton >r. 9. (UP)-Cot- opcti hhjh low close 8M 861 854 858 862 809 S70 873 877 878 880 885 861 869 870 873 880 874 815 877 884 Spots closed steady at 884, up 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 9. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady lodav. with net gains of 30 cents to 35 In Arkansas Reported "WASHINGTON, D. C.—Arkansas benefited substantially from the expenditures of tlie railroads In 1937 for materials, supplies, fuel, new equipment nnd payrolls, It is reevaled In a special study which has Just been completed by the Bureau of Railway Economics of the Association of American Railroads. Railway purchases In Arkansas last year totaled 0.765,124, the report shows. Of this sum, {6,765,313 was spent for materials, supplies and fuel, whlse $405 went for new equipment (not Including that built In company shops). These purchases were made In 321 towns and cities located In 73 of the 7S counties of tlie state. Wages paid to railway employes In Arkansas during 1037 amounted to $19,215,131. cents a bale. May Jul. open 607-8 1 May Jul. Oct. Dec, high low close ' Jan. 607-8 603-8 603-8 Mar. Chicago Corn open 8fiS 875 882 883 885 875 880 889 800 890 895 low 863 875 882 883 885 close 871 877 et rr A I «-«-« uuo-o wot, ....... oaii oy;> 617-8 621-8 613-4 613-41 Spots olostd steady at 893 U, up 6 Flffl-fflE ffllE Explosion Rips Greek Ship Apart NEW YORK, April 0. (UP)— The lladio Marine Corporation of America reported Owl 11 luul received u message from the 8. B. AHHHU ^wi-a swept across a pain Kuropu Buying that nn explosion of desolation In the south and mi the, S, a. Mount Kyllcnc today mW west today, driving tho wont torn iho ship into two puru, • I April storm In history northeast- in H me.sMiue received uL the P-..|ward toward the AtlnnUo seaboard. , A. radio .station, tho Enropu Fltty-flvo persons wore dead vie- TO tho Mown, Kyllenc'a posl- tuns of floods, tornadoes and ragi lion ut about 1200 miles off the ing blizzards : Worst Spring Storm In. foiy Follows Broad Semi-Circular By United Prem Ten-mo etilcs swept across ft patH O. a WM relayed to tho Em-aim throuth tlio s. S. Inver- lec, which wns closer lo the distressed shli>. The Enropti ollered nsslshince but was Informed tho lo the ros- liivcrlec was cue. London reported the Mount --------- Kyllcne was a Greek vessel of 5, :n;i tons unit , bound for Panama city, out of Amsterdam. ID TJKflJi LOSES Proposal To Add $212,000,000 In Processing Taxes Is Beaten WASmNQTONT~Apr. a (UP) — Tho seiiato today v rejected a proposal to ndd $212,00.0,000 fnhn processing tuxes to ithosenpral lax rovlslon bill and 'spctdo'd toward flnnl passBgo of the measure. Tho vote was 53 to 24. ' With dhposal of the processing lax iiuostlon tho chief Isima ro- northwest Wednesday, laid a par;, blanket of snow and lc» north central states from tho Hocky Mountains to the Ohio Valley and tlien turned, and swinging In a great semi-circle, moved Into the south. Tho Texas Panhandle' was stricken by a blizzard, tornadlo winds whipped across Alabama, Louisiana nnd Mississippi Hoods caused heavy damage In Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Indiana and Illinois. To the north states in tlio Grent Lakes region battled heavy snows and sleet.' Rain and snow checkered the Atlantic coast. The storm's center moved over southern initials and Kentucky today. . Tho kno\yn dead: : Alabama, 20; Indiana, 10; 111- liiols, 10; Texas, 7; Georgia, 4; Missouri, Iowa, one. Forty -five persons were missing In snow bound • sections ot tho Texas Panhandle and nine In a flood zono near White Stone, pa;, two In Illinois and four oh ST.OW blocked highways near, Elk city, Qkta. . ,. .--' .-' .-. Freezing weather^today aided to tho peril of an estimated" 10,000 persons, made homeless In the deep tho _ before final approval of .7 tax bill was tho proposal of " vca Senator Hobert M. Lafollctto Jr. (Prog., wis.) to broaden tho base south by floods arid tornadoes which have claimed' at least-20 lives and done millions-of dollars worth of property damaged Temperatures of from 28 to 38 tiid Income"iax."~" " '" d| Wes wore forecast as far south Tho processing tax amendment as tho Qulf coastl ln Alabama and was offered by Senator James p Ml3slss| l>pl for tonight as rain Pope (Dem., Ida.) who advocated swollcn f Ivors surged toward record fho.levy to ralso funds to pay par- crests ' ' ity ;prices, to farmers under tho now farm program, it was oppos- WPA Approves Propels For Leachville Schools LEAOHVILLE, Ark., April O.- Mr. licmsborR of the Jonssboro of- 'Ice of the WPA was in Leachville this week with tho approved project of the Lc-Bchvllle grade nnd school buildings and advised that work would begin on April 15. H was at first ranten.iilatcc! to milld grade and high school build- lues a; a cosl of only $13,000 until n number of taxpayers of school district No. 40 Interested t)iem-| selves In the mailer nitf befan negotiating \vlth the WPA otllce! at Jonr.'.boro for additional hclo as Leachville had the misfortune of losing their school building by: fire on December 12. The tax- 1 navers committee made trips to' I Illto R.v.1: and recuiccl appifid t).ucprin<s of belter school build-! Ings. These new buildings will bo ~f Ihe brick veneer typs, equipped with modern conveniences The high school bulldin? will be an 11-room structure with an auditorium, the grade school will bs seven rooms with an auditorium. The new gymnasium, Smith-Hughes and agriculture buildings are now noaring completion nnd It Is expected to have all buildings ready by the next term of school.. Divorced Couple Are Remarried At Hospital Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Vsn'Blbber, •vho were divorced several months >go. were remarried in a ceremony 'crformcri at the Blvthevllle hospital yesterday afternoon at 6:00 o'clock. Tho Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, performed the rites at the bedside of Mr. VanBIbber, who underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis eight days ago. Apaches Become Ranchers SAN CARLOS, Ariz. (UP)—Prom Draws $15 Fine For Stealing Coal Friday Fred Smith wna fined $15 in municipal court today on a charge il petit larceny, which grew out of theft of conl yesterday from Buchanan Coal company. The case of Roy Hooker, charged Hh disturbing tho poace, was dismissed. Carlton Tnte, who lias been arrested on a charge of grand larceny, will be tried early next week. Named to High Mountie Post Confirms Nomination Of Newport Postmaster wm ^<i«.ijvo, mi£. \ur;—i'rom tun. ouu oeanng me nvcKnanie WASHINGTON, April 8. (UP)— poverty to ownership of a million- "Paddy" and boasting that his The senate yesterday confirmed dollar cattle Industry Is the meta- . men work with him, not fov the nomination of Norione C. -nornhosls ot Am<*e l-vltans ac- him, Ryan moved up in the vVIlkerson as postmaster at New- cording to James B. Hitch, super? shift that followed the death of port, Arkansas. . Intendent of the reservation hsre, MBJ.-CW. Sir Jamas WacBrien, An Irish veteran of 35 years' service in the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Col. Denis Ryan, above, has been named 'deputy commissioner of the force for the entire Dominion. Still bearing the nickname tisco To Issue New Paper of Eight Pages ST. LOUIS, Mo.—A new elght- •ngo organ will be Inaugurated In April by the Frisco Kailwajv it lias been announced by J. R. roultncr, general traffic manager! t v.111 be called ."Frisco-First." Emphoslzln; matters of Interest o trnlllc departments of the rond, he paper will also carry r,e',vs of nen's and'women's employee clubs, jcrsonnel Items and news matter .-/. general railroad Interest. "This personal messenger will Ive traffic managers of the road in opportunity to 'talk 1 directly to fielr staffs In all parts of the :ountry," Mr. Coulter said. "While, •e have inaugurated a system of sales meetings to bring traffic managers Into closer contact with Ibe representatives. Frisco First •ill give them an opportunity to end a more frequent nnd perma- fiit message to them." Psmiscot County Board Of Equalization Meets CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April )—Tlie County Board of Equalization will conclude Its session here •ometlme next week, It was stated yesterday. It Is going over tax asi ;essments as made by the county assessor, first taking up farm lands and later will turn t<? town property assessments, either approving, or lowering or raising the valuji lions In some instances in accordance with new light on facts alTecting the original assessments^ The board was In session all this n-eek at the courthouse. Later, It will sit to hear appaals of claims at excess valuations. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, frost tonight; Sunday fair, warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and continued cold tonight, probably frost, lowest temperature 36 to 38, Sunday fair, with rising temperatures. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 49, minimum ~ 43, ? cloudy wltb SO of an inch rainfall, t according to Samuel P. Norris, of- : flclal weather observer. Last night > the minimum temperalun WM 34, i

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