The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 8, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—NO. 14 Eiythevilte Datlj Newr Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Loadrr Hl,YTHKVlM,rc, ARKANSAS. TUKSDAY, APRIL 8, I!) 17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS " Henry Ford Dies Truman Calls following Tour Of Flooded Plant Hemorrhage Quickly Snuffs Out Life of Detroit- Industrialist — ', DETROIT. April 8. (U.P.) Henry Ford, his last thoughts on his automotive empire, died nt In; "Pah-lane" home in suburban Dearborn last night of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 83. Hi.s deathbed was lighted by candles and old-fas-il'utoil kerosene lamps iu a setting that was a strong reminder of his farm boyhood. Ford's Rramlson ar.n successor. Henry Ford II, announced today that the world-famous auto maker's death was midden nnd unexpected. Torrential rains and a flood had disabled the Ford home's lighting and heating system r.nd these same conditions had caused the- old man to tour stricke.i branches of his industrial empire. As Ford lay dying, the only heat provided his modest residence came from woodburning fireplaces. His wife, Clara Bryant Ford. whom he: called ils "inspiration" a-S diirint; their long man-ied life, *Vand a member of the household stalf were with him .vhen lie Cabinet for Price Parley WASHINGTON. April 8. (Ul'l — President Truinmi has called a special cabinet meetim; for toinoir'jw to licar a .statement of emeri! price conditions by Dr. Edwin G., chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. White House Press Secretary diaries G. Ross, announcing meeting, said today that 111-' te'e- phone strike and the coal cri.iis did not enter "at all" Into the special cabinet session. "It will be a general survey of price conditions." Doss said. As a preliminary to the conference, the President met today witli members of the economic council which has been studyini! pii.e trends for the chief executive. Mr. Truman said last month IJiut lie wished American business would see the handwriting on the wall iind reduce prices. Coal Production Gains Momentum In Many Areas Some Miners Jumping 'Gun' on Lewis in Rush To Return to Work Woman Editor Wins Reversal In Mississippi Contempt Case Nine Lose Lives In Bus Accident Vehicle Skids and Plunges Into River Near Seattle, Wash. died. Dr. Ford hair said John Ma leer, of rhe Henry Hospital staff, arrived a hour after Ford died. He death was due to rjercbial hemorrhage. Young Henry, president of thr; Ford Motor Company, announced that all - company operations throughout, Ihe world would suspend Thursday and thai- all fl.igs would t>c flown at half-stuff until after the funeral. Death wa.s unexpected to the one-time farmer boy whose novel i deos and driving ambit ion ba 1 - looned a machine ship in his father's barn into a bilHon-d world-wide industrial empire. Worked On "Last Day" Ford had spent afternoon i n 11 ic vast Hi vev Rou Re auto plant and at Gre/Af:eld vil- 1 i a i;e, a mi ise iiiu showpiece an c principal hobby of the ' eldei]; man in his declining -yy\rs; to survey the extent of the ilood dam- 1 age. . i I He told Ray Dahllngoi', a pei'- sonal aide, that 'he would leave early today for Flat ^OCK, Cherry Hill and other outlying Ford properties. It entailed a 50 -mile tour, "The persons who were with Mr. Ford during: the aUovnoon said he had never looked better and that he was full of his usuril vitality," his grandson said. The elderly auto maker retired about 9 p. in., his t usual bedtimo, nnd awakened about 11:13. He complained of feeling ill -uiri Mrs, Ford gave him a drink of water. Ford died 25 minutes later before Dr. Ma leer could reach his side. News of Foul's death was parried by Robert Rankin. long-time family chauffeur. With "Fairlane's" telephone knocked out the flood, Rankin drove co the Dearborn Engineering- Laooi to call the doctor. Young: Ford announced that funeral services would "oc licit! Thursday from St. Paul's Espico- pal Cathedral in Detroit. The body will lie! in state until then Recreation Hall. Greenfield Village, beginning at 8 a. m. totnor- o»w. X? Ford ivas the last of the mighty American industrial tri- umvirate—Foril, Harvey Fiie- strmc and Thomas Alva Edison —who influenced every walk of life by their industrial ptoncer- ISBATTL-E, April 8. (UP)—Eight' bus passengers were drowned last night, when j>. bus carrying W icrsons collided with an oil truck T,nd plunged into the Duwamish River on the outskirts of Seattle. lie truck driver, Tnlfnrcl Smill)- ee, 22, Seattle, was killed by the collision. He was the ninth victim. The bus 'dct'bcd on the wafer for a moment and then sank nose down with its load of screammtj passengers. The bus driver, Mclvin D. Long, 22, Olympia, Wash., atul M passengers were dragged from the river by passersby. AH were dazed and shaken. They were hospitalized for treatment of injuries, but none was reported critically hurt. The North Coast Lines luxury foils was e n route to Seattle from Portland, Ore. A hc-uvy rain was falling. Eight miles from the Seattle terminal (.lie bus skidded into the rear of the truck and swerved out of control. The "bus careened 25 feet off the road, snapping a telephone pole as if H were a mate] is tick, and plunged into the river over a 5-foot embankment. The truck pun around on the highway an-1 ne of its wheels rolled 7CO own the road and r aouncet(i lirough tlie plate » glass window >f a tavern. Some of the bus passengers es- lapetl through the broken front I'ind'shield. Others clawed their vi\y out a rear emergency door. The main door was jammed by a tiling on the river bottom- Harold Gugglcr, Seattle, a passerby, dove nto the water and knocked a hole n the rear roof of the bus, which jrolrucled from the water. Gugglcr s^id he and other pas- ;ersby "got five people out of the nis through the hole/ 1 He didn't know at the time whether they verc dead or alive. Smithcc, the truck driver whn vas killed, was en route home wl"ij wo quarts of milk at the lime of he accident. The milk wa^ for its wife, expecting the birth of a. child. WASHINGTON, April 8. <U»i — Coal prod L CM ion in "roused subst initially in some ninjoc -bituminous fields today as more miner. 1 ; .si roamed back to work on tjie .seennd day of Jjhii L, Lewi's 1 ".surely strike." 'At the siune time, Lewis in tcl- is to each VMW district "confirmed" Die |>olk:y of resinning production at each mine as .soon as federal mine inspectors certify it- sale. In of feet, this tolcgrum also servctl to confirm the policy that brcuiihl about the safety stop;>a;je *•- that Lewis de.sired UMW miners not to woik in mines until they are impcztctl anew and' certified as safe by the government, itself. "This of lice expresses gratification, that production yesterday o! re-examined and re-certified mine? and strip pits was substantial,' L?v;is' telegram said. "I confirm the policy of immediate resumption of production tr each mine as fast as it is ccrti fied by federal mine inspectors a; being in conformity with the federal mine safety code." Although stated in reverse, tin telegram save Hie first direct pub he word from Lewis to the miner! thai he believed they should no work in a mine until it has hcni rc-ceslified -by federal inspectors. Sunn:; iUinrrs Eager lo Work iDut it appeared that an lucrcas injf number of miners were waiting for this. All .signs indicated that coa •production on the second day SCR COAL on Page 3 JACKSON, Miss., April 8. (I).!'.) — lluzc) Hrumum, woman crusading editor for law oufovoonieiU, \Vas uc- (|Liil(orl today 1'or contempt C'hartfos arising 1'roni u Negro lynching (.rial. The {Mississippi Supreme Caurt, in ii'inovlnn suspended .sentences against Mis.s Hi'sinnon said thai reedom ol the press "Is no idle nd nieaniMRlosK Icnu." The high ri'ounul said lliat the courts must lennit ncwi-j]japcT«j to publish the itiilltnate fact of trial. Miss Urannon hurt been found uilty by Circuit Judge S. P. Davis or chtTkihK testimony of Kenrict- a MrAloc. Riven in open court .iirhiK the ttinl of five white men luin'i'd with suinisliui^hU'r in cou- u?zLi<m with the death of her insband. JVIiss Bninnon entered the court- Mijn a.s the Nc'Hro woman com- )lcted her testimony and llicn fol- owe<l her out.side lo check her full alciticnt. A deputy sheriff His name vvns a symbol throughout the world of American muss production. Ford developed the :-s sembly-Hne technique. During tVi< recent war his plants set the same pace in manufacturing' war equip incut that they had in peacetime production. Control of the empire fell o\ broad shouldered, 29-ycar-oH Hen ry Ford II, the founder's grands >n All Detroit had known for so:n time thai Ford's health was ing steadily. One of hi.s last ma jor public appearances came year apo when the induvry \\ helped to build honored him its "Golden Jubilee" celebration one of the pioneer giants of ant making. Because of his failing Forci had been carefully from the public since he relin qiiished control of thc'liugi moto company to his granrisoa St-r,t. | 21. 1045. V His Inst public statement was made on the occasion of Ms 33rd birthday July 30 vhen he called upon youth to solve the nation's ills. Tn other y«a,", he had been pressed by newsmen for birthday statements and interviews because of the worU-wioe attention paid to his words. Ford is survlver' by his \v'!c. Clara Bryant Ford, cmd Tour pmndchildren, Henry IT. Benson, Billy and Josephine, all c of the iaLc Edsel Ford, also a former president of the Ford Motor Company. Edscl was his child. New Legislative Unit Lacks Funds Slate Fiscal Board Not Likely to Permit Use of Its Reserves contempt. Ho iir posed a $53 lino tenrcd to jail, In ihe supreme -court opinion reversing tlio Ittwnr court tlcclsttm, J u,s I U' r Ij. 'A. iS mi 111 p ni n lr cl o lit that "accuracy oT this (iicwspap- <T) Inrtirnmtioa is important, ^iul Senators Debate President's Plan To Aid Near East Vandcnbcrg Appeals For Support of Loan For Greece, Turkey HV JOHN L. STI:I:I,I: Itnllnl I'rcss SUitY Cnn rsjiundciil WASHINGTON. April II. llll>>-- Seimli' President Arthur 11. Vnn- denhcn; loday willed on Congress to approve President Truman 1 ;, VIV) - UIHMIOII Greek-Turkish nl:l prc.uram us n "citlruliiti'd risk" lo avert thlid wurlil will 1 . He Miuuuin My vejeeted Soviet I'hilins thiil tlu> Amnlcnn i) 1 .;,,, ( : , bolster nnn-Ciiinnmnlsl ;:i»vi!rn- ! inenls in the Middle Knst would Vl"- slrny llli' United Nations. Vundi'iibrn; Inld Ihe .Srniili: Unit surli assertions were "a ctmnlri:i bi'.ckllii! tn Ijeeluud Hie Issue," :,nd thill. UN, llsi'lf. would he de\l],>ye<l If it hud to miderliike program whirl] It !.<i mil j'e.t ready |o imndliv of the announcement of his dm- VandenberK. who IK clmhmiin of mid scn-'sion. Hie order of the court w;is j ""' Henale KorelBn Heliillons Com- Invalid. since it did not conliiln a nilltei 1 . opened Senate drbulu on th recital of the matters showing the contempt." tin 1 0|)lulon concluded. "Therefore tile Judgment of the trliil court is reverse:! mul the appellant discharged." Hie dissemination lo fit correctly Is salutary, In (lir public liiter- «l. "Cjtirls snould. thi'refon 1 . permit lOprescnUilives 'of the press reasonable nuMiu.s of getting 'lie «»•- reet news, which privilege the press should rxnvlse with nil iluc care in order not to Impede the processes of Judicature, mid the ad- luhilslialion of the business of cmnls." Justice .Smith's opinion said "so tar us we fiin see. the act. so far us it went iu this ease, or wn>; tu- ] tended to r>o embrncos noMilni; whl;-h In .subManlial elfeel would Impede Justice, or would obf.lmi'l, defeut or corrupt Hie administration. The conviction of appellant or constritettvo contempt, lor whii'Ii alie WHS tried, eiiunol be sustiihieu because there was wholly Insutfl- cieiil proof to suslilill it." , ''If the eonvictlon was for divcl contempt, which was not, the chai"/.i! expressly reveuled hi the record, and which would lie n total <f;p:«r- tine from the MOi^'usalloii filed und proof adduced in the record, mid ,i . A uepuiy repo.i- , Hs , , , , w ,. v the Incident to Judge Diivls.! infel . c|lccs , rom v tllc J II( , B( ,'. S ,,, ;ll vho ordered Mis s Brannon held I". s(!l teinent lo appellant at the time Conciliator Sees Hop! Of Partial Settlement Soon in Phone Strike WASHINGTON, April 8. (U.P.)—A federal conciliator i'M>ro:«u-<l hope Hull oiui |)liaw> of the national telephone sli-ikc could bo KoUlwl today. Bti't a. strike leader assorted thai I lie seUlfimenl would have to be generally applicable before I he two-day-old walkout could be ended. ^ Oovcninip.nt. ofTlclals pinned their • r-> I 11 no l>ii f°'' " countrywide back-'.o- TO I O!QnC]> wolk agreement on negotiations here between thn American Union of Telephone Workers and I he American Telephone and Telegraph Co. This union Is the Important long .distance nfflllnto ot the Na- llounl Federation of Telephone Workers which is conductlm- lh- strike. Federal Conciliator Peter G. Mario told reporter!! as negotiation-- 10- sumed toduy thrit "we arc hopeful llinl u Bcttlcincnt svlll be. effectuated In long linej today." Uill John .1. Moran, president of Blytheville Men Launch Plans For 'Colony' on Lake Norfork Austrian Treaty Talks Are Shifted By BOB BROWN United Truss Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, April 6.- The pos- fce;i sibilily Dint the State Board ot Fiscal Control would finance the ne\v- .ly-crcated legislative council ap- pearcd remote today. A United Press survey revealnd that at least four members of :he nine-man board are opposed to an allotment for the council. Two ot'ipr members were not available for comment. Blylheville hntUei^ anil fishers are slaking out claims Lo :ui Ozark vacntioii and by tile time late Summer or curly Fall rails around, many may be sponclhig the Ilrst deer and name bird seasons in the GhlcKj.suwb x Community—a Blythcvl'.te vacation- ists 1 colony on NoiTol* Lake. ' Founding of tills ulythovlllc colony was the idea nf Circuit Judgo Zai 11. Harrison, Will'.';.' C. CiileJ and Jodie Nnbers, who are sponsoring the development or iv portion of (he Norfoiic Uik-i site. Originally acquired Tor their own use. the three men decided to divide the five-acre plot into 27 lots and make '.horn available to other Blythevllle resident as vacation home sites. Tills acreage is located on the East bank of the Iak=, In the middle of the 700-rnllD curve-! shoreline. Norfolk Lake itself about 190 milc.s -.vr^t of nlythc- ville,, in the heart of thr O/.nrks . The lake is the largest in Arkansas and i.s famins us a hunting I and fishing site for deer and KKITLC birds as well as bass, crappie, bluegill and other fish. The colony site is located off Highway 101, one-quavlcr of n mile from Hignsvi'.y 62 ,a'ooui~ 50 miles beyond Hardy. Mr. Gates 'Our funds are de finitely 3j<, r.sijcisakl today the foes- routes are via. Donors of Blood For Plasma Bank Report Tomorrow Registration of donors for the oloocl plasma clinic to be conducted here will bo held from 0 a.m. until 4 p.m. tomorrow and the blood donations will be taken by technicians accompanying a mobile tiniC of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine. 'Blood donations received here tomorrow will go to obtain a blood plasma 'bank for Mississippi County. For each pint of blood received here and in Osceola. where a clinic will be held Thursday, a unit plasma will be returned for use in this county. 'Part of the Blood Plasma Bank Program of the University's Medical School, the clinic is being sponsored here and in O.^ceola by the Mississippi County Medical Society. The clinic's mobile unit will b? located at the Mississippi County Health Unit here. for emergency purposes," saul st.U_ Trensurcr J. Vance Clayton, "and I cannot see that the money for the council could be considered an emergency.*' j The fiscal control board M jn;ide up of live elected officials Including Gov. Ben Laney, Chiyton, .Secretary of State C. G. Hall, Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey, Atty. Gen, Guv E. Williams, and four stale officials who arc appointed by th * governor. The appointive members arc Revenue Commissioner Ol.ho A. Cook, Slate Comptroller John Truetnpcr, Highway Director J. C. Baker and Banking Commissioner Tom Lcggett, Principal objection to the board's financing the council came from the constitutional officers. One member termed the move as unconstitutional. "Tlie constitution specifically provides that money for salaries must be appropriated by the legislature." he said. The bill setting up tile council provided for a S5,- 000 a year director and a clerical staff. Another member asserted that approval of tlie S"8,QOO a year budget would be si "direct slap" "at the 56th General Assembly. "If the legislature had wanted the council to operate, it would have voted the money," he sFifcT "Instead the Senate specifically voted down the appropriation for Joncsboro or Puragould. picking up Highway 62 at Pocahotitns. j The property i:; a imlu East of Ihe ' ferry landing- ami extends to tno lake shore. ' Judge Harrison, Mr Nabers and Mr. Cntcs are >e:ivin* tomorrow for the Norfolk Lake site to spend about three days. A contractor has been named to build a road from Highway 101 to Uie center of the sil.c and work on it Is underway. E,'ach of the 27 lots is for siilo ns a building site at a CO^L of $100, Mr. Cnte.s said. Tlie demfrod has been great and r\t present, all hut* eight or nine have been f.old, he- said. The lots arc 50 by 125 feet. Numerous offers at inert nsccl prices have been nia-lo by outside interests, he sa>l. but the Mired men want to kerp i' i vacation spot for Blythcvilk: residents alone. They arc encouraging the building of liomc.s atul ca'jins close together lo maintain .%n aimo.sphcrc of friendliness and n,.l[jlibrjrlihe^s, Mr. Jnlcr. pointed out. Lumber lias been ovdmtrJ by onip of tlie new lot owners, ho said, and the co! HI/ i.s r.xpcctcd .o be wen populated by Summer or Early Fall. Big Four Deputies Send Proposals to Council of Ministers "MOSCOW, April 8. ttJP)—Tin Big Four deputies completed theh work on the Austrian Treaty today, but Gen. Murk W. Clurk the outlook for final wmfi-r agreement on it wus "none good." The Austrian treaty now \VILS checked to the Council ot Ministers. Clark said that unless the Soviets changed their pDsitlon on the numerous basic differences on the trerity, the chances of disposing of thy Austrian situation bcrt- were slim. Ciark -said alter tin: mnnilnx meeting of Hie deputies that the >Hussians had not yielded iin incli on any Austriiui Issues tlLscnsscfl ,sh)ce tlie Moscow conference o]3e:i- cd March 10. Hut, Cltuk added, there Is un telling when they inlyht. ! As it went lo the ministers UK j treaty was filled with bnu-kclod mnmenluus "Tnuniui . He nillod for a determined etliitt )>• Hussion and American cUitcs- solve "persistent dlfllcuUlp.;" bi> i-cii Ihe two' nut Ions, lie mnintulnod that the nnll'iu fiu-i-s Hits alternative; Kllli-.",- Sovlet- cL'k'uii relations must In 1 tm- linived with full rc;;pcct for "fiilldc- mrnlal freedoms," or Ihe Uvo JKI- llons muni accept'the fuel Unit mu- tunl am'pcnicul :i Impossible. Warns Au.ilnsl I'alhu\. Tlie Michigan Rmiubllcan tol.l his HiMHU' 1 '; that failure of C'lnnn'ss lo approve Hie plan to holster c:re:cr ind 'I'm key would shtiw His work thai there is a "dcclslle'wi'akin'.s;," In this country. M:'. Trmnnn. Vandrtibnu eircd In lulllni! to advise the United Nations pitimpUy of the Ameil- I'nn plan. Likewise, he crlticl'ml mnjor policy decisions thut were di'ferrcxl until a "crl.sls" I'onditloi prc-viilleil. imi uny fnllut'0 lo ba^k up (he President's decision, he ndd- i'd, would be nil iittempt oy Con- ureKS "(o shift or dodge" il.s re, spnn.slbllllti's. Hp";il;iug only 2.|-liHiirs nfler fllls- slun Ui'puLv Foreign Mlnlskcr Andre Gromyko told the UN (hut tl-.i Amcriciin plun would undermine that misiinivuillon, Vandenberx answered in detail the Suvlet, allegations. . . . At lh(!"K'nirtd lime he ui'iicd dm "an hnnornblc way of live and In live" between Communist Russ and the democratic state be snu^lil "The Greek crisis or (hi! Turkl'l crisis, 03- nny olhejs iiiuong poloh tlal ci'lsi.'S will largely disappear the nnitiuil will iietvv Wn.'-hiniUon and MIJSCOW, " h • snld. Vanili'iiben,' dcclured lhat this nn- lliiii. In seeking n way of life v.-illi the Hiiviet.H. must not sucrlflcc basic human rights nnd fundamental frcedtmiii. the Ijims Distance Union nnd chulr- | mini of the NFTWs •10-member ml- \ Icy oommlllce, mndc U clear that more was Involved. , Before tut! coasi-to-coast dls'rup- llon of long distance and iioti-dlsl local jibrvlco ended, Mornn snld, the NFTW policy committee will have to nnprove any i>voposcdj eoutrnct between A. T. & T and! his affiliate. \ And one of the thln^.i the policy! jianlon Grlffis. New York Invest- in'iii banker, has been nniniHl by L > ]-i i sl<k!tit 'H'ttmnn to be U. S. nm- missiidor lo polnnd, succcciliin Arthur llllss Lime. policy! to know, our hclllc- (o t)n> rest Telephone Users Limning Calls Long Distance Linos Under Tight Ban as Strike Continues,*" A s the telephone, .walkout went ' It .was .nlo Us acc'rind ctay, cvnrylliing con- « nl)l 'cti 11 llniied (jiilot *tm' the ''BlyLhoVnic" 1 " "Wr™!? strike .scene. Tlio clip's itlu| «ys- ".'?" ln j' 1 loin kfp!, subscribers here from tomorrow. coiniiittLco will ,vant Mornn nO(lc<l, "is how mt'nt would l>c (ipU'i'i'l of tho country." "We would not cii!|-»rr ourslriko unlvsa tho rest ot * tin; . NIT*\V unloua nre satisfied • Uiixt they would get « similarly satL-jtactory The White House reiJoiUjj, incaiiwlillc, Hint President, Truman i.s watching closely llic nc^oiiu- lloin hero urul elsewhere oyor tho country.. President Keeps Informed I'rcKldciillal Press RI> Charles O. ROSK snld Mr, Minn hud not been "wi»t * mill ill conferciKO' 1 ol Lnbor Ixiwih .B." on the know» ' _ _ ~^K«'t Schv'ell- thc President personal Interven- strfltc <xt least throu 1 ?!] If Mr. Truman doe! tiding Immediately the pressure '"ko n hand later, It was assumed of deserted swltclilidnrds 'which .ho would nmkc n personal yl»a foi choked coimmmlcalloiis In-, .some iv truce, or' suggest appointment pi other cities, . I'resldcnttiil fact-finding boajnls ,'itc A tight lid has been clumped on clarify the Issues. He has appointing distance calls, however, ni«i' ed such boards hi the past, !n cquests for them are being screen- connection with automobile anc d to determine if they lire of mi steel disputes. ' nature- -the only typo Federal conciliate!!/ fill the ne' 1 long dlstiiKcc culls the strike- cc . wlty for 5|)ectL Although lorn amid company can place with only ,u stlulce • lind non-dial- local servia A phrnses which wore not unrord UP-IL^ cluol one wa.s the (question' Mrs. O. f. Jones Dies In Jefferson City, Mo. the group. I Wm. B. Wilson Dies, Funeral In Leachville Funeral .services were conducted today in JefTcrson City, M<!.. lor Mrs. Agnes Bailey Jones of Jelfei- ,son City, formerly of Blylhcvillc, who died suddenly Saturday. Mrs. Jones, widow of O. E., made her home with Mr. ,im; Mrs. J. W. Bader, her uncle and aunt, who now reside in Carutheisvilic i some time. She was an accomplished miir.irinn. i Rites will be held at the Firs She attended. Ulylhevillc schoals i Baptist Church in Leac'nvillc with and sang in Ihe choir at Firs'.! '"e H<- n - p - ex Brown, pastor, offi- Funrral services will be held tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. for William B. Wilson. "(3, who died at 11 a.m. yesterday in the Blytheville Hospital. Mr! Wilson, who made Ins home here with hi.s daughter. Mrs O. O. S'.ires. and' family, at 309 North Fifth St., 1ml been ill for Legionnaires to Meet At 8 p.m. in Hut Here Al a meeting dcvoled lo the, observance of Armv week, a combat film, "A[>|)oi'il.menL Tokyo," will be shown members nf Und Cuson Post 24 of Ihe American Rion tonight, r.t I] o'clock at the LegiQii Hut. The new meeting tini; of o'clock will he in effect miring the remainder of the Spring and Summer. on. 'I'h of German assets In Austria to be used as Gcrmtm reparations. Seventeen major .points of disagreement were listed. The deputies did agree formally today, however, that allied troops .should n<; withdrawn from Austria as soon us possible after the treaty is signed. nnd in any case not more than 'M days t.hcrca.iter. Marshall Getting Iin]MlIrnt When the minister around to the treaty , tain. I The council continued its p!od- i ding course toduy. still wrrstlitit; with the form of Germany's jn-o- visional government. Soviet I'Yjrri[;:i 'Minister V. M. Milfltov has sii'.mn 'blocked efforts by Secretary "f State George C. Marshall to clis- cus>: the untouched half of the agenda. There was a belief that Mirshait will say something emphatic in th*' next day or so if Soviet stalling tJictics continue. He- \vnnls to exchange views on all agenda -subjects and get down lo work on the Austrian treaty. Western fears that the Soviet motive toward Gel-many is lo wor> the Gci'nians into looking Eastward politically have existed since last Summer, when Molotov suddenly made a complete fltp-lk;p on German policy. The current council issue is whether Germany should ha\v a strong central government or .1 weak one with powers vested in the German states. The Soviets want the former, Ihe Western powers the loiter. To Hospital for Observation Tour men. recently ordircd coin- inltlrd to the Stnlo llis])i|ui for a Xfl-day nbsci-vallun by (tie Ohlckasiiwba District of Mlsslsslp- [ii County Circuit Coui-t, m;rc Iransferri'd to the Slal... Jlospital lodny by Deputy Sheriff.! Holl:u,d would i:et, A | kt . n nn( , ,,- lDJ . ( | Blll . r | Si was uncer- . ( . ]lc |nl>]] vm .^ C|irnc ,,. i son, chnrgcd with two counLs attempti'd a.ssault; Vollic Joe IIol- lurul. Negro, charged with Uv> (onnts of rape; ,lo-;;pli Jones, Ne- i:ro, cliariu'd with murtJci'. and A V. Mi-Daniel, charged with ells posing of nifirtgaged property. After Ihe observation period, UK ini'ii will be returned t) BlyK-.e- ville (o await action i.y Hi.; cour Osceola C. of C. Offices Designated by Council CRCEOLA, Ark., April il -Officer: of the newly-created Chainb'!r o Commerce here will lie located 11 the Municipal Light ami Power Co building. Tin: office space vUl Include two 11 by 2-l-fool rnnrns, one ft)r ii full tin-.e .SLcret;n-y aiui the other for '• manager-director. This l.jcaltn: wa.s voted by the City U'rmcil las week. Tit for Tat Christian Church. Inch of Rain Falls One inch of rainfall was recorded In Blytheville yesterday with 74 degrees bclnt; guagert as "nieh temperature yesterday and 52 as low last night, Robert E. Blaylock. weather observer, reported onlyj officia - I today. dating. Burial will follow in McGrew cemetery. •Mr. Wilson was this section, where fore retiring 19 year s ago. He was born in senath, -Mo. Olh:r tnsn Mrs. Stircs, he is sxir- vived by a son, Charles Wilson of Lenchvillc, six grandchildren and five Krcat-granclchtldrcn. Howard NAHVILLE, Tcnn . April 8. 'UP! —Last month C. E. Perry, assistant superintendent of the Portland. Ore., schools, came to Nashville to ;,ign up teachers for his city. He suid his trip was "satisfactory." Nashville school heads didn't like il. j Last night they announced a "sat- |isfactory" deal of their own. 'They I signed Mrs. Cathreen Osmcnt Car| len, :\ Portland teacher, to le.ich •.vell-kno'.vn in|in Nashville next year. lie farmed bc-| Undertaking Company villc 's ii> charge, of lyach- ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy. Scattered Thunderstorms loday and in cast and South Portions tonight find early Wednesday. Cooler North and West portions Wednesday. Army Recruiters Present Award To Jaycee Group A Certificate of Merit w:y, pie- sentcd the Junior Chamber of Commerce by the Army Ilecn'itii.s! Service at a meeting o:' the club's Botird of Directors lasl night in the Jayccc club roonn. The certificate was prcsi'ntod for the Junior Chamber's contribution of n part of its club rooms as space for the Biythcviil,: Army Recruiting Officer when no othor facilities were available. The presenlation was ma<3e l n Jaycee President James Koy and the Board of Directors by" St.if: Sergt. Don c. Seal of the reciuit- int; office here. upervisors manning the swileh- Sec TKI.KrilONKS op A check-up thl s mornlnu of hos- tllals and mw cnEony'inent [ifjc-'n- Ics rcvcnlcd lhat while only a i;w emergency long (tislunre c:iU:> ia<l been pldCL'd or received' since he strike tegiin, no illfficulty was •xii'rientcd In coir.p'etliiK llicin. The Hell Telephone Sy.item has tcifincd !»:> ''enuirKency calls" the ollG''A T lpi;: "Calls In connection -with ^ire. fl(K»d, wreck .tornndo, riot, ,i.'iioic!i iuxidcnt, or Illness, dentil )r any dlsaslcr eim'iy,eiu;y rcrjuir- inn tlie Bid of police, fire di'jiart- incnl, ho.':pilals, doctors, nmbiilnn- "cs oj- life-saving service, milllia or :ilher government autiiorltics and calls from utility companies In connection with power or pipeline liiilllri'S." "I'atnins Understanil,' 1 I'nr Snys Other 1'inu distamc call;; hei'c arc nndei'.staud although some are dU- apjiointcd wlil'M I heir ci.lls aro lui'jiLXi dawn," .lerry Pt)r. Ulylh^-j ville manuRcr for tlie Sniilhwcvslcvn Hell Telephone Co_ .wild today. 1 .Several emergency lon^ <ti;,'tancC| rallr, had 'J>crn complrtcfl by thn, of[i[:(r heie but not lar[;c nnmljei' hail been put ihrou.di. lie said. While dial systems generally re-! rjiilrc constaiit. mainlcnanee and Presbyterian Women Plan Meeting Here The 41st animal meeting of th Woman's Auxiliary- of ArkEinsa Prcs'bytery of the Prcsbyterlai Clnirch will b3 held this year b'l April IS and 16 in Blylhcville a the First Presbyterian Church, i was'announced lod?.v by Mrs. C. W Oray, Auxiliary president Here.. ; Plans for the meeting, tp.whti 2fl auxiliaries in Northern Arkan sar. have Invited, were mad reluscd.'^ jicoplc seem to yesterday afternoon at a session the Executive I33ard of the Auxi liaiy. Tlie piOKraui will begin on nc; Tuesday morning, with the anhui Kxecuttvc Board meeting. The a! lernoon proHram will include taU f;n "Foi'ci?i> 'Missions," "Hon; Missions," Synod's and Presbytery Home Missions" and "Christia yncia! Services." Tuesday night, Dr. A. P. Forgai are without it during this slriko, tic, superintendent of Home ML no trouble hfi^ Ihe Blytheville Developed jet system and thcro Court to Re-convene The Cluck-Tiawljr. Pislriel i Mississippi Count/ Circitfi COU will iccon\'one at n:30 tr.mon-ow mt)]-nini< lo heir the casi^ of Kal])h Sluup of Pannnniri. rlnrijc'd wtlh t>im;lary ami jjraii'l larce;-.;,- In the inbbrrv nf Hipps T)r;i^ Store in IjcachvilU' I;us(, ;noir.l,. This Is the ]asi c:\.sc on I ho criminal Tor this term atul the court Is cxpur:li:d to adjourn late tomorrow. are no indications of any, Mr. Poo said. Strike headquarters here, which have bi-rn set up 111 the G^cncoe Hotel, reported this morninj: tliat no word of further developments or strike orders had been received by noon today. 'Meanwhile, beset by soaking rain, continued ic patrol the iclephonc building at Second aii'1 Ash streets. sions nnd Evangelism, whose heac quarters are In Little Rock, wi Buyers of Savings Bonds Show Much Activity WASHINGTON. R (UP) — N. Y. Stock's 2:0(1 r. M. Qiiol A T Sc T ........... Amer Tobacco ....... Anaconda Copi>cr . i . Beth Steel .......... Chrysler ............ Gen Electric ......... Gen Motors ........ Montgomery Ward. . . N Y Central ......... Int Harvester ....... North Am Aviation . be the main speaker. Oil Wednesday morning, cf-ficci xvill bs elected and women repri scnling several Auxiliaries wi spc.ik. For the 'Wednesday afternoc program, Arkansas College Mus Department will present speci music and there will be sever out-of-toTn speakers. The Kf Harvey T. Kidd. pastor of Fii Trcsljytcrian Church here, will i Mall officers. Sale.s of Treasury saviiiRS bonds exceeded rcdeiiipt'ins by 740 oro duriti? tin first months of the year. Kales of Series E. bond.s during the first quarter to- Standard of N J Republic Steel . three Radio Socony Vacuum nnd O Sturlebakcr . tailed S2,2'.\,766,000 whl'o redemptions in the ';a;iie povlort were $1,I 1.10,02(1,000. iri!> ns : 59 3-1 EC 1-4 <I5 1-4 35 3~8 58 5-8 56 3-4 16 7-8 8 5-3 | 14 5-8! 20 3-4 u7 Dr. Mosscy Will Speak At Auxiliary Meeting OSCEOLA. Ark., April S.—Dr. D. Mossey will bo guest speaker n meeting of the American Logi Auxiliary of Mack Grider Post night at the home of Mrs. E. Shippen on West Semmes. Ho v !lrive "Child Health" ns his subj-. Mrs. V. C. Colbert has charge the program. Cotton Mar May July 1:30 Texas Corp 59 1-2 Packard C 1-4 Oct. U S Strol 71 . c .-ft IXc. P. M. Quotations . S893 2S02 ?835 , 3507 3530 3463 , 3316 3344 327S . 3010 303» 2962 , 2030 2048 2873

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