The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1949
Page 10
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' -V fAOC TVX BT/rTHEVIUJS (ARK.)' COTTOIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL is, 19-19 ;; tHI NATION TODAY I IAS. Free Enterprise System 5 Suffers Under Controls Such IX* Brannan's Farm Program '»£-,¥:. By James Marlow J5K2 WASHINGTON, April 15. ("')—Just- kpc P everything free of control, JfTiht old eoonomUU used to say, and everything will work out dandy. <*'•;•' Ttwy w»nt«d no government Interference with people or business £ *r «om»wrc«. "Anarchy, plus a constable," Cnrlyle called It. Krr But out of this philosophy grew "the American rree enterprise syi- j—f fern." Actually, It's hardly ever been completely free. S'.'•: Abwwt from Vnt start of the re- + fe r »ubllc, government tariffs blocked ' '.SEIorMgn competition with American- inide goods here. Bit by bit through the years (he government kept sticking its nose under the tent a little more. Some landmarks were the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Sherman Anll- Tiust Act to control monopolies. and in 1913 the income tax .started. Government controls, help, regulation and interference piled up during the disaster of the deprcs- «ion In the 1930's. Alt were signs of .the increasing complexity of American life. Ard now the latest evidence of how far we've moved from a truly free enterprise system Is Ihe new farm prozratn which AcriculUirc Secretary Brannan has laid in Congress' lap. Congress probably won't pass it into law this session. But already there Is plenty of argument, abonc It on Capitol Hill. There'll be more. Tries lo Set Income Briefly, if i f became law. this would be its purpose: 1. To make sure farmers had fair income. Hie government wouh pay them when Iheir prices wen' down, or else buy up their crops. 1. At the same time this, in part would mean lower prices for tin 'public—although the money paii •=,- the termers would be out ot th "" public.!, taxes. -^. And »11 of this, since the govern 4-v ment would be helping the farmer with public money, would menu •Iron? government hand In wha firmcns grew or could grow. Some crlctics of the Idea con mder all this a very bold step, to far-reaching. Others look on it as just a logical step that's nceiled to "Keep fanners from a crnck-up. '•The underlying idea—helping the "•'"•"farmers—Isn't new. Under the law •we have right now, the government fteps In on a number of crops and buys tliem up to help farm- ers when prices fall below a certain level Por example, the government buys ««gs If they go below n price fixed by the government. Potatoes, too. "Why? .lust to keep a surplus off »ie market. With the surplus cone. prices stay up. This mean* thai - **• tht benefit ol the farmers, int. ibllc pays higher prices. And yet, s Ihe public's lax money which * used to do all that. If the new program became law lie government would, more or less o the .•.Hine thing In some kinds of ood, like non-perishable corn vhr-al ?nd so on. But 1| would do something new nd different on perishable foods ike meat, milk, eggs, poultry 'mils. fiet I'ald Difference In their case-—If their prices drop- led ociow a figure fixed b\ the ROV- •riinieiU—Ihe government wrmldn' .ti-p in and lake them off the mar- ict to keep prices up. 11 would do Iiis: Tak" the ejise of cues. The f?ov •rnment might decide the average price on them should be 4f> cent. 1 ; a down so the farmers could hav [air income off (hem. Suppose thev dropped to 25 cent do/en because so many were 01 the mnrket. The government won!' suy "Good, let 'em drop, to th :il public cun ge^ Ihe benefi of lower prices." Bu>. ilie government would pri Ihe fanners 20 cents, or the difference between the 25-cent mnrket price and the 45-cenl price the government t-hollfiht was fab'. You. buying the eggs nl 25 cents a dozen, woiild benefit by Hie lower price on eggs. Hut it would be your tax money the government would use lo pay the farmer thai 20 ccn(5. Wlio'cl win on that, deal? No one knows now. Secretary Bianuan's experts are busy now trying to figure out. how much the program would cast- Ore tiling is clear from Ihe present Hiul pioixxsed help lor the fnricrs: lo survive in the free enterprise system they need government help, and when that happens the system isn't free of control. Cat with Head Stuck n Can Creates Criiis ST. LOUIS, April 15. IIP)— A large inch cat stuck Ms head into a sal- non can couldn't get it out because •f the sharp edges, and the tinny, •e.sonant howls that ensued were iiotigh to arouse the whole nelgh- x>rhoo<1. In a frenzy, the canned cat ilimped a tree and fell out—a suf- erinfc cat. Police were called, but they couldn't get the can off, so they called the Humane Society. While the policemen held the cat, a hu- nane .society man pried the can free with a piece of wood. The cat, a stray, was taken to the society shelter to recuperate, and there it had salmon for lunch. Hollywood Continued from Page 8 jack to Sy Devore's window. You can .see him there between shows •U Slarjsy'js. 5Ie's (he lillle fellow with tin 1 stun on tils chest reading! "Nol Ihe Type." Hollywood, soys Joey, has the While there he did a benefit show New Look—everyone li wearing longer facts, studio heads are convincing actors that money Isn't everything.. The first three words Hollywood children arc Irelirg taught Is: "Mama, papa and budget." "Why," said Joey, "llollyivoo'd right now couldn't afford even 'tone of the forewords in my book." Joey came to Hollywood via the Thnndeiblrd Hotel in l«is Vegas. at which the mayor got up und snld there was no juvenile delinquency problem in Vegas, Joey just couldn't resist that. He disagreed with tlic mayor. "I don't know what you arc talking about, Mr. Mayor," he snid. '•There's nothing to be delinquent about In Las Vegas—everything is legal." The celluloid western rode be broken in the next Cisco 42 Jake Examinations For State Auditor Jobs I,1TTLE HOOK, A|)lil 15. Wj — Forty-two nppliranl.s for the 2B new jobs as auditors In the Arkansas. R<:v(:Huc Or-parl nirnl have taker examinations under a 1049 act set' tins up qualifications for the jobs. Revenue Commissioner Dean fl. Mutiny snld )ie had received 90 applications for the positions but Unit only H applicnnt.s showed up for the examinations last Saturday. The qualfiration act specified that it shall apply to the 26 ne,w auditors jobs in the department created by the 1910 legislature and blankets i.s the approximately -Ifl auditors already employed by the department. The new jobs will be open July 1. Read Courier News Want Ads. Twining: Plants Almost all twining plants Iwist from left lo right, according to the Kucyclopcdia Britannica. One exception is the butternut bean, which twines from right to left. Read courier News Want AS*. MASTITIS . -.-. now easier to treat P«nstix* — Pure Crystalline Procaint Penicillin G for maitilij — easily inserted — disiolr* fast — mainuin penicillin Activity from milking (o milking. No rt- frigtraiion necessary. Stewart's Drug Store Main & Luke Streets ^r "y ^r"' £ S™~ «*1 .*-• »' N /#> f- L*t'. tOKEKS peoicaccB k STfD r/ /ncr«M» /leW cW CoUr 1OO »* Retiitaal Collon. 19-18 Breed*, Foundation Stvcl. Phola taken it* *<JIIY Septi'tiibrr shovrs Jxavy ttmtayc; w,d*. llullf, optmny ot both, wo// spaced ituit\ng branches ooc/ toilineff. Cok»i 10O Witt Resistant Com* >u and boolr. yo«r cicW Cotton wint Fiot PUce in 3 now for Coker 10O Wilt Rew^ •tal* conteiti and combine! lanl Cotton Seed »nd remea- pr.mium .lapU, *«<lin«»t tad bar to pick »p your copy o< ***Y P«ck>o<». Coker's Hew Coiiou C*tJo» • HIGH YIELD • EARLY MATURING • DEFINITE WILT RESISTANT • COMPARABLE TURN-OUT • STAPLE 1-1/16- to 1-1/8" LARGE, FLUFFY LOCKS MAKE EASY PICKING BY HAND OR MACHINE We Find Coker lOQ-Wtlt to be 1-32 Inch Longer Than Other Similar Varfettes. HIGHER LOAN VALUE During the niunth of Scptambcr, 19.18, hail , , » t]iffertmc« in loan vahic of $4 U> $7 r>w bole in favor of Coker lOti-Wilt ginned at ow oo«- T-Ariet,jr gio aa eom.)Nircd wit* ottver cotton gmocd tt oor two txiRlom gins. . Seod This Coupon .- . . I B. C. LAND COMPAMT I LeackvilVe, ArkjHvwM ( ) S««! U. Coker'. Cotton C.U*o,f»« O. I. C. LAND COMPANY ptoturt when Duncin R«naldo klsj- <?s his leading lady. No gag. She won't be a horse. • * • A wire from Mark, the New York hair stylist: "I've just created a new Hollywood coiffure—'The Economy Wave.'" ATHLETES K>OT KILL IT' FOR 35*. IN ONE HOUR, Mud, with 90% . . It I'i'.NETKAIKS. Hochej cr.a MORE g.m,. ON CONTACT.* Tod . kill. y .1 -V IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! Why take a chance on untimely delays when wcaihur and ground conditions are jnsi right for planting? Be sure your John Dccre Equipment is ready 10 go by giving ii a complete checkover now . .. before you need it. If parts are required, get them from us. \Ve sell only genuine John Deere Parts —parts made to fit right to las; longer. If servicing is needed, our well-equipped and well-staffed shop is all sei to give you the best possible service for your John Deere Equipment. Be sure to see us soon for parts . . . for service on John Deere Implements. -&ett I can * Powered by qiiick-slarting 4-cycli Kasoline engine (l'/i hp or 3 hp) Full adjustable t;° vcrllor ijuaran teel accurate dependable speed control. * 24" blade cutj right up to trc* trunks, shrubs, fences, «tc- * Seamless steel tubing throughout frame insures light rugscdncss. Precision tonstrtiction safeguard* against faulty operation and minimizes rcpaits . . . insures trouble- free performance •X-IJASTKR WOW- ETt cuts cost* In milnUinlng horn* lawni. Boll courses, pailcj, playgrounds, c*niet<rleJt, or anywhere lhat "keep- c the Bias*"- ' ONLY GENUINE JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Highway 61 Phone 4434 See the MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor Scott Alley SIGN & NEON • SERVICE • • Better Signs 0 • Better Service 0 808 No. Franklin 5 Phone 3203 T For Friendly Service, Dial.. ... and Reddy Kilowatt is on the ran! MEAH5A NEW LIFE\ A new sole to your worn soles it applied by us means double wear besides footwear that is really good looking. H-flLTCRS OUHLITY SHO£ SHOP tzi w. M« i N SY. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at AH Times We Also Pay TOP MARKET PRICES For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho.4107 W. H'waylS BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 © REDDY KILOWATT For Your Convenience in quickly reaching any department, or person, in our organization, we riave installed a modern, centrally-located telephone switchboard — with ten trunk lines to expedite all incoming and outgoing calls. Whether you're calling our local office for emergency service or to transact business with our Home Office, our Meter Laboratories or our Local Plant or Warehouse, you have only one number to dial —82 T. Yes, just dial 827 and our friendly operator will connect you —without delay —• to the person or deportment with whom you wish to speafc. The installation of these improved facilities is just another way we at Ark-Mo have of saying "thank you" for the opportunity to serve you — around-the-clock, around-the-calendar — with dependable, low-cost electric service. TEN trnnk lines for faster service. But only ONE number, for ,M>U to remember. Ark-Mo Power Co. I Have At AH Times For Sale several tractors and eciuipmcnt- bolh new and used 1 have John Dcerc, fr'armall, Ford and other make*. I now have new Ford tractors and equipment read;? for delivery at dealers' price. I will trade fnr most anything TOO have. Terms can be arranged- See F. C. CROWE I mile joulti ol Braggadocio, Mo. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 'i-Day Service on Any Make or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We Call For and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Anthomed Motorola Sales Service Iflfi So. 1st. St. FARMERS LOANS F^m Tractors, Trucks & Cars and Farm Equipment lo responsible people. Also Kcal Kslate Loans and on Farm Lands UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY j'irst * Main—Ingrain BIdR. "Krlcndlj Service" Our Insurance Kates Art Low Handle Your Health, With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - • And Komemljer Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451

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