The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 113. LEfCOURIER NEWS fllTTJ. OTS Xl/~»O*T>ia-«i tiir* t nvr + . ^^^^ Bljihoville Courier Blylhevlllo Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHfflUir ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST New Trouble Spots Are Pointed To By Europe's Dictators Mississippi Vnlley Leader BiJ'thevJIlo Dally News MISSOURI By United Press S Europe's dictator bloc hinted at two new trouble spols- Apparently seeking to wklon llio diplomatic war front de- Hitler Nazi government suddenly ordered a great celebration tomorrow oj the nrmy of the day on which "the German people took up light lo defend their existeiu-c against n hostile superiority ,jf forces" and declared war on RIH- .sla Aug. 2, igu. Al the same time: l. Slovakia and Germany reported discussing military tense problems and Adolf !„„„ ordered highways in former Czechoslovakia rushed to completion. Unofficial reports from Vlati sources were allowed to filter out that Hitler wns considering transfer of all Slovakia to Hungary in return for establishment of German a'r bases along the Hungarian frontier of Rumania and Poland and for permission for the Nazi army to cross Hungary in event of war. 1 2. Hungarians officially charged ihnt Rumanian soldiers had twice fired on rafls on the Theiss river nnd at, Warsaw it was reported that Polish police had discovered a Ukrainian nationalist movement, fostered by Nazis In Germany. Forty Ukrainians were arrested. 3. The controlled press of Spain united in a surprising demand nnd prediction that Gibraltar would be returned to Spain and that Great Britain's key lo Ihc Mcditerrn nean would become n "fly speck nnd lose all importance." Meanwhile the Japanese showed no signs of slackening their campaign to drive foreign interests out of the Far East, nnd the United Stales was coming in for more and more criticism. In Tokyo the newspapers jumped on America's denunciation uf the 1911 commercial treaty willi Jnpnn in a belated burst of editorial comment. "A spoiled and impudent power should also be taught its place," 'said the independent, Nichi Nichi. "Japan has spoiled the United States because it ,-has been too courteous.".,,, .-:,_., : New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 1. (UP)— Cotton closed very steady. Lone Bandit In $70,000 Bank Haul AUBURN, ind., Aug. l (UP)—A tall man strode into Ihc Auburn Stale Bank today, shoved a, .pistol nt employes and escaped with a large amount of money. Bank officials said he apparently had no accomplice. In modulated tones the bandit ordered the cashier to place all the cash In a sack. If was estimated he escaped with about $10,000. ARKANSAS, TURSDAY,' AUGUST i, MIGLEVELIkD Police Anxious For Safety of Non-Sinkers At Their Homes CLEVELAND, Aug. l_(UP)- TW3 hundred lieavlly armed police pnlroled the Fisher mdy Company 'riot zone" today fearful that violence might break out ut homes of n:n-strikcrs. The United Autom:blle Workers Union of the C. 1. o. issued, wllli- out comment, a list of 27 men they identified as the "worst scabs " The list carried hcmc addresses of the men. Four hundred and fifty police •uid 30 firemen engaged 3,000 strikers and sympathizers In pitched rattles before the plant yesterday dearly 100 persons were Injured by tear gas shells, slones and rocks Safety Director Eliot Ness ordered policemen to keep an area 500 yards about the factory cleared Banker Who Gambled | New Efforts to Boost | Gets 7i Year Term Fair Attendance Tried SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS --• --i --1...V* J" v.iniwiLlJ UJ UN Nnlicnnl bank of Adrian (Mich) who gninblod with bank assets efforts lo "keep nj> wllh th Joneses," received n . seven-niid-n hair-year prison scnlence iji fed oral court today. Confessing lo Inking more dm $75,000, Jnccbs said lie lost It li gambling houses while lijliig (< oblnln sufficient money so his fain ily could equal Die style of llvln of wealthier friends. Ills salary wn $0,000 n year. Camp At Hayti Quarantined Bui No New Case* Develop ets to five al each of the two gates and 13 permit no more than 10 uni:n oi-ganfeers ami officials within the restricted zone for meetings at CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Julj 31.—Funeral .services for jnmes Ralph Pierce, 17, who died Salur- iny in the Dlythevllle hospital of - -- ........... of all demonstrators, to limit pick- s l )i " (>1 meningitis, were held here | union headquarters. 'Hie cin^rs were 4 a.m. open Ocl 904 Dec. 8B8 Jan 676 Mar 8G3 May 651 July 830 high 918 89D 8,76 8T5 858 850 low 898 88G S73 663 849 835 close BIG 897 883n 875 83811 r n County Representative'' '- ' c A i- . _ , application Ul'an ted i-il P>- i i iat t lotestS 'effective nt A small force of workmen, defying the slrikc, was ' ncrniltled to remain in the plant overnight so ns '"t to be exposed to (he picket bllt n «•'"]>»"* otnciai said early today that 200 of the wsrkcrs ^I'PPeU out and went home after m ° 3t of tlle P'^cts hnd left. At 5 n.m. 25 mountetl nml 40 Rot policemen began pati-ellng the fac- too 1 grounds. No demonstrators In siglit. Ness was on the LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 1. _ The Arkansas Corporation Commission „ „ „ , tranted nn application by B. Frank scene. He said strikers had n-reed Williams, stale representative from nt midnight lo nbidc by his iircc- Mississippi county, for authority to tarnation but Ihnt they had said establish n passenger and express' 'hey would be the judge of how but line from Osceoln to Marked many pickets to use. He demanded .Tree, Newport and Little Rock In an order issued yesterday. The application was aproved following a hearing May 10, \yhcn . "'at lie be supplied with the names of pickets B a 'es. assigned to the two T 'ie night passed without protests against the proposed line newal of the fighting that wn»cd were lodged by the Missouri Pacific ' n " d ny yesterday with clubs, stones Lines, the Missouri Pacific ; Traiis-' alld .gns bombs, porlntipn company, the Mathis foiicemeii 'said they had fired Bus-Lines- of -Jonesboro and Ark- -°nl>' <i--'f<W'-l)uUcts; • nnd - these Into nnsaa Motor Coaches. The order tne nil', but Robert Travis, a strike asserted the commission-had found leader, said Hint ihree strikers had a need for additional service over, been shot in the legs nnd that he the route selected. ... : _,. , ..would ask for an investigation by The new line will •bp'erkte -from'' 'Attorney General Frank Murphy Newport to Little Rock over Unit- f wl )9 hart witnessed, while governor ed States Highway 67! 'iiu'nddition ''.of-.'Michigan,, the Hist tumult in to passenger nnd express," the : )ine will transport newspapers; lit .was; Si'tp,lvrr.'Wil r; l ! le rusL pemiit g Spots closed nominal at 981, up 3. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 1.—(UP)— Cotton futures rallied after nn easy opening today and closed with net gains ranging up to 55 cents a bale. open high low close Oct 913 930 910 928 Dec 899 911 897 909 Jan 88G 895 88G 895 Mar 871 885 873 885 May 861 867 800 867 Jill 845 848 -845 847 Spots closed quiet at 950, up 5. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 1.—(UP)—Selective buying produced a number cf individual features today in an otherwise narrow moving firm slock market. Trading continued dull.' AT&T ICT ! Anaconda Copper 26 1-2 Associate DO 85-8 Beth Steel 62 1-4 Boeing Air 231-2 Chrysler 82 3-8 Coca Cola 130 3-4 General Electric 38 General M:tors 48 1- Int Harvest 54 1-2 Monlgcmery Ward 53 1-2 N Y Central 153-8 Packard Phillips Pet Radio Simmons Socony Vac Standard Oil N J '".'.'. Texas Corp .... U S Smelt, U S Steel 3 5-8 35 1-4 6 1-8 25 7-8 11 5-8 41 1-4 36 52 1-2 51 7-8 Livestock BAST ST. LOUIS, 111., All" 1 _ (UP)— Hojs, receipts 9,200 Top, 6.55 HO-IOO Ibs., 0.40-650 170-230 Ibs., 5.75-6.25 Bulk sows, 3.75-5.15 Cattle, recelpls: 2.400 Steers, 5.75-9.50 Slaughter steers, 5.75-1025 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 700-950 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-9.75 Beef caws, 5.00-6.00 Cutlers and low cutters, 3.75-4.50 Chicaffo Wheat open high low dose Sept 65 5-8 65 3-4 64 5-8 G4 3-4 Dec. 66 1-4 Gfi 3-8 65 1-4 65 3-3 Chicago Corn Sept 42 5-8 42 3-4 41 3-4 41 3-4 nee. 42 3-4 42 7-3 42 1-& 42 l.fl Is Still Awaited There Is but $55,000 worth of checks yet lo arrive here for North Mississippi county farmers who participated in the 1938 soil conservation program, it was announced today -by It. B. Richardson, senior field assistant in charge of the office here. The sum of 5851,000 has been tlie automobile industry over the U,: A. \V..cvganizalion drives. The Fisher plant here Is the only one of 12 in the automotive manufacturing area that continued to operate in spile of the U. A. W. strike, called lo force manufacturers to include tool, die, Maintenance and engineering workers in the U. A. W. contract. The strike was called here three weeks ags. The plant, normally employs 8.000. and is Cleveland's largest employer, but it was cff-season and only a few hundred had been at work. E. J. Gleason, resident manager, said that more than 300 were .still at work, biit Travis, an lntcrnnll:na) Sunday aflermron at the Smith Funeral Chapel, the Rev D K Foster, local Baptist minister, conducting the services. He was the son of Frank Pierce of this city. Services were held at two o'clock nnd interment was In Maple cemetery. Young Pierce was slricken ill nt the CO camp near Hayll, and was immediately (nken to the hospital. The camp was quarantined, for fifteen days, which expire next Saturday, but no other cases have developed. Jnmes Ralph Pierce, who hnd been brought ( 0 tii u Blytl.ievlllc hospital after he was .stricken critically 111 of an undetermined malady, hnd been kept In the isolation wjird on the ground floor. Taken first to the emergency room for Icsls, physicians suspected that the disease was spinal meningitis nud immediately had him placed in the isolation ward uiidfr the care of a special nurse who never left the room. M. A. Long, superintendent of the hospital; said today the hospital .could_' have legally refused WraHto?V!nAn:the patient, but thvl no other facilities were immediately available and that the patient's condition was such that immediate hospitalizallon was Imperative. House Debates Version Of Lending Measure would i) t > nxhieed, from 75 cents t< M reins on .Saturdays and sun unys. The move wns the latest ii « series of business slhuulnnls, In- cludhij; rut iiufj. fm , S p(, c | n | gra(1 p s weekend bargain combination tickets, new free features, nnd administrative changes, 'I'lit- fniv passed its half-way dnle yesterday with an allenOnnce foi 03 days, accerdlng lo oftlelnl ngnres of about 10,000,000-about one-thin the toini nUendnnce prodletod before the fair opened. Succeeds Leahy As Highest Ranking U. S. Naval Officer WASHINGTON, Aug i mp)_ Admiral Harold R. slink, whose warships in Ihe past have led the "ivy In gunnery, look ojllce today as chief of nrivnl operations. Tills is the highest past in the invy comparable lo (he chief of stair of (he nrmy. His predecessor, Admiral Wil- Inm D. Leahy, retired immcillalcly as an uclK'c officer. He will assume civilian post ns governor of 'iierto Hlco next month. With his left hand on a Bible, 'elowcil after dccndps of use ni Imllar navy ceremonies, Slark look he oath to 'support and defend he constitution of Die Unlled Stales against all enemies, foreign ncl domestic." VIemphian Says Japanese Treaty Abrogation To Reduce Expovts MEMPHIS, Tcnii.. Aug. 1.—(UP) —Everett R. Co:k, prominent Mcm- his ccllon leader, said loduy that brouation of Ihe Japanese trade reiity may sharply reduce export of United States collcn to Japan. Transferred From New Orleans Back Baton Rouge To East HATCW ROUGH, "l';-Sym|,ath<llc & T"," 1 D Smith back In while "^ Ol ! 1ROI «« i ' lcll>m lrlecl lo , A|IB , iuty siu-r J «'«« MOM- t In a ha«U , •• n.h«, . , 0 '! ly Cltui 8l'l<-'r with nn- othei blood transfusion About Ihe lime Ihe pnrlsli (jran.l »' wus In.liethig Hie former ,,„,,' c ' llf of .'- 0 ..... «»" Slme U.ilver- 11, , ?,', ,' B 2Cth llme lnst »'«"'. in innbulance was Inkh* M,- S Owen Waller Ware, rrillcV IB of blood poisoning, lo „ hospital. She _«nvc birth lo n son 15 dny.s llyMl ' S W( "' C W " IM t ,,- .llshtly. IMiyslclims snld n secoml rans uslon wn.s ncctwnry lotfiiy I ml her coiirtllion still wtut Smith tiid not nsk la be tak- " buck lo omcys had (ivlson. Ills n t- for (wo weeks' o have him Iransferred from the vork nnd denim iitiiiarni of New Orleans federal prison to the Jnll vhcrc his former rank still WM onsldcrod. mer rank still They hud failed and _ J ....«L Iltlllll (IIUI Ji. Smith's bond rase to $210 MO e Is under 41 Indictments or hnrnos. A guard at the federal prison In wiv Orleans shook him cifrly lo- ny nnd he was lold MVK. Ware vn.s near death. 1'rcvlomly Dh- rlcl Attorney newey J. Snnchra nd U. s, District Attorney Itcne i. Vloscn had asked Federal Judtfe Vnyne O. Borah lo release him to Ri'lsli officers. Deputies sped nt CO miles 1111 lour to Judge Borah's summer oino nt Lncombc for him lo sign he order. Then they picked Smith up nt New Orleans nwl nrricd him lo Union Rouge. Dr. Smith had no comment when :oclors first Informed htm of Ills laughter's condition but ho cx- iresscd n desire lo gel lo Baton llc bo- mi:! ns soon as possible, .rcssed quickly and .wnlttcd ween a guard : bf-' : innrshulK leputlcs lo 1 HIQ nulomoblle. , "I nni greatly worried," w n s imith's only slnlemcnl upon his rrlvnl. Alter he was brought back io tie city whose socinl and cultural union sent distributed among 5,813 farmers] representative of ihc and ICO applications are yet to'here from Detroit to direct the come. These are expected wi" ' ' very short time. ithin a I strike, said only 25 men had ignored Ihe slrikc call. "Since the state department nn-j" fc lle Olll:c headed. Dr. Smith > nounccd abrogation of the treaty ' wns " OL I'ermlllod lo sec Mrs ,„.„, i effective six months hence, my '|W«i'e immediately. Physicians inld WASHINGTON, Aug. 1.—.(UP)- firm has had io stop offering col- l tllc shcck ""B 11 ! be Mn\. He was Ihe house opened debate en its 'on to Japan," co:k said "Other • llot lo Lle lnkL '" l ° Hie hospltnl own $1,950,000,000 version of tbc shippers have had to do likewise"I unlc * s ller [lDnll) appeared liniiil- Roosevelt lending bill loda.y Republlcnns fighting to kill it entirely. The Republicans lioped lo defeat a rule making consideration of Ilic bill in order. House lenders appeared' to enter- tnin doubt ns to the outcome. Fl.viiif S.ifei- Than Walking TONA WANDA, N. Y. '(UP) — Fate ployed a strange trick on Mrs, Wilhelmlnn Oxceil, 33 who went far her first airplane vuls. En route home she tripped over an untied shoe-lace and fractured her liln. Cock explained the Japanese have i I' 0111 cr " lllcss sne 'uiproved gr;nt- bccn buying cotton with payment' 1>cforc his federal prison leave after arrival of the staple In Japan CX|)ircs Thursday night. He snld this means that the mer- „." I™? ^Hovcd that worry, over chant must, finance the cotton through his own bank until it , , . , --- arrives in Japan <my before her bnby wns born slie "Because of disturbed relations „ s ". C(l . Dr - a » ul > '» Ms cell here with japan and ihc possibility of f <lny Dr ' S " lllh tmmca tll!lt embargoes," cook added, "shippers the father's troubles hnd . valed Mrs. Ware's condition. The Refunding Measure Flounders; Senate Action Is Delayed Train Slrikes Jonesboro Auto; Five Arc II in-1 AUK, ).— Five persons were Injured, one perhaps critically, when a I'rlsco passenger 'rain struck nn automobile near he Jouesboro city limits uljout 7:110, All the injured live near the. scene of the ncctdcnl, Homer Hopkins, 30, driver of Urn cur, was hurt the most seriously, Ito suffered head and Interim) Injuries. He hurt not, regained consciousness last night. Others lim-l were: The Misses Lucille nnd juanlln Mnrlln, H nml 1(1; Howard earner, 1(1, and Uoyd Ifogors. 11); All were brought lo n lospllal here. The, locomotive struck the nulo- inolillc broadside, mid all the occii- )anU wore thrown owl. The motor was lorn loose and thrown about iO feel-. The pilot, of (he locomotive tt'n.t wrecked, mid It wn.s necessary o repair it before the Iruln could novo. [UP}—Gov. Car) E, Bailey'H lull floiuuloi'Cd in Die .senate iuiou rtiKl.anti-iulministriition over_|)ni'linmcntnry '••• procedure.. '> The session wns nwrkcd by an ndminislrntlon setback when n move to expunge 'Senator Joe Klm- '.cy's nollce of his rlohl lo bring U]i his previously dcfentcd amendment iicnnltlmg car .lag' prices reductions wns defeated, 24 to D. Uolli Kimjcy nml Senator L'l- nlan Colcinnn of Upanlo lind jii'c- v BUS nntltcs on nie but ColMiian Wlllulrew Ins; 1 "Let your conscience, be your guide," KiiMjjoy said In defending his iicllon In delaying n mini vote , on llio refiiiidliig bin |jy hislstlnu en consldcrntlon of his amendment. "Ask your master—yaur gov- Speeds From Bur bank, Calif. To New York. In Good Time FLOYD DENNfcTT FIELD, N. Y,. Aug. l.—lUi 1 )—A new four-motored flying fortress", ono of 39 ordered iom the Boeing Aircraft company for Ihc U. S^ iii'iny,-laiuKil here at :ll p.m. (e.d.t.) today af'tcl- a ncn- slop flight from Unlor Air (ormi- inl, liurbnnk, Calif. The 22-ton all inctnl monoplane oft (he west const airport at 4;57 n.m. (c.d.U and completed the light In nine hours, 14 minutes and puit, heard mior-]f he can fncc the ncoplo iifU'r lih senate supporters have asked that my notice be expunged from lite'record." Wllh Ihc refunding bill iogjam- me<l because of parliamentary rules lenders snicl ft may be Thursday before a vote csm be taken In ttic senate'. - Klnrccy, who Is mithor of the rule book, told supporters of Ihe rcfiuidlnij legislation: •. ; "I shall stand on my purlin- nicntnry rights, if i have nny object In delaying this vole it Is jus- tlllnble. You are not going to nui over the minority bloc." As the, slolemnlc became, more, evident, n group of senators gathered ntlor the noon recess'mid be? gun singing old lime hymns, such as "When the Snhils Cio March' hii! Tlome." Lions Hear Wright Discuss FHA Program ;Adwnlagcs (hat local people tie- rive from the Federal Housing.•Administration through Increased business were ilthcusscd by A. D. Wright, moitjjnyc conference representative Tor. the FIIA willi head- (litarlers in Little Rook, nt. the weekly luncheon nici'tlng of die Llonr, cluh today. Plans were --made tor the .annual club nlonlq wl\l£lv will be attend- ctl by'nifmbtiR'und Ihoiv wlvEs'of dates; The affair will be given al C:30 o'clock Wednesday night. The place has not yet been decided. Thirty-nine Vilest, F. 10 scccnds. members nnd one Olllospic of Shrcvo- Mr. .Wright as hn the tlio conllnucd his discussion of day wns n grandfather nnd are not willing to assume the risks of cash on arrival shipments ntl this time." I He said Ihls may mean Ihnl Ihu United Stales will lose a major I been Indicted by n federal grand Jury. Thiil night he was tnins- ' lo federal prison. He ! wi his grandson, whom pi was healthy. Four Days Thai Shook The World: 25 Yeats Ago An Archduke Died and Europe Marched and Is free her child In $7,500 bond, Sine, was born, the former debutante whose champagne par- lies were the talk of New Orleans society IHIS learned of the adill- llonnl Indictments returned almost dally against her father. With a court order parish officers have i seined the Smith properly. Inclml- itiiB «7.000 In cash and a collce- [tion of Hal silver, estimated to be ! worth $50,000. The former Marjorlc Smith VMS sent lo fashionable schools I'or her debut, Mrs. Smith rented u suite In Seymour Weiss' Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans two winters ago. The round of parlies she gave for her daughter were ihe most luxurious of the season. She was one of the most popular dcbulanlcs of that winter. Bill whcn she returned to Baton Rouge :her engagement to Ware, n college sweetheart, was soon announced. They were married in a resplendent wedding and Louisiana's of- fldnldom turned out In* Formal cit- tlre for the ceremony. After they (returned from a wedding trip. Dr. Smith gave Ihc couple n lot in a siibiirb. There they built n modest home and lived quietly while young Wnre practiced law. Twenty-five years ago ground in mass formalin BY 1VILI.IS THOKNTON N'EA Service SlafT Writer The dcg-days of early August, 19H, were just like Ihe d:g-days of early August, 1939, hot, sticky, and muggy. • ; But there was a difference. 1>'enty-flve years ago the wns slo«ly realizing that war in M C> " d really hap P cn ' nd be™ All through the hot tag the Umn 40 1 ' ears '• drasgcd nolhiii" •• •" j*.»i» ( vi.« ob -v. oujtig, unu yei - iiOUlui 1 ' Franco-Prussian War, a,, had happened. Even on Jul v 28 ,-flr^AC nfTMf A.MA^lAn I J Austria declared war en a great New York paper short, mn-dress affair. America' w i,™ I generally believed that, in spite, of all the militarization and swcrd- because It Is too dreadful it c,in )SL happcn -" Ulb PACE INCREASES Youthful Fugitive Caught By Officers Maryland Long, who escaped from the Boys' Induslrlal School nl Pine Bluff where he was scrv- n senlcncc for the burglary of mi's Drug store nnd other lo- slores. several months ago, i was apprehended yesterday l>y county officers. i He. was found a short distance soiilh of town, between the Frisco railroad and the Blythevllle Cot- 'arm Woman Kills SelHVith Shotgun I.ONOKB, /vug. I.—Mrs. Blanche Campbell, .If), committed suicide nt her home, three miles north of fjtnoke, Sunday aflcr sending two cf her children lo Sunday school. Mrs. Campbell shot herself wllh a 12 gauge shotgun niter another daughter, Mrs. Blanche Baldwin, hnd gone In visit a neighbor. Mrs Campbell wns dead when Mrs. The flight from liurbank to Floyd workings of the PHA and icnnett Field Is approximately 2,- percentage of building c°lng -• 00 miles and the plane's average In various clllcs. W. L. Homer peed was unolflclnlly computed lit v.'ns In charge of the program. '•-" 2M miles an hour. ' Mrs. John Burns, 37, Dies At St. Louis Mis. ilora Biirus, wife of John Hums and who lived here unlll 12 yearn ngo, died Sunday in St. Louis, where Ihe family had since resided. She was 37.'.Death was cimscd by yellow Jaundice. Funeral services were held Ihls afternoon at Sawyer cemetery svhero burial was mntle. The Rev. S. A. Merrill, pastor of the Assembly of God church on Ash street, coiir dueled the riles. Besides her husbnnd, she is survived by two daughters, fktrs. Le- vndn- Mooi'e and Miss Florence Burns of St. Louis; two sons, John William Dnrns and Lawrence Burns of St. Louis; a brother. Romie Turner of St. Louis, nnd three sisters, Mrs. Ella Mllicoad or Searles, Ala.. Mrs, Bcrnlce \forrison of Memphis, nnd Mrs. Daisy Mon- Baldwin lalcr. Mrs, Campbell relumed home nn hour lied n piece of string lo Ihe Irlgeer cf Ihe shotgun nnd pulled the siring ivllb her loe while sealed on the edge of her bed. She left n nolc expressing love for her family and asking Mrs. Baldwin . Inke care of her children. She also requested (lint (lie Hev. Frank P. Norphlect, pastor of Ihc Brownsville Baptist church, (ague of Osceola. prench her funeral. Coroner Wed E. Berry said nn Inquest wns not necessary. W. D. Osborn Reported In Critical Condition The condition of W. D. Osbron, veteran blacksmith and long LI resident of Blylhcville. Is now critical after havinu been stricken 111 two weeks ago. He is nt ills suburban property on North Franklin street, where he and Mrs. Osbron reside. All of his sons nnd daughters who live elsewhere have been with him since his comlilioii became serious. They are: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bcccham, Mrs. Alvie Burk.s, Huron and Otis Osbron, all of Chicago, Howard Osbroii of De- Iroil nnd Mrs. Harvey McC.ill of Jonesboro. Mr. Ucecliam is also icre nnd Mr. McCal! was here for several days but has returned to Joncsboro for n short time. Hernan nnd Vernon asbron live ir! the city. , , ,a- . America could net fall to sec the officers relumed him lo Pino peril. The Pour Days Thai Shook Bluff (odny the World were beginning. The, -^ _ Aiislriaiis had already bombarded Elephants live lo an nge of 150 Continued ou page 3 lo 200 years. Appropriation Made For Probe 01 NLRB WASHINGTON, Aug. l.-(UP)The house today npproprialed $50,000 fcr its forthcoming special Investigation cf the National Labor Relations Board by committee. speaker William five-man B. Bnnkhead Cobb •Punernl Home was In chnrge. Fugitives Caught After Long Chase NEWPORT, Aiigj I.—A chase lasting all yesterday nlternoou and invclving eight officers and two fugiilvcs and covering an area cf 20 stiuare miles, culmlnaled about sundown in (he arrest of Raymond Moore, 17, of Ilauplnian. nnd Wallace Reid, 15. of Trent:n, Tcnii. They w-crc brcught to Ihe county jail here charged with theft of 10 gallons of gasoline from Ihc Alfred JohnsUn filling station at Tuckerman. The two drove into the station shortly aflcr noon and asked to have Ihc tank of their car filled. They drove away without paying. Henry Hcuchlns, Tiickerninn, who was parked nearbv, chased them in his ear toward Newport. He fired sev> cml shots with a pistol, with one. bullet, grazing the left rear fender. About two miles north of Newport Mcore and Turner abandoned their car and lied through n com field. WEATHER Arkansas—Parlly cloudy tonight nnd Wednesday; scattered showers in extreme north portion Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity —Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday with (Dem,, Ala.) indicated he would I local showers Wednesday after- name the members of the ccmmllleci noon; little change In tempern- late this week, hurt.

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