The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pace Cubs In Drive Applebaumers Best Phillips; Grocers Fall Before Billiard Club \V. I.. IM. .1 1 Ml) .Ml .703 .403 .400 ,33J .22J :>n 'I lie Slain Trams Hcklnson Dri'.'f .... Pastime Billiards y«mcus Store McMullln's C'.rccejy .Ark-Mo Power .... R. D. Hughes Co. .. East Arkansas ..... Phillips Motor cn. , IIV .1. P. Paslini! Dilll'.ird Parlor continued to dog the heels ol lhe pace- scttlng Robinson nrus> Cowboys by deft-Filing McMullln's Cns'i Grocery, H-4. lust nlfln In a well | played, hum fought sofibull i-miie.' Famcus Kloiv .•iimpjiKl 11 )<i.'H>; slrcak thai had vouched ihrec. in Ihe opener cf liie Commercial League double-heider. and In do- Ing .so son Phillies Mo'or Cou|.any lo lhe !«r> cfllur. Tlu rcorc- Fa mcus 15: Phillips ft. The Pa'::imf-McV,>.|]ln affair was a nip.and luck buttle thai wasn't decided mull lhe sixth inning. Dan \vm-rlri?ion and li'.-r- ell Eubanks hooked up In en old- fashioned pKchci:; duel, \<lh Hi" Cirewr star holrtlni- a :i ]|jhl edge Iiniil he 'weakened, (lie. cue ai'- tists massing five | of their elghl safeties lo score :-,ix rims und fci-ge ahead again. He was r.;- lleved by Charles KcrnUs; with UK' bjses filled, and iwo inns nlrnntly In. Kemils walked K Lrdbetter. forcing In [•'rank WhiUorih. Wur- rinelon greeted Kcndlx with a; rousing single counting Clyde Leil-j roller ami Hcrslicl Mcslcy. Emery, Glover's hit to Ihlrd scored E. Lcdbetter wllh thc llnal run. ! McMdlln had taken thc lead Ihc fiamc before with a three-rim Hurry after (railing 2-1. Wels'i opened with n drive down lell field, lligdon popped lo Glover. but Liltlc cracked one over second, sending Welsh [o third, Llt- Ue advanced on lhe first pitch. Honey hit to short and when Whitworlh failed lo hold E. Glover's throw Welsh and Little came Before Fight. That Ended.Unexpectedly V-f J iM"Ti"iT"* rtr«B ii i ii - - • » SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1936 lESiDQPT Club Officials I lave Gomez Shadowed; Card Pilot Is Hardboiled on In nancy went lo second the error, advanced to -third on a passed ball and scored on Grey's one-baser to left, after Abcrnatiiy had lifled to first.' E. Glover gave Pastime a running start when he led on" by hitting the score board and bent '• the relay,..(6 lhe plate. : McMitllin lied it up in thc second. Grey was sale when E. Glover throw badly to llrs'.. Gnlne.s moved him up wllh a ; single.' -Barker skied lo Mostey without, an advance. Reed scored •mm'.with a hot smash through third. ., ' • "Shoeless" Bill Godwin's first triple in the Eourlh paved lhc vvay for lhe Olovcrnicn lo takt ; the one-run lead. Bevlll lined to. Higdon. Whltworth put. Gcd- !wln over with n. single to left. ,; Barnes, drew four' tolls at the beginning of the sixth. Glover lolled out, short lo first. Godwin lifted a high fly down to ilghl field foul line. Welsh, playlny In front of the cars where lhe league's test littler had smashed one before, was nubte to set to it. Higdon 'mads ,1 valiant try for lhe ball bill couldn't hold it and 11 went foi a' : -triple: Godwin scored when the second baseman's throw lo Ihird bounced over the fence. '. Higdon threw out Bcvill. Whlt- worth hit to left, and Clyde Led. better . did the same. Mosley 'walked and exit Mr. Eubanks. .' Despite the loss, Eubanks and r Kehdig accomplished something nc other pitchers have heou nble In do in Ihree years—stop "Tiny" Glover. Thc Pastime mantijei went lilliess for the nrst time in 48 full length games. Can Warrington was credited with his eighth victory of (lit season. Famous Store or Hasted Phillip: Molor In Iheir comedy of bus- hits, runs and errors, despilc eleven bobbles and sloppy softbnll They collected but seven hits of Jimmis Smotherman and Ab but were the reeip lents of nine tase on balls;--foil from Jimmie and five from Abi Jchn Holland allowed but five safe blows and coasted behind i •- 15-run lead gained in the fira three Innings. ; Smotherman failed to get 5 man out in the first, when Fa:u .or.s scored eight. Jimmie los bead on the plate, and Hire home run balls lo "Shut" DeLoir and Basil Locke. Slow fielclln by his males didn't help' t!u situation any, either. 'Grover Whittle bounced a horn, run- with two V-8's on the path; In the first.. He and Clonr 55 cured four of the five hits of Holland. The Famous red-heat singled twice. Crawford committed four er rprs for Famous, and Hard In wo. credited with a trio. IIV lUliKV OKAYSON Spnrls Kdlliir, NBA Service NEW YORK. June in. — There n-ally was nothing new about Ihe New York Yankees pulling a cou- ile of (lat feet, or dicks, on the .rail of Vernon Gomez. Ihe $20,000 i year southpaw who was being bumped. The late John McGraw had coppers on the Mew York Giants for rears and right up until ho liaml- :d over the reins lo Bill Terry. No baseball manager before or iince approached McGraw In iboroiighne.w. In addition lo Imv- ng gumshoes luck his noble alh- r:tcs in bed, Little Napoleon personally checked their meal checks, >nd otherwise kept, close lab on hem. Under McGraw. no Giant ivci 1 hot-spo'tcd or ate himself nit of the Polo Grounds without laving been warned well in ad- 'ance. All managers BO back to McGraw, one way or another, 'rank Francis Frlsch, Jr., did n Van Llngle Mu'tigo on the GianU n SI. Louis In 192U. The dlfJcr- •nce was Ibat ftisch didn't call )is teannnates undersized Ecml- iros and choree his boss with iiLsmanaging anil mishandling lim. What Fiisch couldn't stand :i 1006 was McOraw's lanfiuagc, While War Horses Kclum BERLINf <UP) — After havlni been banned for 50 years, whit' horses again are to be used by th German army. The ban has .been lifted, according to a seml-officla announcement, .because it is no expected that In future wars hor his shoulder in running Into Red Holfc. In addition lo Murphy's Injury, Hit-key has been out tills year with u ruptured kidney. While no one .snys much about ft, Ihe biggest fear of the Yankees (hat Mm lendons in the buck of Joe DiMngglo'.s left knee will tighten on the phenomenal yoimi! outfielder. Originally injured while ni- Mngglo snl In n cfamiied position in a San Francisco jitney bus In IDIM, the tendons stood up Uiroiiehoitl a complete Pacinc Coast League scliedule last year out. Injuries of the kinil have « way of coming back !o plague a £lar at the most Inopportune time. ,, , . To dale, DIMugjjlo has given mm ftl tlu- Yankee* the mental exhllam- lion tlicy have lacked since luaa. Ex-Phil Outfielder OuU shines P i I c h e r 'Curt Davis Expected to Star CHICAGO, June 11}. _ while Curt. IMvIs has boon und |. s c> petted to be a .tremendous help io Hie Chicago Cubs, Ethan Nathan Allen, nn outfielder scarcely mentioned in the deal that .shipped Chuck Kioto hack lo Ills favoilte Jiaker Bowl, has been—mid Is key man in lhe revival or Ihp National League champions. Chicago experts cop.slder HI Allen, hilling .348, vastly more valuable than a Klein s|;ortlng nn average 20 points higher. Allen much raster Mian the erstwhile center loop batting champion, can steal a base In a clinch, and olh- envte! play championship base, ball. H wasn't his fiiul! lhat he spent seven years with poor Cin- clnnali and Philadelphia clul^ Those 'closest ',o the Cub .silua- llon bellere (hut tile fflcin deal which also brought the Phillies $50,000 (correct) ir.ul Pitcher Mike Kowallk, will emble thc Uruiiv lo repeat In lhe National Lcaim Deal Turning I'oml Thc Cnli onltook was dismal Just before (he Klein transaction wns consiimmatcd. Lon Warneke's arm appeared to be a snd remembrance of the world series of last fall. nilly Jurgcs iws lost for the season with a nub on his elbow. 'Klein was a distinct Hop when mensural up lo Wrlplcy Field Tuck Slainback, or much . wns expected i a failure. A mistake in judgment, something, had benched youthful installed whom so 1935, \ V as or lhe and re- Charley l.-ync.h Wins Over England, Advances Into Second 'Round n. A. Lynch, dcfcndlnj champion from Uic last club tournament tu-o years ago. won over Farmer England In Uic nrst round of Ihe Blylhcvllle country club golf lournev week and advanced lo the second round. Lynch eliminated England, (.wo np and one to go. Other first round winners are: Byron Morse jr.. Bob Kirshner, John Lenli, .Harry Haines, Cecil Shane and w. J. i'ollard. ' .Yot-iig Morse, defeated Russell Fan-. 3 and 2 while; his falli'er IcsL to Unities, -i and 2. Kirshner Phil CavaiTetln the ancient first base Angle damn's Ijatthif; tumbled to .'230. The Cubs fell ;o fourth place. liut i\ young club that, closes n season wllh 21 straight victories doesn't' figure lo bo kepi down very long the foltowlng one, and lhc Cub's recent protruded winning slrcak makes it clear that those who picked Ihein to score again made no mistake. It develops' Hint llicrc never was anything wrong with Warneke's arm. The Jong 'hill-billy had 'tis much slutr as'?vcr. His trouble was lhat of lhe other Cub pitchers. He simply couldn't win. Jurges' loss sounded more serious lhan It, really is. Woody Big; Hall is just ns accomplished lit shortstop, anil scarcely could be more of n lightweight at the plate lhan lhe Brooklyi) boy. Cubs un 'Their. Way . Cnvarctta's form at firsl base only slresses lhe error Grimm made In removing him. The forin- ... sensational negro heavyweight, were er Chicago high school' boy figures change has come over ?rlsch since he became manager if Hie Cardinals and the foremast disciple of McGraw! Frlsch ntiick- y learned Hmt McGin\v had the •iBht idea. The old Fordham Flush Is the first lo give the old naster credit. Frisch lashes the ?ed Birds with n tongue fully as bitter and indelicate i\s Hint of UcGraw, and gels results. tVilli llroaca Off Form Vankees N'eeil Onnier. Hall players dislike lo be tailed, but there seems to be some ex- tor lhe pmclice when re- s show that slurs like Gomez play much later than do the Gin- i ciunall Reds on their nighl shifls. The Yanks need Gomez lo shake Ihcir second place comples- particularly with Johnny Broaca doll's his iilinosl lo emulate Phil Scott in the box. Following early shellackings, the Yale youth tried too hard wllh Hir result lhal he jot to aiming the ball and became too Inie. Certain members of thc Yankees fear that Gomez is Just another >itcher now, too. It Is for this reason that Johnny Murphy's return In a week will b.? more than welcome. Murphy lias been on the sidelines since he ruptured a blood vessel In his iroin in running to first base In Detroit on lhc club's last wcst- ;ni irip. Tlic Yankees are In front, but are not yet talking pennant, Tlic reason for this is that they were n precisely the snmc posi'lion a fear ago, only to drop out of first place on July 25, and find Ihem- ;clvcs begging for help in August They picked up a bit in September, when it was too late. 1-avv of Averages Favors New York Club Joe McCarthy hopes that the law of averages will permit htsi array to gel through thc season without another major injury. Earl Combs crashed Into the n'ail in S. Louts in early July 1934. Bill Dickey broke his finger during the latter part of that grind. Frankie Crosettt's trick knee went out on him In early Augusl, Ispcsod of Bill Afllick, 3 and and Shane eliminated - Guard, a| '° improve his baiting e.nd I. Jeff Roland forfeited to -268. Hcllard. : L;nll beat c. M; :auck 2 mid I. James Terry and Leo Linlzen- Ich have yet lo play tliei'r match. Tomorrow Jcnesboro and Ely- mark of London's for a fair there In May century. Ken O'Dca commenced to lilt so well —around .31)4 — llmt Grimm didn't have lo call on Gabby Hartnett behind the bnt. Galan, a remarkable ccntcr- ftclder, got going with the willow, and the Cubs were off when Ihe pitchers struck thoir true strides Mayfalr was named simultaneously, which has been held! It's Lee, Warneke Hciishaw ever since the IGtli French, Dnvls. Ciirlelon, and Ihcii • '• , more Lee, Wnrnekc, ' Itaishaw, thevllle golfers meet In an Inter club mutch here. •Vench, Davis, and Ciirlelon for •ivals of young P. K. WMgley's ads these days, which means lhat. :hc opinion has 75 per cent Ihe ivorst of it at the slart. Again Ihe Cubs have shown n great likeness for their home park, but with the brand of pitch- j nig they are Belting today, Ihey are reasonably certain to give Ihcir low road average of .388 a Icmflc boost. Number Eight Meets Stanley Team Sunday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Num- Gennan, On Short End of 10 lo I Odds, Knock- ouvs Negro in 12th NEW YORK, June '20. — Max SchniFlIng, If probably 90 per cent o.' Ihe flghl funs and almost 100 (.er ceni of Hie experts had been right, would be ready lo sail for Ills unlive Germany today after falling n /ictlm to Joe Louis' dynamite punches in lhe early round:; of Inst night's heavyweight, fight here. Hut instead Max. 30- vear-oid former champion. U In the lop position as the next opponent of Champion Jim Hraddoek by virtue of a 12-ronnd knockout, of Louis in one of the most, amazing mads recorded in a heavyweight prluc n^hu Sehmeling ullerly deslmycd the myth of im'lncibilliy lhat had mushroomed around lhc sens-i- tional negro heavyweight' by tiif-- nig Louis best punches and 0111-"' slugging the Brow-i Bomber all lhc way. Scliincling almost to' show eonetiiipt for lhe negro'• vaunled power, instead of the if I'" 1 has Possessed many oilier nghtcre In Louis' .siring of quick knockouts, Max had control of the situation practically "1! of the way. Despite lhe bewilderment caused by the punching of his opponent the 22-year-old negro fong l back gamely, especially niter he was floored for a count of iwo b, a vicious right hand pimcli m be fourth round. The blow was really lhe turning point of the bout but Louis stayed on gamely takln "o 6iB m ° re .'' o0 ""^ from the blasting right that fccluneling cras i,cd against hi-, Jaw repeatedly. Sehmeling had one eye closed "> LOUIS' punches and the other was bruised but the Gerninn, I, e weakening of the negro after lhat fourlh round knockdown was supremely confident. Sehmeling was strong at the. finish while Louis was wobbly several times fore d '-°!>P'»S to lhe canvass i" the 12th round. Atlanta Southern Le.i»uc ' W. L, Pet The young Cubs arc capable of - most anything! us they demon-! Birmingham stiatcd In lhe phenomenal spurt,i Litlle Rock — •- '•-- "•• ! KCW Orleans Chaltanoosa that skyrocketed them lo the tille last rail. The cocky St. Louis Cardinals liaci belter not let down. 1 Baseball Results Southern T.eapue Night games: • Memphis ), Knoxvillc 2. Atlanta 1 Litlle fioek 3, Barne. New Orlrans 2, Nashville 1. Chattanooga 4, Birmingham first Memphis Knoxvill National St. Louis .. Chicago Pittsburgh . Nevy York . Cincinnati Boston .... Philadelphia Brooklyn Ami ber Eight, leader of the Peniiscoi County Baseball League, will defend its perfect percentage record nt Stanley Sunday. Number Eight ..... - •-» b as won four and lost none thus 45 18 .114 far this: season. .3929.514 Other. league games Sunday In......32 33 .492 elude Maplewood at Cottomvood 3132.492 Point, Braggadocio at Deerln» 31 32.492 James Rlore 'at, Dixie Park'.' .'•"-"" 30 32 . 48-1 T » 'lie Junior League cbtton- 27 37 .422 ™od plays Carulhersvllle on lhe 2244.333 Sltibtown diamond, Stubtown plays at Braggadocio, and Deer>"S visits the McCarty team. These games will start at one o'clock, and will last only seven League W. L. Pet. ....... 3721.038 ....... 33 21 .Gil ..33 23 .589 innings,' League President Roy j ..30 26 .530 McClosky today stated , : .. 29 28 .509 : ..27 33 .-IjoO ..20 38 .345 ' . .20 39 .339 . Derby Booklets Ready At Tom Little Company is^n 1 ?', 5 c , onlaini »« information «s to rules to be followed in thc spcTsored 8 ™ 15 B ° X Derby contest 'f rolct Motor company'''and locaMv b.v 1cm Little Chevrolet cb'mpa w are now available Toi""ttisffibu- tion. tt was announced today The booklets, may be obtained by local youths who plan to participate in the trials to be staged lo determine a. local winner, who will be sent to • Memphis ' for district, competition. THIS CURIOUS WORLD B / e Willinni Ferguson Xalinnal Leagii 11 Cincinnati! 8, Boston -1. St. Louis i, New York 5. Chicago a : i Brooklyn, rain. ^ KU > H Pittsburgh ,nt Philadelphia, rain. Chicago . • ! Dclroil American L^npn* Chicago 5', Philadelphia . hinings). Cleveland 9, Washington C. New York' 5 .Delrolt 2. New York Boslon Washington Cleveland . ' ' Philadelphia <13 St. Louis . - ..W..-A. Pet. ....•10 18 .690 ....35 23 .603 .,..31 20 .511 20 29 .500 ! 28 500 Australia Lacks Servants SYDNEY,. N.S.W. <UP>-Allstrn- ha Is suffering from an acute shortage of doniSsiV; servants. The shortage is attributed to the increased prosperity in Australia which has created a demand for workers in offices, shops and factories. ... - 29 31 483 ' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.20 35 .357 collrler New « Classified Ads Pay. Before You Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 H. P. Single Cyl. (Olher Sizes lo 1G H. P.) HUBBARD TIRE & . BATTERY CO. Boston at St. Louis, to be played later. Northeast Arkansas League Osecola ls, ! Paragovild 2. Newport 4. : Caruthersvtile 3. Today's Games Southern League Kncxvlhe at Mcmpms. Atlanta at Little Hock. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Nashville at New Orleans. ...18 36 .333 Northeast Arkansas I.c.icrue W L. Pet. Caruthersvillc Osceola Newport Jonesboro ... Paragould Batesvillc ... ...23 13 .6331 ...21 13 .618 ! ...19 1G'.5«: ... 18 16 .529 ' ...15 19 .441: ... 9 28 .243 Now totaled at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor n,»k ra „, rebuilt'Typewriters, Adding Macnlne. «d Cal- culalora—Rcpauing—parts—Rlbbom Natloiiiil I.caeuc. ChlcngD nl Brooklyn. SI. Louis at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Uaston. American Lvalue New York at Detroit, Washington at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Chicago. Only Barnes scheduled. 'Northeast Open date. ELECTRIC * ACI'TYI.KNK fNSSCT EGGS VARV 1M KATCH1NQ TIAAE IN THE BLOW-FLV, TO . S, IN LOCUSTS. <* POOND. AVOIRDUPOIS, IS HEAVIER. THAN A TROY . BUT THE TRCV IS HEAVIER, THE AVCXRbUFOIS '' insaaSssrbS.ieTifss ^KJMr^rS 1 "T," 191 IIcs on its ^ ls kno>> " ^'»* ««-™ — expected that in future wars hor« s by a pikhed ball and never wat , , "f SlU1PCd ' ' l ' S S<>ld '° htlu ' ' i!rr ' ™* ""t'l moon wUl.De used near lhe front lines, thc same Murphy W-K m» ™n *T w tcl ' watcr wouW s P ni ls n wft ">'-n ,\^ Hie »,„„, ~< •, The vWbillty of white horses .te weeks by^a' brotan £n£"\ cra * enl «*»>' I»lnl away ftom the «.n. the r ,,.h.',«h!T7i WUtS; "° S " rt " bC ' C ° mb5 ' brnllant ca "" M .T-N tllted "*»«««• cnlteJy upon the M.H- n- •" r *, h "? lhe "*" fllW " < * J> r >™*<"- *"1«rf when W riislooatM U is observed• • "' fr ° m Wllirtl WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHON'E 19 ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper M's. A. c. Haley 1109 Chlckasawba Phone 792 j Purchase A Home, Cheaper than you can possibly build one. Look at the-se homes - Come hi and we will talk price nnd -terms. The following from $550 to $1.000: 217 East Dorian St. 112 East Vine St. | £04 South Franklin St. j 800 South Lake St. 1 804 South Lake St. 318 South Division 2303 Caroline Ave. 2319 Marguerite St. 615 North Sixth St. 200 Jamcrson St. $1.000 and up: 115 Kentucky An. 117 Sovth Lilly St. 116 South Lake St. 1060 West Hcarn St. 6C5 (1 acre) North 6th St. 300 (1 acre) Norlh Franklin St. £09 West Ash St. 110 West Ash St. 119 West Ash St. 2,COO acres of Farm Land in Southeast Missouri, developed and undeveloped. Farms near Blytlievilb In large and small tracts. All Sold On Terms W. M, Burns, Agency Phone 212 We Were Sefcc<«? As Snlc Ofstrihulors For Choate's Arkansas Concord Sherry Wine Manufactured and Uotttcrl l )y . Richard H. Choate, R. F. D. No. 1, I'aragould, Ark. We also stock all flavors of that famous California "Santa Alicia" Wine, fortified with brandy All high grade and standard makes of Whiskeys, Brandies and Gins in stock. We do not search the market for cheap, inferior close-outs, Inil we arc always alert to stock the best values money can buy, as the class of our trade is entitled lo the best. We Do'iVol Sell the 25c—1/ 2 Pint—Stuff Crosstown Whisky Shop Main & Division

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