The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1934
Page 3
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APftIL 2, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE. (ABE.) COURIER NEWS (Continued from Page l) against parties thai grim determination Is heard arnon^; soldiers returning from Manchuria that this new country must be kept forever free from civilian rule. "We did , not tnke Manchuria." 1 heard one of them say, "to turn 1t over to Japanese Big Biisimss. We took it for tlie rank nnd file of the Japanese people.' Representatives of the big concerns who went to Manchuria to investigate opportunities complain ed tliat they were treated Ijy th army as if they wcie. foreign spies. and had no business there. Awaits Politlra) Parties "Japanese political parties ait? rotten to the core," Yosuke Matsuoka, Japan's lamed Geneva spokesman, to!d me. "1 am trying [o do away with all of th^ui Halted as a hero after Ills return from Geneva as chief of the delegation to the. League of Nations Manchurian debate, Matstioka's nrst public act after his arrival in Toklo was to resign from the Diei and form his own party, to stump the country in a campaign to destroy political parties of evcrj shade. Matsuoka is a fervent patriot. He has the soul of a Samurai. He is appealing particularly to the youth of Japan, urging a return to Spartan simplicity i n public life and the ways of simple honesty. He denies he is a Japanese MIIS- EOlini, but that is about as good a description of him and his pro- New Home of Japanese Parliment PAGE THRE1 Quake Rips Furrow in Earth Crust The shadow of the Black Dragon—Fascism. Japanese the foreground. It is the new building of the Japanese Imperial Diet in Tokto. Th? Diet is almost In eclipse, with rule by political panics Hearing collapse, and mililaiists holding sway empire. ntz Points Opportunity j I" Make Cotton Fiums Self-Sustaining The primary object of Ihe col- Ion mlinsimenl proyain is io rulse llu- price of coilon. bm the opportunity Is offered Ihe farmer who has sinned u coiton contract io pm Ins furm on a self sufficing Miys J. E. Crll/. C'mmly . Under leims of ihe coiiirucl.' rental ucres cun be usol [«i the | prwlneilon of food mid f m | crops I home use where then- is :\ Khoringv of these crops on ihe .'mm. piovldlin! ilu> phminu oi •any kind of food uiul feed crops 1,0:1 ilu- nulled ucres does not le- | mhi-r acres for Ihe pnxliic- Uim nl cash crojw fur sule. The only miulmiifin llmiiin ;! Ihe usf of reined ucres for fond , ami fiTii pnxhicllon is that, cro|i!s ' be used HI home or on the 1 farm where they ure produced, mid ; lhal Die mowing of Midi crops dees not a shlfilmj of crops thai would release other ucres for production of cash crops for The present live-iu-home program being conducled In ihLs coun- gram as can short space. be given in such Hi* Edilor'i Letter Rot dis- Canine Pet Howls Lament The Man \Vlth the Hoc i Bowed by the weight of centnr- |les he leans upon his hoe, and measuremenl of the probable lance to go. „.„„.,.,. , .. I , , euiuie.s. line] oilier necessary food I ft seems to me. that our urcaicsl jerops. In following » progrum ol .lack In (his County, is our lack oflihl.s kind. It is necessary lo de- jjolidarily. Ivote a sizeable plot of land lo gar- It the wnler.s In Hie. Mississippi [den vegetables, home orchard nnd river were lo rise to the lop of .such crops us sweet jiotalocs. mel- our splendid new levee, and the oils, ciyic for sorghum, peunui-s, engineers were to reiwit (lunger of! Hield jicns. poj) corn, pumpkins. funs to Shift for Selves Like Mussolini lie is the first to follow his own precepts. A wealthy man, he called in his sons and told them that all they will get of his forlune is a university education and 50C yen—about $150. Even that, he told them. Is more than most Japanese boys hnve, and with it they must make their own ways' In the world. He Is opposed to amassing and holding on to vast accumulations of wealth. Old school politicians here tell me Matsuoka is not getting anywhere with his campaign. . From other sources I hear that his meetings arc' packed with the younger generation and. that among them he is hailed with great enthusiasm. Assailed on all sides as they are, the political parties face either reform or extinction. They must learn to act with"" courage, -promptly and for-the common good:if they are to survive. Reform Is Imperative "Parliamentary author! t y is showing signs of returning" former Secretary of Home Affairs Takejiro Tokonami to!d me. "but reforms are imperative. It will have to cleanse itself thoroughly before it can fully -regain its lost prestige. "This, T think, it will do. In any event, I do not believe Japan is headed toward any extreme— either Fascism or Communism. She is too firmly behind the Imperial House lo do that." At leasi. the Diet is regaining iu< lost voice. It now dares criticise militarist abuses, an unheard-of thing In its halls for nearly three years. at Girl Scout Worker's Deatli Field CLARKSDALE, Miss—A German police dog, owned by Miss Isabel Ingnihain, Girl Scout, field worker of New York city, who was fatally injured in an accident here last week, wanders at large in ga/es on the ground, the empll-; n i ev ee ij.-eak. ivu would realbe .turnip* and (/ruin crops, pcrmiin- ness in his face, and on his back • ciuickly lhal our intresls ' — (lie burden of the world, Who made him dead to rapture and dcsnair. a thing lhat grieves not and never hopes. Stolid and stunned, a brother to ihe ox. Who loosened and let down this brutal jaw. Whose was the hand that slanted back his brow. Who's breath blew out the light within wooded section near here in the i { !ll V b " 1 "- Is »» s ' l!e thi "S the Lord. God made and gave donun- day lime and relurns to the accident scene each night, when his mournful howls can be heard for iome distance. Miss Ingraham died Saturday afternoon after sustaining injures xs'hen her car overturned on highway near here. Her dog companion fought rescuers who sought to exlricLtc Miss Ingraham rom the wreck for several minutes. It was finally beaten off and ran inio the woods. Citizens here have conducted n search for the dog. Miss Ingra- rtorti's 'lone companion on her trips Ihroughout (he country, without iiicccss. He refuses to eat food placed near the wreck scene on his nightly visits. NEXT: Uncle Sam pictured h the rule of bully in tht Far Eisl by fiery Yosnke Malsuoka, hailed as the coming Mussolini of Nippon. ion over land and sea, to trace the stars nnd search the heavens for power: to feel the passion of eternity, Is this the dream he dreamed who shaped the Sun. and marked their ways upon the ancient decn. Down all the stretch allied. Our health department constantly stresses the necessity for nnily in the care of public health. The AAA has demonstrated lo Mississippi county She benelils of ccoperalion. ham with a rim of fat. During th« baking the potatoes absorb this fat us It melts and a dish of ric:i savory flavor is the resuli. Sweel potatoes can be used In place of white, adding 2 tab!e- sixjon.i brown sugar. This dish mi:H IK watched toward the end. of baking mid a low heat must be nr.iim.iliiid. t'assrnile ,if Meal arid Vegetables 'IV.!:; is a splendid way in uw up tin.- . l ;uml:iy' s roasl of veal, llr.m I.-: added for llavor. Cr.oked veal, I-2 cup c-;ok;d ham, v> l:iblesp:wns hit .12 liny onion:, 1 flip Mimed toiiw'.oes, 1 cup viu- l.v. 1 bouillon cube, 1-2 cup diced c'.-lviy. 1 t?asfM>cn sail. 1-4 lea- sp'i'.m pepp»r, 2 1-2 cups poiaio m.iruk-s. 2 tablespoons Hour, 1 cup co iked siring b?nus or peas. Cut v.'ul Into fuur nice piece-; for M'lvinn and cut the ham in shreds, llruivn quickly In fat ;m ; | transfer la'.-sole. llr;wn onion, in remaining fni find nil,I lo meat. Put »:i'.'T In p'lii in which meal and onions wiv biowni';! nnd bring to the b':llliiK point. Add bouillon i ciibv nnd wli;-n dlssolvid [jour over unions and meal. Ad:l lomatoss. cvli'i,-. s.ill and pepiKr. cover and bake 1 1 our In a moderate oven. Add p':t:,i'> marhhr, nn:| cook nnlll ivnder. Sllr Hour lo a siiinolh paste \vllli n little co!d wuler and Mir into mixture In cusMralc. Cook unlit thick nnd add p?as or bcnns. Serve \ihcn hoi. EarlhCjiiake rocked the Sllll Luke. Hl-uki;.'!: hen 1 . I heir car sp; miles. The shocks cracks as vide us 11 Inches wvie 1 U by shucks Itmt vicinity of KiiMiio. Uuih, ;it tin. uur;!iiin end 01 Cireul Cieolot'lM I-'Hd.tu-k A I'ark and his wife mv shown .minx one ol (he n.icks, whicli cvtcml for Ihuw '.siiicr from [h: Ink; 1 m:uo than Iwo :i beyond Us iia'.llin! binlirv Tomurnm's Menu BREAKFAST: Slewed prunes, cc- cnr and winter u.slure and liny crops .sufficient to property feed the llvesilck kept on the farm. The use of rented nrre.s flls into llils program iidmirably. became they can be utilized to produce Ihe feeds, vpjelanle.s and fruits neccMary lo cnrryiny out n well This is not n new and untried j rounded livc-nl-hoinu progrniii pro- of hell there is no shape more terrible than this: more Unvzuccl business. wilh censure of the world's blind Miss Ingraham was n visitor here with early last week, conferring local Girl Scouts and their leaders. Her prized police ring attracted considerable attenlion. Mill Town Hems liev. J. B. Cunningham, who has been confined to his bed over six weeks, is still in a serious condition. Uttle Peggy Mills, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mills, died Tuesday. Burial was made at, Column cemetery Wednesday. baby road that I am asking us to travel. 11 is an old, n very old road. What I want lo do is to pave Ihis old road, and not with yood intentions, but with silver, or gold, or better, with co-operation. Let me name one of the ob- stnclcs so we mny all look at if. ARISTOCRACY. We have an aristocracy of business, we have common business and we hnve little vided the use of ihese acres does not release other acres that have formerly l:een used for Ihl.s purpose. California Wool Growers Plan Annual Ram Sale i pound round .•,!• ak. 2 onions, 1 head celrrv. 1! h?n<l cnblnife. 1 cup rlcv. •! cuo'i runiicd torna- t'i-.. I ]-!> u-:np;.ms s.ilt. 1-4 lea- |spiimi pi'iipcr. :> i.i;i-:-s bacon. milk, colkc. UJ.N'CHPTON: Hakcd siuifed on- loiis, whole whenl muliins. baked bammns and i uibarb. milk, tea. DINNER: Casserole of meat and vegetables, grape fruit and cabbage silacl. black chocolate cake, ciinned |x>ars. milk, coffee. KITCHEN IIV SISTI-lt MAHV NEA Service Slalf Writer lloust'Clcaniiu;! Gaidcn-tn:iki:i!: Spring scn-ini;! The bmlillim. aivab filing ollt-of-dotirs to explore! S.IMW Cirl Smuts hi Sweden STOCKHOLM till 1 ) -There nre more limn 8.000 Qlrl Scouts In Cut l,i,-,.n in Miinll iilei-,., ,in:l ? W , 1 ''. k '.".' 1 llfwns brolllu ollt " n ' cct - [rv out (.it In a iuro' iron frylni; I, * l ". ; j "'. p:iu «l!!i 11 li-^hi cover. Add meal SACRAMENTO. Cal. (UP) — , large display of prlze-wlnnlnir sreci. we have an arlslocracy of farm- | was cxiwclcd nl Ihe fourteenth -m- Ing. we have farmers and also nual Par Western i{am Sale which sharecroppers. will be held here May 23 and 24. We have an aristocracy of labor. Arrangements for L'r.c. sale were \ve have common or semi-skilled many olf-the-routlne pleasures press ujton tl:e ho in»ker nl this season ilia! she p-;fl- llvely Ixruniuyes t :v time mu-.i be given lo cooking t!:ree meals a A!' |U >'- j r:u In linlf inch nibi-s nnd brown ciuickly on nil sides. Add onion • liiH-Iy mlnrrd. celery rut In dice nnd ciibli:i|!i; ihi'-lv fhrc:lded. Mix | lliormii;l:ly wl',; ineiil. Add Innri- j lo?s. .salt and pr-np;-r niul surlnklr: : rice over mp. c.-iver chisi-ly and :co-ik over a lew !!r- for <mc hour, j . t: ervc' very liol. Drit-d. canned or miisliroi:iii4 can l» nddud and Oirl Scout the country. This is an in one yenr oi nearly 1.000. Head Courier News Want Ads. t:isks nnd' chOii slicy s.iuce din b; lhL-:l 111 Hani I'nsserol Hum c-,ss ..... i;. Epvvi'il anil a d •.-<•: I ol with .snhi- fres'i frill: portents for the soul; more fraught with menace to the universe, we have common or semi-skilled I completed by W p win" sccre- What, sulfs between him and i labor, and we have cheap labor.' (ary of the California wool' Oro-.v- Ihe seraphim; slave of ihe wheel "--' - of labor: what to him r\rc Plato and the swing of Pleiades: lay. Luckily, there are short cms.; „„i,,, „,, ^.Wn meal lie one-dish meal, combining an I. O ii,- .slice |-:im rut ,,111- inch thick .dcqmiic suppy cf meat an:l v, --, p-M a toes. rmhmx pepper, mustard. nolcs. Is a time-saver thai every j f | ]u , er , C1| . ) Jnl |)! msy woman should know nlnm. 1'.! S . |C J mm ,,\, rr ' v [ ,,. ! .| c , 1 , nH _ tab! busy woman should know nlniit. 1'.'. CIILS down on dish-\va«liln7. ton. enoii'.;li r.v.v. tii-eled p mure Ih in half fill u b:ik- wlt's mo> .„ . , i \i..als more -0 the point! I („„ d | s] , cr Ms: .,. vo : n H ,,., sun sv . lth 'illc loilowlni; rule (or c!lii]i sii?.v : |K'p;vr. Cover wll'i u thick layer , living from hand to month. . ers Associntlon. w-ho said 1200 lo makes a dish Him tir-ils only u-nf otikins ^Prid ihln H'a-in w'th I do not advocate lowering any j 1500 choice rams would IK shiin-jd 1 salad nnd simple de.i-.eri to pro-; iiepirr I>;-re on ID i,-f'l''-e sllc-'of „,,..,, , , . „ » rc ' mi standard of livin». Tint I from Oregon. Nevada and Idaho, vide n nourishing .sprliu dinm-i-.l hum which Ins b-i-n "oi'kr-d" in O! Masterlords and rulers in all, wanl lo call to your attention the a s well as from all sections of Call- The meal i s na l „ -,,,ak,-shi[f ',1,1 ,.-.,l-- for in-o Ira rs Sn' nk| bnds; how will tlie fulure recon jf act . thai if a low standard of liv- fornia. The exhibition will be nor does it splice Important food ! IVT i-B M,"poo n, " eich of with this man. How answer his pin; any person Ls a possi-1 staged at file California stale Fair elements for the sate of I'm,, or I ntH THIS LAXATIVE Cleanses Completely ... no bowel atae Clr.ilw Imvi-k ol \va<U' itinlliT liniro IVli-n-liiinl. tin- (•lii-wiiij- R um laxative, .•iii.l j.iu'll fe\ ijuic-kiT. inn-r iviirf ftuin iliwiiu'.s-s. luailncfii: nftil nllii-r corntipa- liijiiilh. l-Vni-.i-ininl iirls iinirelluiriiiinli. ly lti-i-iiu\i: yuil cfii-iv it. Just us clic'iving |in-|i:iri'.s fi»»l fin vinir *liniiai-!i, sii lint i-lii wiiif; tif l-'crM-ii-MiinL ilistribiilpj iLj l.-ixulivr innnilk-nt iinifciiuily throliRh- nul thf intcsliiu^ tr pivu a "full," un*p inuvriiu-iiL Thin. Kccn-a-in'mt ivks Ihe sysluii nnr nUuts the Dm-liira ' I!M'JII'M Ev.-.i prrscrilw :,.., ;.,,,,...ij L . ul IIM1 j | n p wn .,. l.l^livi: brute question in that hour, when whirlwinds of rebellion shake the world? How will it l>e with kingdoms and ilh kings? Wilh those who shaped him to the thing he is? When this dumb terror shall reply to God. after the silence of centuries. -Markham. C. R. CHENOWETH. Solidarity Nffdnl ITo the cdilor:] In an effort fo arouse more interest in what President Roosevelt terms •Tinman Engineering." our first task should be a surwy of blc candidate for'thin standard., j Grounds. Mrs. Bethel Grissom and ,. Joe Edward. Mrs. Yola .McFadden, i Ihe obstacles to be met, a::d and Mrs. E. Cooper and baby vis- ' itcd Miss Florence Cunningham Thursday aflernoon. Public Works Programs League Slump Remedy GENEVA (UP)--Public works as a solution of Ihe world's depics- sion are to be advanced at the ' next general assembly of th°' League of Nations. Secretary-General Avenol has issued an invitation to the governments of 56 countries to inform the !x?agi!c, before Auf. 15, of their main.public works projects. These should include methods of financing and administration, together with the expectations of insults therefrom. PALL RIVER. Mass. (UP)— Fall River's textile payroll for the week ended March 17 was $418.063. the largest, for any week since May 3, 1Q30. VlCKS VORATONE a belter mouth-wash at a big saving I »T7»H)J»*».'.l.lUi:BV>A1.M.f.1 l-H Read Courier News Want Ads. Biliousness Sour Stomach Gas and ttarfacht dot* Constipation ZEPH O'BRIEN, Sec. C. W. U. 1 Read Cornier News Want Ads. economy. One-!'alf i niLiMnnl. r^uv In milk al otic ' f ri i,f, (!lmp Sury IXHIIld [K)rk jj-lde of l -,. dNli. Con-r all;l b.ike •I 1-2 h3n« In n muileral? oven. 1-'.! S-ivp from b:il:in^ j .lL.<:|i. Clumse mini fii]|ilit>.i n\\t\ d'-iin.,^ iho bowdl ol liiilrM U'Kilv. As lic:i-i»c]jt: anil dirzi- iiws ^t>. ymi farl inn re m.-tivr, ttiergetic, fri'.sfi. hYfiKi-iuiiiL (.•tnil.-iins no richuei* liMip.irl .sttiumrli irr togtil slalo. *']>flay" M (l.ingiTuiis—clifw Fftiii'.vinint for cni!ili|>:itii!:i. \fty «rii] ^.jc fct (Imrifistl, My Car Rolled with times ORADI A Raw Milk PIMM 74 Craig's Dairy Write It FLOYD WHITE Candidate tor Alderman, Second Ward Floyd White's name is not on Llie ballot therefore if you want to vote for him you must write in the name and scratch the name of the other candidate. Your Vote Appreciated sde ! CERTIFIED INTERVIEW WITH HELL-DRIVER BILLY ARNOLD S 3 "! couMrTt wvotJ Ir. I had only n split s*c- • mill to sec what «'.i* ItJppcntnil.Tlieothvr 4 "Other liell-drlwrs like Harry Hartc mir- • rclcd tlmt I came through It nil unliurt. They ihou^ht I was kldJJnft when I tolJ them how I irkd the motor, founJ It workcJand droieon." NEW PLYMOUTH s

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