The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1949
Page 9
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»TOHY, 'APRIL IB, Bt/TTHITTLLB (AKK.Y UULB1LR Results of Seed Tests Announced Varieties of Cotton Popular in Missco Make Good Showing Results ot year-long tests conducted by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture In 194.B on yield and performance of cot- Ion varieties today showed that Deltas 651 produced a combined seed and lint value of $326.83 per acre anci a yield per acre of 188 pounds of lint. Tills was the highest figure tor seed plus lint acre value reached In the commercial variety tests conducted at the Delta substation at Clarks,,-ile, Ark., last year. These results were received thl week by County Agent Keith Bll- brey of Blytheville from University officials at FayeUevllle. Of the four principal varieties grown In Mississippi County, Del- taplne 15, which is used most, ranked third with t. seed and lint acre value of $320.21. Froduci-i Top Lint Yield Deltapine is, however, produced Hie highest number of pounds per acre In lint yield tests—861. Its gin turn-out was rated at 40 per cent with a staple length of one and three thirty-seconds Inches. Tests showed It yielded 74.8 bolls per pound of seed cotton. Earliness, or yield from the first picking compared to the total crop, was set a 1 66.8 per cent. Stonville 213, regarded as the number two seed in prevalence of use hi thfs county, showed a seed plus lint acre value of $208.19. With a staple of one and one-eighth inches, its gin turn-out" Is 35.6 per cent. Yielding 66.6 bolls per pound, its earliness is rated at 77.7 per Plan to Train Farmers to Use Rural Power Discussed Here For your Ford Tractor... the famous TOWNER LIFT TYPE OFFSET DISC FOR MILD and ORCHARD WORK Strength and easy adjustment make this disc harrow outstanding. For orchards, entire disc can be offset up to 18" to right or left. For row crops or vineyards, rear gang offsets so you can"lhrow to"or"throw «way"from rowi. Operator compeniatet for tide draft with handle near tractor »ea(, , ... _ Attached quickly to Ford Tractor, complete disc raises or lowers by Ford Hydraulic Touch Control. This permits close turns at row ends . . . avoids blade damage in transport. See it iconl Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Representatives of the Rural Elec- rificallon Administration and Ex- cnslon Service met here Wednesday aften.oon to discuss and plan a unified program on the use of electricity on the farm. Members of the Little Rock olli- :ei's of both agencies met with personnel of the county agent's office iere and officers of the Mississippi County Electric Co-Op, Inc., Ihe REA outlet In this area. 'I'lie discussions were directed at development of a program to train farmers how to use "the cheapest form or power" available to him. Wider Used Advocated The average use of electricity on farms Is 150 kilowatt-hours per month, it was«polnted ont. and (he average for Mississippi County is 94 kilo-watt-hours, Both are regard- d ns low figures which may be • creased through a program trailing funnel's in use of electricity. On the basis of the 150 kllowatl- lour figure, the discussion pointec III that a farmer wiis at ibis rate getting the equivalent of 150 days work clone for him each monlt at a cost of only three cents per day. It would lake a man all day lo Jump as much water 35 an electric notor coulrt using three cents worth of electricity, the group was (old. Methods of coordinating efforts of ihe Extension Service tind offl- cails of rural electrification projects lo bring more efficient electrical service to fanners were discussed. These included rural line extensions, electric wiring and lighting demonstrations and 4-H Club demonstrations and contest.'!. Third in Series of meetings This was the third In a series of meetings held by such groups. Meet- Ings were held Tuesday In Salem, "Ark., Wednesday morning in Corn- 8. Division St. Allen Hard in, Mgr. Phone 2171 ng and yesterday In Jonesboro and Newport. Little nock representatives of the wo agencies who attended these neetlngs were J. M. Thomason, dls- rlct Extension Service agent; Mn. Inzel C. Jordan, district home de- nonstratlon agent; W, J. R. Browder. Extension Service agricultural engineer; and Lloyd Woodell, REA. field representative for Arkansas. Representing the Mississippi 'ounly Electric Co-Operative here were H. C. Knappenberger, manager, and W. E llagan of Huffman and C. W. Qarrlgan of Half Moon, members of the board of directors. County Agent Keith Bllbrey, Assistant County Agent Eddie Chandler and County Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Gertrude Bond Hollman represented the Extension Service office here. Crop of Spring Pigs to Offer Good Breeders 75 Per Cenf Greater Strawberry Crop Seen LITTLE ROCK. April 15. M'j— A slrav/berry crop 75 per cent greater than that of lust year is possible lor Arkansas this year. The Crop Reporting Service said that os of April 1. a crop of 819.000 creates was in prospect, compared to tlie 466,000-crale yield of last year. Picking already has started in the DeQ'.ieen area, and will get under way in White County around April 23, the service said. Outlrak for this year's peach crop is mutually good in the Nashville, Clnrhsville and Crowey Ridge areas and fairly good In Northwest Arkansas, the service said. cent. A lint yield per acre of 757 pounds was shown lor Stonevllle 213. Empire \VR, third In use In the county, yielded 844 pounds of lint per acre with a seed and lint value of $318.69 per 'acre. Gin turn-out was set at 36.9 per cent, .staple length at one and three thirty- seconds inches, bolls per pound at 59.8 and earliness at 85.5 per cent. I Use Is Increasing: Coker 100 Wilt R, increasing In popularity, during these tests produced 797 pounds of lint per acre and a seed and lint value of $312.94 pci acre. Its gin turn-out was determined as 35.4 per cent and boll;per pound as 09.7. Earltncss of Coker 100 Will R, was set at 68.8 per cent. Lowest acre value of seed anc 1LU was $123.90 in the tests conducted on Acnla W 29-4. This scec also produced the fewest pound o: lint per acre, 317. and had the lowest earliness figure of 5S per cent. Hen Works Overtime The new spring plK crop offers a sood opportunity foi many Mls- Mulppl County farmei to purchuse future breeding stock al nominal cost. Selection of a good purebred Rill now, instead of acquiring a bred iow next winter will not only reduce coat of bleeding stock but will ulso give farmers a better chance to select desirable animals, according to County Anenl Keith Bllbrey. "Select gilts from large litters," Mr. Bllbrcy said. "Gills from IUIKC IHters have A better chance ol eventually producing large litters them selves." He also recommended picking i gilt which Is large for its ngc, ever If it appears a litlle leggy. A ylH which Is chubby and fat. or a ivJu laturc or a tnulurc sow. seldom dc* velop* Into a desirable typo nmliin sow. Take plenty o( tlm* lu select ing a pig fi'om n litter, he salt' and stand back mid view the Hltc from nil nnxlcs. Aside from Ihe above mentioned ixilnts. the Kilt to be chosen should have straight lct;x, and a »el!-arched bnck with plenty of length. Check the underline nud set that there are at lensl 12 well- spaced and prominent teats, he silri. If the gill has not. already been vaccinated for cholera, sec that tills is done about one week after weaning. Cost Is small at this aRe and vaccinnllon Is the best ling hl- surnncc available. It's nlso n good ldr\ to worm a pig soon after weaning, even if there Is no evidence of rouudworms. Do not attempt to wean, vaccinate, and worm * pig all at the »»me time, Mr. Bllbrey warned. The resulting shock may stunt growth or even kill the pig. 5 Land Projects In State to Add to Counties' Funds FORT WORTH, Tex., April 14. m — Five U.S. l»nd utllltatlon projects n A'.kiinna.i will mean »12,'1J5 n to 3lnht counties. The Soil Conservation Service p<iys the counties 26 par cent of the RI'OM revenue of the projects In Hot] of laxcs. Hlinres of Ihe 1B48 revenue by unities Include: Denlon $405.44; 'iiihUnilxm »805.B1; Phillips »t,248.- 1)1; OunchllA 13,032.60. '1'lie project.! me in the vicinity of ttiycltcvllle, Marlannii - Helena, I'Vinejt, City, DeValls Blutf and GRAVESEND, Eng., April 15—W) —C. K Woodbine says his hen cackeled six times the other day— and Ihere was an «gg for every cackle. He claims It's the third time she's laid half a dozen In 24 hours. Sturdy Wives The force of the waves batter- Ing against the west coast of Scotland has been estimated to be as much as three tons per square foot, Recording to the Encyclopedia Brl- tannlca. Read Courier News Want Ads. START CHICKS RIGHT Get your needs all at one place. Drop in and see our fine assortment. Wid. variety of fif«5. W.ll.con- stjucttd. All matal. For chicks to 4-w.*ki old. LIFE andGROWTH FULL LINE OF POULTRY NEEDS .WARNING ORDER The defendant, Leon McOarrlty i.5 hereby wujned to appear in the Court of Common Pleas for the CMckasawba. District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of lilantlffs, LeRoy Huddleston, Allen C. Huridleston. Jr., and Mrs. A. C. Huddle-ston Sr. dba. Huddleston and Company, filed against him in said court. Case No. 2831, and upon his tailurc so to do, said complaint will tac taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court and the seal thereof this eth day of April. 1S48. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Ball. D.C. Hold snd Roy, Attorney* for Plalntilfe. Oscar raidlcr, Attorney ad litem. 4.8-15-22-29 Head of U. of A. Agri Unit to Take U.S. Job TAYETrEVIU.E. Ark., April 15. {£")—Dr. W. H. Garmnn, head of the Unlverrity of ' Arkansas Agronomy Department, will leave here June 1 no take over a post with the Ufl. Department of Agriculture. Dean Llppeit 8. Ellis of the University College of Agriculture, salrt Carman will be Ihe chief administrator in soil technology for Iho department. Gy.rman, who has been with the university since 1W7, will liayt headquarters In Washington. Need a Pew Extra Bushels of Seed Corn? I Stiff Have Available High Yielding PIONEER Hybrid Seed Corn Popular Varieties Choice Kernel Sizes AND THE MASSEY- HARRIS DISINFECT THE HOUSE Help guard chicki against dicta**. U»« thi» disinfectant with a pl«a>ant odor.. PURINA CHEK-R-TABS Brooder* • Litter Founts • Feeder* Spray Guns 'Thermostatic Wafers -Poultry Thermometers (with Replmitlnf Agreement) JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 5M E. M»!n Priori* Mil Drill Planting hold* 4 big advan- lagM over lh» ch*ck low mot hod. Look ov*r th*i« "qulclc facto" ... you'll want th* advanlag* of • Ma»*y-Hanii Drill Planter on your farm. 1 • PLANT FASTER ... up 1o 6 M.P.H. and lhat mtaru 75 ocr*i o do/ wilfc Ih* 4-row mod»l. t • NO CHECK Wltl ... no ilow upi at th* row «ndi. Juil maV« th« turn and bigin planting again. 1 • CULTIVATING IS EASIER . . . yflu'i* rial bumping over cron ri<fgsi. 4 • FASTER, EASIER HARVESTING... lh» plck«f tahti an «v«n Row ol ilngl* italki iniUad of htovy •lugi. Accord- Ing to UnlvMiity r«porlt, yleldi art •quol »r b*Htr. QUICK DETACHABLE S«Ai-mount*<i <U«!gn with ilngU point hitch vakM attaching cmd detaching a *tmpl* Job, U'i «a»y en a puHlyp* Toochln»— actually taVw I*M thorn 4493— L. K. Ashcraft Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickowwbo "-SWIFT'S PREMIUM •10 PIMTILIZER HOPPfRS In 2 band* along* I •id* i««di, ai pi cm Hog depth, to proraot* rapid growth • . . plant* b*at Th« w*«di. Big eopadly hop* p*n hold 15 povnda — )«M itopc for FURNITURE REBUILDING Tlio Home ot Cliarni car really make your present furniture like new •falnl We of* Ter truly iiiperior workman* ship, a wealth of •elect! on In upholstery fibrin at every price level, and 10 day fterr.c*. Call for * fr*« MtlmaU. House Of Charm Jlmmle Deal Kemp Whlunhun 20U Weit Main Phone.: «SZ1 er 4469 SAVES UP W70% OH COST Of CHOPPING So wonderful «re the rewltt which rmeri are getting from the Miyeo Cot- ion Chopper, it U «tmo»t «nbel!ev*M*. Hero, at lait, it a tound, timpU, «nd ECO* NOMICAl answer lo high labor colt. Mounts on cultivator frwn* in le« than 10 minutei. Chops «ny d*tired tpac* from I" to II" leaving 2 to 4 lUlki per hill. Works 1, 2 of 4 rowi in on* operation on tractor or hone-drawn cultivators. t SIMPLE AS A WHEEL; NO SPRINGS—GADGETS MOVING PARrs f adjuit for depth and length of cut—then work yotar Reid ou would with a cultivator. Chopt •verity tn low er high at exact depth deiired. Ai «aiy to operate, wid eamit inv acrei per day at cultivator. Remember, money MV*d «• Simply < like you ipoh, at exact depth deiired. At «aiy to operate, *t many acret per day ai cultivator. Remember, mom chopping coitt H cash in your pocket. Don't mlu ml»n Labor, time, and money uving Implement e» efiaptey MW e*' JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 500 East Main Blytheville Phone 2371 FARM EQUIPMENT Seasonable Items In Stock for Immediate Delivery "C" TRACTORS eompl«t« with CULTIVATORS and MIDDLE BUSTERS 15B 6'/ a ' TRACTOR DISK HARROWS 60th. SECTION HARROWS 90th. SECTION HARROWS SOIL PULVERIZERS SPRING TOOTH HARROWS TWO ROW PLANTERS FOR "H" and "M" TRACTOR CULTIVATORS. TWO ROW "H" and "M" 240 CULTIVATORS JOHN BLUE FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTORS BRANDED BEEF W« Specialize in Fancy Mtats and Groceries We Defiver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Spae* Ton run n*e thin MASSFV- HARR1S Drill Tinnier on any type tractor. 'At present *e can £lv* ynt! Immedtate delivery, so come In toon. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. North Hiwiy «1 Phone 2142 SPECIAL PRICES • Used Ice Boxes • Electric Refrigerators • One Super Fex.Oil Burning Refrigerator Stop In and Find a Real Bargain! CLODS IN YOUR FIELD? IF SO LET US DEMONSTRATE THE SOIL SURGEON IT IS THE ANSWER INTERNATIONAL ' HARVESTER 312 SOUTH'2XP PHONE863

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