The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
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•I Served by the 1 United Prcsa 5 COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAI'Eft OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL- XXVII—NO- 247 Blytheville Courier, ni;l!i«vUle Holly NC'vs, Blvthevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. BhYTHKVll-LK. AKRKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY HOIflE EDITION SINGLE COPIES FLVK CENTrf'.-I Busch Heir Returned er's Father Officers Thwart Dan Cupid; Hold Tennessee Youth Police stepped in and Unvaried 'Dan Cupid this afternoon. • Bill Hicks, 18, and Miss Elizabeth j I Little, 1C. of near Murray Ci'.y. ] Senator's DaJudiLer to Wed Refusal to Prosecute Ab-J Ten ". ariivc<1 here lhls a " cr >ioo-i Speculative Farmiiw Will ,lo embark en,a matrimonial vcn- |Jl->ci.uicime I drilling will OI. ture together biit officers "' ~ ' "" ' " cluctor Sole Price Child's Release. ST. LOUfS, Jan. 2 (UP)—Pearl Abernethy, elderly nesro tate dealei named his kidnaper thwein, 13. An order for the arrest of the 5011, unemployed father of seven children, was also Issued, but police were unable to locate him and the father said he did not. know \vbere his son was in hiding. wailing when they arrived. Hicks ap;warcd at the oflic? o' Mrs. John Long, county court clerk. Mean Ruin Tins Year, Moser Declares. I while the bride-to-be remained out- ie more young man into custody. I desperate, C. O. Moser, federal farm ! This afternoon the girl was on > representative ,said in an inter- her way back to Tennessee while: view here today. Hicks was being held in jail al-1 Moser granted the interview Ire- though no charges are likely to be' fore a meeting with agricultural j lodged against him. He was held commissioners, bank representa- snnply as a precautionary measur lives, and farm agents of Tciincs- to his parents 'yesterday, 20 hours after being kidnaped from 'the Orthwein car as a -chauffeur was driving him to his grandfather's for a New Year's Eve party. Won Immunity for Abductor According to thc Star's story the kidnaper Is in hiding and release of the boy was made through negotiations of the negro's father, Pearl Abernelhy, real estate dealer, whose "price for the boy's release was the- freedom of his abductor." The copyright story, signed by Harry T. Brundidge, said in part: "Not a.petiny was paid for ransom. . The bargain was made In the shsrifT.s.,office 'at Clayton between 'the- father of the kidnaper and Percy J. Orthwcin, the father of "Bub" (Adelphus). "I will trade you your boy for mine." Abernethy offered, and Orthwein, frantic with anxiety for his son's safety, said he would not prosecute the real estate man's son if his own boy was returned. Car,Gave Father Clue Reporters for the Star questioned the elder Aberr.ethy who said: 'T have no idea how my boy ever conceived a thing like this. He has never done any work outside of selling real estate, and lately has been unemployed. When I rear U NEED 111 'cak Will Be Reached February 1, Red Gross Lead cr Declares. Marshal Joseph Joffre Lingers at Death's Door I'AlilS. Jan. 5 IUI 1 )— Marshal Joseph Jolfre llngcicd on the vew of death lodny, all luipi! for Ills! recovery abandoned, A bulletin ut 2:M P. M. by Dr. Ij. E. Klche suld: "There is no hope ot saving Mruslml Jollie. It Is Impossible lo M\y the length of lime his heart will continue. •The puttcnt drank a little milk." plan which calls for a 25 per cent decrease for 1931. j "Farmers who farm to make money this year will suffer." said ; Moser, who is vice-president of the i I American Cotton Cooperative association, "but those who farm to make a living will weather conditions and low commodity prices." Moser's definition of. speculative! i farming was where the farmer de- An engaging member of capital society—nnd newly engaged—is LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 2. (Ul 1 )Arkansas chapters of the Ainsrlcnr Hed Cross are- providing 'relief to 21,001) (amines scattered tlirouiil! out the stale, or approximately 100, 1000 persons, and this number wll I be Increased lo 250,000 persons b\ .' February 1, according lo Wlllinn • ; M. Baxter Jr.. director ot the mid western branch of the nnllotinl R*. Cross. Baxter conferred with member of the state drouth relic! commit tee nnd with local olllelnls of til Red Cross. His figures v.-ere based on reports from 5:i Red Cross cliuiilcrs in UK slate. Worse Than Flood "With thousands of families li Arkansas destitute and the number expected to.lncrcase greatly ti the next month It is time for th citizens of the slate to'open the! 1 , eyes to conditions and lo admit the extent to which thc relief problem hns grown," Baxter said. ''People outside Arkansas nnd 'Usness American Newspaperman Arnqrtg Eight 'Slain iti Sudden Revolution. : Funds of District Exhausted; Attempt Arrangements lo Continue. iii /-i T t n i- |farming was where the farms Nw County Judge Oulbnesl^rt^^hu^^a^JB.^ vandenber*. daughter jot Senator and Mrs. Arthur Vanden-' T^e^rnS^^cta^.^boul lax and LOUnty -Farm Uible for the InablUb- of southern' berg of Michi «» n - 'J Ier forthcoming Carriage lo John Knjght of this disaster to arouse general in Programs .at Osceola, ' " " "" " " "' " "" ' """' «'"--•• - Uve present condi- board represent- \ Kalamazoo, Mich., was announced in WashUiglon during the holt- ! terest. In the case of floods or tor- talk before the Osceola Civic he was rIt - submitted at » bankers meel- 1 days. She is shown ab^vd. In a charming new portrait. Olub here Thursday, County Jud B e, inB at New OrlKms re " ntl >'- Znl B. Harricon, who "" ' ...... ftce yesterday, slated _____ ._ ...... . . . cutset a thirty thousand dollar in- age reduction must b» worked in the assumed of-1 "Such a policy would be bad and I that'('at'.the lun 5 us '-" This campaign ior acre-i clos; debtedness faced ^'dminis-*;individual communities (ration 'with' two possible alterna-) cooperation between the farmer, tires for Deducing it. One, an increase -of revenues, through taxation or otherwise: and the other a banker, and agricultural agents. Must Expect Low Price "The 1931 cotton crop must nadoes the news Is carried all ovei the country and the public Is 1m pressed with the .need of the peo Walnut Ridge Snffm _ |H^ ^Ittf^^ i' t $100,OGQ LOSS by Fire j tller « is still apparent a tendenc i to minimize the trouble. It Is,wore ' WALNUT RIDGE, Ark., Jan 2,'L™ n olle resulting^irom the nooc (UP)V-Thc second fire in'the past! %h. C *n."* n " Red'cross or/opj- Insufficient funds In the treasury of School District 25, Mississippi ounly, may cause Hie schools nt Vllson not to rcoimi-Jonuar.v 5. R. E, Lcc Wilson, principal land own- r of (he district, is now In Lltf 1 .: (ock attempting lo make nrniiT;- nents by which the district' can continue the lerm through the re- nalnder of the year. He will re-1 urn Monday. If the school does,not open Ihe students will have to make lliel- i plans for attending schaal elsewhere, according to C. M. Bird, superintendent, There are 1300 white nnd negro joys nnd girls In the district with 350 of these attending the white- school at Wilson and 200 In the negro school, There Is a total of V3 Instructors In the two schools v/lth 15 of these in the white gramma: and high school. .The negro tnsll.- lutlon lias eight grades. •'••--•: PANANfA CITY. Jan. 2. (UP) — The government, of PrcMduU Flor-. llnrmodlo Aro.iemran was ovei thrown today by n i evolutionary moyciminl. '• TS'.e inesldenl roBlsnsd and Dr. Hormodip .Arlns, president of the bar association, was appointed by the supreme court to hoai 'ths provisional government. ^ Dr. Arias was "sec-v.: •etary of'government and jiutlce'hrO clmrge ofuhe government," - ••• V A revolutionary committee was"', iippolnled' including Dr. Arljs.'v Kranclsco Arlns, a wealthy business' innn, and Amnslo Cer\(cm,'n lawyer. • There was n brief conflict marked ; by heavy machine yuu nml rltlu -' lire. Iiisnri;enl leaders said eight had been killed nn:l an undetermined number, Including an American ncwspaiier • correspondent, wounded. . ; President . Florenclo-. P.nrnioilltr Ai-osomcim, liberal party leader who look olllco October i, 1B2B, ior four years, was tnken prisoner by revo- inlace from thc bnlcony of mi ad- olnlng house) and descended on the .. oval police guards from the rear. The rebels met Arosembni on the' cconct floor, laklng him prisoner and holding htm under guard in ' ,hc palace. "I have not resigned and I will . never reclgn." was the statement chlch Arosemcna gave United Press' after tho palace was captured, but uuii ur omerwiser ana the oiner a .^5 ]93t cotton crop must be practice of rigid economy in the planted wlfh the expec[at i 011 ttmt handhn? of county, expenditures.' prices nm !aU wil , ta ch Have Obligation to Provide !„ T««~«i ; r_«~..™«« ! P^ny, leading mercantile concern, tor I enants m Lmergen-j and dami , g | n!C ot her business buiw- cv Savs Cunningham. . ...... - :ercise •,',«'lJ,^ 0lh V B r tl atthesiimetimet ° : It was indicated a plan by which • ~ •nir-im^/.f 5 ?' n ?i ma30 ^- ™ tn « P ! -"<«ing of each farmer will The apparent effort on the part 'Ata nledi "M n ^ P ^rh t^; * done at: ' he ? dvlce 0[ the c °"- °' ^™e landlords to shift the ob- oec-n uncmpsojtu. wnen i rear , ollr , v i.« in JJ-° ,_„„„-- ty farm agent and his loans wojlri "gallon of caring for thefr tan- about the kidnaping and saw men- with niivt- nriranpY- In th'p two be &™<-rt *V tn = ° an ker without ! ants onto the local relief organlza-l ,: _. _ ., _..i • ,.:,_ . .,_. " lul nlr ^-lj prisoner., in tne Vt.O ,~.ij t, u._i..»j : liln wn« rrvnriomnurl i,i n sloto-! lion of a green automobile beinj used in the get-away—my bay owns 'ountv jails today costing- the tax payers an average of a dollar a a car like that—I put two and tv- •:> j -i a y for each prisoner he believes ^' 1 " s P lan wou!( l not De given prei'- together. I have great power's intuition. Frequently I have been able to close my eyes and see Hi solution of some problem that has been pcrptexing me. As soon a^ f cr.nfunieJ my fears i set about to right th> ivcnj my boy had done." question, would be -submitted. : lian was condemned, in ft state-; Farmers who do not subscribe to i ment toijay by C. A: Cunningham,' wll- heads the Red Cross drouth Find Bodies of Father rtiat a self sustaining'prisin farm "ence in obtaining loans, -.•ill relieve the. tax payers of a larw part of this cost anJ he ex- "I'oU to purchase and set In operation sirch n farm just as soon as a satisfactory piece of ground can '•>e located. la o'idlti'n to this he proposes nn •'.crease in 1 the county's revenue i trough equalization of the taxes.: i Mississippi County farm real estate ?' - tood ' Simultaneously with Baxter! ]f^ »; meeting of the drouth ? e- nef committee was held here. . • • mpiaim .DMUIH .Kciier . ' . T. Roy Held, assistant director 'ol the exienslon service, lold membirs of the group that' npproxlmntcl\ '114,000 formers In the slntc woul: 1 ! need assistance and that more thnv '$17,OOO.WI) would be needed from i the fund appropriated by congrcsr ater he submitted li!s A truck load of United States soldiers -arrived from the Cantl Zone to protect the American legation. Arnerlcan. MlnUlcr. Roy.- T. Da-:- t vis conferred" with "Arias, "rftb 'wait* ." proclaimed head of the provisional government. , .: . Arlns is not a member . of any. political faction. Military police guarded thc p.ilice outside and civilian guards occupied the interior. Wild shots dnm- agcJ thc palnce. . • < relief v.ork in the Chickasawba district. i "We hairs more calls for help T . . 11 > i • lhan we can meet," said Mr. Cun- Institutions at Helena and I ninghnm, "and if the big farmers ! '"it to dr* their Dart in providing I for the families on their places we ! will be cwamped, with the result | that men, women nnd children will starvation." for that purpose. Senator Jos T. Robinson part in the conference. It was outlined to the inembsrc of thc committee how farmer.' Marvel! Fail lo Open This W0l>ld be ret i llircd to furnlsh ^: r plete information of their Indivld- lual situations and plans in mak- I ing applications for loans. Ei?h HE1J5NA. ARK., Jan. 2 (U p)- ! '»^t provide a budget showing Morning. took J T V C -i Mississippi uounty farm real estate and 1WO lOUng SOnS, i< taxed (o the limit, he said, and •-. |_ f -r-i • I is probnh'o that tax on this kind ' r '-'^ Ot J flfee Mr. CunnlnBham made it plain The two remaining banks in Phil- what he exacts to spend m p imit- : 'hat many* land owners v i ing reasonable sacrifice i-ere mat- lips county, including the Interstate ln S Mch cr °P- E!lch [ *\ m " re - ch '- ti provide National bank of Helena, failed lo '"S « 'on" »''» b = requlrerl to exv LINCOLN, Mass.. Jan. 2. (UP) — The bodies of a father and his two ycung sens, all bearing bullet wounds, were discovered today hi sn isolated spot. The father was identified as Peter Fletcior jr., of .Watertovm. One of ths boys' was 12, the other IP. (heir ' ^nants. but declared that open today. cute a first lien against his crop: oy Train. • marked increase should be made in the assessment rf jiersonal pro-, nerty and urban r,:al estate. With 1931 the year for assortment of this property, Judge Harrison expects to CHICAGO, Jan. 2. (UP)—A fast Notes pay2b1 ' licm for aid from negro families in tnc | nst it u tlon closed to protect de-' 'hr, turn! districts made it evident pos | lors and refused to divulge in••"l others were atremnting to f 0rmat j on regarding deposits or re- o i T .. c rhitt this responsibility. HS point- Eources ot , fche ^ i^m ai rivai nanker lells Mory Judge Denies Motion for Directed Verdict; Scv eral Enter Pleas. The. slate rested Its case Henry Elmore charged with burglary and grand larceny early this nflcrnpoh nnd thc trial continued after a motion for a directed verdict by.the defense had been overruled by Virgil Green, acting Judge'.' Elmore and Forrest Chlsholm. who Vcrc convicted of robbery of the Aldrldge Jewelry store two years ago, are defendants charged with robbery, of McFall's grocery store here n number of weeks ago. Chisholm will be tried later. Thurmnn Alkins. city, policeman, Witnesses Identify Youth as Driver of Bandit Car was the, final witness for the state h ° ldln s ( ™ otter juspccts. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 2. (UP)^A IQ-year-old youth today was Identified by several witnesses. of thc robbery ot the Whitney Central bank's third district branch as- thc driver of the bandit car. Thc youth, Owen Cr.uche, was arrested at his home following the holdup which resulted in the death of two poisons. Claude Ccfalu. notorious poiics character here, died when detectives fired upon him as he altjmpt- cd to escape from a police car. . Caliche's alibi llrat thc money fo\md bn his home given him by the dead man has not punctured by officers who ara nlso an e»tion~thatwil,-af: M™ to Chicago Grand T™* | ^a^ofaS ^ KM ""^^ ^"^In the ford the county a Greater revenue, passenger train struck an automo-. ,,„ IT]Dt an(| [htlt farm l(:ll . lm , In addition to this, h? expects, he bile in the suburb of Harvey las!-,, rn b ' c C ^ A for mos . CCO iicmically w «tcrn part of the county, closed- A farewell note in Helch'-r's I sn.ys. t- exercise thc strictest econ- night, killed nine persons, and; v ld c'f"ctlvely on the" farms wbire unticr llle ilvc da >' law pocket indicated he had shot I'.s'cmy in county expenditures. brought^he total of ant3 fataliio? i . llrv j,^ W orkcd and will work in ••- — | Abduction and Robbery this afternoon. He told of tracking two men through the mud and rain from the robbery to Chlsholm's house. On cross-examination by Claude Cooper of defense counsel the ofltcer admitted that Elmore had been struck by officers for "lying". The officer described Elmore as a known "customer". sons to death and tlrai or.ded o\vn life. ^ Twenty-five members of the Civic in Cook'counly on New Year's day , Club heard Jndre Harrison's talk to 17, a record. '.hey 1 r-« f'it"-e. hs financial situation of the Bank of C.isa Reopens CHICAGO. Jan. 2. (UP)—J" \ funds stolen or locked in a vnul ! I that will not open until Sunday 1 morning, the Lawrence Avemn LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 2 (UP)— tlona! bank closed today while p3- . r '.':miiy Quarrel Costs and a report from J. T. Coston, .Those kilted were members of 'oca! rollT organization remain, Arkan5as bank reopened, the H c e checked the story of an offlclT | chairman of a committee appointed ths Frank Nowak and "•-•" i--n'.^i -»•> »- r-,, nn \ n a\,*-,. fn- r ' ! lo devise means 'f handling teach- oiason families. All nil ! crs 1 salary warrants in such a mnn- j ng [R a c ma n se( lan. A Domestic diftaiities rjsultscl in Penalty i^, cr that public school may con- __ __ _ tinue hereafter Christmas. Mr. by, was thrown 200 feet into a! snow Coston reported that the necessary nlled dltch and was plcked „ l|n . arrangements had been made and , d Matthew! -''t-.c--]. and Mr. Cunninghax iO- stMc b:lnklng department was in- that he was kidnaped by four tan- e were rU- > fa" rcmwed his plea for contrl- , ormfd mornlng dl , tenth rrcu- ^'tl-n-. of money and prnvisions. to „„„„„ „,„,. „, „„„ .. t , 1/ . h - ^.. .„.,„, ,„,„ „ .. of the car. a 3-monlr.-o!d ba- ' prevent n threatened suspension of that thc two schools would open » h ' "" court this morning. James and his wife Seel; Man Charged With Kidnaping Girl of 18 Trust company. The Farmers bank of Casa, which - The official, John E. Malloy, rlist-ttnitton of food that is nil f'osed during tho November run.'slstant cashier, brought back from that stands b»tween huntlretl.'; of icsumed business yesterday, and it Milwaukee where he said the ban- 'nmili'is and actual suffering. Con- was reported by officials not n dils left him after robbing tin tribulions of any amount are wel- single withdrawal was made dur- Dank of nt ] cast, was or- rome nnd should be delivered to ->ng the first days business. (jered held for further qucstlonl'i?. Fred Warren, the orgnnl/jition -. ] treasurer, at the Farrrors Bank and Additional Contribiiiions''•••, Swell Tubsrcu!c3:s Fund The nnti-luterculoils fund hns been swelled" recently by substantial gifts irom out of ths ci',y friends and by donations from negro Elmer Jones entered a plea /of! churches. Three mon S50 health guilty to a charge of selling limior I bends have been purchased by the and was sentenced to one year in Ihc boys' Industrial school by the court. ' Jesse Reed was given one yenr West Asii street church, the Oscc- o!a Bett'.le-em ccni;regat:op. and the Hickman nsgro Baptist church. •. Tiie. Goorgs D. Barnard Statlb-n- for grand larceny on a plea of, ery company of St. Louis contribut- gullty. Ollie Phillips was sentenced; £( j WJ t v, c {<atl:nal Disinfectant to the ncero boys' industrial fChcol, comp!v ny o f Memphis sent $10 and for ono year for grand larceny. ! Theodore E. Reclitin of Evanivillfi. Earnest Pittman was sentenced j Ir1 ^p pwr , s ^^ faminj Into two yean in the state prison : i pr -, t , v., r - -,,.„ cin ;tenced to a year In the state prl- j son for grand larceny. • Knife and Cord Save ense of Humor Big Quake Recorded ! first of the year. a unito nnd cut several -slices In some of' her clothes, she told the court. James siici it was all a mislnk?. i he was visiting a boy friend ami] Democratic Victory at his wife was jealous for no reason. \ n n r> . o/< i n He admitted "Jabbing" pnrt or !>!' wife's wardrobe just to be "moan." Bill Essnry was acquitted it a r'ii : '2c rf fslitln? by Judge Grav- The Democntic riatlrml <"• .i.irk Hubterd was fined'spent $612,640 in the 1930 NEW ALBANY. Miss., Jan. 2., (UP)—Officers in all parts of M:S- • sisslppi tcdny sought Dan Wiatt. 38. charged with the kidnaping of Miss Patty Rhea. 18. dJir'iti- ~-r,T?r Football Stars Admit Store Robberies ma v,ora oave ; ^uiise 01 numor Dig i . • Life of Hunting Dog Aid in Healthful Life 1 , Wo-cester Bnasbt Castle | WASHINGTON. j« o ° -- .- ^ f n. i • i ni An cnrthnLake centered 2. (UP)— HASTINGS. Neb. (UP)-Ahunt- EL DORADO, Ark.. Jan. 2 Mrs. J. B. Rhea, who had the ar- —Three El Dorado youths, t! Polls Cost $612.640 rest or:!er lssllf -' 1 - them former high school to A $100 rcr.-ard for the arrest of Eta"- ladav confessed the re BOSTON. (UP)—A sense of mi- _ . mor k almost as necessary lo a , wnnriVCTTO up , ing knife and a piece of ordl:nry' wholesome nnd healthful life as a 1 WOKC ' t;i > ltJt ' J w «e used by L. P. gt)0(1 dl?e stion, President Daniel L. together two bn; Marsh ot Boston University be-' "^ Cv QQ 1 ,.,',3«c' An earthquake centered about 2,300 steel and uiass imlles frora - h;rs wns of steel and city's ; the seismograph . <OP>— A | TJniveriity. glass now of rec ordrf pri Georgetown WASHINGTON, Jan 2 (UP)— Wlatt has been offered by the par- of tnres grocery stores here in r»- ents who said the man followtd cenl months. gashes in the rlghthlp of his Ches- . k d Don • * It is reputedly the only bi^buiU- ^ ^^ cam- the family here from Myrtle, near The trio, L. M. Beach. H. B. Pal- boa , D(m , Youn; took Don on » lumtlV ", LaUBh '^ »T^ ^ lh ™ S ™ 1"« n.h world In which ev^y ! Young took Don on a huntl.ig and men a relsis?, he says. "It i-JL-inr tinn onri «nrfacn i- nt ph^ trtn witii ii!m \v-iiid rMin* tn •» j i -exterior line ana sunace L> 01 g JJ5i trip with him. Wiile rtrlln? in a , counteracts rigidity, and gives cnoi.... ,,„, boat. Don became excited, lost his n vntnnoo in m Him^niti«t u, hi/•*!"' ""•>•'• • —A mild earthquake was felt hs« at 7:30 a. m. : " which! excited, lost his „ rc i ccs . frtm on the mtnd. Its physical are in the exp.iiislon of • Bs WEATHER The first two floors are occupied thc offices of the Wor.-r'T ARKANSAS — Partly clouds warmer tonight and Saturday " " lunzs th" a-tlvatlon of th- " e55Cl1 oit ' c ' ^ u "'i""'>- "-^ tunic , -. t and the rel^s" of -be over- : "PP« r P° nbn ° r '" e llu ^ str " rt ' K " ' According to fr.e official' teathe treasurer, revelled. o>on" nrorably"wlil civo'an'y" help MONTGOMERY*. Ala,. (UP) - paddles In flic tsd "war- n f-r^ lli-t £mM Dpil'ary system'. Luishttr • ls devoted to the Oothle naves and obse rver, Charles Phillips, th? min The Republican congrcss' requested by the wxt law officer Alabama's department of archives Young feared the dog mtjht die j, as a dl-tinct social valu? in nnk- Blsles nn<i R aller ' es 01 llle Jonr: !i:ium temperature here yestefda •••• ----- ....«-. ... . -—. .-_. -. .-. ...j . ur^m.n it,^iy,» Armftn- Ms jo.degrces and ths mpximnrr _«t'y. it h.-- -MI e5T::t <••; fi? «ar-' President John w. Hisgins ottnc '- ' . - :e "'-jii. Jn'ni Rutlcdee arrest a ic r-ubmlt "W.' 1 Dare Maintain Our performed the operation with the ;icn= ur.widlii'' in cno'liTil. n- Worcester Prrs<"d St"-l 'n^—"- n 'r-rar. 9gi th? minimum t->rri-ti!M ' • -... . ... . . I J,. ,1 . *J, IJT ,U1» l^ .... •-• ..^- ...-;. .. ..LI »!.„. V. nnn«rt«. .A.- - f"' p-i-; p-nmn. nc-jress. -.vns fined 1 ^10 fr.- petit laroeny tind given a i .^ t . ku „ v .. w 1H - rt ,„„ V14 ,.. t .w^i * «. - o -- c; ,'e ii-ur Jail sentence. Pearl v:a;' campaign ccmmittes sp;nt" S2<JS.9' 1 5. v;h 0 "appCAls to" h'l'm." Olson"'was anT1iVs"sry U ^oesn"t "likV the stat« from "loss of blood before :ie could u°g ,," person'MviblV a < n'd"rcspon5U'e. Woa;iman Higeins Armory. rcii'-irtcrt of stealing . two of a in its campaign for the hous\ -.-'-lie fined $50 for refusing to help Pol- motto. "Hero we rest," and voted get him to a veterinarian. Young T ,, t 'y_ jt n .- -> n 0 5T::t <••; t':? -:r.r- President John w. Hi'gins c-f the 46 dejrecs; c!?,~r. On thc ? neighbor's chickens to provide the, the senatorial camp.ilgn ccnv.nlttee "'-jn. Jn'ni Rutlcdee arrest a ic .-r-ubmlt "W.7 Dare Maintain Our performed the operation with the ;^ n , pr.widlii'' jn "emotional, n- Worcester Prrs<"d St"-l 'tv-i—-•—• n'r-rir. 9gi th? minimum >.. u -. iu1 "piece <!c rcsistnnee" for a Ci'.rlst- '.expended $50.203 In .behalf of R-.- burly ranchJlabcrer inflamed with Rights," as a substitute to the next aid of his knife and the cord, mn .) C ts5 that 'maless tor a who'.ssbm" has.spsnt scmethlng like Sl.000,000 lurs wss 40 decrees and tha.rtiixl mas ex; Dinner. j publican senatorial candidates.'', dr:nk. ; ; • ses:!on of the legislature. will recover. Und cheerful outlook." " In .«ss«mWlng the collection. mum 54 degress; cloudy. ' : =. V\

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