The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 12
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''TWELVE Bo3 Weather tfelaysFlight Around World NEWARK, W. • J., April 5, t,UP> —A protested 20,000-mile week-end flight around the world o! the Reynolds Bombshell, r\ converted twin-engined A-26 attack 'bomber, was delayed again today by a steady, fine rain. Aifports all around the New »Voifc metropolitan area were weathered In ancf the plane was unable even to lly here from Jloose- v*lt Field, Long Island, for fueling and,a take-off across the Atlantic to Paris. "'.Three hopeful globe-girdling fliers scanned the skies nnri studied weather reports in the belief there still I might be a chance for them to break through the weather area into clear skies over the 5e;i. Milton Reynolds. 54-year-old millionaire manufacturer of a ball point pen, hoped to better the 'round-the-world flight record of 91 hours and 12 minutes set in July, 193B. by Howard Hughes. Even though he should better the time his record would not be re- .cognized by the National Aeronau- •tic Association because t-he llight deviates from the established route followed by Hughes. .Hughes flew from New York to Paris and Moscow, thence across S&er/a to Alaska. Reynolds h^s been refused permission to fly over Russian territory, so he chose an Alternate route through Cairo and Calcutta although it is G.COO miles longer. In Illinois, more than 1,000.000,000 gallons of water arc used doily, for all purposes. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.Y COURIER NEWS MONDAY, A PR 11, 7, )!)•]? Aboard for Streamlined Fun A clico-choo-minded youngster's dream oo-minded youngster's dream come (rue is this handsome mlnlnlurc streamlined train new < ieaturejif Griflilh Park. Los Angeles. Jt is povyerecl with two 22-11. p. engines. A Two Memphis Officers Face Bribe Charges MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 7. (UP) -Police Officers J. W. Drake and O. R. Evans were chnrgccl with bribery today for allegedly nccrpllni; $15 from u Negro Ice station op- ernior. Police would reveal no other de- lulls. Evans refused to discuss the charges agninst him. Drake claimed he was "framed" by Police Insuac- tfafothe Cc<>yrfght by ^ Karen DeWglf by Karen DeWolf Distributed by NEA SERVICE. INC. XXVIII had Cloved over to the Chalcau, but Sherry did not remember much ubout those days and nights. They all rait together somehow in a dull, dry hurt.' There were telephone messages, and well-meaning consolers from the studio. '.'Funeral parlors sent in bids like contractors on a new building, and described coffins to make 'them sound cozy and desirable. ; .JSoine of the other widows, strangers to Sherry, called just to talk about it all, and insurance men appeared with papers to sign. There was an inquest, of course, arid Sherry thought, This is horrible. Horrible! Like a three-ring circus. An attorney announced that he was willing to handle her case against the studio, and talked in large sums of money. .'^Sherry said, "Thank you, but I dgn't want to sue the studio," ond hung up on him. bank sent a man to straighten things out, ond Peter's broker came, and a man from the Cashier's office at the studio. • Sherry listened to them all without hearing, and said, "Thank you." ..- ;_Somehow (he funeral was go' ttfrAugh with , Marcia's help, but (Sherry kept thinking, This isn' <rue. It isn't really.happening. : kriow'Trtf'rfol thinking straight but I dou't want to realize it, * * * JT was that night that she was frightened. .She was lying very still in bod staring at nothing through th darkness. She saw herself niu 1 Tony coming up into Hidden • House that hot October night sc long ago. She felt the thrill of tha first real kiss, and how terribly slv jhad loved Tony there in his arms . Suddenly Sherry knew what shi Was thinking. She sal. up. She said, "This is hideous Thinking a thins like thnt now! 'ou're a monster! Your liciul's not vorking right," and she buried I ,cr face in her bands. Marcia moved in the other bed .ml Sherry wondered if. she had pokcn aloud. Marcia said, "We'll pack up here omoirow,,110 use of your,keeping he apartment. Come over to the :oiirt till you decide what you're joing to do." Sherry said, "I can't go back here/' very dully. Marcia sighed. She said, "AH right, we'll hunt ip something else." It rained the next day and for days after that. Sherry wrote thank-you letters for (lowers and condolences, and fldiially people let lice alone. Marcia made her do things— shop with her in Ihe drizzle and o out to meals. She took her to business np- loinlments, too, and all the while they were shopping for a place to live. Marcia kept her busy, but Sherry did not mind. She knew tier head was not clear, but it was loo much c.fTort tg try to rise through the fog. Besides, she getting used to it. Everything was easier like thai. Then Tony kept popping up. but she could not go on lighting Tony. When she v.-as tired she thought of his shoulders and the curve of strong, young arms. When she wanted something done she remembered how dependable be was and how practically be \vcnl about things. When other people talked she knew what Tony would have answered, what he would have said to this ond that. * * * r PirE day they found the apartment the letter from Sandro came. He was shocked at flio accident, and was dear and sympathetic, lie praised Peter and lauded his virtues. He went on about how good lor W. J. unary because "we didn't cut the Ice tojjctlKT." New York Bus Driver Starts Long Trek Home HOLLYWOOD, Fhl., April 7. CUP —Bill Cimillo and his bus, biAU oi the liionx, were crossing through Florida and Georgia today, bound back to New York in custody of detectives. The bus will resume its regular lour of duly for the surf nee inius- portalion system. Cimlllo. who drove the company's buses for IB ycais, will face an incllclment for yianci he had been to Sherry, rmd whaV splendid care ho hod taken of her. and hoiv happy he had nv;de her. The letter was Ironlral, but Sherry did not smile. There way no bitterness for Peter .my more. "I know ho\v ycn> must feel now," S;]jjdro said. "J3ut later, when you can IhirAC of someone else, will you be my wife, Sherry'.'" Marcia said, "Are you going to hink about it'.'" But Sherry shook lor bead. Marcin maiVj some tea ami Sherry lay on Ihe chaise longue vilh the letter in her lap. They talked about the new place n the English Gardens, hut all the while Sherry was thinking of 1'ony. Sandro's letter bad done something. She felt as if little shafts of light were penetrating her niirky thought. If that leller had been from Tony!. If Tony dad asked her to marry him! What would she have :lonc? She'd have said, ''Yes! Oh, 1'ony, yes!" and havo flown to the elcphotic to u'iix- him. hhe'c luv c said, "Not later, Tony, now! Hig'-.t now! I'm coming to IVc'.v York!" Suddenly the dark dullness fell away. She loved Tony. She always bad! There had never been anyonei else in her whole life! Marcia snid, "\Ve can move in Friday." Sherry said, "I'm going to New York." She started telling Marcin abRSt Tony, llou' he had been living in her thoughts for clays and davs. She talked about Ihe Hallowe'en [light she had first decided she loved him, and about Ihe ride they took and the things be told her. She went on ubout Ihe evening at Hidden House when he h;ul kissed her so differently than over before; and about how she had suffered when Tony bad told tho boys he could not marry her. She said, "I love Tony! Don't you see, Marcin, I've always loved him!" Marcin saitl, "You don't have to build a case, toots. I always thought you did." "1 ran't write him," Sherry (old her. "I've got to sec him. T can tell by his face if bo ... Ob. he must love me, Marcia! He must!" (To lie Continued) larceny. The driver arrived here Monday after an unauthorized trip taken when Cimillo suddenly decided thai he needed lo gel away from the routine of his life. The brief vacation was ended on Die same day, when he was arrested at tlio Gulf-' stream nice track. Detectives in charge of the party which included a driver still In the company's good graces and a New Yoikcr being returned after his ar- [ rest In Miami Beach, said they would take their time. They CM- pected to reach the Bronx "Moil- day night or Tuesday. Edward Uyrd discovered the first oil in Indian Territory about 1889, west of Chelsea, okla. [ "Just tell your mother we aren't buying concert tickets i this year—since Junior started taking lessons on the Cliirinut Hint's all tiie music \vc nuecl." OMr Boarding House with Mai.Hoople Ouf Qur Way For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On mi-ilium site and large (r:u;ts. No cxlras. 1'ull repayment privi- lc£l'. SEE US FOK QUICK SEKV1CE ON FHA LOANS {•'or HuihlinK or Kcpuiriny. Also Aulo Truck ,uid Tractor Loans, UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guui-d's Jewelry Store IMythcvlllc, Ark. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Compfete Protection CHAS. BITTNEK IT WAS DtMAB... AND NOT 1 * BEAUTIFUL. EITHEC / .«? r^^H ^s -^.:\r-H,,lt 4:£:*&\ \ '".: WAS ONE OF THE THISHUSEAWMMAL W • ONCE LIVED IN ffi NORTH AMERICA, »j BUT IN ITi'THICK fe -5KU.L THESE WAS &* NOT MUCH ROOM FOR ££A«WS... AMD SO THE GIANT VANISHED., WHILE SAVAUEB'AHD 5MARTER AWMMALS SURVIVED. COPR 1947 BY JiiA SERVICE. I';C T. r.l REG It s PAT ( A 7-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediatp service and al! work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * ! Chev.rolets * Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Inimcriiale Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Lufe 'Model Cats BUD WILSOli AUTO SALES Phone 20,'!7 Cor. Franklin, ami Main St. tuol ' IN BASEBALL, AWAIK SOMETIMES A1EANS A RUM," Says MILT DIFFER^ WertA//is, W/seonst'ti. $j%^ NEXT: llow Ions docs it lake a bird to build a nest? BE THRIFTY! SME Bring your car to HOT'S BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs/ pain ring, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS for all cars made like the factory makes them, same material and workmanship. Guaranteed to i'it and look like original upholstery. 412 E. MuinSt. Phone 3456 WASH TUBES .'M '(-S vJUY DONS'T ) VJftvrw& To see \ ^oii Gavs GO CLIMB UP MOUR. THUMB? VOUGUVS . ._ _, >COREO LSRtODER V HE 'AS A\AJILD rtfiCM WER& 30 5T ALKlMe To STAY HE'S AS PcftCt- BEFORE AW CHIRP -TO NEIGHBOR OSMIS5 SUGAR..' 1'arrol dels I, u d«\ CH, HOW I LOMG TH' DAYS WHE.M VS'E CJ'L 1 SMELL COO-a ALL THROU ' HOUSE _ had a theater date that evening" with Libby Unf. but we never got there. ... SHOPTW-K^VVi^oER • WNI6HT,V1C. CHILI V K SITTING WltH TACW , THOMAS WWIE MOTHER MlKVANE AND NEILIE '. 60 TO A WOVIt. 6ND YOtT C»N IET THE POKCE ' *0(tW ABOUT C«CH- BtEKJR PARROT. YOU WRGJT IT-- I WAS^V A \ O'MAI.IJOV • , , JUST THINKING THAT A \\f WHAT'S GUY LIKE PARROT, If HE V.GOOD? ./IOUHO WmSElf. IRAPPEO ,' 'MI&HT GO TO SOME TROUBLE i TO TAKe IT OUT ON THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE. 1 f l.V.'HOSAW \ HIM TODAY j AND TOLO TltC / POLICE.' / Meanwhile, the hunted Parrot had"" been driven into an api-tment areaway by the s'ight ota passing policeman. A'CHJVE BEEM WliND- ING IN WV DOORWAY ^ \ LONGTIME — HIC.'YOJ VVAIIING fO« SOi'AEON'E?/ KAM'H I.ANK POSING fS iW INJURED MOTORIST,IS GWEM REFUSE FOR THE NVSHT INTHEPElUfER It Has to Happen Fast ' H1MI .1 h r\S I EXPECTED I SINCE IHEIPED HIM FIKST WE'lL GET THE J Kg WOULD" •H^NOfMrXM-fttt-EN-/ W.VE ONE OUT DP THE WW... / OF HIS FEW THEN PETTIFEP- (XND VISITORS ON HIS GUEST WHOSE 1 THE N1SHT CftRISOOTfRONT! CANT WASTE TIME CKslMG OUEd THiXT. WE'UE SOT TO IOCATE THOSE CHEMICftL FOWWLftS (VNO BE GONE BVCWUGHT! ., RED RYDPJR Easy as I'ie BY V. T. TrlEfi TAKE A GOOTJ 1.DOX THIS PLUS \>»!?1CS LIKE OOP WE'RE CLEAR OF THE AREA GUARDED BV NAPOLEON'S tiCUHlTV TROOPS...BUT I'LL BREATHE EASIHR WCEN PARIS (S FAR UEH1MD U5' , f ALLEV OOP AND OSCAR BOOM "GO OVER THE HILL" VIA THE ROOF TOPS Oscar Gets an I<lc;i By V. T. HAlMfJN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . KOI.V COV/, (VHV DIDN'T I THrr'l- OF THAT BEFORE! CON- HIARTTN

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