The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • Doesn't He Look Natural But Sarge May Change Tune When Team Leaves • Training Camp By 1IARHY GIUYSON , Snorts Editor, NKA Service SAN ANTONIO, Tex., April 8.— Ihe St. Louis Browns tvers (tin busiest traders during the off-season, If that means anything. . They shljiped nml ijrous'nt iri P'sy'ers like Ilio tnisls d^.trloute wrestlers, And Gabby SlrecL. the Olil Gai^e, recently promolod to n llen- fenanl-colonelcy by Cov, Jimmy Allred of Texas, talks good bnsc- fcall. .The swapping aiv.l Colons 'Street', 1 ; Kpeecli-msikliii; hnve brought one definite nnii favorable result, anyway. ,Tlie transactions were regarded B0''hlghly : by the payiiu; guests of St. LouJs anil Colonel Slrc-ei Is so ^popular • there that a ctemind r,c- tUally developed for .stock in tliu club. This was good news to tlic Browns' president-snleAmnn, Donald L. Barnes, for $5-)«r s'.iare.s had dropiied to $3. Then lliey went, "to $3.50, S4. $5.25. nnd are 'now being offered at Sfi.25. They'll probably slny at that price until the fnns get another look at the Browns, for with mat, pitching and catching nnd so much mediocrity In other spots, the out-) HI still looks like the best eighth-: place American League club that S'oii ever saw. \ j Street Trylrif (u Make Calr her ..-of Sullivan A tlpoff oh Colonel Street's on> timism is Uiat he says Billy Sullivan, Jr.. will rlereloii into a star catcher. The-;|>er.sonablo Billy has been nround for some lime, and was Jim Weaver, huso righl-lmml pitcher purchased from Pittsburgh, ntilckty proves himself n real St. Units Drown by stubbing Ills too :it (lie San Antonio (raiiiing base. The Dope Bucket By J. P. Ftitni passed along by Cleveland .the Indians didn't, need when first- rate catcher any worse than Mike Jacobs, who keei>s feeding'' them Joe Louis. ••. , • . !,It,,is true Hint the Browns had the second best batting average < In the junior circuit In 1937. hilling .285, or Iwd points better than the New York Yankees. It also Is true that the Browns fielded .972. or only four points worse thnn the Detroit Tigers, who showed the way in that department. But it also Is true Hint they finished, a smacking last, and I SKIPPER. SILENT— Ail in (|lll(!l on the Western front— in the ciunp of the olanLs at Fort Smith , . . Manager Hcrschcl Bobo promised to drop us n srtulli every day it was practical but evidently ho hits been as busy us the proverbial one- legged man in the kicking contest . i . About (lie only, bit of news we have been able lo glean from Ihe Fort. Smith Southwest American (hat would be nf interest to local famlom was the fact thai, in a practice game yesterday Boiio's team trimmed Manager vjiav.lU's outfit "by a slim margin" . . . No details were given by the sports writer . . chanced lo Nell!, the outfielder Bobo hoped lo land, was going like « house afire His hitting, has been hard Another Item we spy was Ihnl Tom can't see where they nre Improved and he has been far nnd wide lo with Sullivan for Roily Hemsley. old Red Kress for Bill Knickerbocker ,,al,. ..shortstop, Busier Mills oY; someltody in'left field in place or Joe Vosmik, and George Mc- Qulnn at first base. Brqwns',Gtt More Qtffptlfy Than quality .-. .The. Browns got more quantity! than quality in their deals. .Colonel Street has inlrid, a.; a matter of fact. He. would •'• like to carry 11 pitchers, eight right-handers. Buck Newsom, Oral, Hlldebrand, Jim Weaver, "Jack" Kjiott. Jim Walkup. Julio Bope'ttl, Les Tietjo, ntul another lo be selected from among Ed Llnkc. Ed. Cole, Bill • Trailer, and Harry Klmberlln. .'His'' three left-handers are-Vlto Tainlills; Howard and Russ Van Atta. Mills. get them out In the field wns stated -to appear In cenlcrfleld ngalns^ Jersey City yesterday . . . So It appears as if the chances of landing him for the Blytlievllle crew arc extremely slim . . .Several familiar faces me In unnp for trials . . . They are Johnny Sain, tall pitcher who hurled for Osccola two years; Jimmy IJbcrto, outfielder who was and Pnrngauld in '30 Osccola Robert "Bo" Johnson, former Jonesboro high football slnr, was on hand but- pulled out a couple of days ago . . . Boijo and IJrazlU Informed him lie wns loo small for mi outfielder iuul advised him to try Ihe Infield as he stood ilw teller chance to stick (here ... He slopped joncsboro cnroitle lo mls of the Kitty U'ngue . tu **uo«i mil JTLA4I. Ill Colonel. .Street's other catchers! Jacla:o ". Tennessee, where he hopes are Benny Huffman Tommy lo lft " ;l wltn UllU>1 > Welch's Jncksoi' .—_ ,«^ J i »win«,J. f^ Altntlf , I,. nf it... If III _ f ._ Heath, and Angela Giuliani. .; Kress gives the Browns pepper nnd Tight, put he is a grizzled veteran on whom Ihe Washington Nationals gave np a year ago. Con IIcfTner ground a'roxind •won't frtghtcn plenty ot, Weath. power, noy and covers second (my pitchers to 18 have been Thursday . . Olanl shortstop, hasn't been given released Ihroiigh Pele Pavlcli, cx- much play so fa Waynu Black Is scheduled to cavort In Die base, but' shorlflekl against Travis Jacksoi ~" Htiglies packs can't throw little well Joisey City Jcrnls PIED PIPER TERRY — The scribes have a new nickname for Bill Terry — It is "Ihn pied Btll and Clifl Are lltight Spots of Club - Bright spots of the Browns are Beau Bell in right field nnd liar- land Cllft at third bnse. Tile Browns' outfield will . ,....„„ with thai grand old-timer, Sam go there nve"some'kids waltiti«'for Kthnn Ailf>n ^Titlc nn,l _._ " Piper of Memphis" . . . u came "bout because so nmny of the youngsters cut adrifl bv Judge Umctis nocked to the Glnnt camp | seeking Jobs with Messrs. Terry & <lo,| Co. ... Everywhere the Giants tlicm ... At College Station, Texas, three were on Inuid but the "kuhuol" wns so busy he lold them to trail behind until he could find time to interview them HEY, KIDS!— Here is .some good news for llin boys and girls from the ages of a- in . . . Plans are under way for the organisation of u Giant "knot holt:" uftdg . . . The orgnnl'/ation will be patterned after the order of the Chlckasaw Buddies at Memphis . . . Every boy anil girl within ages is eligible Certain requirements — to be announced In detail later — be necessary The plan 1ms worked siiccessfiiliy in many places nnd should furnish llic Bly- tlievllle youngsters good cnlcrlnlu- nicnl diti-iii(r the sumnier . . Wulch tor the <lnlc of the first meeting! . . . MEANEST MEANIE-Blylhcvlllo has n tending candidate for meanest "meunie" honors . . . During, or shortly after n recent rain, some person, or persons, galloped u horse mound (he infield nt. Wnlker Park, cutting np Ihe base pnlhs nnd doing much damage lo Hie young grass . . . secretary Red a. snllbn 1ms workers busy filling in (he holes made by the hoofs nnd hopes lo luive (he diamond In fine shape for (he first workout of the Giants, April 13 ... vvilh the grass coining up nicely, (he field should be a great Improvement over Inst sca- son—mul It was ruled among (he best In Ihe loop The Infield proper is almost solidly covered now . . . Sallba is caring for 11, as a hen would for her brood, and Is quite proud of It. thank you! . . . TORT SMITH READY — That Bill Terry apparently made a wise selection of Port smith us his new "farm" was indicated when approximately 1000 fans witnessed Ihe th'st, practice game between Citnip sounds, .Sunday . . . while no admission was charged, lhat 'lumber to be on lumil. despite inclement weather, removes all doubt H'lilcli might have exislcd as to the appetite of Fort Smlthlnns for the return of professional baseball afler an absence of six years . . . It was 1932 when Ihe Twin Citlans sponsored their last league team . . . "Hank" OeBcrry was elaled . . . I believe Foil Smith is ready for baseball," he said while scaled in Ihe right field bleachers watch- Ing tbo early stages ot Ihe game. "I never dreamed we'd have Ihis many fans turn oiil for Just a practice- game. And listen to 'em ap- West, and Ethan Allen. Mills, and! Mel Mazzera, up from San Antonio, working with the phenomenal Bell. The Browns have just about clinched the championship of the Grapefruit League, but that is because . they haven't had much competition down here- on the southwest' Texas plains. Colonel Street's troubles will «art -.when the club leaves this historic old mission city. While the' colonel says Ihnt his pitching staff looks bctler than the Cardinal corps which went south and returned to win the National League Hug in 1930, he'll find winning with U harder than catching that ball oft the Washington monument. "Horse's Buggy Drivers" Blamed For Accidents CHICAGO (UP)-Too many horse and buggy drivers are risking lives In a 'hiodem speed age, according to J. s. Baker, traffic safety consultant of the National Council. Safety "In the days of horse-drawn .vehicles," Baker said, "if the driver went to sleep or had been drink- Ing, he could depend on the horse to stey on the road. Nowadays, the driver Is 100 per cent responsible" The "model" driver, Baker said Is polite and relaxes in situations which upset others. He is consistent, mind his business, and gntlc- Ipalas difficulties with quick action. TJW "Great Otyser of Iceland has « basin 70 feet In diameter nnd spouts hot wa!»r ?00.feel. Safety Insurance Why not buy a Used Car where you are sure of Relting what you pay for. Our Used Cars are put in the best possible condition to insure safety in driving:. A visit to our show room or Jot will convince you. 1934 Chevrolet Coaoh, Only . 19S5 Chevrolet Coupe. Special 1935 Ford V-8 Tonrinf Setlan 1935 Ford V-8 Deluxe Coupe, Hadlo 1936 Ford V-8 Pick. up Truck ......... ! 1937 Ford V-8 I'/, Ton Truck Tcrfcct Condilion $195 $275 . $265 $265 Ensy GMAC P.'iyment Plan Tom Little Chevrolet Co, Phone 633 B Actress From Canada IfORlXON'TAl, 1,5 Piclumi motion pir-lnrf JQ yifj Styr, 11 Climbing plant. 12 To retrain through fenr. 14 Orlen'.:j| nurse Hi KM. 17 Spoil. 10 Killed with 21 Note in scnle. 22Hiiz;ml. Answer to f'revtous Puzile l3Sn;iky llsli. IS Nations' sloru'S. ISh'orrn of "he." 20 Lauelilcr Bound, 22 Small horse. 24 Sn.w. 20 To revolve, 27 Gossip. 2P Poems. .12 Being. Ji'vii'i? for best of |,|., string of 2-ycar-olds H Hollynxxl Hopeful. • s »ch horseinnn ns Billy DJcJter- son, Fred Egon, Sep Palln, .Will onion, Tommy Bcn-y, Charlie """ commit themselves nlmut coming youngsters. id si. 40 Burls. . 2!iJJochs. 18 Upon. 28 To ilec.iy,. 43Small dog. 30 Your inoihor's 52 .Sound of sister. 31 Ocean. MSlir. 34 To iillempt, 35 Light i-ulor. 3C By. 37 Within. 38 To Hssist i;i over obstniles. Canadu. S9 Nole in scale. CO She received 40 College oflu-ial ——. as the 42 Trees. outstandinj; 44.Bron/e. actress lor year J929-30, VERTICAL 1 Nothing. 2 Upon. Sllulci- in a riSllont-y Inquiry. r.3 Dyf. 61 Nothing rnore than, 4 Act "of MBtiby corrinjje. admitling. S7 Above, r, Slreet. • 59.She wos born flTo cure. 1 7 Gaelic'. ' 8 Beams. 40 'I'n put on. 41 Custom. 43 Knife. 44 Hegion. king's nfeence. 45 To drink slowly. W A ni in ul's stomach. 47 Thump. 50 Before. 51 Ago. . fl Type (itnndaril 53 Common vei bj lORodent. 54 Mountain. ' 1! She In a SG Mother. actress. 58 Postscript. plaud the good plays or the i»ys. That's n finu spirit and I hope it continues." , Remember there nrc only nineteen shopping days before the curtain comes up on the Northeast Arkansas Lenffne at Wnlker Park April 28! Railbirds Find Young Trotters Are Confusing AIKEN, S. C. (UP)—This U the time of year when It's usual'! (o predict, with varying degrees of certainty, just what juvenile trotters will prove to be the standouts of the forthcoming season. Wliilo (he accuracy of the vnll- blrds' opinions fliictunte like early spring weather. It has been customary to hazard a guess about now on what 2-year-old will cap- lure most of the Grand Circuit, honors. But not this year, for several score 2-yenr-oltls schooling at Aikcn, Pinehurst, N. C., nnd In Florida nre turning In miles from 2:12 (o 2:21. Those that brought lop prices at the Old Glory stile In New York last fall, when all were yearlings, seem to be proving their masters did not squander their money on them. Princess Margaret, tops In price In New York, nt $0.000, Is (raining dutifully, but, not sensationally, nt Long wood. Fla., and Is owned by Bill Strong. Bagpiper, sold to E. R. Horrlmnii, of New York for $4,200, Is showing ns many signs of potenlion stardom as any at Aiken. So are Violet Hanover, sold for $3,500 to Himer D. Blery, of Butler. Pa., and being lutorcd nl Pinehurst, nml Desperado, sold for $4,200 lo Paul Bowser, of Boston. The colt which Dunbar W. Bost- vvick personally trains at is mile track here anil which he likes the 90 PROOF This Whiskey is 2 yrs. 6 mos. old HIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI ecause it's belter than you ever thought a-low-priced O Mt LOOK AT Poxmc niul HWOT go nil old ideas nltoul lou- priced care—mcpt off llic map liy elie Vontiae's lie.inty, reMMlm'* power, Rparioua interiors, Knrc- Aceionride. You'rehppcil in /n.u<ry I'M a Pvntiar. V'lut'i more, 1'ontiac liai 51 arlvinMmmls, includm; Sn/rty Shift'— the f.iMMl, sim|>U-M way to change gears, Ii's l, r , UT tlian you ever ihotiglil a low.pricM car conlil lie—in nvry miy. On,, riile and you'll ilecitle. Vy/| °, IILY low-miCED CAR' j / Xf * ^SHIfT A OCNCAAL M4TOM VALUK Phone 10WI N£W LOW-PRICED PONTIAC SIX BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Broadway Jfe Walnnt Minnesota Will Try To Restock Caribou BAUDFTTE, Minn, (UP)—-Ten caribou calves from northern Canada arc to bo brought lo Norlh- Mlnnesota in ,'in attempt to ^MEAD'S 7 restock Ihe state's caribou herd, the only one remaining In the United States. The Minnesota herd, now Ip-l eluding several old animals, Is cor."' tallied In mi enclosure surrounded by 1C miles of fence. Read Courier News Want Ada. Your Easter Suit will steal the show if you're wearing a GULFWEIGHT TWEED Feminine pulchritude alone may count in judging a Beauty Contest, but NOT in judging the Easter fashion parade. When you step out your suit must lit and drape in the right places. Your suit must have quality. You can't steal the show in cheap clothes! You must have the artistry of Hart Schaflner &. Marx designing, cutting and tailoring. You get it in Hart Schaffner & Marx PEWTER GREY - LOVAT GREEN Gulf weight Tweed SPORT SUITS Breezing into great popularity because of their coolness and lightness, Hart Schaffner & Marx GuHweight tweeds are going to be seen in BIytheville quite a bit this season and on Easter. Our display of these tweeds patterned in fashionable Stri-Plaids (a smart combination of stripes on windowpanes) is particularly interesting in the soringtirae shades of Pewter Grey and Lovat Green. Presented in Smart Sport models. Hart Schaffner & Marx Gaberdines *30 As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET

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