The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 193(5 Read Oouuer Mews CJIaaslficd ' Ads. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line tor conseeu- Si'e Insertion*: Olio time r«' Tino 10c Two times per line per day .. 08c Tnrce limes per line pci day . 06c 6lx times per line [icr da; ,. 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum cnarge BOc AQi ordercA lor tnrce or els times and stopped before explm- tleu will be charged for the twin bcr of limps the ad appeared one "<Ju»Unenl oi bill ui»rte. 4)1 Classified Advertising cap> submitted by persons residing out.- elilc of tne city must be accompanied by cosh. Rates may fr easily computed from above table Advertising ordered lor irregulai Insertions take the ono time rate Ko rcspuiiHunny will be lifcej. for wore than one Incorrect In- icTtifiii oi any classified ad lieai Estate For Sale or Trade—My home sit !)10 W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. Sternucrg. Call OSi. VOK SALE GKiir.J'—HOUSES lit 700 W. Ash; 331 & 339 S. Division, with paying tenants. BARGAIN fov quick sale. Part casli will handle. Mildred E. Cox, R. It, 1, Box 24-A. I'Ott -SALE—Three lieal Bargains One .1-rooni Jionse ivithin block of Sudbury school, lights and water. $425. One 3-room house and garage, lights and \vatcr. $225. One 5-room lionse, complctu with bath, by Sudbnry sc'hool, 5300 cash, BaL, $10 monthly. Taxes paid on all, rwile Box 95, Blythcvillc, Ark. lD-pk-2(i Lost POCKETDOOK contnining $4 & driver's license. Reward for return to Courier News. * or Business Directory Salesmen Wanted Invesligale our budget plan for Home Improvements. See E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. . J. J. bave — Spencer Corsetlc'e Call 421-w for appointment We Make Ail Sim of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PHODUHT WITH ESTABUStiSD MARKET Thousands of customers, retail outlets, better service stations, garages, car dealers, industrial plants for mini selected »s factory distributor to look utter I'yroll business. If you have sales, merchandising ability, integrity, ambition, clean record, this opportunity worth upwards to $10,000 nnd more yearly. From Saturday Evening Post, Popular Mechanics, Country Gentleman, Time. Por- Ume, Trade and Class Magualnes. newspapers, billboards, radio, more than 15 million prospects got the PjYoll story of Its abilitj' to-save motors, repair bills ana industrial lubrication savings of $5.000 annually. Highly indorsed by millions, leading laboratories, large Industries, etc.' Life' time opportunity. Write fully. PYIIOIL, COMPANY, 1492 Main, LaCrosse, WIs. sC..liing panb ctaoi shrd slird TR ANTE AM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. pianos $1 up. PHONE 004 All our I03G Patterns WALLPAPER •now on sale at greatly reduced E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. WANTED — aw, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, 53 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4',4o Ib. Copper Wlrt, 4c to 5o Ib. Radiators,' 4!4c Ib. HIDUS & FUHS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 17G 128 E. MAIN HUY CLOTHES NOW! Pay out of your bonus. GEO. MUJH, Tailor 201 N. 2nd Unfurnished Apartment, >| rooms & j M balh. Call at 201 DDUgan^Wpne | Evcry memter Dividend Cluli 2 bedrooms or a two room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. FREE GASOLINE 4 ( G{)U Gallons tu Bu Given Away ~ To Our Customers! Gasoline Six ro.oin, unfurnished house. U03 E. Cheny." pnoiie 233. ' I0-ck-tf Cool front, BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. 6cktf 'J room furnished apartment \vit1i bath. Newly decorated. Telephone & water free. Mrs. Bsllc Wood, 120 Doiigaii. Call 785-J. 17-ck-tf a PORNISHF^) Rooms, modern. Gink iu kitchen. 914 Hearn, i loom unfurnished liouse. at, 123 Vine. Cnll 203-J. 2-ck-tf lKC!RAj.r apartment. Inquire at Farkhursl, Co. 28-ck-tI COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 000 Wain, Phone V16. • ; hoom /iparttne/zi;, 4 rooms furnished, j. H. Snikrl,. Call 805-J 2c ktf Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHEK and Bookkeeper wanti position. Good references. Eleanc-i Smi'.li, 1315 W. Main. Cni! 335-\\ r . 13p fcM For Sale Or tr:ulu for portable mill, sawmill and iplaning mill al H«[f- niaii. Slnnton Pepjicr, HuHman. 20-])-k-27 STOHK & 2 lots, KOOd blacksmith shop. Will sacrifice at bargain. Gateway Hlcir. 19-])-k-23 TOK SALB—5 noom House, bath large lot. Cheap taxes. Writider- lul Iccatioti. Cheap for cash. SCO CiiicS;aKr.vl):i. i(h L FOR SALE— Used Ice Boxes and Electric Re:ni:crators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill £5. Broadway. ' 30-c-k-G-M ELECTRIC REPRfGERATdlRS —3 Kclvlnators. 1 cold ypot. 1 Serv- cl. CHEAP. TERMS. Wisgitis Elee- (lic Shop. 119 S. Broadway. 15-ck22 Good Used Trucks 1034— 11; 'Jon ForU 1U35— if. Ton told Tirti-t'p 1334— lit. Ton Chevrolet 1031—i;; Xon International All have (tciod Slake IJodies XEHMS InipioiueiiL Co our cjin «iji from 1 to 25 Gallons. When you buy £as at liailcy's nsk tor a nicmbership card. H costs nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S Al Missouri Slate Line Always in the Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mcial, Hides & Bones BlytheviJIe Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Call «8 SEE The New '26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE! AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper SALE I93G PATTERNS THE ARM) LUMBER CO. Phone '10 STOVES groaaa FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I treat You White BUCnAlVAX—PHONE 107 GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank Gable, Phono 218, Ooceola. . Poultry Shoe Repairing QUALITY SIIOK KIIOI- Men's Hiilr soles 6ft.'. 7.ic. $.1 Men's Rubber Heels 25e. 35c. 50= Men's Full Soles and Hr.elr « Ladies' and Children's Half Boles 50c and 65c Qnulity Materials Latei any color. Free delivery service. 3 FREE Shines wltli half sole. BLOOD TESTED Barred Rocks. White Rocks. Reds. Leghorns, etc.. 100—S5.6-0. Prepaid; live delivery. Czark Hatchery. Wcslphaiia Mo. Baby Chicks DAY OLD & STARTED any day MARILYN HATCHERY Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry n\ E. Main THIS CURIOUS WORLD t™ Courier News ClassiileU Ads t- i o JF TWEL -GARTH WERE THROWN OUT OF THE UNIVERSE.. ITS GOING WOULD HAVE NO NOTICEABLE EFFECT ON ANYTHING IN THE SKv; EXCEPT THE MOON, WHICH WOOL O BE ALOMO WITH IT r rJatteries MODERN AOTOMOBJLE IS ONLV «S PER CENT BETTER BATTERY SERVICE < Call J. B. Clune M Tom Jackson's Service Station ; Barber Shops WtTH REGARD TO EN ER.GV IN FLJQ_ PUTT TO USEFUL WORK. HOIT'S BAKBL'K SHOi' '101 South 2ml St. HAIRCUT 2De, SHAVE 16c Bttth—Close 8 p.m.—Shine Ontario Medical Men To Try Socialization LONDON, Out, (UP)— Hca;ls of the Ontario medical associations arc working cm plans for the introduction curly next- yeur of n system of socfallzutloi) of medical services and voluntary health insurance, i The plan will bo tested in vn-l is lcst rions parts of Ontario, and it. is honed free hospilnllznlton and full medical services eventually can be given under the scheme.' TWO TfNV SPECKS OFF THE SOUTHERN COAST OP NEWFOUNDLAND ARE THE ONLV REMAINING TERR.ITORJAL POSSESSIONS OF ffS^fVC'E: IN NOfZTf-J THEV ARE THE ISt-ANDS OF MIQUELDN AND ST. PIERRE. JDIMS av NEA RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Un«, at Tub** «iij r«rti HUBBARD TIKE A MATTEUY CO. PHONE ft VOH QUICK SKKVICK ON Washed SAND 1111(1 Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMF.TRISTS Over Joe Isnncs storo "WE MAKE 'EM SEK" Pliotie 510 GRAVEL Phone 700 Stiin-rior Coal & Miniiijr Co. Ami we hmitlli! all Lniillnp iinimls of litjjh Gnuls Coul— Sumilt, <;riM|, Brlllliuil, ONE STOP SKUVICK STATION TOR YOUR CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUimiCATJON WYSK PERKY in dim-go ol Service Dc])!uimcnt. >-.".JOHNSON in charge ot Body Department,. —HATWiliy SMIVICI! —RADIATOR Hlil'AIK —IIOOY WORK -I'EMHilt WORK -fil,ASS INSTAU.UD —AUTO 1'AKTS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Dotlgo A rii-iijoiifh Dealer I'HONti 8S8 No. 1ZOA-1SM CHEVROLET •I-1)OOH SEDAN .......... 5225 No. 01-1935 CHEVHOLKT MASTKU court: ...... ... 5« 9 N'o. 1A— 1DS1 OliGVHOI.ET NX 57A-1934 COlll'K. Only No. 7«A-I!I3J No. 832A—ID30 I'OIU) TUDOIt 5150 No. 7-192P TOlll) flinOK, . $ 75 \». 785-I9HI OAK LAND »AN ........... . ....... 5135 No. IU30— 1930 I'ONTI'AC According l<> fjcii-nec, UK' prjai'iit-dny automobile Is fur from pcr- frct when IL comes In getting energy from fuel. About 4Q per cent of ()«• fuel energy is used 'in cooling water, nloue. Transmission ami cnsinc Irictlcu use up abrmi 12 per cent; some '20 per cent through incompletely burned fuel, and nndllicr 20 per cent is lest llirough still other causes. V OO Cluulcs Dickens' fntlicr once on. Soutlnvnrk, London. The prls- 'in cDitflncd lit Miushnlscii Prls- on was lorn down In 1849. HEAR! HEAR! Jf you hnvo n burial assoclnlion carlificnlc of any kind o,, you i- loved ones when they jmss « vay we will Hcccnt it n t full value on tl.c ruiieral, buy - milch iw co «* «™ COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONE . urn V-8 No. •1:111—1939 CMKVIIOI.UT C'OUI'K. Special ¥ GJ —TIIUCKS— No. M—IOH CHEVROLET, 1 ia TON Du:ii Wheel TltUCK $315 No. HUI-IU33 CHIiVltOI.KT 1)6 TON Dual Wheel '1T.UCK .5223 No. 7JJ8H— \93Z OHEVJtOl.ET Mi 'I'ON Uunl WHcd TKUCK ......;. 51C5 No. 76J—JUKI (i. M. 0. l',f, TON Dual Wheel TKUCK $275 Sl'lilNGFIEl.l) TIUil.KR, Hum Wheels, llcnl Iluy '$15 We. Also Save Yon Money lii law rinniK'liip (,'osl.i On TJio Ooicnit Bliitors Iii.ilullnicn! I'laii, TOM LITTLE E Ojicii Nlglils Until u O'clock Phone A\A, THAT WQliK Foil WE OWE OUR LIVES TO YOU -WEARS YOUO SLAVES -YOUR 5! (OHTE5T ' WHIM I SOUP. .COMMAND- '— ?" ,v " 'NSU VOU GUYS WAMTA /iSMYTHERE]DOSUMPW FOR SHOW ME HOW OOOLA AN' I CAW GET OUTA THIS BLASTED SAWALLA LAWD, AM' I'LL SHOW AH,WYFRIEMD EVEM KING WURV HAS LOST DIMOSAUR , CAWWOT GET OUT THROUGH ' SWAMPS 'THA %URROUND US' UMPIW WE \ME,GH?AWRIOHT- CA;J Dor-oc YOU WAY OUTA SAWALLA BOOTS AND HKK YOU'lti; WltONC, STKVK! ' \ SHOUitO 'E.VA, OWED OFF Or " H\6rt WASH TURHS JOE DOESN'T HEI.IMVIi: IT! AlOW, LIS',£N, BOVivTH/vT CiLVCECIN EXPLOSION WA<p t WO&ODV'S TRVIN' TO MURDER ME VVHv I HAVEN'T u ^IM THE WORLD. !?"• , -,. v' '$*. \ ^•'-'""iL I -' m?4 <x^-f . - ... , v ~ : w*^«£^v:^J? 4 \ t|;)«!lft^Sfyp^ ^'•^i^ I fy. \{M\.( *,.,& ^THEVVE STRUCK OIL ON V (DUR RANCH PICKET. FOSSIBLV, THEEPS ' POME ONE WHO'P BENEFIT FINANC1A.LLV BVVOUANDVOUR ' FATtKK BEIAJ& ( OF THE VVAV Bv Gram • —— . l)Y V*l ill" s-St 5 ^^^ INSINUATING ~— /s ~ ofv) - FRECKLKh AMJ Mlh l-'ltihfMi;, :. VAfATDOVOL) .._.... "TUlWK.P-lLer? I SEES AM THIMK THE •ay. ANIMAL (XACOHISA jUXETrCONE UITH-EOFF (HE DESCRIBED HIS TROLLEY J MUST BE ., -t ^Ai GOOFY! RELATIVE 15A STEP-UNCLE, ANP HE5 PRACTICALLY -t--VYV. INVALIP. h ---\, '• ) ^Tr—^—l—-^'- I GUESS-WED DOCIDR,X SAV/ AW HIMTD-THE: (RUSH HIM , ANIMAL. THAT WAS ALMOST 1 HAD A TERRIBLE HERVbUS SHOCK '. HERE HE COMES PSYCHOPATHIC) OVE R AS ,LARGE AS A rr HAD A BOMV W VERTED HORSJS! AND THERE AIKIT NO SUCH AWIMAL! ME AND TELL ME JF IM CRAZY OR IF I'M I...I SAW THE.CARWEO THING.

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